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  1. Which is the virtue of a Constitutional Democracy in which individual rights are not subject to the ordinary process of majority rules. Just as a Republic is not in opposition to democracy, neither is majority rule necessarily in opposition to individual rights and freedoms. Mob rule is not synonymous with democracy. We decide together what those individual rights are that cannot be subject to change by a simple majority. No, it doesn't mean that at all. Yes. Most of this is code for seeing the world change and one's perceived place in it change. It's code for racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. It code for religious intolerance. Unfortunately, none of this is new in US history. But then neither is the constant struggle against bigotry. Obama likes to quote Dr. King about the "arc of the moral universe" bending towards justice, and it is a good thing to remember in dark times.
  2. Just when you think they would hit rock bottom from their fall down the rabbit hole of delusion, we find there are hidden depths of stupidity for them to fall.
  3. This illogical juxtaposition of a Republic as in someway in opposition to democracy is a core belief of the Right that democracy is "mob rule." It has been used to justify everything from purges of voter rolls to why we must keep the Electoral College at all cost. Its use is a recognition of the fear on the Right that demography and voter mobilization spells the end to minority rule in the US. In that only they are telling the truth - the demographic trends, and expansion of voter participation in elections do threaten their power. But this is a lie they tell each other over and over again to justify all manner of sins and crimes. They think they uphold a Republic in the face of the mob. Of course, we witnessed true mob rule on January 6th and it has absolutely nothing to do with democracy. Often this phrase is used in combination of Franklin's quote about having a republic if we can keep it. Of course this is ripped out of any historical context and meaning. Franklin was not posing a Republic against an alternative of democratic rule, but instead was speaking of it as opposed to the rule of monarchs.
  4. One other note, Marco Rubio has cancelled the planned meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the nomination of Avril Haines. The practical effect is to delay her confirmation a few more days than it would likely have taken. I got to believe the Republicans are going to take every advantage their Majority status give them until they a forced to give up their power. Oh, and Rubio is an ass.
  5. Just an update to the Georgia runoff elections. Now all counties have certified their results. It remains for the Secretary of State to review them and certify the State results. At which time the two new Senators may be sworn in. With Monday being a Federal Holiday that won't happen until Tuesday at the earliest. The SoS has seventeen days after the election to certify the state results, but that doesn't mean it can't happen earlier. Friday is that last day of that time period. Question is does the SoS delay to Friday to give McConnell a few more days as Majority Leader? Pardon the language, but fuck em if he does.
  6. Just a note. Today is the last day for Georgia counties to submit their certified results. As of 10 minutes ago there were 9 counties not yet submitting their certified results, including Fulton and DeKalb. Assuming all get their certifications done, it is expected that the SoS office will certify the State results on Tuesday or shortly there after. They have until January 22nd to meet the legal requirement. It looks like Warnock and Ossoff can be sworn in by Inauguration Day unless there is some unforeseen problem, real or political.
  7. The previously mentioned David "Varys" Cohen will return to the CIA as the Deputy Director.
  8. Jamie Harrison, who ran against Lindsay Graham will be the new DNC Chairman. Obviously not a government position, but an important one.
  9. Biden has picked Samantha Power to head up USAID. An extremely good pick, and another child of Ireland for Biden to celebrate.
  10. I'm sure if I work at it I can find something to buy for less than $2, but it will likely be spent on just what @Fez recommends.
  11. I forget you don't live in San Francisco
  12. Yes! my payment of the dream tax by those of us not understanding basic math.
  13. I'm not sure I can not do that. What costs less than $2 these days? Used to be I could buy a cup of coffee and a morning newspaper for that, but it has been a long time since that was true
  14. I guess I should confess I have a $2 winner sitting on my desk right now just waiting for me to cash it in and reap the bounty!
  15. I was struck by that as well, but it is hardly the first time an outsider has been tapped to head the CIA. The optics of coming from the Carnegie Endowment for Peace to head the CIA as rather a stark change. But I think the other parts of his history led to this choice. That he is not a career CIA officer seems to be a plus from my point of view.
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