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  1. And there won't be anytime soon. It looks like the new Secretary of the Navy will be Carlos Del Toro. Only the second Latinx nominee for that post.. I've been watching the same thing. You are likely right about Julie Su, Her name appears regularly on the the Senate Calendar for nomination and I expect we will see some movement this week but she was voted out favorably from the committee. John Tien is in the same position of just waiting for the confirmation vote. Perhaps a confirmation vote next week for both of them.. Adrianne Todman was just confirmed as Deputy of HUD. Of course, one of the reasons for the delay is the priority put on getting some of Biden's judges confirmed. The big news today being the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to Garland's old seat. Great news!
  2. A very good first step. Kentaji BrownJackson should be the first pick for the SCOTUS when there is an opening. Her opinion against Trump's crazy claims of Presidential immunity alone should qualify her to be on the High Court. Now, I'm looking for who will be the next Solicitor General? Leondra Kruger?
  3. Adewale Adeyemo was the confirmed today as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. The first black person to serve in that position.
  4. Both Levine and Turk are confirmed. Levine by a narrow margin. Transphobia thy name is the Senate GOP
  5. With the Young and Murthy nominations confirmed today, the Senate moves on tomorrow to vote on the nominations of Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, and David Turk, Deputy Secretary of Energy. If Levine is confirmed she will be the first trans woman to hold such a position. Adewale Adeyemo, nominee for Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, is likely to be up next on Thursday. Of interest, though she was never formally sent forward for Senate confirmation, Elizabeth Klein was withdrawn from consideration as the Deputy Secretary of the Interior position. According to reporting, this is due to objections from Senators Manchin and Murkowski.
  6. Walsh was confirmed on a vote of 68-29 today. It looks like Young and Murthy will be confirmed tomorrow. Don't know who missed the vote. If one wants to spin the possible positive side of a Nelson appointment to NASA, he could bring Senate political knowledge and enthusiasm for the agency in a fight for budget dollars. Knowing the way around the Senate corridors isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's see if he can conjure up some bipartisan support for Biden endorsed space initiatives. Of course, then the cynic in me thinks your take is likely right.
  7. From tomorrow's US Senate executive calendar: Looks like both Becerra and Walsh will get their confirmation votes tomorrow. Which would give Biden his full Cabinet proper, and everyone but Tanden, who was withdrawn, and Lander, who was the last nominee announced on the Cabinet level. Unfortunately, I don't trust Collins to not change her vote at the last minute. It wouldn't make any sense for her to do so, but Collins's history is so convoluted it is always a question of just what she will do.
  8. Katherine Tai is confirmed
  9. Tai's vote is schedule on tomorrow's calendar. Becerra and Walsh are scheduled to get cloture vote tomorrow. I haven't seen when that means Becerra will get an actual confirmation vote. Likely we can read the tea leaves by when the VP will be in DC. I would expect we will see Young being voted on soon and be the de facto head of the OMB until she can either be confirmed in that role, or Biden names someone else to replace Tanden. Lander was the last person named for a Cabinet level position, and he hasn't even got a committee hearing yet. It maybe a while for him.
  10. Sullivan's vote does look interesting. Alaska has a relatively large and politically active Native American population, which might explain his vote. It also doesn't hurt that Don Young testified in committee for Haaland. Young has been the Republican Party in Alaska forever, and is the one of the most powerful politicians in the state. I haven't a clue about the quartet who missed the vote? Their Barbershop singing group had a gig? As to Graham? Not sure that I care to hear his explanation. I did see this on the Senate's site: This looks to lay the groundwork for a vote this week on both of them. Becerra looks to be near as well? Any idea on Walsh? At OMB, Shalanda Young looks to get a vote as Deputy Director before Biden even nominates someone to replace Tanden.
  11. The vote on Becerra was 51 - 48 in favor. Looks like a vote on confirmation next week. Haaland is being debated now and is scheduled for a vote on Monday. Guzman and Tai were also moved forward for a vote, but it is unclear if they will be voted for on Monday as well. I see nothing on Walsh yet.
  12. That leaves Haaland, Becerra, and Walsh in the Cabinet proper awaiting confirmation. Walsh seems a shoe-in, Haaland seems likely to win narrowly, and Becerra is looking to be with only Democratic votes to get his nomination out of committee and up for a final vote. Among Cabinet level nominations we have left Tai, Guzman, Lander, and the yet unknown person who is named to replace Tanden. Tai and Guzman just await a final vote, but Lander isn't out of committee yet (a very late Biden pick.) We could be looking at only Lander and Tanden's replacement needing confirmation by the end of the week or early next week. Sounds like they need to work the full week to me.
  13. Michael Regan was just confirmed.
  14. Marcia Fudge is confirmed as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Garland and Regan both to be voted on today Shalanda Young is reported out favorably from committee to be Deputy Administrator at OMB.
  15. There has been much discussion here about a possibility of filibuster reform, and I just wanted to call attention to this article in Politico on Manchin willing to change the rules to make it "painful" for the minority to use the filibuster. This looks to me to open the way for an approach much like Norm Ornstein has advocated. Make the bastards actually have to show up around the clock with their forty votes! Sorry, it this has already been linked and I'm slow to the discussion.
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