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  1. I freely admit to enjoying the Christmas Special of All Creatures Great and Small. I loved the first tv show as a child, and this iteration, while not without its flaws, is better. Granted, not a lot actually happened, but there was an underlying tension of what's to come after this Christmas of 1938. Much as I miss Dame Diana Rigg, her replacement, Patricia Hodge, gave a great performance. Ms Hall, for me, is the real star of this show - aside from Tricky-Woo, of course.
  2. Right. And when this reasonbable, realistic trifecta loses the House and/ or Senate, I'm sure it has less to do with said government and Manchin and more with progressives because... reasons.
  3. Well, after watching THREE rom-roms in short order, two of them Christmas movies, (granted, gay ones, but just as .. uhm... saccharine), which will last me for the next decade or so, I'm less picky on the violence.
  4. Oh right, Arcane is on my list too, even though it doesn't exactly fit my aforementioned bill. (I have a distaste for violence, too. Cursing and nudity not a problem.) I'm eagerly waiting for the second seasons of Star Trek: Picard, Gentleman Jack Hacks, and Resident Alien. And OMITB. I think I saw Belgravia mentioned in a video about the accuracy of period drama clothing/ hairstyles etc. (where it didn't ranl very high.) Will check out all the suggestion.
  5. Any recommendations for a tv show not too deep or dark but not dumb, preferably not superhero/ supernatural/ fantasy/ horror? I'd take comedy, drama, period pieces, sci-fi...
  6. Ditto. With both Only Murders and Lower Decks having finished for now, I'm a bit at a loss as to what to watch. Have started with American Crime Story: Impeachment. Must have been all that true crime talk on OMITB! Seems a bit on the soapy side, but we'll see. ETA: OK, one episode is enough. Too bad, it has some nice sardonic humor, but it revolves around a terrible mean old hag stereotype. Not interested.
  7. I just love the title of Mehdi Hasan's segment on this (on YT): Honey, I Shrunk Biden's Agenda. I imagine Manchin saying it to Sinema, and her reply: "Hold my beer, hon!" (Well, we know she prefers wine, but...)
  8. I wouldn't believe Manchin if he told me water was wet. That's not to say the story is true, but who cares which threats exactly he made? Point is they worked.
  9. Vigil was a decent show, I felt entertained. Thought the script was weaker in the more personal scenes. Suranne Jones and most other actors were very good. Rose Leslie... sorry, but I wasn't buying her as a detective. I really like RL, I just don't think she's a very good actress.
  10. I had accidentally posted this in the Upcoming thread: The final episode of OMITB was a bit of a mixed bag for me, but mostly positive. All in all I'm looking forward to season 2.
  11. Another great Lower decks episode. My favorite part was on the vulcan ship, with "out of control" T'Lyn. And yeah, I'd love to see her assigned to the 'Ritos.
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