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  1. I already ranted about season 2 (in the Watched thread, I think). Yes, they did some very good stuff in the end, but for me, it doesn't make up for all the soapy content/ contrived melodrama instead of good drama that came before. I was close to quitting, but will probably give season 3 a chance.
  2. Indeed. Didn't the Chamber of Commece recently, and suddenly, start to donate to him again? Is there any chance that Manchin either a) has always secretly been a Republican (and not a particularly left-wing one at that), but somehow needed to run as a Dem?(No idea why, in such a red state, that should have been necessary, but...) b) wants to switch to Republicans, e.g. to run for governor or c) both? I do have a feeling (based on nothing) that at least one senator will switch, but Sinema seems more logical.
  3. Wow, even Glenn Kirschner, who thinks Garland is a prince, and keeps positive about justice is coming, just be patient and all that... even he can't defend the DOJ's move to defend Trump in the defamation lawsuit:
  4. I watched the second episode of Schitt's Creek, but while the premise is great, the humor is a bit too... basic for my taste. Sooo... not sure what to watch next. Is it just me or is almost every new show about superheroes or people with superpowers?
  5. I reserve my right to use my own pseudonyms for him, and no, it's not superstition. In my case, it's contempt. I think Colbert hasn't used the name since Biden's inauguration, instead he uses different colorful names that his audience supplies.
  6. Right in time to make good Republican advertising money in 2024! Such a coincidence.
  7. Finished Resident Alien. That was great fun. Good soundtrack, too. Looking forward to season 2. Lots of loose threads.
  8. Yeah, I do epect Facebook to allow him back on when that half year is over. It's unclear whether he will be indicted or just his higher-ups, but I guess both the return to FB and the ending of the Grand Jury will be just in time to ramp up the "witch hunt" propaganda for the midterms. And then he'll declare he'll run in 2024, and all of his legal problems are political.
  9. Hmmm.. This, from Wikipedia, turns me off a little bit: Suzi Feay in The Financial Times dubbed the series “Game of Romans”.[6] Historian Tom Holland in The Times agreed that “The echoes of Game of Thrones in the first two episodes are strong, and surely deliberate...the rest of the series approximates more closely to a political thriller”. Holland praised the show “the meat of the show is so enjoyably done that the odd anachronism hardly matters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domina_(TV_series)
  10. Regarding puns, I'm probably just lame. As for Biden's remarks... I think it's a start. Well, at least it really paid off to give Manchin 's wife a job, right?
  11. Always nice to see Joan Baez. I think I now offcially hate Sinema more than Manchin. Even more difficult for thread titles, though...
  12. Watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of Resident Alien and I'm enjoying it more than I probably should. I guess I needed some shallow, quirky fun. Is People of Earth equally funny?
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