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  1. Oops. Nevermind. So they wanna be mindless drones...okay. I need to cool down... literally. Move on. Nothing to see here.
  2. I'm sorry to be *that* nitpicky person today, but it's very hot here, so... "K-hive" sounds pretty misogynist to me. Associations: Bees - K as a queen, all males ae poor drones... surely here must be a better term to coin for valid critiism?
  3. Forgive me, I have to vent a bit. Whenever I think Republicans can stoop no lower... In my facebook timeline, some Americans post in support of Biden/ Harris. Now they get comments like "No Decent human would support this everyone knows She slept her way to the top" complete with a rather graphic blowjob emoji. And Biden/ Harris memes with "Sniff & blow". How misogynist and racist can you get?!
  4. Yes, I saw "The Way of the Warrior" recently, and they boarded the station and attacked our heroes in Ops.. I think they used Phasers (or whatever the Klingon equivalent) first (and our heroes made sure to stand upright to make good targets instead of seeking cover) and then Bathleths and daggers. Kira was stabbed in the leg. I like the show but they really need to reduce the ideas and themes they want to explore, then really do the remaining ones justice.
  5. I had confused the numbers; it's 41.000 infected and I think roughly 3.400 dead
  6. Damn, sorry, I fixed it. Don't want to help cause a panic!
  7. Italy has over 41000 infected now, and more deaths than China. :( (source: tagesschau.de)
  8. I've seen footage of spring break 'socializing' going on as usual... big parties, lots of booze, and I'm sure lots of sex... Yeah, humanity is doomed.
  9. Yes. I'm sure they'll ration it if they ever get some in again. Today, they had a sign that only only 2 packs of pasta, rice, and only two bottles of oil were allowed, and I saw them enforce it.
  10. Yes. As well as humanity in general. Seriously, my supermarket hasn't had fucking toilet paper for 5 days or so. The next time someone tells me NOT to stock up they can run for their bloody lives. Most people do isolate, but many young idiots seem to get cocky, meet up in parks, or for corona parties. They know they are less likely to get harmed by it nd don't give a flying f***. Hmmm, I think I'm getting a little stircrazy, sorry. I know there are many worse off than us. ETA: Medical experts say that they definitely cannot test as much as they would like, as not enough tests are available.
  11. We have 29 ICU beds per 100.000 people, Italy has far less (I forgot how many). Merkel just made a speech, appealing to the good sense of us to follow the rules. I expect lockdown/ curfew within the next 7 days or so.
  12. I've been having a heavy cold or flu or, well, whtaever these days. I feel like it's getting better already. No fever, I think. I'm more of an introvert, so 'Social Isolation' is not hard for me. Working from home. Living single though, plus have a dog who steadfastly refuses to be walked by anyone else, so shopping (supermarket is next door) and dogwalking is a must. Luckily we hd our vet appointment for vaccs and stuff 2 weeks ago. Our government sucks at this. Not Trump dimensions of suck of course, but still.One long press conference a day, for weeks now, nd basically "DON'T PANIC'. No testing of people returning from Italy, for example. NOW they're closing borders and schools... Gee thanks. All the best to @Ser Scot A Ellison from me, too! And to everyone of course, particularly those in high-risk areas and countries. ETA: Here's a much-needed laugh: A week or so ago, a huge anti-vaxxer rally in Munich was cancelled. Because of the corona virus.
  13. This will sound stupid, but as far as I know, some viruses can cross the species border... Question: Any info yet if pets could be infected? Asking for my dog...
  14. Yes, that's what everyone suspects, but it's still all speculation (no official statements or anything). The actor seems to have been an absolute ass at conventions, including (on stage) remarks about how "effeminate" cast or crew were when he was on set, misogynistic remarks, making sure to mention how his pants became tight when Jeri Ryan bent over in-between takes... Oh, and in recent months he campaigned on Twitter to bring his character back... Wish fulfilled! So yeah, I think that nobody wanted to work with him again.
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