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  1. No idea. Maybe a Glen Youngkin type. Or Don jr. And I'm probably wrong, but otoh, I always trust the GOP/ RNC to find a way around rules and laws.
  2. The funny thing is, even if he dropped dead, I don't think any of these clowns would get the nomination. VP, maybe. No idea who they would pick and how, but I just don't see it. I watched about 2 minutes of Nikki Haley babbling and then switched off.
  3. Wouldn't it be more fruitful to ask *them* your questions? Probably 99.9% of ppl in this thread* will vote for Biden, no matter how they feel? *(Not counting those who're not American citizens, obv.)
  4. Garland, yes. (But Trump didn't necessarily know it or rely on it.) Iow, both may be true.
  5. Well, Defendant, Entrepreneur, and Private Person Trump always followed the "rules don't apply to me" mantra, long before any candidacy. (Tbf, he hasn't been proven wrong so far.) And I think we can assume his second candidacy might not even have occurred if he had not feared legal actions. *** Republicans and Democrats Are Lying to You About Rashida Tlaib
  6. How exactly would he "make a peace agreement"? He does not hold any political office, plus he needs his two brain cells for personal matters right now. Not that he ever presented any coherent, long-term plan when he was in office. Of course Republican voters don't care. Of course MAGA voters believe every idiotic claim he makes, or pretend to. These ppl will never vote for a Democrat. The issue is Democrat voters turning out (and in some cases, not voting Republican in protest/ to punish Biden), and independent voters voting Dem (or staying home), and hopefully Republican voters not turning out so much. That pretty much determines US elections. (Also I can assure you, the European voters you mentioned in your previous post don't matter. In terms of Ukraine, Israel and any other international politics issue, their governments will do whatever the US government tells them to.) ETA: Your predictions seem somewhat contradictory. 1. If T. presents a peace plan, he'll win. 2. His voters don't care about international politics. Which one is it?
  7. As for doom and gloom, Mehdi Hasan has a positive message: (I couldn't find the clip alone online yet, so this is commented by someone else, don't knoiw him. Hasan's bit goes until 5:20.)
  8. It's a wonderful plan, a great plan. He'll release it together with his tax report and his infrastructure plan. But I strongly support Zelensky's idea of Donald going there. In other news, his NY trial seems to be a hoot. I'm seriously annoyed there's no footage.
  9. Our favorite defendant got fined for breaking the gag order for the second time in his civil case. 10.000 bucks... I think now he's learned his lesson. /s
  10. I don't care about her per se, or whether she gets immunity (unlike others) but I do care about the hypocrisy.
  11. Jenna Ellis: I take full responsibility. Also, it absolutely wasn't my fault. I'm an upstanding Christian and totes ethical and stuff. I was younger than now and trusted eversy sleazy crazy lawyer I met in the WH. *sobbing uncontrollably* - Cool, immunity! Next? PS: I'm holding out hope that Meadows doesn't get full immunity, but who knows at this point.
  12. I'd add that no judge, no matter how much they threaten him with the consequence... or even claim he's not above the law... will put him in pre-trial jail. And it can't be stressed enough that TFG may be dumb as a rock, but so far, he's never had to learn, everyone around him and the whole system have enabled him.
  13. My boy Kevin will prevail in the end. He probably won't last very long the second time around, either, but... boy, he really loves that post. The way he, uh, praised Jordan today! LOL. He thinks he's very good at politicking.
  14. Let's be fair here, @Zorral. Many of them are fascists themselves.
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