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  1. Mindwalker

    International Thread 3

    It should be noted that at the same time that Germany is cutting these funds, they made some economic deal with Brazil that will make these funds look like peanuts. I cannot find the source right now; but, in other words: just cosmetics to appease environmentalists on the home front. Brazil will get more money while happily destroying the world's lungs and, if I may add, the home of the last tribes not contacted by so-called civilization.
  2. Mindwalker

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    I come back after a week, and no mentions of Greenland?
  3. Mindwalker

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    But the UK does it with a much nicer accent! I was wondering, have people noticed an upswing of nationalism in everyday circumstances? Or, say, in the media (when Brexit etc. is not the topic of discussion)?
  4. Mindwalker

    US Politics: Culture Club

    I just watched the second night on YT. (Did you know that officially, CNN only offers a 5+ hour version with running commentary?!) As for Booker, to me, he doesn't come accross as fake (well, not any more than most of the other candidates... De Blasio looks far more insincere to me), but as someone who doesn't really care. he's witty, says good stuff, is lively and entertaining, but just ALMOST passionate about the issues. (While Castro, for example, comes across as sincere, pssionate, and serious about his issues). That said, I wouldn't mind him, much less a Warren/ Booker ticket. Very disappointed by Harris. Tired? Maybe. To me, she seemed constantly annoyed, right from the start, but not in a good, angry or even cranky woman kind of way... Arrogant? Dismisive? I cannot put my finger on it, but I didn't like it. I share Zorral's opinion of the media (and only the so-called social media are worse than tv, imho), so I thought Yang's comment towards the end, regarding no tie... media circus... this is how we got Trump in th first place... was very elegant. He was surprisingly strong, although I know nothing about him beyond those debates, and not planning to change that. (I'm only watching from the sidelines anyway.) Now on to the first night... tomorrow, maybe.
  5. Apparently the Emmy's tptb don't have even a shred of dignity ...
  6. Mindwalker

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Yeah, I'm still waiting for Guttenberg to raise his pretty head again.
  7. Mindwalker

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Yeah, VdL bugs me, too. Of course I should have known that socialists and social democrats are turncloaks and pushovers. How strange that in moments as these, you never hear anything from Kevin K├╝hnert. I'm surprised that everyone acts surprised at AKK becoming minister of defense. Merkel wants her to be the next Chancellor, she wasn't doing great in polls, and so a cabinet post will probably, sadly, fix that. The good news: We're not likely to attack anyone anytime soon. ETA: Nice short speech by Martin Sonneborn. Basically what he tweeted before, but with a nice final sentence. And VdL pretending to find it funny.
  8. Mindwalker

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Yeah, Zensursula got the job. And nobody will ask anymore questions about scandals and such...
  9. Mindwalker

    New Forum Census

  10. Mindwalker

    Worst Line Ever

    While the "bad pussy" quote is the worst, a close second for me is Tyrion's "I am the gift!" Also, most sentences with the word "cock" in it were horrible.
  11. Mindwalker

    Workable Socialism

    Hell, no. Thanks, but... no. Sigh. I keep forgetting that sarcasm within the context of our current reality is pointless. My bad.
  12. Mindwalker

    Workable Socialism

    Looks like we need a "Workable Neoliberalism" thread. Then again, that concept only has to work out for a few people, so I guess it's already working just fine.
  13. Mindwalker

    Character arc ranto (SPOILERS)

    That's different; they both have a penis: therefore, their actions are sane and justified. >>Well, chaps, and Arya, who baked some dudes into a pie and then poisoned an entire family, yet no one ever said this was foreshadowing "mad Arya", probably because she's a cool tom boy. Anyway, thankfully the Hound managed to save her from herself, because clearly after baking some people into pie and poisoning an entire family, killing Cersei just would have been a step too far down the path of vengeance. Heh, yes. Arya's different because... well... 1) revenge is kewl 2) She did not kill indiscriminately: She only killed all the male freys, and I'm sure they were all guilty; of more than a hundred men, nobody was sick that day, or on an errand, or hiding in fear or whatever. And she spared all the women; it is clear as day that none of them contributed in any way, shape or form to the Red Wedding. And I'm sure they'll do fine without all the men in a patriarchal society. See, Arya was just and fair. Also, she has no interest in ruling. So yes, it's the Targaryan genes, when coupled with a female desire for power. Then even having been raped is not enough to make her strong and remain sane. (Or was she simply not raped long enough? Too long ago? I'm so confused.) It's completely logical, don't you see? Rgarding Dany's arc: I still think she flipped because she was dissed at the prom, so to speak. Nobody talked to her at the feast, her friends were strangely absent, her bf joined the others instead of entertaining her ... It's embarrassing for a girl.
  14. Mindwalker

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Oh, duh... Thank you.