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  1. Don't believe the Deep State fake press claiming Biden has suffered a hairline fracture of his foot while playing with his dog. In reality, he's been arrested and is trying to hide his ankle monitor!
  2. Yup, sadly, that's true wrt a GOP AG. However, I'm sure Biden is really flrting with giving some cabinet post(s) to a republican. At least sthat's what people who worked with him seem to think, too.
  3. It's of course really hard to judge from over here. But if it is easier for Biden to integrate/ reach out to (non-Trumpist) Republicans than the progressive wing of his own party - even just with the symbolism of less important cabinet posts, or even lower posts on his staff - that looks highly problematic to me. So he chooses only people he trusts? Maybe that says more about him than about progressives if he can't find even a handful to trust? From Biden's comments, I doubt he even grasps the problem. For him, a prog-friendly pick is picking someone progressives are not pissed at. And dismissing or mocking them when they feel frustrated about this doesn't seem very constructive. Btw., not even the Obama-admin stans at Crooked Media (not dissing them) think that giving a cabinet post to Republcans is quite pointless, in their experience it gives you 2 days of nice press and nothing else. As for Kerry, I noticed that the Sunrise movement as well as Greta Thunberg commented positively. *scratching head* I mean yes, he's worked againt climate change but the solutions he seemed to favor are doubtful to me.
  4. Yah, I misunderstood. Shouldn't have multitasked at the time. I don't think they're seriously suggesting he'll make an R the AG. Sorry.
  5. LOL. No, if you're thinking what I'm thinking, I would remember THAT name, plus no way in hell. It was a msnbc panel (otherwise not very interesting on YT, I think t was this one: 7:30 ff - Sally Yates is who they mention.
  6. Unless they are not, but are leaked... @Fragile Bird, @Gaston de Foix, they mentioned a woman but i forgot her name... Sarah something...? ETA: Ugh... Report: Trump Considering 2024 Campaign Launch, Event To Disrupt Biden Inauguration https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/report-trump-considering-2024-campaign-launch-event-to-disrupt-biden-inauguration
  7. Oh, I loved the B5 intro themes, at least s1 to 4.
  8. Apparently there are rumors that Biden wants to give the AG post to a Republican...
  9. Eh, I dig Benie's hair. It's part of his performance. (Now I suddenly envision him singing and dancing on a long festive dinner table... "I got life, mothah!")
  10. I think Reno would make a great XO. Of course, she's not a regular, and Notaro wouldn't have the time even if they wanted her. But I agree the most practical and logical choice would have been a 32rd century person. In fact, more than one officer should be there. They are supposedly understaffed, they need people to help them adapt, they need counselors (even if Culber seems to step up to the job). And vice versa, engineers and others to familiarize themselves with the spore drive (assuming they want to implement it on other vessels). Speaking of psychological issues... It's completely nuts to leave a pilot with heavy PTSD on duty. I get you don't want her off the ship, but at the very least make her take leave for as long as it takes!
  11. @DaveSumm , amen to that! Plus, remember when Nhan Now, off to Michael single-handedly reuniting the Federation and saving the galaxy. It's sad that the writers don't trust their protagonist character(s). Otherwise, they wouldn't NEED to do all this stuff to prop them up. In the same vein, back to Tilly: Everyone seems to rave about
  12. I'd like to read that review. As usual, they were lazy: Their "buildup" consisted of the previous episode, in which she really gave Saru good advice regarding Burnham. And it wouldn't have been hard to pull it off: Show a bit more growth and a little less cutesy "that-was-funny-in-the-nineties-when-Willow-Rosenberg-said-it" stuff, promote her to at least t Lieutenant a while back... oh well. Let's face it: The reason is that she's one of the main three protagonists. Of course she's only , so if/ when Burnham wants, she'll get it back. Unless she gets the captaincy? Damn, I really thought the first 4 episodes of this season were much better than s1 and s2. Not only are we back to "The universe revolves around Burnham", they also squander posibilities of this new world, like really exploring what the concepts of the Federation mean, whether they have changed (they would have in 900 ys, right), or have to change... or how to adapt to this new reality. Instead it's "we know best, we're the best, we'll fix this." It's boring.
  13. "Poll watchers are sacred in this country! People don't knnow what a poll watcher is." "You're a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way." Classy as ever! Yeah, he's never going to stop and his enablers won't go away.
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