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  1. Wow, I never noticed that Rhaenyra never had a problem with Daemon and Mysaria, and Rhaenyra only had a problem with Nettles after Mysaria openly accused Nettles of sharing Daemon’s bed. and that’s what Daemon must have been hinting at when he said a queen’s words, a whore’s work…
  2. This… Theon’s impression of Jeyne Poole in The Prince of Winterfell, Dance Made me think of this… Jon to Arya in Arya I, Dance
  3. Oh wow, I never noticed that Lady Barbrey of House Dustin gave Little Walder and Big Walder grey colts… GUEST GIFTS!
  4. This… The Wayward Bride, Dance Made me think of Sansa’s conspiracy to escape with Dontos. And that got me thinking of this.
  5. After leaving the Shy Maid for the Golden Company encampment Aegon passes willows, poppies and a windmill. The willows make sense since he was following the course of the Rhoyne. Poppies are sometimes used in literature to symbolize rebirth and a remembrance of the fallen in battle. Windmills suggest imaginary enemies and futile battles.
  6. If Aegon is The Blackfyre, I don’t think Lemore knows, since she tries to persuade Jon Connington not to reveal him to the Golden Company at Volon Therys.
  7. Why do you suppose The George had Quaithe stand under a persimmon tree?
  8. Why do you suppose The George had Quaithe stand under a persimmon tree?
  9. Before the show runners did what they did a lot of folks here argued vociferously that Stannis was the Azor Ahai.
  10. No. One of her blood riders told Quaithe not to touch Daenerys.
  11. This… Bran I, Dance 4 Foreshadows the wight ambush in Bran I, Dance 13.
  12. I don’t know about Maester Aemon, but in Daenerys I, Dance 2, The George has Viserion coiled round a pear tree. The pear is often used to symbolize femininity. And later Quentyn notes that Viserion has been nesting.
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