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  1. I did not originate that theory. I just helped to develop it. This one is all mine, though...
  2. The main reason I like Quaithe as Shiera is that would give us a manifestation of each of the four great bastards in the current story. Assuming Aegon descends from Daemon Blackfyre, we also have Bittersteel's legacy in the Golden Company, and Bloodraven as the three eyed crow.
  3. Flames burn green and blue and black, I know, I know, oh, oh, oh. Aegon is the green, Jon is the Blue, and Daenerys is the green. When the colors are red, green, and blue, Daenerys is the red.
  4. Petyr was revealed to be the Big Bad in the War of the Five Kings. Illyrio is shaping up to be the Big Bad in the Second Dance of the Dragons.
  5. Aegon needs to ride the green one to dance with Daenerys on the black one. Tyrion, and/or his agent, Brown Ben, will ride the white one. Tyrion is like the deuteragonist of a classical play. The deuteragonist would bounce between the protagonist (Daenerys in this Second Dance of the Dragons) and the antagonist (Aegon). The key for me is his heterochromia of the eyes. After Daenerys mounts her smoky stallion to join her sun-and-stars in the Night Lands, Jon will ride the black one. Black always was his color.
  6. Shiera is Quaithe... Daenerys III, Clash 40 The Sworn Sword
  7. Daenerys (and Jon) descends from the Dragonknight. Aegon descends from the Unworthy. In Samwell I, Feast 5, we learned that Daeron II was rumored to have been fathered by Aemon Targaryen of the Kingsguard called the Dragonknight, and not by Aegon IV the Unworthy. And we recalled that even Maester Aemon leant credibility to the rumor when he told Jon Snow of his own heritage way back in Game. Sansa had told us back in Storm that Naerys was Aegon's sister and queen, and that he never harmed her, perhaps out of fear for their brother the Dragonknight. And the very attentive reader would have recalled way back in Game, when Sansa was about to go riding with Joffrey near the Trident, she told us that Prince Aemon the Dragonknight championed Queen Naerys's honor against evil Ser Morgil's slanders. A little later, when the Ned told Sansa that her engagement with Joffrey would soon be over, she suggested that Queen Naerys loved Prince Aemon the Dragonknight. In Clash, she suggested that Prince Aemon the Dragonknight cried the day Princess Naerys wed his brother Aegon. A song was sung about the romance during the Battle of the Blackwater. As Meera was telling Bran about the Tourney at Harrenhal, Bran was telling us that the Dragonknight once won a tourney as the Knight of Tears, so he could name his sister the queen of love and beauty in place of the king's mistress. A few chapters later in Feast, Arys Oakheart suggested that the tale of Prince Aemon's treason with Queen Naerys was only that, a tale, a lie his brother told when he wished to set his trueborn son aside in favor of his bastard. However, it was clear that Arys was fighting his lust for Arianne, and losing miserably, so his denial lacked at least some credibility. In story, the rumor was originally intended to cast doubt on Daeron's legitimacy, but by that point it was really just sour grapes. The more important point is what the George is communicating to the reader, that Daenerys and Jon are descendants of the Dragonknight while Aegon is a descendant of the Unworthy. This will probably have no real bearing in story, but some wise sage might make note of it. It's a nonfactor for the characters. But there is a reason The George hinted at it at least nine times in the novels. There is no doubt that Daemon Blackfyre was the natural son of Aegon called the Unworthy, and the author justifies that title for the characters and the readers. Meanwhile, Daeron Targaryen is rumored to have been fathered by Aemon called the Dragonknight. As opposed to the Unworthy, the Dragonknight is portrayed by the author and the characters as the paragon of nobility.For the characters in the story, whether Daeron was truly the son of the Dragonknight is not relevant. For the reader, though, that the author has hinted that Daeron was truly the son of the Dragonknight is highly relevant.
  8. The lemon tree is a hint that Daenerys's story will end on a sour note; it is not a hint that Daenerys was raised in Dorne or switched at birth, or a secret Blackfyre. The red door symbolizes something else.
  9. Valonqar is kingslayer. It is known.
  10. Jeyne won't make it to the Wall... Arya I, Game 7 Poor Jeyne Poole...
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