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  1. The author has already suggested the answer... After leaving Harrenhal but before returning to rescue Brienne Jaime had a dream. We know this dream was inspired by Bloodraven since Jaime rested his head on a weirwood stump. He is forced down into a cave by hooded figures brandishing spears. (A foreshadowing of Jaime's coming encounter with Catelyn) He is shoved into a pit with Brienne, who fears a bear. (A foreshadowing of Jaime's rescuing the maiden not so fair later in the (chapter) Tywin, Joffrey, and Cersei then appear. This predates the Red Wedding so Tywin and Joffrey are still alive at this point, but he and Joffrey will soon die, suffering deaths for which Jaime must later feel some blame, since he released Tyrion, who killed Tywin, and he was the Lord Commander of Joffrey's Kingsguard but unable to protect him. And of course Jaime is the leading candidate to be Cersei's valonqar. So this might be a foreshadowing of deaths of Tywin, Joffrey and Cersei. The trio departs but not before Tywin gives Jaime a sword. Keep in mind that the sword Tywin actually gives to Jaime is one of two made from Ice and Jaime gives his sword, in turn, to Brienne. In the dream Brienne gets a sword like Jaime's and they both burn--silvery blue, like ice, real ice, not the sword of course, but the allusion is there. Then Bloodraven, who sided with the red dragon against the brother he loved, sent Jaime's fallen Kinsguard brothers to hammer home Jaime's crime when he betrayed Aerys, notwithstanding Jaime's defense that Aerys planned to burn King's Landing. Rhaegar reminded him that he left his wife and children in Jaime's hands. Bloodraven seems to be preparing Jaime to raise up Jon, Rhaegar's heir, as king. Jaime I, Feast Jaime identifies with the Warrior... Jaime II, Feast And the Warrior protects children... Samwell II, Storm Jaime wants to make good on his failed duty to protect Rhaegar's children, but Jaime doesn't believe that Rhaegar has any living children. Jaime I, Dance But the George strongly hinted that Jamie will be a kingmaker... Jaime II, Feast Perhaps Jaime will believe Aegon's claim? Here is a telling quote from Barristan on his path to redemption after taking Robert's pardon... Daenerys II, Dance And here's Jaime telling Lancel what he thought of Robert... Jaime IV, Feast And here is what he was wearing when he said that... Jaime IV, Feast Black on Red, like the Blackfyre dragon. Assuming Jaime is Cersei's valonqar, this quote would tie in nicely with Jaime unwittingly supporting the black dragon... Cersei II, Feast Then we get this moment in Baelor's Sept (keep in mind that Bloodraven is associated with mist)... Jaime I, Feast So we see that as a mist forms about Tywin's corpse, a man so intimately associated with the deaths of Rhaegar's children, Jaime wants to gag on a sweet rotten stench. It seems to me that Jaime will turn on his family, and Cersei in particular. Tyrion II, Dance This could foreshadow Queen Daenerys, not Cersei, feeding Jaime to Drogon. But note that Drogon is black, if Aegon and Daenerys ally before they dance, and if Jaime helps Aegon ascend to the throne by killing Cersei, perhaps Aegon's Queen Daenerys will allow Jaime to take the black.
  2. Hopefully, neither R+L=J nor Aegon Blackfyre will be spelled out literally. If it must be done, let's hope it is not revealed by Illyrio... "I am your father" has been done before.
  3. The main reason for the Quentyn subplot could be to give Dorne a reason not only to favor Aegon, but also to resent Daenerys in the upcoming dance. Weren't Gerris and Archibald freed? Shouldn't we expect them to return home to share their side of the story with Dorne?
  4. We already have met her. And Tyrion will too... Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 To be brazen is to be bold and without shame. To brazen is to endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame. And this Brazen Monkey is small. Remind you of anyone? A “twisted little monkey demon,” perhaps? Tyrion VII, Dance 27 Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 So, the little Brazen Monkey from Westeros is looking for a whore, wherever whores go, and Arya directs him to the Sailor’s Wife and pretty little Lanna... Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 Recall that the Sailor’s Wife “only beds the ones who marry her.” And here we learn a bit about Lanna... Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 That’s a lot of information about a bit character, no? Now, here’s the kicker... Appendix, Feast Yes, Lanna is the pretty, little, golden-haired, 14 year-old daughter of the Sailor’s Wife, for whom Merry charges extra. Tyrion VI, Game 42 Lanna is worth more... just like a Lannister. Although the author gave us a physical description of Lanna, He hasn't given us a physical description of the Sailor's Wife. Tyrion III, Clash 15 I got a dragon says the Sailor's Wife has dark hair and blue eyes. And check this out... Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 Compare Dareon’s brazen outfit to the brazen, twisted little monkey demon’s... Tyrion IV, Dance 14 Cat of the Canals, Feast 34 Like I said, that’s a lot of detail for a bit character. Doesn't the development of this subplot demand resolution? Tyrion IV, Dance 14 SSM, George R.R. Martin Skyping Croatian Fans (17:53) Tyrion I, Dance 1 Tyrion’s head is going to freaking explode! And maybe then we'll find out what grand gift the Sealord of Braavos gave to Penny and Oppo. Tyrion VIII, Dance 33 There's a reason that thread was not sewn up.
  5. I think the George has been developing the backstory for the eggs since before Game was published.
  6. And floppy straw hat this summer, unless your hair grows back, in which case you can die it green and say you're Tyroshi.
  7. "Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you."
  8. “What do we say to the Lord of Death?' 'Not today.”
  9. I wouldn't make too much out of the word pretender. It is used to describe any alternative claimant, whether the claim is valid or not.
  10. And that's what sets up giving the boy the sword. He's going to get the dragon (the green one) and the queen (the silver one) too. Until she kills him anyway.
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