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  1. Lost Melnibonean

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    He said that in desperation when he thought she meant to kill herself. But later he said he wanted to make for Asshai to find a ship to take Daenerys back to Illyrio.
  2. Lost Melnibonean

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Viserys promised to take Daenerys to Westeros and he died. Drogo promised to take Daenerys to Westeros and he died. Jorah promised to take Daenerys to Westeros and... The George loves his threes...
  3. Lost Melnibonean

    Are there any blackfyres alive

    Yes, but they are descended from bastards and women. Here's one. This one might be a descendant of Daemon as well.
  4. Lost Melnibonean

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Daenerys V, Game 46 Foreshadows The Dragon, aka the stallion who mounts the world, driving out Drogo's seed, so that Daenerys can fulfill her destiny and become the Mother of Dragons.
  5. Lost Melnibonean

    aSoIaF Confessions

    Me too.
  6. Lost Melnibonean

    aSoIaF Confessions

    Me too. And the first time I read "septa," I assumed that was some old term for a nanny.
  7. Lost Melnibonean

    Where did Elia fit in the Lyanna-Rhaegar relationship?

    I am reading the topic title and I am realizing that my mind is in the gutter.
  8. Lost Melnibonean

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Suggests lax discipline--not a canp Arthur Dayne would be proud of--in contrast to Stannis's reputation.
  9. Lost Melnibonean

    f/Aegon's Fate, Reborn

  10. Lost Melnibonean

    References and Homages

    Before the good folk of Agrabah had to make way for Disney's Aladdin, the Romans had to make way for Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra.
  11. No... Roose was clearly thinking ahead, but no. The battle was necessary. Robb's strategy was a desperate gamble. He split his forces in the face of a superior enemy. Very, very few commanders in the real world have ever done that successfully. Even at full strength after gaining Frey support Tywin's host at the Ruby Ford was slightly larger than Robb's at the Twins. Without the Knights of the Vale Robb realized that the only way he could increase the size of his army was to lift the siege of Riverrun and gain the support of the scattered River Lords. But if he took his entire host west Tywin would have marched that way too and he would have been caught between Tywin and Jaime. So Robb had to pin down Tywin. That was Roose's job. And Roose did an excellemt job. He stole a march to try to catch Tywin by surprise. Roose did not take the bait and rush Tywin's left flank as Tywin had hoped. Roose retrated in good order preserving his army. He retreated all the way up the causeway in case Robb lost. Of course that's when Roose and Walder got a little too close. But after Robb's victory and Tywin's retreat to Harrenhal Roose advanced to the Ruby Ford.
  12. Lost Melnibonean

    Cleganebowl at the Nightfort?

    I like it. Not gonna happen, but I like it.
  13. Lost Melnibonean

    Craziest Theories

    https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/145775-petyr-baelish-is-varys’s-littlefinger/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/127378-the-dusky-woman-is-missandeis-mum/
  14. Lost Melnibonean

    Does Stannis have a chance at winning in the end?

    I don't rely on the show or what Dumb and Dumber have to say about The George's tale, except where it functions as a SSM, such as where they told us what The George told them about Hodor's backstory. I was just explaining why so fewer folks discuss Stannis anymore.