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  1. Muttering Ed

    Outlandish Theories

    Simple stableboy Hodor is the true Lord of the Twins. That's pretty much canon.
  2. Muttering Ed

    Outlandish Theories

    I need a "Like" button here. Or at least a "sensible chuckle" button.
  3. Muttering Ed

    What is the thing that comes in the night?

    I'm enjoying this topic more than I expected. Things that come in the night and do more than just scare the little children. I also find Bloodraven fascinating... And very very shady.
  4. Muttering Ed

    Name the wight hunters

    I put this in another thread before I saw this one, but they clearly are the: unHodor Recovery Squad
  5. Muttering Ed

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    The unHodor Recovery Squad.
  6. Muttering Ed

    Heresy 199 Once upon a Time in the West

    That is very, very interesting. I never looked at it this way before. Food for thought.
  7. Muttering Ed

    Heresy 199 Once upon a Time in the West

    Okay I know this is futile but here goes anyway. My responses inserted below: (also please note Wolfmaid that my response is done with respect! I enjoy your posts very much, so even if we disagree on this I still find your comments wonderfully insightful and imaginative. You and some others here have done a lot to open my eyes to these novels!) So yep, agree to disagree.
  8. Muttering Ed

    Heresy 199 Once upon a Time in the West

    Kudos to you sir. The late king will forever be trouserless to me.
  9. Muttering Ed

    Heresy 199 Once upon a Time in the West

    Got to be honest, Robert being Jon's father is one of the least compelling theories I've seen. No offense Wolfmaid, but all of King Robert's children have black hair and blue eyes, and that's definitely not Jon. "Trouserless Bob" is a great name for Robert and he left us plenty of evidence that his children have a certain look. Whereas Jon looks so uniquely Stark that even crazy old Craster noted him for a Stark at one glance. FWIW, I'm on board for R+L=J until something more convincing is put forth in the text. I just haven't seen anything more convincing so far. PS... who is the aspiring bard who coined the nickname "Trouserless Bob"? I love the descriptiveness of that epithet.
  10. Muttering Ed

    The Bridge of Skulls

    Check out Storm of Swords chapter 48. When Jon gets back to Castle Black ahead of the wildling attack, he learns that Bowen was chasing wildlings who were feinting attacks ahead of Mance's huge assault on Castle Black. The wiki also has a good summary of what happened: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Fight_at_the_Bridge_of_Skulls .
  11. Muttering Ed

    Why did the Others attacked the Fist of First Men instead of the Wildlings?

    Yes to both of these. The Watch had set up a blocking force to keep the Free Folk from coming south. The white walkers removed (decimated, actually) that blocking force and nibbled on the edges of the Free Folk to keep driving/herding them south. I'm not sure yet that the white walkers are totally hellbent on murdering every human, despite Old Nan's scary stories. But they pretty clearly want humans gone from their lands north of the Wall. Once that magic barrier of the Wall is out of service, whether it falls or just loses its magic, we'll find out what they really want. They may want all of Westeros. Or maybe they just want what was promised in the Pact between the First Men and the CotF. I'm eager to find out!
  12. Muttering Ed

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Just to be clear, you can discuss the show stuff on the show threads, all you want. But not supposed to discuss show stuff on the book-only threads over here.
  13. Muttering Ed

    [Spoilers] EP605

    My random thoughts & reactions while watching.... I was screaming at my TV for Brienne to chop LF's head off. And I fell in love with Sansa just a little bit during that scene. OK maybe more than just a little. Still think she should have sliced him into many little Littlefingers. Felt the dread when Sansa assured Brienne that Jon would keep her safe. Oh Sansa.... Arya sure isn't much of a staff fighter. But I was silently screaming for her to remember that she is not No-One, she is a wolf, and for her to stride right out the door and head for home where she belongs. The Dany / Jorah scene didn't bother me, in fact I was glad it worked out like it did. There's no way he could stay with Dany, he would end up infecting her, her whole army, and probably Mereen too. He has to leave. Varys getting unnerved like that by the Fire Woman was damn unusual. Wonder where that's going. COTF creating the 1st WW... it doesn't surprise me in the big picture since I'd considered the theory for a while. But i still wasn't expecting it at that moment. I assumed they were just making a blood sacrifice to the weirwoods since that apparently used to be common. So when those eyes turned blue -- Holy Shit! I cursed when Summer died, and then realized he's going to come back as an undead wight wolf. Oh crap. I cursed when Hodor died, and then realized he's going to come back as an undead wight Hodor. Oh holy crap!
  14. Muttering Ed

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I must admit, this episode had more penis warts than I expected.