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  1. Valonqar is kingslayer. It is known.
  2. Jeyne won't make it to the Wall... Arya I, Game 7 Poor Jeyne Poole...
  3. In the thread, I tried to suggest that the lemon tree was indeed significant to Danaerys's arc, but rather than having anything to do with where she started, it has everything to do with where she will end up... in bitterness and disappointment.
  4. Drogon: Daenerys then John Viserion: Brown Ben then Tyrion Rhaegal: Aegon
  5. The first vision Daenerys sees in the House of the Undying Ones, of the beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor, is a foreshadowing for the reader of what is to come in the House of the Undying chapter and a clue as to what is really happening. The Undying are trying to trap Daenerys so that they can draw upon her power.
  6. I think you might be inflating what your calling the Blackfyre spy network, and I think we have to realize that not all aligned actors have identical interests or are aligned for the same reasons. And sometimes alliances are only temporary or built out of necessity. But there are a lot of interesting connections to explore. A good place to start is the betrothal feast at Drogo's manse in Pentos.
  7. IIRC, we know that the tapestries show hunting scenes. Some have speculated that the tapestries depict Baratheons.
  8. I agree. I have no idea how the current mini-plot with Lady Stoneheart will be resolved, but I do believe that Jaime's character will go on to resolve larger plot issues. He is set up to take out Cersei, help Aegon sit the Iron Throne, and take the Black.
  9. Bloodraven, who sided with the red dragon against the brother he loved, sent Jaime's fallen Kingsguard brothers to hammer home Jaime's crime when he betrayed Aerys, notwithstanding Jaime's defense that Aerys planned to burn King's Landing. Rhaegar reminded him that he left his wife and children in Jaime's hands. Bloodraven seems to be preparing Jaime to raise up Jon, Rhaegar's heir, as king. Jaime I, Feast Jaime identifies with the Warrior... Jaime II, Feast And the Warrior protects children... Samwell II, Storm Jaime wants to make good on his failed duty to protect Rhaegar's children... Jaime I, Dance Jaime doesn't believe that Rhaegar has any living children. But the George strongly hinted that Jamie will be a kingmaker... Jaime II, Feast But perhaps Jaime will believe Aegon's claim? Here is a telling quote from Barristan on his path to redemption after taking Robert's pardon... Daenerys II, Dance And here's Jaime telling Lancel what he thought of Robert... Jaime IV, Feast And note the colors he was wearing... Jaime IV, Feast Black on Red, like the Blackfyre dragon... Assuming Jaime is Cersei's valonqar, this quote would tie in nicely with Jaime unwittingly supporting the black dragon... Cersei II, Feast Of course, I don't think Aegon could allow Jaime to enter his service. I think Jaime will be allowed to take the black as The Ned wanted and as this foreshadows... Catelyn X, Game
  10. Daenerys IX, Game 68 The pronoun “he” above, of course, refers to Drogo, whom Daenerys was about to send off into the night lands. Will Drogo return? Quentyn son of Prince Doran of House Martell, whose sigil is the sun, rose in the west when he left Dorne, and he set in the east when he was killed in Meereen. Our lovely dragon queen notes in Daenerys X, Dance 71, that the Dothraki Sea is going dry. When she sits among her persimmon trees and lemon trees atop the Great Pyramid of Meereen and looks upon the smaller pyramids, she feels as if she is “atop the highest mountain in the world,” thus comparing the pyramids to mountains. Since then, one such “mountain” has collapsed in ruins, and the dragons have turned two more into smoking lairs. That leaves us with Daenerys’s womb quickening again, and her bearing a living child. Even if what Daenerys went through on her recent walk about was a miscarriage, that would not satisfy the elements above. A quickening happens when a mother-to-be can feel the fetus moving. However, since the other elements have been satisfied, and since this is a fantasy filled with prophecy and foreshadowing, I would think that Daenerys’s womb will quicken again, and she will bear a living child, and her son will sit the Iron Throne... Daenerys IV, Game 36 Her son will be Aegon’s... Daenerys I, Game 3 Daenerys VI, Storm 71 (emphasis in the original) Daenerys I, Dance 2 (emphasis in the original) Tyrion VI, Dance 22 The love won’t last, of course... Tyrion I, Clash 3 Arianne I, Winds And Daenerys will vanquish Aegon... The Ugly Little Girl, Dance 64 Daenerys was the first head. Aegon, red with rust, is revealed to be the second. Jon will be revealed to be the third. Although a dragon is still a dragon whether it is black or red, Aegon is the mummer’s dragon... Daenerys V, Clash 63 And Daenerys will slay the fraud... Daenerys IV, Clash 48 So, the wee Targlet will live, but Daenerys won’t... Daenerys IV, Clash 48 The last fire Daenerys will light will be the one that is lit to consume her lifeless body after she dies giving birth to her child, a fire to love. Drogo will not return to Daenerys, but Daenerys will return to Drogo. Consider the three mounts she must ride, "one to bed and one dread and one to love." Most of us suspect the first is her silver with Drogo to the grassy place beside a small stream, and that the second is Drogo’s namesake Drogon. The George loves his threes, so I goat a gold dragon says the third one will be the smoky stallion Daenerys will ride to join her sun-and-stars in the Night Lands.
  11. The main reason for the Quentyn subplot could be to give Dorne a reason not only to favor Aegon, but also to resent Daenerys in the upcoming dance. Weren't Gerris and Archibald freed? Shouldn't we expect them to return home to share their side of the story with Dorne?
  12. A "thee-mooth" is also known as a "YMBQ". It is known.
  13. Robb had to cross at the Twins because Tywin held the Ruby Ford and was marching north.
  14. As far as celestial sphere is concerned, I think we can assume that it mirrors our own, but with a few differences... Jon IV, Storm 30 The colors are just a description of the sunrise and a reminder that we are in autumn. The more interesting thing here is the Sword of the Morning constellation on the southern horizon, as seen north of the Wall. Forget for the moment that a 700-foot wall of ice should have blotted out the southern horizon from the view of a man (even if he is the special snowflake) standing on the ground just north of the Wall. Rather, concentrate on the shape of the constellation and the bright white star in its hilt blazing like a diamond in the dawn. It should be a cross with a very bright star at one end. Well, that is Crux, also known as the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross, of course, is a small, cross-shaped constellation, with a first-magnitude star (the brightest stars in the night sky), at its bottom end, called Alpha Crucis, also known as Acrux. The analogy is not perfect though. Acrux is at the end that would be the point of the sword, and in any event, it is a blue star. Gamma Crucis, also known as Gacrux is the star that would be the sword’s hilt, and Gacrux is red. The other problem is that the Southern Cross is not observable from north of the 26th parallel (South Florida). That an ASOIAF constellation resembles one of our own should not be surprising since several celestial bodies described in ASOIAF mirror our own. The George had just given us a little more astronomy in Jon’s preceding chapter in Storm. . . Jon III, Storm 26 The twelve houses of heaven correspond to the zodiac; the seven wanders correspond to the classical planets of antiquity (i.e., the Sun and Moon and the five planets visible to the naked eye, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), and the red wanderer corresponds to Mars. The Moonmaid most likely corresponds to Virgo since there is a whole bunch of astrology mumbo jumbo about when Mars is in Virgo. The first mention of an “ice dragon” follows Bran’s realization that the old powers are real. He then asks Osha how to go north, and what he might find. Osha tells him to look for the Ice Dragon, and to chase the blue star in the rider's eye. (It should be noted that after this mention as the blue star in the rider’s eye, it is afterward referred to as the blue star in the dragon’s eye. Since Jon tells us later that the Wildings’s nomenclature for celestial bodies is slightly different than the nomenclature used south of the Wall, this is not necessarily an inconsistency.) Thus, we learn that the Ice Dragon is a constellation, and that the blue star in the dragon’s eye is a pole star. Currently (more on that in a moment), the north pole star in our sky is Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Dipper. Thus, it appears that the star in the dragon’s eye that points north corresponds to Polaris. But there are differences here too. Polaris is more white than blue, and Ursa Minor is a little bear, not a dragon. However, Ursa Minor is bordered by Draco, which is a dragon, in the north sky, and one of the stars in Draco is Thuban, which is more blue than white. Now, here’s where it gets interesting (whether the George intended it or not): The Southern Cross was visible from the British Isles, Canada, Alaska, and Russia 10,000 years ago, and it will be visible from those regions again after another 15,000 years. This is due to the motion of the Earth called axial precession. This is the motion you see in a wobbling top as it starts to slow. The Earth’s axial precession takes about 26,000 years to complete. Due to this axial precession, the north star 6,000 years ago was Thuban, a blue star in Draco! And while you might not have been able to see Acrux from Scotland 6,000 years ago, you would have been able to see it from England.
  15. I believe the dude that posted it originally was active on some other forum and only came here occasionally. Like so many of us he's probably gotten bored with waiting.
  16. If it wasn't in the Red Waste, it was on the edge of it...
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