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  1. It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads, and I was just listening to Metallica's Creeping Death, which always makes me think of poor Jon Connington. Your turn... ETA How about Black Sabbath's A Bit of Finger? I swear Motorhead wrote In the Year of the Wolf for Arya. Led Zeppelin's The Immigrant Song makes me think of the Ironmen. How about Iron Maiden's Invaders for Lord Humfrey Hewett? How about Stealin' by Uriah Heep for Dareon? King Edd of House Tollet said: I just realized that Burn from Deep Purple describes almost perfectly Melisandre. Any bluegrass fans? How about Pretty Polly (my favorite version is by Ralph Stanley and Patty Loveless) for Chett? How about UFO's Love to Love for Young Griff and Jon? Well, just the colors anyway... Misty green and blue... How 'bout a couple a Judas Priest songs... Screaming for Vengeance for Rickard Karstark and Rapid Fire for Gregor Clegane? Had a Dad by Jane's Addiction always makes me think of Robert Baratheon. The only song for Daenerys is Meu limão, Meu limoeiro by José Carlos Burle, better known in the U.S. as Lemon Tree, sung by various artists, notably Peter, Paul and Mary. How about The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath for Rhaenyra? I Know a Little by Lynard Skynard for Jon in the cave with Ygritte when he gave her the lord's kiss. Oo-De-Lally, Roger Miller for Tom O'Sevens. Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden for Ramsey. Kill the King by Rainbow for Aerys. Steeler by Judas Priest for Wyman Manderly. War Pigs by Black Sabbath for the Five Kings, or better yet, for Sept on Maribald. Light My Fire by The Doors for Orell's eagle. Breadfan by Budgie for Hot Pie. Old Man by Neil Young is for Tyrion, innit, Aunt Genna? How about Angry Eyes by Loggins and Messina for Lord Rykker? Wheels of Confusion by Black Sabbath for Sansa.
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Are You Experienced? By Jimi Hendrix for Pyat Pree.
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Achilles's Last Stand is a truly bitchin' song.
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Crazy on You by Heart for Ygritte.
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    Mistakes in the Books

    My favorite is Arya walking up to the Wind Witch despite the gates of King's Landing being closed.
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    What happened to the Hill Tribes?

    No Shagga in the show?
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    Wow small things that could be huge

    I suspect part of the reason Qhorin had half a hand was to set up Jaime's return to prowess. As the horn, listen to the storyteller.
  8. Beric wasn't all that off, and we only met him after he'd been brought back more than half a dozen times. The story suggests that he got progressively worse, suggesting he might not have been that bad in the beginning.
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    References and Homages

    Don't forget about their father Lord Elmo and his grandfather Lord Grover.
  10. Maegor the Cruel was kept alive by dark magic and died after Tyanna could no longer sustain him.
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    New little legal details

    The text you quote says that no lord could put another lord to death. There is no prohibition against sitting in judgment over a lesser lord.
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    The Four Battles in TWoW

    Thralls are not free, but there are differences between thralls and slaves. Check here for more information if you like.
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    The Four Battles in TWoW

    You mean Victarion, right? The Ironmen don't practice slavery.
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    The Four Battles in TWoW

    The Last Storm foreshadows Jon Connington defeating Mace Tyrell between Storm’s End and Bronzegate, and that Randyll Tarly and his heir, Dickon, will be killed.
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    The Four Battles in TWoW

    It seems likely to me that Barristan will break the siege of Meereen and enter into an uneasy alliance with the Windblown, the Second Sons, and the Ironmen. Meanwhile, Daenerys will light her second fire, and she will finally set sail for Westeros, with a couple of stops on the way (Tyrion needs to go to Braavos, and Daenerys might be obligated to take Pentos). The two big questions I have from the so-called battle of fire are: 1) Has Victarion asserted authority over the green one? Victarion, Winds Tyrion II, Winds And 2) Will Tyrion help Brown Ben Plumm mount the white one?
  16. Lost Melnibonean

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    I build up some assumptions here. I have discussed the timing and sequence of events in the North at great length beginning here. Here is a link to a very precise, estimated timeline and reasonable assumptions to make when calculating time. .
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    The Four Battles in TWoW

    The Battle of Ice is probably the most intriguing in my opinion. I think Stannis still has a role to play in the Second Dance of the Dragons, so I think he wins. A little more than six months have passed since the red wedding by the time Stannis arrives at the crofter’s village near Winterfell. In the meantime, the Northmen with Roose are becoming concerned over Ramsay’s treatment of the presumed Arya. Since Barrowton, Roose has known that he cannot trust Cerwyn and Tallhart and, presumably, Hornwood. Roose knows that Wyman Manderly plots betrayal, and he suspects that Hothor Umber may stand with Wyman. Then, we see Hothor talking quietly with Harwood Stout, who is sworn to Dustin. The George gives us a hint as to the coup-plotting Wyman might be about with the snowy lords described by Reek to include Wyman Manderly, Harwood Stout, Barbrey Dustin, and Hother Umber. Perhaps most telling is that Mors has the future of House Umber outside the walls on Stannis's side (green boys), while Hothor has it's past inside with Bolton and Frey (greybeards). Barbrey has Reek take her into the crypts, presumably to look up upon the Stark tombs, but she takes note of the missing swords that Bran et al. took from the crypts. This suggests that Barbrey could have been looking to substantiate whether Wyman already has Rickon. Arnolf arrives at the crofter’s village less than two weeks after Stannis. And that’s when the mysterious murders begin at Winterfell. Within a few days, Mors Umber arrives, and immediately after Mors sounds his horns, Abel’s washerwomen compel Theon to meet with Mance Rayder, who has been asking about the crypts. The tension between Frey and Mandery boils over the next day, and Theon and Jeyne escape. Three days later, Mors takes them, along with Tycho and Asha’s men from Deepwood Motte to Stannis’s camp. In the Theon spoiler chapter, we see Stannis learn of the Karstark plot, and we see that he intends to use the terrain to his advantage. We also see that he might be planning a ruse by faking his death. Assuming Ramsay is indeed the author of the so called pink letter, we can assume that Ramsay believes that Stannis is dead, and that Stannis’s host has been defeated. Ramsay has recovered or has been given Lightbringer, and he has beheaded and flayed Abel’s washerwomen. He has stuck Mance in a crow cage, but he may have left Mance alive. He believes that Stannis has sent the presumed Arya and Reek to Castle Black, and he wants them returned. He must know that Jon will recognize Jeyne Pool, and Theon is still a potentially valuable hostage. But we know that Stannis had no intention of sending Theon anywhere, which further suggests that Stannis has fooled Ramsay. Ramsay demands Selyse, Shireen, and Melisandre, as well as Mance Rayder’s presumed son be turned over to him. Otherwise, he threatens to march on Castle Black. Ramsay has Jon in a tight spot since Jon has meddled in the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms, and Jon attempts to marshal the wildings, but of course, Brutus... err... Bowen Marsh has had enough. These are the questions I will be looking to answer... How did the ruse at the crofter’s village play out? Has Ramsay killed Roose? Or is Roose still calling the shots? Will the snowy lords and their snowy sentinels cast Ramsay down and allow Stannis to enter Winterfell? Are Galbart, Maege, Howland, and Hallis on the other side of Winterfell with Davos and Rickon? Will Selyse and Melisandre despair and burn Shireen? How long will Jon Snow be out of commission?
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin for Shae.
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    Jon Snow's death

    'Cause the reborn emerge from the third head of the dragon.
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    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    The godswood in King's Landing is marked by black cottonwood and alder, a tree with a gray, almost white, bark. The heart tree is is overgrown with smokeberries. Berries are often red, and smokeberries in ASOIAF are used to make wine, further suggesting that the berries are red. Bloodraven often wore smoke and scarlet, and his arms bore a white dragon on a black field. And to tie it up with a bow, Bloodraven's dragon was depicted breath scarlet flame... like the dark red blooms of dragon's breath?
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    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    It's pretty cool, isn't it? Here are some old threads you might find interesting... https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/62611-the-strange-and-subtle-elephants-of-the-golden-company/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/101869-a-strange-and-subtle-folk-the-volantenes/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/121961-essay-a-game-of-thrones-a-game-of-cyvasse/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/85752-the-rundown-of-the-dance-of-dragons-20/
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    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Assuming that The George's 1993 conceptualization of three main conflicts, consisting of 1) The War of the Five Kings, 2) The Second Dance of the Dragons, and 3) The War for the Dawn, still forms the basic framework for this saga, I think we can say that House Stark, collectively, are the protagonists, and House Lannister, collectively, are the antagonists in the first main conflict. Sansa and Tyrion occupy special roles, akin to deuteragonists in classical Greek plays. And Petyr Baelish turns out to be the big bad. Eddard is the decoy. I think one of the reasons Feast and Dance feel like the story is drifting is that The George has spent so much time transitioning into the second main conflict. I am guessing that Daenerys is the protagonist and Aegon is the antagonist of this second main conflict, and that Illyrio is the big bad. I suspect Jon will emerge as the protagonist in the the third act, and the Others, which started the whole thing off in the Prologue to Game, will be the antagonist.
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    Jaime and Tyrion's future reunion

    I don't think they meet again. I think Jaime ends up taking the black, and I think Tyrion dies switching sides during the second dance of the dragons.
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    Jojen Paste

    It's been a while since we've had a good Jojen paste discussion, eh? Here are a few thoughts I had as I read Bran I, Storm 9 for the umpteenth time... Even earlier though, before the Reedlings arrived at Winterfell, Jojen had seen his death . . . Bran III, Clash 21 But has he told Meera at this point? After Bran, Hodor and the Reedlings depart the ruin of Winterfell, they stop at “Tumbledown Tower” deep within the Wolfswood. Meera is perfectly happy to remain there indefinitely, but not Jojen . . . Bran I, Storm 9 Notice that Meera does not want to leave because she believes they are in a safe place. So the reader can infer she believes that the alternative is not safe. Bran I, Storm 9 Here we see that Jojen has already told Meera that they must travel beyond the Wall to the three-eyed crow, and she seems urgent to change Jojen’s mind. But Jojen remains steadfast . . . Bran I, Storm 9 Finally, Meera relents and suggests that Prince Bran should decide . . . Bran I, Storm 9 Once they were beyond the Wall with Coldhands, Bran noted that Meera always followed her brother’s lead despite any misgivings she might have had . . . Bran I, Dance 4 Then, in the cave of the three-eyed crow . . . Bran III, Dance 34 Meera tells Bran that he will live on as a greenseer after she and her brother have died. Now, by itself, she could mean after they have lived their full mortal span, but when Bran suggests that maybe the Reedlings could be greenseers too, she says no, and sounds sad. So, why was she sad? Was it because she could not be with her prince? Or was it because she knew her brother could not live on as a greenseer? Sure enough, Jojen adds that he is not blessed to be a greenseer, that his task was to get him there, and that his part was done. But was it truly done, completely? As the days passed and Bloodraven began his tutelage, “Jojen brooded, Meera fretted, and Hodor wandered through dark tunnels with a sword in his right hand and a torch in his left.” Why was Jojen brooding, and why was Meera fretting? Perhaps we get the answer the very next time they appear, Jojen explains . . . Bran III, Dance 34 Isn’t the natural inference that Jojen is brooding about his death? He tells his sister that Bran isn’t the one who should be afraid of them killing him, suggesting that some other person should be afraid of them killing him. A little later, we see Meera and Jojen one last time before they feed Bran the paste . . . Bran III, Dance 34 Now, some read that passage as Meera telling Bran that Jojen has seen his death at home in the Neck, and that she is mad because he wants to return home where he will surely die. Others read that passage as Meera telling Bran that Jojen wants to go home, but he knows he never will, and he refuses to fight his fate. I suppose either interpretation is fair based on the wording of that first sentence alone. But what’s the point of her next statement? Is she saying that she hoped that when they found the three-eyed crow, Jojen would choose to stay rather than go home and face certain death? If so, then why did she want to remain at Tumbledown Tower? Or maybe she hoped that the three-eyed crow might help her brother avoid the fate that he saw in the greendream foretelling his fate? Why is she so bitter about escorting Bran to the Three-eyed crow if Jojen’s fate is waiting for him in the Neck? Doesn’t it make so much more sense to assume that his fate is now given that his part is done? ETA This appears to help foreshadow or setup Theon's capture of Winterfell... Bran IV, Clash 28 But with hindsight, it looks like Jojen's sadness could be related to the knowledge of his fate, and Meera's defiance could be related to her refusal to accept Jojen's fate.
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    Jojen Paste