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  1. I never got the "i love Tyrion" (as in he's a sympathetic character) on my first read even. I had sympathy up to the Crossroads Inn in Cat's chapter. The inn is full, but he throws his money around to get someone else's room. I got that he was angry and upset with Cat. I could get he would wish her killed, but his mind bends to raping there as well. That gave me a bitter taste, and then he gets back to his papa and is glad to see Masha Heddle swinging from a rope. Like what the hell was Masha Heddle going to do when the lords and ladies and knights and sellswords play at "highway kidnapping"? His whole Shae plot from start to end annoys me to no end, both when he fawns over her as when he puts her back in a servant position, takes away all her jewelry (allegedly all for her safety, but he puts her even in more danger). Sure, Shae is a gold digging prostitute, but he knew that from the start and as far as I'm concerned he reneged on his exclusivity contract with her once he put her in a position she ran away from home for and took back all the riches he had paid her with. It became all work for no pay and no play. He basically made her into his bed slave. The slave at Illyrio, who officially isn't one. He enjoyed scaring her. Every thought, every utterance to the working class and slaves, especially women is foul to no end. The sole time I can bear him is on the Shy Maid, when he's sobered up and gets to be a clown. But then he gets drunk again and rapes a slave. But woe me, thinks Tyrion
  2. There's no reason to make it into personal issues. I loathe Tyrion and have little to no sympathy for him. In some respects I consider him to be worse than some of the monstrous people, because he actually has the intelligence and the potential for empathy, except when it comes to women, and aiding and abetting with people he despises morally himself. How is what Cersei did to Robert before murdering him worse? Is it worse that she had an affair, while he had them too? Is it worse she birthed bastards, while he had more bastards than her? And it's not something she made him do. He was fighting a war and killed Rhaegar in part for his love of Lyanna, but fucked every whore in the Peach while Joncon besieged the town and begot Gendry on a tavern wench while Ned went looking for Lyanna. That man was never much husband material. He's right when he says he should just have gone to Essos and be a sellsword for a company to fight, drink and wench himself to death.
  3. Robert tried for a tour of Westeros and allegedly had 16 bastards, and not all presumably in King's Landing. Cersei allegedly had twins killed in Lannisport. Barra we know for certain. We don't know how many others she had killed in KL. We know of Gendry, Mya, Edric and Bella being alive, but there could be others. I believe Stannis will be still in a position again to announce his intents. I don't think he will go Robb's secretive way, but make it known to all of Westeros. Likely by raven.
  4. Insofar he knows, not yet. But yeah, he could judge her for the murder of her friend as a child, for allegedly killing his twin bastards in Lannisport, etc. He doesn't know any of these things, so he cannot kill her. But I'm certainly fine with anyone killing Cersei after she had all the presumed bastards murdered, and her actions in aFfC, preferably in due course of a process. That might satisfy your feelings, but doesn't make your arguments any better.
  5. I'm with Lord of Raventree here, and your last argument is a twisting of his argument. Killing someone, premeditated, to protect people from being harmed is a defendable act. No woman, no man, no child is safe around Ramsay, not ever, period. Raping someone does not prevent anyone else from being harmed. And whatever time period this is, most people do have a sense of morality and would even recoil from marital rape. Even if it technically does not exist by law. Robert pretends to have a black out from drinking whenever he sought Cersei's bed, exactly because he knows he's doing wrong. Ned who has a lot of reasons to hate Cersei thinks it's wrong for Robert to act as he does to Cersei.
  6. And maester Aemon was tested again, too, when he learned of Dany and her dragons, and he himself came to another decision: he basically wanted to desert and disobey his order, to be with her, believing her to be Azor Ahai reborn (who might or might not help against the Others).
  7. Excatly. Jon is tested on his morals, his ethics, his vows and his heart numerous times. To scale them down to "3 tests" makes me go
  8. With regards to Jon's tests... He has had more than 3 trials of the heart/vows. Ygritte versus the Wall is left out.
  9. Since we're going by personal credentials - master industrial design, extra studies in physics, math teacher for adults wanting a HS degree in math/sciences. Facts and logic and a timeline project ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZsY3lcDDtTdBWp1Gx6mfkdtZT6-Gk0kdTGeSC_Dj7WM/edit#gid=8 ) to make an educated guess. The facts: Sansa is 13 in her last chapter of aFfC (Alayne 2). aDwD Jon 2 synchs with aFfC Sam 1 (Sam, Gilly and maester Aemon leave for Eastwatch) Timeline estimation: Alayne 2 occurs around half May of the year 300 AC. References in the chapter: Riverrun has yielded, Stannis still holds Dragonstone (that is the news of Loras Tyrell's capture of Dragonstone is not yet known, either because it hasn't happened yet, the news hasn't reached the Vale yet, or the theory that Loras Tyrell sailed for Oldtown and is duping Cersei is correct). aDwD Jon 1 and Jon 2 are estimated to occur in the second half of February 300 AC, after aFfC Sansa 1 (where Nestor Royce leads the inquiry into Lysa's death). remember that much of aFfC synchs with aDwD: Cersei receiving the news of Davos's death after being taken prisoner at White Harbor, Boltons moving on Moat Cailin, receives a letter from the Lords Declarant. Alayne 2 estimated to occur between aDwD Jon 7 and Jon 8 (when Jon sends Val in search of Tormund). Arianne's, Selmy's, Tyrion's, Vic's, Theon's, Asha's and Aerion's released or peeked at chapters of tWoW occur before Jon's final chapter. So, much of what was written and hauled out of aDwD to be relegated to tWoW is estimated to have occurred late July and first half of August of 300 AC. Between Alayne 2 of aFfC and Jon 12 of aDwD is at best a 3 month discrepance. Sansa's namedays fall about a moon/month before the change of the year, in aGoT (298), in aCoK (299) and in aSoS (300). Jon 12 estimated to occur second half of August 300 AC. So, it took aFfC to progress from beginning of February 300 AC until May 300 AC for Sansa, which is 3 months. It took the latter half of aDwD to progress 3 months beyond Alayne 2. It would take little over another 3 months before she has her name day, which would be half a year after Alayne 2. Sansa's tWoW chapter has few timeline references, and most can be altered: Sansa thinks of Queen Cersei having had 12 dwarf heads gifted, none which were Tyrion's. So, this chapter was planned by George to occur before the news of Cersei's imprisonment is known, let alone Cersei had her walk of shame. At least it shows that George planned to have HtH lust after a girl who was in reality 13 at the time. It's no biggie to now have it occur after the murder of Kevan, after which Varys and the reader expect Cersei to take control once more. And of course, George can edit or pad the reference to Cersei to the post aDwD or final aDwD timeline events. Myranda mentions that some competitors have arrived a moon before HtH does, and have been scrounging on Nestor Royce's food. Who these competitors are is not clear, but it may allude to Shadrich, Byron, etc... Of course George remains vague enough to have it include other guests, and Shadrich et all were hired by LF anyway. However, the timeline reference with regards to HtH in Sansa's excerpt chapter provides a window on how much timeline George can stretch it. In Alayne 2, Sansa learns that HtH has 1 bastard child and another is on the way. Sansa's excerpt chapter refers to this. HtH says his firstborn is 2, but his second is not yet born. Allowing a certain amount of time for a young woman to discover she's preggers, to inform HtH, and for Myranda at the Gates of the Moon to learn of it, we're looking at Saffron being about 3 moons pregnant (or longer) by the time Sansa learns of it in Alayne 2. Since Saffron has not yet birthed the child when HtH talks to Sansa at the ball, Sansa's excerpt chapter, must fall within the next 6 months (half november), and thus before Sansa turns 14. As it is unlikely that Sansa's chapter would fall at the end of tWoW, as it sets up all that will befall in the Vale during tWoW, it either occurs alongside the other excerpt chapters, with pretty much all of them occurring before Jon 12, or shortly after, making it the second half of Sansa's 13th year. My grievances with Tyrion are multifold, but can be summarized as, "Rich boy pitying himself, but loves harming women in retribution, and seeing rape as a valid instrument of war and revenge." There's a long list of women he either hoped to be raped and killed, cheered being killed, he killed, he raped, he resents for not giving it to him. He's the guy getting picked on, who then kicks the dog, so he can wallow in his self misery some more, feel superior than those of lower birth or social status. Just absolute yuck
  10. George rarely describes the Targaryen men as having this pale skin, but refers to it in the phrase "features of the house of the dragon" or "Valyrian" (referring to the tWoIaF quote), such as Daeron Targaryen, son of Viserys 1, and others.
  11. Seconded. I don't have much of an issue with HtH being set up as a fiancé for Sansa age wise, or him lusting for her (even though he's a total jock when it comes to his treatment of women). He at the most differs but 5 years with Sansa, which in my country would be legal sexual consent between teens. He reads like a 16 year old at best, in contrast to Jon who thinks more like an 18 year old. And he believes Sansa to be Alayne who claims to be a year older than she actually is and looks it too. Petyr is an awful human being, who professes to love people but absolutely willing to destroy them and their family for petty narcissistic injuries, using them as tools and grooming a kid he got to know way before her first moon time even and wanted her even then. Yuck! My grievances with Tyrion are of an entirely different nature. @Lord of Raventree Hall Pity you prefer "I can make her the age whatever I want" over this factual bit, which you yourself claim to find not all that important, and nearly have a tantrum when another poster shows where we ought to see the tWoW peek chapter timeline wise. Everybody can make a mistake. It doesn't make you any less of a poster.
  12. Okay. Does the ability to tan negate not having pale or light skin? I have chestnut red hair and dark freckles (all over my face, shoulders, arms). Out of the sun, during winter time, I'm paler than most people (whiter). I still tan and bronze real well. Most people, including professionals, are often surprised at how quick and deeply I can bronze without even getting a sunburn if I use to appropriate protection, within a week. (I don't have albinism BTW, but clearly my melanin production is not evenly distributed). Tanning or the ability to tan does not negate having pale, light skin or being "lighter" or "whiter" than the majority of other people.
  13. That wasn't my point. You used the argument, "They tan," to argue they're not albinos. It's not a good argument, because you're basing it entirely on a stereotype, which is only one form of albinism (the most known one). Bittersteel can be an occular albino (only his eyes are affected), which makes sense, since Brackens and Blackwoods have intermarried in the past aeons, and thus both can be considered carriers of an albinism mutation. The Daynes may have another or even the same type of First Men albinism, but living on an island they're more likely to express it as a phenotype (genetical drift promoting recessive genes to become an often occurring phenotype) than the Blackwoods and Brackens do, except for when they have offspring with Targaryens. Either Bloodraven is an albino because the mutation originated with him, or because both parents passend on a recessive albinism gene of a far older mutation.
  14. You misinterprete the genetic cause of purple and blue eyes (and green eyes for that matter). There's no blue or purple colored melanin causing the eye color. The irises are in fact translucent for both. We see eyes as being blue for the same reason we see an ocean of water as blue (but if you take a bucket of water out of the ocean it looks clear): diffraction and refraction of light entering. So, blue and purple eyes have translucent irises, but as light drops into the iris, the white light is diffracted into the different wavelengths that make us see color. Most of those wavelengths continue to travel deeper into the iris and are absorbed by the double layered black screen behind the iris (and you normally only see the pupil). Because of the cell structure of the iris, blue light is not absorbed, but reflected back out of the iris. It's basically an "illusion" you're seeing. This is different from amber and brown eyes, or hazel eyes. These people do have melanin in their irises, which has either a brown or yellow color, depending on the gene. Some people only have melanin around the pupil, but not the rest of the iris, which creates the hazel eye effect. Green eyes are also the result of partial melanin and clear parts of the iris. Anyway, because of the "illusion" effect with blue eyes, and refracted light is very influential to surrounding refracted light caused by pigments, blue eyes are so prone to shift in tone, depth and color of blue, and may even appear violet. So, yes, purple eyed people can have blue eyed children. Just a small shift in cell size of the irises can cause a narrower or broader spectrum of diffracted light to be reflected back.
  15. I can actually see Stannis do an Aegon IV - legitimize every of Robert's bastards - but only if Shireen dies before him. At the moment he would not, but Stannis has proven to adapt his opinion on certain issues with experience, especially when his situation becomes desperate. What I don't see him doing is acknowledging defeat for the Baratheon line and allow Targ or Lannister to claim the Iron Throne without resistance. So, in case his direct heir Shireen is dead, I don't see him putting his eggs in one basket (Edric) anymore, but acknowledge and legitimize any bastard, so that there will always be a Baratheon to rally behind if needs be, girl or boy. As with Aegon IV's bastards, some will go on to establish their own house, others will try to claim the Baratheon house. So, Edric gets Storm's End, Gendry establishes his own house wherever he requires it to be, and Mya gets to be a Lady whose hand will be sought after. Not sure about Bella.
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