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  1. ROUND 4 ENTRIES 1. Joffrey, observe murderously avuncular dwarf at reception! 2. My eminence, royally elegiac greetings. Keep enemies veritably extirpated. Roar on! 3. Celebrate sumptuously, exulting, lionhearted victor! Entitled to every second. 4. Joyous occasion Majesty! Advise drinking ardently, robustly. 5. Commendable sire, enjoy lavish vintages, exuberant tarts! Eagerly serving, 6. Most enlightened Rex. Eternal Gods keep endless victories emerging. Respectfully. Officiator. Please, vote for your favourite 3 entries not later than Saturday 27th February (8 p.m. Central European Time).
  2. Due to a request for extension, the deadline has been extended until Thursday 25th February (6 p.m. Central European Time).
  3. ROUND 4 Happy New Year 300! 299 AC has considerably changed Westeros. A year has passed since our last round, and now King’s Landing is preparing for King Joffrey’s wedding, which is scheduled for the first day of the new year. It is always a good idea to send a very special New Year’s greeting to a king on such an occasion. At least that is how Littlefinger sees it, so he carefully composes a message to King Joffrey. What is in the message? You can choose from the following acronyms: MEREGKEVERO CSELVETES JOMADAR Deadline: Tuesday, February 23rd (9 p.m. Central European Time)
  4. ROUND 3 RESULTS C: 1+1+1+1+2+3+3+1+3+2=18 DG: 1+1+2+2=6 HH: 1+1+1+3+3+1+2+3+2=17 LG: 1+1+1+2=5 RB: 1+1+3+2+1+1=9 JB: 1+1+2+3+2=9 STANDINGS HH 16+17=33 RB 23+9=32 C 11+18=29 LG 21+5=26 JB 19+9=26 DG 13+6=19 Sound advice from Lady Olenna was the most popular choice this time. The winner of the round was Castellan, and Howlin' Howland was second only with a single point of difference! Having composed messages that Olenna's young granddaughter had better keep in mind, the two of them won more than half of all the available points and earned the highest number of first-place votes. As a result, Howlin' Howland has taken over the lead, with RhaenysBee following him just a step away. With a big jump, Castellan has gained third place in the overall race, however, the chasing pack is quite close behind, so beware, all, and prepare for the next round!
  5. ROUND 3 AUTHORS 1. Virginity is resalable; alliances gossamer. C 2. Netted a gentleman, youngster? Mr and Mrs Imitation? DG 3. Nuptial advice Granddaughter: yes, men are mostly imbeciles. HH 4. Thumbelina, uncharitable shrew keeps espying. Salutations! LG 5. Vigour, Intimacy? Rather aggravating gormlessness... RB 6. Northerner's absurd gossip: Your man's apparently male-inclined. JB
  6. ROUND 3 ENTRIES 1. Virginity is resalable; alliances gossamer. 2. Netted a gentleman, youngster? Mr and Mrs Imitation? 3. Nuptial advice Granddaughter: yes, men are mostly imbeciles. 4. Thumbelina, uncharitable shrew keeps espying. Salutations! 5. Vigour, Intimacy? Rather aggravating gormlessness... 6. Northerner's absurd gossip: Your man's apparently male-inclined. Please, vote for your favourite 3 entries not later than 4 p.m. (Central European Time) on Thursday 18th February.
  7. I received a request for extension. The new deadline is tomorrow (February 14th) 6 p.m. (Central European Time).
  8. ROUND 3 Happy New Year 299! 298 AC was an eventful year in Westeros. Tragedies, wars, and difficult decisions marked these months, yet there were also people who found reasons to celebrate now and then. Margaery Tyrell, for example, celebrated her wedding as well as her new position as a queen consort of King Renly. She is not the first queen in her family though. Her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell holds the title of “Queen of Thornes”, and she decided to send her new year’s greetings to her regal granddaughter. She loves Margaery, but she also has a sharp tongue. What sort of message did she send her? Kind, funny, acerbic, thoughtful? You decide. You can choose from the following acronyms: NAGYMAMI TUSKES VIRAG Deadline: Saturday, 13th February (10 p.m. Central European Time).
  9. ROUND 2 RESULTS LG 1+1+3+1+3+3=12 JB 1+1+2+3+2=9 HH 1+1+2+1+3=8 C 1+1+3+1=6 RB 1+1+2+3+1=8 DG 1+1+1+2+2+1=8 STANDINGS RB 15+8=23 LG 9+12=21 JB 10+9=19 HH 8+8=16 DG 5+8=13 C 5+6=11 The points this time were distributed quite evenly among the various players, and the round was won, with a bloodcurdling greeting from Euron, by Lilac & Gooseberries, who earned the extra three points for the highest number of first-place votes. Last round’s winner, RhaenysBee has managed to keep the overall first place by (only?) two points. Jez Bell is in third place now but not far behind. The other three players form a furious chasing pack. Stay alert, everyone! The next round is starting soon, and there is everything to play for! Also, check the numbers, always check the numbers.
  10. ROUND 2 AUTHORS 1. Killing is neat. Cya soon. LG 2. Kickass adventures: Looting, occasional zany hijinks... Absentia jeopardizes oversight. JB 3. Kin, a love of zealotry hastens all journeys onward. HH 4. Kinky incoming necromancer cries: Silence! C 5. Kinfolk! Annual leisure, overcooked zander? Hardly attending. Joy on! RB 6. Kneeling intimidates no captain's silence DG The rest will be coming soon...
  11. Dareon let everyone in the brothel know that he was a deserter. Arya heard him say so, as did others. Once Sam went to Dareon and asked him to go back to them, but Dareon refused. It was no secret. Yet, Arya did talk to Dareon before killing him:
  12. So maybe she knows the FM might not be a totally legal organization either? Or if they are legal, maybe she knows there is not much point in hoping that a government that is OK with an assassin organization who'd kill anyone for the right payment would be all for legality and justice? Honestly, we don't know how much Arya knows about the legal system in Braavos. From what we can see from her POV, it is next to nothing. (Of course, you can always give me the quote that tells us what she knows about the Braavosi authorities.) Based on what we know from her POV, we have no reason to believe that she has experienced in Braavos anything that could have restored her faith in an official justice system. And, of course, Arya, as an orphaned and lost child, should know all of that. Who has taught her on international law? If she thought she could trust the Braavosi authorities, she would reveal herself to them and ask for their help as a war orphan. But the world does not work like that in her experience. If it did, then the Kindly Man would have taken her to the local authorities responsible for orphaned and abandoned children instead of using her as an apprentice assassin. Nope. Dareon is nothing to her family or to her family's financial interests. The NW is about protecting the realms of men. All men. Except that we know her viewpoint and why she killed Dareon. I even gave you the quote before. Women may not rule or execute in general, but so far there have always been men to do it. Arya does not know if the Stark pack exists any longer. She is a lone wolf now, acting and surviving on her own. I agree with you on this. I said he would want to kill the people who did this to his daughter, and I still think he would feel murderous if he found this out, but no, I don't think (nor did I say) that he would be obsessed with vengeance or that he would place vengeance before more important things, such as healing his daughter, for example, or the good of other people. Her desire to learn to use a sword, as a child, does not mean she is bloodthirsty. She searched out the FM because that was her only idea to do in Braavos. The power she needed was control over her own life against anyone who'd want to torture, kill or rape her. That's a pretty understandable desire, given the world she lives in. By the way, she didn't go to Braavos immediately after she met Jaqen. She still wanted to go home to Winterfell, but then she almost stumbled into the Red Wedding, where her brother and mother were murdered. She went to Braavos only when she felt there was no other choice. You know that you are talking about a (deeply traumatized) 10-year-old child, don't you? She wanted to go home. She tried extremely hard. And when she first met Dareon, she hoped she could ask him to take her to Eastwatch. That's how badly she wants to be with the FM. No, Arya does not "interpret" anything as desertion. Dareon admitted it often and loud enough that he was deserting. I gave you quotes on that a few days ago. As I pointed out last time, Arya does not kill anyone just because they are phyisically prevented from getting to the Wall. The boy Arry or Gendry are definitely not deserters. They have taken no vows and have not committed any crimes. They are refugees. We know that Jon would have been able to change his mind before taking the vow even though he had already lived on the Wall. But that wasn't even the situation with Yoren's group. They were captured and prevented from going to the Wall. And even in Braavos Arya briefly hopes that Dareon would take her to Eastwatch - in other words to the Wall. Dareon, however, took a vow and then admitted to desertion while on an NW mission. Again, Arya will not kill anyone because the person "might" be a deserter. She kills the one deserter who has freely acknowledged himself to be a deserter, giving proof of his desertion to anyone who can hear his words. Because she realized how dangerous Roose Bolton was? She is not abandoning her family. She did everything in her power to go home, even though she actually doubted that Robb (and even her mother) would be happy to see her. She was betrayed by former Stark-men, and she still wanted to go home. She wanted to run to her family members during the Red Wedding, it was Sandor who stopped her. And, as I said above, she wanted to ask Dareon to take her to Eastwatch - why do you think she wanted to go there? To abandon her family and the North? 1) You are a bit hard on a 9-year-old girl. 2) I haven't heard this theory yet.
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