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  1. Obviously, open mockery and general disrespect towards your vassals or anyone you may have dealings with is not a good kind of policy anywhere, and Hoster could have used the advice of a psychologist / P.R. manager in many respects. Yet, if Dunk wanted to throw little Walder down a well, it is strong indication to me that many of Walder's faults were due to personality rather than created by the hardships he endured in his long life. While Hoster could have been less openly disdainful towards Freys in general, I can't fault him for not marrying one of his children into House Frey. When a daughter of House Tully and the heir to the Lord of Winterfell get married, it is as good a long-term alliance as you can get in Westeros, because the families are small and it is likely that they will stick together. Both Hoster and Stark had children by one wife only, so no competing "subfamilies" in House Tully or House Stark to start with. Now, when you marry a Frey... The fact is that there are Freys in many families. Look at Walder boasting that he can match your sons one by one and still have a lot of remaining sons. This, he presents as his strength, but it also means that many of his children and grandchildren are disposable, if necessary, due to their large number. Not to mention the constant competition and rivalry among the cousins coming from female lines of varying degrees of respectability. When the W5K started, Walder was persuaded into an alliance with House Stark despite the fact that he already had a son married into House Lannister. If Edmure had already had a Frey wife by then, it would have been clear from the start that some Freys would be abandoned by Walder in the enemy camp. Now, having a daughter married to the Tully heir could have been more advantageous for House Frey than the marriage to a Lannister woman, but if Tywin had really wanted a Frey alliance, do you think he could not have promised something that was at least as good? Either way, both in the case of a (hypothetical) Tully marriage and the actual marriage contract with the Starks, in a war between Starks and Lannisters, Walder was to sacrifice at least one of the marriage alliances he had made (and probably many more). Walder Frey does not behave like a vassal during the war but like an independent player, one who has married as many children / grandchildren into various noble houses as he could. And that practically means he has been making political alliances left, right and centre. Who would take such an ally seriously, who would trust him? And that is one reason why a Frey marriage has little value. Tywin himself was outraged when his sister was promised to a Frey, and in the end, he was right - it wasn't his sister's marriage to a Frey that ensured House Frey's alliance for House Lannister, but the fact that the Lannisters appeared to be the stronger side. The marriage pact with Robb basically meant that the real long-term commitment was exclusively on Robb's side. The marriage was to take place after the war - i.e., after Robb had won the war. A defeated Robb was to be either dead or a prisoner, or on the run, and in no position to get married. By that time, House Frey would have long gone over to the Lannister side even if Robb had not broken his promise, I'm quite sure about that. After Theon took Winterfell and Stannis lost his battle, Walder could tell that no Frey girl would become the Queen-in-the-North in his lifetime, and, based on his previous actions, he would have wanted to get out of that alliance as soon as he could. That Robb broke his promise actually came in quite handy to him, as a way of saving face; but I wonder how long he had been negotiating with the Lannisters as well - just in case. So, I don't think the riverlords (including Hoster) being kinder to House Frey would have considerably changed Walder's choices. He wanted to marry off his offspring into noble houses, but his commitment to any alliance only lasted while it was truly advantageous for him.
  2. Throne + thorn + master-at-arms (swords) = Iron Throne Master-at-Arms + severed arm + Hand of the King Absolutely fantastic observations, @Seams, thank you for sharing them! So, right now the Iron Throne hates Jon Snow, and this feeling is mutual. Hm... BTW, if thorny Thorne personifies the Iron Throne, it is understandable why he is so difficult to like and why he has no sense of humour.
  3. I'm reminded of a compelling theory @bemused had about Thorne sneaking back to Castle Black from the ranging Jon had sent him on, hiding there in secret and orchestrating the assassination attempt, with Bowen Marsh and others carrying out his plan. (According to the theory, the plan went wrong on various points, and eventually the conspirators were forced to improvise.) If it were indeed so, it would be even more interesting to watch Thorne as he is realizing the truth about Jon. I totally agree that Thorne's hatred of Jon is rooted in his hatred of Ned and possibly all Starks for the role Ned played in removing the Targaryens from power. (Thorne may well have hated Benjen, too, without being in a position to pick on him.) However, over time, a lot of issues came up that must have made his hatred of Jon quite personal (Jon's attack on Thorne, Jon being the reason why Thorne lost his relatively comfortable position in CB, Thorne assisting Janos Slynt, then Slynt's death, and finally Thorne himself being sent beyond the Wall on ranging, which he wasn't at all happy about). So, yes, quite an interesting internal conflict, and Thorne might also have to admit to himself one day that their enmity would never have got that far if he had known about Jon Snow's real origin.
  4. Interesting topic. I, for one, certainly hope that Thorne will find out who Jon really is, if only to see his reaction to such a revelation. As for phyiscally "recognizing" Jon as a Targaryen descendant... I am not sure Alliser spent enough time close to Rhaegar to remember the more subtle details of his features after all these years. No one who we know was indeed more or less close to Rhaegar seems to recall Thorne. On the one hand, I agree that Jon has obvious and very easily recognizable Stark features. Apparently, he is a Stark through and through. Most of that would not be changed by white hair - but we have been reminded several times that at least the apparent colour of the eyes changes with the colour of the hair. I suppose it does not even have to be the colour of the hair - the colour of the clothes the person is wearing, the natural light of the environment can also probably do some tricks. Now, we know that black has always been Jon's colour, even before he officially took the black, and he has never been away from the Northern climate. It means that suprises in this respect are just possible - I'm not saying something should or will necessarily happen to reveal Jon's "purple" eyes, but the possibility is there. Another thing in the books that I find interesting is that the only person around Jon who definitely knew Rhaegar well enough to remember his looks in detail after so many years is blind. That's, of course, Maester Aemon. And that, again, just makes it possible that besides all the Stark features, there could be something in Jon - not even necessarily in his face, it could be the way he walks, the way he smiles, the way he makes a certain gesture - that could remind people of Rhaegar, provided they knew Rhaegar well and are sufficiently interested in Jon Snow to look at him long enough to notice these features. To continue this totally idle speculation, Jon does have a predisposition to melancholy, just like Rhaegar - but then so does Ned, I guess. Yet another interesting circumstance is that there are no singers in Winterfell, and the boys' education does not include anything remotely artistic - so Jon Snow probably never had the chance to try his talent with a harp or learn to sing (a pastime Ned would probably have never tolerated with regard to Jon Snow anyway). So, yes, much is made of Jon Snow's Stark features, and if he has anything that he has inherited from his biological father, it is carefully hidden. Back to the main point of the thread, Thorne's reaction to this piece of news would be extremely interesting, because we cannot be sure what it might be beyond the obvious surprise. Would his Targaryen loyalty win out over his deep-rooted dislike of the person? Does his Targaryen loyalty still exist at all, after what he considers half a lifetime of unfair punishment for his original loyalty / for not being smart enough to switch sides before it was too late? What does this bitter man think of his youthful self after his years on the Wall - would he voluntarily fight / take personal risks for a Targaryen or for any sort of a king again? Would he see following an LC-turned-king as his own best chance to leave the Wall, and would such hopes be realistic at all, or bound to lead to disappointment?
  5. Could we just simply declare that the winner has won the hosting of the next acrophilia game?
  6. Well done, everyone! Congratulations to AssHat Ahai on a wonderfully played game! Thanks to Fragile Bird for a fun game, the creative ideas and for her great patience as a host! And now I think someone said ??????
  7. And that's actually in Wikipedia... LOL. It depends. When I have time to spend reading for pleasure, I tend to spend whole afternoons and evenings reading - though I couldn't tell how many books I read during a given time period on average. I don't really count my books... However, there are also long periods of time when I hardly have any free time. But I read even then, only then I read for work, not for leisure. I haven't even started, so I would be very grateful for some extra time.
  8. 1) 1 2) 2 3) 7 Just got home from a holiday trip. I'll try to submit an entry before the deadline, but it's night here and I'm tired, so I may need a few extra hours if possible.
  9. Oh, yes, the seasons are mixed up and they don't seem to have names for the months (or do they?) - I wonder how they are able to tell when something happened.
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