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  1. 1) 7 2) 9 3) 3 4) 1 It was indeed hard to choose. Excellent round!
  2. Erkel Ferenc: Hunyadi László - here is a performance on YouTube. (Meghalt a cselszövő... is the choir piece I was thinking of.) My votes: 1) 3. 2) 6 3) 10 4) 8 It was indeed very difficult to choose. Marvellous round! I thought the same. On my way there now...
  3. Yes, that was it for me. I could hear that voice. Also the idea that it was simply a cause for celebration. And, although it's a very different style, I was also reminded of a 19th century Hungarian opera with a plot based on historical events, which includes a choir rejoicing in the death of the "schemer" and hoping for a more peaceful future (which, of course, does not happen).
  4. I have some ideas but I don't like them and I'm still waiting for some inspiration.
  5. Or do we really have to ask Mel for help? I made a very good entry last night only to discover this morning that I had one of the letters wrong.
  6. Ah, so that's why she guesses themes so quickly. Now I understand. That makes a lot of sense. BTW, I definitely vote for Westerosi songwriters. I think giving the host the highest number of points achieved in the round is a good idea, not only because in this way the host has an interest in making the puzzle guessable, but also because it would make the round more exciting for the host than a scenario where the host would automatically get maximum points. In addition, even though I agree that the host should have some freedom designing the round, we may consider limiting the number of maximum points achievable in any given round. We can't predefine a totally fixed maximum score because the number of players submitting clues may vary from one round to another, which means the number of clues could also change, but we could say something like the maximum score should be about three times the number of clues, or it should be around 20 (so, for example, if there are mini themes for points, the main theme might be worth fewer points than in a round without mini themes).
  7. Maybe one game to try out one version and another to try out the other version? I can see the advantages of both versions (as Castellan described above), so I'll be happy to try either one.
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