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  1. Arya running into Rickon and Davos sounds like an exciting turn of events! It is true that Braavos to the North geographically may make more sense travel-wise, though other (Other?) circumstances may make is less possible at a given moment.
  2. It was fun reading through this thread. I may be late to the party, but still... My predictions: 1) Jon will survive. I'm in the camp of simple survival instead of some dubious fire magic by Mel, but who knows... It is likely that he will be out of action for a while though. Yet, he could use that time for some esoteric mental exploration (a bit like Bran's coma dream in AGOT), perhaps he could magically explore the depth of the Winterfell crypts or the Far North or could get in touch with Bran or remember something really ancient. 2) Arya will meet Jeyne Poole in Bravoos and will travel back to Westeros as a result. In some manner, she will be reunited with both LS and Nymeria, and it will be, ultimately, a cathartic experience for her. 3) The Wall - or its magic - will fall, and the Others will get access to Westeros. 4) Sansa will find out the truth about LF. She will have an opportunity to escape from him, but she will decide to stay in the Vale instead because she will not want to leave SweetRobin without a protector. She will also decide to beat LF at his own game. It will take some time, but Sansa is a talented player and will be learning fast. 5) Howland Reed will finally make an appearance and we'll get some new hints concerning some of the secrets he is guarding. Hopes: 1) Shireen, Jojen, Tommen and Myrcella will survive. 2) Jamie (or someone else) will find a way to save Brienne from LS, and, one way or other, something good will happen to that girl finally. (Actually, I'm quite confident that she is going to live yet, but the second part seems unlikely.) 3) Both Jaime and JonCon realize (privately) that there is one last thing that they can do for Rhaegar (as in helping his real child), but it will cause conflicting feelings: Each of them will feel honour-bound to pay their perceived debt to Rhaegar, however, it would mean abandoning their current duties, and how could they possibly do that? They could reach opposing conclusions in the end. 4) The Blackfish will turn up again. Edmure and his family will be freed. 5) LS will find peace at last. Wishful thinking: 1) Val and Jon will be happily united in love. 2) Benjen will return alive and well. 3) The author will get rid of Euron as soon as narratively possible. 4) All mysteries will be explained. 5) The Daynes will actually play an important role.
  3. Happy New Year, everyone! @Jez Bell, thank you for the call! Can I still join?
  4. A Dame of Thrones (Or the life of Margaery Tyrell.)
  5. Paws (The story of what happened on the shore.)
  6. I hope everyone is well - speedy recovery to all who need it! My vote: 1. 6) Hark: Limited, original manuscript! Elegant! Handwritten! 2. 4) Highly limited offering! Maester’s extraordinary hagiography! 3. 1) Details of Valyrian Dudes.
  7. Speaking of a hypthetical scenario, where the Freys do not betray the Starks, and the war ends in peace achieved through negotiations, with all the characters concerned surviving, I'm pretty sure Robb would be ready to marry Arya to the offspring of this loyal ally in accordance with his promise. Even Arya might actually feel honoured to be united with this honourable and brave house, who did so much to help the North during this brief crisis and turned their backs on the Lannisters, bribe and blackmail notwithstanding. In a purely hypothetical scenario.
  8. A fascinating topic. Regarding peaches and summer and winter... Ned is the descendant of the Kings of Winter, and he himself is symbolically a Winter King, whereas Robert is a King of Summer. Robert seems much older than his age would suggest, and he dies at the end of the actual summer - no surprise there. However, Ned also dies before the real winter starts. Now then, it is an interesting thought that Stannis is "the winter storm" or another King of Winter. He rises to kingship after the deaths of the original "Summer and Winter Kings" of the story. Renly, another (young) Summer King figure, also rises to power following Robert's death. Basically, after the deaths of Robert and Ned, we see a new pair of Summer and Winter appear. These two seasons are clearly "brothers". Robert and Ned were symbolic brothers, who loved each other but had their quarrels as well; while Renly and Stannis are actual brothers and antagonists, without much love between them. Renly rises to power before Stannis does - perhaps because Robert dies first, and Stannis, interestingly, only declares himself king after Ned's death, as though both new kings had to wait until the death of their respective antecedents. So, Renly dies, since the new summer is not about to come yet. He is killed by his harsh "winter" brother. Maybe his premature death can be reference to the "year of the false spring", when people thought spring would start but they were disappointed in that hope. That was the year of the Harrenhal Tourney, and Renly's brief reign is characterized by a tournament that Cat describes as a badly timed "summer" event. Stannis, always cold and harsh, truly becomes the new Winter King in the North. His failure in the South may indicate that Winter must win in the North first, and his first victory is against the wildlings, who are indeed the population most exposed to the harshness of winter. Based on the above, the future death of Stannis may either indicate the end of the winter or perhaps he may have to hand his crown over to a more "real" Winter King. It is also interesting to wait for the next "summer king" to appear.
  9. I think the Hound can be excluded. During the scene where he wants to persuade Arya to give him the gift of mercy, he tries to make her enraged enough to kill him by reminding her of how he killed Mycah and what he might have done to Sansa. If he had had a hand in the attempt on Bran's life and the arson in Winterfell, he would surely add this confession to the list in the scene, but he does not. Blount and Trant are certainly very likely suspects as middlemen, though in this case I must conclude that the planning must have been done by the catspaw as likely the most intelligent member of the gang. I really like this theory. Even if it does not get confirmed by GRRM, it is very well built up and plausible (though it would make me hate Mance Ryder). I also like the idea that the burning of the Winterfell Library at a time when rediscovering ancient knowledge would be essential has some further significance beyond being a mere diversion.
  10. Well, he managed to start a civil war and "disorder" in the whole realm as well as discord and disaster in his immediate family. Of course, he shouldn't allow his son "to be taken at will by another great house". But the attack on the Riverlands was not his only option.
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