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  1. The Crannogmens will rule for 1000 years Fine by me
  2. Lyanna was found feverish in her bed of blood. In the books bed of blood means childbirth.
  3. My guess is that this is simple Jon hater case.
  4. But of course! Why a child would ever feel bad about not knowing his mother. Dude I don't even know if you are sarcastic or not!
  5. There is nothing in the books to suggest that. Especially if he was raised in Dorne as a ward along with money that Ned could sent him, his life would had been free of the stigma. By your words, Ned made chose to torment Jon his whole life in order to keep his shame hidden?
  6. That is the exact opposite of what we know from the books. The life of a bastard in Dorne is the best kind of life a bastard can have. There is a reason behind your choice of obscenities?You haven't answered me, if Wylla is Jon's motherly he doesn't know about her?
  7. We might have even more than that. Like, a messenger or a seeress but for their Old Gods who seems to have a special something for and with Jon.
  8. I have and I never read Ned calling Wylla Jon's mother. The only time he does speaks her name is when he is pressured by Robert. If Wylla was Jon's mother there is no logical reason why Jon never heard of her or why Jon was raised away from her.
  9. No. Robert asks the name of Ned's because he doesn't remember what Ned told him once. Ned never said Wylla is Jon's mother.
  10. Ned never said that Wylla was Jon's mother If she was Jon's mother and since she was alive four years after Jon's birth, at least, there is no reason why Ned never told Jon about her. Jon doesn't even know her name and somehow there is no mystery there? Ok.
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