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  1. When was Rhaegar tested as a fighter in a battle? Because as I recall he only participated in one battle and he died. Robert was injured before his battle with Rhaegar and he cleaned off his way to reach him.
  2. The dragons are as evil as the wights and Great Other along with R'hllor are the villains.
  3. Oh I mean the one you had quoted, the one who said that Ramsay should had married Arya. I didn't mean to insult you! Apologies if it seemed like that!
  4. Wishing for anyone to be trapped in an abusive situation like that, has to be one of the worst things I've read in a long time.
  5. No. Rhaegar was a good tourney knight and that's all. Robert was a force of nature.
  6. I think I did. I had Quaithe in my mind Can be seen or is something like a curse or a ghost?
  7. Bang Rogar Marry Orys Kill Borros Stark of old Torrhen Alaric Cregan
  8. I stand corrected. Craster is far worst father to his daughters than his sons.
  9. Sam and Randyll Tyrion and Tywin Ramsay and Roose Theon and Balon But the worst of them all is Craster and ALL of his sons.
  10. Sheen Jared Frey Next: Jordan Patrick Smith
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