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  1. Because she is surrounded by enemies. She has to appear loyal. I think that the visit in the crypts has to do with her GNC alliance
  2. I am not convinced that Lady Dustin is either a Stark or Ned hater.
  3. Damn you autocorrect! I meant to say Roose
  4. Top 5: Ned Wyman Oberon Davos Walder Bottom 5: Jaehaerys Tywin Those Hosted Randyl
  5. I read all of them. If you had tried to prove your point through text they would have been the best thing that happened in those forums lately. But unfortunately they are not. These posts are just a way to prove your way of thought behind your fan fictions. But nothing else no text clues, nothing. Which is a huge let down.
  6. Another Jon hate thread. How original.
  7. Heal House Dayne of Starfall Hurt House Wells House Allyrion of Godsgrace 5 House Blackmont of Blackmont 5 House Briar 5 House Brook 5 House Brownhill 5 House Dalt House Dalt of Lemonwood 5 House Dayne of High Hermitage 5 House Dayne of Starfall 7+ House Drinkwater 5 House Dryland of Hellgate Hall 5 House Fowler of Skyreach 5 House Gargalen of Salt Shore 5 House Holt 5 House Hull 5 House Jordayne of the Tor 5 House Ladybright 6 House Lake 5 House Manwoody of Kingsgrave 5 House Martell of Sunspear 5 House Qorgyle of Sandstone 5 House Santagar of Spottswood 5 House Shell 5 House Toland of Ghost Hill 5 House Uller of the Hellholt 5 House Vaith of Vaith 5 House Wade 5 House Wells 2- House Wyl of Wyl 5 House Yronwood House Yronwood of Yronwood 5
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