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  1. I haven’t seen them to claim that Robert was their enemy. I guess that is because it wasn’t Robert who killed Elia and her children but Tywin. The only man they have moved against. George I tried to be a part of the local society and from what I have read he hadn’t occupied Britain with nukes against villagers with sticks. They created one from seven with Fire and Blood. Once the dragons died they starting losing their reputation and if not for people like Bloodraven they would had lost the Throne long before. I think that fAegon will have supporters because he will appear as the saviour and he will have the Martells to support him. He will have at least some Westerosi support.
  2. I don't remember them hating Robert. They were hating Tywin not Robert. Four houses and not even four of the most powerful are not half the Riverlands, Rickon is still a most valuable heir than Bran who no one knows where he is. They all knew were the Targaryen were for the last 16 years and no one cared. Being basically no one but still a noble House is still better than who exactly for the Targaryens? They never had the choice of not fighting because if they didn’t that would mean that they were committing insubordination and treason. Even lady Dustin said that she had to send help to Robb who didn’t had dragons. People died for Daeron’s vanity, for Daemon’s and Aegon’s ambitions, for Rhaegar’s hormones, for Maegor’s evilness, for Aegon’s depravity, for Aerys’ madness. People all around Westeros died because the Targaryen as a family couldn't put their family's affairs in order. Also people died exactly because Duncan broke his betrothal. The Targaryens are like every foreigner power with a top notch assault weapon system that attack a country with medieval weapons and conquered that country. They place themselves as the despot of the country, create bloodbath and insult everything that the native people keep sacret. Then they drag the country to war because of their vanity, madness and depravity. They never integrate in the Westerosi society, they never wanted to and they never even tried. The result was to alienate themselves from the same people they should have earn for their favour and that is why they ended up losing. If they were loved they wouldn’t’ had declined in power once their dragons died. If they had their loyalty the other houses wouldn’t had answered to the call of their Lords for rebellion.
  3. They had the Reach, they ere extorting the Martells, Crownlands were Targaryen lands and they had Darrys, Goodbrooks, Mootons, and Rygers from Riverlands. Still it isn't half of the realm. If the Targaryens had the loyalty of their people they wouldn't need the Dothraki they would had their loyal people as their army.
  4. The Targaryens had the Tyrells and they were extorting the Martells. How is that half the Realm? Rickon isn't making any plans and yet Wyman helps him. Why? Because the Starks have earned the loyalty of the majority of their people. They might be all that but right now no one actually have come forward. When on the other hand we have Lyanna Mormont, the Wull, Manderley to have proclamed their loyalty .The people didn't have any other choice. While the Targaryens had the dragons they would have committed suicide if they did not answer to the King's call, Harrenhall is a proof of what the dragons do. When it comes to Dorne for example, why the Starks had to die in Dorne? The only reason is because the King ordered them to die for his own vanity. I don’t agree. If one Lord with an army of 10 people fights with another with 30 people army in a very small area the worst case scenario is that 40 people will die in a small area. When the King orders 500 Northmen to go and fight at the South both the casualties will be greater because there are bigger armies and the area that is affected by the war is much greater. Small wars little destruction, Westeros wide war, greater casualties severe destruction.
  5. I only seem to remember just the Martells after the Targaryen could give them something in return. Who else do we see to activelly endanger themselves to help the Targaryens? While I agree with that I believe that you missed my point. Which is really simplistic and yet primordial. The Starks bannermen fight for their restoration, while endangering themselves, because the Starks were loved by their people. On the same time no one fought for the Targaryens because they hadn’t earned the loyalty of their people, they came to Westeros they conquered the land they followed no laws and regulations they kept their own customs one of them was a grave sin even after a huge war and they had alienated themselves. If the Targaryens were beneficial for their people and loved by them they would had their loyalty and their support. Local wars or not Westeros paid the price for the actions of the Targaryens who were never members of their society to begin with, Why did the Targaryens had to attack Dorne? Because they wanted. People from all around Westeros had to die because either the Targaryen were insulting everything that was sacred for the Westerosi or because the Targaryens wanted Dorne or because a Targaryen couldn’t keep a line of succession or because a Targaryen had to legitimise all of his bastards or because a Targaryen couldn’t control his hormones or because a Targaryen gave one son the sword instead of the other and so on and so forth. Can you see the common denominator in all those things?
  6. Dany's cupbearers could be an option but they are from Essos.
  7. Its 20 wars in 283 years, I have counted them, which equals to one war per 14 years and 2 wars per generation. If you think that this is peace and prosperity then ok. I have to agree with that one. However the disdain the Westerosi had for the Targaryens is evident when you see how many have endangered themselves in order to support and restore them, none. Unlike for example the Starks, who are loved by their people and have bannermen who put themselves in danger in order to help them. If the Targaryens were so good for Westeros why no one cared about them? Even the Dornish were going to support them only when they would have some personal gain in order to take their revenge against the Lannisters.
  8. I agree after the Targaryen arrived in Westeros there was nothing but war caused by their own family. That's the reason why no one was loyal to them, other than maybe the extinct Darrys, and they abandoned them in exile. Unlike the Starks, who have loyal bannermen who endanger themselves to restore them. Even the Freys seem to inspire more loyalty than the Targaryens.
  9. Great Houses like Starks, Arryns and Martell were in power for thousands of years. The less than 300 is a very short time. The Targaryens created numerous wars, if not all of them, from feuds in their own family. Both the Greyjoy Rebellion and the War of Five kings were not caused because of a family feud. That said I have to disagree, not even compared to the Baratheons they didn't had a peaceful reign. And the Targaryens were feeding people to their dragons. Even their own family members. How is that any better?
  10. Preston Jacobs is hardly a proof or a theorist for that matter. His theories are baseless and they lack any logical proof from the text. You are right. For less than 300 years Westeros had to suffer from the folly and the cruelty that the Targaryens created.
  11. Peaceful? I have to disagree. For a dynasty that ruled for such a small amount of time they have created more than enough wars. The majority of them were created because of their own mistakes in their family and yet, it was Westeros and the Westerosi who had to pay the price because of the Targaryens thought that they didn’t had to answer to anyone and they had a right to rule because they had blood of the dragon. There were wars before them but not the entire of Westeros had paid the price because of one family.
  12. Considering that Cersei had to do something for Jaime being selected I think that a knight should apply for the job and then when he got the job he couldn’t deny.
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