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  1. Marry: Missy, I love the Blackwoods Bang: Jeyne Kill: Naerys Next the Princess of Dorne: Elia Nymeria Alliandra
  2. Jon and Val Oberyn and Ellaria Ned and Ashara Daemon and Rhaenyra Brandon and Barbrey
  3. To be fair he chose to elope with a girl and abandon his wife and kids while he knew that his father was a madman. He doesn't seem to be much of a planner. Wasn't Rhaegar also part of the conspiracy to overthrown Aerys?
  4. As others said before me he was wearing many layers of clothes and it was short blades. His most serious wound is the one on the neck since the others between the shoulder blades and in the belly are in more protected areas of the body. And never forget what Aemon said *Fire consumes, but cold preserves…*.
  5. What they said. We get that, you think that the Starks are the worst characters. Enough with the hate already.
  6. Eva Green for me is Ashara. Always. Or Black Aly Next: Tom Sturridge
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