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  1. That Tyrion is a sort of Targaryen Sphinx? I'm not so sure about wights unless I am lost (again) in the idea that there are specific Targ wights along the lines of the Red Priests' resurrections? I vacillate between Targaryans being of the R'hllor ilk and their own special brand of fire wightish. While Martin's genetic ideas are all over the place I do think the bottom line is there are humans who are bent to certain elemental persuasions complete with magical abilities. Along the lines of comic book characters if you will. Rhaella had many many miscarriages, still births and very early deaths among the many children she mothered. Seems to me Maegor had a similar problem without proving himself quite so fertile as Aerys. I personally like the idea of Tyrion being an actual sphinx baby with all the chimerical traits he's got. It's been a very long time, nearly a century and a half, since the last Targ sphinx baby I know of was born.
  2. Well pale sure indicates our boy has been dead for a minute, but the strip could be from an existing wound so we can't be sure what that's about. There may be something to how cold it is at different locations north of the Wall. The Wall weeps which seems to indicate it's warmer than usual, but it's still a giant frozen wall of ice. Not sure where relativity even is here.
  3. Visenya & Aegon were married a very long time for her have never become pregnant. At least we don't know she became pregnant, but we do know she spent some serious spell time before she became pregnant with her bouncing baby boy.
  4. Or is it a sort of reverse skin changing? Though Drogo and the dragon eggs are pretty complacent before Drogo's death it was Dany who ended his life and brought the eggs to hatch. The act was no doubt a blood sacrifice but the whole thing rather reminds me of Bran and Hodor--stronger will over weaker will?
  5. Because I always have to work hard when trying to keep up with you...I like survival stories. Bodies frozen in very cold places, like maybe north of the Wall have been found after 30 and 40 years in near pristine condition. Seems they just freeze up like in ice cubes. Since we are going back a few thousand years for the wights not to rot away, I'm thinking dinosaurs or mammoths have been found encapsulated in ice. Not sure of the condition or how human decay actually works, but if flesh dies in freezing or below freezing temperature it seems to me it could just hang in stasis forever if undisturbed. Just a thought.
  6. Well I sure meant to snip and snip but didn't get very far due to those neurons flitting about now. Thanks for that! I can dream up a comment for each line, but will try to restrain my verbosity and excitement. Just some footnotes and musings for your ponderance. A look at historical Targs with an eye to possibly enchanted Targs is a fascinating prospect. When you get around to composing some more wonderful tin foil I hope you will consider that the Dance of The Dragons is possibly the last we see of the magical fire Targs. To go completely full circle with you, I submit that those sphinx babies may be some tell on who your historical fire wights could be. Just a thought, but your Maegor sure fits into it. Is the Sphinx the riddle or the answer? When I try to think rationally about the dead and nearly dead, rationale seems to stand behind me where I can't really see it anymore. With Moqorro and others I try to hold it in front of me. A real honest to goodness human being couldn't survive some of these spectacular deaths. No one could survive underwater for 3 days or a blazing pyre. No human being has lived to several hundred years or survived 7 deaths including hanging and arrows in eyes. It's not humanly possible. This is where I have to bend to magical being. There is something they are born with (Dany?), learn (Melisandre) or acquire at the point of or shortly into death (Davos, Beric). I think in some way out ways Patchface resembles Lady Stoneheart. I know you love some sweet beats so I will ask if you have noticed if Patchface has improved at all though out the book? It's really interesting that LSH gets better. It's flat out weird, really. Are you thinking the Drowned god is a bad guy? Want to add Jon to both dead Starks in the Crypts and Counterfiet Kings for his portrayal as a ghost to frighten the smaller kids. What does that if anything at all, have to say about Jon? Great topic, Brother.
  7. What happened to Dany in Drogo's pyre exactly. When you take a closer look possible death is apparent for several characters.
  8. Gads @hiemal, this is a great discussion. I'm on break from work now and will get to some expansion for you. I want to throw Bloodraven & Melissandre in for your consideration. Yes, I've already googled if mushrooms can grow on living skin. They cannot. Some can grow on dead skin though!. Back later to see what's going on.
  9. Why do you think they think Aegon is a lie? Sure, I think there are some who suspect nonsense afoot among the GC. But there cannot be that many. This is a conspiracy to take the real power the company has hungered for for a very long time. Those who are in the know aren't likely to spread the word if they believe Aegon is not Rhaegar's son. I just hope they jump ship before the dragons come and every one learns Aegon's truth.
  10. All fair enough...this is not the thread for a fight about any one or any thing in particular. We don't have to agree but we really do have to stay on topic. I love Jon and Robb and Arya due in no small part because I can see their flaws. We are given greater insight to them, after all. Hell Man, part of me stands in awe of Tywin, but I do not love him or want to fight about him. Reach down deep and just add Walder Frey's absurd ego to the list of worst things. Or Tywin's even. I get where betrayal is a worst thing, my good man.
  11. I blame Cat for starting the war though I know it was Littlefinger, for all that's worth.
  12. The page folds again. Nice nice nice nice inclusion of smaller worst actions that have unimaginable effects. I am curious as to why Jamie Lannister didn't make your list of oathbreakers? Bowen Marsh? Daeron himself? Walder Frey? Was he right to go all in with the Red Wedding? Did Robb's betrayal justify that? Betrayal is that dark place in a person's heart the betrayer may not actually see as though they are blinded by a higher good. Though I understand the motives for Jon and Robb's actions--even Arya's--I can definitely zero in on Robb making an incredibly costly mistake in not honoring his bond to the Freys. Terrible move, Robb. I am hoping that part of Arya's adventures with the Faceless Men is to correct her whole I AM JUSTICE persona. They do it for money and no other reason. The many faced god does not judge. Perhaps she isn't too far gone and will be able to see the lesson of training with assassins. Jon doesn't get a pass in this. I just understand his disposition a little better is all. Doesn't make either of us right. Thank you for adding Robb and Arya's actions to the worst things list.
  13. Blackfyre symbolizes a great deal. It is the Targaryen sword of Kings which was some of what gave Daemon Blackfyre his street cred. Of course, his father didn't know worthy from a hole in the ground. The GC is compiled of second and third generation Blackfyre exiles. It is only recently and seemingly in Westeros that Blackfyre is considered a symbol of rebellion or pretender and I'm not sure how many Westerosi believe it. The sword itself would lend credence to Aegon's story and the GC could claim they've held it in preparation for the king to come. The point of the Blackfyre Rebellion, the events that forever changed many members of the GC and their children's lives, was to place a bastard on the Iron Throne. They believe this in their veins. They could also use every shred of "evidence" or proof of their cause they can either get their hands on or manufacture. It's all a game really.
  14. No war isn't the worst. That's what I'm toying with here. Not to detract from the horror of war or those who believe quantity = worst. It's not a bad way to take an overall view of events. War is the collective of all these smaller acts of cruelty and time and effort. If you will, I would go back to 2 of the smaller atrocities mentioned before, the rape of the girl at the Crossroads and Septon Utt. The individual victims are forever changed...perhaps into a Pretty Maris or Cersei Lannister. What good could possibly come from any of these events? What good could possibly come from the annihilation of Astapor or the Saltpans? What will become of all these broken men and orphaned children? Is cruel peace worth the cost? I would like to come up with a worst thing in this story, but I can't. Your Bloody Mummers are usually pretty high on my list of awful, but so is Lady Stoneheart. The worst is a moving target. Thank you for your comments and sharing your thoughts on the worst here. It's nice to know I'm reading all this heartbreaking soul sucking misery with clear headed folks.
  15. Thank you for adding the Red Wedding. I wondered why no one mentioned that. You've added those horrible pages we met Mirri Mas Dur in. Definitely a fine listing of worst things. Would you add the Faceless Men and their weird church of death in here anywhere?
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