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  1. Curled Finger

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    You make some fine points here, @Mooncalf. The Greyjoys and Martells are sort of latecomers to the party, but do bring some necessary and illuminating intelligence to the story overall and the realm in fracture. It's not that either family necessarily wants to rule the 7 Kingdoms but their own little parts of the land. Martells want vengeance and the Greyjoys want to be independent. Asha doesn't want independence but to join the realm at large and make her people citizens of the realm with all the rights and privileges the other kingdoms seem to have. I've studied the Iron Islands a bit. In large they have very limited resources and little to offer. That doesn't mean they aren't without any value--their iron workers and ore are considered among the best known. Asha understands her people are reaching insustainability. Theon wasn't raised Ironborn and has little real understanding of the culture or people. He's actually much closer to what the Ironborn need in being raised Northern. None of that was to cast any shade on your post, only to explain my understanding of Asha. I'm with you on the future Aeron chapters and raise you Victarion--these Greyjoys promise to be very exciting players!
  2. Curled Finger

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    There is so much tinfoil I could wrap Theon in, but let's say I agree with @aryagonnakill#2 that Theon and Bran play large in each other's stories. Asha is another cheated heir, but she was Balon's heir and despite losing the Kingsmoot she still has a loyal group of influential people backing her. Euron is mad. Not all the Ironborn are going to get behind that. Who? How about Nuncle Roderick? Theon and Asha are peppered with possibility. There were all those pages of Theon and the captain's daughter. I believe there is a little Theon out there somewhere. I never got the vibe that Asha was pregnant, but what if she is? It does not diminish her badassery. Don't underestimate Asha, she knows what she's doing. The Glover woman even spoke for her to Stannis. Come on now, you have to ask what that is all about? Asha already stated that she wants peace with the North. She's a progressive who wants to change the lives of her people. No different from Jon or Dany. All Westeros and the portions of Essos I've read need change--scream for change. At some point these diverse people need to work together, simple as it seems. Theon will not rule, but he is the avenue by which Euron will be overthrown, likely to allow Asha to rule. Her bravery and ability to amass loyalty will allow the Ironborn to become team players and develop a new culture. Merchants instead of reavers. Soldiers instead of pirates. Truly a people of the realm. If any of them live at all. For my money Aeron gives the reader the very best insight into the Drowned God and Victarion is the vehicle we will see both R'hllor and TDG work. Unlikely, but I hope Vic actually gains some favor with the gods that will help defeat Euron.
  3. Curled Finger

    Green Dreaming of an Underground River

    @Faera--you're an old hat at this now. You already know most of what I think. It bugs me that Jojen sits at the mouth of the cave and yah, i really do wonder what he's waiting for. Odd place to hang out, you know? As you know, I've looked at the 3 possible rivers an underground river could connect to. We've got the Milkwater, which is my best guess for a real way out, but also the Antler which will take them round about over by Hardhome and that unnamed river that leads right up to the Lands of Always Winter. Have you got a guess or is this way off base? When considering a river, well any subterranean travel, you have to consider mode of transport. Sure they can walk or float on a raft or something, but what light is there? What of Gorne's children? As I understand your OP, Jojen could in fact have regained his power to prognosticate. Should we expect it to remain intact so long as they are underground or south of the Wall? Hey @Nevets! If I remember correctly the Milkwater does go through the Bridge of Skulls. Grab a map and take a look at the options as I would be very interested in your musings on all 3 routes of evacuation.
  4. Curled Finger

    Green Dreaming of an Underground River

    Ah very very nice, @Faera! I even tried to quote pieces of the OP but somehow lost my way in this brave new forum look. So I will try to do your lovely OP some justice in my comments and questions as this is quite a question, isn't it? Let's get to the point that really turned me on. That bit about there possibly being COTF in the ways beneath the cave. BRILLIANT! I'm asking myself why I've always assumed the Crannogmen are the only people the Singers would have interbred with. As you illustrated so well, Leaf tells us explicitly on no uncertain terms what happens to the COTF. For a mostly non-symbolic kinda guy I can't even begin to wonder why we've never taken the words literally? Good grief that's fabulous. The entire OP was ripe with possibility. As you are aware, I have given some thought to the kids' departure from the cave and am with you 100% with an underground exit. I haven't made up my mind if it will be by water or land, but it will be subterranean. What say you? Getting Bran physically out of the cave may be a temporary problem, though I have no doubt it is possible. At the risk of bringing medium other than books up--any cataclysm could drop the floor of the cave or open hidden passages. In any event, Hodor is remarkably strong and can haul any of his companions in a sort of dumb waiter type vehicle. There are options aplenty for getting the company out in tact. Who knows? There may well be a door... Faera, I could and have gone on for days about this and I absolutely love everything you've put forth so well in this topic. Well done!
  5. Curled Finger

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    Fun! I like this and have already been exposed to new ideas. I will venture a few guesses... Obara will join forces with Darkstar. In that there propably won't be new POVs, my guy Aero Hotah is likely to survive this and maybe join with them (hoping). They go off fighting together. Only question is which direction--Stormlands or Reach? I'm voting Stormlands. Sarella is a very likely ally for Sam. However, exposing an FM should be a big deal particularly if the dynamic duo abscond with whatever it is that "Pate" is after. I'm predicting boat travel will be impossible at that point and they have to ease on down a road, but where? Nym will have to cool her jets and be smarter in KL than she was in Dorne. She will be in an excellent position to gather intel and even sew some dissent. It's really too bad we won't get to read her thoughts because this character could be turned into something very very cool. Tyene is said to be so deceptively pretty and innocent looking. In truth, she actually may be the snake with a heart. She is the only family member who clues us in that Darkstar is innocent of whatever crime he was accused of during the family meeting. I'm thinking she seduces the High Sparrow or is at least taken into his confidence. Have to throw in with all thoughts above regarding Elia. It really sort of has to go that way, doesn't it?
  6. Well, welcome @Viilu79--hell of a conversation to get things going. But I like a good book chat and ideas. I've been studying the 1st Long Night myself lately and something caused it. I'm leaning toward the COTF having a hand in the lousy never ending winter, but I'm not convinced they have anything at all to do with the Others. I guess the Others could be transformed or mutated humans, but there is nothing to base that on. We are told repeatedly that the Others bring the cold, so I think they have a hand in the hard winter that was the Long Night, but I haven't figured it out. We have plenty of cataclysms: Hardhome, The Doom, the Breaking of the Arm of Dorne, the Ghost Grass and the flooding of the Neck, to name a few. If you look at the map of Essos you can clearly see serious terrain damage all over the place. We've already got the Dayne's claim that the 1st one followed a falling star to Starfall and he built his castle of the material of the fallen star. And his sword, too. So we know something fell on Planetos at least once. That oily black stone is another thing that seems to have fallen out of the sky, at least where the 5 forts are. We have satellites and all sorts of space junk fall to our planet all the time. There is no reason a comet or asteroid or moon or star or even another planet didn't crash into Planetos. You seem to like Youtube. I enjoy listening to theories. An American Thinks has a nice 2 part idea about the Gods Eye being a giant crater and I like it. He throws in some real world comparisons. I reckon our red comet is a thing in here somewhere. It seems to come around, at least Rhaegar claimed he saw it on the night Aegon was conceived. Now Dany sees it right before her dragons hatch. Coincidence? You can't really discount anything that may have happened in ancient time or the Dawn Age. Records were not kept, but the oral traditions and lore have been passed down for at least 10,000 years if the stories from Yiti and Dorne have any truth at all. The timeline is impossible, with Valyria being established as far back as the Long Night and Ironborn and Old Town just always having been there. The COTF are credited or took credit for causing catastrophes. Magic exists. Dragons fly and greenseers see through time and black candles are burning. This red comet means different things to many characters, dragons, kings--this thing has been around more than twice to Westeros. You could be on to something here. Or not, but it's still fun to toss around. Good choice, Man.
  7. Curled Finger

    What if Brandon Stark (Ned's Brother) had a bastard?

    A known bastard...hrm...well, if the bastard was legitimized there would be no place for Ned or Cat. However, I'm not so sure the rules in the south apply so much in the North, where a bastard can actually can rise high. Ned was beloved by most of the lords of the North. But Ned was still a younger brother and I'm fairly certain a known bastard of Brandon's would come before Ned. Now that you open up this can of worms, where would Ned have gone if there was a known bastard after said boy child came of age and took the rule of Winterfell? Do you have to be legitimized to be a Warden? Cat wouldn't want any child of any Stark around who might disrupt her kids' claims. She would be lousy to the child.
  8. Curled Finger

    Second siege of Meereen

    @KingLordPresidentMaster, it's not a stupid question at all. I'm sort of wondering how the dragons will react to a herd of elephants--big creatures their own selves. It's been a minute since I read the Tyrion and Vic chapters from TWOW, but I do recall command of some of the forces being confused and a short man with a long shadow right in the midst of it all. I would expect Tyrion will know how to further confuse things and somehow untangle this mess.
  9. Curled Finger

    Weird dragon logistics

    This is pretty good detail teasing @Lord Varys. I wondered about big dragons on ships too and assumed they flew with the ships. We don't know much about the bond between dragon and rider, nor how that bond is really forged. I get the egg in the cradle. That actually makes some sense. It is the larger, older dragons who seem to sort of choose their riders. Maegor waited for Balerion? Really? I suspect there is some sorcery involved in this sort of bonding. Maybe that horn of Euron's will work? You can't just decide you will ride Balerion. Particularly when you never bonded another dragon. It's unlikely. There is more to it.
  10. Curled Finger

    What will happen to Gilly Craster and Aemon Rayder-Steelsong

    Isn't it possible GRRM is referring to both boys in this? They do share identity and they are milk brothers.
  11. Curled Finger

    What will happen to Gilly Craster and Aemon Rayder-Steelsong

    It is soooooooo good to see you! I see your point here. Man, it's still sad. It is the best explanation I've read yet.
  12. Wait a minute. Truth is listed in the Westerosi inventories. Why isn't it in Westeros?
  13. Interesting read, @hiemal. I'm not good with symbolism or riddles and Patchface utterly stumps me. The GOHH however, is easier to grasp once I settled in to the possibility she may be a COTF. Mushroom. Hrm. He's so absurdly outlandish--it's hard to believe him though I suspect there is some truth in all his mad assertions. He seems to enjoy being squarely in the middle of things and I reckon he is more of a disturbing force, playing factions against each other for whatever joy it brings him. Dontos was made a fool, only a drunkard knight before. It makes me wonder what the point of saving his life was if only to have Little Finger end it. I guess the necklace and escape plan were a big deal, but it could not have been the only way to spirit Sansa away or kill Joffrey. It seems you're right on with your choices all being outsiders on the inside. Mostly the fools are annoying. They don't seem to be funny and I guess I just don't grasp the motive behind a grotesquerie or putting the simple minded on display. Perhaps it's a widely used ploy? Still Patchface is the strangest of them all. He's got to mean something even if his prophecy is hard to understand?
  14. Curled Finger

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    It was better when he was going to shut everyone up by not posting anything ever again. This is not exciting to me. I like this show, but I doubt I will spend any time at all on a spin off. Who cares? Really? I'm really glad GRRM is happy about stuff going his way. Maybe he's just too busy to write ASOIAF these days? Still, it might be fun to ID that Dairy Queen!
  15. Curled Finger

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    How did i miss all this fun? I will throw in. Back before I read the books I happened to find myself behind a car covered in ASOIAFisms Winter Is Coming, Cercei/Qyburn 2016, A Lannister always pays his debts, A man who reads...I heard some co workers discussing the show and heard Winter is Coming from them once and asked. I've since ended up behind more Winter is Coming stickers and a strange lot of young men with half red/half white hair. A young man I know is a machinist. He needed a tool at work and when no one admitted to having the tool he called the group a bunch of Lannisters. The guy at Target wears a red I demand Trial by Combat shirt at the register. A customer was building something on Bolton Road in Los Angeles and all I could do was answer "Our Blades are Sharp", appropriately I think.