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  1. Curled Finger

    Who is the 3EC?

    Ha! Like our friend @The Fattest Leech, I had never participated in forum discussions. I ended up here via the Wiki because I confused Cersei's friend Melora with the Mad Maid, Malora or whatever. As I was listening (and I was told to pay attention), I made this awesome connection which turned out to be so wrong. But I did find this place and despite the frustration with a few things it's a very good place. There is so much I was unable to nuance myself but learned with much reading and participation in the conversations here. I would have never put Brynden Rivers together as 3EC. How could I? He is barely mentioned in the main series. It made much more sense when I read the D&E novellas, which are delightful even now after multiple listens. Still, I would not have made the connections without the many many arguments and discussions between finer detectives than myself. I'm good with BR = 3EC. I'm good with Bran = 3EC. It only seems to really matter here. Though I loathed the the thought of ASOIAF being a frickin sci fi time travel reality flipped story even that became palatable after exposure to the reasons why concepts works. This story demands a community to figure it out.
  2. Curled Finger

    For the record... and posterity!

    Cream of Jojen?
  3. Curled Finger

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    The authorship of the Pink Letter really is one of my favorite arguments. Team Ramsay, because we are so proud he can write at all. There are some great arguments on all --gads, got to be up to 7 -- sides. The truth is Ramsay is a jackass. The letter falls right in line with his propensity for jackassery. The letter is ranting and raving and threats. There is no subtlety that Mance or Stannis or Mel or Marsh Bowen might have employed. Ramsay's cracks are showing in the letter. Poor Jon.
  4. Curled Finger

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Sorry Man, was just a timely Pixar Toy Story nod.
  5. Curled Finger

    A middle lane view of Rhaegar and Elia

    It is implied if not outright stated that Elia and Rhaegar were friendly toward each other. It was an arranged marriage. We have Zero indication that he was unfaithful to her or she to him. Even Ned doesn't believe Rhaegar would hire prostitutes. Rhaegar does not seem to be a sexually motivated person, nor a bad husband. Marriage between Lyanna and Rhaegar is a show only thing. That's not canon nor is it clear from the text what the ultimate disposition of the relationship between Lyanna and Rhaegar was upon their deaths. We know Aerys wanted Elia and the babies hostages to Dorne's support during Robert's Rebellion. We are told an awful lot about what a dirt bag Aerys was. But Aerys wasn't always a mean nasty insane person. He had ideas that may have been beneficial for the realm. We know Rickard was taken prisoner and Brandon after him and calling Rhaegar out at the gates. Aerys was fully aware of the conspiracies between the rebelling houses. The laws of inheritance seem designed to fit whomever is deciding who is heir in the 7 Kingdoms. Even a bastard of Rhaegar's would have a better claim over another child. In my part of the kingdom, at any rate. Rhaegar and Lyanna don't have to be married for Jon to be a prince or attain legitimization. Though I like the sweet idea that his parents were married and my favorite bastard is a secret true born prince the story does not demand this. There are much harder things to do than for a bastard to be legitimized or to "rise" high. The deal between Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna isn't really that complicated. He fathered children and he died. He may have even died disinherited. Plenty of room to argue about that. The Targaryans lost the throne. Dorne has their own throne. The Starks don't even want a throne. Jon doesn't have to be the heir to anything to play his part in the story.
  6. Curled Finger

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Negative, Hightower.
  7. Curled Finger

    Brienne the Beauty: An Unforeseen Queen?

    I popped in expecting just silliness. This is pretty good stuff to thing about, @Vaith One thing I've learned is that those idiots in Westeros are always attempting to fit square pegs into round holes. Brienne is no more odd fit than say Jaehaerys I or Cersei. Lots of reasons how they came to power and lots of ways they could not have risen to the top. Fate seems to drive so many successes. I throw Brienne in the same category as Jon or Sansa. They are unlikely on the surface, for many reasons. But at least with Jon, there is something just innately good in Brienne--something simply right with her. Will fate drive her to the top as queen over LC of King/Queens Guard? Nay I think not, but she will be integral in changing a good many things and people during her adventure. However, Brienne's sense of justice would serve the entire world, not just Westeros, very well. She's good and I hope she finds the social/political power to play all her cards. As you point out, Brienne actually has a lot going for her that is often over looked. She is connected to the throne through blood twice, she is the heir to Tarth, she has been taught and trained.
  8. Curled Finger

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    It's long been my thinking that the Others are an enemy of both humanity and fire. Enemy of fire being operand here. It took the great magic of fire (dragons) to unify the kingdoms of Westeros under an oppressive feudal system. Granted, Westeros was already headed in that direction prior to the conquest and Harren the Black appeared to be doing exactly what Aegon did. Running the entire show. Without really understanding what the Others are up to it isn't that far out to say perhaps the annihilation of humanity serves their purpose which may well be related to control of the planet in cold darkness. This would be good for them from all i've read. With this in mind, fire is probably an enemy of humanity, too. Any element in dominion is not conducive happy humans. Death in ice or slavery in fire are both pretty lousy options for humanity. I reckon that's why a balance needs to be struck between the elements for the good of humanity.
  9. Curled Finger

    For the record... and posterity!

    I recently read some persuasive arguments indicating that Olyvar Frey was packed off to his mom's family. I like this. It's another house to join the forces in rebellion against the Freys and Lannisters. I wouldn't normally go for an idea like this, but the Freys are not known for their loyalty to each other and Olyvar was very loyal to Robb. There is a reason he was sent away prior to the Red Wedding. Don't count this boy out yet. Reynald Westerling is another matter. I can't find anyone to match his description, but he does seem to the the oldest of the missing. I'm guessing he's around 18 or 19. He's an excellent candidate for joining or being rescued by the BwB, but I was looking for him on the Quiet Isle. I get a definite Blackfish vibe from Westerling--protect the queen and all that-- Not enough on this yet and the North may be precisely where he went given his loyalty to Robb. I just get the feeling there is a whole lot more going on at the QI than healing. Too many moving parts missing from this story. They, along with Ned's bones, Valyrian Steel swords and all the crowns are somewhere.
  10. Curled Finger

    Inspiration behind the Planetos map

    I've been hanging around this joint for a long time. Quit apologizing if anything has been discussed. Posters come and go and there are new readers every day. And people such as myself who have ever changing ideas about things. Talk about what you want. There is some great old stuff, but I tend to learn more in the give and take of conversation, not reading the conversations of earlier posters. There. I vented. Sorry. I recently read or heard an interview with Martin wherein he tells the story how he got wrangled into The Lands of Ice and Fire. It did not sound as though the landscape is actually based upon anything real. I think the story is based in history which may be where X Kingdom = X real life country. The culture I was most fascinated with was the Wildlings. How the hell did they stay north of the Wall--or is that even a misconception? So I posted to talk about it. More than one reply directed me to read up on the Picts of Scotland, I believe. OK yah, I can see where the idea of Wildlings may have stemmed from the Picts, but I'm not satisfied that this is all there is to the Free Folk's story. Back to that interview. I'm paraphrasing, but am sure of the general gist. The publishers wanted a map collection. He agreed to work with artists or cartographers. Then he was told there wasn't enough of anything in the ASOIAF world so he began adding places from his imagination and other fantasy works as tributes to the authors. Sounds to me like a good lot of the places in ASOIAF, particularly way east Essos, are just filler around Asshai. The legends grew out of necessity and I think the entire thing is brilliant. What a testament to Martin's talent. Fitting the kingdoms of Westeros into real world Europe is fun, but may be an incomplete experience. The Wildlings are not The Picts but may have sprung from that curious history. It's a better story if you let your imagination start in history then let it run wild.
  11. Introduction of the Faceless Men in F&B really does make you look askance at more than 1 historical death. I'm giving all the sudden and convenient deaths to them!
  12. Curled Finger

    For the record... and posterity!

    Yah, all 3 missing boys or young men are really interesting, though I do have a particular interest in Frey and Westerling. This was a really fun idea for a topic, @kissdbyfire. If you do another we could go through all the missing and multiple identity people! Lots of good replies here. Well done!
  13. Curled Finger

    Great Houses - Valyrian Steel Sword Names?

    That's great and explains exactly why i couldn't find great sword--it's 1 word. Good point on Lamentation. Still wish I knew why or how it was listed this way in my own notes. Thanks a million.
  14. I wonder if the maesters, hundreds of years later or even record keepers at the time of the conquest put their own slant on Orys? Maybe it was a widely known thing, but distasteful to give a bastard any real recognition? Marginalize Orys because that's what they did? Maybe they tried to cover it up entirely but some gossip starved scribe put it together later? Just for fun. Now that really is a good point about Visenya being heir to Dragonstone. That makes me want to do a reread and little is more boring than rereading the conquest at this point. Let me leave you with a point on this 1 and my own pin to see if I can discern a different meaning. It's an eye opener and there is a dark place in my heart that hopes it's wrong. I sort of want the Valyrians to be very special on all fronts. Aegon was an enigma. For a guy who conquered the 7 Kingdoms he didn't seem to throw his crazy weight around. The loss of position some of the kings received--really all the rewards and punishments that I can recall--seemed fair and just. It's hard to read Aegon and wonder what the hell he was thinking? And why! The conquest of Westeros really was an extraordinary feat...particularly without a real invasion. After all, there were only 3 Valyrian houses in residence. Chaos went to Aenys and Maegor's rules. Aenys managed to lose so much ground his dad and aunt gained--he seemed to have 0 political acumen. "He was a nice guy" does not make a great footnote...but I think he integrated as well as he could. I mean, it's not like anyone actually liked the Targs at this point. Everything was a test and Aenys managed to fail pretty well at all of them. Maegor (ick) if nothing else he crushed the Faith Militant. His machinations seemed to really bring the Hightowers to the surface--just my take on it--but by eliminating the FM the Targ power base was strengthened. I think the FM would have roused the realm given enough time, as they certainly had backing. Crazy mean paved the way for calmer more rational rulers like Jaehaerys and Alysanne. For all the potential credit I give to the Targs for unity and integration, don't be fooled for a minute about the innate stupidity of the Westerosi nobility. They were willing to go to great lengths to grab power for themselves. After reading Maegor, it is no real surprise the Faith finds its resurgence under a dumbass 1st Men/Andal queen regent. Dang it, we've gone way off topic. Sorry, reeling it all back in. Thanks for the good conversation.
  15. Curled Finger

    For the record... and posterity!

    Hiya Faera! I've only ever seen 1 poster rage on about Rhaego. I honestly didn't even realize it was a thing. Personally, I want Ashara's baby's pop to be Selmy, but that won't happen. Yah try reading his recollections with that bit in mind! Pretty much agree on nearly all...but I want to add Olyvar Frey and Reynald Westerling to the list of missing. Those guys are really interesting. Really nice additions to our lovely host's list.