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  1. What Melisandre is should come into play as the Others and their cold wights get closer. Her magic will likely be front and center as she is nothing if not completely set up to be the miracle worker with Jon. We've seen time and time again that R'hllor demands sacrifice and Mel is a true believer. It's interesting we discuss so often why the Others are coming around now. Jon's birth, Dany's Birth, the fall of the Targs--the possibilities are endless. Mel strikes me as the antithesis to the Others which explains (to me) her zealotry and magic. She's going to figure largely in TWOW and it's sure to be fascinating.
  2. Curled Finger

    Who will narrate Winds of Winter?

    Ian Glen would be excellent, though I just heard Simon Vance read Brent Weeks Lightbringer series and he was fabulous. Vance read Fire and Blood. I wouldn't mind a cast of readers including at least 1 woman to read the female voices. Dotrice was great. I hope they make the very best tributes to his talent in the next books by giving the myriad voices to several readers.
  3. Curled Finger

    Good news? Bad news?

    Worldcon is only days away. Maybe he will read something no one has heard before. He does plenty he says he won't. He's human. I reread that post again today. As bitterly disappointing as GOT was it's possible he feels the same as the so many of us do. Perhaps he knew the train wreck was coming and he's been working to give ASOIAF fans a really satisfying next part. So many pieces of this story are up for TV exploitation. I won't fall for that again, but I have to believe he cares about the story and the characters enough to try to get in front of HBO. It's doubtful that book sales even matter to him anymore. He's made tons, so it's got to be about the story now. Jon and Dany and Westeros, not more way back history. Not in the next step at any rate.
  4. Curled Finger

    Should GRRM have cut the Qaarth story in ACOK?

    It took a very long time for me to appreciate Dany's adventures and I understand disinterest in Qaarth, Astapor--all of it. Dany's Qaarth chapters have since become something of a harbinger of all the trials and triumphs facing our dragon queen. The warlocks and shade of the evening continue to appear even in TWOW, so there is something you need to pay attention to in Qaarth. In retrospect Qaarth sets the table for Dany's entire conquest of the world. I admit I'm not a prophecy lover, but nearly every one else in the fandom places a great deal of importance on the visions at the House of the Undying. I wonder if Dany would have had the foresight to deal with the slavers in Astapor had she not encountered the decisive betrayals she overcame in Qaarth. So no, OP, the Qaarth chapters should not have been cut.
  5. Curled Finger

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Whoresbane Umber hands down.
  6. I don't think the term fire wight or fire walker is used in the books. I thought that was a statement made about Jon in the show? At any rate, the dead revived by fire seem to die pretty much like everyone else. We can expect LSH to be shot between the eyes, or hanged (owwww), or run through with a lance and drop dead forthwith. Kinda like those dead who never die Iron Born who drop dead all the time, baptized or not.
  7. Curled Finger

    Who will know about Jon Snow at the end?

    As I read the OP, the question is who would know about Jon's parentage before Jon makes this known. Heck yah, Howland Reed certainly knows, but I doubt he's told a soul. So that leaves the unknown number of unmentioned people at the TOJ when Lyanna gave birth. A midwife, a wetnurse, a maester perhaps? I imagine Bloodraven might have a clue. Maybe not, but he could know if he wanted to know. If Lyanna & Rhaegar's relationship was documented in the White Book (there were 3 Kingsguard at the TOJ, for crying out loud) or Citadel, a number of people have access to the knowledge. This is a secret not many have access to. But more than just Howland Reed.
  8. Curled Finger

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    Actually, Ser, it sounds like you have thought it out. Sure, why not? No one has the 1st clue where Benjen is nor his fate. Your guess is as good as any. The God's Eye is sure to be important as the story finishes if for no other reason than it seems to be the central bank of weirwoods. That's got to be something. In another topic I was musing about the similarity between Bloodraven and Benjen strictly as great rangers who disappeared. Benjen being a Stark is something as is his disappearance. He may have left the package for Ghost to find which indicates a relationship with the COTF. Whomever left it knew dragonglass would be needed right there right then. We know the COTF are tied to BR and the tree dude himself tells Bran he watched the Starks back to Rickard. Surely he saw and watched Benjen as closely. I'll go with you on this trip. So instead of returning north maybe Benjen is on the Quiet Isle? It's close enough, certainly closer than the Neck is. That's just another alternative, the fun with Benjen is we know nothing so speculation is all we've got. Just because Benjen is a Stark doesn't mean he's got to be in the North. Good on you for offering up a new idea, Man.
  9. Curled Finger

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    I really really dug little Viserys Targaryen. What a badass standing up to everyone and holding the fort against them all in Maegor's holdfast? Shadoq the Shadow! Calling everyone out on the carpet effectively cleaning house on the small council in charge. He was a really cool little guy. Honestly I was getting tired of going over the same old tired material. I'm with you, @Sir Jackson--F&B really gave me some great new things to consider. I think we needed it just for clarity if nothing else. Martin is a brilliant writer and this is his element. Viserys was probably my favorite character, but there were many excellent new characters all named previously. It was great to see the rulers and people. Alysanne and Jaehaerys spring to mind, particularly Jaehaerys with his children. I've always really enjoyed TPATQ and the extra material was just wonderful. Dragons! Queens who probably should have been! Velaryons! It was just a great read for a hungry reader.
  10. Curled Finger

    Known Westerosi in Essos?

    Most of the members of the Golden Company?
  11. Curled Finger

    Chance for Benjen to return alive to the wall

    To the OP, i think the odds are 50/50 Benjen is alive and 50/50 he goes anywhere at all. Benjen is likely, I believe at least, to be one of those characters who may have a piece of the R+L=J story...and the mysterious disappearance of Lord Commander Bloodraven, maybe Craster's deal with the Others or even why those pesky Others are roaming about now. He's a Stark. He's gonna know things or at least be able to figure things out. I sorta thought he disappeared on a ranging just like...you guessed it, Bloodraven. We don't know if the Others were out and about or even if the Wildlings were as menacing, but disappearing on a ranging is a damned weird thing for a guy as skilled as Bloodraven and Benjen is a respected 1st Ranger. Maybe Benjen fell into or became captive or mesmerized or what ever really happened to Bloodraven. Mormont was serious about the Others' threat and he was serious about the Wildling threat as he perceived it. There is no reason at all to believe that Jeor would not have shared the same thoughts with Benjen that he shared with Jon and/or Tyrion. They knew things were happening north of the Wall well before Jon showed up. Because Benjen has such strong similarities to Bloodraven (in my mind) I tend to think he is alive. Because Benjen likely has key information on a couple of huge subjects he's almost got to return to offer up his pieces. As our friend @Clegane'sPup described quite well, there are many places a Ranger could turn up and that timely gift at the Fist of the 1st Men was awfully well placed.
  12. Curled Finger

    Eye color from birth?

    Ah yes, great reminders about the colors. Good luck with your study.
  13. Curled Finger

    Eye color from birth?

    Study of the family trees with descriptions of the Targaryens is fascinating. I'm not convinced GRRM's genetics are real world genetics. That said I do think there is something to the eye color of the Targaryens if not all the people of the world. That the eye color is established at birth may not be as big a deal as the eye color itself. Or the description of the eyes! No clue what you are studying, but if it is Targ descriptions have you happened upon the spectrum of color and more curious use of milky or clear in conjunction?
  14. Curled Finger

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    Bah, the fort was likely built to hold off something. You idea is as good as any other. That oily stone is unsettling to the humanoid creatures on Planetos---nothing says it's repugnant to other creatures who are not humanoid. We don't have enough information to pin point why any ancient structure was built. It could be a memory stone or a power conductor or a safe room for all we know. TBH I'm not sure I understand your question as stated. I'm sorry, I hope this is an acceptable reply.
  15. Curled Finger

    Dany and jaime

    Dany is trying to establish her rule in the North--why else hold a trial in the midst of all the chaos? She's seen the threat but I'm not sure she believes what Jon knows. Dany sure has got an unexpected arc this season.