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  1. Curled Finger

    Predictions for Rickon?

    I'm reading through the comments about Skagos in particular here and I'm not trying to bash anyone. Just always seemed to me that Skagos can't possibly be as terrifying a place as we think it is. Sure we know from AWOIAF that it values it's privacy, but what makes anyone think that children aren't educated and trained there? I'm having half a memory about Skagosi making the trip to Winterfell to pledge their service as well as joining their fighters to the North in a time of great need. This doesn't scream cannibal barbarians to me. I would go so far as to accuse the Skagosi of being somewhat international at their station with all the merchants cruising by. Isn't there an old Stark Lord or King who married a Skagosi woman? Further, Osha chose Skagos for a reason. I don't recall her claiming to be Skagosi, but given the value of her ward, it's entirely possible it was the safest place to hide. It's not like they're Thenns, for crying out loud! By and large I'm with the Shaggy Dog camp on Rickon. Still I think there is some story left for him that I hope includes a trip home to stabilize a few political balls in the air. I can see Rickon being the vehicle by which all the Starks or even 1 or 2 Starks are drawn back to Winterfell. Even if that turns out not to be the case, Manderly and Glover are willing to support any Stark at all.
  2. Curled Finger

    Jon and Bran - a Shared Dream, Direwolves and More

    Ah @bemused, I have missed you. So great, come right out of captivity like buckshot. Let's clear something up right from the start: There will be many more heroes than a trinity of Sam, Bran and Tyrion saving wretched and miserable Westeros. In fact, get me drunk enough and I will argue against Bran and Tyrion. Sorry, I could not get Odin's Beard to autopopulate. Get me drunk enough and I'll tell you about that, too. OK, that's off my chest, so let's get to it shall we? First, isn't Jon most like Bloodraven genetically? That whole North meets Targ super special nuclear blood? I'm reading through the dreams and commentary in the OP wondering why it never crossed my mind that Jon wouldn't be a greenseer? Maybe it's a latent thing. Jon is a bit slow on the overt magic ability front. For the sake of argument let's assume Jon isn't a greenseer. OK, fine. What is he? A warg, man of conscience, humanitarian, rebel, possible dragon rider and surprisingly skilled lover of older women. Hrm...what's wrong here? Why should Bran be most like Bloodraven? Greenseeing is only 1 of Brynden River's many talents. Maybe greenliving is like baseball, pitchers and catchers: some can send and others receive. If Jon's only real communications with the greenseers is in dreams does that make Jon a potential greendreamer like Jojen? What does it mean that Bran and Jon can dream each others' wolves? I need an Excedrin. Again. bemused, the hooks in the OP for me are the connections between dreams, your time lapse rationale and yah you knew it, Greenseer X. Have you looked at Arya and Sansa's dreams at all in connection with this? I know Sansa is a total bore in her sleep, but Arya does have her wolf dreams and there was that weirwood watching her in the last dream I read. As you can see, I really enjoyed the OP and forever appreciate the thought and work you put into this. Well done, my neurons are in knots now. Greenseer X, parasitical tree and dream dweller. Utterly diabolical.
  3. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    The connections are there, old friend. If rumors of sorcery are true about Vysenia and Bloodraven, it may be a factor. You know we have many friends who believe the VS swords "drink the souls" of those they serve or kill. There is a lot of death to sift through to determine if this is true or false and I've not made the appropriate progress to make a decision. I do think there is something to "roles" our heroes play, presumably for the greater good. I do believe that Dark Sister is a Sorcerer's Sword, just as I believe Longclaw is an oathbreaker's sword. I stand behind this just as much as I am committed to there being a final quest involving a group of heroes that will require a certain ratio of magic to brute force and skill. Back in the old topic I really did try to find correlations between all the known wielders of Dark Sister, with Aemon the Dragonknight being the obvious square peg in the line up. Though not a sorcerer, he was a knight's knight and a man of honor. Does this speak to all the swords fitting a type of hero? Probably. Maybe not. I don't know. However, you've brought up some very interesting comparisons between king makers in Vysenia and Bloodraven. For all it's worth I do agree with your ideas about the horses and throne. As I previously stated, Dark Sister and Longclaw are exactly where they should be.
  4. Curled Finger

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    I'm probably crossing my mediums. Time to hit the books again.
  5. Curled Finger

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    Thanks very much for the quote. I am grateful to stand corrected. Oh man, I'm the furthest from a San San fan as you will find. I just saw a really special thing between them -- a friendship!--in the midst of all that treachery in Kings Landing. As to Arya, we've read the overall text differently and simply see different things here. Sort of back to the original ideas about Sandor versus The Hound personalities, perhaps this new man we may only have had glimpses of is more inclined to actually make overt stands for the weak. I keep going back to that killing of the farmer and his daughter. I could just be stuck on that attitude (they will die come winter anyway) being the thing that changes. Maybe a value life over death sort of metamorphosis?
  6. Curled Finger

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    Thanks zandru. I don't recall EB refusing to grant The Hound "mercy"...I thought his story was that Clegane was dead when he found him. Either way, our guy will be changed--they all change when they die or experience miracles or have a near death. The manner of Sandor's "resurrection" will be very interesting. Though I agree largely with your idea about the bum leg preventing Sandor from bar brawling, we don't know the extent of the injury nor it's level of debilitation. I have a bum body part, but it doesn't prevent much of my daily routine from taking place. I think my deal restricts the amount of time I can dedicate to certain strenuous activities, but it doesn't mean I couldn't lay someone out if they threatened me. We are beat over the head with what outstanding warriors the Dothraki are from horseback--just a thought. I'm not so sure that Sansa or Arya are trivial to Sandor. He desired and protected Sansa. He hoped to take her safely home. Arya on the other hand, was his traveling partner--maybe the 1st person who was able to see Sandor beneath the monstrous exterior of the Hound. They were good together. He kept her with him long after her usefulness to him was exhausted. I would come out of hiding to protect someone like that. Still, even if Clegane's adventures with the Stark girls are truly done, there is always those pesky Hound impersonators and Others, as you say.
  7. Curled Finger

    Ser Sandor Clegane?

    Formally knighted? What for? Many people have taken Elder Brother's statements about Sandor and The Hound to mean that our guy emerges from his experiences on the QI changed to the point he's no longer a fighter. That's not my take. I think Joffrey's dog and the mad dog and all that the Hound was accused of will be reversed. We don't know if the order will be still be in tact after TWOW. If Sandor Clegane is confronted with the violence he once claimed to revel in that great fighter inside him will surface. In kind, news of Sansa or Arya's survival may cause his sense of protector to rise to the surface. The Hound was hung up on violence for violence's sake. Sandor is likely to have taken some contrary training to heart. I think it's more likely he won't be robbing and killing farmers anymore over becoming passive. The gift of mercy was a strong theme during his adventures with Arya. He honestly tried to teach her. She denied him the gift and that needs some explaining. Well said, Rufus. Sandor is unlikely to be the Hound, true. But he's still a giant of a man with exceptional fighting skill. This is important on many fronts. Perhaps we are too hung up on the terms knight and fighter. Perhaps the type of person Sandor ultimately becomes is the guy we have caught glimpses of--a hero.
  8. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    Look Mom, my very 1st multi quote! I tried to quote @kissdbyfire here, too, but I obviously still have many tricks to learn. To this discussion, is it possible Bloodraven was bound in some way to take this sword with him on the next step of his adventure with the children? We've been batting about the whys and how BR came to possess DS with no definitive answer. I wonder if it isn't possible that VS is Dragonsteel and BR needed to take DS with him to the children in an effort of test its effectiveness or back engineer its technology? They were there when there was Dragonsteel after all. Dark Sister could be in that cave for many reasons, but I get the feeling she is where she is supposed to be...with the last greenseer.
  9. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    Good job on the breakdown. I have to agree with all of this. I do hope to pique your interest with an on the subject/off the subject query. We know that Longclaw is the Mormont ancestral sword. This family seems to have owned Longclaw longer than nearly every other family who had/has a named Valyrian Steel sword. If memory serves, Heartsbane is the other long time (500 years) family sword. We have no history on this family or their sword. We know that Jorah had the humility to leave this sword at his home when he left Westeros. And we know Maege arranged for the sword to be sent to Jeor, her brother who forswore his family for the Nights Watch. So as I see it, Jeor had no right to Longclaw. It should have passed to Maege or one of her children. Right? I always thought of Longclaw as a Castle Black/Nights Watch sword than a Mormont sword. So why did Maege decide this was not her family sword anymore?
  10. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    Great question. What do you think? We may have figured out how the Targs got DS back from Dorne in the 1st place--a whole lot of opportunities for that to happen. It is very curious that we don't know how BR received DS. Was it an award? From whom? We were trying to figure out Bloodraven's time line a little bit. I believe he may be the last son of Aegon. Sorry if that's not right, but I do recall that Bittersteel and Daemon are quite a bit older than Bloodraven. There is another bastard son, but his paternity was in doubt then the heir. So say maybe 15 or 20 years give or take, after Aemon loses Dark Sister in Dorne (because this is the only way I can see Bloodraven actually getting this sword...) the youngest son is given the ancestral non heir sword? Not the heir, not Bittersteel, but Bloodraven? Was he really that good in the martial arts? Was it a pay off for his loyalty? Or do the magic swords actually seek out their wielders in this, a sorcerer's sword?
  11. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    Rest assured that both Blackfyre and Dark Sister will reappear in our story. Our best guess to DS's whereabouts is all but confirmed with this admission from GRRM. A pattern of swords to owners? Like 3 sorcerers (you did not mention Maegor in your line up) wielded Dark Sister or 2 oathbreakers held Longclaw? Why yes, Lady, I think there is a pattern. There isn't enough information about the other swords to draw these conclusions other than possibly the natural relationship between Oathkeeper and a true knight and Blackfyre being a king's sword? Blackfyre was historically the sword given to the heir to the throne while DS was given to the non-heir. Aegon 4 screwed it all up by giving BF to his bastard. Now you could even take this 1 step further and surmise at this point BF became the sword of Bastard Kings. Old Daemon Blackfyre had a ton of support because Aegon was such a jerk. We don't know how Bloodraven gained possession of DS. We read repeatedly that swords are awarded to the fighters with the most skill. Bloodraven appears to be a fine fighter with swords as he did kick Bittersteel's butt. The curious thing is Bloodraven preferred his bow as many before me have described. But how did he actually get Dark Sister? His stupid father? The brother he loved? He found it laying around and just picked it up? All I am sure of is that Dark Sister and Longclaw are where they need to be and the other swords will join them--eventually. We had a pretty good discussion about Dark Sister and Sorcerers and any time we get going on the swords there are always predictions. Keep in mind that Dark Sister and Widow's Wail are modified long swords. They are shorter and slimmer, DS being fitted to a woman's hand. That could simply be a pommel. Women are small. Children are small and never overlook our disabled knights and warriors who could make excellent use of shorter reach and quicker thrust/slash. Special swords for special warriors. By the same token you have that monster, Heartsbane, only a big man would be able to wield effectively. Outside of the other big girls, Blackfyre and Longclaw, the VS swords we have descriptions of are regular long swords of indeterminate length, but as our friend, @Clegane'sPuppasted in, there are some standard descriptions of the configurations of period/regional weapons. It's interesting stuff. When you know there is no way a certain weapon could actually be utilized by a certain character you can get to a likely suspect by process of elimination. Here is my prediction: Arya will NEVER use or carry Heartsbane. Ever. To the last of your thoughtful questions, I think the swords will pass hands and travel north. It is those fighters in the gathering then in the final show down who ultimately "count". It's a great discussion as this has proven as well. We do love our magic Valyrian Steel swords around this joint. I'm with the majority here in that the kids are likely to find and take possession of DS. I think 1 of those kids is destined to possess her for a while. I look forward to GRRM getting us there then showing us a few tricks this little sword can do, particularly with this kid. Choose a kid--you have 3 and I think Hodor could count as a kid, too. Go for it and see where your pairing leads the story yet untold in your imagination.
  12. Curled Finger

    Dark Sister

    Great new pic. Just finished Castle Rock. Sissy stole the show.
  13. Curled Finger

    Night's Watch vows and the truth of history.

    Ah, I get it. Thanks for explaining. There was a conversation a couple of years ago wherein the significance of numbers was discussed. I'm not great with this but I picked up on your use of the phrase "dozen or so" at once. Stephen King has a thing with prime numbers--by the sheer volume of numbers GRRM employs I would not be surprised to find this 79 appears more than in your instance. I'm gonna go look. Will report back if I find anything of consequence.
  14. Curled Finger

    POV Character Predictions for TWoW

    What better way to convince the masses and gain the support of most of the realm? This could actually be Aegon's moment of glory? At any rate, I really like this. Thanks.
  15. Curled Finger

    POV Character Predictions for TWoW

    I have a sneaking suspicion Jamie will head up a group of his own--this may be in fulfillment of his promises and it could just be a thing he does to fill the time before his true quest reveals itself. Regardless motive, Jamie will redeem himself, perhaps even in his own eyes.