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  1. Welcome Man, you nailed it. Watching a new show on HBO that shall remain nameless. It is based on an imaginary history but gives all this dramatic imaginary detail that made my mind turn the ancient stories over in new light now. Night King is exactly the place my mind went, too. Wow, it probably didn't happen this way at all. I'm sticking to the idea that this Coldhands is someone important to the COTF and even if he isn't someone we readers know of I'd sure like to know his story. On the way off chance NK is Coldhands what kind of story does that manifest in your mind! I went straight to sacrificing to the COTF not the Others and short circuited. I'm not one to vilify the COTF but that went really bad really quick.
  2. Ah thanks. It's a good topic as I am sure you already gather. There is a lot to Coldhands. Personally, I liked it better when he was Benjen and I bet he was until that stupid editor asked. It is a cool idea he could be one of the original Nights Watch. As to Northmen and knights... Jorah Mormont is a knight with the title as well. Which rotten little Hightower Targaryen brat was it knighted there at Tumbledon on the battlefield when he brought his dragon and saved the day? I doubt the oils were there, but he was a prince. I'm not sure the ceremony is as important as having a knight do the knighting. (Daemon the Daring? Doofus the Drooler?) Still it may be as you say and Waymar did do a 7 ceremony or perhaps the Royce family is like the current Starks and do both the 7 and Old Gods? Doesn't seem to be a rule about it when you have money and power.
  3. Do we really see any religion work? We see magic work. We see psychic ability work, but gods? The gods are not at work here. Faith is working overtime in some places here and I will be honest there were days during Covid I would have liked a small glass of Shade of the Evening to break up the boredom. The Faith of the Seven is powerful in Westeros as an organized religion just as R'hllor is mighty in Essos. The Old Gods is a dying religion among a dying culture. That is a large part of why the North needs its independence. "Even their gods are wrong", remember? If the Old Gods are no more than a hive mind and repository of memory and history what does the North need reading and writing for? What the hell good are The Others if not to bring and end to a world with little monsters who are capable of creating these awful things? No my friend, I don't see GRRM on any religion's side here in this story at all. I think he's pretty clearly against all of them.
  4. Why would the COTF do this almost there bit with a human? It's either done or not I would think? I am unclear who serves whom in this, I thought the greenseers were an integral part of the children of the forest community, their shaman, their wise people and their seers. No subservience here, a group in service to each other. So why who this group need a thing like Coldhands? Welp, Coldhands is an anomaly far as we can tell, like Beric and now Lady Stoneheart--just one. There are at least 6 Others, countless wights a handful of COTF, a greenseer, at least 1 grreendreamer, 5 fire vision seers, a handful of wargs a couple skinchangers and others of varied suspicious psychic ability. I gotta lean into him being something like Bering and LSH since he's the only one. Special. So maybe a Raven's Tooth ah c'mon he's singular. Nah, too early. The ladies were on fire with legends from the Nightfort. Sweet. Sure, maybe the dad who was frozen in the ice? Nah, he wouldn't have a uniform? The Tooth may have died saving BR, big deal. The dad loved his son. Again, big deal. What could make Coldhands special enough to warrant necromancy from the GOTF as a group? Yah, maybe something exactly like the Last Hero or one of his company. Or, (This is for YOU @LynnS), or maybe he is the Night King. OR someone else entirely. The point is he is someone and his life after life means something to the COTF.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum @Mr_E_Knight, it's an interesting proposition you make here. However, we are told that Coldhands died "long ago". I admit that's a relative term, but it comes from a child of the forest and I am inclined to think long ago means hundreds of years not decades considering the source. And I could be wrong. There is no way to really pinpoint how long those Others have been out and about causing their brand of mischief, but not hundreds of years, I'm willing to bet. Less than decades, I'm willing to bet, which lends a bit of credence to your supposition as there do seem to be more criminals from the south than volunteers from the north in residence at the Wall. Waymar Royce himself is from a 1st Man family who proudly wear and replicate their 1st Men armor inscribed with 1st Men runes presumably brought over from whence they came. As a 3rd son, I thought the Royce family gave their 3rd sons over as the northern families will give their 3rd sons over to the Watch. I presumed this was part of the Pact between the 1st Men and COTF. I could be wrong. But if I'm right, wouldn't Waymar have sprouted up something like Coldhands, having taken his vow at a heart tree? Likewise, we could expect to see Uncle Benjen show up in the same condition as Coldhands down the line if this is indeed the fate that has befallen him. Oh right, I forgot, he became a bad elf on Prime, silly me. Sorry, I love this guy. Still you could be onto something here along the line of protection from the old gods. If the COTF are responsible for creating the Others with their own "technology" they would absolutely be able to create hybrids along the same lines. A Coldhands type wight cannot raise the dead, but remains animated forever type of thing? Why not? The human version of this thing was dedicated to them after all. I like it.
  6. You know this is a great question. What will happen to the Brotherhood? I am of the mind there are many factions and we are only seeing one in the main story. We know Tom O' Sevens is still communicating with the main group, but where is everyone else? Can we really believe the lords have anything to do with this revenant of vengeance? And no, Thoros sure doesn't seem to like it even a little bit. Brienne is captive and seems to have made Jamie captive. The key word here is seems. Our lady has been in no choice situations before and survived. Jamie didn't hesitate or ask a single question once Brienne told her the Hound had the girl...after she touched her sword. Was this a tip off of some sort? Other posters sure thought so in a topic I had the pleasure of hosting long ago. Brienne became captive following a most brutal encounter wherein she took food to Gendry, a newly minted knight of the Brotherhood who has been exiled to an outpost to look over a bunch of kids. He makes weaponry and armor. I wonder how much glory a very young and very new knight finds in this while the main branch travels and exacts vindication? Brienne is about to tell Gendry something. We know what that something is but he doesn't. All he knows is she fought like a boss, like a knight by golly. Perhaps he was impressed? Perhaps he will remember her face being bitten off and yet she fought. Perhaps he will reevaluate his place as a knight in the scheme of things. Jamie dreams of he and Brienne holding twin swords alight with blue flames. In that I am not a great symbolism guy, I took this to mean the two would fight with the blades reformed from Ice. Does this preclude one or both of them from dying, well yah, I think it does. We require a paladin and a fighter with magic swords to fight the Others. Dead guys won't be there (not on Jamie & Brienne's side any way). They both survive whatever horrific trial Lady Stoneheart has in mind. Curiously, I think LSH has to survive after a fashion, too. She's got to do something if it isn't to kill Batman and Robin. My money is on a lot more Freys. Does this mean she maintains leadership of the BWB? Yah. She will. But I think it will be a more corporate leadership, things will shake up a bit. Thoros, our cleric, may find his balls after the trial and tell her she can't just kill people, the god or gods have made will known or whatever. There will be a council something. Arya will show up. Sandor Clegane will show up. I hope this all happens in the Neck and LSH can go get her revenge on Roose with Brienne's aid while Thoros and Jamie go tear the Twins down with all the Freys in it or something along those lines. Maybe Gendry rides with Arya to Winterfell and LSH realizes not all her children are dead and turns into a wisp of smoke or more likely poor Arya has to show her mercy. Jamie goes to grab a sword from Kings Landing. All I know is it will be very exciting and heartbreaking and get pieces into place for end game.
  7. You are a tough sell considering Sixskins is a magical creature himself. At any rate, I hope you understand more about these goats being classified as unicorns and perhaps Skagossi marketing.
  8. There was a lot for me to consider in this episode. I really enjoyed the debauchery of Rhanerya's education colored and told well within the lines of Mushroom's manic telling. Well done there. Watching the bits afterward with the interviews takes a bit of the world building and story telling--that wonderful open-ended could be this could be that Martin is the master of away from the story. Damon's impotence under extreme pressure was brilliant timing only to find it wasn't nobly er prompted. Nor was it part of his grand design. Just biology. Very disappointing to learn of this version of Daemon. Still it speaks to this guy's lack of control and that is very much my understanding of the dude. This is chaos. We didn't know this before. Anyone else get Maegor vibes off this small character trait knowing he will have many children? Are they really going to be his children here? Shake it off... Overall I really enjoy this story Ryan Condal is telling. I enjoy the luxury of the layers of character and dialogue and plot here that we did not have the benefit of previously. It's very cool. It is an expensive gift and it feels like it. Episode 4 earned a solid 8 from my humble home. I don't have a favorite episode. Each little story has transported me to a place I am learning again and maybe learning to trust again. I like each episode for different reasons, but I admit this is not a program I was sure I wanted to pay to see. Glad the curiosity won here as House of the Dragon has been very exciting and pleasurable for watching and discussing. I hate Viserys, but I also feel very sad and sorry for him. I hate myself for wanting to just give Allicent a hug. I didn't really buy into the tenderness of Rhaenrya/Criston love scene and tend to think it was more along the lines of love the one you're with than actual love. Of course, I never saw the crush here in dialogue or eyes, but it isn't like me to notice those things unless they are very obvious. Though the brothel and bedroom scenes were notably different from so many scenes of that nature they were tasteful while still delivering on the flesh this brand promises to deliver. So yah, I think Princess had a bad case of blue balls is all, sorry. Still this is a huge and much discussed mystery that of Kingsguard and Princess fallout and I look forward to this er resolution of the matter and the beginning of well, the dance. What problem or complaints I have are outweighed by the fun I have with this story telling and the heart this show has. It shines through. Can't decide if I want to dress as Rhaenys or Corlyss for Halloween. This is new and they will figure it out. The bit with all the stupid men has to go, though everyone is pretty stupid in this tale regardless gender. And we don't know where we are going. Maybe we will see some swords that haven't been seen since this time in history and see what happened to them. Maybe we'll see a real Kraken. Maybe we will have a good time if we want to.
  9. Hey Bud, as I understand the names the kids gave their wolves was to reflect some part of themselves. I don't come up with this stuff, that's just what I've read. I mean, I would have named Grey Wind "King", but that's me. Lady was perfect, I get Nymeria, Summer is a great name considering. I think Ghost is about to tell why it was a great choice. So Grey Wind and Shaggy Dog. Well, perhaps Rickon thought himself shaggy? I still say Robb could have done a whole lot better.
  10. Nono, Shaggy picked a fight with a unicorn is all. I'm sure it was a simple matter of direwolf sees strange and opts to eat it rather than become friends. As I recall, the goat may have taught naughty wolf a lesson or two. For all we know this vision may have been a training exercise. Rickon would be received as a lord among these people, not an enemy. Once Osha, perhaps a little closer to their own "ways" explained the situation the leaders and people would embrace their fierce little ward and probably admire his spunk. I'm thinking they would know how to channel his ferocity and anger--who knows, perhaps they know how to guide his warging and dreams as well? This has to be a hell of a storm inside of a little boy. The Wildlings accept magic as a matter of fact and part of life--it's not some far away long gone thing. They live closer to the land and old traditions. I think Rickon will be right up their alley and likely just what he needed.
  11. That Benjen tie in is pretty sweet. I think any Stark loyalist (think Middle Little here) Osha and Rickon may have run across during their escape would have done all they could to aid the party in their escape. Osha doesn't necessarily have to have a connection to Skaggos as they are vassals to House Stark. One would think Skaggos would be willing to do all they could in service to their lord, particularly in light of the evil doing in the South. You can't assume that because they are remote that these are stupid people. This is a trading port after all. They are in possession of for all anyone knows, the heir to Winterfell. Hot damn, come on down weary travelers, be at rest among us. Only fools would turn them away. Rickon was 4 or 5 years old. This is no worse than sitting upon a golden egg waiting for it to hatch really. The Skagossi are thinking exactly what Wyman Manderly is thinking. Rickon and Shaggy have received instruction and training and tons of attention. Little bothersome ill behaved Rickon Stark is a LORD among these folks. He and his new army complete with a cavalry upon unicorns, will be a lot of fun to read.
  12. Aa character named Maynard Plumm wears a most curious brooch made of moonstone. There are jewels in the pommels of many of the named Valyrian steel swords. While most have interesting rubies and one has two small garnets there is a sword with a moonstone in the pommel. Very different, making the sword Nightfall even more curious than it already is.
  13. Jamie Lannister was knighted at 16 after cutting an outlaw's head off. Jon Snow was only 15 or 16 when he was elected LC of the NW. Sansa was betrothed to the future King of Westeros at age 12. Tyrion was married and divorced by gang rape at 13 years of age. Rickon is orphaned and homeless by age 4. I can't go into what Sam endured at the place he came from, but so many of these kids have survived some horrendous things. Look at The Hound. Gads.
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