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  1. Yes, indeed. It was the chorus. Festival di Sanremo wants unreleased songs, so the problem was that. But the rest of the song was totally new so it was readmitted (I think it must be new for 2/3 or something similar). It wasn't plagiarism because it has the same writer. They've chosen to use again the same words because of Antoine Leiris's letter, this was the inspiration.
  2. Cridefea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I think it's Old Castle Ward: "older", well-loved, used en masse, no dragons....
  3. Cridefea

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    I thought that, too. I agree. Pics and tag indicate he's talking about hbo spin-off. So Now are 4. And one line per spinoff: 4 clues. 1. The Last hero? Kingsguard? 2. Targs. Maybe Conquest or dance of the dragons? 3. Accordind to @DNDM a word is missing there: Froggy. Crannogmen? I would love to. I don't think it's something about Maggy the Frog XD 4. No idea. I don't think it's about Cleganes, so no the hounds of baskerville quote. Is he mean he doesn't want to tell as anything? or is it a real clue? brainstorming session: Faceless men?
  4. Cridefea

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    The confirmation we all wanted: (season 8 spoiler)
  5. Cridefea

    The Origin of Visenya

    Vis in latin/ancient greek is "force", "power" or "violence" and "-enya" I always thought Martin uses it as poetic license for "-genia" in some Targaryen's names; that means "descendant" or "family". As for Iphigenia, to make you understand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iphigenia But you could be right about Enio! it's a good idea! No poetic license and it would be relate to war, so not so different.
  6. Cridefea

    The Bran-Hodor Conundrum

    Oh I'm so happy you posted it! and I'm sorry I disappeared like that, but I'm really busy these weeks in RL Even so I've read you, all of you. So I will be back soon! and great posts everyone btw...
  7. Cridefea

    Burn them all!

    You are really too kind This is what Jaime heard: So I don't think he misunderstood his words. But Aerys has been definitely manipuleted. By who? Varys? Someone else? is there any kind of magic? In another thread we are discussing Dark Sister, Targaryen, Bloodraven, magic and sorcerers, maybe it could interest you.
  8. Cridefea

    Sorcerers and Swords

    Sorry it has taken so long to reply, but here I am. I think he took her where she was supposed to be... a sort of destiny yes. Maybe it won't be an official handover, but more a sword in the right place at the right time... I'm very intrigued by @Faera's idea about Bran-Hodor, I think there is a good chance she's right. I really hope she starts a new thread soon. OT: We have only have 5 ancestral swords, for me: Ice, Heartsbane, Blackfyre, Longclaw and Brigthroar, maybe Lady Forlorn too. The other ones, we don't know for sure. As for DS history, it's very intriguing. I would love to know something more about Valyrians.... And why Dark Sister wasn't with Maegor at the time of Visenya's death? Concerning possessors after Visenya, I'm interested in Jaehaerys/Daemon in particular....I would like to understand some things better, but I think it will have to wait right now. yes @Faera, I would like to know you ideas!
  9. Cridefea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Othe pics here: https://www.pixsell.hr/agencija/pxl-standard-show/dubrovnik-lena-headey-i-kit-harington-na-kuli-bokar-snimanju-scene-za-8-sezonu-igre-prijestolja-galerija-903317/ This is all quite unexpected and suspicious at the same time.....
  10. Cridefea

    Sorcerers and Swords

    Indeed! I agree, definitely different kind of magics. ahahahahah sorry I can be cryptic. Yesterday I also wrote in such a poor italian that I had to re-write part of thesis, don't know why. So all in all not a good day to write. yes I agree, or it was done for Visenya. So it would be "Visenya's sword" for real. I said Velaryons baceause of Visenya's mother but it could be Cltigars' too (they already possessed the axe). Point is that in a culture where magic was something really valued, a VS sword with magical (?) characteristics should be passed from someone with special ability to someone who deserves it. So who? three? Anyway this persuades me even more that DS is in the cave. There would be a reason for Bloodraven to carry it. And a little bit OT but this helps us even with other VS swords. We can assume that if some of the swords are not ancestral, they are not passed in the way we thought (and in the place we thought) or at least that I thought.
  11. Cridefea

    Sorcerers and Swords

    LoL! yes I LOVE facts. But this time I wasn't searching for the origin of DS (yes, I would love to XD). What I meant it's that it's always called "Visenya's sword" and Martin never used the word Targ for DS....This is something really different from the other swords, iirc. We call it targ sword only because they used it, but we don't know if this is the basis for wielding DS. It's used by sorcerers, could be this the criteria? The targs was the only remaining "magical" family in westeros. Bloodraven wield it even he doesn't like swords, maybe there are other reasons. And it's the only one designed for a woman. I think it's special .... just that! It could be important for the future... I agree! there is not so many people who can use DS ... She is one of the best candidate.
  12. Cridefea

    Sorcerers and Swords

    yes, probably DS is passed to the next generation following the magic line... Unlike the other ancestral swords, it's not given to heirs. There are many quotes about "deserving" DS. I have one more question to add: Is DS really a Targ sword? I can't find this info anywhere. No signs. Could it be a House Velaryon sword? They used blood magic, and DS "has a thristy for blood".
  13. Cridefea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Could it be a scene with Theon? or GC?
  14. Cridefea

    Littlefinger Sired Sweetrobin

    Genetic or not, if Robert is LF's son and Martin wants us to know it, then there are some clues. Good catch @Lost Melnibonean with the seed. Iirc there are some young Petyr's descriptions, right? He wasn't a not very healthy kid. Indeed. LF's plan is so interesting to discuss....