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  1. Don't know if someone already posted this, but a journalist in Bergamo tried to count the real number of victims in his province. https://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/bergamo-citta/coronavirus-the-real-death-tool-4500-victims-in-one-month-in-the-province-of_1347414_11/
  2. well it's important that you feel light for a while at least, it means you can still relax a bit. And with the news and the quarantine it's essential that you keep some time for activities you enjoy, it helps a lot...for not being overloaded. yes eating all day doesn't help, expecially the mood. The feeling "there will be not food" is understandable, because our mind doesn't understand what's going on, we never experienced something like this before, so our brain tries to figure all the possibilties out , and can't find the solution, it has no scheme for that. So the "emotional part" is not convinced of what the "rational part" is saying. XD See above. We have the feeling we need a lot of infos to understand what's happening and be able to find the best solution for us. I had a lot of dreamless night the first days of quarantine, the worst days in Italy. Then I started to have a lot of dreams. same as above. That's good!! Well there's always the difficult to process what's going on as i said, but also there is the difficult to live the uncertainty for the future. We really can't do a lot of plans, because we can't focus on it. We are trying to elaborate new meanings, so we are "busy", we don't understand reality right now. Feeling indecisive and frustrated is normal because we must tolerate the uncertainty which normally it's not a good feeling for us, at least in our lives. This can create frustration or anxiety. But since you know how you feel, and you can also enjoy some things I think you are coping well, no? Sorry for the long boring post. XD
  3. Oh really? I thought it wasn't common as it is here. They will write books on how pandemic turned everyone in great bakers.... yes! they come home. Also some shops converted their work in delivery services, even if most of them are closed.
  4. Ah true, sure. Also the number of tests is not the number of people tested for the same reason. One person is tested at least 3 times. XD Well for us it's easier because we have a lot of pizza delivery services here. But right now a lot of people is making pizza homemade, and we look for yeast like we would look for Atlantis. I'm lucky, I have it. Actually I'm making pan loaf right now.
  5. Sorry @Ran I'm late and the other thread is closed, so I'm gonna answer here. In the beginning politics and governament didn't take the scientists' warning seriously, so they acted too late. (so it's the opposite of what you say happened in Denmark or Norway). I'm talking about the first days. That was the moment when the virus spread a lot, probably with many people asymptomatic, that was the main problem and still is. Here you can find an Harvard analysis: Harvard business review I have to add that also iternational media didn't take it seriously during first week or so, I remember that I was surprise that outside Italy journalists were talking about our cases like if they wasn't local transmissions and so not so dangerous. Probably this is the reason why you don't know so much about the first days. A sequence of miscommunications. As for the numbers I see a lot of posts here about it, but don't trust the number so much! they are probably only partially right,. Probably the most trusworthy ones are the recovered.
  6. Yes probably New Zeland is not comparable because of what you said in your previous post, but we need to be careful about any chart right now, probably is too early to understand what's better and what's worse based on those charts. See China and its number of deceased. I can't speak for other countries, but here it was quite the opposite. I don't know what media said outside Italy, did they say otherwise?
  7. I don't think we can talk about dates, for any country, since the virus was probably in Europe undetected since at least january....
  8. Yes. Here the numbers Last 2 columns are total cases in orange and number of tests in grey.
  9. I think you should check the number of positive tests and the number of tests already done. Because there are a lot of people who are positive but not tested, everywhere.
  10. Here in Italy we are still providing psychological support. It's not easy but we are trying with many different services. And yes you are right, there are also a risk for younger people. But most of all younger people live or work with elder or fragile ones. And when they say persons with pre-existing patologies they are talking about people who have common deseases, like diabetes or cardiopathy, not infirm.
  11. Sean Bean has a role in "Medici 2 Lorenzo the Magnificent", he plays Jacopo Pazzi.
  12. I like it! I think Morgan is perfect for a parallelism with Melisandre Just to add something different: in some languages Melissa is Melisa. Melissa in "Orlando furioso" was a good sorceress and prophetess who lived in Merlin's cave. She helps two lovers (Ruggiero and Bramante) to be together and tells them the future of their progeny (a very important house The Estensi). She saves Ruggiero from a Alcina, a fay who uses black magic, with a ring that broke spells and makes him see the real Alcina, an old crone. Alcina has 2 sisters, one of them is Morgan. It's a really complex story, I don't know it very well.
  13. It was on air tonight. David Bradley has a role too. He's Richard's father-in-law.
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