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  1. Cridefea

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    When asked about the significance of their swords, Coster-Waldau paused a bit, thinking over his response before admitting, “I’m starting to get into deep water here.” “Hopefully, the horrors that were done to the Starks will come to good,” he added. “But I don’t want to talk about deeper meanings when we still have a few episodes to go. Things will be revealed and certain things won’t, but obviously, there’s meaning. Will it have special meaning in the future? Who knows. But it has meaning in the fact that the Stark children, the girls, were given this sword that was made from Ned Stark’s sword to protect them.” It also wasn’t lost on Coster-Waldau that many of the Valyrian steel swords have been passed to different Houses ― Brienne and Jaime now have House Stark’s Ice, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has House Mormont’s Longclaw, Jorah (Iain Glen) has House Tarly’s Heartsbane, and Arya has an unnamed dagger (sometimes referred to as the Catspaw Dagger) that once belonged to the late Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen). While he wouldn’t admit to any potential spoilers, but Coster-Waldau did tell us, “The whole point is that we have to do this together if we want to survive, and I think that’s one way of reading it, for sure. It is ‘The Song of Ice and Fire,’ it’s the way it should be." Link
  2. Cridefea

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Every scene was sooooo great, so many looks and Brienne vouching for him and the "I'd be honored to serve under your command, if you'll have me", but OMG Jaime knighting her it was so.......!I was so happy!!! It was perfect, I cried a lot, very touching. And we also saw her first smile. A beautiful episode, I was so happy!!!!! What I also love is that we thought Jaime would have pledged himself to Bran or Sansa or Jon, but he pledged to Brienne instead. As for tomorrow, if I remember well, Nik said something about the swords for next epi... something like he couldn't talk about that. Now I can't find the interview...
  3. Cridefea

    Calling all Picts! : Pictionary 44 : A Nightmare of Spring

    Here I am, I can play and even be active on the thread... But I can also wait some weeks if people are busy..
  4. Cridefea

    Eurovision 2019

    LoL So if you play "Hatrið mun sigra" backwards you can hear "la venda"...
  5. Cridefea

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    I'm late to the party, as always...... Well, not in person, we've never met. But we talk outside the forum, in "real life", we started to chat to practice our english; well for me it was to improve my english. eheheh I heard a song while I was thinking of the sentence... I love the outerpace's influences and Lollipop ones!! Oooooh @Knight of Ashes you're sooo good! I love your drawings!!!!! @Jez Bell great style, love your lollipop version... Thank you, I'm not a person who draws usually, but the girl is me actually, same hair as mine Thank you so much rocksniffer, all of you have been so nice to me... ahahahah my rooster saved me! And thank you @Meera of Tarth for your work...
  6. Cridefea

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    LoL I will try to keep that in mind. Thank you. I'm sorry I didn't write before... I'd love to be a mystery player! but sadly no, I'm only a new entry in this section. Yes, I should have said something, I'm sorry. It's @Meera of Tarth's fault , she convinced me to play even if she knew I hadn't time for the forum (busy real life). But here I am. Actually I'm active on the forum since 2016, but mainly in the asoiaf and got sections. I'm from Italy and I really can't drew (again @Meera of Tarth's fault for convincing me). Thank you! yes, it was funny, I can't wait to see the chains...
  7. Cridefea

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    Indeed. This is the reason I said it's related to someone she loves.
  8. Cridefea

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    fingers crossed
  9. Cridefea

    PICTIONARY 43: Winter's edition!

    My guesses And Probably it was my description! sorry it's my first time in Forum games
  10. Cridefea

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    One of the 2 men looks like Jaime to me... maybe they are running away together.... Point is that she's terrified, something really bad happened there. Maybe it's something related to someone she loves.
  11. Cridefea

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    yes it looks like dragonglass, so she's probably running from aotd Yes, it's Heartsbane to me! That's great!
  12. Cridefea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    First teaser! Dragonglass!!! @Curled Finger @Faera what do you think?
  13. Cridefea

    Dubbing oddities

    eheheh Oh really? Sorry, Pezzulli's wiki page credits him as Lancel, but you're right in Lancel's page there's Mirko Cannella. So Wiki is confused, and me too
  14. I'm really happy about April, I thought they would postponed it to June. The "spoiler alert" warning is an interesting choice, so is it a reference to Dany's pregnancy (so a baby boy?) or to the prophecy?