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  1. Jaime didn't have troops either, but he still showed.
  2. Houses don't last thousands and thousands of years through all of that war without keeping the name through the female line. Cat was going to keep the Tully name as heir until Edmure came along.
  3. Nope. https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Edmure_Tully
  4. Edmure was putting himself forward as a candidate for Protector of the Realm yet where was he with the Others? Surely Jon and Sansa asked for his help... Sansa is speaking with moral authority.
  5. A lot of houses in Westeros have no sons or only one son because of few children born, obligations (KG in the case of Jaime), accident or war. Stark: no male heirs Tully: one son Whent: no heirs Arryn: one son Lannister: one son Tyrion, Jaime in the KG then dead Baratheon - wiped out until Gendry Targaryen: one son survived Tarth: no male heirs Martell: one female, one male left. Karstark: no male heirs Greyjoy: no male heirs
  6. That's all of Westeros, not just the Starks. And it's the Southerners who have a worse track record by far in this regard. Worry about them.
  7. Lollygag


    They're not mutually exclusive and I only said the door's still open. My pet peeve with ship threads is that they're always treated as either/ors when they're clearly not in this story. Characters in this story end up with multiple pairings like in real life. This isn't any romance HEA, soul mate, one true love world.
  8. Sansa's heirs are heirs to the North. They've already decided that the new monarchs in the South are elected in Counsels.
  9. Lollygag


    Eh, they did leave the door open for this. Everyone is using Bael the Bard to explain how Sansa continues the Stark line, but look at who in the story is the new Bael the Bard/King Beyond the Wall and check how the details line up. Jon's no bard, but he is a Song.
  10. As I understand, Bran didn't take it for the Starks permanently as he can't have heirs and he's more the 3ER anyhow. After Bran, the North would be back under someone's rule depending on the Counsel's election. Changing subject - I think the North only being independent could have been explained by the North not working with Southern politics. They have 3 generations now of kinda blowing things up down there politically because they just do things differently.
  11. Lollygag

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Granted I don't care much about RLJ, but this confirms my feelings that it's a red herring. One true heir who is super special because of his birth really goes against the themes of the books. Jon is nothing and screwed all over the place because he's a bastard. But then suddenly he's everything because his birth is now the right and best birth. That's total B.S. Jon is the same person with the same experiences and whether his life is crap or entitled to the best based on just that is . I don't think GRRM's pushing that message and all of the unjust literal demonizing of bastards and showing the B.S. of heirs reaffirms my conviction.
  12. For Sansa feeding Ramsay to his dogs, they had Ramsay say that by doing this, Sansa was sort of becoming Ramsay herself - basically doing that came at a great cost and I saw it as tragic. They had a behind the scenes where they described Arya's Frey pies as also damaging to herself and her whole arc lately has been to overcome this impulse in herself and they showed us where it'd lead in Sandor. In the books, we have Stoneheart. There's a reason we saw Dany take the path of revenge as Arya turned away from it with the help of an explanation from the Hound. The intent was to contrast them. Right before Dany was killed, she said something to Jon calling out the Olly thing - I forget - something like yeah, you've never gone after someone who's betrayed you? Everything with Dany is going to be done larger as she's fire and that's fire's thing. Go back to these "badass" moments and look for the undercurrent of something wrong. I usually find them.
  13. Gotcha. Yeah, I don't think Kit phrased that the best way.
  14. I didn't write the story and I don't see how blame factors in here.
  15. This wasn't D&D, it's GRRM though how D&D handled it was wildly off. GRRM constantly lures readers to make the same mistakes as the Westerosi and the other characters and then forces us to look in the mirror. He tricked us to pre-judge Jaime and then showed us that we got it wrong. He lured the reader to play the Game of Thrones along with the characters only to tell us in the end that we too were wrong to do so. He's all about playing on our expectations and then showing us why we had it wrong just like a lot of characters. We all fell for it somewhere. There's hints of the same thing being done to some extent with the Starks/WW/3ER storyline, but D&D left it at that as they don't like the magic stuff. https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a27526510/kit-harington-jon-snow-daenerys-killing-game-of-thrones-interview/