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  1. Agree, but it allows some white people, especially isolated ones who still only see racism as just hoods and lynchings, to say they're not racist. The conditionalism needs to be pointed out for them to get it otherwise they'll continue to fall back on using token cases as evidence they're not and the discussion goes nowhere.
  2. So I was talking about conditional racism some threads ago and it confused some folks. Graham displays it here. Basically, being the wrong race/gender/whatever is a defect that is overlooked and excused as long as you're useful. But when you're not useful, these qualities become defects which are often attacked first. It doesn't register as racist at all to them. https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-lindsey-graham-says-black-people-immigrants-can-go-anywhere-in-sc-you-just-need-to-be-conservative-not-liberal/
  3. No, Trump isn't playing 3 dimensional chess. He's a breathtaking idiot. There are different types of intelligence and part of the base's gripe with the left is that "elites" only value a certain type of educated intelligence. But when it comes to cold-blooded, "killer", lizard-brained, one in foot still in the evolutionary swamp and likes it that way predator, "alpha", survive at all cost behavior, Trump's brilliant. Look at what he's done with his business. He won a crowded primary. He won the White House. He turned his base into a cult. Utterly obliterated the entire Republican party and made it into the Trump party in just a few years. No chess. but something worse and we've seen enough by now to know better than to discount it.
  4. Did not know that. That sounds like the entrails in the trees. Found where there were 9 sacrifices every 9 years and I believe Robb's crown had 9 spikes and the weirwood grove had 9 trees. Agree with the Boltons, too. Something about the way Roose talked about the Starks keeping them from their ways made it sound like it was a lot more than just being horrible and gross. Think there might be some magic involved there somewhere though not sure how. Maybe like the FM and taking skin takes memories. Don't think Roose is any vampire type but wonder if there are hints that Roose has access to history through ancestors' skin like a vampire has memories going back centuries. But like Westeros in general, they've lost their old ways and are out of touch.
  5. This is my read, too. There's old tales of Garth of the Old Gods who were sacrificey. Then there's the tale of entrails in the weirwoods that Davos was told and the human sacrifice in the massive weirwood Jon saw at Whitetree. Ned washing his bloody sword in the pool by the weirwood seems like a civilized version of a more brutal tradition as many rl traditions are much tamer versions of old, rather nasty traditions. Santa and his reindeer are believed to be influenced by Odin and his wild hunt. Also agree on the sacrifice. Northerners still practice personal sacrifice of a sort in the current story when elders go out to hunt in the Winter with the intent to never return to save food for the younger ones.
  6. Which still doesn't get Trump those arrests (or any of a long list of things Trump will have to require of people to stay in place if Biden wins). Too little time before January. You're fixating on the tree and missing the forest. The only thing that matters is whatever keeps Trump in office and he's cornered and out of time. Trump will be asking a lot of nasty things. He wants as few surprises as possible and bullying and mind games are how you filter those who are willing from those who are not by finding out what they're willing to sacrifice for him which is what the article stated is McEntee's goal. Trump's not getting ahead on paperwork when his world is about to fall. If you all want to know why Democrats are so goddamn bloody awful at the game and strategy and why Republicans are more disciplined and focused, here you go. This is a great example. I'll not be reading any further posts as we're just repeating ourselves at this point.
  7. I already said this might well be true but it doesn't speak to Trump's motives. And just being a dick to his staff is part of his just being an asshole, but more importantly is the means by which he controls and breaks people. And what do you wanna bet Jeff Rosen will *not* arrest the Bidens, Obama, Hillary before Nov 3 which is what Trump wants and feels he needs? That's the whole point. He doesn't need just any seat warmer. He needs someone who will risk everything for him. Especially if Biden wins. Being able to fire whomever whenever is only part of the problem. Trump's biggest roadblocks these past years have been thinking he had a sufficient Renfield in place only to find at critical times that they cared more about their families, their careers, their reputations, the law. That's a lot harder than just firing someone. Hence the resignation letters as no doubt one of many loyalty tests.
  8. bold; to a rational person, no. But to someone with an animal brain, a "killer" like Trump, yes, it is. We've seen it over and over and over. The article clearly states their objection puts them in a bad personal situation which Trump cares zero about and means they're prioritizing their personal situation over his orders. He just did the exact same thing with the NDAs at Walter Reed. It's *too late* to fire Barr now to put in place someone who will arrest political opponents for no reason before Nov 3. You know this very well. Hence my points about time being important to his situation.
  9. Again, Trump finds out now rather than later those who just turn them over (loyal to Trump) and those who push back (loyal to themselves). He gives himself better odds of avoiding a Bill Barr situation where he needs Barr to arrest his political opponents now but instead finds himself stuck at a critical time with the wrong person in place and no recourse to fix it in enough time. And he's about to be very tight on time if the polls are to be believed. Don't get why this is so hard to understand. It's classic predator "alpha" testing behavior that we've seen him use this whole time.
  10. The "you're fired" obsessed with loyalty guy isn't thinking about who's around him and who's loyal? He's always thinking about this. The story might well be leaked because folks are ticked at McEntee. Not mutually exclusive and doesn't explain why Trump is doing this. Politico says they don't have proof Trump knows but they also say how close McEntee is to Trump and there's been a lot of testimony to nothing happening without it going by Trump. He's a control freak. Bill Barr was just an example of Trump throwing a fit because someone's loyalty doesn't go as far as he needs it to go. For any other President, I agree with your interpretation of meh. But not Trump and not this situation where he might well lose all.
  11. I utterly disagree with you if you think Trump or his ilk are really focusing on routine admin processes right now of all times and just on a whim decided to do things a bit out of order. They're looking for every angle on keeping him in office and one is knowing who's going to sacrifice themselves to Trump and who isn't. It's his MO and he's going to be at his worst. He needs people who won't tell him no. What was he ranting about all day today? Bill Barr told him no on Hillary, the Bidens, Obama, etc.
  12. Time would be lost doing it later. McEntee is doing what Trump wants done. One of Trump's signature power plays is keeping people hanging on a string to be able to fire them whenever he feels like it. The process itself marks those who have questionable loyalty to Trump if they push back on the letters. He wants people who think of him, not themselves.
  13. On switching staff out for more loyalists, I can see where Trump wants fewer people around who will push back and tell him no. He's found out that too many of our checks and balances have no teeth, so someone who doesn't care about their professionalism or things like the Constitution, tradition, or law, just Trump, makes a big difference. The timing allows Trump to be ready to make big moves between the election and inauguration day.
  14. A good number of these posts read like the same person talking to themselves.
  15. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/10/08/fact-check-trumps-antibody-therapy-not-made-fetal-stem-cells/5901542002/ The claims about the antibody aren't scientifically accurate, but when it comes to the anti-abortion base, it doesn't matter. Anything to do with an aborted fetus, and especially the CEO being a member of Trump's golf club and Trump's financial interests in the company might be politically very damaging for him.
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