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  1. Spaßvogel

    Major Problems with Show's WW Plot

    Could they cross the plane of the wall itself, or did they just immediately veer back? It's all a bit fuzzy to me. I wonder if they don't cross because someone knows that they're the only thing that can bring down the wall and Brandon The Builder built that aspect of the wall's magic too.
  2. Spaßvogel

    Arya and the Horse

    I think D&D just ripped off "Miracle" from Mel Brooks' History of The World Part 1.
  3. Spaßvogel

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Some of them are very intense. Vachss is a fascinating character, and he freely admits that Burke is an analog of himself for the most part. Burke is a criminal through and through and while he has a code, he also is very flawed and fallible. The first book or two are a bit pulpy tonally in places, but they get more hardcore realistic after that. There is one book about midway through the series that has long, almost academic explanations of a lawyer's theories about false abuse claims by adults and it drags on and on. Some novels contain non-fiction essays after the story concludes. One thing I admire about this series is that continuity and consequences are huge. Stuff that happens in early books resonates through the others. Some of the things even fade away as the character finally moves on. It's a bit fascinating to binge read them because you can really notice it happening. Anyway, I'm up to the 13th book in the series, and it's been interesting ride. Another long crime series I'd read was the Matthew Scudder series by Lawrence Block. It started in the late 70s and continued up until 2011 (although a new book may be coming out). Vachss is about 50 times as gritty.
  4. Spaßvogel

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Currently reading Andrew Vachss' "Burke" series. I remember James Ellroy commenting on how he found Vachss to be an inspiration. Vachss started writing novels because he wanted to address issues in a medium that could reach as many people as possible. The books are a pretty good commentary on the white-knight genre of detective fiction, too.
  5. Spaßvogel

    Not Buying it! Cersi, Hound, Bronn

    The question is, will dragonglass kill a Qyburn-Zombie the same way it does an Others zombie? Does the Hound still have his axe? Or they will have Arya loan him her V-steel dagger.
  6. Spaßvogel

    Starkbucks Cup?

    At least they covered the cup after the episode: https://i.imgur.com/dLFNyTS.jpg
  7. If we get a 5 minute scene of Tyrion or Varys explaining the entire history of the Golden Company at the beginning of the next episode...
  8. Spaßvogel

    GOT Podcasts for Deep-Dive Book Readers?

    Another one I liked. Not sure why I hadn't listened before. I was aware of that one from this forum, but somehow it slipped through the memory holes.
  9. Spaßvogel

    GOT Podcasts for Deep-Dive Book Readers?

    Listened to that one during another long drive yesterday. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the recc!
  10. Spaßvogel

    GOT Podcasts for Deep-Dive Book Readers?

    Thanks for all the replies. I will give each a try. I tend to listen to lots of podcasts during commutes. The ones I tried so far were: Cast of Kings (I was familiar with both hosts from their other media, but ultimately found their discussions unfulfilling. The Variety author seems unwilling to jeopardize her access to cast and crew and Dave Chen has never read the books). Second was Podcast Winterfell which had zero book content in the episode I listened to and two hosts who could find no wrong. Everything was the best and greatest ever. Sigh. The other two I'm not even going to mention because I don't want to chance driving any traffic their way. They were that bad. Stitcher even had a whole category just for "Winter Is Here" shows.
  11. Are there any podcasts out there that cover GoT (The Show) but with hosts who are actually well versed in the books and lore? I have been stuck on some long drives recently and tried a couple GoT podcasts out, but the hosts either had never read the books or spent a good amount of time openly mocking the books. Of the four I've tried out so far (they were all on Stitcher, btw) the hosts seemed to be primarily fawning sycophants which made for tough listening because they could find no wrong or even worse, wished that the show had gone even further in the wrong direction. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Spaßvogel

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    There's bittersweet and then there's wasting hundreds of pages on establishing Jon and the attendant prophecies only to have them not matter a whit.
  13. Have we seen the NK animate a full-on skeleton?
  14. Spaßvogel

    Samwell's response?

    I watched it two days after the premiere on HBO Go and it was there. It's always after the credits on the On Demand version.
  15. Spaßvogel

    Samwell's response?

    Did everyone in this thread skip the little "inside the episode" documentary right after the credits? They specifically point out how Sam has two reactions, one for his father and one for his brother, and they praise the actor for his performance.