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  1. Well, I think this is a massive overreaction. Noticing is not automatically "perving" and it would be less realistic if he didn't notice. Hips are another obvious form of maturity. Noticing that she's started growing up does not automatically mean he's picturing it as something sexual. "Time flies" is the whole point of that mention.
  2. I've seen a lot of people getting the vapors over the "Ivy" mention and it seems a bit ludicrous to me to say that he's "perving" on her. He's just noticing that a lot of time had passed since he'd seen her. Do any of you have kids? My aunt hadn't seen my daughter in four or five years and said she'd "grown into a fine figured young woman" Now was my aunt perving? I really really hope you don't think so. I think the whole point of that scene was for Harry to realize that a lot of time had passed and he was a bad friend and he felt bad for not visiting Ivy for the last few years.
  3. It's cool people are enjoying She. I read it in college in a class called "The Literary Superhero" and enjoyed it tremendously.
  4. Best season in 10 years? Hahahahahahaha. Wow. I can't believe there are people who are defending this season. It is a blueprint to how to destroy a character piece by piece. I've long been thankful that the Cartmel Masterplan never was fully realised, it was at best silly fanwank, but Chibnall took that idea and made it much much worse. The whole concept of the Timeless Child is indefensible. It makes zero sense. The sheer amount of hand-waving about things that have been a part of the show for 50 years is mind boggling. There's a reason the viewing figures are cratering.
  5. My only conclusion is that Chibnall didn't really want the job and so he's systematically destroyed the show out of spite.
  6. I've read a bunch of these lately (thanks to Kindle Unlimited) and the common thread is that while the plotting and most of the characterizations are fine, some of these authors are in desperate need of professional editing. There are things like, too many POVs, unrelated characters who talk the same, repetition of phrases in descriptive text, long sequences that are humorous but had absolutely nothing to the story other than a non-sequitur joke. All that said, I have read some indie books that definitely are as good as any random release from Tor or something.
  7. Aharhgh, the more they publicize this, the worse it gets. Vimes looks like a Sons of Anarchy extra who wondered onto the Game of Thrones set by mistake. Cheery isn't even a dwarf. Lady Sybil is now a hot thin vigilante with a fondness for burning people alive? If they were truly bravely casting they'd portray Sybil as written. Even if they'd stuck with a more hybrid steampunk aesthetic to save money, they still could have portrayed the books as written and it would have been fine. One less show I'll need to watch, I guess.
  8. Apparently there were three Secret History books that have been published by Simon R. Green since the last time I looked. I went ahead and read two. I'm now in his Green-verse crossover book NightFall and I'm not really caring for it too much. Will press through until the end and see how I feel, but it's a bit of a bummer so far.
  9. Maybe that was another reason he didn't want people recording? He didn't sound malicious or snotty when he made the reference, I think he was just going for a laugh with the overflow crowd at the reading. In hindsight I wish I'd just left the camera rolling and set it down to at least get sound.
  10. I loved this series, and Elliot James seems to have evaporated. Social Media accounts have no updates. Website has no updates. I think there's more story there to be told.
  11. Haha...that's an excellent point too. I went to a WMF reading. [Side Note: I usually bring a video camera to readings, but Rothfuss stated that he'd prefer nobody record because he re-uses anecdotes and jokes. I decided to keep rolling and eventually got what I can only call White-Knighted by people who at first made sure to block my view and finally started l alerting bookstore staff. It was at that moment that I felt like my neighbors were informing on me to the KGB. End digression]. Anyway, at this reading, Rothfuss said that the book had been written, and endlessly revised and still didn't quite feel right. Then he decided to create the framing story of Kvothe telling his own story to the scribe. He then said "So I had to do one more revision to this giant story, using the framing story as the way to break it into volumes. The first two you have in your hands, and the third one is almost there." Then he actually took a jab at GRRM and said something like "So you won't be waiting five years for A Dance With Kvothe" and we all laughed...boy did we think that was funny...
  12. He did ape the naming conventions for the various acts. Kvothe "recreated" with a ninja and sex goddess in the same book didn't he? It's all a blur. Pretty soon in my head the Adem will turn into the Faceless Men and Felurian will turn into Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear. Rothfuss will merely be, The Bear. Edit to add: Wise Man's Fear and A Dance With Dragons were both published in 2011. Fun fact!
  13. Couldn't find an unlocked thread. Delete this if it's wrong. While I kill the time between the last Alex Verus and the next Harry Dresden, someone suggested I read the Craig Schaefer-verse books. (Luckily he has a handy dandy reading order on his website). Starting with the first few Daniel Faust books, then over to Harmony Black, then back and forth a bit until we get to the spinoff of the spinoff...anyway... Has anyone else read these? It's sort of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of world building, and it works...mostly, but it really seems a bit overly planned out and inorganically written. It's possible this is another series that's not served by binge-reading (inconsistencies are more noticeable, writer-tics more obvious...etc), but so far nothing has caused me to *stop* reading them. Okay but not great? So far I've read about two-thirds of what is available.
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