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  1. Finally got around to the 6th Eric Carter Novel by Stephen Blackmoore. Other than his reference to Portland, Washington, it's been a good addition to the series. Some excellent character development and some interesting things from the first couple books coming home to roost.
  2. Well, I think this is a massive overreaction. Noticing is not automatically "perving" and it would be less realistic if he didn't notice. Hips are another obvious form of maturity. Noticing that she's started growing up does not automatically mean he's picturing it as something sexual. "Time flies" is the whole point of that mention.
  3. I've seen a lot of people getting the vapors over the "Ivy" mention and it seems a bit ludicrous to me to say that he's "perving" on her. He's just noticing that a lot of time had passed since he'd seen her. Do any of you have kids? My aunt hadn't seen my daughter in four or five years and said she'd "grown into a fine figured young woman" Now was my aunt perving? I really really hope you don't think so. I think the whole point of that scene was for Harry to realize that a lot of time had passed and he was a bad friend and he felt bad for not visiting Ivy for the last few years.
  4. Best season in 10 years? Hahahahahahaha. Wow. I can't believe there are people who are defending this season. It is a blueprint to how to destroy a character piece by piece. I've long been thankful that the Cartmel Masterplan never was fully realised, it was at best silly fanwank, but Chibnall took that idea and made it much much worse. The whole concept of the Timeless Child is indefensible. It makes zero sense. The sheer amount of hand-waving about things that have been a part of the show for 50 years is mind boggling. There's a reason the viewing figures are cratering.
  5. My only conclusion is that Chibnall didn't really want the job and so he's systematically destroyed the show out of spite.
  6. Aharhgh, the more they publicize this, the worse it gets. Vimes looks like a Sons of Anarchy extra who wondered onto the Game of Thrones set by mistake. Cheery isn't even a dwarf. Lady Sybil is now a hot thin vigilante with a fondness for burning people alive? If they were truly bravely casting they'd portray Sybil as written. Even if they'd stuck with a more hybrid steampunk aesthetic to save money, they still could have portrayed the books as written and it would have been fine. One less show I'll need to watch, I guess.
  7. I loved this series, and Elliot James seems to have evaporated. Social Media accounts have no updates. Website has no updates. I think there's more story there to be told.
  8. Couldn't find an unlocked thread. Delete this if it's wrong. While I kill the time between the last Alex Verus and the next Harry Dresden, someone suggested I read the Craig Schaefer-verse books. (Luckily he has a handy dandy reading order on his website). Starting with the first few Daniel Faust books, then over to Harmony Black, then back and forth a bit until we get to the spinoff of the spinoff...anyway... Has anyone else read these? It's sort of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of world building, and it works...mostly, but it really seems a bit overly planned out and inorganically written. It's possible this is another series that's not served by binge-reading (inconsistencies are more noticeable, writer-tics more obvious...etc), but so far nothing has caused me to *stop* reading them. Okay but not great? So far I've read about two-thirds of what is available.
  9. This wasn't as clear in the text, but in the TV show there's a shot of Holden as they pass through the gate and it looks like he "sees" something briefly. Wonder if that was some hardcore foreshadowing.
  10. I participated in the Collaborative Writing Challenge's Steampunk project The Army of Brass. (I think I was told that I was responsible for 20% of the final project, but that is just a guestimate). The book is available for pre-order. Worth every penny of that .99 price! (Or free if you have Kindle Unlimited) Army of Brass on Amazon
  11. He jettisoned the treatments they provided him and 95% of their plot threads from the rest of the canon.
  12. Force Awakens e-book dropped the same day as the movie premiere. Physical book was a few months later. There was a lot more new-canon synergy with the Force Awakens, but there was relatively very little for TLJ. Frankly I'm surprised the Star Wars story team went along with Rian Johnson since he jettisoned so many plot threads from the entire rest of the new canon, but maybe Kathleen Kennedy was the one who decided to roll the dice.
  13. Not hate at all...just indifference mostly. The movie left me cold, the book left me colder. There's now a guiding intelligence in the Star Wars universe called "The Cosmic Force" Rey got Jedi Training from mind-melding Kylo Ren. These things are befuddling mostly.
  14. I finished it. They pretty much picked all of the subjects that the critics hit on during the first week or two of the movie and made sure they had explanations for them. Some of them are very convoluted. That pretty much solidifies in my mind that the delay in publishing was due to them trying to respond to the criticisms of the film. Early in the book, for example, they explain repeatedly that the bombers are carrying "magnetic bombs" and in case you've forgotten, when you get to the bombing run, they still remind you that these are *magnetic bombs* that fly towards their targets...magnetically.
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