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  1. Comes out on the 31st in the States and on HBO Max. It's out internationally.
  2. I think Harry clarified afterwards to Oprah it wasn't the Queen or Prince Phillip (declined to say who it was). My money is on Charles, actually. I doubt Harry has many conversations with Andrew or Edward. Edit: I see Maltaran got there before me, with a link no less.
  3. What shape would this reform take that would meaningfully allow legislation to pass? Genuine question. the Republicans would organize a rota to talking-filibuster H.R.1, I have no doubt. I understand going through the motions to test, again, the Republican profession to working together in a bipartisan way on infrastructure, particularly since Manchin has publicly expressed support for $3-4 trillion bill. Maybe there's a deal with enough pork, though I kind of doubt it.
  4. Funniest line in the decision in Robert's solo dissent (referring to an English Chief Justice): "These statements, however, bear less weight than the Court suggests. Lord Holt was alone in dissent in Ashby (no shame there), and although his opinion has been cited favorably by subsequent cases and commentary, his colleagues disagreed with him."
  5. Yup. And Mitch is also organizing a succession plan in Kentucky: https://wfpl.org/mcconnell-backs-ky-bill-ensuring-gop-successor-if-he-leaves-office/. It may just be a prudent precaution or he may not intend to serve out his full term. Bullock would have worked for Ag, rather than giving Vilsack a second go at the department. Bullock was courted by the party and Obama into running: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/06/steve-bullock-obama-meeting-111814. I'm sure he would have been happy to be in the cabinet. Frankly, the collapse of the Dems in Nebraska, ND, Montana is a distressing and underrated story of its own.
  6. He can. There are many grounds to criticize Thomas fairly: intellectual inferiority is not one of them.
  7. All the Republicans who swallowed their consciences to appease Trump are retiring, and being replaced by soulless hacks. It's been happening since 2016. Marshall, Blackburn, Lummis, Scott, Hawley, Kennedy all objected to the election results. Hagerty was a Trump fundraiser. Kevin Cramer is one of the Trumpiest Senators. I won't be singing any dirges for the retirees, but the replacement of cowards by fanatics is a bad thing for the country. You look at the Missouri presidential election results in 2020 though, and hard to believe any Democrat can win a statewide election there for federal office. Claire Mcaskill may be the Dems best bet? Although the Dems spent a lot of effort in 2020 trying to get the "right" candidatea in Montana, Iowa, NC etc to overcome the rightward lean, and as a general rule it didn't work. The exclusion of Steve Bullock, who took a bullet for his party running in Montana against Daines, from Biden's cabinet is something I will never understand.
  8. True, but I think she's beatable. Arkansas has often elected Dem governors even now it is ruby red. My dream scenario involves her being beaten in a primary or general, and Lara Trump running in NC and winning the primary only to lose the general.
  9. You should skip season 4 and 5 and go straight to 6 and 7. But you should watch it.
  10. "the ancient Hebrews had a word for Jews from Westport: they pronounced it 'Presbyterian.'" Ziegler is an observant Jew, I'm pretty sure.
  11. Have been reading the Thief series based on the recommendations thread. I've finished the first book, which I really liked, but have not really enjoyed the second book (I'm halfway through). I'm going to pick up a hard copy of Fonda Lee's first novel based on thread recommendations for the next couple of days.
  12. So far 12 have said they will vote to object. Interestingly, the number includes James Lankford who I had down as one of the more reasonable Republican senators.
  13. Interesting list. 1. Did you read Helen Wecker's first book the Golem and the Jinni? Do you recommend? 2. I stopped reading Mark Lawrence after being disappointed with how his Ancestors trilogy ended. I did have the first book on my 2020 list but never read it. 3. I have Novik and Addison on my 2021 list as well. Novik's first scholomance was great fun, I picked it up from the related best of 2020 thread. 4. Kristoff and Fonda Lee are new to me. Have you read their work? 5. I've read most everything Anthony Ryan has written but the Raven's Blade duology was mildly disappointing. His pilgrimage of swords is excellent though. Would recommend if you haven't picked it up. 6. I expect Robert Jackson Bennett to publish his third volume from your hope but not expect list, but not the others from amongst the ones I've heard of.
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