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  1. Soviet era tanks have been delivered in numbers by some East-european countries, including Poland. Talking about various T-72's and a few T55 variants, here. This happened already during 2022.
  2. Lower Decks did too, IIRC. The animated shows go full "Treshhold" (but in a fun way)! @Werthead: any significance for the renewal of ST shows in the recently announced merger between Showtime and Paramount+?
  3. It introduces the characters nicely - particularly the finer points of the relationships between the Diviner and Gwyn, and between Dal and Gwyn are introduced here (and those things get payed off later). The other "protogies" are also competently introduced. The final episode of S1 also nicely bookends the pilot. It does not feel like Trek yet, no, but it's a good start in its own right. Only Dal's cocky behaviour is really a problem in the first few episodes. @Werthead: It's good to hear that Paramount+ is doing well (in the US then, I suppose), but Nickolodeon is also in play. I think the fear is more that they might stop co-financing, which could offer opportunities if Paramount/CBS are willing to foot the bill (maybe for a couple animated movies rather than a new season), but could also sink the show.
  4. Agreed, and the 2nd part of the finale had at least 2 very moving moments. The Hagemans aren't kidding when they say they wanted to elicit the same kind of emotions as Wrath of Khan. Prodigy has a cinematic feel to it, but without the cardboard villains the movies have had since Nemesis. Best first season of any Trek series, for me, it's that good (admittedly most Trek shows have relatively weak first seasons, even DS9). With an ending like this, season 2 will be quite a different animal. Can't wait to see how it will turn out. Sadly, a season 3 has yet to be confirmed and the Hageman's said that today's TV climate is frightening. I hope they are able to continue.
  5. Very moving episode on Prodigy this week. Surprised how far it went. Looking forward to the last part.
  6. Without Dal's enhanced powers, Rok or Gwyn could still have pulled any of their usual tricks (or Murf could have manifested his "bloodlust" right away). But it was fun this way. What I think the moral was, is that Dal tried to make himself better but he ended up being useless for much of the episode (in particular at the elevator fight), whereas his friends (including Gwyn) accept and prefer him the way he is. His confidence needs a boost. His jealousy was pretty funny though. His background will play an important later, once they are ready to apply to Starfleet for real. Gwyn was retroactively proven right to run away from Ascencia, though. She was shocked at the mention of her father, and Ascencia wanting her to point out the location of the Protostar right away. And now, I think they are too afraid of Janeway/the Dauntless (with the Diviner on it - if he isn't gone after this episode) to consider any of the more obvious options, as most of those entail approaching the Dauntess way too close for comfort. They could have sent Okona with a message, and he may yet end up talking to Janeway. It looks like Janeway is close to figuring out the gist of what is going on, anyway. The speed of the ships is indeed ludicrous, considering the Protostar can already do warp 9,97 without its third nacelle and engine core, and the Dauntless is at least as fast in regular warp. Wonder which is faster when they activate the non-conventional part of their propulsion systems.
  7. Prodigy's last episode (Masquerade s1x15) was great fun, a solid combination of action, drama and comedy (with a surprisingly strong return of the TNG bit character Okona, much improved upon the original version, actor Billy Campbell having fun with this one). Good action for Kate Mulgrew as well, who effectively gets to voice multiple characters including Janeway herself (now a vice-admiral). The serial plot in this show is really well done. I agree with Werthead on Strange New Worlds: good things about this show, but the underdevelopment of certain characters (in particularly Una, who got focus in exactly one single episode) is puzzling and the episodes are up-and-down.
  8. Looking forward to the season "1B" of Prodigy. Looks to be fun mix between Janeway chasing the "meddling kids" (who will probably get away with it) and problems-of-the-week, especially as I think the Dauntless may be visiting places after the Protostar has passed (and done its thing to, hopefully, solve the problem-of-the-week).
  9. They apparently viewed T'Lynn as no more than a character they could bring back later, maybe a bit like they brought back Peanut Hamper only after one and a half season. Surprising, but then they didn't bring back Magh either. Though with T'Lynn, at least we got the hook that she would supposedly join starfleet.
  10. Certainly a daring one. It was enjoyable, though it seems to get love-it-or-hate-it reactions online.
  11. The show runner has said in an interview that they were surprised by the popularity of T'Lynn, and that S3 was already well in production at that time. She will be back for season 4, at least (and maybe feature in some capacity in a late S3 episode, I don't remember if anything was stated about that one way or the other).
  12. The last episode of Lower Decks was very good. Both the Rutherford plot and the Starfleet booth worked. Best ep of season 3, so far.
  13. I concur. I only watched it recently - and much like with Lower Decks, was surprised at the quality. It is even better than Lower Decks, since the early episodes of LD weren't that good (and Prodigy has plenty of humour of its own in spite of the more serious storylines). It appears the main Prodigy storylines are plotted out in advance, and it shows. Great characters, a consistent plot (something neither Picard nor Discovery nail) and I guess it also works as a first entrance to Star Trek for children. Voice acting and animation are also top notch. There are scenes in Prodigy (like the fight around the shuttle while it is being constructed) and Lower Decks (like the stripping of the Cerritos) that would not be out of place in big budget movies. Highly recommended. Rumours now are that it is likely to return in october (after Lower Decks S3, I suppose).
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