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  1. This way, she could establish herself as a Seanchan noblewomen or some such, using the one power in subtle ways to get to power without all alarms going off in the white tower and other power centres who could be a threat. Otherwise, she would have to keep a very low profile.
  2. It's quite possible, even likely given the books, that all the forsaken/chosen have the gift of immortal life. Lanfear being one of the chosen, then would also have that (which Fain may not have known). It doesn't have to mean that only Lanfear has that, given that Ishy is more or less her superior and the DO's favorite, as his only true supporter. Sure, Lanfear also did him a great service, but would he give her such a great gift for that and deny the same to his most trused lieutenant? Lanfear wouldn't need to die if they follow the books, just trap her for a while and have her come back.
  3. Their part was fine (the evil-AI group therapy was quite funny), but the other part of the episode (Badgey) didn't go over quite as well. Overall I agree that after the strong first 2 episodes, the rest of the season is a bit so-so. I hope the resolution for the mysterious ship will be good, at least.
  4. I understand, but for Lan it is not a sport but his main way of doing battle. He will be more experienced than Demandred is, even if Demandred was a great sport fencer or something like that. Lan actually has killed a lot in battle with a sword, and nearly died quite a bit by the swords of his opponents. It doesn't make much sense that powerful channelers in the AOL would ever have needed to really kill with it, in battle they had much better options.
  5. I generally enjoyed the finale, but I don't know what Ishamael was really doing. If he was really going full to break through Egwene's defensive weaves, that would be disappointing. At face value, Ishy got defeated way too easily. It's not clear to me what happened. Did Ishy really die, or was it an illusion (or did he die, but will the DO resurrect him in the same body and he knows that, which would come down to the same thing - Fares Fares remains in the show)? Was he, to some extent, working with Lanfear's plan - she would help Rand kill Ishy and she said so openly. Did Ishamael willingly play along, is there a good cop/bad cop routine going on and he is giving Lanfear a shot at turning him? But then, why release the other Forsaken? I guess this would still be explainable by him not trusting Lanfear in any case, wanting to keep her in check and to keep Rand and co on their toes. Another interpretation is that he had planned to drive Rand to despair by having his friends one by one be defeated or turned to the shadow, but if so he wasn't very far along and his chances to realise this were always slim. In that case, he would have decided to give up when things went south along that front, but still, why the entire setup with the convoluted gentling by remote damane? What was his plan with Mat, did he actually plan for what happened (but even Min's view didn't quite predict that)? I hope we hear more about that in between seasons, or at least during season 3 we get some more insights. And I hope Fares has not left the show alltogether. If he has, we could still get Moridin later, I suppose, with another actor. While I agree LTT's knowledge and skill was accessed by Rand in that scene (and the show could have gone that route against Turak, though the Indy moment wasn't bad either), I don't think centuries of practice makes sense. Demandred and LTT could use the power as a weapon, and they had access to "shocklances" as well. No way swords would have been very important to them in a military sense. It's for the best, considering they really didn't set that up well at all. Another victom of Barney leaving the show. However, it is a bit grating, seen over the whole season, that the fade nailed to the door has no apparent explanation in the show (Fain may have powers in the show but at this point, he doesn't disobey Ishamael, so why would he turn on the Fade?) and that Ingtar's conversation with Perrin is in there but without any followup (other than it having some bearing on Liandrin and maybe Lanfear). Let's hope he doesn't know more than we do, concerning the actor. What I did end up appreciating in the finale, was Mat and the heroes of the horn. I feared this part would be cheesy, but it was maybe the best part of the finale. Lan and Moiraine reconnecting was good also, though Lan snatching arrows from the air was really over the top. I didn't mind Moiraine channeling at the ships, there are multiple ways to justify a way past the oaths ("aes sedai"/accepted in direct danger, the dragon in danger and thus the whole world including Moiraine herself, she feels threatened by the damane,...). I also appreciated the Whitecloaks being competent, using sound tactics (and wouldn't Ishamael have been aware of them, he does have at least one prominent Whitecloak spy in the show cfr the cold opening of season 2?) by masking their approach and prioritising the biggest threat: the damane. I even felt for the Bornhalds when Geofram was killed by Perrin, he didn't really deserve it even though Valda did. In the books he was killed by the Seanchan. In the show, Dain actually has good reasons to hate Perrin.
  6. Netflix has picked up Prodigy. S1 to appear on the service sometime in 2023, S2 in 2024. An order for season 3 is possible, according to Aaron Waltke, but of course only if the numbers are good. Very happy that we will see season 2, at least.
  7. Yes, competent villains are nice, especially if they give them plausible reasons not to just wipe the floor with the protagonists (which is presently the case for both Ishy and Lanfear - both want something from Rand and to a lesser extent from his allies/friends). Lanfear must indeed have used some form of travel (potentially through the dreamworld - in any case, she can transport Mat in addition to herself) and is smart enough to hide this ability from the channelers of this age, starting her attack from the expected position (the Foregate) and taking the "mundane" waygate to escape with Rand. Come to think of it, would a Fade be capable of taking someone with him when it does its shifting in the shadows thing? That would hardly have been possible, as even Rand at full strength would have serious trouble with a channeler of her strength and skill (she was a scholar in the One Power in the age of legends). And she is one of his more useful allies, even if she is also a loose cannon and very volatile in general. In the books, Rand allies with her, too. Yes, looks like it. And I don't mind Ingtar doing so (he hasn't had much to do, unlike his role in the book) but I wonder if they are even going to be doing his redemption arc (were it not that he had a suspicious talk with Perrin about motivations of darkfriends, I would wonder if he was still a DF at all in the show) this season. If they do it out of nowhere in ep 8, it will probably not have near the impact it had in the books (one of the best moments of the entire series; the ability to redeem DF's is a key one for the dragon and his allies). I think it's clever that Lan figures it out - most Aes Sedai are too uncomfortable around the concept of stilling to study it, Lan would have ample motivation to study it instead, and he had access to books at Verin's place. Lan would realise the bond wasn't broken and he wasn't suicidal, and with Moiraine confirming that she also wasn't, he got confirmation (along with Logain's info). Maybe someone like Verin could have figured it out if she had the whole picture, but Alanna and co didn't even believe Lan wasn't suicidal. I'm not entirely sure about Siuan's attitude toward Rand (admittedly, things are different in the show with Moiraine supposedly being stilled and Rand's involvement with Lanfear already suspected), but Moiraine and Lan are right to help break him out. Just as in the books, Lanfear is a needed ally for Rand at this stage, here even more so than in the books (where she mainly serves the function of providing Rand with a good teacher). In the books, Moiraine is aware of the uneasy alliance between Rand and Lanfear and she keeps silent, not even advising Rand against it and she even travels with Lanfear (in disguise) there, too. Keeping Rand shielded in the Tower (under the watchful eye of the Black Ajah) is not going to work in the medium or long run, either, not least because he isn't going to learn shit that way. It's true that Moiraine and Lan are doing what Ishamael and Lanfear want them to do, but I suspect that Lanfear's plans for the outcome in Falme will differ from Ishy's, and be rather more to Moiraine's liking. They are playing with fire and so is Rand, but that was and is necessary, book and show. Lanfear's tie to Lews/Rand is a gift from the pattern that gives Rand the tools he needs. Verin may have been acting on her own or under orders from Lanfear, while I suppose Liandrin's hit on Moiraine was under orders from Lanfear as well (since Ishamael preferred her alive). Agreed on Ingtar. What hasn't yet been setup at all, except for merely establishing general whitecloak presence on Toman Head, is the Whitecloaks' charge at Falme. That was a crucial point in the books in the sense that it, and the Seanchan reaction, was the direct trigger for the horn. How will that happen in the show, where Mat is seemingly all alone? Will he run into Rand ánd Perrin somehow? And how will the dagger play into this, if something happens with this in ep 8 as is seemingly being setup? Rand asked for her help to free him, not exactly to kill dozens or hundreds in order to do so. It was a reasonable request in his position (and he clearly wasn't happy with the way she was helping), and Lanfear could have been far more subtle. Rand did ask her for a teacher in the books IIRC, or at least agreed readily to her proposal, and they worked together to subdue said teacher. He can't afford to say no to an alliance with Lanfear, the benefits in the long term greatly outweigh the risks and the short term disadvantages. Nynaeve's "don't encourage her" to Loial was a golden moment, loving this Elayne. The interaction between them was on point again. I hope they don't make Elayne too much like the version of the later books, and they should give her a far better storyline than the inconsequential Andorian succession. Aviendha getting beat up - for what, losing someone in a fight where she got captured herself? - was the only part of the episode I straight up didn't like. Completely senseless, makes the Aiel seem like morons. How did they fight the Aiel war if they had to beat each other senseless everytime they lost a combatant? I never liked the whole ji and Toh thing in the books, but here it seems even more ridiculous.
  8. IMO Red Bull was superior in 2012 as well, but they had more competition from McLaren (which also had a very good car that year), were confronted with an Alonso in great form (even though his Ferrari wasn't good at first) and like all teams they suffered from unpredictable behaviour of the tyres. Apparently Williams was the first to understand the tyres that year, leading to Maldonado's sensational win at Spain.
  9. The show would do well to change this aspect of the (later) books: allthough earlier books clearly set it up that the suldam reveal would break Seanchan society (or at least cause major upheaval), later books had Tuon just shrug it off with nothing negative happening to the Seanchan. This definitely needs to be changed in the show, if they get around to doing Tuon she must either change her mind on the Damane thing or she needs to be marked as an evil character to get her comeuppance along with the Forsaken. Even if they are thinking about the kind of spinoff series that RJ wanted to do but couldn't anymore due to his illness. Watchers of "wheel of time" will demand a form of justice on this front.
  10. The "forsaken temple" also seemed to show 8 statues, just like Stepin's little ones. Ishamael is one of them. Lanfear has been on screen, Moggy and Graendal have been named. Of the others, Asmodean is the most recognisable one from the statues (due to the instrument visible) and based on physical attributes Semirhage and Sammael are suspected as well, though the latter may be a merge of two or more male forsaken taking different characteristics of each. Demandred and Rahvin seem the most interesting candidates for the last spot. Lanfear not naming Semirhage causes some to think that she is out (in favour of "the boys"), but the statues seem to contradict that so WAFO.
  11. I was not convinced by that TNG episode, which had a rather ridiculous setup to get Picard captured in the first place and was hurt by the attempt to use some (very bad) French and by being a "plot of the week" thing, forgotten by the next week. This WOT episode was much better, though also much harder to watch in a way. A bit ironic that it is those episodes that finally seem to give the show some recognition with critics. I think her hand was forced by Alanna learning from Lan that Moiraine found the dragon reborn. With Alanna then going to the Amyrlin, she would have to react at once or it would look very badly for Alanna. And she can't trust Alanna, so she has to give a show of some kind. Siuan's knives of air were cool though. I think so, too. Assuming Barthanes is not a darkfriend (he may very well be, and if not him Anvaere still migt be, but Moiraine doesn't know that), he seems nice and sociable enough to at least be a good king-consort - without notable power of his own. If the children would inherit the Damodred name (rather than, what was it, Riatin?), it would even make the house proud in the longer run, as they would be actually ruling the country. It is quite intriguing to see the interplay between Ishamael, Lanfear and Rand. It does seem like the former two both want to manipulate/force Rand to Falme, but I suppose that Lanfear does not have the same outcome in mind as Ishy ('dear'). Especially since in ep.5, Ishy claimed that the last battle would be fought in Falme, which is about as misguided as Moirain's belief in S1 that it would be fought at the Eye of the World. Unless Ishamael was lying to Suroth and doesn't believe so himself, which he has been known to do I suppose... If he really does believe it, he is in for a shock at the end of the season.
  12. It's indeed irritating that the Tower in general, and the greens in particular did not lift a finger to help Fal Dara (with the obvious exception of Moiraine and Lan), and that Shienar wasn't even angry about that (with exception of Ingtar, I suppose). Allthough the Red Ajah are the ajah that is presented as the most unsympathetic, actually they are possibly the only Ajah that's 100% living up to their job description. And the greens in practice probably help them (in dealing with the followers of the false dragons, for example) rather than doing their stated jobs against shadowspawn. The Grey ajay and the yellow ajah probably are useful to a degree while the Blues are just spy masters (and don't do anything with the info, Moiraine and Siuan aside) and brown and white collect knowledge but don't share it, as a rule. I think the show would be better off either without travelling (except through the ways), where Forsaken meetings could be done in Tel'aran'riod as it happened in ep 5 and often in the books as well, or with a different form of travelling whereby the Forsaken, Rand and maybe a few others can transport themselves only (or the people standing very close to them, for the very strongest, say). That would allow the usual jetpack stuff of zooming all over the map for some characters, while still make it meaningful to hold territory. Someone willing/able to take a small army through the ways could still gain surprise and advantage, as Ishamael and Isam did at least twice in the Two Rivers. Regarding Aviendha, I do think the fight as shown was over the top and not too convincing. It wouldn't have been better with Gaul instead of her, though, maybe use less whitecloaks and have them clearly underestimate her instead, or have them foolishly try to take her captive rather than kill her. Or show her to be using channeling (inadvertently maybe, as Rand did in show and books), after all she will turn out to be a powerful channeler.
  13. Sainz often shows that he can 'read' a race from within the cockpit, and his call to manage the distance to Norris so that the latter could remain within DRS range without being able to seriously threaten an overtake, was brilliant and won him the race. While the Red Bull was shocking in qualifying, the impression is that it was already much better in race trim. I wonder if their problems will persist in Suzuka, or not.
  14. There are certainly aspects of the books that could use improvement, and villains is one of them. So far, the show is doing great on that front. Regarding Verin, her dialogue about there being ways around oaths suggests she had already made her mistake. Moiraine's sister being a darkfriend is very possible, given she had to turn her family's fortunes around and with her son being one in the books, but she did help Moiraine find 'Selene' and Rand. If so, she may have gone against the interests of the Shadow and get punished soon. Unless she is being steered by Ishamael and he is undermining her to some degree, perhaps fearing her to get too much influence on Rand too quickly (as he may guess she could go for the "we could supplant the DO/Creator/Naeblis etc" spiel). Selene also seemed to wear clothing more appropriate for the early 20th century in her Kinslayer's Dagger scenes with Rand. I don't think we can be certain there is a merge, yet. Semirhage isn't exactly casually sadistic - she likes to torture (not casually, but with dedication) people she considers unworthy. What show-Lanfear is said to be, and demonstrated to some extent in this episode, is still something else: indeed casual cruelty. And most forsaken would probably have killed the male rider, to take his horse, though what she did with the woman was extraordinarily cruel. But still not a particularly Semirhage thing to do. One of Stepin's little statues did seem quite clearly to represent Semirhage, so she may yet be in. Lanfear may have just declined to name her, as (in the books at least) they hate each other. In meta terms, it may be that they have no plans to introduce Semirhage yet, if she comes with Tuon like in the books. And while Ishamael is already very much involved with the Seanchan, he had been meddling for years with them in the books, too, and his advisory role (in the show) with them was taken by Padan Fain in the books. There could certainly be room for Semirhage at a later stage. For reference, here is the link to a composite picture of the statues: https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2Fn7v8asmj2j381.jpg%3Fwidth%3D2520%26format%3Dpjpg%26auto%3Dwebp%26s%3Dd5347bc2135c8e3446136c03473c85c8e4699185 It certainly can be, having a darkfriend king or queen can certainly be useful and a few assasinations - that may not be tied to Damodred if other darkfriends do it on their behalf - at the right time can do wonders. Ultimately they will regret it of course, but to rise from fallen house to royal house, why not?
  15. Not quite sure about this possible merging of Lanfear and Semirhage, which are far more distinctive from one another than say, Demandred and Sammael and Rahvin. For the half alliance between Rand and Lanfear, that they still seem to be going for, it would be better if Lanfear is not overtly cruel (in the books, she at least claimed not to be and most of her cruelty came when she was in rage over Rand). Maybe he will convince her not to harm Moiraine, helped by Ishamael indicating he feels she could be useful. A good idea though, to make use of conversations between Lanfear and Ishamael to show their plans. I liked it that Ishamael had put thought into what he did and didn't do to Moiraine. Fain is probably still going to betray him: the Fade nailed to the wall or door in that village and his attitude in the cold open of the season (where he was the only DF willing or able to look up at the girl) points to that. Moghedien was also name checked and said to be "insane", while she was the most level-headed Forsaken in the books (with the probably exception of Asmodean). Wonder where they are going with that. That the Whitecloaks could defeat a relatively small, advance party of the Hailene isn't surprising. Bornhald the older did it in the books as well (even taking out a damane and suldan on at least one occasion), his group wasn't defeated till Turak gathered the mass of his damane against them at Falme. Aviendha's introduction was nice, the actress is doing well, but it is a bit unfortunate that it is again a young woman shown to be wiping the floor with professional soldiers (who just defeated a Seanchan detachment and thus aren't incompetent by any means) who aren't even underestimating her (and Perrin). Sure, all the Aiel were super(wo)men at this stage of the books but this is going to draw criticism. Interesting that Dain Bornhald was portrayed relatively sympatheticly. Will there be a child Byar or will Dain become Perrin's nemesis instead, perhaps spurned by what happened to his men in this fight? Barthanes seemed nice enough. Big question now: is he actually a Darkfriend? Will he still be the one to tell Rand that Ishamael wants him to go to Falme? Lanfear is another obvious candidate for that, and she may even want Ishamael's plans to be thwarted.
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