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  1. Agreed. Perhaps the worst episode of the season so far, imo.
  2. akh

    Cobra Kai

    Man I'm surprised at how fucking entertaining this thing was.
  3. lmao, when Amos shows up "Shit, did I miss it?"
  4. That's weird, my biggest issue with the show was the actress that played Ortega. More specifically that I felt she didn't do a very good job. The dialogue had some mumbling and otherwise wonky parts, but that didn't bother me much. Past the first episode I didn't really like the soundtrack either, but that's really a non-issue. Other than that while not one of the greatest shows ever made, I think this was a fun ride. The visuals really were amazing. The rating the show stands at rottentomatoes is where I'd put it as well.
  5. Dichen Lachmann is a goddess
  6. The effects looked sweet there. Boy did that Georgiu suck tho. I dunno if its the actress or the director, but that was one bland and boring evil empress. Perhaps the only directions they gave her were "make an evil face and strain your voice". But man did I not like that version.
  7. I think Lorca is gonna end up being the emperor of that mirrorverse. They did say nobody knows what he looks like, yeah?
  8. akh

    Men. Men. Men.

    I'm not sure about MRA and Red Pill groups starting because of the statements, although they probably do fuel the fire. I would wager there was a ton of bitter and lonely men throughout the 20th century. It's just the internet made it easy for them to group up and circlejerk in each others' misery. Anyways, I hadn't though about the suicide rates being different due to men selecting more successful methods of carrying out the act. There's very few guns here, but I suppose hanging is more efficient than pills or slitting the wrists. Surely this only accounts for a slight portion of the difference, though.
  9. akh

    Men. Men. Men.

    Well I read the first post. Then I clicked through the last few pages and now you're discussing jacking off at work? I'm going to have to go against the flow here and go back to something in the first post - it got me interested in checking out the differences between male and female suicide rates in my country. Holy fuck the difference in the amount is enormous across all age groups. I'm guessing there's research into the reasons. Does anyone have anything legit at hand they could point me to? I knew there was a difference, but I had always assumed it would be say 20 deaths per 100 000 people for men versus like 15 for women. But it's more like 24 vs 6. That's huge.
  10. akh

    Vice Principals HBO

    I mean the Belinda breakdown type of over the top. Over the top for even this show's average
  11. akh

    Vice Principals HBO

    Feel like we'll have Russell retaliate in a way over the top escalated manner. No way he's the killer either. Building up suspense better than a lot of serious shows this one.
  12. akh

    Vice Principals HBO

    Dear god this is hard to watch at times. Only the crazy lady and Russel remain as suspects now. I'm leaning towards the mask and gun being planted by crazy.
  13. akh

    Vice Principals HBO

    We've been shown Lee will do nearly anything he must to get what he wants. I find it difficult to entertain the idea he'd go as far as murder though. But if the next episodes continue showing us how much of a piece of shit he can be, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the shooter. Current Lee seems too much of a wuss for it, and only resorting to manipulation and lies. From a story telling perspective though, I feel like Lee is the only one who has had any build-up towards being the shooter.
  14. akh

    The Gifted (Fox X-Men universe TV series) [spoilers]

    Well this is better than Inhumans, that's for sure.
  15. akh

    Vice Principals HBO

    After this ep and the last I think Lee is the likeliest shooter. The dude really is insane.