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  1. I can't launch the game at the moment but I recreated the build off memory as best I could. There isn't anything important missing: I swap around some car perks a lot so those are probably wrong. There's only a few very slight things differing from what you listed. I am not running monowire and no Deep Visual Interface (since I've got no Cool). I prefer gorilla arms because 15 body + gorilla arms ends me at 20 body for conversation and world interaction checks. And the damage is obviously already at an insane overkill anyways. Other than that, Adrenaline adds another flat 10% and Edgerunner adds another 10% (and 50% increased crit damage). I don't recall Edgerunner proccing often, however, so not sure what those numbers might look like. Also, "Race against the mind" increases damage up to 50% depending on missing HP. Yesterday I was wondering why the damage range is so wide and now I'm guessing that's where the difference comes from actually. Yeah. I was considering of doing the math but I don't think there's enough info on how damage gets calculated (additive/multiplicative and so on).
  2. With the Iconic variant, I think I saw 110k today. The majority of damage comes from spamming it on empty RAM while overclocked. Plus, I use the Cyberware that adds 100% crit chance for quickhacks (so all quickhack damage is critical and the cyberware adds 10% to all damage based off 20 INT). And I sandwich the Synapse burn between quickhacks to trigger the +60% damage perk and the +40% from the cyberdeck. There are other perks that add some increases too that I can't really list off the top of my head but there's one for +7% in the quickhack tree, there's Adrenaline and I've taken quickhack and int scaling damage modifier cyberware everywhere possible. But yeah, if I wanna do things from a slight distance I go Purple Sonic blast -> Iconic Synapse -> Green Reboot Optics. Purple Sonic blast because orange is more costly and the added benefit is meh; Green Optics because it's cheap to spam for 2 RAM. Sometimes I queue up two green Optics at the end for +80 heal instead of +40. The purple Sonic makes the dying NPC essentially invisible to everyone around him (until they "locate" the body, which takes a while usually). So most of the time combat isn't even initiated if you do it at a distance. You just gotta look out for Synapse burn spreading (under Overclock) before you've hit them with the Sonic blast. I believe the Overclock heal talent (and the RAM regen to Health regen perk) are both improved by all health regen/heal effect improvements as well so you get more health back. But I've not really bothered to try with and without to confirm. Edit: wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I don't believe these images spoil anything but not sure, so inside spoiler tag are the lowest and the highest damage I saw within the short time I looked.
  3. I've suspected this too a few times but I could never really confirm it. I could never make the monowire not feel terrible. And it's such a shame too because it looks cool and fits so well thematically with the netrunner. But I suppose it's bound to feel weak in comparison to 60k damage hacks spammed throughout the combat due to an endless supply of RAM and HP.
  4. This doesn't look bad at all. For netrunning, having body 15 is nice, though. Overclock quickhack spam removes a lot health, which can be recouped automatically with Biomonitor and Health pump cyberware, which in turn trigger Adrenaline. One of the side-perks of Adrenaline adds some damage, too. I didn't have the patience to wait for that and re-specced out of Cool. At which point would you say the one-shots became reliable? Purple weapons and Cool 15? Luckily, I did a pistol-netrunner playthrough once, so at least this impatience gave me some variety.
  5. Are there any other movement tricks or glitches out there? I generally enjoy learning new mechanics in games. And some other thoughts: I was wondering for a while what I'll use in addition to netrunning for combat. I was between tech weapons and knives mostly. In the end, I decided to not level Cool. Since I figured learning the timing for bolt shots would be fun, I went with Tech weapons for a while but I was running a few cyberware pieces that would slow down time here and there and it became an annoyance to time the shots, so I unspecced from those perks. Not saying I won't go back to Tech weapons but now I've been using Smart weapons. I was always skeptical about those since I enjoy aiming myself, but I got the smart submachine gun from the Arasaka warehouse and I am in love with it. I put Contagion on the bad guys, wait for it to spread once or twice and shoot at them with the smg, which ignites the enemies causing some satisfying chain explosions. It also combines well with the Pyromania perks. There's a respawning encounter on the beach in Pacifica where a lot of enemies are close together, I strongly recommend trying it out over there. Nonetheless, shooting is more of a hobby for a netrunner, done for the sake of variety.
  6. Also, having recently played Ghostrunner, after getting the Dash perk, I figured I'd try for some funky movement interactions. It put a smile on my face to see that hitting jump quickly after dashing gives a nice little boost, and if you've got the double jump legs cyberware you can keep the momentum going longer. Couldn't find anything that would combo with the slide like in Ghostrunner, though.
  7. With limited time - maybe 10 hours - in 2.0, I would say there aren't any. Vehicle handling and the enemy difficulty mods were a must have for me before 2.0. Enemy netrunners in my opinion no longer require a mod, and the vehicle handling feels better now. So the only thing I miss is making some of the named NPCs "minibosses" but I don't know if it's updated already. That, however, isn't an "essential" mod by any means.
  8. I'm sure it's because they want to make the difference in power levels clear in canonical Night City history. In Edgerunners, a fully decked out Martinez got wrecked by Adam Smasher whereas a naked V beat Adam Smasher to death with a dildo. What an end to a real Night City legend.
  9. I started a new run and I will progress the story to the point of Phantom Liberty as quickly as possible. If the expansion adds new toys to play with, I want to use them for as much content as possible. Granted, I've done a couple of gigs and quite a few NCPD events too, just to build up the renewed skill tree. I am very much enjoying this new approach to netrunning. Playing on Very Hard - around level 20 now -, and enemies die very quickly with my current queue of hacks. This game was never really meant to be challenging but I wouldn't worry about level scaling: the enemies could have 2x the HP they have now without me progressing at all, and the game would still tick the "power fantasy" box. They do appear to be deadlier than before (worth noting that I have absolutely nothing invested in survivability tho). Still working out which weapon type I will commit to (not perk points spent in those yet). I am leaning towards tech weapons because I am generally a fan of chain lightning in games, but also considering throwing weapons as they're cool or smart weapons for netrunning synergy.
  10. Haha, that was also my first build and I also plan on going back to that for the update. Maybe I can find a good way to convince myself to finally go street kid. And having played both V's, femme V is an obvious choice for the voice actor; she absolutely nailed it.
  11. I think the game benefits from a difficulty increase, so I am pretty happy to see level scaling. I hope they update the mod which adds "minibosses" and more stuff to enemy combat AI soon (unless this patch added that too). I just prefer it when thinking through your build and loadout actually matters for something (even if it might be very little in games like Cyberpunk). Although seeing people unhappy with level scaling: perhaps they could have left the difficulty unchanged for difficulty levels below the hardest, so that less min-max inclined players wouldn't be put off by it.
  12. Christina Ricci is absolutely killing it in this role.
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