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  1. I don't get it. One of my good friends was a huge Breaking Bad fan and never started BCS exactly because he knew that the main characters were safe. If that's a key point for you - why would you watch it in the first place? And I don't mean anything by it, I'm genuinely curious.
  2. I didn't care for the chase sequence whatsoever; it felt like the weakest part of this season so far. Except for that one bit where the chase convoy made the turn syncing up nicely with Walk├╝renritt. Other than that, perhaps my favorite episode of the season so far. It seems unlikely that Dolores is solely out for emancipation but I'm curious to see what her goal ends up being. And I wonder how Maeve plays into this all. Her sick leave was most unfortunately timed.
  3. Based on the high praise here, I gave it a shot. Two episodes in and I gotta say this is fantastic.
  4. Big time. I hope that was only there for that (non)reaction from Dolores. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. I wanted to see a depiction of the future-world in this series for a while now.
  5. This is shaping up to be a fantastic season - another great episode. Jon Hamm enthusiastically transforming into Larry David was great, especially with Richard Lewis prophecizing that this would be the end for him.
  6. Is this the final season? Agreed on that one.
  7. I wouldn't want to see him as a character either - the Red Country already felt like a repetition for the character and he wasn't even a POV there. However, I wouldn't call literally riding into the sunset after beating unbeatable odds again a perfect ending - but I suppose it is true that it's as good as it gets for him. And although I still would like to hear an ending to his story (told by someone else), I do not see a good way to do it. I was mostly thinking about the status quo on the stage we're currently seeing - the Union and the North. But yes, I'm hoping it will be something similar to what happened in Gurkhul (provided it still doesn't belong to Khalul). Savine wrestling control away from Valint & Balk would be sweet. I don't mind bittersweet or even downright miserable endings, but for me personally would be a bit of a bore to see just the rearrangement/replacement of some pieces: getting the same sentiment of people attaining their desired position only to discover they're owned by Bayaz. Also I don't remember - did Monza manage to establish her rule without accepting a debt to Bayaz? That's also nice.
  8. I finally got around to reading ALH and I enjoyed it. The only worry for me is that the powers will not really change as a result of this trilogy: i.e. whoever gets the throne in their region or whatever other manner of government will arise, they will still be nothing more than helpless puppets to Magi. It will feel like meaningless struggle and maneuvering by our POV characters when in the large scale the powers remain the same (again). I think arriving at the same status after another trilogy would not be all that enjoyable as a conclusion for me personally. As I also re-read Red Country as a result of the potential cameo by Logen, I wonder whether what Cosca says will play into it - something to the effect of that no matter how big you are, against change you will be as helpless as a cow against ants. Sounds somewhat in line with a large scale revolution. Anyways, are there any good theories on what the Bloody-Nine is up to (or what he is, for that matter)? I feel like a further conclusion to that character could have a place in the story. I mean him riding off into the sunset in Red Country after saying "a man's gotta be what he is", sounds awfully a lot like he went looking for trouble. The nearest and easiest guess would be Conthus' campaign. In the light of the new trilogy, I could see Bloody-Nine (not Logen) as a Burner too of course if it actually was him in Valbeck. As much as I love the character, I don't really wish for him to have a significant (or even any) presence in the the new trilogy but maybe hearing a story told by someone else (or seen through Rikke) as to what happened to him could be cool.
  9. Great episode. Many good moments but seeing the women's toilet had me in stitches.
  10. Couldn't fall asleep thanks to my neighbors so I finished the first series. I went in with zero expectations and I think it was on the average-low side of things. How this turned out is what I am worried about for the Wheel of Time series. It looks cheap: costume design is poor, the CGI varies a lot: some of it is pure garbage, and at its best it is serviceable. The acting is also between poor and average. The worst part is the dialogue: it started poorly from very beginning with the cringe "lesser evil" talks and did not improve throughout the show. The bard indeed felt like a forced comic relief character from the 80s as someone pointed out here. I'm somewhat familiar with the Witcher universe so it wasn't difficult for me to follow the storylines but the way it's all put together - man there had to be a better way. There was a lot to dislike and very little to like. Swordfight choreography was the main saving grace for me. I will most likely watch the second series - maybe they're just trying to find their footing. I really hope this isn't what the WoT and LOTR shows end up as.
  11. lmao, yeah. they REALLY know where to end their episodes to make you want to keep going. just pick an end of a scene in the middle of an episode if you want to stop. Going into the 8th ep so far.
  12. I only read the first couple of posts on this thread and decided to give it a go. Holy shit this show is amazing - how had I not heard of it?! Been binging it whenever I have time.
  13. Speaking of the quality of productions.. Do we know what the budget is for this series btw? I have had a really bad feeling about this show ever since the first announcements (that it might be a Hercules/Xena/Sinbad quality show). I would really like to up my expectations a bit.. can I?
  14. Well, I didn't like the ending cause it was a bad one. Although by bad I mean lousy and disappointing. I'm still pretty salty at how this series ended up. I suppose Bakker can mark it down as a success tho since this was what he was going for, right? To write it deliberately in a way that allows for a ton of speculation only to reveal there was never any depth to it. I do have to admit that there was significant skill in keeping up the appearances for 6/7 books and then catching everyone by surprise by serving them a pile of shit for.. uh.. reasons. In the end though, deliberately shit is still shit.
  15. Very pleasantly surprised to see Brolin here. I'm not so pleasantly surprised at Momoa, but I'm sure Villeneuve knows his stuff
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