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  1. The build-up for the finale was great in the last episode. I'm glad it got renewed for a second season. Can't imagine they'll tie everything together with the season 1 finale.
  2. akh

    Elden Ring

    I've been playing on PC since day 1. Hasn't been busted for me at all. I think on the first day there might have been a couple of microstutters here and there but it's been fine after that. All I ever tweaked was capping the fps at 58 in Nvidia control panel to reduce input lag. The only issue I really ran into was the control scheme (had to change almost all the buttons on both controller and MKB). Anyways it's really quite rare for me to have as much fun with a video game as I've been having in Elden Ring. The only games that have had that effect on me in the past years have been RDR2 and Hades I think. I'm running a Faith character with just enough points in STR and DEX to the requirements for whichever weapons I fancy at the moment. Going by some clips I've seen, it doesn't have as much options for cheese as some other approaches to the game but there's a couple of nice crutches. I'm quite deep in and I think I'll roll a magic dex character for the next playthrough.
  3. Just finished the first episodes and damn - I gotta say this has to be the best premier I've seen in a while. The first episode was especially great: extremely well shot, directed and written. The cast is great. Really hope this doesn't fall off.
  4. I read the book series - won't consider myself a hardcore fan or even a fan though. And I really don't mind the show. The book series was much too long and them taking shortcuts for the show is fine as far as I'm concerned; as is them changing the characters. I really don't get people acting like someone desecrated something holy. It's a meh book series adapted into a serviceable enough TV series. I am interested to see their take and hope they get to finish their vision. Sure, the show is far from a masterpiece, but considering the source material I don't think that should have been expected in the first place. I was hoping it to be better than Xena and Hercules were back in the day, and that standard's been met. But hardcore fans tend to be quite toxic for anything (I know I have been guilty of it as well for a few things in the past), so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised.
  5. When watching the first episode, I was a little worried the show had lost half a step. The second one was back to absolutely fantastic. And the meanness between the heirs was really brought to a new level in this episode wasn't it. My favorite part was probably Kendall yelling "You're not wanted" to Con and Roman commenting "like he hasn't heard enough of it in his life". Absolutely brutal.
  6. damn this has been a pretty solid second half of the season
  7. I dunno man, I think it was a pretty strong episode
  8. Man I'm surprised at how fucking entertaining this thing was.
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