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  1. I could use some clarification as to what magic is in the MCU. In Thor it was technology we didn't understand, which never really made sense as we see Odin enchant the damn hammer. It's been a while since I've seen Doctor Strange but I recall the Ancient One compared it to computer programming at one point. And that you do it by waving your hands but don't actually need hands. Though you do need a ring to use portals. I wouldn't really have considered what Wanda does magic in the Dr. Strange sense. She didn't study old texts to learn spells or anything. She's most likely just a mutant who was "activated" by Strucker's experiments with the Mind Stone.
  2. Finally got my xbox modded and am able to play Goldeneye. I've been alternating between that and emulating the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics for the full 1997 video games experience. Both great games but it's really nice to play these Goldeneye levels again for the first time in like fifteen years. Not being able to shoot through the glass on the second Bunker level made it a bit harder though.
  3. Yeah, that's understandable. I'd just wait till it was over and binge it over a weekend but I enjoy the discussion and theorizing between episodes. I'm not nearly as excited about it. I am hoping to see more of the fallout from the snap/blip. I wonder if Friday's episode is going to catch us up to speed from Agatha's perspective and reveal how all this started. I'm curious why she went by Agnes when Wanda presumably didn't know who Agatha Harkness was.
  4. No interest in Falcon and the Winter Soldier? That starts two weeks after this ends.
  5. I wish I'd watched an episode of Modern Family before watching this. Oh well. It was still a pretty hilarious episode. Strange that they treat the "Hayward was trying to weaponize Vision" thing as a plot twist. Like seriously what the hell else would they be doing with his body for five years?
  6. I think Tactics Ogre is a bit better but it's close for sure.
  7. There's a demo of the triangle game. I haven't tried it yet. Legend of Mana is very different from Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana. It's sorta episodic as you create the world as you go. It seems at first like there's no main plot but some of the side stories coalesce into one by the end. There's also farming and raising monsters to battle with you. The co-op was a lot of fun but I'm not expecting them to add online mode.
  8. I still say Nightmare because he was supposed to be the villain of Doctor Strange II. Though the plan could have changed. Hayward also said something about "ending this nightmare" by killing Wanda. It could be something like Thanos in The Avengers where it's only revealed to the audience at the end, Wanda ends up wanted or captured and then in Doctor Strange II they team up to take down the bad guy.
  9. Oooh Legend of Mana is being ported to Switch in June. This Final Fantasy Tactics type game looks good too: Plus they announced Splatoon 3, a Switch port of the Wii U second Wii Zelda game and bunch of other things.
  10. It's actually an another way of shortening his full name, Jimothy.
  11. You can see the scene in question here: True, and I'll keep seeing the movies too. But for big events like Infinity War/Endgame they could do so much more with the extra time a limited series gives them. I'd rather they only do smaller stories on the big screen. Or if they must do a big event on film do a prelude Disney+ show that's not required to understand the movie but covers some of the character stuff that they just can't justify including in a movie.
  12. Did anyone watch the premier of the Silence of the Lambs sequel series that can't mention Lecter? I'm morbidly curious.
  13. Yeah. Also like...I don't really think they should do big 3+ hour event movies anymore. There's no reason for it. I'm glad Secret Invasion will be another mini-series.
  14. Disney+’s ‘WandaVision’ Cast Into Top Viewing Spot Worldwide
  15. Even if Wanda didn't start it or wasn't the only one involved, the fact that she keeps the children out of it most of the time as a mercy suggests she knows the people are suffering. And then she does use the kids for the Halloween special. That's pretty evil. The only out I can see is that Norm didn't name Wanda as the one controlling him, only Agnes did and if she is this Agatha Harkness person she could have been lying. That would feel like a cop out though.
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