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  1. Ahsoka teaser was shown. Not online yet, but the description is enough to get me excited: https://gizmodo.com/star-wars-ahsoka-first-footage-disney-plus-1848968433
  2. Good points. To be clear it's not that I find it unbelievable. I get why he's scared of the cold blooded murderer he thought was dead. I don't get why he'd be that scared that Lalo was going to be angry with him, because I didn't see anything really connecting Jimmy to the attempt on Lalo's life or the meth hole. In my mind Lalo should have been pleased with Jimmy for getting him out on bail for murder!
  3. Just started episode 3 and I'm enjoying it so far. I laughed pretty hard when Master Chief landed to help the insurrectionists at the start and Kwans father inexplicably pointed his gun at him instead of the elite he'd been fighting. And now in the third episode "covenant attack! but hold on let me finish tasering this little girl. priorities."
  4. Oh nice, there's a Marble Madness II and it leaked.
  5. There's a comic series that is supposed to be canon. They've contradicted a few of the new canon books on screen already though.
  6. I do wish they'd told the story in order. I'm enjoying it but yeah i'm not nearly as attached to the characters as I normally am with one of Simon's shows. Though only having six episodes might be the problem. I assume there will be some drama in the final episode, based on what I remember of how the story ends.
  7. It's good to know I'm not the only one who couldn't figure that out. I'll give the game another try eventually. I've been playing Oblivion on the steam deck. I've wanted to play this portably since they announced the PSP version that they later cancelled. I had to install a mod to get console-like controller support but that was fairly painless. I also picked up the steam version of Geometry Wars for $3 so between those two I'm basically re-living the launch of the xbox 360. Despite 360 emulation currently requiring windows.
  8. Yeah, it's like he didn't re-watch the original movies or look at the scripts when he wrote the prequels. Barley anything lines up. Which would have been a lot more forgivable if the prequels were better movies.
  9. Yeah, from a certain point a view. I think that's being generous though when at least as far as I remember Bail never gives Obi-Wan any orders or anything.
  10. And he didn't, it turned out. At no point in the prequels (or I'm pretty sure The Clone Wars) does Obi-Wan serve Bail. Their interests align, but that's not remotely the same thing. Which is my way of saying that soooo much of Star Wars has been retconned I've long since stopped caring.
  11. I'm pretty sure Bioshock is the game I bounced off of because you couldn't aim down the sights? I should probably try it again but coming off whatever Battlefield game I was playing that annoyed the hell out of me.
  12. I thought he did Jurassic World before and that's what got him the Star Wars job? I know he didn't direct the second Jurassic World.
  13. I might have been conflating them a bit. He was going to do Bobba Fett right? I read Trevorrow's script when it leaked and thought it was a lot better than what we got.
  14. I always assumed they turned back to JJ because they lost faith in Trevarrow after he released a really bad movie. Also all the Rogue One and Solo director stuff probably didn't help.
  15. I saw an article a week or so ago saying they were writing and hoped to start shooting in august.
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