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  1. It wasn't his first choice. Digitally de-ageing most of your cast for most of a three and a half hour movie is expensive, and no one else would finance it.
  2. Feige is now in charge of all of Marvel Entertainment So no longer will one group of people be running Marvel TV and another group running the film division...that is also starting to make shows. This shouldn't really effect Agents of SHIELD. But if Helstrom ever gets made I guess it can be part of MCU proper. Also if they revived any of the netflix shows the heroes might actually have a chance of appearing in the films.
  3. RumHam

    Sony's Marvel Universe (Spiderman+Venom+Morbius)

    I never bothered too watch it, but I suppose if Holland's Spider-Man is gonna end up fighting him at some point I eventually will.
  4. RumHam

    Sony's Marvel Universe (Spiderman+Venom+Morbius)

    I never heard of Shriek and was for a second very confused why Shrek would be in Venom 2.
  5. Reviews of the first six episodes are starting to come out. Largely positive. https://www.metacritic.com/tv/watchmen-2019/season-1/critic-reviews
  6. RumHam

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    That's awesome, and will hopefully be part of some DLC down the line.
  7. RumHam

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    I wish we got to see more of Greg's terrible testimony. I have no idea how he survived that. Presumably at some point they would have asked him "Documents are missing and you were the last one to check them out. On Thanksgiving night which is really suspicious. Did you destroy the documents?" and that really should have been it for him.
  8. RumHam

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    Right, there was a line in season one about how the only way Kendall was ever gonna get his dad's respect was to try to kill him and I think we just saw that happen. Kendall was totally taping Logan when he brought up the dead british kid right? Mutual assured destruction and all.
  9. RumHam

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Since this thread has drifted away from the movie anyway, I was catching up on Walking Dead the other day and realized that if society ever did totally collapse a lot of people's ideas about what to do and what was justifiable to protect your people would come from that stupid fucking show.
  10. RumHam

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    It really is amazing, and the one two punch of Succession on sundays and The Deuce on mondays has been great. Really looking forward to tom finding out what the underside of a bus looks like.
  11. He was great. Able to convey a subtle kinda strength tinged with wisdom. I only relatively recently learned he was also the lead cop in Alligator. Loved that movie. and his role in Jackie Brown.
  12. I was wondering about PInkman after the finale, and it was nice to get some closure. Like I turned on subtitles to better hear the newscasts in the background. But like the Deadwood movie it kinda seemed like a re-tread of the finale. Paul was great though.
  13. Didn't see this when I bumped the old thread. Just starting it now. He did that a while ago for a movie role and then stayed fat for season two of Fargo. I don't think I've seen him in anything else since.
  14. RumHam

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I'm am excited to see what Killer Queen is all about later. I remember reading a long article about the arcade game months ago and thinking it sounded amazing.
  15. Huh. https://io9.gizmodo.com/hbos-watchmen-wants-to-dig-into-the-heart-of-american-r-1838914665