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  1. Ugh Kendall's smile when he said "what makes you think I haven't killed anybody?" was so gross. I actually felt bad for Connor there for a second.
  2. It just seems weird to judge a streaming show before the whole season is out. like I don't usually start a new show until there is at least a season to binge.
  3. Season three premier tomorrow night! Also someone added lyrics to the theme song:
  4. They're also super horny, which I appreciated. Dolphinsex.org (archived) was the first "WHAT THE FUCK THIS CAN'T BE A THING" thing I read on the internet back in the AOL days. In the most recent season + the previous finale I swear they must have had four or five separate scenes of characters telling Burnham how amazing she is. Usually while saying goodbye. It was especially glaring when uuh... (I want to call her Kahn but I know that can't be right.) from the enterprise left after knowing burnham for like two weeks. You can't force this kinda thing, and the "this is emotional" score hurts more than it helps. It's weird but I actually like season one of Discovery the best. The show hasn't gotten worse but the first season had the mystery angle, and Lorca for Burnham to bounce off of. They wasted the setup but a lot of the setup is actually pretty ok. at least comparatively .
  5. They should at least try to keep it going with the new 007. Even if it's just a New Coke kinda thing so they can hype up bringing back Bond down the line. Do a movie centered on her and see how it does. When they do inevitably bring him back I'd love it if the movies were period pieces set during the cold war.
  6. I posted this in another thread recently when I happened to catch part of it on tv, and it seems relevant now: https://gizmodo.com/that-one-time-william-shatner-tried-to-take-a-dolphin-i-1461135713
  7. I didn't realize the other captain in the finale was an established character from TNG.
  8. I hit a wall in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. The same thing happened to me twenty years ago, the damn Zombie Dragons. I dunno if I just suck at whipping shit or what. Thankfully I remembered the solution I used years ago. Some rooms have infinitely respawning low hp enemies that move towards you. So I just rubber banded the attack button down so the whip spins. I forgot to check it before I left the house this morning but I should have gained quite a few levels by now!
  9. There's still one more episode on Thursday so I suspect we'll find out then.
  10. Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad, as far as I'm concerned. Breaking Bad is telling a flashier story, and it does a great job. Better Call Saul is about how someone can sell their soul bits at a time, and they tell the story better. I assume because they learned in the course of making Breaking Bad.
  11. I too just binged Lower Decks season two so far. Great stuff. I half expect them to kill Boimler and then replace him with his double at some point. I've read that was the original plan for Riker. Also:
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