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  1. That's crazy. It's one thing when a new game comes out and they fuck up a version. But they had one job and still failed miserably.
  2. They at least included the character in What If? And am I making this up, or is there a small moment early in Endgame where they show her picture as one of the snapped and Bruce reacts slightly? Anyway I always assumed hulk would be in this, since they announced Ross and there were those rumors that he would become a hulk. I see the marvel spoilers reddit got shut down.
  3. Did they? The article posted here from 3/22 says: But I guess they could have cancelled it after that. That'd be kinda funny though to hire a new writer and give him less than four days before firing him.
  4. For the record I don't think they've cancelled Johnson's movies. No one is actively working on it, but Johnson still claims he intends to do them at some point. My understand is the Lindelof movie isn't canceled either, they just switched writers.
  5. I remember I saw something about tweets years ago, but I came away with the impression she was just an out of touch old lady. Sorta like my dad, I assumed she'd never want to hurt trans people for their choices but just grew up with the idea that you can't change your gender and had a hard time adapting. My dad won't accept that pluto isn't a planet either. But yeah apparently she's more activly bad and not even as old as I thought. Resident Evil 4 has been a weird experience. I was very excited for it and then it is awesome but it's also just....resident evil 4? Which I just replayed a couple months ago. I don't know what I was expecting and that's my fault. The Last Spell meanwhile falls into that "learned the mechanics and now it's less fun as we grind" trap. I could probably set up some kinda script to fake input and level everything up real quick. I won't, but the problem is that I even wanted to. I know there are other maps, but I don't know how to unlock them. So the goal of the game is to protect the mages casting the titular "last spell." Ok so I do that. It's hard because the "seal" doesn't have much HP. I can see that more mages will grant it more HP, but not how to get more mages. It turns out to get two mages you have to let the thing you're supposed to defend at all costs fall, twice. All my game overs were "your heroes died." because like....AT ALL COSTS.
  6. I don't know that this was everything, but from memory alpha:
  7. Haha, well yeah but that's really only illogical if you don't want to accept a supernatural element. I know nothing about flying planes, I don't even enjoy being a passenger on one. So it seems totally insane to me, I think I'd rather starve on the ground than try to fly myself to safety. Maybe her sacrificing herself was the point, but as I recall they didn't really address it. Plus they were all "yaaaay" when it took off and then "oh no our friend exploded!" If they thought she was always doomed the takeoff should have been more bittersweet.
  8. For me it's not even "how the hell was the plane still working" I'm used to shows ignoring stuff like that gasoline goes bad and things need maintenance. What got me was the insanity of Laura Lee learning to fly by reading the manual and thinking she was going to survive to get help. Like can you imagine learning to drive by reading your car's user manual? It would have been a bit better if they'd acknowledged that she had little hope of landing and it was a suicide mission with the hope that when they ID'd her they'd start asking questions about the first plane crash.
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