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  1. Have you played it before? I think I might actually shit my pants if my first time through that game was in VR.
  2. I finished the new Resident Evil. Really great entry in the series. A good sequel to 7 and also sort of almost a loose remake of 4, setting wise. Also if 7 put you off by being absolutely terrifying this one is generally less scary. It does have one section where I had to take a break and remind myself it was just a game.
  3. Huh, I thought the show got a lot worse once they soft-rebooted it with Morgan. The showrunners who took over starting then seemed horrible at their jobs. I never bothered with season six though I've heard it's gotten a bit better. There was a lot of really stupid stuff in seasons four and five.
  4. I played a lot of zombies ate my neighbors as a kid.
  5. He never got the video call from palpatine, I'd guess.
  6. I've got to watch the second episode, but why would they go to another clone at all? Seems weird. Was Cut one of the ones who ended up
  7. I watched Summer of '84 which I thought was pretty meh up until the great ending.
  8. Yeah, I don't hate Prometheus. It's a really shitty Alien prequel but a pretty ok sci-fi/horror movie. Better than most but not great. I was still excited to see where Shaw and David went at the end but then Covenant happened. That movie is actually horrible.
  9. For what it's worth there was originally a reason. They shot scenes with Pearce without the makeup that were cut. I think they were used in Covenant.
  10. Season two is even better in my opinion. Jeremy Strong is especially good.
  11. And probably getting blamed for it even though she wasn't there. I mean they had Hela, who as goddess of death was like halfway there. Though I get the impression in the MCU that's basically just a nickname because she killed a shitload of people. I love this. It's as good an explanation for their snap as any. Not Thanos specifically but that some alien civilization far far away fucked around with something they shouldn't have and caused it throughout the universe. Also it's a really good show if you're ok with it being depressing as hell.
  12. I'm still curious if John C. Riley and Glenn Close's characters got murdered by Thanos or what.
  13. Enjoying Resident Evil so far, though I had to re-adjust my brightness settings to get through the opening section. I hate sequences like that where you're jamming the joystick forward and your character is crawling along through what is essentially an interactive cut scene. I could also do without
  14. How many times? Resident Evil Village got some good reviews. I was going to buy it anyway because of the return of Mercenaries mode.
  15. Yeah. But most of the time he doesn't seem very angry. Like as I recall he never snaps and shoots first. A lot of the time he's just eating his ice cream like he hasn't a care in the world.
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