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  1. This iteration of the MCU will go on for at least another four or five years. The question isn't the fox deal it's what Feige means when he says A4 is the end of this era of the MCU. Strange, Spiderman and Black Panther all just got started. Captain America has at least two people waiting to take his title. If RDJ is done he could still probably be convinced to be the AI voice for a new Iron Man/Wakandan Princess. (and if that means Kerry Condon voices Vision 2.0 I'm ok with that too.) then there's Captain Marvel and whatever else they've already got planned. Eventually in like 15 years or so I'm sure they'll have a reboot and incorporate everyone. Except Spiderman cause sony wants too much money.
  2. Except Rocket. You can't kill the raccoon. Or at least I always assumed that's why they rejected my spec script for Pocahontas II.
  3. Maybe "Gene" will finally read the letter all those years later and it will somehow spur him to do something. Hopefully not blow his brains out.
  4. Some company I've never heard of bought the rights to Timesplitters, an FPS franchise made by a lot of the people who worked on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Timesplitters 2 is one of my favorite co-op first person shooters. I actually almost bought Homefront: The Revolution because it contained two Timesplitters 2 levels as easter eggs. I'm kinda skeptical about a new game in the franchise made by different people, but a re-release of the second game would make me very happy and then very frustrated because man that robot level towards the end was hard.
  5. RumHam

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Those I still read in modern English sometimes, especially courteous. I would add "niggard" which I had to look up when I encountered it. After doing a double take.
  6. @aceluby October 19th for Dark Souls on switch https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dark-souls-remastered-nintendo-switch-release-date/1100-6461151/
  7. RumHam

    The Deuce

    Seriously. I had to find out about it from one of the HBO go trailers, and even then I initially thought it was a recap of season one before realizing it was a "coming soon" thing.
  8. RumHam

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    It seems like the middle daughter died of illness, and she still had her teeth in the funeral scenes so that'd be quite a change of M.O. (For a while I was thinking the scene where she was ill and seizing was a red herring and she got taken out by a truck while roller-skating with Camile and that was why Adora hated Camile so much, but that does not seem to be the case.) Plus Adora wouldn't really get attention for the deaths of Ann(a?) and Natalie, would she? You'd think she'd have killed Amma or Camile years ago if that was her motive. The ear thing may be a red herring but it got me considering Ashley as a suspect. There's a certain twisted logic to "you bite me I remove your teeth." Plus didn't she find blood in her guest house and scramble to clean it in one episode? All that stuff about how murdering would make you popular, and her being obsessed with popularity I dunno I'm leaning towards her or psycho Amma. Like the Richard said the teeth pulling was some kinda personal "I hate you" type thing and I don't see that from an attention seeking Adora.
  9. RumHam

    The Deuce

    Just saw a trailer for the new season on HBO Go. It comes back September 9th. The look of everything is quite different you can tell years have passed.
  10. Only MMO I ever played, but I reall yenjoyed it for a month or two before moving on. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then, but the PvP mode was crazy fun. I'd never seen teams of 30-60 players clash over a fort like that before in a multiplayer game. It was also really fun to go out solo or in small groups to clear the PvP dungeons, especially in enemy territory. I can remember hiding under a bridge as a huge enemy army rode over it worried someone was gonna notice me before I could get to this cave. Good times.
  11. I doubt it. Gene looks older. It's possible he shaves his hairline to look like it's receding but otherwise I'd say a few years have passed. Besides Breaking Bad gave the impression that Walt never left the New Hampshire property until he went to call his son at that bar. I think if Walter appears in person it'll either be a background thing where he doesn't interact with Saul, or Kim or Nacho will meet him somewhere. On another note do we know how long hank was at the DEA? Gus suggested they'll probably show up later this season.
  12. I stand corrected! I assume they bleeped it in the original airing?
  13. I believe it was (as Walter is apologizing) "shut up and let me die in peace."
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/abcs-channing-dungey-roseanne-cancellation-losing-kenya-barris-more-modern-family-1133024
  15. I agree. but if they want to go for that OH SHIT moment she's the obvious choice.