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  1. I'm not sure, this is basically all it says: Apparently it's mentioned in the Thrawn novel. It's worth noting that they've already ret-conned a few things from the new-canon books.
  2. I don't think the old books are relevant. From wookipedia (the canon part)
  3. Someone did edit him into RoTS. Everyone hated the special editions of the OT, but I wish they would revise the prequels officially in a similar way and try to make them suck less and connect to The Clone Wars and other subsequent stuff better. Seems the likely explanation is that she's not part of the imperial remnant. I'm not sure Thrawn was all that loyal to the empire, maybe just using them as a means to an end.
  4. I replied in the other thread.
  5. Quoting from the mando thread: I mean yeah that, but also getting Vader to ultimately turn on the emperor to save his son. Though I guess he wasn't super loyal to palpatine anyway since he'd already offered Luke a chance to dispose of him and be 2nd in command. I agree the original movies make it seem like they wanted him to kill his father. But that's actually super weird because it's a pretty dark thing to do and also exactly what the Emperor wants? Agreed. It's not clear to me exactly when they hatched the plan to use Anakin's children against him. As I recall at the end of the prequels they don't even know Vader exists and it plays more like they're just hiding the children to protect them. (In Luke's case very poorly.) Edit: also, even if he kills Vader the real problem is Palpatine. I don't think anyone would give RoTJ luke a shot in a fight against Palpatine. They didn't even bother to tell him he could deflect force lightning with his lightsaber!
  6. I guess you could argue Tilly does have command experience, pretending to be her mirror self who was a captain. I assume it's common knowledge now that Georgiou is evil? Otherwise the WTF factor goes up a whole lot. I think we have to assume they took on some new personnel. You probably can't just say "here's programmable matter and detached nacelles and all this fancy stuff" and then not have someone there who knows how to use it. I'm probably just giving the writers too much credit though and it's still the people from the past, and Adria who was not even Starfleet before this. So they could very conceivably run into some Klingons and no one on the ship has any idea what the deal is with the Klingons in this timeframe. Which is ridiculous.
  7. Don't wanna derail the thread talking about the OT again, but sure she could. All Luke did was appeal to his father and get him to turn back to the light. I don't see why Leia couldn't have done that. Luke's Jedi skills weren't really a factor in his success there. It seems clear now that Luke wasn't special because he was one of the last potential jedi or anything, but because he was the chosen one's kid and might be able to get through to him.
  8. I'm hoping Dash Rendar from Shadows of the Empire shows up at some point, and then is just immediately killed.
  9. I couldn't think of a clever thread title. So I'm thinking for now we'll just call it The Thread and then reveal it's name later. Do we want to take a poll on making it a spoiler thread? I know Veltigar likes to check reactions and then watch on saturday, but others are annoyed by everything having to be tagged. Maybe tag everything for 24-48 hours?
  10. I liked season three, I thought it got a bit of a bad wrap. There are definitely parts of this season I love. Schwartzman is great as Josto. I love Ethelredia and Oretta. Dr. Senator was great. I like Milligan. I challenge anyone not to like Olyphant. But as a whole it feels a little disjointed and maybe like there are too many characters and we don't get enough time with any of them. It hasn't really come together yet, but hopefully that will change in the finale.
  11. That was pretty good! It was never going to live up to my expectations and I have to get used to Ahsoka's new voice. But I liked it.
  12. It's not as good as the previous seasons, sadly.
  13. Sorry to hear that man, I didn't even bother to try after last time. I want to play Demon Souls for the first time but I'll just wait.
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