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  1. I think, assuming they're making those "continuity mistakes" on purpose, the point is that it mostly doesn't mater if you're watching the "real" rick. TV continuity is a relatively recent thing that is still generally very malleable. There are famous examples of sitcom siblings suddenly vanishing or appearing. There may be a punchline there that we won't see for years, but either way I'm pretty sure it's just a joke.
  2. Ah, see that wasn't my read of it. I had the impression that Cole took out his frustration with Rhaenyra on competitors who were connected to her. Brokenbones and Joffrey. I don't think his goal was "kill Joffrey" but I get the impression he wailed on the guy a lot more than he had to. I totally agree with the second half of your post. It's weird they didn't make it work. Again I think an episode set between the last two could have helped a lot.
  3. I'm only twenty minutes in to watching it for the first time in probably 10+ years but damn, the cast of this movie is amazing. Lots of great character actors from the 90's. You know everyone from somewhere.
  4. In the books I assumed there was a lot of distance between Rhaenyra and Laenor after her guard and possible lover killed Jeoffry. Doesn't he live at Driftmark? On the show though yeah it makes no sense that they wouldn't honor their deal of producing an heir.
  5. No, I don't think so. That would make this the worst aviation gin commercial ever. I wouldn't expect him to co-headline the movie but it's gotta be something more than his First Class cameo.
  6. I don't know why there are so few The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt clips on youtube but there's the song at least.
  7. Damn. In the past year or so all the things that people used to say would never happen in the MCU have happened. Well except Edward Norton coming back.
  8. If you don't want things spoiled I'd back out of this thread. Granted these are things that are also spoiled in the main novels, but yes it's understandable that you don't remember. I don't think you need to know all the fake history to enjoy the show. Though I am curious how that last time jump went over with non-readers. It is embarrassing that I could rattle of all the Targaryen kings in order but not like, the English ones. or hell even american presidents.
  9. You're not wrong. Certainly this was true before Fire and Blood at least. Though I think they inflate the numbers a little. The dance, war of the five kings and first blackfyre rebellions were for sure civil wars. The second Blackfyre rebellion turned out to be a party. The other blackfyre rebellions were essentially foreign invasions, no? Or were houses in Westeros still rising up for the Black Dragon? I guess I don't actually know what qualifies as a civil war. I don't think you can call the Ninepenny Kings a civil war.
  10. It's actually kinda a spoiler to say who he is in relation to House of the Dragon. He's the one after Aegon II and before Aegon IV.
  11. As people have said the problem with just doing one of the Blackfyre rebellions is you run the risk of being too repetitive if it feels like all that happens in Westeros is civil war. I can imagine the advertising people trying to sell "Game of Thrones again, but without the dragons this time!" I think a show mostly about the life of Aegon the unworthy continuing past his death through the first rebellion could be good. It'd be neat to see a younger Viserys on this show and then a much older one later.
  12. It's funny because magic supposedly died out with the dragons. So magic should be more of a thing during this period.
  13. I really hope they do continue it for a condensed version of the regency. Unlikely, but this could be one time a network pressuring to keep a show on past it's natural end point would be good thing.
  14. Makes sense. I wouldn't expect them to release future family trees anytime soon, it'd be a spoiler.. Which reminds me my mom mentioned she'd started rewatching GoT between episodes. I warned her to stop before that little shit jeoffry spoiled HotD for her. I think Shireen later tells the basics of the story at one point too.
  15. Right I remembered the first part, I just don't remember him being re-cannonized and like....how could he possibly be in HotD? Also I wanted to clarify that I don't necessarily think Rhaenyra was a good ruler. I still haven't forgiven her for ordering Nettles' death! She also probably should have fought in her own battles more.
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