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  1. Rewatched Jurassic Park. I still love the movie but there are some questionable editing decisions. So the helicopter lands at the dig site and and the pilot points to the trailer and Hammond is somehow already in there rummaging through their fridge. Wtf? But my favorite is that they make a point of how the T-rex shakes the ground when it moves. But then at the end of the movie it somehow sneaks up on everybody INDOORS. I want to visit the alternate universe where Cameron did it instead of Titanic.
  2. I think Rick and Morty may have ruined Back to the Future for me. I can't unsee it.
  3. Oooh, have you see Jurrasic Park? (I know you must have a long list by now)
  4. Well Solar Opposites and Lower Decks were both created by people who worked on Rick and Morty. Are there other shows that use that style? Also is it just one episode so far? I'm not gonna re-up all access for just one episode.
  5. I don't remember. I know Nerek followed them like, halfway? but then they made a jump or something?
  6. It was The Defector, where the titular defector tells Data he knows romulan cyberneticists who would kill to get close to him. Like Werthead said Star Trek has always had shitty continuity between episodes. One thing I'm not clear on re: Picard, that Romulan Zat Vash mythology expert who was assimilated after seeing the AI "warning" freaked out early on when she met Soji and said something like "are you the one who dies or the destroyer" implying she recognized her and her sister. But then it turns out the "warning" was not a prophecy at all but a message from a super advanced AI civilization meant for other AI. So Soji's wasn't in it. So what the hell was that romulan woman talking about and why did meeting Soji freak her out? There's a lot of stuff like that in picard ("it's a stormy planet always clouded" but then it isn't.) It's one thing if they retcon some stuff from previous shows, but a ten episode season of a show should at least be internally consistent.
  7. I'm happy to see this. I would have preferred a collection of all 3 but I never got to play the third. Port all the good Wii U games, I say.
  8. Due to the hurricane I had no power and spotty internet all day, so I'm almost done with FFVI. With everything turned off/down/dim my laptop battery and little backup were able to keep it going, I was surprised. Still an amazing game. Though I can see and hear compromises that were made to get it on the GBA's screen / lack of a halfway decent sound chip. I know I said it before but it really is begging for a remake. Currently there are 3 versions the SNES game, which is beautiful but has a spotty translation and lot of annoying bugs fixed in the other versions. Outside of an SNES classic I imagine it's hard to find legally. The PSX version, which added a great intro CGI video and some bugfixes but also added load times. Including short ones prior to every random encounter. The GBA remake which has a better translation, bugfixes, and bonus content. But made visual and especially audio compromises. It also has framerate issues at times. and then the phone version which in my opinion is hideous. I don't know anything else about it the new sprites were a dealbreaker. I know if they do anything it'll be a 3D remake for the switch, but I hope they release a definitive 2D version as well. maybe as part of a collection like they did for the Mana games.
  9. Also, I say watch the fourth one even though it's bad. Most of us were so disappointed by it because of expectations you shouldn't have. Besides they're supposedly making V and who know it might be good and then you'll just be confused. It's also fun to have someone liveblog a terrible movie!
  10. The order doesn't really matter yet, by the time season two of the Mandalorian comes out you may want to have seen Clone Wars and Rebels.
  11. PERFECT quick someone cut together a romantic comedy trailer for Antichrist.
  12. Am I a terrible person for wanting to trick Gaston de fox into watching something under false pretenses? Should we do it anyway?
  13. Terribly underrated show. It's kinda incomprehensible at first but still great. After watching it a few times and reading some of the things Milch and others have said about it I mostly get what he was going for.
  14. What the fuck is wrong with George Lucas... I mean none of them come off great but I will never think of Lucas the same way.
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