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  1. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    Apparently the reason the servers were down was a DDOS attack.
  2. the best laid plans of mice and men / too oft go aglee. Fuck, man. I can't remember the last thing I tried to do that was more than one step complicated. Children bite harder than cats.
  3. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    No worries man, I just hope you found out before you had those edibles!
  4. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    I would love to do that capstone dungeon if you don't mind carrying me a bit. Tier IIIs exp rate sucks.
  5. My last playthroughs of Oblivion and Fallouts 3 and NV were all on the steam deck and modded. My last Skyrim play was the switch because at that time playing it portably seemed close to actual magic. I remember loving Goldeneye four player split screen at like 6-14 FPS. It's far easier to accept a reality you are born into, than to have to downgrade.
  6. And yet a ton of us played them on consoles without mods and still loved them.
  7. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    My issue with PvP is that there's no weight to it. The few times I've been in there doing whispers and died it's like "oh no I lost some currency for cosmetics." Give me something like The Division's "dark zone" where you're more likely to get great loot, but you have to extract it before people take it from you. Also yeah people need to be auto-assigned a tier for it, just like in that game. But until there are meaningful stakes I just don't care.
  8. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    Thanks I may take you up on that if the offer still stands tomorrow.
  9. The human-centric nature of the federation never made much sense, but it was always very much there. Mostly for budget reason I assume. Enterprise at least tries to adress why they became sort of the core of the federation: the other founding members more or less hated each other but got along with us charming humans. Apparently Mount had a baby and was less available early in the season. I suspect that was part of the reasoning for this bottle episode where he didn't have to do much.
  10. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    Yeah I noticed that too on my sorcerer about not being able to refund all. It was free for me though cause I was still low enough level or world tier, not sure which. I haven't played my necromancer all week, I've decided to get the sorcerer up to comprable levels (76) first. I'm currently in that Tier III slog where I can't quite do the capstone yet at level 55.
  11. RumHam

    Diablo 4

    oh nice they added a timer for world bosses to helltides.com. Probably the thing I've done the least because it was so seemingly random. There's one in 25 minutes I'm setting a reminder timer. It's gonna be interesting on my sorcerer character though. Still in tier III but I haven't wanted to spend the gold for enchantments and upgrades. It's been rough going.
  12. I can't remember is Rhodey VP? That was at one point going to be the case in like, Endgame. I'm not sure if it ever made it on screen?
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