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  1. Yeah, I have to agree, even though I thought BoB was insanely over praised because of a handful of painterly type shots, I could not enjoy it because everything about it...set up w/Sansa, MIA Vale army, terrible 'battle' moves....was so totally insane and stupid. It was praised I guess because it was BIG and also, sadly, because Sansa betraying Jon and the North was heralded as some feminist Girl Power BS, just like when the Sand Snakes killed their cousin and uncle to avenge their other uncle's death, um yeah, whatever, was treated as some empowering moment. I also do find that A LOT, really a lot of entertainment these days is wildly over praised. There was a time when a 70% RT score would almost guarantee I would like a movie, and today, even a 95% score cannot guarantee that it is even mediocre. And GOT because of its global popularity and the detailed plotting of the first few seasons had a really large bandwagon type of effect, where the more you praised it and wrote about it the more clicks you got. Even here on this fairly purist book board people who criticized the show's terrible plotting were routinely shouted down.
  2. Cas Stark

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Watched The Little Stranger, which while I liked it, it is probably only for someone who likes [very] slow, repressed, British country house costume dramas, although this had a slight but interesting ghost story angle, better explained in the novel. Also saw on HBO The curse of la llorona, which could have been much better, but was still watchable, but again I have a high tolerance for mediocre ghost stories, LOL.
  3. Cas Stark

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    Yeah, well, his idea of bittersweet is my idea of tragedy, and while I have not liked Dany since she took over Meereen, I'm just not that interested in a story where Jon's heritage is meaningless, where the wolves and dragons die, where Arya fucks off alone, where Sansa is queen, where Tyrion is a winner in the end and where all the blood Dany spilled will come to nothing but blood. This is too dark and not what I thought I signed up for in the beginning.
  4. Cas Stark

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    I think that however things in Meereen end [and I have long said GRRM wrote himself into a corner w/no way for her to leave Slaver's Bay in good shape that would be believable on the timeline], but with the show ending, it now seems that was probably not ever his intention, things in Meereen will end badly and chaotically. Dany will believe the reason was her early attempts to compromise, so she will become more hardened and more suspicious. Coupled with Aegon, and with her almost certainly receiving a fairly cold reception from most of Westeros after years of war, and then Aegon, and now this....all will feed into her worst character traits. The show could have given her a 'good death' e.g. she might have sacrificed herself in the fight against the Others, even sacrificed herself to save Drogon or Jon, but instead they very specifically and directly have her SO BAD that she must be assassinated to protect the world. So, I think that her turn in the books that will never be written is going to be a very pronounced move to the dark side.
  5. Cas Stark

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    She won't go 'mad' in the books, even the show didn't seem to intend that her decision was due to mental illness, we are 5 books in and while she shows signs of poor judgment, a tendency to want to act first before she thinks through the consequences, there isn't any sign of mental instability, and that would be a cop out on GRRM part anyway, robbing her story of the epic tragedy of a good person, who has noble intentions and objectives, who has battled and won over much adversity, but who ultimately succumbs to, I speculate, too much ruthlessness and too much belief in her own goodness, e.g. messiah complex, and the proverbial ends/means issue.
  6. Cas Stark

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Watched The Lighthouse which was suitably creepy and beautiful cinematography and also Judy, which while not breaking any new ground on the biopic, was excellent and Zellweger was the perfect actress to play Judy, since her own ticks merged beautifully with those of Garland.
  7. I don't have the patience to watch any DVD commentary, I think I stopped watching their Inside the Episode stuff either in season 6 because it became too unhinged from book characterization and nonsensical reasoning for what was happening. I am more sure than ever that they will never create another hit show.
  8. On another note I tried rewatching some of the later seasons in preparation for finally getting rid of cable, and the show simply proved too annoying for me to get through an entire episode w/out my eyes rolling out of my head or hitting the ff button. As a totally meaningless example of annoyance. When Arya meets Hot Pie at the inn, why is she eating like a savage? The fuck was that about? She hasn't been starving. Why is she slurping and licking her fingers like somebody from fleabottom? I was so annoyed but this weird decision that I was taken entirely out of the scene. And of course, instead of a touching reunion, we got a weird, off kilter scene where she is borderline rude to Hot Pie even if I could ignore the slurping and gross way she's eating. Why? Why?
  9. And we are back to why I have said they needed more GRRM input to provide some type of sequence of actions that made any sense. I get from a TV/momentum standpoint, they wanted the armada sailing visual and then her landing on Dragonstone. Okay fine. But then, something logical has to happen that will sap her of power, and the way the show did this was terrible, and then, compounding their error they have her willing to kiss Cersei's ass and losing a dragon to prove to a known backstabber that the known most selfish woman in Westeros and a backstabber... that she needed to put aside her backstabbing ways and selfishness, which even Hot Pie could have told her was not ever going to happen. Um, what? And even in the show's context, um, they already destroyed the Tyrell army and Tyrion is telling everyone that Cersei cannot possibly win..even though he had previously felt it was super important to have Cersei on their side, so it is just all nonsense. And on and on it goes. My God, how in the hell is Dinklage still winning awards??????
  10. Yeah, that is certainly much better than what they did, but then, the show's mistakes on Dany in Westeros started when everyone inexplicably agreed that she and her full armada and 3 dragons and unsullied and Dothraki should not simply roll up to KL and say: surrender Dorothy and be done with it. Instead, they hung out at Dragonstone for reasons. So, they screwed up the order of how things would happen, rather than making everyone dumb as fuck, have the armada battle w/Euron happen earlier, she was going to go to KL with her full force but was attacked, something like that. That and their need to keep Cersei as a credible threat caused a cascade effect where everything the characters did from then on was stupid, obviously stupid and false. So the ground the show built the last round of conflicts on was always quicksand.
  11. They needed more time. I never thought the Stark stuff really worked, so I wouldn't want to go that direction, ETA and because I don't think Book Dany will every go that far North, so that whole Northerns are assholes was just dumb. But, a few more episodes where we see her depression that Westeros isn't thrilled to see her, where we see more cruelty/lack of savy in how she handles prisoners, her estrangement from Jon, and perhaps even some scenes where she might have some semi credible basis to decide that Westerosi small folk=slaves, therefore whatever I do to the aristos is fine... They would still need an actual reason why she would choose to burn KL down, because none of what I just wrote is sufficient for that. But, perhaps delve more into her idea that the people of KL are 'guilty' for failing to support her and throw off Cersei. As far as Jon and Dany and that stabbing, I got nothing. I can't see any way that Jon killing her in even a remotely similar context, of trading on her trust to get close to her, fail to try and reason with her, and then give up and kill her, even w a 10 ep season, even with a better treatment of her turn to tyrant would not be trite and totally suck. While I believe she will be a villain in the books, as I have said, I cannot imagine that GRRM version of Jon and Dany will some dipshit Romeo and Julietish stupidity and would almost have to be very different from every angle to work.
  12. Yes, I think so. The show's plot points had started to get wobbly even before it became a huge hit, but the wobbles were generally smallish and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, so it was overlooked in the swooning over the acting, the fantasy elements+realism and a good story. As these plot holes got more and more frequent the show covered them up with good individual segments+elaborate battle/CGI sequences, and this worked. It worked and worked and worked, even though the show got worse and worse from season 5 onward. It continued to get critical praise and only started winning awards after it had peaked. So, since what they did, cover up lazy plotting and bad writing with special effects and Big Moments, worked like a charm for several seasons, it is absolutely believable they expected the super big moments and super big battles would carry them over at the end. As far as subverting expectations, since they are hacks, they only had a superficial take on that. Subverting expectations still has to be done in the context of whatever you're doing, whatever is happening in the story, it has to be believable, but in the hands of the showrunners it simply became a TWIST! Arya will kill the NK, no one will see that coming! And so on. They must have just been in denial over Dany's hairpin turn from hero to villain though in believing that the audience that had been rooting for her since ep. 1 season 1 was going to stomach the completely stupid and random way they had her act and the even more ridiculously stupid way they had her die. And, yes, they also did ruin their second favorite character by turning Jon into someone so dumb that even the critics mocked him. **ETA their move in the last two seasons to abandon any realism whatsoever and refuse to write dialogue, so you have people together who either don't speak at all or don't speak about what they reasonably would speak about, is kind of inexplicable, except on the basis of they knew they had lost the plot so rather than compound all their errors they just left things open ended because no one talked about anything of importance.
  13. Cas Stark

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    From the link, I only see two 'racist' tweets in this sample list, which presumably, they are highlighting the worse insults the study found, it is actually quite a bit milder than I would have expected. Some 400 tweets were captured in the the most severe category of abuse, containing sexist and racist insults. Phrases included “self-loathing race traitor”, “trailer trash”, “meghan the queen, of monkey island”, “the woke Meghan bint” and “poisonous cow”. Markle was also described as a “bitch”, “c*nt”, “whore”, “slut” and “witch”, among other terms.
  14. Absolutely, other than a handful of scenes and a few streamlining moves all of the plot and characters they created for the show were terrible and stupid, some worse than others. Although while there were many problems with seasons 1-4, especially 3/4, on balance they were engaging and good, with for me anyway, the good substantially outweighing the bad. The scales started to tip the other way beginning in 5, and got worse and worse every season from then on.
  15. There was a sharp drop in quality beginning in season 5, and then another drop in season 7, and off the cliff in season 8. I even rewatched the first episode of season 5 recently and while the show still had some veneer of goodness and a few good lines and good individual segments, it was already completely off kilter in terms of characterization and plot. This first drop coincides, roughly, with the end of Storm of Swords material, the next drops coincide with the show running out of all book material except whatever ending the author gave them.