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  1. No, but the sample chapters are still long and meandering and in need of a tighter edit, which very strongly suggests that the bloat extreme level of detail that we saw in the last two books is the 'new normal'.
  2. I loved the glorious awfulness of Cersei, and thought it was the only real 'arc' that even existed in Feast, everything else was random snipets of whatever. I would always think that turning Dany into such a massive, ridiculous failure+her emotionally driven decision making was a strange choice for her unless her end is one of death/sacrifice, if she is to end as a hero, then it was really inexplicable. I also, but that is just personal taste, was really bored by Meereen, and Dany's choices made me dislike her, where I already hated Cersei, so was entertained by her failure and self delusion. PS...I would recommend anyone who doesn't think the pace of Feast slowed to a crawl should reread the first 100 pages of GOT in comparison to Feast.
  3. They can't plant crops in winter in the north. As far as getting help from the South, with Cersei on the throne, I'd expect her to act much as she did in the show, to ignore anything that didn't specifically relate to her own current needs and desires. George could also have adjusted story, maybe Jon isn't LC for 5 years, maybe only 1 or 2 years, since it would all be done in flashbacks. I can't agree the gap was a bad idea, it's the only way, as we can see now, with how the story ground to a halt, to get the main characters to the ages he wants for the ending. It seems clear though that the author needed to really think through the ENTIRE story to the end when he was writing Feast and Dance after abandoning the gap, and it certainly looks like he didn't do any of that, which is probably why Winds is still not finished, because he still hasn't resolved how he's getting to the third act of the story in the timeline he has chosen and is now stuck with. He is also now stuck with a serious pacing issue, having ground the story to a halt, it will be a jolt to the reader if the pace is too fast, which means, he's boxed in to the tedious levels of detail we saw in Feast and Dance to some degree.
  4. We've already had the Others do almost nothing for 5 books. I understand that some of the storylines, I don't agree on Cersei having been a problem, given the Lannister's wealth and power, 5 years actually sounds about right from a real world perspective for it to take an ensconced ruler to completely ruin things..., but for Jon and Stannis, yes those were problems, but were they really bigger problems than the 'solution' which has mired the story in day to day actions, moving it forward barely at all, so the real problem, of the Stark children growing to at least their teens, remains. Arya is like still 11 or 12 in the Mercy chapter. Jon Snow was elected LC of the NW, and for 5 years he worked to improve security at the wall and manage the wildlings, all of which created much mistrust, leading to his eventual assassination. All George needed there was some kind of penultimate decision that sent NW guys over the edge.
  5. That's an interesting theory, I have no idea if there is any truth to it, but it would explain the strange turns that Dany has taken, going from an almost wholly sympathetic, smart, capable leader to a bumbling, failure who repeatedly shows terrible judgement, lack of strategy or foresight, and despite her 'good' intentions created an epic debacle in slaver's bay. I've never understood why he had her fail so completely, yet he still speaks of her character as if she is a hero. Dance ruined her for me, though, I will never root for her after all she did from Aastapor to Meereen.
  6. I didn't know that, LOL, imagine how much further things would have gotten if he had done that! And, that sort of goes to show then, that the entire series of Dany's interminable chapters were all filler.
  7. The Meereen Knot is kind of a stand in for the mental block that the author had as far as I can see, since unless the crackpot theory that everyone goes back to Essos/Dany never goes to Westeros is correct, then literally everything that happens in Meereen is tertiary, who arrives when is not important because they're all eventually hooking up and going to Westeros, so the fact that GRRM seemed obsessed with this sequence of events in Meereen, writing and rewriting multiple chapters, either is a huge sign of how he lost control and perspective or it means that the vast majority of fans, and his original outline are all wrong on how things are going to play out and Meereen is much more important than it seems. I tend to believe it's the former, that he irrationally got stuck on this detail and wasted a ton of time on something that isn't even semi critical.
  8. His tone was more upbeat. That may mean nothing, or it could at least mean there is some hope.
  9. It's good that he sounds positive about Winds of Winter for the first time in literally years, but I think it's too much to expect that he's going to get Winds out only a few months after the show wraps. If he were that close, then it would have made zero sense to spend all that time on Fire and Blood when he could have finished Winds instead. So, I think he is more than a few months from finishing, but at least for the moment, basking in the glow of his new dictionary, he sounds motivated.
  10. Fucking guy can't get a break. Terrible.
  11. I agree with all of this. Unfortunately, based on the number of years plus Martin's quotes on the complexity it doesn't sound like he has streamlined things for Winds....assuming it actually is published some day in the future, LOL.
  12. Yes, I think you might have something there. His real interest has always been the war of the roses five kings and the political angle and historical parallels, which is why he expanded that "first book" into 5 books and still counting. This could be part of the reason for the combined expansion+slow down, he's not as vested or interested in the last 2/3. But still, it HAS been 18 years, time enough to find some workable solutions so at least he could move on and do other things that he actually wants to do, Dunk & Egg, more novellas or whatever.
  13. It has been 18 years, that is long enough to flesh out the rest of the story. Now, maybe he should have ended with the war of five kings and just done a long epilogue or something if he didn't have any real interest in covering Dany's invasion and the battle with the Others, I can't say. But there has been plenty and more time since Swords came out for him to think through the rest of the character arcs and what happens, so lack of time to create and flesh out the rest of the story isn't the problem here.
  14. No one, including GRRM, will ever convince me that the root of the problem of the series going off the rails, losing steam, the author losing control of the story and material did not start with the abandonment of the 5 year gap. This is when the massive rewrites began. This is when the pace of his writing slowed to a crawl. This is when abundant filler and repetitive action appeared in the story. Yes, it works seamlessly for some of our characters, 'okay' for most of the rest, and would be challenging for a very small number, pretty much Jon and Stannis only. I will always believe that coming up with a handful of solutions for them, even if they were imperfect is much better outcome than having every character stuck on a treadmill to nowhere for now 18 years, 2 books and still waiting for the story to regain momentum.
  15. The one w/Vincent Price? That movie is depressing as hell, but I thought it was really unusual and different in terms of who the real good guys v. bad guys were....