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  1. It's disappointing that boosters are allegedly needed so soon after vaccination. I got the Pfizer vaccine, and according to the Israeli data, it begins to lose efficacy after only 2 months and is basically down to 20%. I assume it is only a matter of time before boosters are mandated just like the vaccines have been.
  2. It is very strange that out of 600,000 emails reviewed in an investigation about the culture of Football Team, that the only thing that was leaked are 10 year old emails by Jon Gruden when he wasn't an NFL employee. Privacy, so 20th century.
  3. Us had the potential to be great, but they lost the plot and logic, and the message was of the hit you with a hammer variety....
  4. The blame here lies with the judge, not with The Sun. I was surprised that the judge found the incidents of abuse to be credible, since I also think that Amber Heard was the abuser/gaslighter in that relationship. But, this is the risk that Depp took when he sued.
  5. I don't care about an update, because his updates are not very useful, this is the guy who was adamant that he would never let GOT outpace his own writing. My speculation is that he had written very, very little until the pandemic, that, being forced into isolation and to abandon the vast majority of his other distractions, he was able to work well and consistently for several months....and that now that things have opened up and entertainment is rolling again, he's put Winds back on the back burner where it has sat for most of the last 10 years. In my opinion. He may never finish it, I don't see how, even if he gets Winds out next year...since this year now seems very, very unlikely...if he was on the cusp of finishing he wouldn't complain or care that anyone asked about Winds....that he will ever finish the series.
  6. Yes and no. I could make a decent case that the animal that is killed via trophy hunting [which personally I despise and think should be illegal] has had a good life until it is shot, it has lived free and natural. The factory farmed animal, which may or may not in reality be humanely killed, lives a life of unimaginable cruelty from birth to death. If you gave me the choice of living with freedom of movement until someone put a bullet into my head or living in a tiny cage until someone electrocuted me, um, I'd take the bullet. I stopped eating veal and pork [hog farming in a stain on fucking humanity] at least 20 years ago, although I do eat beef and chicken.
  7. No. We're going to continue declining. It is possible that in a few decades or centuries a new 'civilization' will emerge and have it's own peak, but this one, no.
  8. It was supposedly $30K a month, and then there was the claim he spent $3M on Hunter Thompson's funeral. He was still doing good work 10 years ago, Alice in Wonderland & Public Enemy, even if Alice was his standard schtick. He was okay in Black Mass, but I agree w/whoever the look they gave him was very distracting. *I was bored by everything about White Lotus.
  9. If its pills, why not put in treats or hamburger or something? If its the liquid, my only advice is rather than try and shoot it down the throat from the middle of the mouth, e.g. the dog's mouth has to be basically held open....you can shoot it in from the side, between the gums, its easier and causes less resistance from the animal, as you can do it w/the mouth barely open, you might lose some product but not much. Good luck, keep us posted.
  10. That's great!! What a weird story, I guess you will never know exactly what happened that they kept the dog for 8 days. I don't know where you are, I can say that if this happened to me in the US, I would at a minimum refuse to pay/stop payment on the first vet services, at least for the boarding cost. You shouldn't have to pay for their mistake, whatever it was. I'd probably also report the vet to whatever authority exists.
  11. I would strongly advise you to take the dog back to the original vet where there is a history and no language barrier. An 8 day stay after spaying is completely insane and out of the norm, it either means they were totally taking advantage of you or that something went drastically wrong w/the surgery and they've hidden it from you, in which case get the dog to a different vet ASAP to prevent an infection.
  12. Are these fines and punishments going to be advocated for the 'boosters' as well, since it appears that the vaccine efficacy won't even last a year?
  13. It's almost September, it looks like yet another year with no Winds.
  14. Watched the Halston documentary which was 100x better than the Netflix series. Both are hard to watch because the end is so sad, have now concluded that Ewan McGregor was terribly miscast as Halston, he's not handsome enough. The now cancelled Armie Hammer would have been a much better fit.
  15. It's one of those movies where you sense that there could have been a great film in there somewhere in different hands, the elements were all there, but never came together. Peak Ava Gardner, always worth a watch.
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