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  1. I can see that, I'm one of [I think], the few people who felt sorry for him that his world totally crashed over his private, consensual sex life, and that this crack in the veneer of his perfect image seemed to have a large effect on his golf game, even when accounting for the physical issues.
  2. Ah. That's different. I fully sanction watching of docs on Tiger Woods, LOL. Is that on Netflix now?
  3. Why are you watching exploitative, animal abuser aggrandizing crap like the tiger king if you've never even seen the sopranos or breaking bad?! Repent.
  4. Fine, but seriously, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos should be No. 1 & 2 on the list.
  5. I'm curious if the first family adopted a puppy and not an adult dog, which would usually be less risky in terms of having a sense of the dog's temperament and energy level, but yes, pets are always a risk in terms of unforeseen behavior or health concerns.
  6. I did a Sopranos rewatch last year? and I thought it held up beautifully.
  7. The battle tactics that everyone was using seemed pretty dumb to me, and I am not one who picks up on that type of stuff unless it is really, really obvious. Of course, everything about Sansa's behavior was insane and traitorous. I also remember thinking that the pile of bodies was too 'theatrical' looking for a show allegedly steeped in realism.
  8. They can cost less or more, but a purebred will always be a few thousand at least. If anyone asked me, the breed needs to be banned because the puppies can't even be born naturally anymore, they all have to be c-sectioned because of how the breed has been evolved. It's gross. https://frenchie.world/blogs/news/what-is-the-difference-between-500-and-5-000-frenchie
  9. Yeah, but in the heat of the moment/shooting/robbery its hard to say if that would even register. It seems more likely to me that they knew of someone who was walking pure bred Frenchies and thought they could make some quick money. Stealing the dogs of a world famous celebrity is many more times risky, and people so dumb they shoot a dog walker seem very unlikely to be smart enough to get the reward w/out being caught, because the difference in the case between 'rich person's dogs stolen' and 'dog walker shot in the chest' is huge. As soon as they shot the guy it became inevitable they will be caught.
  10. It would depend on whether the thieves knew they were stealing Gaga's dogs, or were just looking for some Frenchies which can sell for $10K each no matter who owns them.
  11. The Dig. Liked it a lot, as someone else said, could have done w/out the Lily James romantic sub plot.
  12. I don't see any point to giving a 'number' especially since it appears that GRRM has done massive rewriting, so the 'number' is worthless, he may have written 5000 pages and discarded 4500 in the bin.
  13. GRRM already told us that the first 'dance with dragons' was the Targ civil war, people riding dragons in a war. Not metaphorical dragons, but dragons. His title is out of sync because he overwrote the last two books and didn't get to the 'dance of dragons' he intended.
  14. Yes. I will still never get over 2008. Never.
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