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  1. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    I'm a little surprised that the show doesn't have a larger audience
  2. Hmm. That might work, but she already knows, if I remember?, that Jimmy was 'guilty' of everything Chuck has accused him of, so no revelations there either? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  3. She did, but, my question would be...is there anything in the letter that we don't already know in terms of Chuck's feelings on Jimmy, and if the answer is 'no'...what's the point? Given that Chuck cut him out of his will and went to great pains to tell him he was a POS in their last meeting, what else is there to say in a letter, he's not going to have had a change of heart there?
  4. Will we find out what is in Chuck's letter to Jimmy?
  5. I've been wondering about Kim, the whole audience already knows she is the last back stop against "Saul" so I wonder if her departure will be happen in somehow a more unexpected or even tragic way than just 'Kim has finally had enough of Jimmy's BS and leaves him and NM".
  6. Cas Stark

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Jaquen and the waif suggests that Arya may be killed by the FM, no?
  7. Cas Stark

    Oscar News: Popular Film Category

    Based on that list, things started to go really sideways less than 10 years ago, that sounds about right, with the decline and the variance from popular v. academy worthy ballooning since then. I thought expanding the best picture category to ten was stupid and I stand by that, this new idea is even stupider.
  8. Cas Stark

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I can't believe that Cersei outlives Dany.
  9. Ayep, thats a very reasonable conclusion. IMO, whatever kinda, sorta semi grip he had for the first three books has long since departed, replaced by chaotic seat of the pants writing decisions.
  10. I'm not sure his comment about reading chapters can be taken as strong evidence he won't be finished with Winds by next Aug, although I don't expect him to get it out in 2019 at all. I hope he doesn't lean in to the filler from the last two books , if he does that the saga will balloon to more than 9 books needed.
  11. Cas Stark

    Oscar News: Popular Film Category

    Stupid. It makes me glad I already gave up on the Academy a couple years ago. The death rattle is getting louder.
  12. Everything about Mike is great, and yes, I thought the same, I thought he was trying to find dirt to use against Lydia, making it even more hilarious that he earned his $$ as a security consultant. I will always hate that BB killed Mike, I wanted him to live almost as much as Jesse. I agree, Kim will be there until the last couple of episodes and will finally push Jimmy to go full Saul. I kind of miss Chuck already though, that tragic dynamic between the brothers and how it both held and pushed Jimmy to do good/bad...and really the same with Chuck, was so fantastic.
  13. Such a great show. I fear for Jimmy's goldfish. I also don't think they will kill Kim, she will leave Jimmy and Albuquerque and that will be the last thread that finally creates Saul.
  14. Yes, Aegon being central to the middle 3 books would work much better, and yes the pacing is way off, whether it ends up being a 6,7,8 book series. Even considering it a 9 book series, books 4 and 5 were still slow and meandering, in the alleged plan he has now of 7 books, the lack of momentum is nearly inexplicable.
  15. I get the sense he was initially almost writing for himself, he must not have cared that it expanded, but yes book 1 of the trilogy=3 books, which suggests 9 total. Not 7, not even 8, and he sure didn't speed the story up in books 4 and 5.