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  1. Cas Stark

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    Maybe you guys should get Howard Dean back.
  2. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    More interesting is exactly how Lalo will cross paths with Saul in the first place, it always felt to me in BB, that discovering Walt and his 40 lbs of meth was his big break, he wasn't making much money until then, and that he never knew Gus, everything was through Mike. So, that might be an interesting story they come up with.
  3. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Yes. Mike is definitely going to have to kill Lalo, and this may be the reason why the lab suspends it's operation for a few years. Good point about kim.
  4. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Yeah, they are so detail oriented, I don't get why they don't have a "story" for him. of course I've always been afraid Mike would have to kill him in the end...but maybe not, maybe he's the BCS "Jesse" and he gets out in the end. It would be nice for SOMEONE in this universe to get redemption.
  5. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    He got elected, didn't he? Having survived a series of scandals that would have destroyed a normal candidate who reacted in a normal, predicable way. Call it whatever you want.
  6. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Much more this; Trump behaves the way he does because 1) he's always done it, never had any constraints on him, and 2) the alpha male thing of never backing down and BS through things does work, it may be vulgar and very unpopular in our current era of the feelings as paramount, but it works. I was thinking the other day Trump is a bit like Henry VIII....never studied for his current role, responds to flattery, superficial intellect, holds grudges, bored by details, easily distracted, but his instincts serve him well. You should be glad he's not got a Cromwell, then he might be dangerous, but he doesn't and he isn't. IMO Gingrich had and has ideas, you may not agree with them, but he's got them. And he and Clinton eventually did compromise and a lot of things were passed and signed, some good, some not so good.
  7. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Still alive! I hope Kim leaves and takes goldfish w/her.
  8. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    The Werner thing, while heartbreaking, it didn't really ring true to me. You arrive and have a bag put over your head, you're building a top secret lab for 1) guy who is equal parts assassin/cop 2) everyone else has distinct cartel vibe 3) money is no object....and yet he thinks he can leave and go to a resort for the weekend? The fuck. Mike definitely should have let him see his wife, which I'm sure he realizes and that makes it that much more awful...but it seemed a little bit of a false note and not enough pay off for ALL the time spent on it. I was surprised that Kim believed his spiel, but then she loves him and wants him to succeed. I can't see the show going more than 1 year though.
  9. Cas Stark

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    Well, I still think this has been the weakest year. It has had some great segments, but a lot of lulls. Still think we didn't need to know about how the lab got built. It's hard to imagine Werner could be that naive.... Homicidal Lalo very entertaining. Rhea better get a fucking Emmy.
  10. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    I don't really know, me, I am made pretty jittery by the ideas of abolishing the electoral college, changing the senate, because 2 from every state now isn't fair to high population states, moving to a straight popular vote for president, and packing the supreme court II. This from my perspective sounds like a desire to destroy a whole lot of American institutions in order to get power. I am sure you know, a lot of these 'checks and balances' and levels, etc. exist for exactly the reason of not having a society run by 51%. Gerrymandering is done by both parties, so that's a draw. I find this all very troubling, and it's weird to me coming from people who spend 24/7 in semi hysterical rants about Trump suspending elections and turning into Hitler/Stalin/Pinchochet that these ideas don't strike anyone as problematic, or that would create a negative impression for conservatives. I would say it probably all started to go seriously downhill with Watergate, then you saw overall belief/trust in U.S. institutions. Bork was a big turning point. The liberals went nutty when Reagan won, and then the conservatives went just as nutty when Clinton won. There are lot of other smaller issues, like the various tinkerings that have been done w/how Congress works starting in the 70s, that yeah, they took power away from the chairs and now nothing gets done, so was that really, in hindsight, good? or not so good. We're in a very bad place right now on almost any form of measurement and I don't expect that to change. Sometimes societies go crazy and ruin themselves. It's always totally obvious who was the real 'villain' in hindsight and what were the missed chances for a correction, but that's only in hindsight. Like I said yesterday, liberals think conservatives are evil and conservatives think the same, and no one is interested in finding a common ground. But, I appreciate the polite exchange.
  11. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    I disagree that the hyperpartisanship is at a 90/10 split, just like I disagree that it is only conservative policies that cause destruction, but you basically make my point...you see 90% of the problem is with the other side, this is the first step in dehumanizing your opponent and deciding that 'any means necessary' to defeat them is fine, because, hey they're Nazis anyway. If this is 'both sides ism' so be it.
  12. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    The moral of the story seems to be that hyperpartisanship is bad. It leads to gridlock and loss of confidence in institutions. This can eventually lead to an authoritarian take-over to 'get things done'. That suggests the cure here is not 'Trump is like Hitler' and 'McConnel is like Hindenberg' but a dialing back of hyperpartisanship.
  13. Cas Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    If that were true, then anyone can be successfully ruined as long as multiple accusations are lined up, even if none are corroborated by any other evidence, as is the case here. And I believe Ford's legal team already said that July 1 was not a viable date for the party in question. *I guess I am naive, I believe that decisions should be based on evidence, and people deserve a fair process and should not be presumed guilty only because they are accused, inside and outside of a courtroom.