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  1. 'Halfway decent' is the key phrase though, also 'not terribly scary'. The first one was okay, agree the cast was good, good production values but not really scary. I disliked how they sexualized Beverly and she seemed several years older than the rest of the kids, I think I ranted about this when it came out. I haven't seen the second one. True story: when I was reading IT, which was also a very scary book, I was driving along and a car with a clown driving passed me on the road. Creepy as fuck.
  2. The problem with Stephen King is that you REALLY need a director who can create suspense, and an oppressive/creepy atmosphere and that is actually a rare talent. Also why most King adaptations are campy and silly instead of scary. And much of the imagery works obviously better on the page than the camera.
  3. You could try a fully covered liter box, some cats are fine with them, others, not so much....but it definitely helps with getting less liter tracked around.
  4. True. But if the good King books are usually bad movies, there would be no hope for a bad King book like Doctor Sleep to be anything but a bad movie.
  5. Ugh, yeah I just don't want to watch that. I don't want Kim to be a villain. Agree, Howard wasn't that nasty and he's apologized for going overboard w/her, is actually not a bad guy at heart. Another great heel turn of the show where Howard was seen as the villain only to find out it was really Chuck.
  6. The Shining is hands down the scariest book I've ever read. I can't even think what would the closest second, it might even be another King book. But Doctor Sleep was a bad idea, badly executed, and yes the knot stuff was nonsensical with huge gaping plot and logic holes.
  7. I read the book and it was trash, and I say this as a fan of peak Stephen King. Sorry Stephen. You should have left The Shining alone. I can't imagine that a bad King book could ever be anything but a bad movie, I was shocked it got decent reviews.
  8. I don't think I want to watch that. I can grant that Kim's heel turn was well done, and in hindsight it makes you, at least me, reflect on some of the inherent gender bias, by having always excused Kim's actions as being influenced by Jimmy....but the show made it clear that isn't quite right. Jimmy may have been a conduit for opening the door in Kim's dark side, but the darkness was always there. Ugh.
  9. The Ds true achievement with the last two seasons is that they fail on every level, for every story and for every character. The further and deeper you look, the worse it becomes. Story, plot, themes, realism, character, consistency, artistry, writing, they even destroyed the direction due to the obsession with candle light.
  10. Yeah, show Varys just did what the writers wanted him to, presumably, hopefully, if we ever get any more story, original Varys will have more of a through line in terms of what his goals are what the internal calculations are in terms of when he does or doesn't make a move.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of collars on cats, especially if they don't go outside, but you want to make sure its a break-away type so if the cat gets it stuck on something it won't be harmed.
  12. Hmm. I never though of her as having very much self doubt since the first book, although it has now been a few years since I read any of her chapters, but she does veer from too harsh to too lenient.
  13. I do think GRRM is going to go this direction. I'm not sure, what do you think her fatal flaw is or will be? The reasons I stopped liking her is that she seemed to become more impulsive and judgmental/harsh as her campaign went on. She's always believed she is 'special' but then so do a lot of GOT characters. **And as we head into June we're getting into the territory of GRRM is going to miss another year for Winds. He now has about 3-4 months to get it out for the holiday shopping season. Oy.
  14. Black cat! Yeah! They always seem to be smart and loving.
  15. I found this morning that my Roku has Midsummer Murders for free, from the first season! Nothing better on a rainy weekend than mindless escapism and British village porn, so great. And Jones! I never warmed up to the Neil Dudgeon version.
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