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  1. Truth. Although you have to wonder how such a hair style made it into the movie in the first place. It's so bad it is actually distracting. I find myself watching scenes and just wondering, WTF was CC thinking and why did no one put a stop to those bangs. I think Scream 3 holds up pretty well, the original trilogy holds up well overall.
  2. I did hate season 3. That means my expectations for season 4 are much, much lower, so it is possible, though not probable, I could be pleasantly surprised.
  3. I had free HBO for a week, the results: Gilded Age. Meh, I found none of the characters very likeable and the plot was easy to predict from the first 30 minutes. I made it 3 eps. Death on the Nile. I really liked it, other than the incredibly stupid, wink, wink, hey look there is Gail Gadot, whose going to play Cleopatra in a new movie, dressing up like Cleopatra in this movie, harde har har, look how meta we are. Suicide Squad 2. Hated it, and I am one of the few people who thought the first one was entertaining if stupid. The giant land shark? WTF? Did not finish it. Many Saints of Newark: Meh. More evidence proving that Better Call Saul is an outlier in a prequel that is truly great and can stand on its own. The Last Duel. I tried to like this, I really, really did, but it was not cast very well, Matt Damon I'm looking at you, dull, and fairly pointless. I also don't like Adam Driver in anything, so I didn't like him in this, but I recognize that is my personal feelingthere. Jodi Comer was great as always. But, we already know that life was hard for women in the 14th century, there was nothing much more going on here storywise. Very disappointing and I can now see why this film did so poorly at the box office, not because no one will go see a good non Marvel 'adult' movie, but because this particular movie was not that good or interesting. Halloween Kills. Atrocious. That is all. Batman. Meh. I didn't hate it, or really like it, meandering, didn't seem to have much of a dramatic arc, and its batman, the villains need to be a little more amped up. Nightmare Alley. Good not great. The original with Tyrone Power was better I think, for not being quite so grimdark. I would have liked a more charismatic lead than Bradley Cooper.
  4. Michael Mando is definitely charismatic, and I hope he gets some good gigs after BCS. Aaron Paul has a different thing going on, he is classically handsome and his charisma is more boyish. When you add in that all of Jesse's violent actions were done as a result of Walt's manipulation, he becomes much more sympathetic, which is why I think so many people rooted for him to survive. I expect Kim will get a better ending than her character deserves because she is a huge favorite of the showrunners, just like Pinkman was.
  5. The Feds, stretching my memory here, I think they would have the tape they made blackmailing Hank, that plus her clear participation in money laundering, and two dead DEA agents, and then, a full investigation would throw in the destruction of her old bosses life.....it's hard to think that Walt's phone call or even telling the feds where the bodies are burried would really put her fully in the clear legally. Also, she was an emotional wreck and there is not much reason to think she's going to bounce back from that since, ya know, black mailed her brother in law and sister and Walt's actions ultimately led to Hank's death.
  6. Mike will keep his promise one way or the other.
  7. Yes, but what a change, when everyone expected that Kim would be out of Jimmy's life because he would do one scam too many, not until late last season did the idea that either Kim would destroy herself or that somehow it would be her own actions on the dark side that would send her out of Saul's life. I am now actively rooting that she does get what is coming to her, after years of wanting her to save herself from Jimmy. That's quite a character evolution. Is there anyone in the Vince Gilligan universe who doesn't pay for their sins? He went pretty easy on Jesse and gave him the end everyone wanted him to get, but it was still at quite a cost, and no one else got anything close to a happy ending. I guess you could envision that Sky and the kids will end up happy with Walt's millions, I was never really sure about that. Walt basically destroyed Sky and I can't see she would ever fully rebound from what they did to her sister.
  8. Kim Wexler can fuck off as far as I am concerned, I'm all out of sympathy for her. She too, could have had it all, money, success, professional accolades, and instead is choosing, willfully to be a sleazy, destructive criminal. I guess character is always destiny in Vince G's world.
  9. I'm not watching until the seasons is over. I just don't want to see this stuff.
  10. You already got another kitten? Wow. This may sound unkind, but I would advise you to take some steps to ensure the windows/screens are adjusted so that such an accident that killed your previous cat can't happen again, and that you should not rely on remembering to close the windows since that didn't work in the past.
  11. That sucks, I'm sorry for your loss, five years old is really young. I was heartbroken when Max, aka the best cat in the world, died at age 15, because I had decided he was going to live to age 20 and get to retire to the suburbs. He didn't. However, anyone, cat, dog or human who gets to die in their sleep, that is a huge, huge blessing, so hold onto that. I burned candles for Max for 49 days, and had my own private memorial for probably at least the first 3 years after he died and understood for the first time all of the horror movie tropes of people keeping the dead body for comfort. Just let yourself grieve for a few days/weeks or even months. It was many, many weeks before I stopped reliving his last week, where he had gone into a steep decline out of nowhere or where I could think or speak about the cat without crying.
  12. Not me. I'll wait until the show wraps to decide if it's worth watching. Fool me once as the saying goes....
  13. I liked the Witcher much better than Wheel of Time, but haven't read any of the Witcher's source material. I did read the first Wheel of Time book, but suffice it to say, I won't be reading any further in the series.
  14. Is it? I haven't watched it yet, I was going to rewatch season 1, but then, realized I was not that into it in the first place. I haven't even cracked Bridgerton yet or Ozark.
  15. Interesting. I thought it was mediocre, leaning toward bad and I saw nothing very special about Stewart's performance. If they were going to go surreal fable, they should have leaned into it a lot more, or made it a standard biopic with a few 'dreamy' elements. As it was, the viewer really has no clue what's real or not real.
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