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  1. Cas Stark

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Beginning my Oct. personal horror film festival, watched Fall of the House of Usher. Lurid technicolor, check; crazy Gothic prop styling, check; big hair, check; Vincent Price, double check. Loved it, and always will.
  2. Cas Stark

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Probably because "country music" has kinda sucked since the '90s. At least ending it there, you can go out on a high note, with the new neotraditionalists, but I agree, it was still a little strange to end the definitive history of country music 20 years ago. Or, maybe he thinks what is called 'country' today in the final analysis will be seen as a pop hybrid and he doesn't think it's really country? Yes, even sadder, I was actually choked up at the end of the Hank Williams ep, what a sad and stupid fucking way to die, and man, he is the oldest 29 year old I think I have ever seen, from any decade.
  3. Cas Stark

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    I liked it. But it felt kind of all over the place, like it was missing a through line or a POV somehow, despite 16 hours. I get why he spent a lot of time on someone like Hank Williams, but some of the other choices/weights/omissions, seemed a little random. Let me also go on record to say that "I'm so lonesome I could cry" is the saddest song ever written.
  4. Cas Stark

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    He's still facing I think 2 misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution, as the prosecutors are appealing the trial judges ruling on suppressing the video, which of course, shows that he is 100% guilty of soliciting prostitution, LOL. But, since he's a billionaire, he has plenty of $$ to keep fighting for years. The silver lining is that if Bob Kraft is able to squash his misdemeanors, it actually strikes a blow for privacy and against police and prosecutorial overreach for all the rest of us non billionaire or millionaires....to prevent future stupidity like getting approval for secret cameras by claiming women are being held hostage at the day spa in the strip mall because there is 'too much food in the refrigerator'. From another Pats shill.
  5. Cas Stark

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Except they weren't 'sex trafficked' and all of them were here legally. https://deadspin.com/when-the-robert-kraft-case-fell-apart-the-women-were-l-1834857778 Law enforcement made “a pronouncement that most of these women in their experience are not citizens and don’t have residency cards, and so they’re afraid to talk to law enforcement, because they’re afraid of being deported,” Kudman said. “Well, at [Orchids of Asia], every [masseuse] was not only either a resident or a citizen, but they were in their 30s and 40s. These were not children. These were women who held multiple massage and cosmetology licenses. [The truth] couldn’t have been further from the stereotype that they were trying to paint when this case first occurred.” Phang said basic surveillance would have shown that the women weren’t being trafficked. Instead, she said, it would have shown all of the masseuses opening the spa door with their own keys. Nobody was charged with human trafficking, but Aronberg said at the press conference that such charges were still a possibility. Yet attempts by law enforcement to get the women to label themselves as human trafficking victims were unsuccessful. One video, obtained by the Associated Press, shows a masseuse enduring a 4-hour interrogation by Fenton and others, where they try unsuccessfully to convince her she was a trafficking victim.
  6. Yeah, I figure if he doesn't get Winds out in 2020, he never will; but I don't expect he will ever publish Dream of Spring.
  7. I doubt you will ever have to worry about reading the end, here we are nearing the close of 2019, and no publication date for Winds.
  8. Cas Stark

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    I feel compelled to say that whatever one thinks about prostitution, or Bob Kraft, or NFL owners, there is a qualitative difference between paying for a consensual sex act and allegedly committing rape.
  9. Also worth noting that it was one of the best times of her life, she and Drogo are in love, they're having a baby, a son, she's come to an understanding of her role as khaleesi and has just been feted and accepted as the future mother of the stallion who mounts the world..so acceptance from the Dothraki people as well. If there was ever a time that you would be cold toward the loss of your bullying, insecure, unkind and silly brother, who just threatened your life and your baby's life.... that was the time.
  10. It's unfortunate that the show quality dropped as it became more popular, so by the time GOT was a lock for Emmy nominations, the dialogue was lacking. Charles Dance was never even nominated! Sean Bean, not nominated! But we have Lena nominated 100x when she hasn't had any decent scenes or lines for 2 or 3 years. Oh well, it's all water under the bridge as the saying goes. But it is annoying that Dinklage got another Emmy for doing nothing much. But, you're right Alfie didn't have many lines either, he was one of the ones who nominated himself wasn't he? His overall body of work on the show was fantastic though, same for NCW.
  11. The Bells was very cinematic, if they hadn't gone nutty over their obsession w/'natural lighting' and The Long Night wasn't too dark to see, it would probably have won. Honestly, the show didn't really deserve any nominations for writing in season 8, in my opinion.
  12. Yeah, but that is because her best work in the show was done years ago, several years ago. But then, I could say the same of Dinklage, I can't even believe he got another Emmy, really, almost any of the other actors would have been a better more just choice than Dinklage again. I do think that the show probably should have won best director, but for the episode they didn't nominate, The Bells.
  13. It might have helped Heady's case for an Emmy if the show had given her more than a handful of lines the last two seasons. She had no great scenes, no great speeches, no great moments, even her death was a disappointment and ended with a wimper.
  14. Right. It sort of almost works on the very surface level, but if you think about it for more than 30 seconds, it falls apart, Sansa would never do it, especially with no actual plan for revenge or how she would work said marriage to her advantage and LF would NEVER give up his prize chess piece for a promise from the backstabbing Boltons and the Boltons, as backstabbers would never have let LF leave the North alive....and round and round it goes.