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  1. I'm not watching this very closely any more, but I really don't have a handle on whether the show wants me to see her as a badass whose rudeness, arrogance and violent tendencies are positive attributes or as someone starting out highly flawed whose arc is going to leave her a different, nicer character. What I do know is to me she's very, very unlikeable.
  2. I don't have anything much to add. I keep watching because it's Tolkien, but I have a very hard time maintaining interest and never get through the ep without several stops and starts. It no longer interests me enough to nit pick. I do like Arondir, he at least is likeable, stoic, skillful, and handsome. I read the spoiler, and that seems crazy to me, but whatever.
  3. Allegedly, but I mean, did it look like a 'back injury' to you last week or a head injury?
  4. After last week's hit, walk, wobble, fall to knees, get up, wobble again, held up by teammates...he probably shouldn't have been playing this week.
  5. Blonde. Hmmm. It was not really good but it had some good things, though it was a misfire. Ana de Armas performance was riveting, but you only saw the vulnerable Monroe, never the Monroe who was fiercly ambitious and witty. It isn't as bad as the reviews make it sound, but it also has some bad elements, like the fetus stuff was just not necessary. They also kept in some of the worst inventions from the novel. A really mixed bag.
  6. That's interesting, the idea a combat veteran would equate pretend fighting with the real thing and be sympathetic to the idea that acting out a sword fight would be traumatic. The show has many more serious issues than bad fight choreography, but I did get a serious zena vibe from G's last round of fights.
  7. Seems unlikely, I don't know what the audience numbers are, but most reviews are pretty positive, and Amazon already paid the IP $$. Maybe they will can these showrunners or get different writers, one can only hope.
  8. I have come to like Amazon Prime, there is a lot on offer, old movies, etc. [unlike Netflix], and so far, the streaming is no additional cost. Their original programming is not that great, but maybe it will improve, and if not, I'm already paying for Amazon for delivery, so it's like a free extra. Apple TV, there is never any there there. Also, for some reason, we have the 'stick' and it is a huge pain to get it up and running when we use it, so we hardly ever use it and when I do use it, I never find much I want to see that I couldn't have seen somewhere else.
  9. I felt that way at ep. 4. It took me several stops and starts to get through it, without much interest or engagement. Same with this one. It's odd that a show full of expensive spectacle feels like it's 3 hours long when it's only an hour. I will keep watching because: Tolkien. I'm not sure I can see myself making it for 5 seasons unless there are a lot of changes in pacing and writing, but I will definitely watch the last 3 eps. I don't expect that on finaly analysis my initial 'better than I expected but not great' take will hold up. Just as bad as I thought it might be seems more on point.
  10. I really thought that was all crazy talk, but with the lastest on mithril, I see that I underestimated how bad things could get.
  11. As a coda to the series, El Camino was fine, better than the putrid Many Saints of Newark. VG already proved the 'experts' wrong by creating a great prequel that was great at everything..writing, pacing, direction, acting. I also despise Apple TV, but VG going back to his roots in scifi, could be great. Even a VG 'C' effort is going to be better than most of what is out there.
  12. At the point where he is now the creator of two of the best TV shows in history, with many people [not me] crediting Better Call Saul as better than BB. The new show may not be a good as BB or BCS, but it seems premature to think he's lost his mojo.
  13. Well, that was a turn. At least the 'extremely silly' is now in your face and can't be denied.
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