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  1. Cas Stark

    Moral of each characters story?

    Honor is dumb and gets you killed: Ned, Robb, Jon Revenge is sweet: Arya, Hound, Cersei People don't change their circumstances or selves: Jamie, Cersei, Jon, Dany, Arya Become like your enemy: Sansa, Dany Obsession is bad: Dany, Hound, Tywin, Cersei There is no justice: everyone Falling up works if you're already up there: Tyrion
  2. Cas Stark

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    I thought the showrunners said they made that choice with Sansa? I know Cogman may have written that episode but I didn't remember that it was his idea?
  3. Exactly. I don't miss any of the cut characters because I'm pretty sure that they are side trips to nowheresville, but I never expected that the show with a safe full of Emmys would have their favorite actor drink wine and stare out the window for 2 seasons because they were either too lazy/overwhelmed/incompetent to spend the time to write her a decent story or even give her some fucking good lines. I know people loved the sept being blown up, but perhaps they did that too soon, perhaps that should have happened early in season 7 and maybe a couple of peeps should have escaped to give her somebody to talk to for the next 2 years.
  4. Cas Stark

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    Okay I hate the idea of Jon and GW having a duel, we didn't need anymore Hollywood cliche's in there and why should Jon have to kill GW or vice versa. It would have been better if they hadn't made him a total failure so much so that viewers, critics, even themselves started calling him stupid and too stupid to rule Westeros or the North. He's not stupid in the books, pragmatic and fails to understand the need to sell his vision, but his judgment and his plans are always solid. In the show, he's just a total idiot since his resurrection. I can see that the showrunners would always dislike the traditional heroic figure, I guess they allowed Ned and Robb to be heroic and tragic because they died early, but they chose to turn Jon into a stooge instead. Which, given that they always knew Dany was going to break bad, ruining the other main lead was nonsensical.
  5. We still needed more development of her becoming more of a zealot about her own idea of breaking the wheel....what that idea is, if it's anything beyond breaking the wheel and then installing herself as god queen of the world. We need a MUCH better sense of the people of Westeros fearing her rule, not just in the North, which mostly played as them being xenophobic assholes, instead of anyone articulating any reasons why they distrusted her, and we needed scenes of her confiding in either Missy or Jon, more scenes, where she speaks of her vision of conquest, her depression and alienation that Westeros isn't what she thought it was. So, even IF she just straight up killed the Tarlys, we still need some bridges to sell that her idealism has turned rotten and she's going to blame Westeros et al for her not having the feels anymore. So, yeah 10 episodes.
  6. She was probably far off her book story and possibly beyond her sell by date as well, but, if they had built up Euron as a better character, at least they could have had him, Cersei and Qyborn plotting and they should have been brutally putting down the riots that would occur in KL after she blew the sept up and all the Highgarden food was torched, so that too, could have been something for her to do, maybe a new High Sparrow. But, they almost literally had her staring out the window guzzling wine for 2 seasons. Even if she went down and gloated to Ellaria, it would at least give her some fucking lines. For an actress that they loved so much they made her a sympathetic villain and gave her a clean death, they sure short changed her on the last 2 seasons.
  7. Cas Stark

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    A 12 year old elected king would be pretty crazy, especially after the disastrous run of the 13 year old Joff and the 8 year old Tommen, I'd think Westeros would demand someone who is at least a teenager and would be seen as a man, so he'd have to 14, which I think? was the age Robb was when he takes over. Otherwise, it becomes a really silly ending.
  8. Cas Stark

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I think it would mean that for certain the battle against the Others takes place in the Riverlands and maybe extends further south, so that the main population centers would be 100% clear that there was an actual undead zombie magical force that was defeated with much help from Bran [unlike the show where doing it at WF means no one outside the Vale and the North will even believe it happened, LOL], that would be the first thing. Second, there would still have to be a lot of destruction of the major houses to weaken things to the point that they would accept a Northerner to rule the 7 Kingdoms, let's say a young teen? He'd have to be at least 15 to be taken seriously, I'd think, so more evidence of the need for 3 books. I can't remember how old he is in the books at the end of Dance, is he 10ish? So, yeah George will need time to pass unless Bran is 'ruling' from the Weirwood tree in Winterfell or something like that.
  9. Cas Stark

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The show has hated and minimized Bran's story since he left Winterfell. So, my guess is that the ONLY reason the show made him King is because this happens in the books, it was completely out of left field and makes no sense, and there easy and obvious thing for the show to do is have a great council rule without a king, but they had Bran be King so I believe absolutely this happens in the book story. And I'd further say, it's another sign of why GRRM will never finish the series because I can't see him being able to set up Bran as King in less than 3 books, especially if the war against the dead isn't until Dream of Spring.
  10. Right? But, I mean, they cast Euron. Why not give him a meatier part? For that matter, why not give him the dragon horn? A better Euron would also have given Cersei something to do beyond stare out the window for 2 seasons. She and Euron and Qyborn could at least have done something mildly more interesting. Why not spend a couple hours brainstorming ways that things could organically go wrong for Dany without having everyone reject the most obvious solution of rolling up with your massive armies and dragons and telling them to send the traitorous, brother fucking, king killing, queen killing, sept blowing up nut in the Red Keep out and amnesty for everyone else?? Surely, even a fucking natural disaster would have been a better solution than Varys and Dany and Tyrion and Grey Worm and Missy and Yara refusing this most obvious, guaranteed to win maneuver and then choosing almost a half dozen more stupid strategies that keep failing??? Oy. So bad.
  11. Ha, Charles Dance must have looked at the council meeting and been like, WTF? It used to take entire seasons of plotting to shift the powerbases in Westeros, these dudes have done it inside of 5 minutes.
  12. Agree. 30 minutes tops, LOL. Whatever goes on with book Dany when she arrives in Westeros that will, presumably, eventually create more parity with her forces and her enemies.....the show did an abysmal job of this.......turning everyone involved w/her into an absolute idiot, such idiots in fact that they had to retcon in more dialogue to remind viewers that Tyrion is supposed to be smart, after having him give 2 seasons of deadly wrong advice.
  13. So, the show put the Isle of Faces in the opening, yes? Was it ever even mentioned in season 8?
  14. Cas Stark

    Were you expecting something different?

    Ep 2 was the only time we got realistic dialogue to me. Tons of incredibly stupid no dialogue moments throughout the season. Arya and Davos standing on the battlements watching the dead approach, they got nothing to say to each other? The Lannister soldiers meet the Unsullied and Northerners and there is a silent stand off? No one speaks? Even after the surrender? Even Jamie and Cersei, all their history, anger, betrayal, and its just, oh your're bleeding, I don't want to die? The fuck. Ugh. The great council 'dialogue' was embarrassingly bad.