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  1. Cas Stark

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    It's hard for me to imagine where they would go with five years, since this year already feels like maybe they should have gone true detective and done it as a one season show. I am right now only really interested in Maeve's story. Dolores is not only unlikable but her story is dull, even baroque killing get boring after a while. Ed Harris, I see where that ends, so, whatever. Bernard has become a plot device though he is still very likeable as a character.
  2. Loved shogun world. Loved that the storylines were virtually identical to Westworld in many respects, the show does a fantastic job with making the repetitions interesting. How did Maeve access her hidden language? Letting her have this much power over the hosts seems a little too much of a short cut. And what was the controller that the writer found, or do we not know? I am doubling down that the opening scene of the season is really Dolores and Bernard when she's reprogrammed him. I hate that they have made her such a villain. Poor Teddy. Overall really liked the episode.
  3. Yes. The question is, was he doing it all along...did he ever intend to cede back power to his father in law in the first place...I thought he looked smug and superior in all three of those segments, not just the last one. James was definitely an asshole, but doesn't seem to compare to the asshole that William became.
  4. That would suck as a story.
  5. This is my guess. But, there is nothing called the Lazarus Project, right? This was Ford riffing on humanity having reached it's potential last season, raising Lazarus from the dead as a turn of phrase, not a project....or did they call James Delos the Lazarus Project? I think Arnold destroyed the hosts for the reasons we've seen, he believed them capable of consciousness and thus it was wrong to maintain them in servitude and abuse. From the retirement convo it sounds like the immortality plan was in the works for some time already, but not ready...and time is running out.
  6. I am going with Ford knew everything going on, include that they had the James Delos project and whatever other BS Charlotte Hale was working on with the DNA. It's not believable, given how he was presented and how he outfoxed everyone that he would not have been aware of these 'secret' programs and facilities.....so, part of his 'game' I presume/assume is that he's going to thwart Delos in these matters via the host revolution, and maybe via whatever the 'game' is that Ed Harris is playing... Ed may or may not have known about his daughter in the park, since he's gone all Ahab, he may not have been interested, like he was not interested in Ford's ouster, just wants the white whale, maze, last game....one reason that the trolling he's doing to Harris is so great.
  7. I think Delos melt down occurred right at the time of the last Ford narrative which disabled the host controls, though they may not have had them on Delos, it could be as simple as he went inside in an attempt to calm him down....since he is still a top secret/top priority program as far as the tech knows. Plus if the many Delos hosts have not harmed anyone all these decades, he presumably would have felt safe. I don't see the whisky as having anything to do with the breakdowns.
  8. I thought all three Williams looked smug as hell. But him bringing poisoned booze seems wrong for the show dynamic. Delos is already dead and as far as the rest of the world knows William is in control, he has no need to poison him if he wants to prevent re entry.
  9. I thought it was one of the best episodes, definitely the best of the season, but I am over Dolores/Wyatt and her revenge trip, I can't tell if I am still supposed to be sympathetic to all this murdering of her fellow hosts or not, but I'm not. The James Delos segments were truly spectacular, and kudos to Lisa Joy, that was a hella first time directing effort. ETA I fucking hate William more than ever now after seeing what he did to his father in law, and the rest of the Delos family, I want him dead, not redeemed.
  10. I see a new theory is that Ed Harris is already a host and the last game is like his Turing test, I hope not. I still think he's going to get the Hollywood redemption story, which I hate...but him being a host would be a little too crazy. Anyone have any theories on who the other human controller is for that Bernard took? Ford? Maybe original Arnold? Who else in the story would make an impact unless it's the above Ed Harris? While I love play with fire, I thought it was a little too on the nose here...but since that whole segment with James Delos was fantastic, I won't complain.
  11. If I had to guess the red brains that they are manufacturing in the secret lab will be the meeting of Westworld with Futureworld where they can send out robot clones of various guests...can't think what else they need a secret lab with an entire tray of these red brain things for, at it looks like more brain units than would be needed to supply the Delos board with immortality, which 30 years later, is still too glitchy to work??
  12. I think William is beyond caring about the corporation's larger goals, that's why he said he wasn't gong to leave the park again last year, and said he's burning it down after satiating his final obsession with whatever he thinks is the last game, his last attempt to derive some meaning from his lifes work. Charlotte came to him last season to get his approval to oust ford, and he didn't seem to care....white whale. It seems that Ford must have either downloaded his consciousness into the computer itself or is a host human hybrid waiting t be revealed. I really felt moved by James Delos host/human, and what a performance.
  13. Well. That was grim as all fuck.
  14. Dunkirk was on HBO last night, I was reminded how bizarre that it didn't win best director or best picture...I feel pretty confident that people will look back on last year and go WTF was everyone thinking.
  15. Yes, remember, she was found the same place as the woodcutter and so it was said that she was trying to smuggle data out of the park on her own, and fell down....I think present was at least Ford, Charlotte and maybe Sutbbs, but def. her body was found and she was blamed for going rogue even though Ford knew she was working with Charlotte, he also calls them on the charade with Clem...