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  1. Yes. Absolutely. For once Pacino's scenery chewing works, since you would expect the Devil to be, er, dramatic. Good supporting cast.
  2. They might get a wildcard spot, but I would question whether they would win that game.
  3. And to make BB look like Tom's favorite uncle in hindsight. He looked, um, not good, in that game, and then no shaking hands, oy. At this point in his career, he should be much better than that childish behavior.
  4. She makes some very strange choices, if I didn't know better, I would think she was portraying a post stroke or some other medical calamity Thatcher.
  5. It does suck for Corrin, and there is really no need for the recasting other than that's the way they want to do things. I would prefer to see the same actress portray Diana all the way through, it isn't as if we're talking that long of a time, she only goes from 19 to 36.
  6. BB coaching tree is like the white tree of Gondor, shriveled and dead, because unless you have the BB big brain to go with the rest of it, you're never going to be able to pull it off, this is why his coordinators always fail. I would put Vrabel on the tree and so far he's doing okay, and so is Flores, but that isn't much of a tree after 20+ years, is it? 2 dudes who have yet to flame out spectacularly and Nick Saban.
  7. I liked it much better than season 3, but not as much as the first two seasons. The writing seemed not only too on the nose, but overall not nearly as good. I never got a sense of how or why Margaret Thatcher was a success in the first place, GA played her like a frail, but mean and capricious old woman. She may have been mean and even capricious but she was still UK first female PM and there is no sense of why or how it happened based on GA version of Thatcher, who looks so weak that a walk around the room tires her out. Still dislike Coleman as QEII, Claire Foy gave us a queen who was all too aware of her limitations, not brilliant, not beautiful, not even very well educated, but intent on doing her best, and you could always 'see' the struggle to keep herself a blank. Coleman is more of a plain blank who ranges from a dotty aunt to deeply stupid to a cunning politician, but you never sense any personal struggles there and the through line of 'duty' that Foy gaves us doesn't exist in Coleman's queen. I do like HBC as Margaret and wish she had been given more to do.
  8. The woman playing Di shows that you can get it right when casting for icons like Diana or Marilyn Monroe. Not only does she look enough like Di for the part, but she's charismatic enough that she can pull it off. I'm not sure what I think about Gillian as Thatcher, sometimes it seems too close to a caricature.
  9. Also about to watch The Crown, I didn't really like last season too much, didn't like Olivia Coleman's portrayal, at all, and thought the season was all over the place. I expect with Shy Di, it will be a return to form.
  10. Yes, and then the audience would have been conflicted, since Marg gave every appearance that she was going to be a great queen, the show would then not have to work nearly as hard for Dany's turn toward desperation and villainy to be believable, a good number would already be rooting for Marg and her boy toy.
  11. It's been years since I read the sample chapters, but I vaguely recall thinking that Mercy, Sansa and Arianne chapters all were somewhat rambling and unfocused and could have used a good edit to tighten them up.
  12. It's a big difference, no? Calling out your superstar QB inside of the locker room achieves a few positive things...it will help bond him to the rest of the team because he's getting yelled at just like everyone else, plus, it shows that you, the coach, are treating everyone equally and willing to call said superstar GOAT on his shortcomings. Doing it in the media, I'm not sure that accomplishes those same things.
  13. Those rebound things never work,. Already, I think? that Arians has called Tom out publicly more in 1/2 a season than BB did in all the years they were together..
  14. I wonder if Tom "I just lost by the biggest margin in my career" Brady and Bill "I have a losing season for the first time in 400 years, barely beat the Jets and virtually no chance at the playoffs" Belichick are wishing they'd hired a counselor instead of breaking up.
  15. Has anyone watched the redo of The Craft? I assume it sucks, but interested in how bad/not bad it is.
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