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  1. I was just trying to [re] watch the 2013 Great Gatsby on TNT, but my god, the sets are so fucking garish+terrible and garish special effects+stupid 3D, I won't even last long enough to rant about the rest of the bad decisions in this film, what a waste of Leo, who is actually a pretty fucking good Gatsby.
  2. Tom Hardy. Hmmm. I don't immediately hate the idea, don't love it either. I liked Skyfall a lot, not as great as Casino Royale, but good, and would put Craig as almost the equal of Connery in terms of the right mix of Bond qualities. But, then I thought Craig was a bad pick and I was wrong, and I thought Brosnan was genius and he ended up just okay. So, what do I know.
  3. I remember being very irritated that of all the 'space' movies of all time, this generic film was getting so many accolades, like it was the second coming of Space Odyssey. Speaking of Kubrick, I watched The Shining for the 6,000 time last night and it was as good as it always is.
  4. I didn't see it in the theater, but it is brutally overrated. It was okay, maybe hitting the center of 'good' does not approach great except maybe some of the effects. I have no idea how or why it got 10 Oscar nominations other than it being more evidence of the overall decline in film quality.
  5. A lot of the Treks are on Netflix, TOS, TNG I think DS9 maybe others. I've been rewatching Original Trek, which is a strange experience, maybe 1/3? of the episodes are amazing, even w/the bad effects and costumes, but probably at least 20% are pretty bad. Watching it now, you would never imagine it became a cultural touchstone or even that it ever got aired on network TV in the 1960s.
  6. His father was found alive, apparently the other dude left him out wherever they went. Strange story.
  7. ?Getting to be? When did Netflix ever have much in terms of quality control for either their own offerings or for the various 'documentaries' that they air? Some of their stuff is HBO level, but a lot is closer to bad cable offerings from the 80s and 90s.
  8. They don't hold my interest, I see the box office and think 'I should partake of this pop culture product' but then I start watching and get bored after 15 minutes. I think I've seen one all the way through, no idea which one.
  9. I watched the Prime Suspect prequel, which I never knew existed. It was in that generic generally good but somehow not that good category. Having young Jane Tennison immediately fall for her boss, as if we must have some type of 'romance' even in a cop procedural was weak, and then not even realize he was married, even weaker. Great soundtrack, but I can see why it wasn't renewed.
  10. I used to prefer G II because there seemed to be more directorial virtuosity between the gorgeous Vegas/Cuba+splicing of young Vito. Now that I'm old, I can't take the darkness of GII so I prefer GI. GIII is better forgotten, I was shocked when looking something up and found out it had been nominated for 7?? Oscars, how did that happen?
  11. I always saw it more as that once she was out of her element of grifting that she wasn't able to transition to just be the trophy wife, and the pressure got to her, she couldn't feel secure in her new life so she self destructed.
  12. I don't believe he will ever admit that to himself. Look how many years he adamantly stated that the show would not outpace the books, when the writing was on the wall beginning in 2015 when he still hadn't gotten Winds out. He sounds, right now, fairly encouraged, the pandemic appears to have forced him to curtail his distractions and really focus on Winds. I've veered between a 70-30% he would get Winds completed and I'm back up to a 70% chance. I can't imagine though he will finish the series. *If Winds isn't out by next year though, the odds will go down again substantially.
  13. That's why we call them archetypes, no? I do agree a little more insight into why her character was unable to keep it together would have been a positive. I also loved the comic moments that were spliced throughout the movie. Casino is probably top 5 Scorsese for me.
  14. It takes all kinds. The Sharon Stone character was one of my favorite things about the movie, the clothes, the drug spiral....I thought that storyline livened the movie up quite a bit.
  15. Shame. I love Casino, in fact, I like it more than Goodfellas, a lot more. I didn't even remember it was that long, because it flies by for me.
  16. Agree. The sequel was okay, but I didn't have the same 'hey this is pretty good' feeling as I did w/the first one.
  17. I liked Happy Death Day, it didn't pretend to be anything more than what it was, a slasher time loop B-movie; enjoyable and entertaining a slight fresh twist on the concept.
  18. Agree, but in this case, especially when the whole film is about the nature of reality, I think it works well.
  19. The fact that there is discussion years later is the exact reason why the ending is ambiguous. If the top fell, there is nothing to think about or no alternatives to explore, no reddit threads, no dueling theories.
  20. That is one of my all time favorites. Your post almost motivates me to try this show, but I'm almost sure I will be disappointed.
  21. No, it just seems weird because its been out for a decade and the ending has been widely discussed and debated all over the media and the Internet.
  22. Do we really need spoiler tags on a movie that is 10 years old?
  23. Isn't Jaws acknowledged as a great film? It isn't obviously as artsy or as deep as something like The Godfather, but I would say it is a great thriller and a master class in building suspense.
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