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  1. It’d be strange if food consumption ever got to a point where there wasn’t even a name for anything anymore, it was all lab grown and artificial and you just called it what you wanted. “Try these ... blue cubes! They aren’t meat or veg or ... well, anything. Just these blue cubes we made. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Literally!”
  2. This graph shows quite well how far off hospital admissions are from the peaks (but of course, those peaks were too high so that shouldn’t be viewed as the limit): https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/uk-daily-covid-admissions
  3. So far the possibility of the multiverse has gone thusly: Oh my God! Multive.... oh wait it’s just Mysterio lying. Oh my God! Multive.... oh wait it’s just a boner joke. So I’m waiting till it’s official personally. Also it never occurred to me that What If? would actually tie in in-universe to the MCU? I assumed it was just a fun side show, not that it would actually ‘exist’ in some way. But certainly could do, it’d be interesting.
  4. That looks scary, but is it not more to do with that variant replacing the others as the dominant one very quickly? The actual number of new cases doesn’t rise anything like that steeply. EDIT: here it is:
  5. Yea the tone is a bit off with the quirky cartoons but simultaneously, the execution of people for being variants (which as far as I can tell is impossible to avoid) and also, not getting tickets. Basically the TVA might turn up one day, say you’re a variant, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  6. It’ll probably get delayed between two and four weeks I think. Also ‘letting it rip’ isn’t really the plan, the plan is to stop hospitals from getting over run, and whatever measures are needed to stop that, that’s what we’ll do. Timing is admittedly tricky here, but the vaccines are getting out quickly into a population with low vaccine hesitancy. It’s a winnable race.
  7. Nah, just some woman in period costume to emphasise the timey wimey. It’s not really the MCU’s style to do that without the original actress.
  8. On that question, there’s this graph: Also worth noting that the graph doesn’t specify length of time from that dose, it could easily be people who have only just received it and the protection hasn’t kicked in.
  9. We have a few anecdotal quotes from doctors that ‘barely any’ of those in hospital / dying are fully vaccinated, but I’d love to see accurate stats on that. I think vaccine hesitancy is around 9% in the UK (a few different figures floating around for that), running the numbers would surely account for a lot of those people? The threat of hospitals overrunning is really the only metric that counts now. If that doesn’t happen, or doesn’t look like happening, we should proceed. I know it’s a tough one to judge though, when exactly that might happen. I also have to keep reminding myself that this time around, the question is ‘shall we open up’ when all the other times cases have been rising it’s been ‘shall we lockdown again’.
  10. If Loki had said he killed him, and Mobius had exhaled swiftly from the nose in very mild amusement, that would’ve been Christmas Day for AoS fans. How far we done fell; from ‘maybe Iron Man will be in it’ to ‘that scene didn’t overtly decanonise the show when it could’ve done, yea!’
  11. Ouch, I hadn’t even considered the timeline aspect. That ruins at least the last season of AoS.
  12. I’m taking this as evidence that Cap lived in the main timeline, it doesn’t seem like the TVA would let a whole branch exist for the length of Cap’s life.
  13. The way they’ve set things up, they can call whatever they like the ‘sacred timeline’. If Endgame was all ‘supposed to happen’ than anything can happen. So to answer your question, the TVA cut that branch. To answer any follow up questions; the TVA fixed that too. They fixed everything that the show decides isn’t the sacred timeline.
  14. I think they’ve muddled their terminology a little and it’s gonna get confusing. Remember, the multiverse already exists in Doctor Strange 1 - it consists of the dark dimension, and the mirror dimension to name two. Dimensions don’t sound like they count as a multiverse, but I rewatched the movie recently and the Ancient One definitely refers to these as the multiverse. So there’s a dimensional multiverse, but no ‘timeline’ multiverse as it stands, just the sacred one. Maybe they’ll introduce Everettian Many-World Quantum Mechanics in Ant-Man 3 just to really fuck us over. Thinking about it, it’d be a cool ending to the series if Bad Loki turns out to be this Loki a little further along, and he’s discovered some nefarious motivations to this ‘sacred’ timeline and he’s trying to burn the whole thing down and let the timeline run wild. It’d be a great on-ramp to the Doctor Strange movie. Their Phase 4 use of the term multiverse lines up perfectly right now, it’s a shame Doctor Strange 1 is a bit incongruous with it.
  15. I used to think veganism was a weird extreme, but I have a vegan friend who made me realise that as far as animal suffering goes, it’s almost weirdly irrelevant that you literally eat the animal. It’s the suffering that bothered him, and that suffering happens regardless. Perhaps even prolongs it, but that’s a philosophical rabbit hole I’ll leave alone for now. However, veganism is much, much harder to adhere to than vegetarianism. You’re essentially consigning yourself to researching every restaurant you go to and hoping it has ONE vegan option, my friend has on many occasions been invited to eat with friends, researched, and been forced to decline (or enforce a different restaurant on them). And he lives in London, I’m from a much smaller town and my options here would be sweet fuck all. Going round to peoples houses for dinner is probably not worth the conversation it would entail, and your available ingredients from the supermarket diminish to a fraction of even a vegetarians. So basically animal suffering is very real and tragic, but being a vegan looks like it really fucking sucks. I look forward to a time when that isn’t the case.
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