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  1. This is a doubly stupid line actually, firstly because as everyone said, it’s dumb to imply that makes it OK when she’s tortured them for so long. And secondly, because, they’re standing right there! Go and tell them if you want Monica! I mean won’t there be some kind of debriefing for them, counselling? Somebody to explain what happened and what’s going to happen? Is there an arrest warrant for Wanda after all this? In fact, I can’t even remember what the status of the Avengers is after Civil War, I wonder if the Sokovia Accords survived the snap? Or does no one really care after something that horrific? Is there some governing body in charge of this? Is it SWORD? Or are they just there for a Vision? As much as I loved Winter Soldier, it’s a bit of a shame we don’t have SHIELD anymore as a catch-all answer to this.
  2. With the caveat that, by doing so, you could free them all together. Again, it’s really only Agnes’s selfish motive that is the distinction here. Her actions would be largely the same if her goal was just to end the sitcom, which as we saw, is something that the residents would die to see. They’re that miserable. Any one of them would’ve volunteered Ralph’s job if they knew it was working toward ending things.
  3. Yea but that’s a lateral move, if she hadn’t done that Ralph would have just been under Wanda’s influence instead.
  4. Also, Superman’s power can easily be dialled to whatever you want it to be. It’s not like Spider-Man where he either climbs walls or he doesn’t, Superman’s primary feat is strength, which is a sliding scale. There’s no reason you can’t say he can lift (say) a tonne, but not much more than that. Not a whole boat or a continent. I’m more interested in his invulnerability, that’s more of an interesting issue to play with in terms of how villains get around it. It also makes his determinism more his main thing; even if he can’t defeat someone, he’ll just keep coming at them because you can’t completely incapacitate him. But anyway, my faith in DC is rock bottom now so it’s highly unlikely I’d see this in the cinema, unless it was getting really rave reviews.
  5. Maybe I’m forgetting some stuff here, but I’m actually now struggling to come up with what her crime was... So, she came across Wanda’s sitcom fantasy and made herself at home. She played along in order to figure out what this magic was, then when she found out it was chaos magic, she tried to steal it. Bad, maybe, but I don’t know that there’s any crimes on the books for it. She kidnapped some kids who don’t really exist. She killed a dog who doesn’t really exist. She accosted Ralph for her own purposes, but he would’ve been playing a different role if she hadn’t. I must be forgetting something? If her motive hadn’t been selfish, and she’d just believed (correctly?) that Wanda can’t be trusted with chaos magic, she’d be the hero in this. If you asked one of the residents if they wanted her to succeed, they’d say “fuck yes, please please take her magic from her”. So yea, trapping her forever in the role of Agnes seems ... cruel. If she’d shown some ambition to do other evil things (which apparently she hasn’t really been doing for a few centuries, or at least not to the extend she’s on anyone’s radar) you could argue they have no choice, but ... what is it that needs preventing? Wanda beat her, she’s embraced the SW. She could beat her again.
  6. This is something else DC could really use, some clear branding on what is DCCU and what isn’t. If they had an established series of films called Elseworld it’d clear up so much early confusion on all these projects.
  7. I mean ... let’s not pretend it was that clear cut. She wasn’t 100% hoodwinked into the entire thing was she. She has at least some culpability here. She knew enough to go out and threaten the SWORD agents to keep things running.
  8. I had the same thought, it was an odd choice considering they could’ve made that literally any book and no one would particularly care. It seems like they’ve intentionally gone with the smallest possible change to cautiously brace the AoS fans that their show is losing canon status... I can’t remember what happened with the book in AoS, is there a tenuous space to say it made its way to Agnes, and she made the cover less shit? I’m not sure why everyone’s concluding she’s a big bad now, I took her final scene as if she’d developed some kind of ‘emergency detector’ for going out and helping people. But it wasn’t clear. (Edit: just read the other posts that it was her kids, so yea maybe she breaks the multiverse getting them back). I can certainly see the point of view that she should be considering the torture she’s subjected the town to, but I don’t know that that’s where they’ll go. At least they attempted to arrest her. But yea, Monica’s line was rather forgiving. Also, I wasn’t sure why Wanda couldn’t make a house sized reality. Leave the family there while she went off to try and figure out a permanent solution? I considered that she herself couldn’t leave, but then we saw her do that when she turned all the guns on Hayward.
  9. If they were going somewhere with it it might make sense. If the Foxverse was amazing, and got tragically cut short with a really promising young cast ready to make great movies, then I’d be in favour of that being part of the MCU multiverse. But it wasn’t amazing, it had a hit rate of about 1 in 5 movies being good, and was a hot mess of continuity problems. I’d still quite like X-Men to be it’s own universe, just not that one.
  10. I followed the development of Superman Returns quite closely online, I remember the uproar when his cape was slightly darker. Then somebody photoshopped it lighter, then there was a few days of confusion as to whether that was actually the real one. It was, by 2006 internet standards, a big deal.
  11. It seems like after the last episode, the ultimate purpose of the show is to make Wanda a real witch, the Scarlet Witch. Which was never something I was that interested in. It’s still been a great series though, definitely bodes well for the rest of the year. Had I not been reading these threads, I would never be expecting another big bad, or any particular cameos. Just Wanda embracing her scarletness, defeating Agnes and ending the charade, possibly with a unified Vision in tow.
  12. Wow really? I’ll have to check it out. Haven’t watched the Arrowverse in many years now. The trailer did seem surprisingly great, do I need to know much about their origin in the other shows? I know he was in the second season of Supergirl but checked out shortly after that. I just drop by this thread every once in while for a good laugh on how much more DC can fuck up. Every move they make comes across as either desperate to mimic Marvel, or as some bizarre attempt to confuse their own canon. As someone mentioned earlier, didn’t they announce a bunch of completely different films to the ones we’re now talking about now? What they need is a fresh start and a Feige. Desperately.
  13. I guess we as fantasy readers are a little more particular about magic systems having read about so many. I just need some effort to go into it, even if it’s just the type of exposition we get in Doctor Strange about how they do what they do. Harry Potter esque incantations are just never explained beyond ‘point at this and say this’. Why is that difficult to learn? What happens if some regular joe does the same thing? It’s just all a bit ... panto. If that word carries outside the UK, I’m not sure.
  14. I mean ultimately it has as much logic to it, sure, but the first Thor film knew it was a harder sell than Iron Man and Cap. It had to do a bunch of exposition and backstory on Asgard, which has been expanded on in half a dozen films now. And while it’s based on Norse mythology, the Marvel comics Thor has plenty to differentiate him so it’s still Marvel’s fiction. I guess we all have our different points at which something becomes stupid, and witches is mine, because it feels lazy to just wholesale steal the entire trope for a cold open like that. We needed a softer intro to all of this. As I mentioned, it’s like introducing Santa and hoping we’re all fine with his existence cos we probably know all the backstory.
  15. My guess is they’ll leave some multiverse things dangling, leaving the possible interpretation that Agnes could have plucked him from another universe, but not dwell on it. I get what you’re saying HoI, but I’d still hate to take on any baggage from the Foxverse. I’d rather they just hadn’t bothered with the casting at all, actually. With the opening scene, this is tenuous, but could we interpret it is as part of Wanda’s show? If Wanda is the one doing all the sitcom related stuff, that means she responded to the Agatha reveal by creating a closing ‘theme’ for ‘it was Agatha all along’. So she should be just as capable of creating a fake backstory as well? Likely not, as the aspect ratio usually changes for that. But hopefully they leave that as potential head canon anyway. It was way, way stupider than Thor 2 (average, but well inside the MCU mold) and Iron Man 3 (pretty good movie, don’t know why it gets picked on). To me it’s no different from revealing Santa is real; it’s taking a separate fiction from outside the MCU (witches) and not bothering with any world building because they assume we know how witches work. It reminded me of when Smallville did the same thing, and I hated it then. WandaVision put barely any more effort in than Smallville did.
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