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    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    You know, I had promised myself I wouldn’t discuss this season online. I wanted to stay innocent and pure and unsullied, but I’m surprised to find I just don’t care that much about this season. Episode 4 was about the closest it’s come to being really good, other than that, it feels like an awful lot of wandering. They seem to have decided what a good finale might look like and then posed the question “how can we stall everyone till then”? Maeve travels slowly to her daughter, Dolores travels slowly ... somewhere, William travels slowly to his game (why does he care about a game designed for him? Wasn’t the allure of the last game that it wasn’t for him?). Everyone slowly travels. The different time periods seem like a vain attempt to recapture the mystery of season 1, except there’s nothing interesting about it, there’s barely any mystery. Hate being nothing but negative ... the performances are still strong, it still looks great and sounds great. I’m just really missing the theme of morality surrounding AI that was the backbone of S1. Maybe it’s peaked too early, or maybe it should’ve been a single season? I just can’t picture what can happen that’ll entice me.
  2. I’m trying to work out if Netflix having it is bad for Amazon or not. Maybe the more people who see it, the more sign ups you get for S4? Would they get that many just on a show that’s already aired?
  3. I assume if it does get picked up by Amazon, Season 3 will still run it’s course on SyFy? So in the UK we’re still gonna have to wait, unless Amazon have it immediately after perhaps. Can’t imagine they’d sort it out that quickly though, with Netflix having 1 and 2 still. Also do SyFy get anything out of this deal? Or just Alcon? It’s kinda weird now, it’d be a bit deflating if SyFy just didn’t cancel (how were the ratings for the last episode?) and it was left under promoted on the same network.
  4. I guess the idea was, by referencing NY a few episodes apart, they’re highlighting that things are happening fairly slow and not catching up with the end of the movie. Jeez, put some effort in guys.....
  5. They didn’t really have time to highlight it, but I assume it was Coulson not taking the serum that broke the loop? I guess originally, he does but it doesn’t work, Talbot consumes Daisy and he’s actually the destroyer of worlds? And this time, Daisy doesn’t get consumed which causes the earthquake which kills Fitz. Yea it’ll be weird if Season 6 opens with the implication that a whole year has gone past, and during that year (when they find Fitz I assume) half of the cast just vanished and came back. Would it even be worth implying who got snapped? Or just leave it?
  6. Yea, that was a really good ending in the context of the show, although I couldn’t help but feel it was a classic ‘we might get cancelled’ job where it acts as both season and series finale. Almost seems a shame to have to undo a good ending for Coulson, if that’s what they end up doing for S6. Totally fell for Fitz’s death, funny to think what they would’ve done if he had survived and there was two. Just leave the iced one? I guess they did what they could with Infinity War; reference it but don’t catch up to the end (stretching things there but that’s what must have happened). Wasn’t it nice to see SHIELD acting as SHIELD for a change? Showing up and reassuring and saving lives. Also hope Deke is still around. I’ve got no problem with that just being the way it works; the timeline that created you doesn’t exist, but you’re still here.
  7. Hmm. I’d feel a lot better if they just gave up and Amazon bought it. It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings change, I mean if I could watch it on TV when it aired I absolutely would. And even if this saves it for now, how long does this last? I hate to be a downer, but it would be appear that not enough people watch it on SyFy to justify the budget. Cancellation stunts only go so far. What exactly is the relationship between SyFy and the UK channel of the same name? Is there some reason it doesn’t air on that channel as well?
  8. http://thewertzone.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/brooklyn-nine-nine-saved-by-nbc-more.html?m=1 @Werthead raises a possibility I hadn’t thought of here; that Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix shows could be continued, but brought into Disney’s own streaming service. I assumed they’d be cancelled or cut lose to make way for a show that’s really in the MCU. But I’d absolutely love it if this happened. I love Coulson, but if they killed him off to make the integration less awkward (Whedon is entirely right that Coulson surviving the Avengers takes something away from the film) it’d make sense. I said previously (forget which thread) that the MCU can’t trump Infinity War, that is surely the most amount of characters a film can handle, and so better integration with the TV side is the only way it can grow.
  9. DaveSumm

    This new forum is the bomb!

    I think discussion of Euro 2016 has finally dried up, can we take the opportunity to lose that sub forum?
  10. Will selling to Netflix / Amazon be a problem considering it’s available on both? Not sure how the rights work there, but if whomever picked it up had any length of time at all before the other stopped being allowed to show it, that’s gotta be a pretty big disincentive.
  11. That could easily be referring to them rewinding time with the time stone, which I think would be lame anyway. My money’s still on them living with this for a year and then bringing them back. I see so many people talk about different universes and timelines, it all seems a bit comic-booky for the MCU (well, the movie side of it). I’m pretty confident there’ll only ever be one MCU reality to deal with, they don’t wanna make things that confusing for lay-cinema goers.
  12. DaveSumm

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I didn’t think there was any question Thanos waited for Asgard to fall before doing this. Team Asgard: Space Police would’ve put an end to it pretty swiftly, or made it a lot harder.
  13. DaveSumm

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Plus, it’s looking increasingly like the Infinity War - Ant-Man - Captain Marvel - Avengers 4 sequence has been carefully planned out to make Avengers 4 the best it can be. They must already be thinking of the basic shape to the next ‘big thing’ for the MCU, and what the big event movies can do. I saw talk of them abandoning the numbered phases? I’m incredibly excited for the future of the MCU, and I could barely give a shit when Iron Man came out in 2008.
  14. Yea Daisy’s response kinda bugged me, it kinda brushed him off like “ I haven’t got time to deal with your ‘alien spacecraft over the USA’ shenanigans, I’m dealing with this alien spacecraft over the USA!” They’ve been known to throw in a few meta jokes, I’m wondering if “I don’t watch the news, it stresses me out” is really the writers saying “we can’t keep up with the MCU, it stresses us out”.