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  1. This is a more charitable version of what I was gonna say. It bugged the crap out of me the whole episode. Did I completely miss WHY it’s so critical that they capture the Red Angel? They seem to have a pretty good understanding of all this; if it turned out to be Michael as they thought, she’d have complete knowledge of the time that they tried this plan and whether it worked or not. But doesn’t the Red Angel seem like she has things entirely in hand? She’s doing a way better job than anyone else, why trap her and stop her doing it? And as you said, the plan doesn’t work if they have a back up plan for resuscitating her. The plan had to be to kill her all along, but they went with the ‘Spock goes rogue’ instead. So, bad plan to complete an unnecessary objective, where the stakes are the complete annihilation of all sentient life? OK. Yea, they’re overemphasising the ‘nervous babbling’ stuff that she does every time she enters a room. It’s quite unprofessional a lot of the time.
  2. DaveSumm

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    Yup. If you think he’s blatantly ‘racist as fuck’ you haven’t listened to him. I was gonna start a thread but right now I haven’t the time to make it anything other than a title and a place to take the discussion. We should move it from here though.
  3. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    Without actually checking, I’m gonna guess that there’s no fucking way the CIA website has that exact sentence in that exact context.
  4. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    So if we have a third vote next Thursday, it’ll be May’s Deal or No Deal? Surely? The second it gets voted down, the extension also collapses and the default is no deal the day after? Jesus, we know how to cut things close.
  5. DaveSumm

    Board games!

    Yea I was disappointed in the GWT stream, I’d much rather see someone on the top of their game playing. But then I’ve never really understood streaming games. Do people really watch Heavy Cardboard for 4 hours straight and follow what’s going on? The best one I’ve seen is probably Geek and Sundry: ...which goes to show the production values you need to really follow a game. They must have 10 cameras set up for that. But again, it’s noobs, so it’s not that interesting to me. In other news, after owning a Feast for Odin for years, I’ve finally started playing it and really like it. Except I seem to suck at it, but that feels OK with this game. It’s still fun to spread yourself around and live the life of a Viking for 3 hours even if it’s the life of a shit Viking. I’m thinking I need more engine buildery/worker placement type games, seeing as I play mostly 2 player I was looking at Fields of Arle.
  6. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    I admire your confidence, but don’t share it unfortunately. Leaving without a deal (despite the vote) would still be viewed as more politically viable than revocation. Revocation would probably make May’s position intenable, which would mean leadership elections and general elections, which would mean basically a complete repeat of 2016; two parties in meltdown, someone emerging victorious with pretty much the same dilemma on their hands; when to trigger A50, how to get a deal agreed with the EU, how to get it through parliament. I’m a Remainer, but at a certain point maybe it just becomes better to rip the plaster off than have another 3 years of this.
  7. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    To gauge public opinion on a subject before taking action I guess?
  8. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    It would have been good of Cameron to talk up the non-binding nature of the referendum, saying if Leave wins then we will begin looking into the viability of triggering Article 50. It would’ve bought much more leeway with the public to not trigger immediately, and get all this sorted out before hand. I’ll never forget when he appeared This Morning and after being pushed by Philip Schofield as to what happened if we lose, he very casually took a sip of water and said “well then the next day I’ll trigger Article 50 and we’ll leave”. Will you now David?
  9. DaveSumm

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    David Cameron put the referendum in place to acquiesce the anti-EU faction of the conservatives that has dogged the party for as long as the EU has been a thing. Plan was to announce it, then let the Lib Dems in the coalition government veto it ... but wouldn’t you know, the Tories won a straight majority. So they had to have it. Ok, nevermind, Remain is bound to win. So let’s do no serious campaigning, educating of the public, or preparation for a Leave result. Oh shit.
  10. DaveSumm

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    I won’t go into this any further here, but thanks for you response. I will point out that the ‘unique challenges’ quote I was taking from the video you posted. Maybe I’ll start a separate thread sometime in the future.
  11. DaveSumm

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Jeez, DC. Get it together. So are we supposed to forget the first one existed (I think I did that already), or is this the stand alone?
  12. DaveSumm

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    I apologise if this isn’t the place, but I’ve seen a few casual remarks about Sam Harris on the forum being ‘racist’, is there anything you found racist about the quote she’s points to, that Islam presents unique challenges? Some of Maher’s statements are a little crass, I’ll grant. But it seems very odd to suggest Harris’s criticism of Islam, even it were misguided (which I don’t think it is) could be a drop in the ocean compared to Trump. Trump spent his entire campaign repeatedly blaming Muslims for all and sundry, loudly and frequently. I don’t think we need to over-complicate this, just because MLK provided a handy quote for the occasion. We don’t need to look for a secret answer to who’s ‘legitimising’ this when Trump fits the bill so obviously. Anyway, NZ have done fantastic work in such a short space of time being pro-active about making changes after this horrific event. Well done to them.
  13. DaveSumm

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I think if you wanted to be strict about, his cameos haven’t made sense since day 1. Obviously he can’t always have been actually Stan Lee in all the cameos. Or, he’s actually a Watcher and was just undercover in all those roles. So why not a Watcher undercover as Stan Lee?
  14. Weirdly I realised I don’t like Spock in this episode. I know what they’re going for, we see Spock smiling back in The Cage times three years ago, so they figure he has an arc of gradually becoming less emotional. But much like the Klingon virus plot of Enterprise, it’s an answer to a question nobody asked. We all know they just hadn’t decided to give Klingons ridges, and they hadn’t decided to make Spock emotionless. So let’s all just move on. With every character who plays a Vulcan, the more credit I feel Nimoy deserves. On the face of it you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to portray zero emotions, but I’ll be damned if everyone who came after him just doesn’t manage it. Aloof, condescension, arrogance, superiority, these are all emotions. I can’t help but look at Discovery’s Spock and think he’s ... a bit of a dick? Like, would you find him approachable if you had a problem? It’s probably unfair given what he’s going through, and they’ve obviously chosen to make him emotional. But I’m not seeing any of Nimoy’s character in him. I seem to be rolling my eyes a lot at Discovery this series, Tilly’s “you have to fight it Airiam! Remember your friends!” ... seriously? That old trope? Forgivable if we’d known they were even friends more than 20 minutes ago.
  15. DaveSumm

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    I assumed it’d be a prequel. I actually quite like the idea of accidentally reversing the snapped people with unsnapped, and it’s nice to dwell on a theory that isn’t explicitly ruled out by future films (Fury, Peter, Black Panther, Doctor Strange we know appear later, I think that’s it?) ... but yea, highly unlikely it’d be that bleak after the IW ending, and doubtful they’d do GotG without Rocket. Given the differing lengths of Black Widow’s hair, I’m wondering if they don’t regroup, Captain Marvel arrives, and then they have a stab at defeating Thanos again ... only to discover there’s nothing they can do, the glove can’t unsnap them. Captain Marvel leaves (she isn’t in the group walk at the end), and then many months go by where they’re all miserable as hell. Time for Clint to turn Ronin, time for Widow’s hair to grow, Cap to grow a beard, for Stark and Nebula to get back. Then Plan B: the time travel plan (or something). Only thing that doesn’t quite line up is Scott turning up while Widow’s hair is still short, I think we all assumed he was super excited about his time travel plan, but he doesn’t have to be. Makes sense that he’d head to Avengers HQ regardless. I quite like the idea of the first act of the movie being a build up to Thanos Mk2, only for Thanos to be sat there not even putting up a fight. “Kill me if you want, but there’s nothing you can do. The glove is destroyed.”