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  1. The review of Covid deaths has dropped our total fatalities by 5000, which (by my very crude calculation) drops us to around 8th in the world in terms of deaths per capita, down from 3rd. They’re now capping it at 28 days after a positive test for it to count as a Covid death.
  2. I’m watching for the first time at the moment, and I’m really impressed with the voice actor of Aang, and that’s just a voice. It’d be a very tough cast.
  3. Indeed. Genuine question; what portion of the ultimate audience that Netflix would hope for for this series come from fans of the animated series? Is it not better to keep everyone positive by keeping the original creators on, fixing whatever their issues may be? Or is that naive, and actually the old fan base would be negligible in terms of numbers? I suppose most would still watch, albeit with a more negative predisposition.
  4. I forget what the situation is with CBS/Paramount, are the films and TV series still separate? So are they basically looking to create a self sufficient movie universe, while CBS carry on cranking out Picard/Discovery? Feels like they really need to get on the same page and have films and TV working in tandem. I mentioned it somewhere here before, but I really believe a big part of the Marvel success is that it runs in real time like a soap opera. There’s a sense that the universe is still there, and when the next movie/series comes out, we can all find out what our favourite characters have been doing in the interim. Star Trek is currently in five different time periods (Picard is 2399, Lower Decks 2380, Discovery 30??, Strange New Worlds 2250ish, movies alt-2260). It’s no wonder it’s not gelling as its own universe.
  5. I liked it OK. The pace kinda bugged me, there’s a lot of shows these days that think speaking fast is the same as comedy and it needed to slow down a tad, let things breathe. It was certainly great to see a slightly modernised TNG aesthetic though, it looks like what I wanted ‘the next’ Star Trek show to look like before DIS/PIC came along. And if you like references to canon there was about 600. It was never really funny, but it got a few smirks from me. I’ll certainly keep watching.
  6. Bit late to the party but Spielberg was only executive producer on this, Robert Zemeckis directed it. I envy you watching it for the first time, I saw it in the cinema on the 25th anniversary and it was incredible watching such a well known film with a big audience.
  7. With the UK numbers, it’s getting harder and harder to find a meaningful stat that really gives a true picture of how things are. During the main rise/fall the positive percentage of tests was useful, but now the testing is more targeted it doesn’t tell us as much (it hovers around 0.5% with the occasional anomalous 0.7%). I can’t believe we’re still getting headlines based on pure number of positives, like earlier this week when we had the ‘highest daily increase since April’ but we just tested loads so it was meaningless. I’ve stopped paying too much attention to daily figures and go off of the ONS’s weekly estimate of infected people (showing a slight increase the past week or two).
  8. Fans in general were pretty happy with Worf’s response: “We do not discuss it with outsiders”. But then Enterprise had a three episode arc explaining those Klingons ... a bit much perhaps, but it was nice to tie things up I suppose, giving at least an attempt at a consistent 40 year story. Then Discovery said “Haha lol let’s change them again lmao”.
  9. But that’s exactly what happened, you can just substitute ‘lived happily ever after‘ for ‘were able to fix things at all’. They existed just long enough to stop the car accident, despite the fact that the accident was on rails to not happen as soon as they arrived. This is the grandfather paradox that the show has avoided so carefully until now. And seeing as they broke it, it makes no more or less sense for them to continue existing. Back to the Future II had the same problem, in that Old Biff shouldn’t have been able to return the DeLorean to the correct timeline. So they handwaved this idea that the changes themselves have a ‘speed’ that Old Biff essentially outran, so he rides in front of a wave of changes and gets to 2015 before the changes. There’s a really bad deleted scene where he’s been shot in the stomach and then fades away after returning the car. It’s why he looks in such pain in the film when he gets out, the idea was that one of the changes that caught up to him was that Lorraine eventually shoots him in the ‘rich Biff’ reality.
  10. Again, it’s not an academic thesis, he hasn’t ‘laid out similarities to arrive at a conclusion’. It’s just a skit. And with that, I’m done. Both with frogs and comedy, dissecting it teaches us nothing and the subject dies.
  11. Of course. But you didn’t completely demolish their entire premise with your post did you? They still have a point don’t they?
  12. Well the fact that it’s comedy means it doesn’t have to be watertight, it’s not an academic thesis. But the fact that they easily come up with so many phrases that are equally agreeable makes it own point.
  13. Well illegal, or immoral, or whatever. My point is that it has nothing to do with the culture of either participant, either it’s a shitty thing to do regardless of ethnicity, or it isn’t. Would this situation bother you less if they’d travelled to the east coast, and picked up some Philly cooking techniques from other white people? EDIT: the fact that they talk so casually and openly about it makes me think of tourists just wandering around and looking at chefs who are openly cooking near windows, not some ninjas installing spy cameras on a concealed operation.
  14. If spying on a chef and stealing a technique is illegal, then it’s illegal. It has precisely fuck all to do with cultural appropriation.
  15. Indeed, this is your classic “woke goes full circle and ends up racist”. Let’s all just cook our own food yea? Mexicans can have their food and we’ll have ours. EDIT: Did this already get shared?
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