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  1. I don’t think anyone here is claiming cancel culture isn’t a completely different, and far less significant problem. And I haven’t seen anyone saying it’ll work itself out and we’ll probably be fine. But I still believe today is, overall, the best time to live. You’re more likely to live a long, healthy and happy life than ever before. So I think there’s a window between ‘serious problem’ and ‘world ending’. The world isn’t ending, civilisation isn’t going to imminently collapse.
  2. I can’t for the life of me see what caused this to gain such a spectrum of emojis, or such condemnation. Nothing about this is condescending. Sounds fairly reasonable to me. What a nihilistic bunch we are here.
  3. I don’t get this at all. You’re into comic book based TV, so sorry, all you can hope for is a 7/10? Nuts to that. Disney has more money, IP’s and visual technology than anyone ever has, if I’m not gonna have high expectations from them, then who?
  4. I suppose as well, we’ve kinda seen 6 ‘Season 1s’ so they’ve had to set out their stall amongst the six hours. It’s just an odd length; slightly too long for a movie-esque treatment, but not quite long enough that you can have episodes that break the mould a little and change the tone. Almost all the Marvel series have had an episode where we’ve all said “well that was interesting, but we’ve only got 2 episodes left…” or whatever. 16% of your runtime is slightly too valuable to waste.
  5. I’ve enjoyed all the Marvel shows, I’m glad they exist. But I don’t think any have truly landed the six episode format, none of them have been close to flawless. And I still think Daredevil’s 3 seasons wipe the floor with all of them. I’m trying to think of other six-hour-ish television series, but drawing a blank… is it just that it’s kinda new, so there’s not much of a template for how you pace it? We used to have 20 odd 45 minute episodes (so long that it had to have an episodic format and not be one continuous arc), then 10-11-12-13 episode became the norm. Trouble is, nobody decided 6 is a good length of story, it’s more like ‘6 is how many weeks we can keep subscriptions rolling until our next series is close to launch’.
  6. Is it really? I’m genuinely curious. For what it’s worth, HoI used the term when describing someone who made the individual uncomfortable; the relevant reason being that she was born male. Is there a catch all term that could be used to describe what an androphobe is afraid of? Surely we can agree there has to be a word for people born male?
  7. I’ll break ranks and say I was a little disappointed with this episode. It’s respectable they attempted it, but it feels like something you’d be better off doing a few seasons in when we know the characters better. Past Trek outings like this have used either established stories (Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood) or stuff more over the top (Captain Proton). This was just generic fairy tale / fantasy stuff, and as such it wasn’t really that fun seeing most of the cast; Pike was entertaining as a coward and La’an as a princess, but other than that it didn’t really stretch anyone else. Chapel was just some healer, Spock was some guy, Uhura some Queen or something. It wasn’t absurd enough nor funny enough for me.
  8. I enjoy that they don’t treat it with kid gloves, I think a lot of other series would play safe and depict everything to do with their religion as super serious and not dare to make light of any of it. But I really like that they aren’t model Muslims; Kamala and Nakia are late for prayer, talk back to their imam, possibly use tampons, Kamala doesn’t wear a hijab. It naturalises the whole thing seeing just average Muslims, who juggle their religion amongst all of life’s other concerns. Not sure if you finished the episode but I had the exact same thought as you, pleased to say it comes back to the Khan family with her brother’s wedding though. Still a very fun episode.
  9. I’d also add in that we don’t know how force ghosts really work, but the possibility that Obi-Wan is kinda ‘piggy backing’ on Luke to help him achieve this stuff is the only way I can make sense of “becoming more powerful than you can possibly imagine”. For such a cool and quotable line, it’s surprising none of the other Star Wars content has ever really attempted to explain this.
  10. It’s not a great answer, but I guess they just aren’t powerful enough. I suppose the idea in the OT is that Obi-Wan is a typical Jedi, not necessarily the Best Ever, and as far as we knew then Yoda wasn’t even a fighter. So Obi-Wan can’t beat Vader (and so does some fancy force ghosting instead) and Yoda can’t beat Palpatine. They need a super special Skywalker spawn to achieve those goals. Then Lucas fucked up the PT, and Obi-Wan is apparently amazing, then Yoda is a fighter after all and very nearly beats the Emperor, then this series shows that Obi-Wan can beat Vader if he wants. But even though it was done very poorly, Yoda did lose to Palps so the basic idea is still there.
  11. By serving under him and doing everything he asks, and having a weirdly greater obsession with finding Obi Wan than Vader himself… Which she could probably figure out he doesn’t even know about, and if he did, he seems to give zero fucks about. I have no problem with the character, or devoting the time they did to her in this last episode, but her plan was nonsense.
  12. Exactly. I’m almost entertaining whether they intentionally starved this series of time and money in order to recapture that plucky A New Hope vibe, hardship breeds creativity or something. I don’t think an episode has gone passed without reading a post here that made me think ‘oh yea, why didn’t they just do that?’ Why did they keep the forest chase when it didn’t advance the plot and looked terrible? Why did they pan out to a wide shot of a laser gate when all it did was demonstrate it was completely useless? Why did they hide Leia in a coat when some speeders just showed up anyway? I know it’s been mentioned that this was once a movie, and got extended to 6 hours. But is there even a movie’s worth of ideas here?
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