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  1. Although annoyingly they never mention this when reciting their pledge, they just say “have you removed your helmet?” I guess he must sleep in it too, otherwise what happens if someone walks in while you’re sleeping? Has he ever washed his hair?
  2. The top pinned comment on this Reddit thread (and the Vulture article linked within) have a lot more info: It at least seems like Marvel is trying to fix their mistakes. After Chapek left we’ve had Feige saying the rate of content will slow (apparently all Disney+ shows have had their dates changed to ‘coming soon’) and now there’s rumours of all of Phase 5 and 6 dates slipping back. Hopefully this is also a step to improving their VFX and the way the handle it. I’ve never been one to over-analyse effects and can generally enjoy a film that’s pretty average in that department, but She-Hulk was comfortably the worst looking character they’ve ever had.
  3. I feel like this episode massively overplayed Picard and Ro Laren’s relationship. You certainly don’t get the impression during those episodes of TNG that Picard would be stewing on this for 30 years. I didn’t hate the episode, but I’m still not invested really. ‘They might be a changeling’ has been done, two friends are forced to fight to the death has been done, and drawing out a mystery like whatever’s up with Jack has been done. Sorry NuTrek, you’ve burned me too many times, too many multi-episode drawn out mysteries that amount to nothing interesting. Hey remember that thing from the end of Season 2 that we all assumed would be the macguffin for this season? What was that then? Should we expect that to get referenced or have they just completely given up on making this a coherent show?
  4. Yea it was an odd episode, it maybe could’ve used some kind of ‘hand over’ from one story to the other … it really did just stop being Mandalorian and then switch back equally abruptly. But it’s good they’re widening the scope of what the show can do.
  5. I’m wondering if she thinks of it as her ‘Voyager’ name. She may have been designated ‘Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct…’ by the Borg, but they never need to actually say it out loud cos you know, Borg. Hearing the name ‘Seven’ she’d more likely associate with her rehabilitation aboard Voyager, and everything Janeway did for her. More likely, the writers just saw it as a convenient wedge to force between her and Shaw and didn’t think that much about it.
  6. Reddit has the same opinion about a Shaw spin-off. I’m just gonna have to get off the Trek train if that happens, my opinions apparently don’t line up at all with the rest of the fandom. Hires a Borg (who was far more culpable in their misdeeds than Picard, and even voluntarily tried rejoining once) and then just dead names her and says how much he hates her. Rants at Picard (who was completely helpless in his role at 359 which would have gone down identically had another Captain been assimilated). Is constantly rude and unprofessional in front of his crew, whose morale he’s supposed to be in charge of. We’re putting this guy in the hall of fame alongside our Kirks, our Picards, our Siskos? Really? I’ve completely missed a meeting on this one.
  7. I’m still really struggling with Picard. Yea, it’s better than the first two seasons so far. But I’m constantly distracted by things that are annoying me, I’m not immersed in this at all. I know the ‘I want my 90s Trek back’ debate has been done to death, but I still think there’s room to have a modern TV show that doesn’t complete upend Starfleet as a result. I mean who the fuck are these people? Not only do they just give up in the face of adversity, they’ve specifically wired the ship up to have a special ‘giving up’ room where they can all wallow in self pity. Hey Shaw, sorry to interrupt your wallowing, but we’ve booted up the wallowing room! You can come and wallow with us, maybe lower morale with a tale or two of other times things were really bad! Thank god he handed command over to Riker, I’m sure he’ll be… Oh, Riker’s given up too. Fuck it, don’t bother, go and tell Picard he’s gonna die. Say goodbye to your family. What’s that? An idea to get out? Nah, too risky. Don’t bother, let’s just all die here. At least Deanna will get a recorded message that way. Getting some real ‘Revenge of the Sith’ vibes from the reaction to this season. Last two entries were shit, but this is … OK? Isn’t it? Yea this one’s good! (It isn’t.)
  8. Yea I wondered the same. I’m not sure whether she’d agree that that ‘counts’, but the show purposefully reminded us that she can wield it and Mando can’t. The first episode, I could imagine that she sat on her throne as she’d already been told Mando was arriving … but here she’s still just sat there. So she spends her life staring at the wall on that chair now I guess.
  9. Sweet. I thought Season 1 of Punisher was a contender for best season of the Netflix shows, sadly Season 2 was a massive let down, but that wasn’t on Bernthal. Really hope they can pull a good show out of the bag here.
  10. Discovery to end with the 5th season.
  11. This … doesn’t make sense does it? Certainly didn’t appear that way in the show.
  12. The low hanging fruit here is surely ‘black’ and ‘white’. The BFGs cloak was black because black is a dark colour, and he used it to sneak around unseen. People turn white with fear because the blood rushes from your face to other places, thus leaving your face whiter.
  13. I think this came up before and we concluded that he must hold it floating in his gooey centre when he’s liquid. He certainly couldn’t emulate a working communicator.
  14. Yea, eating the food with the much lower carbon footprint cos it’s in season. Fucking losers right?
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