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  1. This report from the ONS in August has the upper end of vaccine hesitancy in the UK at 7%: …you’d think care home staff would sail under that number, but apparently they’re at 7% as well: How in the fuck you work in the care industry for the last 18 months, witness residents dying of Covid, see first hand the situation get vastly better as your residents and then colleagues get a vaccine, and then come out concluding “Hmm … yea, still not sure” I have no clue. Possibly that number includes those who can’t and ‘refuse’ isn’t the right word? I’m not sure. I also have no idea which is worse, increasing their residents potential exposure to Covid or suddenly losing 7% of the staff. Both very bad options.
  2. Is it a two-parter? I thought it just ended with the prospect of a Pepper-Shuri team up, and that’s that. Pretty good episode, although it really just shuffles stuff we’ve already seen. It was basically ‘Black Panther in 2008’.
  3. I didn’t read the whole paper, so you have some valid points. And your first post, coupled with you acknowledging it was a little harsh and saying sorry, was fair. But then having someone retract your apology as if the standard post quality here is higher than my original ‘link to a BBC article with a comment’ kinda ticked me off. Had I posted in concern of the 7000 figure instead of sceptical, it never would’ve elicited the same response.
  4. The only selling point about this type of lockdown is our new ability to plan ahead. Considering we’ve had changes to restrictions sprung on us with 24 hours notice in the past, the fact that cases won’t suddenly spiral out of control exponentially buys us the ability to schedule lockdowns. If the government said ‘hey next month, we’ll all have the week off, furlough temporarily reinstated, then back to normal the following week’ it might be a bit easier to swallow. I don’t think it’ll happen, but if hospitalisations did look to overwhelm us then it could be viable.
  5. OK… I did glance at the actual paper, didn’t read it in full. You’ve mixed up the outcomes though; the crazy R=2 that goes way off the graph is deemed ‘highly unlikely’, the R=1.5 scenario is where the graph hits 7000, of which they say: They mention schools, which I already covered: we were already expecting some uptick from that but it hasn’t shown. So based on more recent data that isn’t factored in to their modelling (up to September 6th I think), yes, I find it difficult to see how we could reach 7000 hospitalisations a day. So to go over the thread etiquette; if it’s not pro-Lockdown or anti-Tory, no linking news stories unless you’ve read every subsequent link in full, but doom and gloom and anti-Tory, any old shit you think up on the fly and fancy dumping here is fine. Gotcha.
  6. There could be a large jump in the number of Covid hospital admissions in England if restrictions are not tightened, government scientists say. I have to say, I really don’t understand where a potential 7000 admissions would come from? Positive cases have been down all this week compared to the same day last week, despite an expected rise from schools. OK, maybe that needs a little longer to filter through. And hospital admissions are creeping upwards, but certainly not exponentially. It’s difficult to see how things could get nearly ten times as bad in a month?
  7. I didn’t hate it, but it was a bit unsettling to finally feel like you were following the show after Season 1 only to be immersed in a whole different environment. It affected my enjoyment that I had no clue what Frank actually wanted, only that it benefited the stevedores. On second watch, I looked into it a little more and figured out why dredging the canal and having a grain pier would have benefited them, then explained as much to my partner who was watching for the first time. And yes, it’s so much better.
  8. I love that idea but he gets referred to as Mr Anderson and Neo, unless he’s playing an actor called Thomas Anderson who played Neo in The Matrix. And he also doesn’t recognise Carrie Anne Moss.
  9. That thought actually crossed my mind after watching .. well, a series that I guess I can’t say as it’d be a spoiler. Cancelled Netflix series.
  10. Just to respond generally to a few posters; the whole sewage system is constantly in a very changeable state - usage shifted massively during lockdown as people were far more likely to be using their toilets at home outside of cities than inside. Heavy rainfall changes the situation drastically. And yes, ‘fatbergs’ (formed of wet wipes and various oil, fat, etc) clog up pipes which again means sewage needs diverting elsewhere. So water companies shift all this waste around to different sites as best they can to manage the flow. Sometimes a bunch of these factors combine and you have no choice but to release it to the waterways, after chemical treatment. There’s a whole myriad of treatments that get applied, and one particular one that sometimes gets applied (depending on what other processes have been used) uses ferric sulphate to reduce algae levels. I’m seeing a lot of articles suggesting that all the rules have been ripped up and raw sewage will be dumped in rivers, which just isn’t true. It could be ‘untreated’ in that this one stage has been missed, but it absolutely isn’t completely untreated. And yes water companies lose some water through leaky pipes, but that’s an ever improving situation and they don’t ‘refuse’ to replace them, there’s just 350,000km of them so it’s not happening overnight.
  11. I mean, Inception ended with the spinning top … I don’t see why they couldn’t have pulled off the same trick.
  12. It was a response to Zorral baiting HoI by saying “I’ll bet you’re about to say something about The Guardian”, the actual story hasn’t been discussed since the first post. I don’t think it’s particularly serious, and the bias comes in through the fact that they reported it at all (BBC don’t have the story that I can see), as anti-Brexit stuff gets clicks. A kind of macro-version of why posters share the stories here; anti-Brexit stuff sells well here too. But no water companies have taken them up on the offer yet, and the environmental agency are fully on board and monitoring that it’s still safe, and the UK’s water laws are very stringent on the global scale - I work for Thames Water (though not in sewage) and holy fuck, you would not believe how rigorously we check drinking water.
  13. What would an acceptable response to this look like? “Yes, there is a perfect place to get your news and it’s …” We’re all drinking kool-aid of some form, it’s just better to know that going in.
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