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  1. Marvel Sets Vision Series for 2026 With Paul Bettany, ‘Star Trek: Picard’ EP Terry Matalas as Showrunner ‘d
  2. I’m so confused. I didn’t even think it sounded like Johansson, maybe a slightly lower register than average but nobody was like “oh my god that’s her!”. So somebody maybe might have impersonated her a bit? Are impersonations theft? (Hint: no.)
  3. @Spockydog Thanks for sharing. Difficult to dig in to as can’t see too many others covering it, but some of the same bogus figures are back again; the 54% increase is down to increased monitoring. Any figure stating sewage spills have increased since any time before 2022 needs treating as suspect. The Southern Water quote further down contradicts the article; As for the fish, I don’t know. I’d be curious to see what this link actually is and how they’ve been connected to sewage spills. Genuinely am always happy to be convinced otherwise on all this, my position isn’t that spills definitely haven’t increased in X years, it’s that every piece of journalism on this falls short for the same reason, they don’t acknowledge how monitoring skews the data. I’d truly love to read any article that claims it has increased in spite of this, and what evidence they have.
  4. Not that I read this thread religiously but is anyone watching Dark Matter on Apple TV? Is it any good? Reviews seem decent but there seems to be very little buzz around it.
  5. Actually it was the Environment Agency, but regardless, it was asked for and it happened. Just did. Cannot tell you utterly impossible it would be for this to happen in the UK, in 2000 let alone today. All the stuff about ‘we used to turn the chlorine down a bit’ and samples not being labeled incorrectly? The chlorine would get picked up instantly with online monitors and the site would shut down, then we’d be writing an exhaustive report to submit to the DWI by the end of the week about what the fuck we were playing at. And I’d be out of a job by the end of the week if I submitted a mislabelled treatment works sample as a raw sample, that’s ignoring the fact that the lab would immediately flag that sample and the site would be shut down. The UK has a world class water system. From what I can tell it runs rings round North America, both in drinking water and sewage.
  6. I’m a little confused how we’ve managed to talk past one another after one response, but OK. The first part is just plain wrong, random members of the public aren’t doing the checking, the EDMs set up at every outlet are doing that (which regulators asked water companies to set up, so they did, cos they have to). And the rest I addressed previously, the standards that you deem ‘necessary’ are subjective. There is no potential Grenfell down the line for our rivers having a bit more ammonia in them than we’ve suddenly decided we want.
  7. One last point, I don’t recognise this at all. Because of all that regulation again. My team is well staffed, well funded, because we simply don’t have choice but to do that.
  8. Get what you’re saying, viewed through the lens of current coverage I could understand why people think it. But I cannot even begin to tell you how obscenely highly regulated this all is. Because of course it is, it’s water. There’ll be some source of water somewhere which gets tested multiple times a week, there’ll be a treatment works which gets tested daily at dozens of different points, and a reservoir that gets tested weekly, and finally a randomised set of customer property samples in the area. There’ll be filters set up to capture any cryptosporidium which get exchanged maybe daily (depends on what the background risk was considered to be) and examined at the lab for any signs at all - the most common one we get at Thames is ‘oocyst like bodies’ which basically means a tiny shard of something that might’ve been a crypto egg, which entails a massive amount of checking and sampling which always results in no further findings. When SWW said they believed it was safe, that would only have been off the back of all of those samples coming back negative. There is absolutely no ‘cutting corners’ here, the DWI pore over every scrap of data associated with a fine tooth comb. There is zero room for laxness.
  9. It’s difficult to know where to start here so I might ramble a bit; there’s a lot of loaded language here which riddles all the news pieces you see on the topic. What’s a ‘deliberate’ policy? Yes, sewage is released into waterways. In amounts that have only ever gone down (give or take some noise on the data). We’ve been shitting in rivers for as long as we’ve been shitting, and all that’s really happened is that the public have suddenly become aware of this and decided it’s unacceptable. What’s ‘lax’ regulation? It’s lax if your goal is to never use sewage overflows, which is a frankly bizarre and quite arbitrary goal for a country to have. It’s like we took a look at the state of the NHS and social care and education and general government ineptitude and went “hey you know what we need? A sewage system from the year 2070!”. OK… we can do that if that’s what everyone wants. But it takes time and money. What’s “putting in the effort”? In the moment, there’s zero you can do with sewage. It’s either in the river or coming back out your toilet. We can go back in time some 10-15 years and spent more on it, that might solve it. But again, back then, there was no demand at all for such things because no one cared about it. And maybe, maybe, please take the time to entertain this thought … that was OK? Maybe back when this article was written (2010): https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/wildlife/8059970/The-clean-up-of-the-River-Thames.html …things were broadly OK with how it worked, some sewage was split sometimes when it was necessary, but it was regulated and there were a whole bunch of organisations who knew what they were doing who monitored it? Maybe every first world citizen doesn’t automatically gain the right to jump in any random puddle they come across and expect it to be crystal clear and suitable for serving up at dinner? I know what you’re thinking; you’ve been hearing a lot since 2010 of sewage dumping. We’ve probably trashed it since then right? Well, I’m happy to see any evidence of that. Genuinely, I’d love to see it because it’d be way easier if I could just agree with you all. You’ll find a ton of “sewage spills went up 130% last year!!” articles so just to head that off, 2023 saw an increase on 2022 due it being much wetter year (some of that noise I was talking about earlier). But long term? We don’t know, we only started tracking it in 2022. But all available evidence is that it has steadily declined since basically the 19th century. The Thames now appears to as clean or cleaner than when it won an award for how clean it was. So anyway, TLDR: we seem to have collectively invented an arbitrarily high standard for waterways and then demanded companies react to that standard in an impossibly short space of time.
  10. https://x.com/rcolvile/status/1559144188784119808?s=46&t=OTLdG0wwYT1_7Eb_nXeJlw (what was the trick to embedding these again?) Can’t be arsed to look up others (see previous post on wading through pages of negative stories) but Thames haven’t paid any since 2017, and have stated they won’t until probably 2030.
  11. So they’re taking their lead from Prof. Tolkien, OK. Canonically, what has Gollum been up to? Because my (very poor) understanding is that he was some dude, he found a ring and it slowly consumed him, so he went to live in a cave and ate fish and what not. Until some hobbit tricked him, then he agonised about losing it for a while until the Lord of the Rings happened. What adventures with other characters could’ve conceivably happened in the interim?
  12. I keep going back and forth on whether to bother responding, but suffice to say that crypto outbreaks have absolutely nothing to do privatisation. It’s not a ‘shambles’, it’s a rare occurrence that we take immense measures to limit. I ended up going down a rabbit hole of the absolute torrent of bad press the water companies are getting these days, but it just depressed me into thinking it’s now become an unwinnable argument. The public is so vehemently against them now that there’s no convincing anyone it’s all based on terrible journalism and a bad understanding of statistics. On the plus side, it makes me cast an extra critical eye over any media I read now. If people can be this angry and this wrong, what else am I angry and wrong about?
  13. I think you’re going to have to come to terms with this being a different continuity. It’s not early, this is just when it shows up in this version. This much, much shitter version.
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