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  1. Harley Quinn has been renewed: https://www.ign.com/articles/harley-quinn-renewed-season-3-hbo-max-dc-universe-infinite
  2. I saw it. I would put it in the good, but not great, category.
  3. RIP Diana Rigg https://www.ign.com/articles/diana-rigg-star-of-game-of-thrones-and-bond-girl-dies-at-82
  4. Seeing as seasons 5-8 were much better than the stinking pile of horse shit that was Feast and Dance, I’d say Martin should be very worried indeed. Considering the downward spiral the books have taken, I’m not too excited about Winds. Martin may be able to turn things around, but I doubt it. He wrote himself into a corner and I have lost all faith in him. I’m glad I was satisfied with the show’s ending as we’re unlikely to see Martin’s ending at all.
  5. It’s been a pretty lackluster year so far. It’s times like these when I really miss Game of Thrones. My list: 1. Ozark 2. Gangs of London 3. Harley Quinn Animated Series 4. Westworld 5. Locke and Key 6. Better Call Saul 7. The Last Kingdom 8. Defending Jacob
  6. Westworld returns March 15: https://www.ign.com/articles/hbos-westworld-season-3-premiere-date-revealed
  7. 1. Game of Thrones 2. Stranger Things 3. The Boys 4. The Mandalorian 5. Attack on Titan 6. Cobra Kai 7. His Dark Materials 8. Doom Patrol 9. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 10. Veep 11. Orange is the New Black 12. Brooklyn 99 13. Jessica Jones 14. Titans 15. A Series of Unfortunate Events 16. Cloak and Dagger 17. The Umbrella Academy 18. Impulse 19. Peaky Blinders 20. 13 Reasons Why 21. The Punisher 22. The Witcher 23. Designated Survivor 24. IZombie 25. Wu Assasin
  8. 1. Game of Thrones 2. Stranger Things 3. The Boys 4. Attack on Titan 5. Cobra Kai 6. Doom Patrol 7. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 8. Veep 9. Orange is the New Black 10. Brooklyn 99 11. Jessica Jones 12. Titans 13. A Series of Unfortunate Events 14. Cloak and Dagger 15. The Umbrella Academy 16. Impulse 17. 13 Reasons Why 18. The Punisher 19. Designated Survivor 20. IZombie 21. Wu Assasin
  9. No, I have not, though I’ve heard great things. Six Feet Under is on my “To Watch” list.
  10. Arya had 3 close calls, but with death fake outs, I either have to actually believe them to be dead, or the show was really pushing the idea that they are dead. Besides, GOT did have two death fake outs with Jon and the Hound, but it’s not as troubling as it is with IZombie and other shows because they had already established early on that there were stakes. Still, I would have preferred if they avoided those death fake outs. And I only had one problem with the GOT finale, which is unusual for me. Finales are difficult to pull off, and I find myself more disappointed than not. To me, there has only been one perfect finale that I’ve seen, and that is The Shield.
  11. I liked the final season a lot, but I was disappointed with the finale, which dampened my view on it. IZombie spoilers:
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