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  1. I was thinking I'd fill some blanks by creating more pages, so I went to the "Wanted Pages" and saw that it was empty, but I know there are several redlinks on the wiki. Is the Wanted Pages hidden to users?
  2. Why didn't Daemon Blackfyre name himself Daemon Targaryen if he hoped to win the throne? It would have given him a lot more support. He had the full right to as he was legitimized, and on top of that Targaryen on both sides.
  3. David Benioff pulls words out of his sphincter, you mean.
  4. I'm 99% sure that they'll cram the entire age of heroes into a span of like 3 years
  5. The first time the term "white walkers" was spoken was by Old Nan, not by wildlings. And Bran instantly knew what she meant by it
  6. As Preston Jacobs pointed out, Grey Worm is pretty stupid. He was practically the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms at that point and was better trained in combat than anyone at the Dragonpit. Why did he agree to let Bran become king, Tyrion become Hand, and Jon to be non-exiled?
  7. This episode is just unnaturally comedic. Why are they aiming for the "funniest season of all" in the literal apocalypse? It completely undermines everything that happens in this episode
  8. Can we change "other titles" in the monarch infobox to just "titles"?
  9. Doesn't "princess" override "lady", though?
  10. Theon in the wedding rape scene comes to mind. Anyway, it was just an example of how D&D change characters and stories significantly because they were awed by the actors' performances. The Dragon Demands wrote about this on the GoT Wiki.
  11. It isn't really because of the lack of GRRM, it's because D&D care about the actors more than they care about the characters and story. It's gone down hill ever since they started worshiping actors who can cry on cue
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