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  1. The other day I was rereading AGOT when I noticed something I don't see get talked about at all: Dany begins to sense life inside the dragon eggs immediately after Mirri's bloodmagic ritual. Did the deaths of Qotho, Haggo, Quaro, Drogo's stallion, and Rhaego pay for the lives of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion?
  2. Permissions are a bit iffy and some of the artworks are inaccurate.
  3. I always thought Jonquil Darke was the origin story of the Darke family.
  4. Is the Darklyn coat of arms ever described before it had seven Kingsguard? Before Aegon's Conquest, was the red pale still there? Was the coat of arms updated every time a Darklyn joined the Kingsguard or was it just when they had a total of seven? I feel like we should have variations on the Darklyn coat of arms on the wiki from those different times.
  5. The World of Ice & Fire, though it's not a lot. You'll have to wait for Blood & Fire to get the full story.
  6. The Dothraki must have a poor diet, relying on whatever they can pillage or get as tribute from one of the pushover Free Cities. When they aren't raiding or getting gifts, I assume their chief (or even only) source of nourishment is their horses or whatever other animals they have in their herd. Drogo's immune system is probably awful, so it's small wonder that he'd die from a small cut without modern medicine.
  7. That's not what Qyburn did, that's what all maesters do. Qyburn experimented on the living.
  8. Because it's a literal interpretation of something highly cryptic. Just as lame as Lightbringer being an actual sword. I'm more inclined towards the theory that the three heads of the dragon is one dragonrider. A rider, a dragon, and a soul placed inside said dragon via bloodmagic. That's what Rhaegar means by "there must be one more." He has the prince that was promised, now he needs a child born of ice and fire to sacrifice to a dragon (or wyvern? maybe he meant to find a wyvern and turn it into a dragon the way the ancients did). This connects Nissa Nissa/Lightbringer to the prophecy. And Jon is Nissa Nissa, at least in Rhaegar's mind at the time. Head 1: Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised Head 2: Nissa Nissa, the sacrifice Head 3: Lightbringer, the dragon
  9. She technically does. She just wasn't mentioned in the show itself.
  10. Very unlikely that "three heads of the dragon" means "three dragonriders." That would be super lame.
  11. When was this decided? Currently and as long as I can remember, the "About the Wiki" section on the main page has said "A Wiki of Ice and Fire is fan-created for George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO's Game of Thrones."
  12. I do not see it this way. You are looking at this from an excessively purist mindset. Nothing will "spiral out of control" and the wiki won't be taken over by the TV series because a few minor characters have live action images or dragons have CGI images. As for your question "where does it end," I already said where it ends: images that make no contradictions are okay, others are not. What makes a drawn illustration of a character by a third party more "accurate" anyhow?
  13. They had to keep Ryam Redwyne as a plot device for Criston to join the Kingsguard. They cut Maester Runciter...and Mushroom
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