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  1. Judging by the results (position gained by USSR and spread of communism) it did not work very well
  2. I used to visit bookstores (whenever I was in a city it was a must) and buy fantasy/sf magazines. Today it's mostly the web. And friends, now and then. And what an unexpected source! Yesterday I found from a spokeswoman of Russian Ministry of Foreign Afairs, that Mein Kampf had been published in Poland. She only forgot to add it's historical study with critical comments, but its good to know. Got to get it.
  3. He's said to be a populist, so chances are he has promised everything to everyone, but somewhere else.
  4. I may be wrong but to me corruption, dictatorship, disregard for international law and war as a tool of internal policy seem to be closely related. If he wants to count and save money (as he suggests), and to stand economy on its feet then walking this path its not an option. It is not only about moving armies. The state does oppress individuals (and neighbouring states) with procedures and lawless decisions of its authorities (it's just started in Poland too). Navalny wont be able to fix the state without putting this practice to an end. Same with mysterious fires of plants and pipes, explosions of blocks, assassinations (!). To leash the secret service would be a must too. Dunno if it is even possible after so many years, but thats another matter. btw Navalny's views change in accordance with circumstances, but he tries to say what people want to hear. Crimea.
  5. It is known here he's "Great Russia" dude, nationalism, imperial sentiment and such. No matter what his worldview is, more democratic Russia he postulates (or Russia playing with rules) could be more predictable / better option for its neighbours. Putin is imperialist and nationalist anyway, so it should not get worse.
  6. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hwqmz
  7. Jon would not have much chance to survive even in hospital 2021. Bad luck and one dies stabbed once with short pocket knife, not to mention multiple thursts with daggers against torso, throat... IMO he is dying/dead or GRRM does not know what he is writting about. Only magic can make it.
  8. True. Or maybe this is problem with Daenerys, who covers her ears and starts babbling whenever the truths are being served. Tyrion - he is very short and has to build piles of objects to reach for essential items.
  9. their answer is only in their tv series, the interview is from april 2014
  10. It is not that original / hard to be invented by many people independently. Especially that lions do roar (unlike cats and women) I do not think Katy Perry stole it from GRRM.
  11. Idea of exporting revolution was implemented in 1920. Polish - Bolshevik war was, from Bolshevik POV, a trial to get to German commerades. And non existence of SU does not mean Leninism was not formulated. Lenin wrote "What to do?" in 1903 and the Internationale III has been working since march 1919. Maybe most German veterans did not have communist views? Especially officers. Thinking of pre-WWI Europe I imagine socialists in prisons rather, than in imperial armies' officer corpses.
  12. Wow, just wow If this is happening in the USA then I just cannot imagine how and when present Polish regime would hand over power. It may be Romania 1989 scenario, I am afraid. Just seen some pictures from WH on Insta. These guys look like from a horror, I mean the ones who would murder you when wou're on a picnic in Appalachian Mountains.
  13. Maybe he had no time to save both. And a prince is 3 times more important than a princes in this man's man's world.
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