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  1. Boars are related closer to whales than to carnivora Ummies and other apes are close to bats, hedgehogs, sloths, armadilos, anteaters
  2. From political pov this seems perfect solution, free sausages for the masses! Man, last year from my backyard I saw a moose , like 500 meters away, it run along river bank. Now there are beavers in the river i live at, and in 1989 they were almost extinct. In the 80's I saw dead piglets going with the flow, nobody sane would have swum in it. Now people do, there are also fish ( fit for consumption). When industry and state owned colective farming 'enterprises' collapsed around 1990 and ceased to pump / throw out their shit, the life started to return to rivers. Why do the bigger land creatures reappear in bigger numbers I do not know, afaik forests have not increased their areal since then and urbanization has progressed.
  3. Oc the whole action was political happening / prank and the goal was to ashame inactive mayor Some inhabitants might have taken it seriously, there was a comment like "I am already scared, bring the crocodiles and I won't dare to leave the house!," XD
  4. We should ask an expert, just like the journalists did. The zoologist gave an opinion on effectivity of the concept. There is no doubt. Those who would suffer the most are the crocodiles and inhabitants of Dębica. Boars would take no harm.
  5. Wild boar population in Poland grows, boars do not fear ummies anymore and invade towns, searching for tasty spoilage. In Dębica over 100 citizens signed a proposal to introduce wolves, bears and crocodiles (!!!) to forests surrounding the town, so that they would fight the boars. The request was submitted to the town council and it will be put to the vote. Councilmen assure they will vote against.
  6. Zelenski announced he got information about planned coup. Rinat Achmetow, the richest Ukrainian oligarch is said to be engaged in the plot. If it is true, congratulations to Ukrainian counter-inteligence. Such a perfect plan went down the drain!
  7. I did not know about the bicycles but it sounds like a good start. Anyway, he got 11 years of prison, so if my idea of scaninavian justice is correct, he went on to something really serious.
  8. So it seems I should have waited a moment, dammit :p
  9. Because he grew up to be a crook? For fun and thrills? Recently ive read about a young swedish player of yugoslavian descent, a big talent, who chose to become a bandit.
  10. Driven by the movie hype I purchased Dune - the classical one, for max. 6 players. Each faction (House Atreides, House Harkonnen, Emperor, Fremen, Spacing Guild and Bene Gesserit) has different features and special skills and demands different strategy. When you get through rule book and gain some experience the game is really pleasant and satisfyng. Cons are obscure and complex rules (I had to search for clarification on forums several times) and the fact that for the game to be fully enjoyable you have to gather 6 players. 5 players game is OK, 4 will do, 3 and 2 does not make much sense as randomness (which determines order of making moves in each round) becomes important factor. As far as I know the game has just been rebranded (has new "skin" from the new movie) and a bit changed and soon will be (or already is) available, so maybe I should have waited a moment. I've preordered reprint of "Hades" expansion for Cyclades, looking forward to put my hands on it!
  11. Meanwhile in Poland... government plans to set up central pregnancy register. By chance some fundamentalist organisation (supported by ruling party) submitted project of penal code change, equating abortion with murder. It's a beautiful country we live in, a sweet romantic place
  12. It is still early, but article title on sport portal made me chuckle: "the old lady on her knees"
  13. It is better not to like the book too much. I guess I would have not be satisfied with any adaptation if I had been emotionally involved with the story. The fact I had read it over 20 years ago probably helped too . Watched it second time, seems even better! Then we watched the one by Lynch. Overloaded and bit cheesy, just as I remembered it. The second half was really hard to get through, can't wait to see how Villeneuve will deal with the part. Anyway, the new one is more... serious and it is good.
  14. As far as I know companies employ them for contacts they have rather than any skills, they can handle stuff with certain people.
  15. I may be wrong but I took an impression that the battle of the whispering wood is experienced through Catelyn's POV. It was like dark, dark, dark, somebody laughs, metal glistens, screams, swords clang, oooh here they drag the kingslayer! Might have been sort of mixed narration, but not something seen from any possible direction.
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