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  1. Swiatek/Mattek-Sands vs. Su-Wei Hsieh/Mertens, the 3rd set
  2. Tyrion is member of noble house in "middle ages", it is not a communist party you leave because you do not like agenda to join social democrats, it does not work this way. What was he supposed to do, let Sansa escape? Escape with her and join Starks? Because Robb is oh so good that he almost pissed at him? Such book I would not want to read. I think he married her mostly because of the North, partially because in his stupidity he assumed somehow she will get over the murders of her family members. But was it so stupid? Men used to murder men and children in front of their wifes/mothers and took the wifes/mothers for themselves, without dilemmas, to rape or not to rape (like Mamertines in Messana). The women were expected to adjust. Tyrions dilemmas are quite modern and I do not think he should be spat on because of Sansa. I think they may meet again, dissolve the marriage and make some sort of agreement or pact of non-agression. Frankly speaking I cannot believe he would ever try to touch her. I do not even think the treatment you are talking about will become his custom, he seemed to be ashamed by his behaviour in Selhorys, even drunk.
  3. I'am not sure why it occupies my mind, but it does. Maybe it's because of the crown. My country had been deprived of rightful monarch by outer, hostile powers and I think I have some phantom feelings for the institution If it was rich commoner vs rich commoner I wouldn't care. BTW does it take to be evil to get rich or does the wealth makes one turn evil? This is important, because I want to know if I should remain poor.
  4. anyone may love sb dumb, no matter if "dumb" even applies to her. she is not stupid, just completely unaware of how lame rejected boy may behave. here and today it would all end up with "catelyn is a whore" written on her house. in westeros thousands have to die but seriously... her idea of petyr's attitude towards her is incredible. he was almost killed and driven away like a dog, how come she expected anything good of him? too many songs probably. "little brother" my ass
  5. I guess he speculates about possible future, in which she does a thing or two to them (the wiping out)
  6. I am double sad, because Polish private company and the Space Research Centre contributed a bit to creation of the device. Same with DLR's MUPUS penetrator for Philae lander, which also failed. It is said it happens because we really have vague idea of soil properties of the bodies, but nonetheless this kind of lessons are disappointing. Phobos Grunt burned above Pacific together with "Chomik" penetrator made by SRC. Penetrator curse! Anyway, the 2 years mole's struggle was very dramatic.
  7. jon linked up NW's future with stannis. mostly because he had no other choice, but partially because stannis knows who the real enemy is and gives NW hope to stop WW. stannis set against boltons. then the letter comes... jon has to finish boltons off to safe NW's back, no matter how much truth is in the letter. moreover, the discussion has nothing to do with it. jon tried to desert for motives which are mitigating factor. dareon left his commerades in need and deserted for motives which are low. I have nothing more to add.
  8. He might just have accepted him as the representative of loyal wildings, big figure, a warlord. Stannis has strange idea of "who is who" among them.
  9. Slavery at the Bay (and in the whole woiaf) is not connected to race by any means... or am I missing something? Seems GRRM has succesfully shunned the issue in general.
  10. https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8836/nasa-insights-mole-ends-its-journey-on-mars/?site=insight
  11. She gave up burning the father, so maybe there is no point in burning the baby. The king was false as she said, the child's blood has no power either. If so - it seems Jon's action was unnecessary... as for the baby. But the old Targ would have been nice fuel.
  12. The above mentioned pieces of text may be interpreted in two ways. Mace may be just ironic. Mellisandre may have not even tried to convince Stannis, she decided to switch the men herself etc.
  13. And what if my father was a pterodactile? Well, he is not, thank gods. Jon did not try to desert to drink, have fun with prostitutes and dress up like a parrot, I think the detail is important if we talk about morals.
  14. Thucydides and Pittakus for Dany and Jon. Shrek and Mickey Mouse for Viserys.
  15. Is she? I think she plays him / directs him whenever it's necessary and possible. Another thing he is hard to control. But she is not afraid of him too much. She is the only one who knows what has to be done, king with his justice and all the rest are children in the fog. When it turns out he is not she'll drop him like a cigarette butt. He does not know about Mance (yet) imo and he won't be happy when he finds out. The idea Stannis wrote the letter is crazy btw
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