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  1. Ukraine has many soldiers and too little equipment other than automatic rifles to arm them. Recently Ive watched an analisys on Ukrainian losses in tanks and IFV's, seems the tanks they got from abroad plus what they captured from Russians during their succesful offensive in September refilled (more or less) losses they had taken during two quarters of war. And what they would get now (in most optimistic version, assuming Germany joins) would be similar refreshment of current, and maybe some future losses, as they lose tanks and IFV's (permanently or not) in significant numbers all the time, and it is normal.
  2. The request is said to be lodged. Sending it before the meeting in Ramstein? Not sure if it would have been practical. Some details, like how many units to send in the end, might have depended on arrangements to be made at the meeting.
  3. I think that 100, 200 or even 300 tanks in question, no matter which type, would let Ukraine make up for tank losses from some period of time, but would not give Ukraine extra offensive potential. Leopard or Challenger, neither will change the game in such numbers. It is said tanks do not fight duels too often these days, so their superiority over Russian tanks alone may turn out not to be excessively meaningful.
  4. I've been wrong about what PiS is able to do several times, but... Duda has said that this will not happen without "multiple agreements" and that Poland will pass the 14 tanks only within frames of coalition. In fact he is a marionette which tries to cut its ropes from time to time, but I think the case is too serious to misbehave just for sake of pissing off Germany.
  5. As far as I know Germany has to agree to the transfer of their design. I doubt Poland would give the tanks without such consent. Even if - probably no one else would, and one company (14 vehicles) Poland declares to pass is too few. We'll see after next meeting in Ramstein.
  6. You cannot blast ICBM if you cannot upkeep whole system. The WMD's are passed to states which can handle WMDs or soon become useless / sold to terrorists to be turned into dirty bombs (which are overrated). Same thing that would have happened to Ukrainian nuclear arsenal if they had not given it away in the 90's, btw.
  7. I would not count on it. Moreover, to win the elections means to lose the next for PiS. The one who wins will have to cut cut cut. I think it might be better if they win now again, as it will likely lead to their ultimate discredit and downfall. I expect stagflation and financial disaster soon. Dunno about Florida, but the case here is "just give me more money, I do not care for anything else" and PiS is dropping dough from a helicopter.
  8. We have not even started our first game and it is already over
  9. Yes, with all the logistics problems it seems Russian troops will be in considerably worse situation than Ukrainians, who fight on their own territory, with outside help from governments and citizen fundraising for winter clothing and equipment (I believe such donations matter too). I was thinking of camp fires both armies will burn during the winter, it will be visible from far away. I expect Russians, who are masters of procedures' neglecting, will get some spectacular ass whooping because of this.
  10. Most probable explanation is that it were Ukrainian S-300 which went astray. It is soviet product after all, this happens from time to time. There is some important nod of energy infrastructure 6 km from Polish border, Russian Kh-101 missle/missles were probably aimed at it. Ukrainians luanched the S-300 and something went wrong.
  11. I'd add Putin may also expect that another wave of Ukrainians will move to the UE this winter. This, together with growing prices, may increase discontent and weariness of populations and decrease support for Ukraine. Last week I was sitting at a bus stop when and old lady came and sat to take some rest. She started talking to me about energy prices and how dastardly nation Ukrainians were. And that they would thank us for help cutting our throats. And that she's glad she would be dead soon so she would not experience this thanks. Unlike me and my daughter who was sitting there with me. I felt temptation to tell the lady that if she would not stop talking bullshit something bad may happen to her before her natural death. When the bus finally arrived we got on it with the speed of light.
  12. Russians are said to be running out of cruise missles and, as it was stated above, Ukrainians are already able to take down most of what's coming with systems they recieved. I think they will get some more of them anyway. There were some dicussions in USA about training Ukrainian pilots on F-16/F-15, so why not start doing it now, couple of months is sooner than never (if is not happening already). Just a wild speculation, but it might be possible to find some US airforce veterans of Ukrainian descent...
  13. Russians say it was a provocation in order to escalate, what a suprise.
  14. The explosion took place in grain drying facility, there is still very little hope it was an accident (sb smoked in a dusty silo or something like that). But judging by the pictures... nope.
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