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  1. Sure, anyway Lukaszenka himself admitted "2 or 3" missles were launched from Belarus.
  2. No, they launched about 4 rockets from Belarusian territory on February 24.
  3. Probably it was this one, Ukrainian reconnaissance drone, redone to carry a warhead: https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/pd-1-unmanned-aerial-system/
  4. Does anyone recognize model of the drone? It does not look like loitering munition (too slow, bayraktar - like tail). Bayraktar - kamikaze?
  5. Ukrainians claim they have bombed Snake Island again. I've just learned the sunken tugboat was hit with 2 harpoons sent by Denmark
  6. I think they will behave, at least in the years to come, but in some time after the accession, when it will be already all well and membership taken for granted, some "saviour of nation" may show up and try to turn back time. As for Poland I think it should be enough to block cohesion funds until the garbage is swept out of the legal system. Just hope the EU won't bend.
  7. I am aware of that, but it should be enough to keep ones mouth shut and send weapons. IMO it is also good to anounce the help ex post, details are not necessary, but let the world know (including the fucker in Kremlin). Stories on how he may get angry if we do this or that do not help. I like to play with the thought that the "let's not escalate" song is just smoke screen and all the stuff is already carried on train but I think in some cases the above mentioned difference is not so big.
  8. What really infuriates me is the West inventing boundaries for itself, something to be afraid of, like "we will not do this, this, this and that because Putin will throw nukes at us" (devil knows why, actually). Putin must be grateful, as he wouldn't have made up all this bullshit himself.
  9. In Poland? I guess not. I mean almost all mainstream politicians seem to understand well that it is safest moment to pass the stuff (strong NATO presence in Poland will last for some time) and that Ukrianian success is absolutely in Polands interest. The bigger, the better. If we had not given them the ~250 tanks, ammo and other stuff, their loss would have been more probable. And if they fall we are in bad situation, and 300 new Leopards would not help. Moreover, too much has been already invested to stop. Problem is Poland gave a lot of equipment and has not much more to give for some time.
  10. Kaliningrad Oblast is squeaking, administration divides public grounds for people to grow potatos. There was a survey conducted by the Oblast administration, a question was asked - what to do to improve situation. Most frequent answer was to open borders with Poland and Lithuania, so they can go shopping again. The Governor even complained on TV about the war. Putin gently told him off, explaining the situation has nothing to do with the special operation. Kaliningrad is specific, but prices go high everywhere, there are shortages of wares. Vegetable gardens emerge among blocks. Shop lifting increases (from February to beginning of May by 20%).
  11. This is brilliant, you'd be great general secretary of UN. But just to make sure the peace is lasting I'd add also Reunion and Guyane. This should sastisfy his global ambitions and put Russia in the position it deserves.
  12. According to what a Polish expert said - maybe it was not planned, not an ambush as Ukrainians try to present it now. In the eastern part of Severodonetsk two Ukrainian units - Territorial Defence and National Guard, had well prepared, firm defensive positions. The hypothesis is that, for some unknown reason (morale crisis maybe - the defenders have been sitting there for 9 months already, 6 months of ATO and 3 of war), they have left the positions and retreated to the western side of the town. Russians took the chance and moved after them, taking the fine positions without fight and following Ukrainians to the western parts. By chance the cavalary (Ukrainian 4th armoured brigade) was not far, entered the city and Russians moved back to the eastern side fast, taking heavy losses.
  13. This morning Serhij Hajdaj (head of the Luhansk Oblast administration) claimed that situation in the city changed and became "a bit more difficult" for defenders. Petro Kuzyk, captain of National Guard of Ukraine said the combat is really terrible and it all looks like Counter Strike. Russians have more tanks and artillery, probably more men too and they use the advantages. In some places Ukrainians are being pushed back, in other manage to keep positions. Sometimes they try to counter attack, but with various results.
  14. Do I get it right - outside territorial waters of Ukraine the vessels would be escorted by Russians?
  15. Erdogan allegedly decided to send his warships to escort grain transports from Odessa.
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