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  1. dragonfireproof ones.
  2. broken one

    Do the people of Westeros understand money

    I recall Dunk discussing prices of transport by a ferry through the Gods Eye with an innkeeper. He remembered that some years ago a price for a person had been X pennies and for a horse Y pennies and since then the prices increased to Z and W (he even thought to himself something like "everything is more expensive nowadays"). Dunk is an illiterate commoner, so it seems people of Westeros understand prices pretty well.
  3. In comparison with dragon most creatures are weak. Who are the weak the dragon would attack and why Clegane would want to protect them? I assume a t first the dragons will be used against Lannisters, afterwards against the Others. Do you think Sandor will rejoin the Lannisters or become zombiefied?
  4. 1. No, I would love to see it in the books, but I do not think this will happen. 2. Why should he kill a dragon? The idea seems totally random. No.
  5. broken one

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    In the part you quoted I was only referring to the picture you mentioned - Victarion on horse, taking part in tourney perhaps. Not very probable. He is very strong, so he dangles heavy axe and wears heavy armour, it does not take to be very skilled at melee for such a guy to wipe men from deck, where there's no space to dance. Somehow he reminds me of Dunk btw.
  6. broken one

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    I doubt if he was knight at all. Correct me if I am wrong but knighthood is somehow connected with the faith of 7. Moreover, knight on the Iron Islands seems to be rare phenomenon - there was a guy called "the knight" among the Ironborn as far as I remember. They have no good horses on the Islands and it is said they make lousy riders I think his bravery and strenght plus battle axe make him dangerous on ship's deck, but not necessarily in even top 20 fighters
  7. broken one

    First of his/her name

    BTW I'm curious why 3 Freys were given Targaryen first names?
  8. broken one

    First of his/her name

    Depends on how close to the real world history it should go. Among kings of Poland there were Jan I, Jan II and Jan III of 3 different houses/dynasties, so I think there might have been general rule to keep the order of numbering, regardless of dynasty.
  9. So said some maester. Reading aSoIaF we know what some characters really think or feel. As for the pseudo - history books we may never be sure. For example - reading WoIaF one may think Tywin Lannister was coolest, most noble guy that ever stepped, Mostly because that part was written by Pycelle.
  10. broken one

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    If GRRM kills Jaime or Brienne or Davos or Barristan I will get offended and refuse to eat. Ha!
  11. broken one

    First of his/her name

    It does not have to be the same bloodline. It is about the kingdom. If the usurper's name had been Jaehaerys, not Robert, he would have been called Jaehaerys III Baratheon.
  12. broken one

    What if Theon came to Pyke naked?

    no need for that. paying with iron thingy applies only to men's jewelery AFAIR
  13. Had he been sent there he could have tried to do something stupid and ended up executed anyway
  14. It's very intriguing. Brynden Rivers is said to be born in Kongs Landing but maybe he spent part of his childhood/youth in the Raven Tree Hall? I wonder if there was connection between his gift and the special feature of the tree.
  15. Republic. Not too democratic. It is not good idea to get worked up over that thing