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  1. you omitted "a bit". Dareon disappears for days and nights while they sit in the inn hungry and cold. Ive read the chapters recently and wonder how you figure he paid for anything.
  2. People hate Dareon because he could have easily earned amount of cash needed to repair Aemons health a bit and get on a ship from Braavos. He pissed on innocent people who were his company, did not force him to join NW or anything etc., for him they could have died - no probs, and it was not decent at all. If I were him I would have helped and then said farewell. Id rather sing songs and have fun with whores in Braavos than travel all over Westeros searching for suckers and criminals and get murdered by one of them, cannot blame him for desertion.
  3. yeah, but i think it is quite different. former colonial states/countries built their prosperity on exploitation of colonies. in effect of the whole process there are many non white citizens living in the countries. Now these are their countries and they got something to say. This is the price aboriginal Brits/Dutch/French etc must pay. Hide the pride of their history a bit. There is a monument of Lenin in Brest (Belarus), ~40km from my town. In theory I should feel offended and want to blow it up just because of what my ancestors got through after bolshevik revolution and during Stalin era. But Belarus is not my country, it is their circus and their monkeys. Same with Stalin monument in Georgia. This monster is their hero, so be it. And the same with glorification of banderism on Ukraine. One mans hero is others psychopatic murderer and rapist
  4. this is your choice, fair enough, but I can assure you - I cannot sleep when there are problems with my work and prefer to loose money than to fuck over sb. pacta sunt servanda as von der leyen has recently said. And I shun goddamn cats in my house
  5. as for the India Red Fortress in Delhi (and Agra) = Red Keep in King's Landing Peacock Throne = Iron Throne (maybe)
  6. welcome to the board damn, I cannot remember that part! but it only strenghtens my belief, that the little birds end up in lime pit
  7. This is why the punishment is incomprehensible. Why were they punished for sth absolutely normal? Plus number of the punished - the scale only increased hostility and caused resistance. In her place I would have found the directly responsible for the deed ( a few goverment/council members) and punished them... not for torturing and killing children (wtf?) but for insulting me. Me - the godlike Targaryen. Even letting them get away with it completely would have been wiser than what she had done. There must be some moment zero from which new order applies. Utter extermination of the slavers class also would have beed wiser than the 163. Short sighted but safer.
  8. I do not trust sincere religious people either, so there's 100% compatibility XD
  9. But why? You should not trust people who are not honest. I do not trust those who do not drink. Probably they got something to hide.
  10. I guess animals like me, cats and dogs approach me but then I get tense and ignore them, because I do not like them - actually I love animals / I am interested in them a lot, but at a proper distance. Love to read about and observe them. On the other hand I got nothing against insects crawling on me. I prefer a beetle on my palm to a cat on my lap.
  11. assesing by speech to Kevan (in fact - to readers) from aDwD epilogue Varys believes he is savior. I think Lenin also believed he was savior, but from the perspective of time I think he was wrong XD you'll know him by his fruits
  12. their best sames with your fishbone av, kiss kiss
  13. I do not think GRRM made Bran control Hodor just for the one moment at the cave's entrance (important as it was). Bran is still doing it and I believe he will possess Hodor in coming books again. It does not have to be a waste of Bran's potential, it depends on purpose. Sort of training anyway. And it does not have to have anything to do with swords. But why not? Circumstances may force Bran to physically reach outside the cave.
  14. looks like new trend, masked men in plain clothes and with police equipment attack and detain protesters. read that lukashenka is running out of money really fast. he is going to visit moscow in september, probably to ask for financial support
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