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  1. I'm thinking about visiting George and asking for a job since he fired Derek, the guy who was a bad influence and the real reason for all the political scandals. Given George's sense of sprezzatura, I'm thinking about wearing something fashionable but professional; or maybe go casual; or if it's too hot in D.C., maybe one of these.
  2. Chataya de Fleury -- another interesting glimpse into the corporate world, thank you for sharing! Your description reflects my former profession. Often, I'd be compelled to work on a trading floor-equivalent, known as a TOC or TAC. Likewise, it's challenging to do focused work in a place that often approximated a schoolyard. More, working elsewhere would have been a social and professional liability. I understand
  3. Secretary of Eumenes -- what do you mean? What exactly are you suggesting Chataya de Fleury should do to her colleagues?
  4. Yeah, he’s a bit of a slicky boy
  5. The CNN Fear & Greed Index now reflects extreme greed. A year ago, it was approaching extreme fear. Data points seem positive, and the position of Bank of America / Merrill Lynch is a likelihood of a mild and short recession. Yet, the market's reaction doesn't feel appropriate (e.g., missed earnings). It should be signaling anxiety. And there should be a reasonably predictable action / reaction / counter-reaction cycle, but consequences in this game seem to be hit or miss. On the other hand, I know it's not all luck. Given that (at most) 3% of professional traders are successful, year after year, maybe it's 97% luck, hahaha. Since I'm not part of the professional 3%, I suppose the most reasonable approach is to posture for success regardless of market direction.
  6. RESOLVED -- unanimous verdict; Elon wins lawsuit. "The lead plaintiff in the shareholder lawsuit, Glen Littleton testified last month that he lost more than 75% of his investments following Musk’s “funding secured” tweet."
  7. Castellan -- I know right; bullied, even. How could anyone treat him this way, when he has the voice of an angel.
  8. ants -- Ilhan was released from her (Foreign Affairs) committee obligations for making several antisemitic comments, which not even I am willling to repeat here, or anywhere. She'll still be allowed to participate in other committees, though. And I think she has the option to appeal. According to this article, The Squad apparently had an emotional meltdown over it. Cori accused some of white supremacy; Alexandria, mysogynoir; and Rashida, sob-screamed. Surprisingly, even Hakeem admitted Ilhan used some antisemitic tropes. I hope Ilhan will learn from this "teachable moment"
  9. You say fabulist, I say fabulous! It’s criminal how poorly he’s being treated, actually. George is innocent!
  10. Werthead -- that’s one of the prime considerations. Some (good, but shortsighted) people in the USG consider option 1) where a decisively defeated RUS released from the requirements of a costly active war and both recovering and reconsolidating represents a better option than 2) a stalled RUS perpetually pinned and bleeding out gallons of blood and matériel while facing stalemate or worse against a UKR proven to be capable of holding the line. And even if some ignored the (unlikely employed, but still available) risk of RUS nuclear capability under option 1), they can’t ignore the certainty that a PRC invasion of Chaiwan would result in their decisive conventional defeat against the US and Asian Allies. It would be outright annihilation, assuming they could even put adequate numbers of boots on the island, hahaha. The US wouldn’t have to actively fight a two-war front against RUS and the PRC. Both opponents are contained, the USG just needs to ensure the nukes stay inactive.
  11. Maithanet -- your assessment is as fine as anyone else’s, but you’re missing the point. I don’t care which side wins or how they’re approaching resolution.
  12. Impressively, India has had a pretty good year compared to practically all the rest of Asia. From profiting off the energy crisis, to thriving relative to the worsening situation in Pakistan, and even facilitating Apple’s relocated AirPods production, India is ascending! Modi: who’s the tiger now? Sunak & Xi: you’re the tiger. Most amusing of all, is how India whooped the PRC soldiers, literally throwing them off the mountain. And most amazing of all, surpassing the UK economy, a gap that will only widen in the future. I need to get to Bombay and see what’s really going on
  13. mcbigski -- yes; very insightful, and it rings true. War, not for the sake of war, but for gaining and maintaining political and economic power in perpetuity. Ukraine was a gift, hahaha. Better us than them
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