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  1. I prefer to get wasted daily, though it's mostly nowadays
  2. lacuna — wut, hahaha; I literally acknowledged your speculation wasn’t far-fetched. Did you not see me reward you points? Points — plural! They’re equivalent to gold.
  3. Varysblackfyre321 — close, but at this point in the cycle, “…hard times create strong men [present]; strong men create good times [future]…” Depending on your perspective, this is more valid amongst the UKR Soldiers and key political leaders, as opposed to the RUS conscripts and singular autocrat.
  4. Erik of Hazelfield — agreed, less a backslide, more of pendulum swing; the political version of a business cycle? As @Ran mentioned in another thread, I don’t think anything decisively successful will originate out of that election. Sweden will (sooner than later, subject to economic conditions) realign to its normal trend of progressiveness, I’m sure.
  5. Interestingly — this is what @lacuna and @Ran mentioned, which wasn’t as far-fetched as one would think. Points to both for their reasonable speculations! And it makes sense that Vladimir would order the attack as a means of self-preservation; additionally, in my opinion, it’s a decisive confirmation that the US-dominated world order will be permanently challenged as Russia refocuses wholeheartedly on Eurasia as opposed to Europe.
  6. Matrim Fox Cauthon — did you really not grasp the intent behind my post? The Golan was an historical example where a condition of peace has been secured; the question is, given its end-state, and the similarities with Ukraine, could it not be a viable end-state for Ukraine, as well? Are we not allowed to speculate on how this war ends? Although the current situation (where Vladimir initiated a general mobilization) appears to be an extension of the war, my question suggests a resolution is closer than people are expecting.
  7. The Anti-Targ -- I was comparing two examples of annexation: Russia in Ukraine, and Israel in Syria. In the case of Russia, the US is against annexation given that Russia attacked and occupied portions of Ukraine. Comparatively, in the case of Israel, the US recognized annexation despite Israel conducting a preemptive attack and occupying portions of Syria. Given the above situation, where both conflicts include not just 1) annexation but also 2) the militarization of another state's territory, 3) the threat of nuclear weapons, and 4) US involvement; I wonder if the situation in Ukraine will eventually reflect what we see in Israel and Syria today, where a similar kind of non-peace is achievable. What are your thoughts?
  8. James Arryn -- yes, the war of 1812 was just one of many, many (many) more than the two wars you claimed. Just clarifying the number of wars Canada was involved with -- I don't look down upon any of them (unlike you, I'm a nationalist jingo), except when your ancestors beat mine, hahahah. 6th is impressive on charitable givings, but it's just one aspect of Canadian soft power. When adding the other aspects you highlighted, they still fall short when measuring soft power, which took your (appeal and attraction) factors into account and packaged them into a holistic product. Yes, Canada punches above its weight, but global opinion (by virtue of overwhelming US social, economic, and political dominance), still favors the US (and that's in spite of US political hypocrisy).
  9. James Arryn -- Canadia has engaged in many, many (many) more than two wars -- before (e.g., French Revolutionary Wars and the War of 1812) and after (e.g., Korea and Vietnam (unofficially, but by the tens of thousands)) America gained independence. On global opinion (excepting Hollywood portrayals and your various surveys), politically the US is still viewed in higher esteem compared with Canadia when measuring soft power (i.e., in shaping the preferences of others through appeal and attraction) the majority of the time. Anecdotally, too, as evidenced by your own experiences. One reason for this is that the US is most often the most charitable country in the world (Canada ranked 6, overall).
  10. Matrim Fox Cauthon -- surprisingly, Uncle Joe refuses to reverse it. In effect, the USG continues to recognize Israel's annexation of another country's territorial integrity, which is at odds with US policy re Ukraine
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