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  1. I think it's probably more than that. Saw today some people saying stuff like, "oh it's fine, I've got a mixed race child and my wife and I discussed their skin colour before they were born so we need to hear what was actually said" which seems like BS to me: if the person you asked leaves the conversation shocked and with the impression you were voicing concern, then something's up and was probably a little bit more than idle wondering.
  2. Definitely a bad idea. Kira's past partners are mostly good people who share her faith, which is the most important thing in the world to her. Then she dates... Odo. Odo who does not share her faith, or any faith. Odo who is surly, awkward, bitter, quick to anger and a bit weird. Odo who worked for the Cardassians during the Occupation, for crying out loud. Here the writers engage in some really fanciful thinking in that the Bajorans actually regard him as a hero because he was "fair", ha ha. Until Kira discovers that actually he wasn't always that fair, oops. I'm sure there were members of the Bajoran government during the Occupation who tried to be fair and sometimes weren't. Didn't stop the provisional government from exciling them after, with Kira's support. Odo who could have quite easily cost the Federation the war because he was too busy shagging the other changeling. But Kira is able to look past all of these giant red flags to miss the biggest one - a truly incredible act of callous psychotic selfishness - Odo commits temporal genocide of a whole colony of people to alter the timeline so his past self gets to have a shot at dating someone who a) he hasn't seen in over 200 years and b) doesn't even know he is even compatible with. Real people like O'Brien were prepared to sacrifice their future with their families for these people they've only known for a day. Odo has spent a lifetime with them and is like, fuck you kids, I'm "in love" with Kira! I'll take the Ferengi episodes over Odo any day - at least the Ferengi know they're arseholes.
  3. Yeah, modern Trek's only saving grace is that expectations are so much lower now. I can and do rewatch classic TNG and DS9 episodes form time to time. Episodes which are 20/30 years old and still hold up really well. Ain't nobody going to be watching Picard in 30 years.
  4. God help me but I actually did look into this a bit. Here is the evidence that she died: Twitter users have been very modest and respectful in asking for proof that she is alive but it hasn't been forthcoming. All they have asked for is a real time video of Tiffany, her husband, her kids, all standing together, unmasked, holding up a copy of today's newspaper and her birth certificate, and to do a little dance. She refuses to even acknowledge these requests. Why? She hasn't been on social media. One member of her family has been online to say that Tiffany was doing well, but when social media users politely requested some follow up details, her family member then went silent. Isn't that suspicious? This is proof they are gagged. But also, if a load of crazies on Twitter thought you were dead, wouldn't you want to draw their attention and tell them you're ok? I'm sure they would then let the matter drop. The hospital released a picture of Tiffany and her colleagues several days later. There were two problems with this. Firstly, she was masked. How "convenient" that a critical care nurse was wearing a mask, eh. Secondly, she was clearly a lookalike. Yeah, that's right, the hospital, in cahoots with Pfizer and the government and probably Nancy Pelosi, hired someone to pretend to be Tiffany and stand with her colleagues. Her colleagues know this but have been gagged from revealing this. The imposter isn't very realistic, though. Despite finding someone who exactly matched her eye brows, they forgot to brush her hair the same way. If I ever decide to go on Twitter again, kill me.
  5. Oh, some people. Not me of course. But after being crammed up in the house for months with a small child, some people might find one night a week drinking with friends a very good idea indeed. They're wrong of course, it totally sucks. Especially now the pubs are actually quite clean and you're guaranteed a table and you order from your phone and the drinks come to you like magic. Doesn't appeal to me though. Other people. Morons. Must... Protect... Grandma...
  6. A five minute off-script sentence of rambling repetition and self-interruption, stumbling subjects like a drunk between lampposts. A ten minute interlude wherein he thoroughly debunks a newspaper article written about him in June about some trivial nonsense. One single fact which is accurate - but he thought he was lying when he said it.
  7. Old Man's War by John Scalzi is £0.99 on Amazon UK Kindle.
  8. Edit: never mind, answered and answered. I voted to keep the feature. From what I've read on the board since it's been introduced it seems like it's being used well. It's also really handy for when you're in a hurry and skim reading threads.
  9. I'm not sure I can forgive you. You've ruined the picture for me, and now my profile pic has changed from one of the wonders of the universe to a cartoon of David Cameron... which isn't quite the same, somehow.

    And complete FFVIII and X man! Those games are great. FFX-2 is optional. :P

  10. Forgive me for saying so, but your profile picture looks a bit like a massive Cadbury's Cream Egg to me...

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