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    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Fucking Goebbles, always lying about the speed of delivery of antibody tests.
  2. VarysTheSpider

    The Simulation hypothesis

    When I think about this I can't help but to spare sympathy for the creators of the simulation. We at least don't know whether it's possible. They however know that it is and therefore must conclude they are probably a simulation themselves. Poor them.
  3. VarysTheSpider

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    I drove half way across the country today and it pissed it down all the way with me. Horrible day. Exit poll in about 80 mins when polls close.
  4. VarysTheSpider

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    Old Man's War by John Scalzi is £0.99 on Amazon UK Kindle.
  5. Heh, I went through a phase of following council by-elections. The results were mad and rarely made any sense. I guess because the turnout is like 2% or something.
  6. VarysTheSpider

    Years and Years on the BBC

    Davies has ruled out a season 2, which is probably for the best. The longer this would go on the more unrelatable it would be.
  7. VarysTheSpider

    Years and Years on the BBC

    Easily the best show I've watched this year. Every single episode was great. Laugh us into hell, indeed!
  8. VarysTheSpider

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    I thought Jaime did well to keep a concerned face rather than asking who she was.
  9. Varys/Tyrion claimed Jon has the better claim because he is a man. No, he has the better claim because he is the son of Rhaegar. Why was Lyanna Mormont a corpse? Shouldn't she have evaporated or something after NK got killed? Not sure. Sansa is so worried about Jon going south that she wants him to be king of the whole sodding country. Ah, that Sansa, she so smart. Smartest person Arya's ever met, you know. Edit - how could I forget Brienne and Sansa informing Jaime that Missandei had been captured. Could just imagine him thinking "who the hell is Missandei?"
  10. VarysTheSpider

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Edit: never mind, answered and answered. I voted to keep the feature. From what I've read on the board since it's been introduced it seems like it's being used well. It's also really handy for when you're in a hurry and skim reading threads.
  11. I'm not sure I can forgive you. You've ruined the picture for me, and now my profile pic has changed from one of the wonders of the universe to a cartoon of David Cameron... which isn't quite the same, somehow.

    And complete FFVIII and X man! Those games are great. FFX-2 is optional. :P