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  1. May I just say that use of Capitalization ala an 18th century commander of a Seagoing Vessel writing letters to one's Distant Questionably Faithful Beloved is my favorite part. Bravo.
  2. My first thought was, oh, an Alistair Reynolds novel vibe then.
  3. Who knows, but West Africa probably isn't messing around either - my colleague for a Liberia trip just bailed because she's coming from the US and its an automatic quarantine for anyone arriving from countries with 200+ cases. Have anecdotally heard that Ebola protocols are dusted off and running - airport temperature tests, government quarantines.
  4. Wish there was more Endeavour, preferably attending more stogy Oxford office party murders. This business with glamorous Italian divas was far too much. My new favorite that-is-so-random Midsomer episode is now the one with the village where all civil society appears to consist of a low-grade corrupt high-IQ society with complex relationships with a variety of warring local lepidopterists.
  5. Let's assume the Federation has simply integrated the ideas of Modern Monetary Theory as state policy, circulating latinum at-will to maximize social welfare, explaining its erratic appearance throughout the economy (Mind, I don't really understand MMT before anyone nitpicks that). Agreed with @Jace, Basilissa - As everything else in our time, this show is a question of the role of the state, and its re-writing Star Trek hard to hold a deeply regressive position.
  6. Blah why is everything so stuck? Picard somehow seems to be trying to be Star Trek's Firefly, only its been 20 years since Firefly, y'all.
  7. I'm trying to get more small and medium-sized things done within giant Organization, and figuring out some basic logistics and expert support for things the Organization has quite literally written the book on. I just got a response from someone that Organization is "quite ineffective at managing knowledge centrally". At this point, there's just a huge relief seeing that in writing.
  8. Midsomer is an odd show, with the weirdest tonal range - everything from almost slapstick comedy to almost psychological horror. There's like one episode somewhere that is like a creepy gothinc incest house, complete with nuns that Barnaby is barely in. WHAT was happening there?
  9. OK, that sounds excellent. I also sort of enjoyed Monarch of the Glen way more than it probably deserved, mainly because it was that rare show devoted extensively to rural landuse regulation conflicts. There was a whole episode about moving a village bus stop, if I recall correctly, an one with an extended local public participation in planning process meeting on some sort of heritage preservation question. These are my people. Midsomer also has an episode that revolves around low grade corruption in the progressive erosion of developer concessions on a commercial brownfield development, and that may have also been the episode with a sort of slinky, suspicious county planning officer and some outrage over a modernist residential house in a traditional village landscape. (Also, I assume someone was murdered at some point in the episode, but at that point, who cares?)
  10. I have to assume its Midsomer, what with the ever more unlikely murders at assorted village fetes, obstacle courses, gardening shows, cricket matches, contested inheritances of moderately sized houses, local-school-gym ballroom dances, etc. Though there's probably some Scottish ur-village on a cliff somewhere where the population was only 30 people to start with and literally everyone has been murdered now. Being quasi in academia, the notion that Oxford is a seething hotbed of murderous impulses does not seem unlikely.
  11. Its pretty terrible, but in a really strange way, and I'm slightly fascinated by how its getting made and what anyone involved with it is thinking.
  12. Also, Midsomer Murders grew on me. They're goofy rather than gloomy but they'll do. Unforgotten - might be my most anticipated show now. Love how well they're put together. Dublin Murders - eh, not bad but not really my genre, I think. The supernatural stuff and the story always revolving around the cops own dark emo pasts was a bit much. Deadwater Fell was pretty good. Guilt - very dark humor, good variation. The Loch - god help me if I can remember any details, but it was a perfectly fine example of the type: small town, check. Overworked cop, check. Lavish shots of Scottish landscape, check. What more do you need? Traces - set in Aberdeen, I think. Some dodgy characterization, but the ho-humness of the lab and the investigation was a nice change. (Its amazing anyone in Scotland hasn't been murdered yet, really.) (My brain has been pretty fried lately, I've been binging these pretty hard.)
  13. Hey Endeavour is back. Thank heavens the mustache is gone. Mmm.
  14. Excels should rightly exist in one of two states: 1. Trivially simple 2. So unbelievably complex they are fully a deeply idiosyncratic and intimately personal mental map of one's own vision of a project, projects or indeed whole life, and are substantially less explicable to another human being than talking them through a dream you had. Anything else, use R or STATA or something.
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