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  1. OK I have to mention this - I was on a transatlantic flight that went over Greenland this week, and the little flight path map thing they have showed Greenland as green. As in, this massive, ice-free island (in the shape of iced-Greenland, whereas we know that probably under the ice its an archipelago, but like that should be my concern) with green satellite imagery landcover that doesn't exist and never existed there and I assume was like copy-pasted from somewhere in the Midwest or something. I mean, someone had to put this together and draw up this strange Green-Greenland globe in the background of the little flight path app, its not just an error showing the wrong season or a weird projection or something. It was just bizarre. I'm seriously thinking of writing the airline just to get to the bottom of it.
  2. Datepalm

    Careerchat III

    What happened??!
  3. Datepalm

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Yeah, somewhat similar reaction...I thought the point about apps and games was also interesting.
  4. Datepalm

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Well this is interesting: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/12/the-sex-recession/573949/
  5. Datepalm

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Hurrah! Congrats :-)
  6. Datepalm

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    I don't think so. Or rather, don't feel so. Like I said, this is a gut feeling, an impressionistic reaction to midterm results that were far worse than I expected in complicated and varied ways across swaths of geographies. I don't have an analysis here. But I'm not saying I think Trump will win if democrats don't find the right candidate. I'm saying I think Trump will win, and democrats are not sufficiently what I can recognize as a political party to have what I can recognize as a candidate in a democratic election to the leadership of a nation state. It doesn't matter who it is - the vortex of celebrity, identity, mutable policy, personal representation and posturing this role IS makes anyone who fills it devolve into a nonsensical loathsomeness. It is my current working theory that Barack Obama was the last president of America.
  7. Datepalm

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    After catching up on the midterm results (flights, conference), my gut feeling is now that Trump will take 2020 (if he runs). The rot in the right runs to the bone. That 40% of trumpists is rock solid, enthusiastic, and holding steady if not growing. The left will continue to eat itself in internecine battles that conflate coolness and self-satisfaction with ideology and solidarity.
  8. Datepalm

    The Romanoffs

    Re ep 5 - I was quite enjoying it, until it went so flat and didactic at the end (only slightly redeemed by the possibly-ambiguous ending with the odd undermining of the father's rousing defense) and just became too cringey and obviously-about-the-writer. I mean, there's a kind of theme here, of a particular, moneyed class of people caught in up in their tiny scandals, mild hand-wringing justifications of wealth (I earned this apartment! I work in a homeless shelter! The house wants you to live in it!) and often petty attempts at magnification of small incidents that are mostly just - stuff that happens in life, into echoing grandeur and drama and meaning they've not earned.
  9. Datepalm

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Oh, yeah - there's nothing wrong with pic with dog (I have stronger opinions on pic in car). Its a totally personal random tic. I'm not a dog person, I get annoyed with people who are like obsessed with their pets, I'm (at the shallowest, most aesthetic of levels) not into the aw-shuckness, I'm-a-chill-dude persona I somehow read a pic-with-dog as being meant to convey, and that's pretty much it.
  10. Datepalm

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    - pic with hat, pic with dog, pic in car, pic with fish, pic of penis, pic of flexing muscles. That's about 60% of em out. I tried to make my profile a little lighter and less like a summary of my research interests on Linkedin, and added 'looking for someone to hitchhike with' to convey an air of daredevlishness and unconventionality, yet also, I suppose (I did not think about it that much at the time, post-hoc textual analysis here) a certain playfulness and feminine-tinged fragility and neediness. I keep getting oddly serious texts going, like, 'Why are you hitchhking? That seems dangerous and inconvenient. Where do you need to hitchhike? You could drive there, you know. I'll drive you if it helps.' I'm chalking that one up to, uh, cultural gaps. I suppose I need to fix the profile again, but I find that really annoying to do for some reason.
  11. Datepalm

    The Romanoffs

    Yeah, I'm also intrigued by the Romanoffs (of all things) as an organizing framework, and particularly the seeming randomness and of-all-things-ness that make these seem particularly flimsy and vague, as though increasingly that's the point. Most of the episodes also have a lot going on around possession(s) (especially of homes) and privilege, which is usually the strongest tie to the Romanoffs both directly and conceptually. That third episode with Hendricks so far breaks the mold most in that regard.
  12. Datepalm

    The Romanoffs

    Still just me? I thought this was pretty good - not brilliant, but engaging and enjoyable in some fashion - right up until this last episode, when, just, no, cringe, Matt Weiner, that's not how you do that. What an awkward ham-fisted failure.
  13. Datepalm

    What is the largest country in history?

    I feel like there's an obvious answer, but actually the Mongol empire immediately came to mind.
  14. Datepalm

    Shows like Discovery of Witches?

    Not yet (or perhaps ever), but all my friends are stressed out academic-job-market, culture-of-productivity post/ongoing-trauma people. Actually it looks (Wikipedia...) like she has tenure at Yale at the start of the show (which is...far fetched, but you can just crunch the numbers to make it come out and assume she's in her early thirties, since I find the idea of a romance heroine who is over 32 far less likely than a tenured Yale professor under 32.) And is now on a sabbatical or something at Oxford, which she's using to sniff around for a possible professorship there instead. (Yale is probably pretty miffed about it.) So that explains why there's not a class that's waiting for her to grade their papers or something and why she can kind of drop stuff without stressing about it too much - an appointment at Oxford might be no longer a serious option since she's skipped town and forgot about that paper she was supposed to be writing up (which is also silly, like that one paper in a few weeks is going to be pretty negligble over the whole profile, unless its both wildly groundbreaking and maybe a major change of direction for her), but, she's tenured at Yale so, shrug, I guess. (If she was a postdoc, or pre-tenure, then she would be more constrained, in a way - she'd be in a tricky, unstable and relatively short span of time where she's got to cement herself as a scholar so that she can get hired/tenured (much less somewhere like Yale/Oxford) and every paper published, grant won, panel organized etc, is building up her profile and reputation in a really competitive field, and being, like, eh, I'm going to chill for a while with my new boyfriend and like study magic would probably drive her nuts because she's been socialized into this academic culture. Of course, if she was a tenured professor, she'd have a million colleagues and students knocking at her door waiting for her contributions to the other thousand projects she's working on, because...academic culture.)
  15. Datepalm

    Shows like Discovery of Witches?

    Meanwhile I'm just annoyed that she's on a tenure clock at Yale AND angling for a position at Oxford, but has dropped it all to go galavanting around a bunch of old houses in some countryside - and isn't crazy stressed that she's missed a paper revision deadline or freaking out from the exactly 1,975 emails in her inbox demanding to know what's happening with the conference she's organizing which she doesn't have time for anyway. Like, they show Matthew pulling out a laptop in Consuming Mother Electra Complex Creepy Gallic Gloom Castle because he has to get some work done, but he's presumably got tenure at Oxford, so whatevs. She's the one under pressure, is my point, which has totally disappeared since episode 1, where she's all busy-successful-professional, mucketting about in university politics, and instead she now might as well be a teenager, with no responsibilities or shred of an independent life trajectory left. Which is annoying. But also silly and watchable.