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  1. Either at 18 or not really ever - I was in the army/commune year between 18 and 22 when I'd really only come visit once a month or so, but I still had 'my room' there. Then I moved in and out in between travel and shared apartments for pretty much the rest of my 20s. I've had a few patches of staying with them for 6 months or so, but also a lot of 2 week stays in between sublets or trips. I've always been in the same city, so even quite long stretches when I was living away, I'd still often drift over for a night here or there. I'm properly moving away now so that will be interesting.
  2. Datepalm

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    me, please!
  3. Can I just come to the party? I should be in the area by then - I think unfortunately busy for the most part, but the weekend should be doable!
  4. Datepalm

    Just Like His Hands - More Small Things To Talk About

    Yeah, I think I'm covered now (since 2014), but according to my vaccine-booklet, I was never vaccinated for rubella as a kid, just individually for mumps and measles. Also, apparently, even if we could find my Soviet vaccination record which might have the rubella record, my parents took a while to decide what to name me, so in the booklet it says my name is Ilyenna. Which is not my name. So I'm not sure a copy of that would take anyway.
  5. Datepalm

    Just Like His Hands - More Small Things To Talk About

    Does it make sense I only got MMR and dTap vaccinations in 2014? I got the mumps vac in the USSR, measles in Israel, no indication that I ever got the rubella vacinnation (?!?), DTP (which the form I'm filling out informs me in big red letters is NOT good enough to count as a dTap) in the Netherlands, and then MMR and dTap as part of a possibly over-zealous effort by the health ministry ahead of various Central Africa travels a few years ago. Would those just be the same as the kid vaccines? (I'm also pretty sure I had a tetanus shot in the army and this doesn't seem to be recorded anywhere.)
  6. It's a fucking matchbox. Incidentally - officially moving to the Bay Area this summer. I heard there's more people there? Oh yeah. It seems like that whole group of friends all turned out a rather smarmy bunch, disproportionally working in politics and media, mostly in sad, sad, psuedo-centerist-actually-fascist sort of orgs. Oh god am I also that now???
  7. Every guy I have ever been into is some form of a catastrophe. It's empirical now. My big crush from highschool suddenly surfaced on my feed in a clip tagged "OMG how much of a douche can you be", presenting a tv segment on, wait for it, the Israel-Palestine separation barrier...and why it needs to be prettier so all those human rights orgs criticize it less. And being, indeed, a great deal of douche. Wut. Lesson 1: I need to live in a bigger country Lesson 2: ...
  8. Blech. Anyone remember my weird episode* with the threesome invite from like two years ago? I was telling this story to a friend who I got to know pretty recently, and in the verve of the telling, found myself quoting the - rather uncommon - name of the wife in the story. I tried to change it mid-stream to something more common, but stumbled just enough that the friend was on it in an instant, and, of course, given that there are exactly 14 people in this country, knew them both well - or had once. She then proceeded to fill me in on the sexual harassment allegations that had seen the dude kicked out of a couple of organizations I knew. Blech. I remember the whole thing as oddball but really rather harmless, even kind of out-of-comfort-zone fun. Now it retroactively seems much more sinister and unpleasant. In other news, PhD will apparently be taking me to UCLA or possibly Berkeley. Am I simultaneously weirdly disappointed and keenly aware that - precisely due to said disappointment - this is absolutely for the best, in terms of putting a solid continental plate between me and Mad Economist Guy over on the East Coast? Nah. Not at all. AT ALL.* I'm sure I'll encounter no weirdness in LA on this account whatsoever. At all. *I know. I know. Which weird episode, Datepalm?
  9. Datepalm

    Moody Murder Mysteries

  10. Datepalm

    Why did Humans create States?

    Hunter-gathering is fucking boring and farms got you a leisure class and time to figure out alphabets, leading in short order to books about melancholy dragons. Also, shifts in climate or exhaustion of livestock meant a need for more efficient food production. Seriously, I'm distrustful of the romanticization of pre-agriculture. It's popular (Guns, Germs and Steel, now Yuval Noah Harari, etc, etc) but too clearly a sentiment of our time and not particularly convincing.
  11. Datepalm

    Careerchat II

    Does it have to be either/or - although it sounds like maybe you're in the right place for a big plunge - could you try an online class and see if it's a good fit, or dial back to part time work? Alternatively, would it be interesting for you to take the kind of experience you're gaining presently and apply it to something less office-y? Like looking work in an NGO/Charity of some kind - counseling, outreach, community/youth work, or even fundraising or logistics for this kind of organization, sounds like it might be a next step from what you're doing (at a guess - I assume you're not qualified to take on professional social work, but at least here there's a big zone of community work/NGO positions which doesn't usually call for a social work degree. Admittedly it often doesn't pay great either.)
  12. Hm, anther cool possibility. It felt more like awesomely bad flirting though. My credit card is already cancelled, there was no official ID lost, and nothing he asked was at all...focused, just awkward attempts to make conversation. I spent like five minutes trying to explain what an urban planner does.
  13. I lost my wallet yesterday, and today someone contacted the university to say they had found my student card (and only that, and in a different city somehow. The rest of the wallet is apparently gone. Not a big deal, except I was kind of fond of the wallet itself). I called the guy and found him to be way too interested in my life and way too desperately happy to chat, including asking what I study, what that is, whether I like it, where I live, how old I am, etc, etc. It took forever to hang up, and he called again a couple hours later (I missed it and haven't called back. And a different unknown number called me in the evening.) I am either in the opening scenes of a romantic comedy, or of a serial killer thriller. Who am I kidding? It's a serial killer. He can keep my student card.
  14. Datepalm

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    This one is clearly on me. It's 23:02 after two weeks of 12 hour, 6-day workweeks, and the first PhD application of the season is due in about 7 hours. The only chance I had to get a last, but important bit of feedback about specifically writing for American institutions, from a colleague who was out of the country, was yesterday evening. Naturally this is the time I decided to have a fight with my semi-drunk mom. She's right. If I knew what I was doing, it wouldn't matter if she was clattering dishes at 23:02. Well, I already knew she thought I'm not so smart (less smart than her. If it was her she'd be done already, is the point) and my various PhD plans - whatever those are, she thought I was stressed out because had to submit that paper -'you know, that big paper, about the thing, that you couldn't finish' - (MA thesis, I think? Done a month ago, and a month early at that) - pretentious and silly. But hey, nothing like hearing it spelled out loud when the one bit you have left to do is fix the 'insufficiently enthusiastic' and un-American vibe your writing (apparently) still somehow carries. There are only so many times I can write 'extremely excited' in a one-page document, y'all. The alliteration alone is killing me.
  15. Crushes are the worst but dissertations are not an excuse, I'm afraid.