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  1. Woot! Which agency? How's it going? Do you like it? Tell me everything!
  2. Forsyth's last was a net loss for Trump, and its going R+30ish generally.
  3. I assume its because its one of those things that can actually be filtered on on many apps - so if you're under 5'5 or whatever, you assume some (high?) percentage of women are simply never seeing your profile. Why you would then still want to go about dating these women baffles me a bit, but I also sort of get it. I've seen profiles that have the height listed as X, and somewhere in the description say, "oh, actually X-2." IDEK. I've also seen a few dudes do that with age, where it usually more like X+10, X+15 which I don't even know where to start on. Like, yeah, unfortunately this terrible app makes me say I'm 45, but I'm really only interested in dating a 30 year old, and once you see my profile, you'll totally be into me, amirite, even though you're filtering out anyone my age because, oh, you are actually 30. But also let me here inform you of this complex I have about it all. Oh, AND, my meh date from a few weeks back had texted me to say btw, that he's only 5'5 and, IIRC, "not some big macho dude" ahead of meeting, and I can't even remember what it said on his actual profile or whether he'd lied about it, because its not something I actually look at. (I mean, I actually wasn't that bothered by it - I get insecurity - though I can't pretend it was much of a turn on either. I was bothered by how this extended to absolutely everything else about him.) Also my roommates all thought 5'5' was legitimately a height to be a bit anxious about, whereas I think 5'5 is like...normal? I'm 5'5 and I sort of think of any guy my height or even an inch under as basically a neutral thing. Like the text just didn't even entirely make sense to me that way.
  4. Unfortunately, project with Econ Guy literally titled "Women and Public Transport Access." I know he's a weird disaster who can't seem to pull loose of a dynamic he appears to profoundly not enjoy any more than I can., which is sort of pitiable, I guess. In my defense, I actually did sort of cut him off today and told him I needed a break and didn't let it/make it spiral into another day or week.
  5. I. Am. So. Fucking. Tired. Like, exhausted. I just want to shut down every device in the house, and every voice in my head, and sleep for a week. So I've been trying to date. I went on a date. It was ok. That's not true. It wasn't ok. But it wasn't like memorably bad, bad enough to write something about, bad enough to laugh about, etc. Just bad. Needy and eager and a little gross and a little pushy - I should not need to tell you three times I don't want a second drink. You should not order it anyway after that - and blah. And no, I do not need to kiss you in the parking lot to check whether we have chemistry. Believe me, if I didn't know before, I know now. Now there's more app texting (from new people) and I'm already tired of it and stop. And then there's *ducks* Econ Guy. Yesterday we had an ok talk. One of the good ones. After he reduced me to silent tears of sheer exhaustion on a call about research methods the day before. Fine - apparently every text he gets from me is anxiety inducing because I pry into his life. Maybe don't fucking text me how you're depressed and angry and nothing is exciting then. And don't police what I can and cannot say to you. And if you dislike me that much, stop pulling me into to projects with you. But we actually talked about that and seemed like we arrived at some sort of delicate balance. This morning he texted me to re-send him my CV and stuff, because he's deleted "every piece of our history" and we have now "met yesterday". Including, like, emails with budget spreadsheets. And had to tell me about it. Hey, I've deleted our text history before. I didn't fucking text you to inform you of it. I just can't believe how exhausted I am of him now and how I seem to spiral deeper with every interaction even if all of it is us yelling at each other about who couldn't care less about who and who never did and who is gladder this is just professional now (I had, honest to god, pre-written notes to this effect) like we're erasing some profound relationship and not six years (oh my god) of tetchy text messages about scheduling conflicts. I'd probably still sleep with him. I think.
  6. I'm a PhD student in city planning, and I study buses, basically. I did some more practitioner type transport/city planner work before, and both of these basically are going off somewhere and figuring out how people there need to travel and what kind of reform/intervention/invention of the transport system is possible and would be helpful. I still do a lot of freelancing on the side in stuff that's related to my PhD, some of it more research-y, some more applied (well, before all this, at any rate.) I got into that with a BA in geography and then a Master's in city planning, and went through something of a swath of short term and part time jobs before and during college in more and less related stuff before it kind of all clicked together.
  7. I agree with all the rest but have the strongest opinion about this. I never want to see a fish or a truck again in a photo in my life.
  8. I'm currently really happy with my in-progress PhD, after being extremely nervous going into it. A big part of it is that the international mobility and general cachet - and actual training, once in a while - of the PhD has helped me land a lot of consulting work that may translate into the kind of job I think I would be extremely happy with, maybe more so than most academic positions. This is also after finding out my field at least is not all that saturated, and that most (though not all) of my program's graduates do find academic jobs, if they want them (many don't.) Then the PhD itself, so far, has actually been a really stable, and even relatively well paying position compared to my BA/MA years, and probably even compared to what my career would be looking like if I had stayed in Israel and been currently working for a local firm as a junior planner or the like. Except my current environment is way more interesting and supportive and is opening, rather than closing, doors. So it's been a really good thing both personally and professionally so far, but this is all knowing - even as I started - that professor positions are scarce, not all that great even if you can get them, and very possibly not what I want.
  9. Been there. Dragonlance being the mediocrity in question. Like, is liking Dragonlance wrong? No, of course not. Declaring it your favorite book when you've been trying to connect all evening over - apparently your only point of connection - a self-professedly sophisticated interest in genre literature? The act of love, did, indeed, not occur. I mean, there were other factors to blame than poor Raistlin, but him too. I had an undergrad who once violently stormed out after declaring that I stood in service of the structure of the classroom as an oppressive foucaldian panopticon. Me, genuinely injured, "I fake the attendance sheets..."
  10. May I just say that use of Capitalization ala an 18th century commander of a Seagoing Vessel writing letters to one's Distant Questionably Faithful Beloved is my favorite part. Bravo.
  11. My first thought was, oh, an Alistair Reynolds novel vibe then.
  12. Who knows, but West Africa probably isn't messing around either - my colleague for a Liberia trip just bailed because she's coming from the US and its an automatic quarantine for anyone arriving from countries with 200+ cases. Have anecdotally heard that Ebola protocols are dusted off and running - airport temperature tests, government quarantines.
  13. Wish there was more Endeavour, preferably attending more stogy Oxford office party murders. This business with glamorous Italian divas was far too much. My new favorite that-is-so-random Midsomer episode is now the one with the village where all civil society appears to consist of a low-grade corrupt high-IQ society with complex relationships with a variety of warring local lepidopterists.
  14. Let's assume the Federation has simply integrated the ideas of Modern Monetary Theory as state policy, circulating latinum at-will to maximize social welfare, explaining its erratic appearance throughout the economy (Mind, I don't really understand MMT before anyone nitpicks that). Agreed with @Jace, Basilissa - As everything else in our time, this show is a question of the role of the state, and its re-writing Star Trek hard to hold a deeply regressive position.
  15. Blah why is everything so stuck? Picard somehow seems to be trying to be Star Trek's Firefly, only its been 20 years since Firefly, y'all.
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