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  1. I am so sorry, Rhae. I really hope your symptoms don't turn for the worse. Try to use the quarantine to get enough sleep and calm down. Sister should probably be tested too, or just stay quarantined in any case. You can use this place to vent as much as you need.
  2. I know, I am just venting. I seem to be very sensitive to medical procedures. And I hate uncertainty in general, and everything in this situation is so unpredictable that I am easily annoyed. I am really sorry about the positive result! I do hope it is a false positive, these are very common with the quick tests. Keep us updated. And of course, sister probably needs to get tested too now. And as soon as she is cleared, make use of that empty flat she has and not stay with a potentially infectious person! She would just need to go tested and not return to your shared space at all. Let her bring you food to your doorstep if you need to stay in quarantine. I think there should be some of these, and also just public testing spots where you can stand in a queue and get tested. But people have been known to wait in lines for more that two hours there.
  3. Well, you know, I actually want them to work and show some results of their learning. I am a funny teacher like this. Oh, and to grade them too. And most of the students actually really like the intern. Yes. Last week's test was pure torture for me. This week went smoothly and it was over quickly, so it wasn't so horrible, but I can still feel the ghost tickling deep behind my nose more than 12 hours later. It is definitely something I would rather not have to go through every week for ... IDK how long. I realise it is necessary for the public health and shit, but ... urgh, stick up the nose at 6.45 AM is not a pleasant way to start your Friday, to say the least. Oh, so that is the combined price for all the possible tests with extras. At work, we just get the quick (unreliable) tests (I think they call them the HAT). These are the most available. I should look into finding a way to get tested closer to my home so I wouldn't have to drive to my workplace just for that (on the day the testing is organised, all my classes are online, so I could work from home). I am not sure which one you can get privately. I see. Yes, it must be very frustrating to keep maintaining the flat and paying for it if nobody lives there and the person who is supposed to live there stays at your flat and causes you a lot of stress.
  4. Well they sure weren't too happy to see me. They were sooooo disappointed when I showed up in class, as opposed to our intern who covered a few classes for me while I was studying for the teachers' exam. Oh the horror, I cannot imagine going through this torture willingly. I am so afraid of tomorrow's test. This is ... a very expensive covid test you are talking about, though. I honestly don't understand her not moving there as soon as there was a bed. And it is really unfair that you are paying your money for any of it (I don't know what overheads are though.) Thank youuuuuu.
  5. Friends are great. I managed to meet up with a friend in person for a walk outside last week after months. It was great. Things are opening up slightly here, and I am planning on meeting some more people - only one on one, preferably outside, not very fequently, but just enough to make me feel slightly more normal. I am returning to my workplace tomorrow. Only the last class (the eldest students) are in school in person now, so the majority of my classes will still be online, and we have to wear masks at all times when not alone in a room. But maybe even just talking to coworkers in person is better than being completely isolated. We need to get tested weekly now though. Last week was the first time, and this thing bloody hurts. I didn't sleep out of shock from it for like two nights, and I am already dreading the second testing on Friday. I hope you manage to have a long relaxing conversation with your friend. Sooooo ... sister still not even moving a finger to sort out ... her own flat?
  6. @RhaenysBee It is understandable to be under a lot of stress now, most people are stressed and fed up with being under stress and having nobody on person to share it with and to relax because it is not advisable to socialise. But socialising is what one needs in such a situation. So I am sorry you are going through this. I guess it is easy to fear every common cold now, but if you have really not been seeing many people, try to realise it is probably actually just a cold. And about being mentally 16-18 ... yeah. You can say you have a youthful mind! Stay safe and healthy.
  7. Thank you. Good luck with the tasks from 1 to 3 - I am sure you can manage the third one too. I have lessons and meetings over zoom today. Back to work after the studying and school holidays.
  8. Thank you both. Yep, I passed! It even wasn't that horrible and it was over quick. Now if only a covid test that we need to go through every week now would be so easy and painless ... I am still traumatised because of last week's and already panicking for this one's ...
  9. I have the teachers' certification exam today and I am counting down the last few hours and stressing out, so I am just going to spend some time here and try not to stress out too much. I know I don't remember everything I have read and can come up during the exam, but I also know that studying on the same day (or even the day before) the exam doesn't ever help and just makes one more nervous, so I am just trying to tell myself to be confident now. I wish the exam would have been carried out in the morning. As it is, in the afternoon, you just have more hours to stress about it beforehand on the same day. Oh well. It will be over in the evening ...
  10. I agree that if you don't feel you are good at painting, but you still want to do something similar that won't make you feel inadequate, try colouring. It is very calming and creative and an exercise in patience and being detail-oriented. You can be as detailed or as "undetailed" (is that a word? I forgot the word for ... the opposite. Sloppy maybe?) as you want. Good luck! Many people have similar trouble these days.
  11. It's nearly two years since I had my hair cut. I also want to get a haircut some time soon. But it has always been a weird source of pride for me to not make appointments for it, and instead only go and see if they have time and have my hair cut on the same day. Of course now appointments are mandatory. I did, however, eat outside (actually outside, like a terrace of a restaurant) last summer when the numbers were very low.
  12. I don't remember quite that far back. I remember when I joined it was about a week, ten days, maybe two weeks per thread.
  13. Yes, still to 1000. Your post says 184 for me. The difference is the fact that there are barely any spammers left and the thread moves extremely slowly. Look, this one started in the beginning of December. The threads often last for months now, which was unthinkable a few years ago.
  14. Actually ... me too, so I hope neither the thread nor the word ends either.
  15. Hi! Apart from the fact that, as the title says, "might end"? The world is ending, maybe this is slightly worthy of being mentioned.
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