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  1. I really think your sister should do at least part of this work, and contribute money to it. By the way you talk about the whole thing for the last year, it sounds like it is only you who is doing everything (and paying for everything?) for sister's flat and everything else - does she even organise anything herself? How is she going to handle living alone? I suppose I cannot judge since I don't live by myself and rely on other people a lot, but I am not in the middle of a renovation of a flat completely for myself ...
  2. I mean, to determine that, you would kind of need to tell us how old you are exactly, no? But generally, there are/have been teenagers/high-schoolers on the board before, it is just that many don't come to General Chat, but instead stay north of the Wall (in the book forums) or Forum Games.
  3. Your opportunities would probably depend highly on on what language combination you would be able to translate and what kinds of texts. I occasionally translate myself, but I am basically only able to do literature. Cannot live off that ... I intend to develop myself in that direction too, though. Translating poetry is a fun challenge for me.
  4. How ready does the flat have to be for her to move in? If there are only a few minor decorations left to do, then surely she can already live there while it is being done, right?
  5. Uh, and to think I am sick of it after 5 days ... well, one week teaching at home survived. Aaaaand ... next week is holiday week! That means I survived almost two months as a high school teacher now. Anyway, very sorry that you will be working from home for so long. I have no idea how long we are going to be at it. Errrr, I will try to remember the moral of the story about sunglasses then?
  6. I don't really understand why the school system is different in different states in Germany. Could there not at least be a centralised final exam that would be the same for the whole country, so you could compare schools at that level? I realise that this is way easier to organise in my small country than Germany, but it should be doable, right? My question: Is it too much to demand of 14-/15-year-olds if I expect them to figure out how to 1) turn a picture/scan by 90° so they don't submit the writing lopsided, and 2) paste a picture into a Word document (or alternatively convert it into a PDF) after I explain them that I will allow for assignments to be submitted in Word or PDF? One group of my students clearly has no problems with that. The other one, same level of education, same age, is experiencing terrible problems with it and keep sending me emails about how they cannot submit the assignments into the e-classroom ... yeah, no, I told you jpg-s aren't supported and told you what to do ...
  7. I teach highschoolers German as a foreign language and Slovene as a first language. I only got this job less than two months ago, and I like it enough (not now that we all teach from home instead of in the actual school though) - more than I imagined I would enjoy teaching a few years ago, certainly. Teenagers are kind of fun to be around and the school I am at now is a good one, I cannot imagine how I would cope in some school where the kids who were already weak learners in primary school go. But I still see it as a temporary thing. I can imagine staying in education for a few years, depending on what kinds of positions I find (my current contract is only for one year) and how other factors including my ongoing PhD writing develop. I actually want to work at university as an assistant professor in literature. Or maybe go abroad to teach Slovene as a foreign language. I don't have my life figured out yet at all, at this point I wonder if I ever will have it figured and planned out.
  8. Whoah. Staying at home teaching over Zoom is tiring. Especially hard on the eyes, too. But two more days and then autumn holidays!
  9. We are just all staying at home trying to hide ourselves from covid. Restaurants and cafés are closed and there are strict regulations about going anywhere, so there is not much to do ... but to stay in and work.
  10. Epilogue to the cheating story, in case anybody is interested: I was informed by other teachers that I cannot retroactively punish the students for something I only noticed later, so I had to grade them according to what they had written on their tests as was. They all got relatively good grades. I am much more cautious with other groups when I oversee test-taking now, and in case I notice anything problematic again, I am going to punish them (give them a negative grade) on the spot. The rest of the groups don't seem so problematic in this regard, though. (I was also told by other teachers that this particular group tries to cheat in other subjects too, and nobody is blaming me because they know the students.)
  11. Good luck with the new job. We are going wholly online next week (whole education system for kids older than 11, so all secondary schools too). Crap. I hope I am not totally lost with it. And of course I hope that these measures diminsh the pandemic so we can go back to school soon. Early morning are tiresome, but somehow got used to them, mostly. The commute is honestly more tiring. In the past few days, we called off commuting together for safety reasons, so I drive alone every day now.
  12. We mostly wear masks. I am so tired and it is only Wednesday.
  13. Okay, turns out I am not in quarantine, but a group of my students it. So I can go to school, I have to wear a mask at all times and I can teach other groups in person, only this group via Zoom. Whew. It is still really scary, but at least I can go to work and I am probably all right.
  14. Is the door to the shower too wide or what is the problem? Am possibly quarantined as of tomorrow. I hate this.
  15. No idea, I haven't met you sister maybe? Don't pity them, I am still annoyed at the ones who cheat. Yes, autumn break is going to be in the last week of October. But as a teacher, we don't really get so many days off as the holidays are long. So I will possibly get something to work on then too.
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