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  1. I signed the final grade reports today! Fancy that! So tomorrow there is a class trip (we are going to a nearby river where it is apparently nice to bathe and do other relaxing outdoorsy stuff) and on Friday the kids get the reports and are finished with school (most of them at least, except the few who got themselves into correction exams, or however you call these exams in English). I am going to spend the weekend at seaside with the gentleman, which I am also looking forward to. And contrary fo Felice, I try to not spend too much time at home because I have so many things I want to do elsewhere at the moment, and also because home is small and hot and not all that interesting when you are in a tiny studio. I do like my tiny studio, of course, except I hate the ants that seem to think they have more right to my food than I do.
  2. June hasn't passed yet! As far as I can see, I still have some stuff to do till the end of the month. But the vacation is quickly coming closer, only a lot of it will be working vacation. I don't have a feeling there are many people still here. Hi Rhae!
  3. On the 24th, so four weeks more. A part of that is going to be sitting at the final exams for the 4th years. For example this Saturday. And I did it last Saturday too. Such fun. Yup, it got suddenly quite cold over the weekend. The past two days we had very changing weather, some sun and some rain showers. But it is getting warmer again. At least it is good because it made the workplace more tolerable for at least a few days or a week more. By the end of the month, it is going to be very hot in the building. Yay! Hm. Is the team building at least in a nice environment?
  4. Hot and sunny here! There were just a few drops of rain in the afternoon, but it didn't really bring any refreshment. I need to buy some dresses that are appropriate for work, but in which I won't feel too hot. Yup, sometimes the parents are a problem ... luckily, the parents of my class haven't made any particular problems. Yet. Just a few more weeks of the school year - I am sure the teachers are counting down the days as well as the students now.
  5. Speaking of being a class teacher ... on the photo of my class, I look like one of the teenagers. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.
  6. Today was really hot in the school already. Luckily, the rain is pouring right now, which is bringing some refreshment for at least a few days. 7th floor of a greenhouse in the middle of a city doesn't sound fun at all. My work building is an old (beginning of the 20th century), but nicely renovated building with really thick walls, but apparently shit insulation. My flat is on the 5th floor in a 1970s building. It is almost impossible to air out my flat, which only has one window. Yup, I've been a class teacher since September. It is a lot of extra work. And you get really attached to "your" kids quite soon. And they to you, too. They have so many questions that even I don't know an answer to sometimes. I suppose I enjoy it some, I think I am really lucky with the class I was assigned and I like the kids (most of the time at least ). But it is extra work with parent-teacher conferences, added paperwork, discipline and specific issues that need to be talked through. At least I haven't had any actual big problems with either the children or the parents ... until now. *knocks wood* I hope the moment that happens is still a long time away.
  7. Uhhh, how much did you have to pay? Good luck with your ant problem. I very much sympathise. Hello! It is getting very summery here too. I wanted to shave my legs today, but am too lazy for it, so ... long jeans and feeling hot tomorrow it is. My workplace is odd in that some rooms are way warmer than the others. Some classrooms are hot already, and our office is the coldest place in the building, so it is not that bad there even in the summer. But kids who are unlucky in that they have classrooms on the hotter side of the school are going to suffer for a few weeks still. Only six weeks until the summer holidays! I cannot believe I have been a class teacher for almost a year now, and "my" class is going to finish their first year already!
  8. I am just getting a message "You are already a member of the discord server" and then get rediredcted back to the main Westeros page?
  9. Hi! So where is the chat going to be tonight?
  10. I think both of the sisters had their own problems. But Bridgerton might just be the kind of show where it is best to not think about it too hard, too too hard, don't think about it too hard, too too hard. How are you, H? Is everything okay with your work, family, puppy?
  11. Weather is still weird. But I have a few days off! I mean, nominally. Practically I still do some work, but there is less stress. Uhhhh, ant infestations are terrible. I very much sympathise. I have some ants in my flat too. At some point, I suppose I accepted them as roommates?
  12. It rained yesterday. Today I was on a school trip - it was cold, windy and mostly cloudy, but at least it didn't rain. I wouldn't mind higher temperatures and more sun. One more day! Nope, apparently not. Hi Fomn, it is great to see you stop by! Tell us about your cool plans.
  13. We visited my relatives, whom I haven't seen since New Year. So that was nice. It is stupidly cold after a very sunny and spring-like weather last week. I hate it. There won't be this trip again. I do hope we manage to plan at least something in the next few weeks. I had planned to stay here in tiny town this weekend and have the gentleman over, but then I remembered there is the election on Sunday, so I need to go to where my main address is to vote. So need to go to my parents' place this weekend anyway. This is a shorter work week because the Monday was off. Only a few days till the short holiday. I can survive it, I hope ... did I mention that I have a lot of work? I feel like this is the only thing I talk about anymore.
  14. Our mask mandate has been lifted maybe a month ago. Rare staff and students still wear them, but I haven't noticed anybody being bullied for it. I stopped wearing mine and for some days, we all felt like something was missing. Even one of the students said so, like you forgot something. Edit: talking about a high school here.
  15. This is the Friday before Easter, right? Nope, we don't get that off. Just the Easter Monday. The 6 days will probably be spent at home and at the gentleman's home. My whole family will travel somewhere, but I haven't organised anything, so I hope I can at least spend some more time with him (he has to work part of that time). Enjoy your rest then. I agree. The weekend plan was to be visited by the gentleman and go on something like a trip near where I live, but that fell through due to weather and his other obligations. Booooo. Also I don't have a car this week, so I have to figure out how to come to the city tomorrow after work. Looks like I cannot carpool with any of the coworkers this time and the public transport sucks.
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