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  1. Uhhhhh. Then good luck in two weeks. Maybe something like chocolate, or a cocoa or something else nice will calm you down today? Take care of yourself.
  2. Surgery? That sounds terrible. I am keeping my fingers crossed it goes well and your recovery is quick. And of course that the nice overworked people stay nice for you. Keep us/me updated! I am mentally badly, as usual in this shithole of a city, but at least my dissertation is progressing. I miss people I know.
  3. The conference talk went ok! Now I am on my way to the boring city to work on my dissertation for a week. I just survived a night on the sleeping train for the first time, that was really interesting.
  4. I am not even in the mountains. Thank you. I am very tired, honestly, and lack motivation to prepare for it ... I will do it later ... today.
  5. There is SO. MUCH. SNOW. Cars were buried under it today. It snowed heavily from yesterday evening till today afternoon. It looks like it stopped now, they said on the news there will be a mix of snow and rain the next few days ... so there will be water everywhere. Nah, not a lot of relatives at all. But even those that are there, are plenty. It is this Friday! I am very behind the schedule with that, sadly. I haven't finished preparing the talk yet. I need to get on that and finish it to be able to prepare for it too. I am sorry to hear that. I keep my fingers crossed for the health issue to be sorted out soon. I am glad you are at least having quality time with friends and family.
  6. More snow! Also spent most of the weekend with the gentleman's family. They are nice, but now I am glad to have some time for myself too. It looks like I am talking to myself in this thread.
  7. Okayish! This week brought a lot of snow. It was snowing during the night Sunday-Monday and still on Monday morning. And now again. It looks pretty. I hope it stays for some time. Work is not too bad this week, we have 2 afternoons where I have to stay late, but otherwise not too busy. I am preparing a talk for a conference next week too.
  8. Happy New Year to you too, RB! How did you survive the holidays? How is going back to reality going for you?
  9. Oh well. I didn't find time to participate much this year, but I am happy with that the picture ended up as. Happy New Year, everybody.
  10. The holiday is exciting. We are doing a day trip to the neighbouring country tomorrow. I also have a lot of tests and essays to grade, but I think I am staying relatively on top of it. I wish the holiday was longer!
  11. And to you, KiD! Rhae. I am sorry you are not enjoying yourself this time of the year. I have surprisingly a lot going on these days, so I am enjoying the holiday, even though I don't really care for Christmas itself. I much prefer New Year, bit sadl the boyfriend and I have no plams for the evening. The holiday is too short in any case.
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