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  1. I think they are having a film and a few actual classes, I am sure none of them are going to write a test on that day ... they can also volunteer with the presentations for the primary schoolers who will visit our school. And I am here with my jeans which are getting decidedly too tight - I had to buy a size bigger than usual the last time I went shopping. I gained some weight in the past few years and I don't like it. I am trying at least to eat less sweets. The weekend was fine, I met with some friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. One of the friends finished his PhD and celebrated, so we got together. Just a short week in front of us ... but then I already got a class to substitute for somebody tomorrow, so well, some extra work again. Oh well.
  2. I think the text was quite faithful to the original, just the staging was somewhat oddly modern for it. Actually, the holiday is on Thursday, and we are getting Friday off as an extra day to make it a long weekend - we don't have to make up for the actual holiday, but for the Friday. We are going to have only a few classes, if any - the elder students have the day off to visit universities (to better decide what they want to do after seconday school) and we get a bunch of primary school students to see our school. I don't know yet what I will be doing on these days, but I fear I will have to go with the rest of the students to see a film about the holocaust - again, after seeing it with the elder students today. I would rather not. Funky socks are always a good idea. In sports, it is certainly the intent that counts - and the perseverance! Keep going and I am sure you will soon see progress. Or something something encouraging sports saying. I am having a surprisingly productive afternoon - I was home quite early, so I have already cleaned the bathroom (it was high time for that), changed the bedsheet and the covers, washed the bedding and clothes and hung that, and cooked lunch, ate and even washed the dishes afterwards. Whew. I guess the weekend can start now?
  3. The best part was sitting in the first row on the balcony. I am the weird person who likes sitting up there. The performance was nice, sometimes funny in a ridiculous way. I didn't care much for the scenery, it was an odd choice. They just made the stage look like it was a light grey box and the walls kept moving higher and lower. No scenery that would make it clear where the characters are, to put the story in some context. Thanks, I need it. But then, the week after that, we are making it up with a work Saturday, so I will need all the extra energy for that. What did you buy? Where do you swim, do you do it alone or are you joining some organised classes? I love swimming in the sea in the summer. Pools work too, but I still much prefer the sea.
  4. Well, that definitely doesn't sound like a fair arrangement! I hope you get a raise. And welcome to February! January just breezed by me. I cannot believe half the school year is already over. Shakespeare - Twelfth Night. Thank you. Next week is going to be a bit shorter for me because of a national holiday, so I hope I get just a short rest then. I am sorry it is a bad time of the year for you - but it has been a year, you are still here, a stronger person than you were. So I congratulate you for that! I wish you as indulgent a Valentine's Day as you see fit. Swimming sounds great.
  5. I managed to finish a project day at work. Big thing. I am so relaxed after that now. Everything went as smoothly as one can hope for. Now I need some time off. As always, how is everybody reading this thread?
  6. Emmmm ... *pokes thread* Anybody here? I had hoped work was going to be slightly less crazy in January. Alas, I was wrong - works still keeps on piling up. But sometimes I can even afford a day off. Or half a day at least. Yesterday, I dragged the gentleman to the theatre! That was interesting. I have a slight cold, which I hope gets better by Monday and not worse. How are my fellow spammers, if there are any left?
  7. I was supposed to drive to my boyfriend's town this afternoon, but the highway is closed because of snow. Apparently a truck had some sort of an accident in the snow. So I am stuck in the boring tiny town where my workplace is. I will drive tonight or maybe I will sleep here and go tomorrow morning, if the road doesn't open soon. I generally like snow, but it is annoying on roads.
  8. I played board games with the gentleman and my brother. It was nice. I am glad yours was glorious!
  9. Happy New Year, all! And happy @The BlackBear day, too!
  10. Ravenna! We are just travelling back today. I enjoyed the days there. New job sounds important. And exciting! How are you doing, Bird?
  11. Dogs are a great therapy. It looks like you know what to do to take care of yourself - congratulations. I really really hope things turn up for you in 2024. And if you ever need to vent over the internet, you know where my inbox is.
  12. Find comfort in small things. Harry Potter is a good way to make yourself feel better. Now it is a few days after your post, I hope you are feeling much better now. Yay! What is the new job about? Unfortunately, it is mainly just RhaeB and myself keeping the thread around these days, and we are also sometimes too busy to post. Myself, I still work as a teacher - for the fourth year in the same secondary school. But this week I have a vacation and I am visiting Italy for a few days.
  13. It is both a Christmas tree and a New Year's tree as far as I am concerned! My family does the whole gifts under the tree on the 1st January. I hope you are having a nice day!
  14. Happy Christmas or Hamoulimepp, whatever you people are celebrating.
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