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  1. Buckwheat

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    I don't really see the old Greg in the new guy (I don't trust him!), but it does not bother me all that much ... anymore, I guess. I think I got over the shock over the recasting. I still think it would have been much better if Santino Fontana had agreed to come back, and if that was not possible, then maybe just not to bring the character up again. I don't know, I know now that he is here and is staying till the end of the series ... of holidays. Of course they are not going to recast anybody else, especially not Rachel Bloom, but I am wondering how Debora, the other Rebecca from the opening sequence, plays into that. Maybe she is supposed to be how other characters see Rebecca or have seen her previously? I hope the opening plays into the plot, as it has in every season until now. Rachel posted some silly video on twitter from set. Rachel Grate was there! That means we are getting another appearance of Audra, yes? Hopefully! Audra is very funny.
  2. Buckwheat

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    I very much expected a So Maternal reprise or at the very least a callback when Rebecca started to babysit Hebby. Pity that did not happen. Also, you know what would be logical and would have made Paula's game night funnier? The presence of Tommy Proctor. He is really funny, I hope we get to see him in another episode before the end. Rebecca, Greg ... why why why would you do that in Darryl's living room? I mean, I understand you want to do it, but did you not even think of the possibility of Darryl walking into his own home at any minute? ETA: Sports Analogies.
  3. Looks like some virus is going around. Get well soon, Rhae. In the meantime, treat yourself.
  4. Sorry for the shitty time you are both going through. I hope you have somebody there to make you feel better. I ended up buying a sweater and a shirt with 3/4 sleeves. I am not completely happy with the sweater, it is a very thin one, more for spring than winter. I did not find any warm thick ones that I really liked. The shirt is very nice though. They had a white one, a red one and a lavender one with the same pattern to choose from. I spent ridiculously long to decide on the colour, they were all so pretty! I ended up going with the white one purely because I thought it is the easiest to combine with other colours. Waiting at the bus stop. I missed my bus, so now I am going to be late for my class. We FINALLY got some snow though! I mean, it is still this wet splooshy thing, but at least it is something! All the neighbours have had it for weeks, so much it caused problems, but my postage stamp sized country did not get any until now.
  5. And sweaters. I need at least one new sweater or cardigan. Going to try to find and buy one now.
  6. I have one winter coat. The sleeves are a bit frayed at the wrists. It is probably time for a new one ... at some point. I think it is going to last this winter still.
  7. Buckwheat

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Congratulations on both! I don't think I know anybody else who managed to buy a car so soon after passing their driving test.
  8. Buckwheat

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    Sure they do have their own lives, but this is a TV show, the storylines should be connected in some way. I really like how it is done in the episode with three different car rides, where the characters who are going to go to different directions later interact with each other in the beginning at least, and there is a song to connect them, and common motives (three almost kisses in the end). Here, there just wasn't any connection at all, not even Paula talked to Rebecca. And how is it possible that Nathaniel did not try to stop the stupid argument between Darryl and Bert? He still works there too.
  9. Buckwheat

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    So, um ... I probably should be more acquainted with the musical Cats to really appreciate what this episode was trying to do, right? I assume there were references I did not get. White Josh was funny, Nathaniel and Greg befriending each other was an interesting development and I wonder if Greg's plan to reopen his father's restaurant will come to something. I now completely buy New Guy as Greg, so that is working. What I disliked again was the complete lack of connection between the two storylines. Rebecca/Valencia/Jason/WhiJo/Exes/Cats and Darryl/Bert/Paula/office staff/Father Bro could easily be two completely separated shows at this point. At least they should have Rebecca and Paula talk to each other. And again disappointed in the lack of Rebecca singing, or any of the main characters really. This season, there have been so many songs by one-off characters (Tucker, cats, Elaine Boosler, cemetery guard) or side characters (Jim, George), but we have only heard one solo by Rebecca. And that was Time to Seize the Day, which was ... not a cuttingly deep illustration of Rebecca's inner life and which I mostly remember by its obviously low production value. Compare that to season one, where she has a solo song in every episode up to 1.07. 1.08 is the first episode where she only sings as part of a group number (California Christmastime), and the first one where she does not sing at all is 1.15 (the one with the dream ghost journey on the plane) - no wait, she even sings about the whale being a metaphor while she practices on stage in the flashbacks, if you want to count that, so she literally sings in all of the episodes. Season 4 is a very different show compared to that. Meh. Meowwww. Interesting avatar choice there.
  10. Buckwheat

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    Seriously, who WAS that woman with a tiny tophat at the Tony awards?
  11. for Helena, your grandmother and your pup - best of luck to you all. I am sure you will ace all your exams! I have one in ... an hour. I just need to pass, the grade does not matter in this program. My faculty does stupid things as usual - just last week I learned that something I expected would bring me 9 ETCS in fact only brings 4 ... for so much work! Not to be too negative, so I will stop uni talk here. Work is fine, family is fine, everything else is fine, I am glad holidays are over cause NY eve sucked.
  12. I had no idea my adblocker disabled the search. So weird. I see that the "Clubs" activity is not really popular here. Thanks! I can't be bothered to learn ... Yay for being rested. It was crappy getting up early for me too.
  13. I am being stupid. Where do we have the search button again?
  14. I had cake and a chat with a friend and then I watched TV. Ku'damm 56 is a good series! I did a little studying in the middle of the day, but only a bit. I have an exam on Friday. The grade does not really matter, as long as I pass ... the problem is, I simply cannot study halfway. I must have a feeling I know almost everything, otherwise I am nervously feeling I am going to fail. Me too. Getting up early after a holiday is the worst. I mean, technically I already got up early yesterday, but tomorrow I have to get up even earlier ... grrr.