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  1. Wish everyone a great new year!! A lot to look forward to this year!

  2. Compassion is the basis of Morality. If you disagree, I'm judging you.

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    2. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      Therein lies the irony, my friend.

    3. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      AK! Welcome back! I hope you are better now!

    4. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      Thanks a lot JQC! Yes, all is well. :D

  3. Reading is my escape and my comfort, my consolation, my stimulant of choice: reading for the pure pleasure of it, for the beautiful stillness that surrounds you when you hear an author's words reverberating in your head.

  4. A day may come, when General ASOIAF becomes interesting again, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!!

    1. mindchap


      Don't worry, the Gurus will be back when the next book hits the shelves, in the meantime here's Conway Twitty. :D

    2. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      Conway Twitty!! Sure :D

  5. Wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. :D

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    2. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      Χρόνια πολλά και καλή χρονιά και σε σένα κύριε!

    3. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      @JQC: But it's not my birthday. Or the Google translator is really off. lol

    4. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      The Googletranslator is really off :)

  6. Isn't Valyria based on Tolkien's Numenor?
  7. Flavour of the week - Dany Hate. For what it's worth it has atleast taken significant heat off Cat. For what it's not, StanStans are getting a little immature.

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    2. Sordelor
    3. MoIaF


      It is think this week, isn't it? Oh well, we know the truth about her awesome badassness. As you know - it is known!

    4. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      *Dons Yoda's omniscient face* Known it is, Maester.

  8. I agree to some extent, the image kind of fits. Shakuni vowed to destroy Bhishma, who had made his sister marry a blind man. He also wounded his leg, making himself lame and vowed not to let it heal till Bhishma is destroyed. While Varys' motives are for now unclear, I can envision him sacrificing his privates for some greater goal, as he doesn't sound like a man who'd just plainly tell about his past to Tyrion, or anyone.
  9. And no welcome for me is that the way of it? :crying:
  10. Er, I have never stepped out of General forums. Hi everyone, I've been here for the past three-four months now. I like to read SF and fantasy, I play a lot of RPG games. I live in India. It's awkward making introductions this late, but I saw it here and felt obliged to do it. :uhoh: Edit : Typos
  11. I agree with this. Weirwoods are not supernatural beings as the gods generally are expected to be. They have the collected knowledge of the past is what I think makes them sacred. It's a nice thought. :)
  12. Welcome to the forums darynthe. It's good to find another manga fan here :D . Just an opinion, I don't believe GRRM reads manga.
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