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  1. Polkadot Man, hmm? I'm somewhat curious as to what crimes he has committed that he has to go on a suicide mission to alleviate his sentence or something.
  2. The end of that episode is one of the scenes I remember most from STNG: that palpable feeling of betrayal as Picard sat silently in his chair...
  3. Was there ever any reunion/reconciliation with Picard and (Ensign) Ro? If not , I'm hoping to see that in S2.
  4. Yeah, Worlds of DC aka DCEU should do multiple Crises in an effort to correct this like DC comics does
  5. I thought the universe that had the Keaton Batman in it kicked it in the CW Crisis since it showed the world where that reporter guy who had the hots for Vicky Vale being one of the casualties. As if there aren't enough things keeping me up late at night.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbr.com/denny-oneil-dies-at-81/amp/
  7. Denny O' Neil, comic book writer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbr.com/denny-oneil-dies-at-81/amp/
  8. Red Son I've never read the comic since I'm not so enthusiastic about comic hero deconstruction as I used to be (which is why I've never watched The Boys) so I dunno how closely this f followed its source . Nonetheless, I feel this is another very good entry in DC's animated films. As for the way Superman is portrayed, well I'm glad it wasn't an eviI Supes but rather a flawed, basically good-hearted man whose lost his way. ( I can't help but feel the influence of Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme.) Also: Diana's sexuality was done light- handedly. Can't say I didn't find the man-bashing tiresome, though. Lois Lane was consistently better portrayed.
  9. Maybe I shouldn't be watching Zombieland right now...
  10. Descriptions are all I'm up for now and in the near future, Pebs. Did you and Stubby merge or something?
  11. Revenge of the Sith, just so's I could say Amidala 's line about how liberty dies to the sound of thunderous applause is apropos right now.
  12. Is The Mandalorian over? I'll only watch it when this season is complete and I can bingewatch.
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