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  1. These few clips made mi think of a Xena series, but with a better effects and costumes. I think the book fans won't mind cheesiness since the books themselves are quite juvenile (at least the first few that I've read), but I think it will limit the appeal for the general audience (non book readers) who will struggle to take the show seriously and care for the characters, like they did for GoT.
  2. Jesus guys! I meant Jupiter's Legacy! I had to google it already. I'm not saying that this looks bad or that it will bomb, just that it very much reminds me visually and because of 'we don't interfere' trope. I hope it will turn out great and that will make a lot of money at the box office.
  3. Reminds me of that superhero show that bombed on Netflix.
  4. Wait, it comes out in four days!? For some reason, I thought after the first trailer that it will be released during the summer or in autumn.
  5. Good question. Plus, our observable Universe, which contains trillions of galaxies, is just a tiny speck when compared to the entire Universe, which itself might be infinite. So I can't help but wonder, despite the name, is there a range of the infinity gauntlet?
  6. Face Off. The super assassins are trying to kill each other. Than they swap faces and continue to try kill each other.
  7. Looks ok, but that's about it. Batman Begins mixed with Ant Man.
  8. That was really, really, good! Assuming, of course, that you must do the Justice League right after BvS. Easily better than the actual film. It would do wonders for Cyborg, upgrading him into something of a lead/point of view character. It would also add a huge tension from the beginning, when he is still alone, knowing that things are so serious that Batman, Wonder Woman, and even Superman will have to get involved.
  9. This really doesn't bode well for the future of 'theatrical experience'. Given their recent past, Disney know how much money they can extract from 'premium on demand' streaming. Some other studio tried this recently, and theaters rebelled and threatened to boycott films released in that manner. But Disney is so big that they might be able to bully theaters into accepting any deal, including one that will ultimately ruin them.
  10. Watching it right now. My favorite part so far is when the bad guy says 'Its toxic, that's good'!! Good to now that the villain is toxic, I wasn't sure if he will be.
  11. Dan Murrell, formerly of Screen Junkies, whose taste is quite different than mine, but whose opinion I respect, gave it a very positive review. He was shocked how much he liked it.
  12. You are right about the critics, their reviews and scores are completely arbitrary in nature. That is why everyone should find a critic(s) whose taste is similar to theirs. What I meant was that, the way I understand it, Metacritic takes into account the actual score that a critic gave to a movie, whereas RT is only interested was it 'positive' or 'negative'. In other words, for Metacritic 6/10 and 10/10 are two different scores, but for RT both are simply 'positive'.
  13. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's four hours long. I have never watched a movie that long, what could they possibly fill it with? Mindless action scenes? Character drama (them standing around and talking)? I guess, you could make an argument that 55/100 on Metacritic (which is far better than RT) is a great success for a film 4 hours long.
  14. MM is in Snyder Cut? Is that a spoiler?
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