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  1. Gronzag

    Trailer Thread VI

    Is Anna Paquin playing De Niro's wife? It's only 40 years difference! I know he has been de aged but he still looks like hes in his late 50s or 60s, not to mention how awkward it must have been for her. I hope I don't see them kissing.
  2. There was nothing problematic about it, for me or anyone I know who watched it. It's just that some people are desperate to impose their beliefs on others.
  3. Gronzag

    Top Gun 2: Maverick

    Trailer looks tired, as if it knows that it's a trailer for one of 10,000 annual reboots/remakes/prequels. Ed Harris looks like a freshly reanimated corpse. And I'm guessing they named it Top Gun: Maverick in hopes that they can launch a new "Top Gun:" franchise. So next film would be called, for example, Top Gun: Tigress, with the lead of that movie introduced in this one. Also, they could bypass the age issue simply by movie being set sometime in the past.
  4. Looking at the two finals, it's a disgrace that women get the same prize as men.
  5. I don't mind crowd having favorites, but cheering when a player makes a mistake is really low. If being nearly 38 is legit handicap for Federer, than crowd being openly against him is a legit handicap for Djokovic.
  6. Yeah, and against the entire stadium. Crowd exploded with joy even when he makes an error. Fuck them!
  7. This isn't fun. I want Djokovic at his best.
  8. I hope Djovak wins this, in spite of everyone. I just wish he trashed Murray in previous Wimbledon finals.
  9. Gronzag

    Trailer Thread V

    Great cast, and I love whodunits. I just hope they don't spoil anything in future trailers.
  10. Gronzag

    Trailer Thread V

    I think it's a clever enough twist to have 2 old farts inside the game, but otherwise it looks exactly like the previous one.
  11. Gronzag

    Trailer Thread V

    Yeah, most people don't realize that Japan had absolutely no hope of winning in WW2. Germany was in a similar position. And Hobbs & Shaw seems to be one of those movies that give away everything in trailers. That usually means that studio isn't very confident in it.
  12. Gronzag

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    RG is a mess. The roof should have been built years ago.
  13. Gronzag

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    If you truly believe that nonsense, than you are delusional.
  14. Gronzag

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    So, if there was a dominant player in a Filipino basketball league who led his team to 7 championships, then you would considered him greater than Jordan? That is your logic. Never mind the quality of the competition. And she is certainly not more important for tennis than Federer. Men are carrying the sport.
  15. Gronzag

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    She is the greatest female tennis player ever. Most dominant female basketball or football player would never be considered the very best in that sport.