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  1. There are rumors than new Superman will be black. If it's true I can't wait to see how it goes.
  2. I'm guessing that the plot will be along the lines of 'living in a man's world was so hard, she had to resort to skinning puppies as a cry against misogyny/patriarchy'! She has been a victim all along!
  3. Honestly, Shyamalan is secretly my hero. Though he often fails spectacularly, at least he's consistently trying to make intriguing movies. In a way, he's like a reverse JJ Abrams. The best part of Abrams' movie is usually the trailer.
  4. I believe that phenomenon of crazy nonsensical Chinese high budget spectacles comes from the the fact that now anyone with enough money can make a CGI movie, in a market that is big and hungry enough to sustain quite a few of them every year. So now you have a situation where a bunch of Chinese millionaire hacks are styling themselves 'filmmakers' and are throwing shit against the wall in hopes that they will get lucky and that their movie will become a hit like Wandering Earth. I also think that many, if not most, quality wuxia films were made by folks from Hong Kong and Taiwan, even if they were produced in mainland China.
  5. Watching the trailer, I was surprised how competently it seems to be made for a Chinese film. Turns out, its Korean.
  6. Phil Spector died. He was in jail for murder, but I thought he died a few years ago.
  7. That's not a real trailer but one of those clickbait fakes.
  8. I also wonder, who is more influential- reviewers from major outlets like NYT, or popular YouTubers like Jahns and Stuckmann?
  9. I very much agree that finding a few critics whose tastes align with yours is the best way to go, but most people have no patience for a 5-10 minutes video or article. I think that people who watch/read reviews are usually outliers who often through increased engagement give a wrong impression about what the general audience wants. Hence why so many 'highly anticipated' sci-fi movies bomb, even with great reviews. And as for shilling, I do believe that the studios are gaming the system by giving early access to selected critics who they expect will give a positive early score and maybe influence others critics' opinion. I don't think that they are actually paying people off with money.
  10. Oh, you did. I missed that. Sorry. Anyway, review aggregators are flawed anyway, and RT 'fresh/rotten' meter is probably the worst one out there. Sadly, also the most popular and part of the pop culture, which is, I believe, purely due to a catchy name.
  11. Wait, did you also watch this video?
  12. Not only does she rape him, but they also take his body on a incredibly dangerous adventure, where he steals a high tech government plane and is being shot at by professional goons. Neither Diana or Steve ever even think of the poor guy and how wrong is to steal his life , but instead they part ways because she is losing her powers! It's funny because the movie attempts to make a grand statement about misogyny and how men are bad (except Steve!), but itself ends up being misandrist on multiple levels. It would be even funnier if Steve decided to kill himself again just like in a first movie, and they never mention this other innocent man whom he also killed.
  13. Well, now it does appear to be on page evidence that they do have 'non-European' eye shape but many artists don't bother depicting them as such, or at least not prominently . Which is probably source of my confusion. I'm not a native English speaker and yet I read mostly in English for years. Now, whenever I read a new book, I simply google any character that might be important as soon as I come across them so I can see what they look like, instead of waiting for writer to describe them in detail. That way it's far easier to keep track of them, by remembering what they look like in pictures. Also, it's a good way to find out how important is the someone- if there is a ton of fan art for a certain character, then I better pay attention. Shalan, for example, in most depictions looks like she is Dutch or Belgian.
  14. What? I thought that it was the opposite- that the Shin are 'Asians' of the cosmere. Every official or fan art that I have seen describes main characters as having 'Western' eyes. Anyway, wouldn't that imply that people from all other worlds also have epicanthic folds, since there are numerous 'world hoppers', and folks from Roshar don't notice anything strange about their eyes, apart from maybe color, if I remember correctly.
  15. So, the best thing for everyone would be to commit suicide? And there are no penalties for evil deeds, like murder and rape? Then why do people even live? Especially slaves and commoners.
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