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  1. Yes and yes. But then again, looking at that list makes me realize how bad 2018 was for "good" movies. Bohemian Rhapsody is also completely mediocre
  2. Gronzag

    More Things Star Wars

    Avatar made nearly $2.8 billion, and yet, not many people love that movie. There was a huge hype surrounding TFA for some 3 years prior to its release. It was the first SW movie in a while, and first without Lucas.
  3. Gronzag

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    The metaphor does NOT fit because gays, jews and others from that list do not have the power to abuse ordinary people if they only choose to, like the X-men. Keep throwing insults kid.
  4. Gronzag

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    Are you for real?! Who are you arguing against? Who said those things!? I denied that mutants are a good metaphor for gays in my first two sentences: In the rest I elaborated why in universe, ordinary people would be perfectly right to fear mutants. Nobody said "we should persecute Jews and gay people in real life"! Holy shit, talk about a straw man argument.
  5. Gronzag

    Young Justice-a DC cartoon

    So there is no way to legally watch this outside US? Unwise. Also, I fear they will stop producing this if they don't get enough people to sign up for their streaming service.
  6. Gronzag

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    You all go troll somewhere else, OK?
  7. Gronzag

    Young Justice-a DC cartoon

    Where did you watch this? I loved the first two seasons.
  8. Gronzag

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    X-men being a metaphor for homosexuals is incredibly dumb. Gay people don't have the power to abuse or kill millions of people on the whim. X-men are closer to being a metaphor for NRAs "good guys with guns" spiel, only 100 billion times worse. I assume most people here are in favor of some sort of gun control, or even a total ban, and yet mutants have incredibly destructive abilities, which they use as they see fit, and characters who want those powers under public control, or neutralized, are portrayed as bad guys. I mean, Professor X's power is mind-rape. And he uses that power casually and very often to force ordinary people do whatever he wants, then forget about it. He also built a machine that magnifies his power so he could reach every person on a planet, because controlling only people in your immediate surrounding is just not enough. X-men movies only work because the audience is made to identify with the mutants, while ordinary humans are portrayed as a bunch of weak, intolerant bigots, who deserve everything that comes to them (including being mind-raped). You wouldn't want to live on the same planet with the mutants, even only the 'good' ones. Also, check out who (badly) directed The Last Stand.
  9. Gronzag

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    First photos are out. Strangely, they look nothing like the cartoon, unlike The Jungle Book and Beauty And The Beast remakes.
  10. Gronzag

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I don't see why Khellus didn't go to the Ark alone immediately after Shimeh, and simply obliterate the Consult on his own before they could find Ishual. He was certainly able to do so. Also, Koringhus remembers that Dunyain started disappearing some time before the attack on Ishual. Maybe the 5 mutilated were among those and they are the ones who initiated the attack, after they converted.
  11. Gronzag

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Cishaurim are salted just like all other sorcerers. And, I don't want to spoil the fun, in fact, I enjoy reading this fan wanking, but you guys put way more thought into this than Bakker himself did.
  12. As expected, another huge drop in ratings. Only 6.1 million viewers for the premiere. This really might be the last season.
  13. Gronzag

    MCU - X

    I thought that was a bit mean. Trailer itself is underwhelming. If that was DC movie trailer, everyone would be talking how crap it is.
  14. Gronzag

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Would a child with Kellhus' soul also inherit his intelligence or would it be just a regular child? Would he even remember his previous identity? Additionally, it would mean that Kellhus hijacked Akka's son's soul, after previously hijacking his wife.
  15. Gronzag

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    You are far from being the only one who feels that way. It was the first fantasy series that I read, and while I was awed by the fact that I was reading The LoTR, they still often felt tedious. Maybe Citizen Kane is a good analogy: undoubtedly brilliant and revolutionary movie for it's time, but modern viewer will probably find it boring and won't understand what's all the fuss is about, because they saw it's best pieces in many other movies made since.