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  1. Why do you guys assume that Vaught are Nazis, just because their founder was one? Porsche, Volkswagen, and several other companies are founded by Nazis, do you think they are secretly espousing Nazism today? I see them as just another sleazy, ruthless, infinitely greedy, power hungry multinational company, and supes as just a by product.
  2. Is the book series too juvenile for an adult reader?
  3. Is the guy trying to convince himself and others that Jordan imagined the characters black when he was writing in the 1980s? Wasn't there a ton of Jordan-sanctioned artwork depicting characters as clearly caucasian?
  4. There is no evidence whatsoever that black people were common even in northern Africa, let alone in northern Europe.
  5. My problem with the sisters is that we are forced to watch two obviously stupid and naive characters who continuously make obviously stupid decisions that get them, and the character that we are invested in, into trouble. I think that it would be amazing to see Ahsoka track down her birth family and maybe try to fit in. Apart from Skywalkers, I don't think we ever saw a regular Jedi interacts with his/her relatives.
  6. I knew that pollution in India is horrendous, but I always assumed that murky air is mostly due to naturally foggy/rainy climate. It is mind boggling that only a few days of lock down can make such a huge difference. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/11/positively-alpine-disbelief-air-pollution-falls-lockdown-coronavirus
  7. With one of the greatest music scores in history from the late great Basil Poledouris! Theology/Civilization, Anvil of Crom, Riddle of Steel... All time greats in my humble opinion!
  8. The length of at least 3 whole episodes could have been cut from the show, without losing anything. Out of 7. That tells you a lot about the quality.
  9. Picard looked like a grumpy grandpa throwing a tantrum.
  10. Then it's better to leave the post where it is. I do apologize for spreading that crap here.
  11. So, that's how the rumor started? I only heard about it today, and since it's everywhere, I assumed that it might be an open secret that no media wants to publish due to legal concerns. Kinda like this Amber Heard situation, where the US media is completely ignoring this new leaked audio. Would you delete the post?
  12. He also allegedly raped a very young Natalie Wood, in an era where something like that was almost certainly not uncommon.
  13. It started so well, but then this 'savant' investigator lady appeared and now it feels like I'm watching an episode of Supernatural. I'm half expecting to hear Dean say 'Ok, now how do we kill it?'
  14. And yet, Finn was killing them left and right without remorse, as soon as he defected.
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