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  1. The hairy bear

    Dragons producing eggs.

    Roosters are not needed for a hen to produce eggs. Only to produce chicks. In fact, hens prepare nests and incubate the eggs regardless of whether they are fertilized or not. Drogon could be doing that. As said, a male is needed to fertilize eggs, not to produce them. But in any case, Drogon's eggs may have been fertilized back in Mereen. Either by Viserion or Rhaegel.
  2. I doubt that anyone needed to be reminded of the implications of legitimizing Addam. Addam was 3 years older than Joffrey , so if Addam was to be suddenly made a legitimate son, he would suddenly come before Joffrey Velaryon. Alyn would pass before Joffrey too. It can be seen as another indication that Corlys knew that Rhaenyra's boys were not Laenor. And in any case, it's not as if Joffrey would be left with nothing. As a queen, Rhaenyra could easily grant him any holding of her choosing.
  3. The hairy bear

    Birth year of Quicksilver?

    Precisely. I still think that "that year" referring to 7 AC is the most likely interpretation, but that doesn't mean that it's a confirmed date. Forced? George writes novels, not technical manuals. He has said many times that heusually leaves dates, times and distances intentionally ambiguous so that he doesn't he still has creative freedom if he wants to expand on it in the future, and also he avoids having to keep track of everything he has said. Hardcore fans like us would love to have to have every single event pinpointed to a specific date, but Goerge has no obligation to do that. George has co-authored the World Book too, and has reviewed it and corrected it as with any other published Ice and Fire book. Regardless as to who originally wrote the words, George has decided that they are somehting that a maester of the Citadel could have written about the matter. I don't see why we should hold it at a different level of canonicity. When Yandel is in conflict with Glandayn we should obviously go with the later, but that doesn't mean that Yandel can be disregarded.
  4. The hairy bear

    Blood and Cheese: the question nobody seems to ask

    I think at this point of the war it would have been a bad idea to murder three innocent kids, and two well-liked women. In those initial stages of the war, people could not know how the war would be resolved. It was a real possibility that somehow most of the lords of the realm would agree to celebrate a Great Council to decide on the matter. In this case, indiscriminate children murder wouldn't do great for Rhaenyra's chances. Even if there wasn't a Great Council, both claimants had to gain the support of as many lords as possible to win the war. If one side was seen to engage in unnecessary brutality and cruel violations of rules of war, finding supports would become more complicated. If all the kids and women in the Red Keep had been murdered, I don't see Elmo Tully defying his father to support Rhaenyra. "A son for a son" could be easily justified in the eyes of the public, specially if it was in retribution. "A whole family including women and children for a son" may have been a PR debacle for Rhaenyra's cause.
  5. The hairy bear

    Dragons producing eggs.

    Yeah, I meant the Blue Queen, that was a lapsus. If the dragons only produce eggs when their owners are sexually active, and Tessarion was already established as a female from before the Dance, that could suggest things about Daeron.
  6. The hairy bear

    Dragons producing eggs.

    I like it! If this was true, it would imply that Daeron was really promiscuous, since Tessarion was known as the Blue King Queen since before he was 14.
  7. The hairy bear

    "various book deadlines"

    This is what a maester (Yandel in this case) had to say about TMK; The conspiracy came to a head in 211 AC at the wedding tourney at Whitewalls. (...). At Whitewalls, under pretense of celebrating Lord Butterwell’s marriage and competing in the tournament, many lords and knights had gathered, all of whom shared a desire to place a Blackfyre on the throne. Were it not for the fact that Bloodraven had informants among the conspirators, Daemon the Younger could have launched a troubling rebellion from within the heart of the riverlands, but even before the tourney had concluded, the Hand turned up outside Whitewalls with a host of his own, and the Second Blackfyre Rebellion ended before it could truly be said to have begun. Gormon Peake was among the conspirators executed in the wake of the thwarted rebellion, while others such as Lord Butterwell suffered the loss of land and seats. As for Daemon, he lived on for several more years, a hostage in the Red Keep. If I had read this before reading TMK, my personal enjoyment of the novella would have been significantly inferior. All the initial suspicions about what's going on in the wedding and the identity of the Fiddler would have been revealed in advance. I remember feeling particularly satisfied with myself when I correctly predicted both. We'd also knew that the attempted rebellion would end in total failure, and the fates of Daemon and Lord Gormon. And Glyndayn is far more detailed than Yandel. So, as much as I enjoyed F&B, I wouldn't like the second part to come before the Dunk and Egg saga is completed.
  8. The hairy bear

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    It's an interesting idea, and it would be nice. But I would say that if that had been the case, the herald introducing her at the Maiden's Ball should had mentioned it. And we have seen plenty of half-Valyrian by blood looking 'stunningly' Valyrian: Maekar, Jaehaerys II, Aegon VI,... and in any case, if Daenera was a descendant of Daemon, her Targaryen blood would be from at least like 7 generations ago (1/64th). I agree. Given what we know of Aegon II, he is likely to have bastards, and Gaemon is as good a candidate as any. I could also buy Trystane being Viserys I son. It's clear to me that Alicent didn't love Viserys to much, and once he realized that, he could easily look for confort elsewhere. And there's a curious thing with the timeline: Aegon the elder is born in 107, Helaena in 109, Aemond in 110, and the Daeron in 115. Trystane would have been born in this five year gap between Aemond and Daeron. After Daeron, with both Alicent and Viserys very young (38 and 27) there are no more children. In fact, I could easily see Aegon II acquiring his whoring habits from his father.
  9. I think the masters of laws main responsibility would be that all lords apply the law more or less homogeneusly across the 7 Kingdoms. Since all lords are ultimate courts in theire respective feuds, someone should overview that there are not great divergences in their interpretations of the laws issued by the Iron Throne. I see it as purposefully vague. The Hightowers are the patrons of the Citadel, and the Redwynes seem to be their lifelong friends and allies. Glyndayn himself is surely influenced by the political enviroment of the institution he works for, and it wouldn't agree with his interests to minuciously describe all the failures of Ryam as a Hand. The Hightowers themselves are always portrayed in a much more positive light than their actual actions would merit. Their accomplishments are lauded, and their wrongdoings are justified or diminished. Or at least that's how I read it.
  10. It's possible. I don't recall his age being mentioned, but easily be older than Logen.
  11. Joe said that no old POV is returning. So Gorst or Logen are not the man with glasses. In fact, he has just said the the age of the unknown POVs ranges from "early 30s to late 40s". That means that the oldest of them may be at most 20 during the First Law Trilogy, 29 years ago. That limits the pool of known characters a lot. I honestly can't think of anyone who fits. None as a POV, but if I'm not wrong he has already confirmed the appearances of Glokta, Gorst, Dogman, Shivers, Bayaz, Vitari, Shenkt, and Isern-i-Phail. He has also confirmed that we won't be seing Ferro, Shy, Temple, Shev, Javre, Carcolf, and Crummock-i-Phail.
  12. A year ago, Joe gave info about three of the POVs. One character had an italicised internal voice a la Glokta that I decided to remove. Just wasn’t really helping. Rather than it naturally slipping into the prose it felt like I was constantly looking for excuses to include it, so it needed to go. With Glokta, the italicised voice is the acid things he chooses not to say. With Gorst, in the Heroes, the same thing worked because he hardly speaks at all. In the case of this character, though, she’s pretty acid and forthcoming in person, so the thoughts weren’t really adding much she wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Better that she say it to their face. A second character then started off with much too sophisticated a voice, and needed to be much more blunt and bluff, less introspective, less a thinker and more an unthinking doer, as well as both more admirable, brave and generous, on the one hand, but also more toxic, heedless and prejudiced on the other. More intensity altogether. Inspired by Dave Bautista in Blade Runner I gave one guy incongruous little glasses – just gives the character a sense of softness and sensitivity he’s otherwise very lacking. Plus when things go wrong the fact he can’t actually see who anyone is adds a layer of confusion and danger to proceedings… The first one is clearly Savine. I guess the second is Leo, and the other Orso (although it could also be one of the unknown POVs) In some AMA Joe was asked if we would see Ferro and his reply was "not directy".
  13. A real ambitious woman that believed herself to be the legitimate bastard of the real power in the land would try to convince his father to marry him to the crown prince Orso. When his father unexplicably fails to do so without giving her any explanation, she'll probably want to take matters into her own hands...
  14. Joe is reavealing some more info in his site. Combining what he reveals now and what we knew from previous POVs, we have that the seven POVs from the books will be: Leo dan Brock (Lord Brock's daughter son, 21) Savine dan Glokta (Glokta's daughter, late 20s) Prince Orso (Jedzal's son, late 20s) Rikke (the Dogman's daughter, 21) The other three POVs are two men and a woman, older (from early 30s to late 40s), and one of them is child of a previously seen character.