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  1. Robert was a bachelor and he couold do as he pleased and Lyanna was drawing her conclussions from the fact that Robert had a bastard, as I said before i don't really think that Robert would've changed but that don't mean that Lyanna's words aren't justa generalization that are shoved in our throat so hard that one has to puke, both Roberts seems to be very different, one is a young bachelor having fun and the other is a depressed man burying his worries in a self destructive hedonism that he clearly knows that is going to kill him sooner than later. Love can change someone's nature and that happens quite often. I mean, different person different contex, different everything but sure. You're free to judge him as you like, Robert is depressed with his life, that's fine, shit happens, he perfectly knew what the way out was, leave behind everything walk away, he didn't take it and he was miserable for that but he knew that leave it all behind crown and privilege was the only way for him, that's fine with me, but honestly, I would have preferred him to do it instead of keep harming himself, his "loved ones" and his Kingdom. I don't expect them to be happy or grateful because that's something that even the biggest privileges can't sort out, I expect them to know that their pivileges comes with a few cons. Lyanna can whine all she wants, but if she didn't really want the marriage all she had to do was renounce her insane privileges and walk away, Saera Targ did, she didn't want to live under her oppressive father's rule and she eventually left it all to make something on her own.
  2. frenin

    Theory - Lyanna got pregnant in Harrenhal?

    Perhaps because she was indeed kidnapped, When you see a minor going with adults she shouldn't be with, you tend to fear the wirst and after Haarrenhall is quite easy see why everyone who saaw the scene believed it was a kidnapp.
  3. He did, he also thought he was about to die, you know in the middle of a war you don't think you're going to live to see the end you jusy don't think of the repercussions of your actions in the future because there is no future for you. Gendry is of an age that implies whatever you wabt to believe but no, your bias is not an evience tho. Your answer might be whatever or bs etc, doesn't change the fact that we're humans and our actions in moments of grief and despair aren't the actions we'd take being calm and level headed, this should be incredibly easy to understand but i think that it's because we are talking about a fiction character. Do you really believe that Robert who was completely incomunicated with the rest of the rebels and was literally being chased down by a huge army and completely alone, house by house, wouldn't be in the believe that "this is it"?? Honestly. I think that her words are stupid, not only because they an absolute bs generalization, but because she's blaming someone for fucking around while being a bachelor. Don't think there was a whole brother near the Eyrie anyway, nor we do know what Ned did to ease his pain, you might be surprised. Anyway, Ned didn't do it, is Robert's reaction any less natural?? I didn't said Ned didn't believed his words, you did, i said that those words were aimed to calm her and remove the worries from her. You can puke as much as you want, this is your own strawman. LMAO, punching the strawman good because there are no more arguments right?? ... Maybe because Luwin believes that's the best for Bran instead of because he thinks he's awakening Cthulhu and he needs to be stopped no matter what¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Lin is wrong, not lying on purpose. ... And again, your own good bias, Because the Citadel considers him a freak and he likes to believe is because a conspirancy... Vaegon got to be Archmaester just fine and Aemon left own his own volition and against all warnings for politic reasons. It means she's seeing ghosts everywhere and wants to blame on evertone her being denied the Stark name she craves. There rest is more than irrelevant. With a couple of marriages and centuries of assimilation and so and those couple of marriages were arranged where those Kings were ready to forsake the Old Faith, the Manderlys have been intermarriaging with the Northern houses for a millenia and i assure you, the North is still believing in the Old Gods. So a kid being a kid, because Robb, who is inheriting don't believe in the Seven, is a proof of the master plot right?? The last part is just ludicrous really, fosterage has nothing to do with the fact that Old Nan's tales sound and are just fairytales. ... ... ... If the Citadel didn't like magic and was absolutely hell bent on destroying all, we wouldn't even have the source of Alysanne failing to get past the Wall, what the Maesters know about the Nightfort?? I mean there rest is a bunch of conspiracy theories that i don't really feel like arguing. Less to say, Rickard was an opening man, not an isolationist. No, they lived in the same city, that doesn't mean they give a damn.
  4. frenin

    (Spoilers Fire&Blood) Can Velaryons ride dragons?

    Quentyn was taming his dragon, Viserion was reacting positively to him but any dragonrider can go against one dragon at a time, taking on Viserion while Rhaegal was there was suicidal.
  5. frenin

    Theory - Lyanna got pregnant in Harrenhal?

    Oh the idea was stupid, but the idea was spurred for the thought of his sister being kidnapped, that you don't expect no one to act rash in that syance, and certainly someone famous for his rashness, is pretty stupid to begin with how they thought her family would act?? To where did they believe the Starks would take their fury?? One has to be in a situation similar before believing one could act with a cool head. I don't think he thought they weren't there, he went when he thought they were. It's a pretty damn excuse, especially after days of riding thinking your sister is kidnapped. Why not?? We know that Jaime left out such details, the first thing that he says about Rickard is that he demanded a trial by combat and then goes on about telling us, how he died. Not before saying that the accused faced a bogus trial. I don't think that Jaime is, very, biased, but he certainly don't give a damn about Lyanna nor Lyanna was any relevant to the outcome, since their fates were sealed as long as Brandon was arrested.
  6. The only bastard and the only time Robert fucked around, that we know of, is Bella and the Battle of the Bells, a moment i'd say was quite desperate and he thought he was about to die and he would've if not for the narrative having it the other way tbh, Gendry was fathered in KL, after Robert had taken over and Lyanna was dead. I don't really think that Robert would stop, i do think however that there could be far better evidences of himnot stopping, i have my own opinion about the rest but it's not relevant to the point. I don't consider her very astute in that, given that she was drawing conclussions of a bachelor Robert who father his daughter around the time his parents had just dead. Ned needed to calm her in her concerns, he didn't do a good job, btw, who is saying that Ned was lying?? Sounds like the situations are as similar as night and day. According to Barbs, as biased and as sore she is and to Marwyn as biased and sore as he is. Are the maesters even aware about the North's magic?? Everything was pretty calm there until Ne's kids showed up, btw with a ciuple of marriages you don't get rid of the Old gods, nor the maesters have ever been religious zealots.
  7. frenin

    Theory - Lyanna got pregnant in Harrenhal?

    Riding to the Red Keep and shouting for Rhaegar's head after days of riding with your sister in your head would make wonders in one's mind and you don't even have to be as wild as Brandon to act as rash, i'll forgive the man if he thought his sister was in danger and his reaction is quite predictable anyway, the likelier answer would've been for the Baratheons or Starks to falling over KL with an army, but yet again, Brandon had already fallen in Aerys hand. If they didn't talk no one where they were, it's probably that someone started looking where his family was, creating all sorts of shitshows and spilling a good deal of blood while at. Should be that a biased source who is remembering something that happening 15 years ago and focusing only in those who interest him, not Lyanna, could brief somethings and go directly to the juicy part?? Brandon could've shouted for his sister and Jaime only focused in the come out and die part and from Rickard we only know his actions when he was getting ready to defend his son's life, the idea that they didn't do it because a drunk Jaime says so is...
  8. Ned saying to Lyanna, he'll stop whoring once you're married, Ned saying that Lyanna was right because Robert kept whoring when he didn't even recognize his best friend anymore seems quite ludicrous to me but who cares, Ned is making the best out of the situation, there is nothing Ned can do to break the bethrothal, even when i agree that he might be happy with it, that's not in Ned's hand, what it is however is trying to calm Lyanna down. Even then Ned, lamenting not having listened to Lyanna in KL don't tell us much about how that influenced the raising of the kids. If Ned agrees with Lyanna 15 years later and when 3 of his kids are already teenagers, it tells us almost nothing imo. I never really considered the App as canon, but at least there is a confirmation that Ned had something to do with the marriage, but yet again, he just carrried the proposal to his father. Or that he didn't want to see his sister dishonored... Yeah,the man was a hypocrite but you know the saying, do as i say not as i do. Brandon could be dishonoring 100 girls per day that he would react the same way, because of course, he wouldn't want the same fate for his sister, that you go around doing bad things don't mean you want the same things happening to your family. At this point we don't know nothing about Brandon' stance and it's unlikely that he could act like a proponent when we don't even know they knew each other prior Harrenhall. The brothers of said Lady Stark protested because they didn't want to have nothing with the south and because they didn't like much the Targs who had made them submit, it wasn't a Royce, it was an Arryn anyway, Ronnel Arryn. Not only the brother protested, but een Torrhen Stark did, because that marrriage was arranged by the Targs against the Starks wishes. What is the difference between the North and the South?? Because the North seems as ladies of big ass casrles as the south, Cat ha a very time adjusting because the culture is different, not because the treat on women is much, if any, different. Is not Robert a good match then?? You infer too much it seems. The inmediately post Aegon's conquest context is far different than a 200 hundreds year later stable realm, the distrustful anti targaryen and isolationist Starks of then are different the openly opening Rickard, Ned is the proposer of the bethrothal but once is done, he can't do nothing more than calming Lyanna in a situation that is then out of their hands. But they didn't fail Lyanna as brothers, Ned gave her his opinion of Robert, not rose tinted and the fact that Robert effectively changed a lot after the Robellion shows how wrong the statement is, Brandon being angry over the QLAB affair makes hima hypocrite, but don't make him wrong for being upset nor made the situation right, we're told that both Ned and Robert were as angry as Brandon but they just were calmer. That's the ultimate ad hominem. By that point iirc the beef between Tywin and Aerys was well known and Robert and the royal family ¿seemed? to get along well besides being cousins, ultimately, Robert had royal blood and Jaime din't but it should go either way, btw the Kingswood campaign was serious enough to be considered veteran?? The context surrounding both bethrothals couldn't be more different, that's like believing that a match would be the same if repeated twice. Not a woman a noble, neither Brandon or Ned were asked, we just assumed they liked the idea?? There are extremely few love matches in Westeros, usually the matches are arranged. I' mpersonally not too bothered with that, nobility in Westeros is an insane privilege, if the price to pay is a forced married... They can always walk away and leaving behind their riches, power and privilege but i can't feel pity because they want to have the cake and eat it too, unless ofc the deal are nutjobs.
  9. frenin

    Theory - Lyanna got pregnant in Harrenhal?

    Because clearly you hear about your baby sister being kidnapped and you must be level headed and you're an idiot etc etc. Poor Brandon, he loved his sister too much to act calmly, poor Brandon he didn't know about any plans, if there was one, which wouldn't end up well anyway those two may have. If you don't want people to act stupidely, don't kidnapp their sisters, because otherwise you get exactly that response, their action was even more stupid and self defeating than anything Brandon may ever do, Brandon was blind by rage, what excuse they had?? What they expected the reaction to "Rhaegar haa kidnapped Lyanna" would be?? Btw, we know nothing on Rickard stance on that, when he's calles his son and heir is about to die for treason and we only know that he offered himself to fight for Brandon, nothing else. Btw, is practically impossible Lyanna was pregnant at Harrenhall.
  10. But at this point we don't know whether he was moved by it or not, he may simply wanted to have his kids closer and whatever life lesson Robb learned from his father, what remained was, House first, anything else, later. We don't even know if Brandon and Ned wanted or had anything to do with the bethrothal, the only ones who wanted were Robert and Rickard. Nor do i understand how the match wasn't for Lyanna's either, Robert was Lord of Storm's End and cousin of the royal family, what better matches than him are?? Whatever you purposefuly do it or not, you're blaming them for Lyanna's actions, you don't even know what their stance or reasons were.
  11. As far as we know the only ones who had voice over the match were Robert and RRickar, so even if they knew her well... What could they do?? Wasn't Benjen unsurprised?? I think that blaming on others Lyanna's (possible) actions is the very easy way. Comparing Ned and Lysa is very wrong to me, both make blunders but Lysa was a paranoid crazy parent and no, not being fostered is not bad per se.
  12. Again, you should read what i wrote, all of it. Westeros understand the concept of mental illness, not that should absolve Aerys anyway. Is Tyrion getting Casterly Rock once he's found guilty of kingslaying?? What both Jaime and Cersei did is treason, they would not get anything but Jaime is too arrogant to even see that and because Jaime can't see that you think it's just a half closed door. How are Jaime's kids going to inherit anyway??
  13. You should really read what i wrote instead of using just one part, btw Westeros does understand mental illness. I know you're again arguing the text?? Would be?? Jaime is sure he can get Casterly Rock, and his kids could inherit, how the hell are bastards going to inherit anyway and that "swords" could keep their Throne, they wouldn't have been passed over the Throne but for Casterly Rock, no one would've given them anything and both of them would be guilty of so many charges of treason that there wouldn't be even necessary. They would lose asap Casterly Rock too and with that any happy outcome you want to paint. Why should Cersei put her and her children lives at risk because of Jaime's whims, Jaime's plan, because he doesn't have any plan really, would get them all killed, saying that Cersei just don't want to give up the crown is ignoring everything else wrong with the idea. I think that the children wouldn't want to know they are incest born and bastards, they already have a father and it's not like Jaime has payed them too much attention. Btw, we know Joffrey's opinion.
  14. Knocking him out wasn't moot, is like saying that is ok to commit kinslaying if one sibling is going to die anyway, Jaime did not have to kill him and he's called kingslayer and reviled precisely because of that, if Jaime was ready to carry the deed, he should be ready to carry the blame, but it seems better making excuses and post hoc and constantly bitching about why Robert and Eddard get a pass and judge him. I'm not arguing whether Jaime was in the wrong there, @Lord Varys would tell you that Aerys should have a pass for his mental state, but Aerys, and lets not forget the other KGs role there, had totally ruined Jaime's life. But we see him bluffing with the Blackfish and there, Jaime knows he's bluffing, we don't see any of that with Edmure, you want to believe it. I'm starting to think you believe anything that comes out of Jaime that either excuse him him or justify him. There are things that aren't opinable, is not an opinion that Cersei's kids lose their status and Throne. Cersei got a walk of shame for fucking a guy after Robert's death. What do you really think would happen to her if she confessed not only having horned him and having bastards but having done with her brother?? Who do you think is going to support them?? Why would they when they van just kill them and take Casterly Rock anyways?? Who in their right mind would give them Casterly Rock?? They would've been passed over at the very best. Jaime's words are full of stupidity, bravado and selfishnes. I think you're right.
  15. That wouldn't make any sense?? He should've rush to meet Rossart before the man did something stupid, only when Rossart is dealt with and knowing that Aerys has no way to know what happened, Jaime has time to change his armour and deal with Aerys. Even if someone was outside of the Throne room why Jaime didn't kill/knocked out that someone and why he didn't just knocked out Aerys?? No matter how you look it, Aerys death was totally unnecessary, especially because the Lannisters were already about to storm the Throne room, there was no altruistic reason behind it, Jaime hated Aerys, he hated in what the man turned him into and so he killed him. Whether you agree with it or not, I don't blame him, is up to you but don't try to say the man did it tp save KL, that's total post hoc bs Jaime makes up. Did you see him believing he wouldn't do it?? What?? What do you think that the Lannisters tried so hard to discredit Stannis?? If the kids are recognized bastards, they are out of the Throne, that's just a fact. The Tyrells don't need the Lannisters in anything, they only need Cersei's kids claim, which is being Robert's trueborn children, not Jaime's. Not while a Baratheon sat on the Throne and not while Tywin was alive anyway, they are attainted meat. But first, they should get to the Free Cities first. I mean, the idea is stupid and suicidal precisely because of that, you and Jaime refuse to think about the very obvious backlash, just that they would somehow pull it off, because why shouldn't he do the same the Targs did?? Didn't Edmure oblige then??