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  1. Most of the actions towards Robb, the North and the Starks are based on the fact that he has no children and no male heirs. So, I'd say the story changes quite. The reason why Robb's bannermen start distrusting him was because he had lost Winterfell and his heirs were dead. So long as Winterfell holds, there's no pressing urge to leave the South, besides the obvious Lannister-Tyrell alliance. That's a nice theory but it's impossible to prove. He would have never moved against Ned during Balon's rebellion. It was the Iron Islands against the whole Realm. And the rebels looked pretty weak from the get go during the Robellion, yet Roose remained loyal. It can't be that Robb simply looked so much like the loser side that he considered keep serving him tantamount of suicide?
  2. I don't think none of the children would marry outside the North in normal circumstances. Those feudal ties need some tidbits to be maintained.
  3. As opposed to his other rational thoughts about the Targaryens... Come on now. And I wonder... How can you tell that Robert has these feelings that he never voices, expresses, hints of otherwise showcase in any meaningful manner? Your argument has the same merit as hypothesis of Ned being a canibal and a believer of the seven. How could the Hand of the King forbid him to do anything? Both Robert and Renly state that Arryn convinced Robert to spare them. This is stated to be untrue when Eddard asked the council how could Arryn have let Robert spend so much and the council conveyed on Robert doing whatever he wanted. This is not what we're told. Regardless, if Jon resigned. It's likely that Robert turned to Ned or his in laws. Are you really telling me that Robert could have never found someone capable enough to run things for him?? Someone like say... His own father in law? How the title of *Lord* carries no weight behind it?? Even the wiki can tell you that Robert effectively created three different Baratheon branches. Robert gave him the title in perpetuity, Joffrey was never to inherit in normal circumstances. If you read more Martin affirms that: "Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Storm's End. Giving them to his brothers instead was another instance of his great, but rather careless, generosity." Yet again, it doesn't fit your rant, so you ignored it. I've read the rest of your post and this time for real, I'm not responding again. You're passing your fanfic as true to argue, that's just bad faith.
  4. But... Why wouldn't he say something in private?? Unlike Robert's beef over the crowning of Lyanna, in which we're told that he was in fact upset. There's no instance about him being mad about the shipwreck. And there's little holding him back once he's King, he doesn't answer to anyone and he already publicly insults the Targaryens... Why no one mentions him blaming them for his parents' accident? Not true... Aren't you letting your bias against the character colour the facts of the books? Again, you're making things up. Robert was always wary and he only left them live because he thought they wouldn't be a threat to his rule, once they start becoming one, he worries again. Your words clash directly with Martin's own version of the events. Stannis never had such title. It was Robert's and Robert's only to give. Stannis was not Castellan of Dragonstone. He was Lord of Dragonstone. The title was in perpetuity. If you have this basic facts wrong because of your bias. There's little we can discuss so let's leave it at that. But his father commanded it... Sounds kinda convenient not gonna lie. And never talk about them again... Even long after the Targaryens have been banished and destroyed... So, it's logical that Stannis voices his complains against the *gods* even tho the ones he actually blames are the Targaryens yet for some strange taboo thing, he doesn't mention it. It's also perfectly logical that Robert, who goes in public and private rants whenever a Targaryen is brought ups never blames them of the shipwreck... A few words is not much more. Rhaegar and Robert saw each other in Storm's End and that's about it. They were virtually strangers. Why would it change 15 years later?? Your average Lord has never seen Rhaegar but I bet most of them had heard the rumours about what he pulled on Harrenhall. Btw, the crowning doesn't fit his character (the noble and responsible prince) either. I don't really want to get into what it was since it's neither the topic, not it's worth it anyway. Let's just highlight some things. - What you believe it's love and what medieval people believe it's love can be two very different things. - Barristan still believes he carried her off.
  5. Why Rhaegar?? He wasn't the one sending their father to the mission. I mean, it's perfectly possible that the Baratheons could develop some resentment. What's not possible or logical is that they never brought that up. Stannis blames the gods for the accident and Robert, who complains about the Targaryens a good lot, never brings the incident up at all. What's refraining them from expressing that resentment?? It's also curious that neither Ned, nor Stannis, nor Cat, nor Cressen had much to say about the relationship between the brothers and the Targs prior the Tourney of Harrenhall. - Rhaegar was by all accounts hitting on his fiancee on his very face lol. Why would Robert not believe he was capable of taking her? - Nowhere it's said that Robert and Rhaegar knew each other much. - The entire Realm, friends and foes, believed Rhaegar had carried Lyanna off. Barristan who is a fan as you can get believe so, without believing him a Monster, why is Robert required to think otherwise?? Hmmm not really but okay. Robert acknowledging that the accident was an accident is just as good. You compared him with Tywin, I'm stating Tywin's reasons. Martin has go on record comparing fostering with boarding schools. It usually doesn't end abruptly and by all accounts Robert loved it in the Vale. It's actually pretty cruel and unnecessary. But then again, Steffon never cared to have his kids close to their royal kin. Stannis never was sent there anyway.
  6. I'd say that Dany, while being more naive, has as much brains. Aegon only dealt with sectarian killings and total warfare once... And he lost that one too. Even if more divided, the Westeros Dany's going to find is far more sectarian than Aegon ever dealt with.
  7. Why wouldn't he?? What's with those deep secret feelings and thoughts Robert ought to have lol? His reasons to resent Rhaegar are the Targaryens overall are clear and perfectly laid out. Why would neither Robert nor Stannis ever bring up a hidden resentment if there ever was one? Rhaegar hit on his fiancee in front of him... He'd later would go on and kidnap her, which ended in her death... If it wasn't for Rhaegar's one line in Affc, which was pretty Hol up all things considered, in which he calls Robert "our cousin". It didn't even occur to me that either branch had any relationship at all. Neither the Baratheons nor the remaining Targaryens in exile ever comment on that. Unless he was as power hungry as Tywin, it seems a bad decision to take Robert from an environment he had come to love and be familiar with.
  8. Tyrion gets cleared, Tywin a priori doesn't die, Tyrion and Sansa are forced to leave to Dorne and that's about it. With Tywin alive. The Lannisters remain firmly on the driver's seat. The Golden Company never supports Young G and they are all waiting for Dany.
  9. You sure?? The Reach Lords were shocked that he wasn't executed ok sight, many of Robb's bannermen asked for his head. And the only reason the Westernmen believed he'd see another day was his valor as a high profile hostage. No one ever at any point of the story claimed that it'd be against any kind of ancient tradition. Jaime was left alive out of pragmatism, not because it would be otherwise frowned upon. Because he had vow to protect and respect their rights... He can simply ignore that bit with Jaime.
  10. Who don't trust her or her horde of foreigners. Besides, armies can be beaten. Dragons... Not so much I still think that just as other user pointed out, her main issue will be that she's being forced a prophecy of distrust. Aegon knew he had a lot of people he could trust and rely, to the point that even after losing Orys, he barely had to rule at all. Dany can't even fully trust in Barristan.
  11. He didn't try to. There wouldn't have been a Kingsmoot. Not only there was no king but the institution wasn't used for thousands of years prior the events of Affc. And as most of the Ironborn shenanigans, it only happened because everyone had better things to do than looking at them. In Agot, with Ned as Hand of the King, Theon gets the power swifty. If it's before Agot. Ned himself travels with Theon to install him as Lord.
  12. Not releasing him... Especially after Robb lost the Karstarks and the Freys, Jaime was his very last card in the south. I dunno man, Bolton pulled the Red Wedding after Karstark deserted Robb, which fully cemented his demise. He might or might not have a part in it. And if he doesn't, there's no reason to believe Robb would go down anytime soon. You'd be surprised.
  13. He did most and the bulk of that after being smashed at the Blackwater. Had Stannis won at the Blackwater he would rely far less on Melisandre. There's a reason why Stannis is so shy about pulling what he pulled in the south among much less patient northerners. Most, including Renly, didn't thought it that way. Most believed both brothers to be traitors to Robert's trueborn children. Soon enough it would be had he ever got to power. The rumour would have started anyway even if false solely due to her foreign origins, let alone all the rest. No, they simply do not tolerate more religions than those that had existed for thousands of years. There's a reason why Stannis is being labelled a pagan in the south. Melisandre's and her acolyte's zealotry and their habit of attacking everything that doesn't worship their faith would not make tolerance possible anyway. Indeed even if religious wars aren't uncommon, especially in the Iron Islands. It's not coincidence that the religious unrest starts because Stannis and Cersei. There was a red priest serving under both the Mad King and Robert yet... He allowed them and left them unpunished which in turn increased them. It should have been clear enough if Cat, Tyrion and Penrose could see his hand behind it. So the shadow would follow him regardless.
  14. Oh I know that she wanted to provoke a war. I'm simply asking why would the Lannisters give then the war they wanted at all. It's simply not worth. He def could if Tywin was ever interested in something that wasn't might makes right. Ned's and Robert's dead saved him from a lot of trouble, he gave the Starks the perfect scape goat when he decided to send Gregor to the Riverlands.
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