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  1. I can only remember the children being affectionate with Tyrion, I don't remember any hint of affection between them and the Lannisters or Baratheons.
  2. That's not a good argument to be made when talking about fictional characters. Writer has him execute a deserter. He doesn't have him as a mind reader. He still informs Cat. No, it's not either Roose or Greatjon. It could be Glover or any of his other bannermen he knew he could trust. Not the one bannermen he shouldn't.
  3. I know you dislike Ned but even you know that he's not viewed like that in or out universe and that the writer purposefully made him the paragon of virtue. The first he himself refused to, the rest what? He got to be in that position because Robb trusted him as one his top advisors and generals.
  4. Word, it doesn't help that he's still deluding himself into thinking he can finish the books and thus leaving juicier plots he could inish with ease because he doesn't wanna spoiler the books. We'll never get F&B II He certainly seemed so, Jon isn't Ned's heir and future ruler, Jon shouldn't be privy to those sentiments, Robb should. Cat and Ned shared everything but Jon's parentage ofc and Ned talked about everything with her. Eh, he's only ever in a position to do so because Robb's trusts him and gave him half of his army...
  5. I want Euron to be the biggest troll out there and a fucking liar. I dislike so much all the theories surrounding him.
  6. Ned's plan was put all his eggs on the basket of someone he openly distrusted. In King's Landing? Sure but they didn't have nearly as many in the castle. It mattered little how formidable their guards are, why would Barri B side against Ned anyways, once the children were under their care and they would by simple speed and overwhelming force. They are in the position of power till Ned's named regent and is able to summon more forces to King's Landing.
  7. Eh, he's certainly more calm now but that's about it. He won the Goldentooth by overwhelming his enemies with more than 3 to 1 of advantage and he wins Riverrun by threatening to yeet a newborn with a trebuchet... Genna Lannister suma him up well. Don't really know what's James's danger compared to his more solid siblings. Cersei is batshit crazy and Tyrion is far more intelligent and determined.
  8. Both Jaime and Pycelle are taking the conclusion they want out of Cersei. He looking at Cersei doesn't mean she gave her consent. So is Jaime. There's nothing in Cersei's pov that says she wanted the kid killed Btw, Tyrion by far. Jaime is far too malleable.
  9. Eh, maybe she would have screwed a black haired dude and problem solved. Tbf Ned does show mercy to Cersei and her children and that does get him killed essentially but that's when he refuses Renly's offer because he considers it unsafe for the children and doesn't want to insult Robert. Varys' words are bullshit there, he's just guilt tripping Ned into doing what he wants. Cersei didn't have time to orchestrate Robert's death after she was warned. Not could she orchestrate his death if he returned safely, deadly vipers? Come on now. She got lucky. Hoster sent Petyr packing to never return, whatever ill feeling he may have filled against Brandon would soon pass. Not killing Petyr is a case of people taking a viper to their breasts and deserving every bite they get. Tbf this is also true for Jaime and Balon Barristan isn't Jaime tho. It's a pointless debate anyway.
  10. It's certainly impossible to believe that Jon knew his father never trusted the man and therefore they shouldn't while both Robb and Cat were in the dark aout his father's issues with his most powerful vassal lol.
  11. Eh, my man didn't believe Drogo was really scared of water. @SeanF Yeah, like we're literally told that Tywin was reestablishing peace and was the last dam holding things together after the fist phase of the War of the 5 Kings, that he started btw, Tywin only achieves that by brutally and amorally destroying the Starks. After Robb's gone everyone else in the continent (not named Stannis but he was kinda irrelevant till Tywin dies) start falling in line... The second Tywin dies, the North start to getting into factions again, Euron comes back and takes adantage of Cersei, JonCon and the Golden Company decide to attack because Tywin is dead, Stannis gains momentum and Arianne gotta Arianne and the Riverlands are set up to fall into anarchy again... Martin may prefer Ned's mercy but the cynical, ¿edgelord? whatever in him keep portraying Tywin as the way to go. Which is why i was always confused in his attempt for Dany to make peace with his own version of the KKK. That never sat well with me. Btw isn't it strange that Jon knew that Ned never trusted in Roose yet neither Robb nor Cat echoed that sentiment and blindly trusted the man?
  12. Robb wanted to invade with whatever Baratheon brother who accepted his deal but he absolutely refused to swear realty to either. Or in layman's terms, Robb tagging alone in killing Lannisters ≠ Robb bending the knee.
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