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  1. The dagger is tangential to the Lannisters trying to kill Jon. Ned and Robert aren't speaking about the fact that Robert's family in law may or may not have commited treason... because Ned needs evidence lol. Even if Ned and Robert were on the best terms, he'd still need to collect evidence before airing such heavy accusation, that is common sense. But there is absolutely no reason for Ned to hide the fact that he has found a dagger from the Lannisters (allegedly) used to try and kill his son. It is absolutely bonkers risking your neck based on that premise and Littlefinger got absolutely bailed both by the fact that Varys decided to keep silence and that Ned just sat on that info. He can't. He cannot tell that he was misunderstood, Ned would have his head on the second for trying to frame him and Cat. He can misremember with a lot of people, he cannot misremember with the son of Tywin Lannister. This is again logic. Perhaps a highlord like a Hightower or a Prince of Dorne can get away with that bullshit but Petyr is simple not important enough and whereas he is a valuable, he is not that valuable to let that slide. Ned did not trust him, Robert would mistrustt him right away and the Lannister would want his head. Even if he does make it short term, umlikely, the victor would always come for him sooner or later. The idea that he wasn't risking his neck is quite frankly absurd. The only moment he is too big to fail is during ACOK, before and after that, he is very much disposable.
  2. For Robert and Ned? Sure. For Petyr? Not so sure. Why would he get away with it? He's a nobody and he has fucked up pretty badly and blatantly. No, if Robert and Ned speak over the matter at all. It doesn't have to be calmly, Ned's son was put at risk at the end of the day. However you put it tho, as soon as he's discovered to be lying, which would be pretty soon. He's pretty much toasted, no matter the outcome. Neither Robert, nor Ned nor the Lannisters would trust him after that and all of them would have good reason to want him dead anyway.
  3. Ned talks to Robert, Robert tells him that the dagger is from his armory, Ned and Robert hash things out about who tried to kill Bran, even if it's proven to have been Joffrey. Petyr gets the raw end of the deal for literally trying to frame the son of Tywin Lannister, especially if things get out of hand due to that blatant lie.
  4. He is desperate and Cat t old him to trust Petyr because he was like her brother. Indeed. No, I'm suggesting that he should be aware that if Ned is the kind of man to marry his daughter to a bastard that has no claim to the throne, he is obviously the kind of man to betray him. Fortunately for him, Ned was neither. No, I'm simply stating that Ned didn't trust him. Which is true. He only tries to use him because he is his last chance once Robert, Ned was always going to make permanent changes in the Small Council as soon as he got used to his position. Littlefinger saw the writing on the wall. Littlefinger is a lucky guy, plain and simple.
  5. I will never have any ounze of sympathy for Theon. Sorry, not sorry.
  6. They are more fun. In fact the most lucky of them all is Varys, Cersei literally commits treason and passes her incestuous children as true. What would have happened if Cersei actually gave Robert an heir, or if she actually had three bastards and then a fourth child to ensure no one could ever suspect nor prove fool play? Varys is fucked, Doran is fucked and Westeros fall to ice zombies. His plan relied completely on Ned never talking to Robert and or Varys baxking him up. He literally framed Tyrion for murder and then banked on Tyrion being cool headed enough about not simply separating his head from his shoulders. And so on. Ned did not need to marry Sansa to Joffrey inmediately. He could always agree to Littlefinger demands, crown Joffrey. And then simply quietly tell Renly or Edmure to present themselves in King's Landing with an army in order to clean house, that if he could simply not send the rotten apples to the Wall and thus eliminating Petyr's influence.
  7. It is certainly the character you find most interesting and complex. Whether that qualifies him as the best character however is another matter. I don't think so for example. Is it being a "is he bad, is he good?" the only thing necessary to be considered a great character? And himself, oddly enough. His life ofc, wasn't on the barrel. If he wasn't pointlessly risking the lives of his children... I, as a human being, may sympathize with him. Children he himself cannot stress this much did not really care about till he lost his hand. He hasn't realized that, he has realized she slept with other people. He doesn't. He resents Robert and Ned both. Jaime doesn't strike me as the best Lannister character, let alone the best character in general.
  8. How so? There are far more issues than Robert killing Jon for Ned to decide to keep his identity secret. From protecting Jon from crazy loyalists, to protecting House Stark of reprisals for treason to protecting his friendship with Robert. Even if Robert does not kill Jon, there's nothing positive that can come from that for anyone involved, it's silly.
  9. It's not a matter of doing anything publicly but doing it at all. I don't think that they would have ordered the children to bekilled, quietly or not, unless they proved to be an existential threat. The hands off approach to both Dany and Viserys backs that.
  10. Eh. There wasn't a rebel leader who had the guts to actually call for their heads, hence why Tywin did since he believed that even Robert wanted them dead he'd never dared to give the order himself. It takes an army of Dothraki coming after for Robert to finally take the step. That's what the Wall is for. Whereas i think that the rebels may have fear a future reprisal if they accepted a regency i think the main reason why they did not go down that route was because... they did not want to. In their eyes House Targaryen had burned too many bridges and the regency offered no significant upside for them to consider. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  11. Why? It's neither rare nor uncommon to rebel against a King on behalf of his most suitable for your interests heir. It's one of most foolproof methods actually. It actually makes transition easily since the losing side still believes their monarchs will keep the throne. We do not know the first. For all we know, Robert was crowned at Riverrun by his partisans. Even agreeing with your premise, his case would be no different than Young G, who still goes by the name of Prince until he is crowned at King's Landing. Btw, we know around which time in which Robert and the rest of the rebels declared that they were aiming for the throne... That doesn't mean however they make that decision. It could have been made as early as the trrio got the news about the defenestration at King's Landing and prepared for war. The situation is neither crown the baby or kill the baby. That is a false dichotomy. Ned perfectly can seize the baby, keep him under custody, secure the city for Robert and then take the child to the North where he's almost guaranteed not to come back again, kinda what he did with Jon. Again, there is absolutely no reason to believe Eddard wanted or trusted a Targaryen in power more than Robert, by that time Eddard had already pledged support to Robert's bid and he is not one to go back on his words. Just because Ned does not want to kill babies it means he'll suck it up and allow a claimant he does not agree with on power. We have the proof of that in book 1. Robert doesn't want a Targaryen ruling over him, he hates them all. And what makes you think Jon Arryn would agree to that as well? Or try and have it all. Ned is saying that to sway him from killing children, he'll say whatever there. Honestly, I have never seen any of the rebels inclined of serving under a Targaryen in case of their victory and it matches perfectly with their personalities too. Your regency scenario only works if, and only if, Jon Arryn and Ned want it to happen but there is little to claim they did and they had to know that by making Robert claim the throne they were marking Rhaegar's children. If they ever wanted to become regents, they would have announced so. It made thinks incredibly simpler.
  12. Both Ned and Jon Arryn seemed to have pushed Robert onto the throne, there's no reason to believe Ned desired a Targ ruling over him more than Robert. There's no evidence to show she wasn't abducted. Eddard would have negative thoughts of Aerys if the King had killed his fathevand brother. Perhaps he didn't and it was a trap from the Marsters.
  13. Tywin protected them and honestly, the Dornish would have seen it as an insult, giving them the minions and not Tywin. But they did choose the worst options.
  14. Could they? Sure. Did they fancied the risk of getting Mortimer'd once Aegon or Viserys reach adulthood? Also yes. Without taking into account that they hated the very idea of a Targ as king, they couldn't really take that chance. They were already doing that under Aerys I... That narrative does not exist in the books. Although is prevalent in the fan community. Both rebels and loyalists believe Rhaegar took Lyanna on swordpoint. Because Doran is a coward and has the timing of an ass.
  15. She would if she specifically wanted her children to inherit a throne they had no right to. And you officially compared Cersei with a slave... Damn, bye, you're trolling.
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