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  1. Whose cock was it? Moonboy? Plenty of those are truly unpopular and i couldn't disagree more, take my like.
  2. So are Jorah's tbf. There's this meme i saw a while ago that sums Jorah and Dany perfectly And honestly, if Jorah was in Mereen he'd tell her the same thing most of her advisors have been telling them to do, strike and strike hard against the masters... she didn't want to listen to that counsel, doubt she'd listen to Jorah.
  3. I do not remember a single Dany advisor who uncritically agrees with her, Barristan disagrees a lot, so does Daario, Shavepate etc.
  4. Kinda like Martin does? We have that throawau line from Rhaenyra talking about how Joffrey did not know enough about the bonds of the dragons and then nothing.
  5. He did tho. Ask the Baratheons, he ostracized quite literally for not supporting his mother. The idea that he did not want to antagonize Greens, or anyone for that matter, falls flat when the little we know about him is him antagonizing powerful lords. But i do find likely that Aegon II as the legitimate king was settled with Viserys' ascension as simple realpolitik and it'd be as ironic as a Green killing Jaehara.
  6. He regretted it like two lines afterwards. Yes. The issue with the plan is quite literally buy time to establish their power in the capital and then project in on the continent. Once Eddard is acknowledged as Lord Protector and Regent, he will be free to project the power of the Crown onto Tywin, Stannis and Euron, who is a nonfactor in this equation. The problem with Ned, and Renly to an extent, is that they had plenty of allies on the Realm at large but they were quite isolated in King's Landing, if they can buy time to call on those allies, it's pretty much gg for the Lannisters. No, he wouldn't. He would sit quiet on his island till both Ned and Robert were dead. Out all of those, the only one who poses an actual danger is Dany and she's half a world away. Neither Oberyn, nor JonCon nor Mance pose any threat at all till the power of the rebels, and the kingdom at large, collapses in its entirety. Why? No, he wouldn't have. Why would he would he? Ned quite literally planned on seizing the children with the Goldcloaks anyway and he knew he'd confront the Lannisters, and he was sure of his victory. His only objection to Renly's plan was that Robert was still not dead. Why? What? It'd be Ned enforcing the terms of Robert's will, how in the world does it make him a usurper?
  7. It makes absolutely zero sense how Daeron the Daring is considered a good guy. It's truly baffling. He does three things in the war, burn soldiers, massacre civilians and refugees and die to a tent.
  8. Yes, especially because it's dull af after awhile-
  9. Obviously, Martin quite literally told us to forget about. My gripe is that he goes out of his way to excuse Jaime while shitting on Cersei. Truly odd, especially because his excuse is a characterization he simply does not write on Jaime till after he loses his hand.
  10. Well her going full Herod is obviously the biggest. I've always found it sus how Martin uses apologism for Jaime acting against children yet condemns Cersei for the same thing. Then again, that's one of my biggest gripes with him.
  11. Fair enough. Indeed, at no point it is even hinted that the difference between Rhaenyra and Aegon is a Septon anointing them. If that was so important, it'd happen. You mean the people who are now his allies and have won him the war? That seems a facile argument. But one side was wrecked militarily, in fact the only Green who could, theoretically at least, renew hostilities is Lyonel Hightower, who doesn't get a position of power!! In the aftermath of the Robellion, Tyrells and the Martells are in a far better position of strength than the Greens are in the aftermath of the Dance and yet... The rest of the Greens were too weak or too busy to start the war and yet... those were the Greens who were appeased and if appeasement was so important, it's even weirder the fact that Cregan Stark, a hardcore Black, could have kept the Handship and the Regency for himself if he cared enough to protest for it. All very sound.
  12. He was anointed by the Septon who was there, unlike say Aegon III or the first Aegon who were anointed by the High Septon. At any point did Oldtown give his blessing. Certainly, my point isn't whether Rhaenyra was robbed or not. Simply that the aftermath of the Dance and how it goes down in history doesn't really add up with what we see in F&B. It becomes apparent it's one of those cases where Martin thought the ending first and that's why plenty see the dissonance. The War was not completely resolved because... Corlys Velaryon, after Cregan refused absolute power, decided to give power to the Greens, an arrangement that wasn't part of the original deal. It's as if Jon Arryn decided to fill half the small council with Oberyn Martell and JonCon... Or Daeron the Good decided to put Blacks in government, Tywin giving pro Starks... It's a baffling arrangement that never happened or happens again that's specifically done so the story can flow a certain way, whereas this is fiction at the end of the day, you can really feel the hand of the author in the Dance, to an extent I've rarely see in his other works.
  13. Same thing, with steroids, can be said about Aegon II... And yet he is Aegon II. That's unironically the soundest reason there is. Yeah, by amnesty, not by declaring Aegon II the rightful King and Rhaenyra a traitor. The matter is indeed kinda hushed afterwards, only kinda brought by Munkun by declaring women could not inherit when discussing about Aegon's succesion. Fact remains, there are lots of inconsistencies with the end of the Dance but we've gone over this before. The way the war ends and the subsequent regency and how either sibling go down in history don't add up, then you have weirder things like the Baratheons somehow getting punished and sidelined for choosing the Greens, even though Oliver Baratheon was born when the war ended, and the Hightowers being rewarded for it... Okay.
  14. What are you talking about? Doesn't make them less pricks. Lysa wasn't pregnant and he knew that and there was no point in resenting her years afterwards. But this has come full circle and i'm pretty tired, so agree to disagree.
  15. If only they didn'y have a full treasury to pay for those things. He was a bad husband for not trying in his marriage, that he resented the 18yo for having sex just nails it.
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