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  1. Wouldn't he then try and paint all the stepmothers as Cersei? Btw, are they really stepmothers? I don't think that her dislike of Jon is meant to be understandable, just visceral. I will never understand people adamant on insisting Cat mistreated Jon, when we get to see that Jon was hurt about not being treated as her son and hated her rejection, not whatever abuse. Following from that, the notion that Cat poisoned the relationship between Jon and Sansa is really dumb. Now a real unpopular opinion. I will die on the hill that Martin completely reconned Jaime's behavior. He didn't try to kill Bran because he was trying to save his children, he did so because he was trying to save his and Cersei's necks, the Jaime Martin actually wrote was a character who didn't give one iota about his children for 2 and 3/4s books. But people wouldn't have been able to connect with the would be child murderer who tried to save his neck, so he kept pushing the idea that he did it for his children.
  2. The only character that was butchered in the first 4 seasons is Lora's Tyrell. I don't think that adapting a character to a TV format and that it diverges to their book counter part is something bad, so long we get something good. Loras's entire schtick in the show was having him hook up with a dude. I too think so, I do agree that Martin is largely responsible for the legacy of the show. But given that season 5,6 and 7 were already awful and they still somehow received unheard praise and Emmys. Any writer with minimal passion for their work could have given people something they could be satisfied with. They have great talent to adapt the source material and give the characters their own touch. When they rant out of source material and had to come up with things on their own they failed. What I disagree is when people, Martin among them, claim they had source material and chose not to adapt it. No, they had a million of road ends not even the author knows how to bypass and they were asked to continue with the madness till either the public or the actors got tired of going nowhere.
  3. They are not going to be finished either way. So in a sense, we'll have the ending we want and won't be disappointed.
  4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No alliance is impossible in or by itself. Just very very difficult. The only real hurdle around such alliance would be Theon's head. Which Asha would have to deliver if she wanted the goodwill of the wolves.
  5. I'd say it's pretty unlikely. People that have Targaryen blood are talked about a good lot. If the Tyrells had a valid claim to the crown at hand, they wouldn't need to dance around Cersei and her bastards. Besides Egg was spineless when it came to his family (except his poor last daughter he sent as hostage), it wouldn't be surprising that Maegor defied him too.
  6. She doesn't have too much to compete, you could say that Euron is the smart one but he's just crazy.
  7. Besides the obvious magic shenanigans he didn't need him. Bad precedents are set all the time. Renly's hardly the first usurper in Westeros or irl. Hell, the Baratheons descend from Ronard Storm, who usurped the Durrandon line and established his own. Usurpers are endemic of the royals, some bring stability, some bring unstability. But chaos is not their default legacy. It's unlikely that Renly would react appropriately to the threat from the North. Besides that the only con against him is a slippery slope.
  8. For three years he had to share a room with them. And whereas Cressen has things to say about Robert, he not once notes that Robert started to be colder, angrier at him or that he wanted to keep his distance. They would have seen each other at times in the decade and a half after his ascension too. The only reason they are with Stannis is because Stannis would rather it that way, apart from the fact that Cressen thought that Stannis needed him more than either of his siblings, more than an infant Renly...
  9. Hmmm. Robert doesn't hate Stannis lol. You need to care for someone to actually hate them. I don't think that neither Renly not Robert ever cared enough to hate him, Stannis had nothing they couldn't possess, they had nothing to envy him for. Bunch of people were with him that day, Cressen was with him. Hell Patchface survived the shipwreck and no one didn't get rid of him.
  10. Trauma and desunion. Renly especially grew up with no other father figure than Robert, which is pretty bad. Robert seemed a checked out brother and things didn't go better once he gained the Throne. Renly grew up to emulate Robert, we know how that went. Stannis's Stannis. As much as anyone can suffer when seeing one's parents drown to death.
  11. She doesn't know that he raped her tho, neither do we btw. Daenerys has always attributed that incident to love.
  12. Shining hero Arthur Dayne, whose deeds were song in all corners of the Realm and is beloved and admired even in death vs a family whose very own name has already passed to folklore as synonymous of betrayal, murder and deception...
  13. I mean, I don't disagree that it can be. It certainly can, I'm not the one writing the books. It'll be ludicrous because Martin has written himself into a corner. Yes, there have already been disagreements between the BWB and those who disliked the new route had already parted ways, no it doesn't make sense that the people who plan to kidnap a children and are about to kill him if their terms are not met suddenly have a change of heart, no it doesn't make sense that a literal embodiment of vengeance of hatred can be talked out of killing Jaime when the last thing she heard while her firstborn was dying was "Jaime Lannister sends his regards". All in all, yeah, if he lives he lives. Kinda bullshit tho.
  14. Her crazy goons enforcing her vengeance filled vendetta for reasons. They are plenty against a knight and a cripple. And they have Pod to ensure Brienne's good behavior. And why would they be doing it then? Those who didn't agree with the new route of the BWB left like little Ned Dayne, those who have stuck around are the ones that agree with unCat, hell they were the ones who iured Brienne and triPod into the trap in the first place. So, as I said. Too stupid to consider.
  15. She's given two tough choices. She's going to have to choose one. And Podrick is a child. If Jaime ever gets to face unCat, he's a dead man. Any other explanation is just too stupid and convenient to consider. Martin is not shy when it comes to protecting the characters he wants to live but Jaime meeting LH and walking away is Season 8 levels of bullshit.
  16. This is not hypocrisy. She likely doesn't, or at least doesn't know the extent of the harm. Btw, that doesn't change that Ned is legally a traitor. She doesn't know that. She "knows" that Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love and Rhaegar took her because of that. True, both Jorah and Barristan do this. That's what indoctrination and plain hatred do to a person. And Barristan and Jorah have not told her nearly enough to challenge her views anyway, especially Jorah who always tried to hide his part in the Robellion.
  17. It seems that you disagree with the books. Since Jaime recalls Genna was a second mother to him and she lived in the castle. It's not my interpretation. I'm literally stating what Jaime says or thinks and what he doesn't say or think. They are described to be very very very very similar looking. A passing resemblance to the uncle is perfectly normal when the siblings have similar traits. You don't see anyone suspecting Edmure because Robb has his traits. You need to reread that because at any point does Jaime say that she had sex with him to get him to kill Arya. You're trolling right now. If she coerces one of her maids knights or whatever to do her bidding, they would. And if she was paranoid about it, she could always get rid of them once the chore is done. It's really not that hard. You're making a mountain out of mole hill. The difference is that they don't have a quarter of the power Cersei has. You're not even reading what I'm saying. Fair enough. This has run its course. Keep thinking Jaime is a mistreated martyr and Cersei the Boogeyman.
  18. No, it requires love, attention and care. Which Jaime by all means received. I have literally showed you the text highlighting his lack of care. What is to disagree? Yeah, the children looked just like Jaime, only a blind man would have failed to notice it. But anyone would have understood that Jaime looks just like his sister . If anything gives away the secret is Cersei's and Jaime's obvious escapades, not the fact that Cersei's children looked just like her. The suspicion wouldn't ever creep. She already had that. Nor it's ever mentioned that she used sex to get him to kill Arya. I mentioned Cersei literally having an affair that would cost her head and it just flew past you. There are multiple women who use tansy to get an abortion, like Arianne Martell or Asha Greyjoy, even Ravena Smallwood points that it's easy to get in the Riverlands and that she knows who's procuring it to the peasants. At any rate did I say that a Queen consort is the same as a ruler Queen. I said that consort or not Cersei still weilds immense power and influence. And ofc that aborting a legal heir with her resources is rather easy. Again, you're arguing in bad faith.
  19. It wouldn't. Councils are created to avoid wars, it's impossible that the outcome of the war didn't taint the Council, so why bother? ?
  20. It's the safest way to have a smooth transition. What about them. They had done that. Aerys's line was de facto disinherited when Robert took the Throne. It's not like those opposing the rebels wouldn't call the whole operation bullshit and ignore it the first chance they had. Richard of York and his line were declared the heirs of King Henry VI by Parliament, that didn't prevent the War of the Roses.
  21. You yourself argued that Tywin didn't spend that much time with the kids, hell Jaime was fostered away soon after that, and when he did Jaime was the one who got the attention and praise. If the only person who could have a negative influence in Jaime was mostly praising him and all his parental figures actually acted as such, then ofc it's going to be a pretty good environment for a child. He wasn't allowed to do so at the beginning, he wasn't cut off the children lives. Even Cersei is shocked for his coldness towards his children. And again by the time the story starts, Jaime no longer cares about the children. He starts to care again after returning to King's Landing and having had his world turned upside down. No one would suspect if uncle Jaime treat the kids like an uncle would. It's a really weird argument. Use him for what? And I don't really know what has that to do with the topic at hand which is that Cersei could have gotten the moon tea without Jaime, since she had the resources to do so, just as much as she could have used Jaime. Her being "in danger if it's found out" is the game she chose to play anyway. Littlefinger is also in danger if it's ever brought up to light his multiple betrayals, that doesn't mean he doesn't do it if he thinks he can get away with it. I'm sorry. She's the Queen. A consort doesn't stop being a monarch after all. They simply don't have executive powers. Which is fine, since the point wasn't whether she could enact laws but whether she could get tansy on her own. She still has power, influence and money to get the moon tea. You're just arguing in bad faith now.
  22. He was a paranoid kid who saw blades in every shadow. Wouldn't frame it as lying so much as he being rightfully afraid of being finished off by the new dynasty, his fears are very valid. A dynasty that came to power after the Sack isn't one you should bet on. Still, Viserys and Dany lived beggaring for years while his steps were being monitored. Killing them, not only for the Baratheon regime but for everyone really would have been extremely easy, they were a teenager and a toddler. That they weren't points towards lack of care instead of lack of accuracy. And tbh, till the Dothraki deal, no one at any side of the Narrow Sea considered the Targaryen siblings a threat.
  23. You're not even trying to argue why, just dismissing everything in basis of your subjective opinion. Jaime had the love and support of everyone around him, he had a cold father but he didn't see him most of the time and when he did see him, said father treated him like the golden boy he was. Everyone around him loved and cherished him, what is that he's lacking? Yes, once he loses his hand and he starts to reevaluating his life. We're in his mind prior that and he doesn't care, his children aren't even a reason for him to try and live. His dead soldiers are however. And Jaime could have been close to them, he could have actually tried and be their uncle, but he, not Cersei he, decided that if he was not allowed to be the father, he'd be nothing to them. To children he literally saw every day and treat him and, allegedly, loved him as an uncle as they did Tyrion. No, it means they made sure your hair was dyed. And if your partner or friend spent their life moaning about how little did they like your hair color, it doesn't mean that they didn't influence you once you decided to dye your hair. It's your idea. What's legal or what isn't is completely inmaterial to the question of whether Cersei could have gotten moon tea by her own or not. Yes, she could have. She has the resources to procure herself the moon tea without getting caught. That's just a fact. Yes, she could have been killed if she was caught, just as she would have been killed if the twincest story ever came close to her husband's ears and she did it anyway. She is the Queen.
  24. I'd say because he and his council were ashamed of the idea of killing toddlers. It's not like he was particularly proud of it when he did order the hit. Both Robert and Renly confirmed that there was no hit after the children, Dany too considers his brother's claims bullshit. The Baratheon brothers remarked that it was Jon Arryn who talked Robert out of it and Robert pointed out that for a time, till the children were protected by Illyrio, killing them would have been pretty easy.
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