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  1. I loved Nadja showing her motherly side as she taught her "stupid little baby" Jenna to kill. I had wondered if Jenna would become one of the main characters, similar to new vampire Nick in the movie but the actress who plays her, Beanie Feldstein, may be breaking out in film. She stars in Olivia Wilde's upcoming directorial debut "Booksmart" and it's getting rave reviews. In useless trivia that may only interest me, Beanie Feldstein is Jonah Hill's little sister. Hopefully she continues to guest star because she and Nadja are hilarious together.
  2. He's the only thing I remember about the movie: his taking forever to die after getting staked! "Ow, ow, ow...ow" Give the next one a try. It's a wacky vampire vs. werewolf episode with a secondary plot of the energy vampire meeting another of his kind!
  3. Trebla

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    It reminded me a lot of another HBO work, "Citizen X" which was about a serial killer inside the Soviet Union. There too the authorities hindered the investigation because "This doesn't happen in the Soviet Union". This show is phenomenal. It's smart, scary, and has a really good cast. Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgard are two of my favorite character actors.
  4. Oh God, Guillermo would geek out so bad! Another inspired choice from that movie would be the Interviewer himself, Christian Slater. This episode really just opened up a world of possibilities.
  5. Yep, that was funny. And according to io9 Brad Pitt was interested in appearing. Watching it a second time, I saw Deacon doing his erotic dance and belly laughed. He was in the zone!
  6. Wow...I thought we would get one of the vampires from the movie, but all three?? I practically squeed when I recognized the three of them during the dance. It was great to see them all again. And holy shit, the guest stars! Dave Bautista was the big vamp that was framed for turning the baby. Also, the joke was that every single member of the council (save Colin Robinson)l played a vamp elsewhere. The ones I knew were: Wesley Snipes=Blade, Danny Trejo=From Dusk Til Dawn, Paul Reubens= Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Evan Rachel Wood= True Blood. Not sure where Tilda Swinton played one. I think the ones they mentioned not being able to attend were: Kiefer= Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys and Rob=Robert Pattinson from Twilight. Lastly, Laszlo is quite the menace. On top of the previously mentioned baby turning, his hat caused the potato famine AND he was Jack the Ripper!
  7. The land doesn't just close up shop when a House becomes extinct. The Reach went from Gardner to Tyrell during the Conquest. I won't disagree that Dorne as a whole has been handled badly. As far as their forces, a good portion of them died during one of Euron Greyjoy's miraculous attacks. Seriously, that's getting really tiresome. But I digress...it would take some time for the power vacuum in Dorne to fill. I was actually pleased that it got a mention. I suspect their forces may be a chekhov's gun in the next episode. Hammer and the Anvil?
  8. Why are people upset that they mentioned there's a new Prince of Dorne? If there was one place that would get it's shit together to pick a new ruler and defy Cersei, it's DORNE.
  9. Yeah I'm not sure that is saying what you think it is. He's going back to her and...? He knows what Dany plans for her and I think he'd rather have her die quickly at his hand than slowly in dungeons. I'll happily eat crow if he isn't the one to kill her. Maybe Arya will get her like the green eyes theory goes.
  10. I don't think he's on his way for a joyful reunion. Valonqar. That episode was a kick in the balls. It actually was more heartwrenching than the Long Night. It also reminds me of what GRRM talked about with their being factions within factions. This is going to be that bittersweet GRRM also talked about.
  11. "Hello, beast." Hello, arsehole" "Don't call me arsehole!" "Don't call ME beast!" One of my other favorite bits from the movie was Deacon being a Nazi vampire and explaining why being a Nazi or a vampire after WW2 (which the Nazis lost, if you didn't know) was bad enough, but being both? "And if you were a Nazi vampire? NO WAY!" Speaking of the original vampires, Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi have supposedly said that some of the vampires from the movie MIGHT make an appearance in the show. The two showrunners previously mentioned played Vladislav and Viago and the actress who played Deacon's familiar-turned-vampire Jackie has directed the last two episodes. So it's very possible one or more could make an appearance. Next weeks episode might be the one because... .
  12. As you can tell from my av and quote, I LOVED the movie. I am a huge fan of black comedies and this one was absolutely that. But it was also very witty and surprisingly heartwarming. The bickering was hysterical (vampires don't put down TOWELS!/ BATFIGHT!) but there was a sweetness in how they took care of each other. And adorable how much the vamps loved Stu. So when I heard that a TV series adaptation was being made I was really excited, especially since the movie's creators would also be the showrunners. I hoped they would be able to bring to the series what made the movie so great.I'd say they have. So far the series has been a treasure that has kept the spirit of the movie while expanding in new and interesting ways. My two favorite characters in the series are two things that were not in the movie: a female vampire main character and the "energy" vampire. If there was a small complaint in the movie, it was all the main vampires were males. They did lampshade this with Deacon's familiar Jackie and how badly he treated her. But in the show I love Nadja the most of the 3 main vampires.I love her accent and her verbal tic of saying "bloody" when she is annoyed, which given who she lives with is often. Both of her story lines have been funny: Gregor-Jeff and"Jennelf"the LARPers. Nadja's reaction to Jenna telling her she was a virgin might be my favorite thing in the whole series. The second thing is the addition of the energy vampire, Colin Robinson. I wondered initially if his whole bit would get stale fast. So far, he's arguably been the star of the series. His entire premise has been hilarious because most of us have probably dealt with a person like that who drains you with their boring ramblings. Or some of us have BEEN that person. His stalking co-workers and mass-feeding on a captured audience at the city council have been hysterical. As was the introduction of the advanced energy vampire, the emotional vampire Evie. Their duel and then partnership were tremendous. Colin Robinson has also been interesting because they have slowly built up the mythology of the energy vampire. The show established right away that he is a daywalker and that he doesn't kill his victims, just drains them. He also can drain other vampires as he does with Nadja and later Nandor ( I call that my morning cup of coffee!). It's later established that like normal vampires, he has to be invited in. He also appears to be as strong as other vampires. In the animal control episode, he was ready to go toe-to-toe with Nandor who has been established as the strongest of the 3 main vamps. I think we still need to find out a few more things about him, though. Is he immortal? How can he be killed? And how was he turned? The other main characters have also been very good. Laszlo is a pompous ass with amusing habits like maintaining his vulva garden and owning a cursed witch skin hat. His and Nadja's familiars also seem to be the Spinal Tap drummers of the show. Guillermo is such an adorkable butt-monkey who even though he feeds people to the vampires, you feel bad for him. Nandor at first seemed to be a one trick pony which is just mean to Guillermo. I think he has become more interesting as the show has gone. The series as a whole has been great. I don't think there has been a bad episode so far. My favorite ones, though, have been the city council one, the werewolf duel, and the most recent one, the Baron's Night Out. That was probably the best one, with the vampire "shots", projectile vomiting across the sky, and drug fueled hi-jinx after feeding on ravers. This show BETTER get a second season. The ratings have been meh but I hope FX has patience with it. The reviews have been stellar, though, so lets cross our fingers. (vampire hiss)
  13. No. I thought the same but both he and Drogon appeared in next week's preview.
  14. Both dragons are alive. They both appeared in next week's preview.
  15. Trebla

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Another thing I have to say is that I really like Nebula's character arc since Guardians 1. From hateful Child of Thanos to reluctant Guardian to very willing ally to the Avengers. Her gently caring for Tony Stark and holding hands with Rocket after the snap was so sweet. I love the character and Karen Gillan's portrayal of her. I'm glad you brought this up because it reminded me of a few things. 1. In IW, Strange was concerned about getting back home while they were in the Maw's ship. He wanted to know if Tony could fly it. Yet in Endgame Strange was able teleport himself, Spidey, and the Guardians home. How did he do that and how did he contact Wong to begin with when they were all the way on Titan? I guess I would hand wave that he somehow contacted Wong through the mystical arts who then summoned the other sorcerers and they used a mass spell or some magic item from the Santorum. 2. How did the Ravagers get involved? I didn't know until I went home on Friday that it was the Ravagers in those ships coming through the sorcerer portals. It had to be Quill who contacted them but how did they get to Titan so fast? I can't hand wave this one away as much.