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  1. Well that's the thing, though...Arizona actually got a 2nd and a 5th from Miami which is pretty decent all things considered. Washington didn't even want to wait for the season to end to try and maybe get a late round pick for him. Cutting Haskins with just one game left is a giant F U to him.
  2. I'm trying to remember a QB taken that high who flamed out this quickly. Jamarcus Russell made it to year 3, IIRC. Just wow.
  3. To no one's surprise, Jets fire Gregg Williams. He won't be able to be the defensive coordinator for a second 0-16 team. The Browns were his first team.
  4. Damn this sucks. I hope he can come back from this and be 100%.
  5. Damn, this is cold-blooded and I love it. He's talking about former team chaplain and the current GM of the Houston Texans who has expressed interest in keeping Romeo Crennel as the Houston head coach.
  6. I was quite satisfied with that game. Gilbert looked like a decent backup, the rookies played well, they scared the hell out of the Steelers, and they lost which is good for the draft.
  7. White House naturally trying to take credit for vaccine but Pfizer quickly shot that down.
  8. Fox News suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro over her wanting to air unproven voter fraud allegations on her show. .https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/jeannie-pirro-election-fraud-voter-fraud/2020/11/07/id/995958/ With the New York Post also changing it's tone, it's gonna get really entertaining.
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