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  1. Michael Cohen is going to the pokey.
  2. Trump and Pence just met with Pelosi and Schumer in the Oval Office in full view of the press and it did not go well. #TrumpShutdown is already trending on Twitter.
  3. Well, as one wit wrote today, Gruden should get coach of the year since he's likely gotten TWO teams into the playoffs this years. The Bears and Cowboys thank him!
  4. Now THIS is a stat! It tells you how this was an OT game despite Dak throwing for 450 yards and 3 TD's, Elliott running for over 100 yards, and Cooper having 200 yards receiving and 3 TD's.
  5. When the announcers in the NE-Miami game said Miami needed a miracle, I said to myself "Good luck, New England doesn't allow plays like that!". Wow was I wrong. What is it about that stadium that gives New England fits?
  6. Trump seems to be handling the pressure well!
  7. Trump has been rage tweeting since last night, Mueller's Manafort report is due to drop today, and now this... The rats are abandoning the sinking ship.
  8. Trebla

    Who will wield Heartsbane in season 8?

    Yeah, that's a good point. It could be the thing to get him over his fear of it.
  9. Trebla

    Who will wield Heartsbane in season 8?

    I think Sandor as well, for the reasons you gave. I also wonder if he will need Valyrian steel to kill The Mountain. We don't know how Qyburn was able to resurrect Gregor but it's doubtful he used R'hllor. Spellforged steel might be the only way to kill Gregor.
  10. Trebla

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    Yeah, no kidding!
  11. Trebla

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    How about Scott Free?
  12. Trebla

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    Baker Mayfield spent the week talking trash and today he's thrown 3 picks in the first half. I love me some karma.
  13. Trebla

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    The joke going around social media is that the NFL should just hire TMZ to do their security since they have no problem getting these videos.
  14. Trebla

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    Sitting here near Chicago, I know they have given real hope to Bears fans that they can play with and possibly beat the elite offensive teams in the league. Like Dallas, they too have playmakers on all 3 levels of the D. The Bears have a better offense though they don't have a player like Zeke Elliott. I think last night proved it's possible to shutdown these offensive juggernauts if you are willing to play physical and face the consequences of it. Dallas got called with a lot of defensive penalties and the officials missed a few big ones as well. But that might be a better alternative than playing soft coverages and just being destroyed. That said, the offensive gurus like Payton, McVay, and Reid will make adjustments. I also don't know if what Dallas did last night could be done to KC or LA. The Saints are more run-heavy and have only 1 big time receiver in Michael Thomas. Dallas was able to match up well with them with Byron Jones on Thomas and their two young stud linebackers able to both shutdown the run and dominate in the middle of the pass defense. For as fun as that KC/LA game was, I still like to watch good defense. As a Cowboys fan, I know they are not a real Super Bowl contender but they are dangerous with a two things that play anywhere: defense and a running game. And that pick to Oakland isn't going to be a Top 10 like many people laughed it would be.
  15. Trebla

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    "We OWN the President of the United States! He will criticize his own country to defend us! High five, bro!!!"