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  1. I'm kinda meh. He better be Brian Urlacher and be able to take over the whole center of the field else they just slightly upgraded the linebacker position. LVE and Jaylon Smith are on notice, I guess.
  2. Damnit. Trade down for Caleb Farley? Take the Northwestern OL?
  3. Atlanta definitely made the right pick in Pitts but the Bengals should have drafted Sewell.
  4. Ah, DRAFT DAY. My second favorite (NFL) day of the year because hope springs eternal. I agree with the consensus that Dallas needs to draft one of the elite corners (Surtain or Horn) unless Sewell or Pitts drop to them. Then...if Surtain is gone I'd say draft Sewell or Pitts. If all 3 are gone, trade down for Horn or even lower for CB Caleb Farley. His back is concerning but it's been said he has the highest ceiling of the corners. If they draft Pitts, Sewell, and Surtain and or Horn are still on the bard then I would try like Hell to trade up to grab one by dangling picks AND WR Michael Gallup. He'd be the odd man out on a team with Cooper, Lamb, and Pitts. If they got Sewell, I'd day 1 start him at one of the tackles. If LT, move Tyron Smith to RT and La'el Collins to LG where he started his first couple years in the league. If starting Sewell at RT, again just move Collins to LG. That line would absolutely be monstrous. Not that I really think that Pitts or Sewell will drop to them and I don't favor a tradeup. Dallas has way to many defensive needs to lose picks. Get one of the elite corners to team with former 2020 2nd round pick Trevon Diggs. ETA: The Rodgers news is hysterical. That team really doesn't know how to finesse ageing future Hall of Fame QB's.
  5. Well that's the thing, though...Arizona actually got a 2nd and a 5th from Miami which is pretty decent all things considered. Washington didn't even want to wait for the season to end to try and maybe get a late round pick for him. Cutting Haskins with just one game left is a giant F U to him.
  6. I'm trying to remember a QB taken that high who flamed out this quickly. Jamarcus Russell made it to year 3, IIRC. Just wow.
  7. To no one's surprise, Jets fire Gregg Williams. He won't be able to be the defensive coordinator for a second 0-16 team. The Browns were his first team.
  8. Damn this sucks. I hope he can come back from this and be 100%.
  9. Damn, this is cold-blooded and I love it. He's talking about former team chaplain and the current GM of the Houston Texans who has expressed interest in keeping Romeo Crennel as the Houston head coach.
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