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  1. Trebla

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    Given the state of the world, I needed a laugh like this. (in case you missed it, he called Dayton Toledo in his speech today white reading from a Teleprompter)
  2. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    Jimmy Butler signimg in Miami doesnt surprise me at all. I think that more than anything, he wants to be THE star. We shall see how long it takes for him to tell Spoelstra to "coach harder".
  3. Trebla

    Why are big name actors doing TV?

    Jimmy Kimmell did a great joke at the Emmys a few years back about McConaughey and this very topic. The rib at Ricky Gervais makes it even better. Yeah, seeing what's currently playing right now you can see his point.
  4. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    I for one think Jimmy Butler would have a calming influence on that dysfunctional Rockets locker room!
  5. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    Seriously, that's who I was dreading they would pick. He under-performed for a Hall of Fame coach but Jim Boylen would get the most out of him.
  6. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    Coby White is now sitting there at #7 and would be a prefect pick. Now watch them blow it. eta: whew
  7. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    If he had not died, I've read many experts who believed Drazen Petrovic was on his way to becoming an all-time great. But yeah, there have been a lot of really good ones in the past (Joe Dumars, Mitch Richmond, Latrell Sprewell, John Starks, etc.) but not many great ones.
  8. Trebla

    NBA Offseason: From KD to AD

    I would imagine LeBron and AD would make a pretty terrifying Pick and roll combo.
  9. A reminder about what Steph had to say after beating the Kyrie and Love-less Cavs. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/steph-curry-i-apologize-for-all-the-accolades-weve-received-as-a-team/ Warriors fans should heed this but judging from social media, many aren't. Lot of asterisk talk.
  10. Trebla

    The Last Fox X-men Thread - no spoilers

    According to this, the cosmic one will be Michael Korvac who indeed wields the power cosmic which is what the Silver Surfer and Galactus use. He became the villain in a year long arc in the Avengers (1978) comic but I only read the last issue. In that one, he is confronted by the Guardians of the Galaxy (the first time I had heard of them) and the Avengers. That particular team was pretty badass, including 3 of the strongest superheroes on Earth: Thor, Hercules, and Wonder Man. Korvac kills most of the heroes but is nearly defeated by Wonder Man and then Captain America. It finally takes Thor and Mjolnir to finally kill him. As he dies, he naturally resurrects the fallen heroes. You can read more about him here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korvac
  11. Trebla

    The Last Fox X-men Thread - no spoilers

    I still find it hilarious that they wanted to make up for how bad The Last Stand was so they handed over the reins to the guy who WROTE The Last Stand. Is there a reason that they couldn't just use the Shi-ar or does my comment above answer that question?
  12. Trebla

    Deadwood: The Movie Spoilers

    I actually thought she was a Hearst mole because she arrived in town right around that he did. Once I realized I was wrong, I figured she was seen as a young Trixie. Trixie seemed to see the same as she talked to her about not getting into that life.
  13. Trebla

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    "That fucker thinks he can take on the Red Army? I fucked Germany, I think I can take on a flesh lump in a fucking waist coat." I LOVED that movie. That probably is why the accents in Chernobyl didn't bother me. I think some of the actors in another HBO movie about the Soviet Union, "Citizen X", also used their normal accents rather than Russian ones.
  14. Trebla

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    In "This is NOT The Onion" news, Russian TV is creating a tv series about Chernobyl is response to this series. In this new series, the TRUE culprits will be American spies who infiltrated the plant and caused the explosion. https://news.avclub.com/russia-hates-hbos-chernobyl-vows-to-make-its-own-serie-1835298424 If the Putin-loving Steven Seagal doesn't star as the KGB hero, it will be a real travesty. And I fully expect our President to give it a GLOWING review.