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  1. I think they are talking about what Ser Criston did at the wedding, not having sex with the Princess. I'm wondering if he actually stays in the KG or if the Queen speaks up for him and he becomes her sworn sword. He then could of course re-join later.
  2. Looked like the one time the reserve snapper made a good snap was on the blocked kick. I'm glad I have no rooting interest in this game 'cause I would have already had a heart attack. Looks like the Steelers now have a shot to win.
  3. Not too many people seem enthusiastic at the thought of "Queen Camilla". Any chance Charles abdicates sooner than later? ETA: Will she actually be a queen or a duchess?
  4. Yeah, you are right. I could have sworn that C-137 was the Cronenberg Earth but it's not, it is Show Rick's reality.
  5. I think Evil Rick is actually Rick C-137. Show Rick said that he tracked Evil Rick back to C-137 and stayed hoping to ambush him. Show Rick froze everyone in his actual reality but forgot to prevent them from aging!
  6. Yup, you are right. I re-watched and Jerry actually figures it first :The Jerryboree, the Jerry daycare from Season 2, ep.2 "Mortynight Run". As Rick calls it, "A deep cut". So current Jerry is Show Jerry #3. Jerry #1 was Cronenberg Jerry that gets killed by Evil Rick in the stinger. Jerry #2 was lost at the Jerryboree but came back when Rick accidentally reset realities. He's the one that let out the alien that ends up assimilating everything, including Jerry #2. Jerry #3 is the one that has been having some character development, including telling off his old family that is still as dysfunctional as the pre-separation Smith family was.
  7. Rick and Morty are back! The big reveal, from a pretty good episode, is that Evil Rick (the one that murdered Show Rick's wife and daughter) was originally from the early season 1 reality: Cronenberg Earth. That means that Evil Rick is Show Morty's real grandfather. BTW, does anyone remember which episode Show Jerry changed? I was confused when they said he was from a different reality from the rest of them.
  8. A few more... "Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened" - Terry Pratchett (Boy do I feel that way!) “Cats were the gangsters of the animal world, living outside the law and often dying there. There were a great many of them who never grew old by the fire.” -Stephen King (we adopted two kittens last year when we found a litter under our shed. The other 3 have been safely adopted) My below quote was my mantra while going through a divorce years ago.
  9. "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy" --F. Scott Fitzgerald
  10. It's very possible that the "Sauron" theme will only play when he is finally revealed for who he really is. Do we know if he's going to be disguised as "Annatar: Lord of Gifts"? I suspect if he is he will have a much nobler theme.
  11. Especially since Trump said he wouldn't be his friend anymore if he didn't overturn the election. Trump also said it would be "cool" if Pence did do it. Even after all this time it still amazes me what a moron he is.
  12. He was drafted to (hopefully) replace Tyron Smith at LT, not RT. Terence Steele is slated to replace Collins for the time being. He held the job for a good portion of the season while Collins was suspended. Even after Collins came back, Steele still started for several weeks because of how good he had played. That's the reason they were so willing to part with Collins. He is a pain in the ass who actually tried to BRIBE a test collector before he got suspended! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32280659/sources-dallas-cowboys-lael-collins-attempted-bribe-nfl-drug-test-collector I feel a tad better about it today as the word is that they will have him at LG for the time being while he works out his feet issues. The reviews Kiper gave last night on him were him at LT. I still would have preferred they take the center from Iowa who went one spot after him. He seems like a sure thing at center or guard.
  13. The guy the Cowboys picked has BUST written all over him.
  14. Yep. Detroit moved up 20 spots essentially for two 2's and a 3. How could you make that trade and not get a future 1? ETA. Damn, I was in love with Jordan Davis. He is a monster. All the more reason Dallas does the unsexy thing and drafts a guard or center.
  15. Saints just traded up with Washington to get the#11 pick. Gotta be QB, right?
  16. I've been doing mock drafts today on Pro Football Focus and in 1 mock I had 5 going in the first with Malik Willis going #8 to Atlanta followed by Kenny Picket at 9 to Seattle. I doubt that many will go and at that high, but teams ALWAYS reach for QBs. A cool tidbit about this 1st round is that 8 teams have multiple picks, the most ever. The Rams approach in full effect. And...the experts were right, Walker goes 1st. Lions should be running up to pick Hutchinson.
  17. DE Travon Walker from Georgia is who the experts are saying will go #1, leap-frogging Michigan DE Aidan Hutchinson. We shall se...
  18. Kirk Cousins has covid and is obviously out for Sunday's game. There goes any shot for the trailing NFC teams to catch Green Bay for the #1 seed. Of course he was unvaccinated. God, I've always hated him.
  19. I think the best place for Rodgers has to be Denver. Elite defense and good skill position players makes them enticing. I think it was also in the Barnwell article that he thought Denver could trade Jerry Jeudy and some picks for Davante Adams. Of course, all this depends on Rodgers actually be willing to leave and not just grousing for more love and say-so.
  20. Today is the day that teams can fire head coaches early and begin interviewing candidates that either are not employed or have given notice they are not returning to their current team. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/12/27/whos-in-danger-of-getting-fired-by-tuesday-morning/ PFT gives a list of who could be fired today. Does anyone get the hatchet? I'd actually be surprised if even one does. It's an interesting rule that gets your ball rolling but the list of candidates is probably very slim. But frankly it does give NFL teams the ability to sneak by the Rooney Rule by interviewing minority candidates asap so they can hire their real choice as soon as the season is over. Maybe * some team might bite at the two 3rd round picks offered by the Rooney Rule for hiring a minority candidate. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-owners-pass-resolution-rewarding-teams-for-developing-minority-coaches-execs *Yeah right
  21. I get that. Stephen King wrote about that at in one of his books, about how characters should be allowed to retire to the West like Frodo did. No more toil and pain. I did note that the movie made resurrection look extremely painful. I wonder if that was a nod that bringing these characters back IS cruel?
  22. Also agreed. As someone who deals with near constant pain daily and with PTSD, I can tell you that it must REALLY suck to be Rand al'Thor: A wound that never heals, that always hurts, and constantly bleeds. Yikes.
  23. I felt something similar before seeing the movie. I didn't like that they had to bring them back, I wanted a new One, a new hero with new stories.. But then I saw the movie and saw how good Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves were together and saw where they are going with this. It's no longer The One, it's The Two. They broke the cycle of The One and gave humanity more time and allies. NOW the story continues and we'll see what happens. Does humanity actually WIN and completely destroy the machines? Personally I wouldn't like that. From The Animatrix, we know that humanity were the true villains of the first war between man and machine. Some machines are also on humanity's side now. Do they have another peace and split the planet a bit more equally? Eh, that doesn't work because humans would still be enslaved on a mostly dead planet. They are also too close together for another war not to happen. Do one of the combatants decide to leave Earth to colonize another planet, outside of our solar system? Personally, I hope it's this one. Find a way so that one side can leave and one can stay: unscorch the skies, discover or already have an FTL, etc. Again, personally, I think it's humanity that should leave since they are the ones that killed the planet but it would probably be easier for the machines to move on to colonize other worlds. If they haven't already, of course.
  24. Got to see it on HBO MAX and...better than I expected. Like some, I was initially wary of the 1st act retread but the way they subverted all that was pretty great. The explanation on why they brought them back to life I guess makes sense, productivity and all that. Not sure I cared for any of the supporting Io cast, no one really stood out though that might be because so much of the story was centered on Trinity and Neo. The eventual sequel should sort that out. The one part I did not like was Smith. Again, with Smith. He had almost wiped out the Matrix and the Machine world. WTF would they keep that program active? The machines delete programs all the time, look at Sati's parents. If it was the Analysts idea of LOL, he's a huge idiot. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss continue to have great chemistry. They definitely carried the movie. My favorite moment, though was the crazed Merovingian ranting about the uptick of tech with text messages and blaming Neo for "Face-Zuck" or something. He was great! ETA: Another thing I liked is that The Analyst seems to be a combo of the Architect and The Oracle. Maybe the faction that won the machine civil war were not happy with A and O's terms? Combining their jobs seems smart.
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