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  1. Toth

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    I'm actually really surprised that Trump didn't return Alaska in exchange for some empty words of praise. I already began to picture the press conference afterwards. "Did you know that Alaska used to belong to Russia? Not many people know that. It has been a tremenduous deal back then. But also a foolish one. We have made some mistakes and things had to be discussed that we should have discussed long ago. President Putin is a strong and powerful leader and he said that I made a great offer. The best one. Maybe the best there ever was. Believe me. In exchange he gave me so many promises, you can't even guess what they are. Even I don't know. This will be a great basis for a lasting friendship. People will be surprised at first, but in the end they will all love it. Like they did at my inauguration. Did you see how big that crowd was?"
  2. Mmh... I've seen descriptions of the triggers that made it seem like some of the Endgame Crisis Events can trigger as early as 150 years into the game. And indeed, the very fact that everyone in this galaxy is using jumpdrives or psi-jumpdrives did actually pay off... http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180716/9i9hs8sl.jpg In the year 2025, the Unbidden came, saw and... glitched out. Really, this endgame crisis was a major let-down. As you might be able to see, the Unbidden spawned as far away from my Empire as possible, up north where the symbol of the Canthari League is. At first I was fearing that I might not make it in time, given that all these borders were still closed... and yet the AI Empires acted cleverly and opened them right away. Proving once again, that the AI Empires are actually superior to the Awakened Empire. Because what did the Xo'Lukako do? Instead of turning into a guardian of the galaxy, they actually went and attacked the "Propitious Alliance", the huge Federation in the North that was busy fighting back the Unbidden. Fucking idiots. So when my fleet was confronting the first group of Unbidden raiders, the Canthari fleet that accompanied me suddenly pulled back to go after the Xo'Lukako and left me alone. Well, I think I still did a decent job: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180716/ghjue68g.png Delighted by that early success, I destroyed their only anchor and then jumped with my entire fleet into the system with their dimensional portal. The Unbidden were obviously shitting bricks and recalled their entire armada, turning the system into a hellish battlefield: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180716/bubdsy9d.jpg With the Unbidden you have to keep your distance, but with so many sizeable attack groups converging on the 1st Legion, they soon got into a close-range fistfight in which I lost a huge chunk of my cruisers. With the 3rd Legion mopping up enemies from behind, it still looked like I was going to make it though... until those suckers built another anchor in some neighboring system, making the portal invulnerable again. Since I couldn't win without taking heavy losses and such a victory now seemingly being unimportant until I destroyed the anchor, I disengaged from the battle... ... and with that disengaged from the war for an entire year. Because remember, my fleet was at the other side of the galaxy... -.- In this year I rebuilt the ships I lost, ordered a few more Gaia worlds (because I don't know what else to do with my energy - Megastructure apparently can only be built with DLCs installed - also I only just now realized that you can order your sectors to give you 75% of their monthly income, which is the reason why I have more ressources than know what to do with). Meanwhile the Xo'Lukako lost their war and were reduced to a single segment of their ringworld and the Unbidden ate 4 worlds before the Canthari fleet came back and started to casually mop up their scattered squadrons. Then I returned gloriously with the Roman navy, destroyed their anchor, overwhelmed the defenders at the portal and got my achievement that the invaders are swept entirely from the galaxy. Yay, free Unity! But... you know, the portal is still there! Invulnerable as it is, it doesn't seem to have noticed that there are no more anchors. But the quest to destroy it has disappeared from my event log, together with everything Unbidden related. Goddamn bugs...
  3. So now to what happened... ... well, I'm frustrated. Because the AI showed me again just how much of a noob I am. In my rapid and aggressive invasion of my neighbors, I actually did manage to utterly steamroll the Fallen Empire of the "Lanthrepian Ancients", which might have doomed the galaxy. Because now I've scrapped almost every chance for a "Guardian of the Galaxy" event when the endgame crisis strikes. The Xo'lukako could still take up that mantle, but after having been weakened this much as they were recently, there is little help they could possibly offer. In any case, the Lanthrepian Ancients were a race of Enigmatic Observers with whom I got along splendid for the most time, though admittedly in these last decades the relationship went back to zero. They are fairly harmless, but I wanted to see whether the fleet from above could actually take them on. So Invaded them... and my 150k fleet was greeted by a 160k fleet of theirs while I was approaching a spaceport guarded by a fortress. The resulting battle was a strange mess where both fleets decided to spread out over half the solar system: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/ijnue5mz.jpg In the end, I defeated them with "only" losses of 40k in fleet strength. Which might be acceptable here, but I have to say that against such an absurdly high numerical advantage the Xo'lukako have, I needed far better. Especially looking at my losses in cruisers here: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/9albs6vg.jpg But the swarm tactic worked surprisingly well. And with my new bomber squadrons, I even made short work of their fortresses: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/qr4xguu7.png With that I got into possession of their Gaia worlds and high-tech factories, giving me the boost I needed to compete with the Xo'Lukako on my own... Something I really needed to do on my own, after all. Because while I was busy tearing down their defenses, the AI pulled something astonishing off: While the Xo'Lukako were invading the Federation of the Andigonj Empire and Helvanni Trading alliance (which existed only because my sudden Roman expansion scared them shitless), the rest of the big powerhouses started a rebellion. All of them. The Varelviv, the Canthari, the Kirillians, all of them at once just attacked the Xo'Lukako fleet while it was busy slapping the Andigonj and Helvanni around. A battle containing almost the entire freaking galaxy... except me! Because I missed it! Because they didn't invite me! Probably because of my ludicrous threat-level, but even more likely is that I simply couldn't, because I still was forced to have that nasty truce with the Xo'Lukako. Ironic... I couldn't immediately break free from their thrall because I tried to defy them before. If I had bent the knee earlier, I could have just backstabbed them immediately. But worst part is: I missed all of it! Even when they rebelled, I shrugged and thought they will probably not be able to defeat them anyway. And then, amidst my own wars, I scrolled to the left and watched a broken shell of 80k fleet-strength limping back to the Xo'Lukako home-world, while a massive, though admittedly quite battered, joint fleet sieged their outlying systems. I was flabbergasted. THEY BEAT THEM?!? THE FREAKING AI EMPIRES BEAT THEM?!? Now I was suddenly the only one still under the thumb of the Xo'Lukako. Still reeling, I wrapped up my business with the Lanthrepian Ancients and rushed towards the Xo'Lukako worlds, aching to break free while they were still weakened. Admittedly... I evaded their recovering fleet then. Because I had the bad premonition that if I destroyed it, the AI empires would rush in and grab their precious ring worlds, with me going home empty handed. So I actually defeated them while trying not to outright destroy them... which, actually worked quite neatly. And with this, the 18 years of Xo'Lukako reign over the Roman Empire came to an end: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/fstylx3s.jpg Ah... it does feel great to see the map being this colorful again! Everyone, is free again, diplomacy is- What? What are all these messages? Borders closed? Borders closed? Borders closed? Borders closed? What the hell? What is going on?!? Oh right, I have a -400 threat penalty thanks to my aggressive behavior when everything except the "Declare War" button was greyed out due to my satellite status. Oh come on, when this is the only button I have, I will be damned if I don't push it! But that's how it is... now the Roman Republic is hated by the entire galaxy... or maybe less hated and it's more that they are shitting their breeches thinking that they could be next. Still... ... still, you could have at least waited with closing your borders until my fleet is home: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180713/c6gdegjk.jpg You little slaving mushroom spider assholes! This is ridiculous... you can't just force my fleet to be stranded in that bubble of Xo'Lukako space. (*cough* forcing me to pay full maintenance *cough*). So even though the whole galaxy fears me already, I had no choice but to declare war on them. Because I will get my legionnairies home! Even if that path is paved with blood or whatever this green stuff is that comes out when I trample these little suckers! BLAM: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180713/twraryog.jpg Now this is truly ridiculous... I'm also well aware that right now the only ones who could still possibly oppose me are the Xo'Lukako and the impressive new Federation formed by the Canthari and Kirillians. I do wonder, though, if I am just weakening the galaxy right now, making it unable to withstand whatever endgame crisis lurks in the shadow (I wonder why it still hasn't fired yet).
  4. So... as mentioned before, I got over my anger at the Xo'lukako and actually continued my playthrough as Roman Republic in space. And... in these last 20 years a lot has happened... But before that, I thought it would be neat to show the specs of my fleet so that people can understand my anguish. Starting from the heaviest hitters to the small flying coffins. The Triarius-class Battleship: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/oyfnedga.png Technically my oldest type of battleship, but in the old ages I just filled all the slots with the basic lvl 5 laser and make it pretend to be a cruiser. With the Tachyon emitter and plasma cannons it is supposed to melt armor once my Pilum-classes carve a way through the enemy shields. But given their god-awful firerate and precision... I'm not exactly sure that it works as intended. The Pilum-class Battleship: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/tsnqua6o.jpg My trusty ship of the line! Because it is the only design that absolutely marvels at what it is supposed to do: Immediately stripping the enemy of their shields. And I still remember vividly how they blasted through the defenses of the Xo'lukako titan seconds upon coming into range. Even now it is the most produced battleship in the Roman empire. The Scutum-class Carrier: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/63b46ynq.jpg Created in the last months of the Xo'Lukako invasion, it was intended to put my (stolen) strike craft technology to good use and give me an additional edge against the enemy starfighters if my Sacrosanctus class destroyers sit on their asses again. They were supposed to "shield" my battleships, so to speak. Well... I scrapped that idea by now. I can't compete with a dedicated carrier fleet that beats me both in numbers and technology. Therefore I replaced two of the starfighter slots with bombers and watch how they do a really decent job in tearing down fortresses. That's about the only thing they are good at, though. I also maybe should increase their armor a bit... The Invictus-class Cruiser: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180713/wp42raz2.jpg This thing is actually intended to be a swiss army knife, both effective against shields and armor, but, well, only at knife-fighting range. By now I have also took Wolfgang's advice to heart and increased its armor. The way these things were dying like flies kinda bothered me in my last battles, so maybe shields aren't the only solution. The Principes-class Cruiser: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180713/j7av9srw.jpg Pretty much the proof that I still don't know exactly what I want. I swapped the Invictus' swiss army knife idea against a thoroughly boring pure plasma build. It proved just as boringly effective, but also here I should tweak with the armor a little. The Sacrosanctus-class Destroyer: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/9zf7vu72.jpg The oldest design in the fleet. Unchanged for a bloody century. But if it isn't bugged, these little highly specialized monsters create a point defense field that makes every strike craft or rocket approaching my fleet immediately explode. I'm still very happy with them. If they get their shit together, that is. But surprisingly, in the last battles they actually worked as intended. The Gladius-class Corvette: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/ugfartw2.jpg My attempt at solid endgame corvette, supposed to be a badass torpedo boat with ludicrous evasion to kill battleships. They never worked and always just died in droves. By now I still have a few leftovers in service, but I'm swapping them out for the boring and surprisingly more effective Hastatus-class. The Hastatus-class Corvette: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180713/fh6ks2sa.jpg Another attempt at being boring as hell, but weirdly effective. At least against fallen empires. I'm actually very anxious to use them against regular foes, given that they can't really survive against enemies that are just as small and shoot at them more earnestly. For that reason I tend to keep them separate from my main fleet and only let them join when there is a big foe that needs to be swarmed.
  5. Isn't that suicide against an Awakened Empire that specializes in beam spam? I don't have either of them... admittedly, I have no DLCs whatsoever, so it might be that this is the reason. That's why right now I'm only using shield capacitors. Mmh... 250k seems very unlikely to me right now. I am now back to having a fleet strength of around 140k altogether and I can barely afford that (my energy keeps getting into the negatives). The 170k fleet I threw against the Xo'lokako was only possible due to the defensive war bonus. I now did continue my playthrough a bit... and since being a satellite robbed my of all diplomatic options, my Romans turned rabid. To bolster my numbers, I decided to just wantonly invade all my neighbors one after the other. Since there are only three independant empires left and they are so tiny that I could mop them up both at once, there is little for me to fear in regards to defense pacts. In fact, I just now steamrolled the Bos'Pachtux and the Nuurian Polity, gobbling up a huge chunk of their planets (and suffering a food shortage in return because I can't use the paradise domes built by the Bos'Pachtux -.-). Overall, the wars were one-sided, but there were still some oddities I noticed. Especially when it comes to point defense... In one battle my 75 Sacrosanctus destroyers work as intended and utterly annihilate all rockets and strike craft, I can even watch my starfighters intercepting them. And in other battles they just... don't do anything at all. They just sit there and watch all rockets and bombers to go past them and destroy some of my battleships. When zooming in, there isn't a single flak projectile shot, nothing at all. My losses in these battles are also considerably higher. There is something seriously buggy going on... and I'm afraid that this might be the same reason for why my plasma cruiser refused to shoot when I battled the Xo'lokako. In any case, I've now built a ton of plasma corvettes and increased my bomber squadrons... I am going to test this against one of the sleeping fallen empires, hoping to conquer them to boost my economy. Thanks a lot for your suggestions!
  6. Mmh... presumably. I guess the idea is that their starfighters take up a huge part of that number and they are comparibly vulnerable to flak (though I'm still freaked out about how my destroyers completely ignored them this time. The swarm of AE fighters were for some reason behind my fleet and were free to roam among my battleships unharmed). But admittedly, I think I messed this game up from the beginning. I did neither know that fallen empires awaken (this way) nor did I know that their strength scales to the percentage of habitable worlds. I increased that percentage back when I started the game, thinking that the early colonizations would be easier this way. I think I doomed my galaxy with that though, given that this particular AE is far stronger than most I'm seeing depicted on other boards. So strong that I doubt tinkering with my fleet layout would do me much good. Shield and armor ignoring weapons... you mean arc emitter and bombers? I was considering arc emitters, but so far had been anxious because of the highly randomized damage. If I were to bring them in, I would be forced to use them en masse because of that. And given how many starfighters the Xo'Lokako use, I am not very confident that any amount of bombers would survive long enough to make a few shots. From what I've read now, you are supposed to drown AE's in plasma corvettes to take their fire and scratch them to death, while long-range kinetic artillery strips them of their shields from behind. The latter part I managed to do quite well, actually. With my Pilum-class battleships being equipped with giga cannons and kinetic artillery, they did that job just fine. What freaked me out, however, is that I barely saw any of my cruisers make any shots with their plasma cannons, despite dropping on them at knife-fighting range. Instead they... kinda attempted to flank them, making a huge circular maneuver on the left flank, exposing my battleships, which immediately blew up like firecrackers. Heck, I also just counted two or three shots of my Tachyon emitters. I may chalk that up to the frame-rate plummeting, but I really missed all of my anti-armor weapons when I needed them... Mmh... I'm actually reconsidering my earlier stance... maybe I continue my game, churn out corvettes like advised and try to drown them in cheap, easily replacable ships instead of trying to be clever with the big guns. (btw, I'm still at 1.9.1)
  7. That's fine and all, but as far as I can see, with Fallen Empires around the role-playing aspect falls short, because the only thing that matters is to kill them while they are still asleep. Because if they awaken, it's game over for the whole galaxy. I've just read about other player's experiences in how long it takes to stage an uprising and... there was one story where it took a century of waiting until they were weak enough to be defeated. And since my Awakened Empire is too stubborn to split their fleets and only attacks with that ever-growing 400k-doomstack, there is little hope that spending 100 years will change much. In fact, in a hundred years they'll likely just bully everyone with a 1M-doomstack that I couldn't even hope to beat if I've had the economy of the whole galaxy behind me... And now thanks to my satellite status, my research speed slowed down to a crawl... Right now I don't think there will be a next game. I initially planned to try out the Star Trek mod, but right now there is just too much that I've planned to do with my holidays and I won't succeed with anything again if I try to do everything at once.
  8. ... okay, so... it's game over. -.- I'm not even pissed that I lost (I kinda expected that to happen), but I'm pissed just how miserably I lost. So there I am, putting up this insane fortress flower: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180708/mmxcobu7.png And even manage to put together the most insane fleet I ever fielded with 170k fleet strength. But then, of course, the Xo'Lokaku didn't fall for my trap. They instead jumped ahead into the unguarded Jomprom system where two of my fleetyards are that are still churning out cruisers. Well... I then decided to go out and force them into battle on even ground, by jumping with my fleet into their neck: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180708/qbkhruwy.png From there on, everything went horribly wrong. I managed to strip them of their shields just fine, even their titan. But their armor was too tough. I couldn't fucking scratch them! In the end, after loosing half my fleet, I jumped away... and the dreadful battle report made me despair: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180708/r2g4xu4j.png This is even worse than the last time, when they caught me on my retreat. This... I don't know what to do anymore. This is all I had. This is me reaching my fleet cap and throwing everything at them that I have. And I didn't even chip their fleet... Not a single dent... This... this is not even Cannae, this is just me throwing rocks at a tank. I... I had no choice, I cut my losses and gave up: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180708/grn98cb5.jpg With that, the galaxy belongs to the Xo'Lokaku. Or at least so much that it makes no difference. 400k fleet strenght... even after failing several decadence rolls... and they produce even more... There might still be some planets left for me to colonize, but I don't see how I could possibly turn this around anymore. Maybe I hit 200k fleet strength, but in the end, it makes no difference. I can't beat them, like, ever. And right now, that ruins the entire game. It was fun dealing with my neighbors and learning how the game works, but these bastards just steamrolling everything and being utterly indefeatable, that is just stupid. I don't even know whether I want to continue anymore... ... next time I turn Fallen Empires off for sure...
  9. "Hannibal ante portas!" Well... it had been a good run so far. XD At first I thought the Xo'Lokaku had forgotten about me. I expected them to strike immediately after the truce expired, so I build my Fortress Flower in the strategically important Zhir system and began churning out ships now that my economy has been successfully focused on getting as many minerals as I possibly can. But... nothing happened. Three years later I was still anxiously waiting for the Awakened Empire to come for my head. Thinking that they might have grown bored of ruling the galaxy, the Andigonj brought up a proposal to use the time to expand our influence again. I agreed, thinking that they wanted to wage war on the Bos'Pachtux again... but when the war was declared and my ships refused to enter Bos'Pachtux territory due to closed borders, I was left stumped: We declared war on our former ally, the Varelviv instead. I was stumped, but adjusted to the new situation. In fact, now in hindsight I see that I was lucky I did, because it somewhat saved my life up until now. Irritatingly, the AI of the Andigonj broke. Thanks to the border gore of how the war with the Bos'Pachtux was settled, the Andigonj main fleet and half of the federation peacekeepers was stuck in an Andigonj enclave surrounded by Bos'Pachtux territory, unable to leave thanks to those closed borders. Unfortunately that means that the Andigonj forces in their actual territory are now frozen in place... waiting to merge with a fleet that will never show up. -.- Okay, I get it, I will have to fight this war on my own... The only bright side is that I could conveniently place the Federation fleet in the middle of my Fortress Flower and when the Andigonj took over the lead of the Federation, it kept stuck there due to this bug, forever guarding my territory. The first engagement with the Varelviv was a bit worrying. I managed to squeeze their 70k fleet between my own 80k one and the 40k Federation fleet, but due to the Federation peacekeepers engaging first, it only gave them time for an emergency jump before the cruisers of the Roman main force were able to engage them. When the statistics show up, there was also another disconcerning fact: I lost all my corvettes. Again. Even with the sentient AI their evasion is only at 77%... which in practice means that they still blow up whenever someone looks at them funny. I really don't know what to do anymore. In these Youtube tutorials it was said that corvettes become extremely valuable in the late game, with 99% evasion and stuff, but here I am, having researched all possible technologies to make them more nimble and yet they still take every single hit and die without dealing any damage. Even worse: Everyone says against the Awakened Empire I have to spam corvettes en masse, but I'm wondering whether those people are thinking of late-game corvettes that actually have some kind of chance to actually shoot at the enemy. In any case... right now corvettes are a waste of money, I need more cruisers and destroyers and of course battleships. Well then, after my victory things looked quite bright. My legions conquered a path towards the Varelviv homeworld in an attempt to end this war as quick as possible. But while I was doing that, the Varelviv made a funny thing: While bombarding a planet I had conquered, they just put a fortress on top of it to cover their fleet. I was intrigued... because with a subspace snare and a jamming field that causes -15% enemy fire rate this thing was basically exactly how the inner part of my fortress flower looked like. It sure was not quite as intricate, but the idea was the same. Therefore I thought I'd test it... and just sprung the trap with my fleet. Seeing how it unfolded, I have a few mixed feelings... Because just like this, my 70k fleet jumped right on top of their 40k fleet and began to utterly steamroll it. I jumped in with my beefy battleships facing the enemy, shielding my smaller ships which resulted in me just loosing 3 of them... and that's it. I obliterated the entire enemy fleet before it could jump away and lost only 3 ships. I was stumped. On one hand it felt exhilarating! I totally specialized my fleet to blast an enemy with as much burst damage as possible at point blank range, so it was great to see that in a situation where I could bring all my guns to bear, it actually had such a devastating effect. Then of course there is the little detail of the fortress being utterly helpless. I wondered why it never fired back despite having 12k fleet strength, but when I looked at its details screen, I noticed that it only consisted of hangars filled with bombers. Bombers I never saw anywhere... which made me think that my Sacrosanctus class destroyers must have sniped all of them at take-off within the first second of the battle. Given how much the Xo'Lukako rely on their starfighters, seeing the superiority of my point defense once again was encouraging. However... ... I was darkly aware that I sprung a trap that was very similar to my only hope against the Xo'Lukako. And with just a 30k fleet strength advantage, I powered through effortlessly. With the Xo'Lukako having a fleet strength four times my own, the likelihood of it becoming an even more insane massacre was quite high. And that's when the Xo'Lukako finally decided to declare war on me... Interestingly, they didn't make a rush for my colonized systems. Instead their now 410k doomstack took its time to free the Varelviv planets I've been occupying, denying me the warscore of my current conflict. This means I found myself suddenly with quite a lot of time to prepare. I fell back to Zhir Prime and continued building ships like crazy. I have an income of 1600 minerals per month and yet it is nowhere near enough. I have managed to beef up my numbers to 110k and am still building, but there is no way I can reach my goal of 180k before the Xo'Lukako arrive. And even 180k will not be enough... Damn... I'm thinking that once they demolish my fortress flower, I might have to sue for peace, hoping that they are content to make me a satellite without making me cede any planets. But I'm not sure whether I can ever break free of them then. I have now seen them failing a decadence roll... and the hit to their fleet strength was negligible. In fact, they soon became even stronger thanks to a never-ending stream of reinforcements merging with their doomstack. With them being able to produce ever more ships, there is no way in hell I can ever outproduce them once I am under their thrall.
  10. Toth

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Mmh... I think this is the first time in this conversation that you are quite a bit off the mark, but that might have to do with the way I phrased my recount. That voice had little to do with me faking anything (my own approach towards the children was genuine, I just had to force myself to overcome my negativity and shove it aside for the time being). It was just that the way some of the boys approached me was indeed a very visible attempt at testing things out, trying to provoke me. Such an observation has little to do with my hazy state of mind, every teacher has to deal with this kind of things and one of my examiners brought forth this issue lately as well (unprompted). What does have to do with my hazy state of mind is that I am unable to apply the recommended tactic of treating it as an opportunity and never react to it as if it were a provocation. Mostly because I feel to stressed out and unfocused to deal with it correctly and friendly and therefore opt to ignore it and walk away (thus inviting them to do the same thing later - though admittedly, when I unexpectedly ran into a group of those students lately, I was able to deal with it marginally better and less off-putting... in this case, I actually somewhat hope to get their class next semester because I think I can make use of these meetings, approach it from a less distant angle and actually make successful use of my "professional me", the one who should be solely fired up for the job). Like I said above, that is not quite it. No, the "depressive, hyper-logical, overthinking" persona is the actual me. Well, minus the "depressive" I hope. Even in my best times I'm constantly trying to analyze everything around me and that is something I neither know how to stop nor do I actually want to. I just need something to give me focus and stop being absolutely consumed by negativity. I do regret that I had to flee from that barbecue, but even in hindsight it was something unavoidable. I was in such a horrible state of mind that I couldn't talk with anyone without tearing up. Not necessarily because of that guy, but because my general discontent with this school caught up so much with me. Of course it is somewhat reinforced by my self-worth issues, but the basis of that discontent is still that I don't feel like I have arrived there. That I still have this desire to just do my job. With my subjects and proper classes. With everything being an organizational chaos full of conflicting schedules and being forced to teach a subject that is not my own all the while being totally left alone and getting no support whatsoever, that's something that blocks me from having a single goddamn moment of accomplishment. Of course, it's my self-loathing that picked this fact up and transformed it into an overwhelming feeling that I don't deserve to celebrate the end of such a horrible semester.
  11. Well, since no one had any suggestions, I went ahead and tried to go for option #2. Which... essentially became #3 because nothing much happened from there on. I had three years time until I reverse-engineered sentient AI and then 8 more months until lvl 5 neutronium armor got researched. Until then I focused on my economy, building back farms and managed to reach 900 minerals per month. Since I did that in several intervals as to not create an unnecessary food shortage, I managed to build a couple more battleships in that time-frame. But when I upgraded my fleet with the AI and the armor and started to rush the production of a few dozen more corvettes to bloat my numbers, the Varelviv folded. Therefore, the chart of the galaxy now looks like this: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180706/mcbfzi5q.jpg Okay... that's bleak. More than half the galaxy is now under the thrall of the Xo'Lukako Regulators. Even worse, instead of weakening due to decadence, their fleet becomes stronger and stronger with every world the force the defeated to cede. The last blurry picture of my personal Hannibal is this one: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180706/b32s869b.jpg That was directly after our battle... instead of getting weaker, they just produced more ships and reached 380k fleet strength. This is utterly ridiculous. I have seen screenshots of endgame crisis enemies that were decidedly weaker than this. I've looked at the decadence mechanic and even assuming they never failed a single decadence roll and I apply the maximum decadence penalty of -25%, their main fleet still is at the utterly unbeatable number of 300k. A few days later, the Xo'Lukako ambassador arrived and spoke before the senate, smugly demanding that the Romans shal bend the knee. It might be a pointless gesture, but I replied that the Roman republic had never faltered in its 3000 years of history. No matter how many Cannaes it will take, even if Rome itself gets sacked, we will not just surrender without a fight. We will make them bleed for every inch of space! ... not that I have currently anything to back that up. I searched the internet for strategies against awakened empires and the only one I kept finding is "Surrender!". Sounds reassuring. -.- There is one small ray of hope though. One strategy called "Fortress flower" that I'm trying to pull off now. The idea is to take the colonized system that is closest to the Awakened Empire, build a fortress with FTL inhibitor in the middle and surround it with a circle of different fortresses equipped with all kinds of jamming fields and long-ranged artillery so that their overlapping firing arcs look like a flower. The idea is that your fleet stays ready near the FTL inhibitor and when the enemy arrives to take the system, their fleet is dropped right into yours, so that you can blast them at point-blank range with everything you've got while they have to deal with a plethora of debuffs that fatally decrease their combat ability. I still have 7 years time until the truce ends and the Xo'Lukako come. 7 years to set everything up... even if it goes off without a hitch, they'll likely blast casually through everything I throw at them, but since my horrenduous losses in our last battle were due to them catching my fleet in its retreat and sniping my corvettes while I turned around to meet them... well, at least here I don't waste a single ship even if everything else fails. I'm also hoping that if I manage to take some down and dent their fleet power a bit, their very strong satellites might think it an opportunity to rise up in rebellion. With their home world threatened, I can hope that they might not be able to push their advantage and pull back to focus on the defensive. Wish me luck...
  12. Toth

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    To be honest, I'm treating myself with the same indifference I've seen people treat each other with all the time. I don't like it, sure, but that's how it is. I do appreciate the 'lift yourself up to lift others up' line though. Because I'm currently seeing that even when forcing myself to pretend to be sociable, approaching the students and joke around with them during the breaks, I still can't exactly deal with it when I'm actually succeeding. That voice whispering "don't trust them, they are just mocking you" keeps winning my internal fights and when the kids with whom I've interacted start to unexpectedly shout out to me later afterwards, I end up ignoring them again. ... it is weird and I messed up again just as I started to recover and had noticed some reactions of them that made me question that their animosity towards me is as personal as I thought it is. Fine, my last 'lesson' (the last one before summer break of course...) still failed horribly, the students going as far as refusing to return my greeting at the beginning of the lesson and then protested when I called them out on it. But at least I was able to accept their reason that had little to do with me or my lesson and moved on. Only for the things that happened yesterday to totally throw me off-course again. It's a long and messy story, but it boils down to it that during the badly planned clean-up day, the secondary headmaster of my social studies class told the kids that I will send them home an hour earlier and when I asked him what the hell this is about, he just giddily grinned that it's now my responsibility, it is illegal for them to be sent home without the parents getting a notification, but he will not make that notification (I can't), I will have supervision duty (despite the plan of the school administration saying that I haven't) and he will not support me in any way and will claim that he never gave an okay for sending them home if something happens. I was left stumped and confused and when I tried to call him out on it, he just walked away to his sports lesson. In the end, I had no choice but send them home because 8 hours to clean up their classroom, empty their lockers and clean a 30m² patch of school grounds is seriously far too grand a time-frame for 27 students. Especially now since their headmaster pitted them against me and refused me all the actions necessary to do it legally and by the book. Fine, a generous interpretation of what he did is that he wanted me to take a leap and take responsibility by doing something necessary, if illegal. But that doesn't change the fact this is not about responsibility, but about taking the blame for something he decided and then wriggled himself out of by shoving the responsibility into my lap and then made a huge scene dripping of plausible deniability so that he can walk away scot-free if it had gone awry. Not to mention that he knew of my strained relationship with his class and still poured oil into the fire by forcing this onto me. Today then was the barbecue of the teachers to celebrate the end of the school year. I tried to forget what had happened yesterday, I tried to mingle with the teachers and practice socializing, but when this jerkass of a headmaster came and asked with a wide grin whether I survived the shit he pulled yesterday, all the anger and frustration of this first half a year came bubbling up, I snarled at him 'No thanks to you', walked away and left a bit later after it was clear that I was trapped in far too much negativity to interact with anyone anymore. I guess if I were in a normal state of mind, this wouldn't have caused me this much trouble, but right now I'm just too much in need of a single kernel of success to deal with it. It's like I'm walking a tightrope while being horribly out of balance. I make two steps forward and then something makes me come crashing down, forcing me to start right from the beginning. I want to make progress, I want to take up these opportunities at being normal, but I obviously can't make anything with them when I'm just one misstep away from being plunged into a spiral of negativity and depression. Gah... these last weeks I kept telling myself that I don't need a break, I only need a single positive moment. But right now I need a break... hopefully with positive moments.
  13. That was the idea! I just had to paraphrase Zapp Brannigan when I noticed that I ended up in a war against reptilian Gandhi. And I'd hope the scourge shows up soon. Then at least the awakened empire in my galaxy had something better to do than kicking around the younger races. Because that's what was happening yesterday evening: While I was mopping up the last pockets of Bos'Pachtux resistance, the Xo'Lokaku Regulators made another go at subjugating the Varelviv, obviously dragging me into the fight. Me who had just lost most of his battleships in this war and was just about to replace them. Instead, after the Andigonj did the logical thing and made peace, I pulled back my fleet to the Nuurian homeworld for a major refit including new torpedoes, new flak and of course jump drives. Picking up new ships at Terra on the way, I then moved the fleet to my border systems to the Varelviv where I had already ordered even more ships to be build... and yet my fleet is now so fast it arrived there just as the first corvettes launched. With that... I had a fleet strength of 71k. Which is less than what I had just after I integrated the Nuurian Confederacy and added their 26k fleet to my own. Especially when I realized that the Varelviv fleet was already gone... and a single freakish 300k doomstack of the Xo'Lukako was pummeling its leftovers. The Xo'Lukako Regulators already had a 20% warscore and the list of events only consisted of crushing defeats. I needed to do something fast to show my federation buddies that it is possible to kill those bastards. Also: I have to reverse engineer their technology asap in order to even the playing field. So I took my fleet and launched a raid on one of the systems the Xo'Lukako had annexed in their previous conflict with the Varelviv. It was now guarded by a scary looking fortress station of 20k strength. With my entire fleet it took ages to pummel it down, but my actual losses were few and it felt satisfying to see that I actually managed to decrease the warscore with this action. But for some reason, the fortress station didn't leave a debris field, making it seem a bit of a pointless effort. Even worse, while the battle was raging the Varelviv informed me that the 300k doomstack had broken off their pursuit and headed for my fleet. With most of my corvettes being heavily damaged from soaking up the shots of the fortress defense, I made a dash for the border of the system to jump back to safety... too bad that in this moment the Xo'Lukako jumped in, caught up with my fleet and engaged them while they were still preparing the jump drive. Damn it! ... with that, I changed my plan. Survival was the main priority, but I had to take out a few Xo'Lokaku for my science ship that waited in a neighboring system. I engaged them in battle, retreating just as the cruisers started engaging. Initially I was confident, because even though my already damaged corvettes took heavily losses, it looked like I shaved off an entire row of escorts from them... but when the battle stats came up, my heart plummeted. I destroyed 4! Just freaking 4 ships... I lost about 70... My science ship jumped in right after the Xo'Lukako left to go after the Varelviv again. Even the debris field was not quite what I had hoped for. I wanted to copy their guns, but the disruptors used by their escorts were not very spectacular. The only valuable pieces were their armor and their sentient ship AI. I'm now researching both of them (knowing fully well that sentient AI might trigger a robot uprising), but still am quite shell-shocked about how ineffective my fleet was. Of course, they were sniping only my already beat up corvettes, but it was still heart-breaking to watch. I will have to take this risk just to increase their evasion ratio. In any case, now I see three options: #1: I fall back to my territory... and abandon the Varelviv. I'm going to preserve the ships still left to me and focus on further strengthening my economy. Since the sector AI is stupid and builds mostly farms despite being told otherwise I still have a ridiculous food surplus. Right now I'm selling it in exchange for minerals to my neighbors, but I would be better off just replacing the farms with mines, which of course is expensive. I also still want to change around my core sectors a bit, something that would likely decrease my income for a bit (right now I'm making 800 minerals per month and it is still absolutely not enough...). #2: I fall back to my territory... and prepare for another suicide attack. I build up as many ships in as short a time as possible, then, upgrade them with the copied armor and computer systems, just to make another go at the Xo'Lokaku before the Varelviv fold it. My only objective is to destroy a single of their battlecruisers, hoping that it has better technology to salvage. This will likely cost me almost my entire fleet though... and even then, my chances of actually taking one down are absurdly low. #3: I fall back to my territory... and prepare to defend myself there. I will build up my fleet, upgrade it, but not go for a desperation attack. Even after the Varelviv get turned into a satellite and have to leave my federation, there still will be a 10 year truce which would allow me to focus on both my fleet and my economy. I have to prepare for the long game, without wasting my resources at hand at an attack that will likely fail anyway. Any suggestions from the other Stellaris players here?
  14. I have to admit, I am a bit inspired by all these other "After Action Reports" in the way I write what happens. Given how naturally the stories evolve from the gameplay in Paradox games, it is kinda a given that this writes itself. Mmh... they left the actual reason for the collapse of the First League out, so I can only speculate. It was a galaxy-wide political powerhouse with closely tied trade networks. When it collapsed, apparently all trade collapsed at once. There simply wasn't a feasable way to sustain this Coruscant-like cityplanet anymore. Since you don't know Stellaris, I should better explain that part: You are right, when I say reverse-engineering, I using a science ship to study the debris field that appears after each battle. When you do that in Stellaris, you get a sizable boost for the research of the technology the enemy uses in his ships and you haven't developed yet yourself. In this case I studied enough debris to have had jump drives for 50% researched and then allocated a scientist to finish the work in the classical way. Even though I know that jump drives, a FTL propulsion that makes your ships go through an unknown dimension, has a possibility of angering the locals of aforementioned dimension. But I have to. Warp Drives are reliable, but slow as hell. The wormhole drives of my allies have their downside as well. They are more like slingshots, in away, since you need to have a stationary stargate at the starting point and can only call back ships to other of your stargates in range. Therefore the Andigonj can throw their ships deep into enemy territory really fast and recall them just as fast, but they can't move freely within unknown star systems. This has screwed over the Varelviv in this war btw. Because they are too far away from the frontline they are forced to manually build a route of stargates through the Andigonj Empire in order to reach it. Even after three years of war they are only halfway there... making them effectively even slower than my Romans, only because the wormhole drives are so inflexible. Funnily enough, they have totally revamped how space travel works in the more recent patches, all the options are only so painful because this is a game I started 5 months ago,
  15. You think? I have read somewhere that Fallen Empire ground forces are ludicrously tough in order to prevent the player from easily conquering their home worlds. So... I asked my scientists what to do about that, and for some reason, their best proposal was this here: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180701/96znj8lp.jpg Sure. I can't see any way, this could ever go horribly wrong. I'm imagining the scene of how a Roman senate comittee had the scientists called to hold a presentation about their recent breakthrough. The lead senator asks: "So what is this great project you have been spending the last two years at?" The scientists exchange giddy glances, all of them having mad grins on their faces: "We made chestbursters!" The senators stare blankly. "Like... from the horror movies?" "Just so!" "Why would you ever do something like this?" "BECAUSE WE COULD!!!" BTW, I'm still using my old-school legions for now. But if these haughty awakened Regulators attack me, I will sicc freaking Xenomorphs at them while laughing manically. If I ever get past their fleet, that is... Thing is, they defeated the Varelviv Souvereignty and the Andigonj Empire, but didn't manage to turn them into a Satellite like they did with the Canthari League. This was actually my chance! Because with their pride broken like this, these two empires decided that the idea of making a Federation with me might be not that bad after all. Too bad that the Nuurian Republic, my current nominal partner (they are more a sidekick than anything else) freaked out and voted against them. That however pissed me off. Come on, we are stronger together! So I did the natural thing... I dissolved the Stellar Union with the Nuurians, formed a new Federation together with the Varelviv and Andigonj, renamed it Stellar Union and pretended that the Nuurian Republic was never in it. The Nuurians were actually too stumped to be angry about that. Therefore the Galaxy now looks like this: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180701/7yry4slu.jpg Well, not quite, actually. The Xo'Lukako Regulators (those purple frog dudes in the upper left corner who conquered the Canthari League) have then attacked the next big independant blob, the Kirillian Republic, and by now also turned them into a purple satellite. Therefore the map is now only red and purple, with the only other independant factions being the Bos'Pachtux Kingdom and the Helvanni trade federation. The latter is still weak after the Kirillians messed them up in a short but bloody war very early in the game. They never recovered from that and nobody mistakes them for a big player because of that. Interestingly, being in a Federation with two imperialistic slavers never gets boring. They apparently soon warmed up to us being such a mighty galaxy-shaking faction that after a little recovery phase, the Andigonj Empire proposed that we should further expand our Federation in order to better our chances against the Xo'Lukako. And since no other faction was currently in a mood to join us willingly, we could just as well make them... With that thought, the Stellar Union declared war on the Bos'Pachtux Kingdom. Remember those pacifistic isolationists whom I had failed to bait into attacking me before? Well, that's them! Never again shall they poison the galaxy with their sinister plots of neutrality! Too bad that my fleet was gathered at the border to the Varelviv. While I was trying to catch up with my slow ass warp drives, the Andigonj jumped right into action... and got their asses handed to them. -.- ... okay, it seems I have to fight this war on my own. But since my fleet was approaching in a snail's pace, my first incursion was actually of a more civilian nature. Remember that I was pissed that the First League homeworld was within these borders that the Bos'Pachtux had closed? With a war raging on, there was little reason for me to respect that. Therefore I snuck an archeological team into the system in question: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180701/4fchstng.jpg Ha! Victory! Luckily, despite having several mining stations around, the Bos'Pachtux had no idea what kind of planet they were sitting on. Two freaking years later (I'm not fucking kidding!) my fleet arrived as well: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180701/iye86ngf.jpg I have to say, with both my neighbors using wormhole drives and the Bos'Pachtux themselves using ridiculously advances jump drives, my pitiful warp drives feel hopelessly outmatched. I have to traverse half the galaxy because our Federation is so large, so I need something better. Therefore (despite knowing the risk of causing an Endgame Crisis) I reverse engineered the jump drives the Bos'Pachtux are using. I have not yet upgraded my fleet, but I will do after the war. Because seriously, this is utterly ridiculous. I'm also a bit iffed that despite defeating the Bos'Pachtux, I took rather heavy losses. Oddly enough, not when it comes to my corvettes... and my cruisers and destroyers essentially won the battle for me. But I lost almost all of my large battleships, the most expensive part of the fleet. Even more oddly, my brand new Pilum-class equipped with shield-piercing kinetic artillery that was supposed to be my ace against the Xo'Lukako... I lost all of them. To be fair, only two of them were actual Pilum-classes, the others were Nuurian battleships refitted with Pilum-class specs, but for the game it should make no difference. It seems my old Triarius-class battleships were somewhat more sturdy. Makes sense, since I've equipped them essentially with only cruiser weaponry, which allowed me to have spare power for more shields. But battleships playing cruiser doesn't really make sense. At least now I developped particle lances like the Xo'lukako use, so I refitted the Triarius-class to use that instead. Well, I'm curious where this leads to... in any case, my Romans will do their best to keep this galaxy together.