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  1. Lol, yeah, preach it! XD I must say, I had quite a bone to pick with her, what with my grade crashing down from A- to C in the final high school year because of her. It was so bad that to one of my exams I wrote a three pages "correction", explaining why half the mistakes she marked weren't actually mistakes. I guess I do give her credit for replying with a similarly long response where she accepted some of those objections.
  2. Probably should have made a picture of my recent harvest when I filled up a whole tupperware box with peppers. Just as a kind of target goal. XD
  3. He didn't bother fighting back at all during the second half, long before he received that damage.
  4. I know they wanted to go for the whole "Heroic Second Wind" trope and stuff, but seriously, did Vader's batteries run out or what happened there?
  5. Oh god, I'm beyond hope. Yesterday I finally finished Fallout 4 by completing the main quest after doing pretty much all the side quests I came across aside the radiant BOS ones and most of the Minutemen settlement quests that went way out of hand pretty soon. ... and yet instead of cleaning storage space the insane completionist in me started dropping by at Sanctuary Hills and walked straight to the next undiscovered marker on the map. Just... wanting to see what I missed before I give the game the boot and go to New Vegas instead once I got a new itch for Fallout. Truly, I'm hopeless...
  6. It's because 90% of mobile games have card based combat. Think of the micro transactions...
  7. Given how Serbia has positioned itself in this war, I'd say putting Ukraine ahead of them in the queue is something we should be able to shrug away. Also Turkey's chances to get in are effectively nil at this point as well. Of course Ukraine doesn't meet the criteria right now, but I'd dare to say access to the rebuilding funds of the EU will be a great motivator to punch through the reforms that Ukraine needs to adhere to the criteria. And in the end: The actual membership process would be a topic for after the war anyway.
  8. If they called it Jaguar, the Brits would have sued. Also it should be noted that it is not supposed to be Germany's future main battle tank. Rheinmetall got pissed that the actual order to design a new one for 2035 was given to KMW and a French company to create a joint one (because that went so well the last time with the Tiger helicopter...) and so they went off and did their own thing with blackjack and hookers, aiming to get countries operating Leopards to buy the Panther as an upgrade. And really, as far as everything I read, it's "just" a slighly lighter Leopard with a bigger gun and an autoloader, supposedly specifically designed to crack T-14s if the Russians ever get around to building those.
  9. In another forum where I'm following the Ukraine war discussion, the voices of the doomsayers are getting louder and louder because of Ukraine's massive artillery disadvantage with dwindling ammunition stocks and only pitifully small numbers of western artillery to replace the much larger number of Soviet pieces. All the while Russia keeps grinding on. There is also quite a bit of arguing going on about Germany's role in the support. Especially with the SPD really making itself suspicious with the chancellor warning of nuclear war to explain his hesitancy and the defense minister aggressively dodging the question of whether Ukraine should win. Some users insist Germany already did plenty in terms of giving money (that Ukraine isn't allowed to spend on heavy weopons) and small arms ammunition and helmets and mouldy GDR stuff in the first weeks and months of the war and as such we did our part and can't bring more and those who criticize the government for its dragging feet are attacked as mindless haters. Meanwhile others (myself included) are very frustrated because Ukraine needs all the heavy equipment it can get and our only donation will soon be 7 howitzers and 50 complicated and horribly outdated AA tanks without ammunition. Yay, go Germany! How the fuck are we the fourth biggest weapons exporter in the world again and now that it's needed we are dragging our feet? And what the fuck is wrong with the SPD?
  10. Just as a side note: Most of the lore books you can find Morrowind originates in Daggerfall, though I think most of the super meta stuff was added to explain away how all endings of Daggerfall are somehow true and crashed reality.
  11. Damn, this question brings me back. In high school I got scolded for using "an" before a silent "h" like when saying "this is an honest deal", probably because I felt it read much smoother, but also likely as a carry-over from French. In any case, that teacher trainee insisted that "an" is never used because "h" is not a vowel. Then again, the same teacher trainee gave me an F in spelling and grammar in every single damn exam because she insisted that every single use of a comma is a mistake because the English language uses it only scarcely. So what do I know...
  12. Only the last few years? It seems you haven't noticed that Putin spent a considerable amount of attention to historically rehabilitating Stalin and portray him as a necessary evil who is so foundational to the Russian nation that any criticism directed at him is to be taken as an attack on Russian identity, even though Stalin was a paranoid impulsive monster who also pretty much was the root of most of the factors that ultimately brought down the USSR. Though I also found it interesting from the beginning how he emulates him even to the degree of how the terror and the displacement of Ukrainian civilians to Siberia is pretty much a 1:1 copy of Stalin's strategy when he invaded Poland.
  13. Yeah, I don't have a garden. And... well, tell that my peppers that fruit season supposedly starts in July...
  14. Well, tomato and pepper harvest had been very bountiful these last months: https://i.imgur.com/K0rTpTv.jpg Just made a couple of photos of what had transpired just on my window-sill in the meantime. First up: In the end, four of the Mango seeds that I planted in the end turned into plants, but the very first one that stubbornly refused to grow leaves, in the end formed two small ones that it immediately dropped and then it died. However, two of those remaining ones look pretty damn good. Here one of them: https://i.imgur.com/YIyWRat.jpg Three of the lychees also made an impressive recovery after months of nothing happening whatsoever after germinating. Here the two best looking ones: https://i.imgur.com/FCchGHc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YDhVfM9.jpg I also still have the avocado plant that my colleague gifted me. It still looks a bit creased, probably because it expects higher humidity, but it still goes strong: https://i.imgur.com/kR2w4g6.jpg
  15. Okay, my mistake for trying to be cheeky on the internet. I am well aware of Bismarck's role in it and with me pointing at the chances of Ukraine invading Russia, I was trying to say that the comparison only works if you believe that Russia attacking Ukraine was a deliberate US trap.
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