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  1. It would have been so amazing to see the Romulan War and the formative years of the Federation in action...
  2. Lol, as much as I should support a German production or the playing around with languages, I can't help but think it a bit childish. Germanics speaking modern Standard High German and Romans speaking like Cicero was writing isn't exactly as atmospheric as they might think it is. Though maybe it's just because the main language is German and they made the Romans speak Latin to make them more alien? I guess that only works if they avoid having any Roman main characters at all. That aside, knowing the story of Arminius I guess there will be a lot of backstabbing to be had.
  3. I guess that means I am only the Ghostbusters completionist due to you being the be-all and end-all of all things media, huh? I never claimed it's a masterpiece, I just said it was fun for what it's trying to be. And that is being an interactive Ghostbusters 3 you play for nostalgia's sake.
  4. The Terminal Reality Ghostbusters game? I loved it and found it a blast! The gameplay is terrific and the AI companions are doing a great job supporting you. I especially loved the history museum level where you are thrown into the battle between two Civil War era ghost armies that never saw combat and have to catch them strategically while there is cannon fire and musket carnage everywhere that you have to dodge. It also happen to be pretty much Ghostbusters 3 since its written by Ackroyd and Ramis and neatly ties together both movies revealing a common big bad engineering both events (unfortunately minus Dana Barrett since Sigourney Weaver is said to have turned down the role before realizing that everyone else was already on board and by then they had already written her out). Also of course it's the last time Harold Ramis reprised his role of Egon. So what are you waiting for? Not sure why Werthead has such a negative view on it. I guess I agree that it's fairly short and lacks the coop part that it REALLY should have given the mechanics, but it's still pretty damn good.
  5. Well, they look certainly similar due to both being Visual Novels. Funny that you mention it. Doki Doki Literature Club is a fun little thing playing with the tropes of typical dating sims and then going meta. The When They Cry series does love going meta as well and loves its rollercoaster-like genre shifts, but while Higurashi implicitly challenges the reader with mystery, paranoia and mind screws, it doesn't completely tear down the Fourth Wall like Doki Doki Literature Club. That's what its successor Umineko does and does absolutely magnificiently.^^ I guess if you are indeed going for the first Higurashi VN I should better not say much in general about the plot since the story is rather self-explanatory. I should just warn you that every Higurashi chapter starts out as light-hearted slice of life comedy about a club of children playing games after school in a remote mountain village, but... well... this village has of course its dark secrets and all the kids are connected with them one way or another, setting up a brilliantly complex web of conflicting motivations that trigger a tragedy of Shakespearean proportion. I can just say that I came to the Higurashi Anime some 8 years ago after seeing it on top of a list of the most disturbing Anime of all times and wanted to watch it for the hell of the thrill, but then also read the manga and played the VN because it is such a cleverly constructed story and characters are all complex and lovable, even if they keep getting driven over the edge. Though there is one thing: If you play the VN, please do yourself a favor and download the PS3-patch: https://github.com/07th-mod/onikakushi This one adds significantly better looking sprites and drawn backgrounds than the derpy ones for the PC.
  6. Wow, so they have one county where they are the senior coalition partner for 9 years? What a force to be reckoned with! Irony aside, I am loathing the predominance of self-declared pragmatists in Green state policies like anyone else, but I find it hard to see where even they got "a lot of influence" when it comes to drastic decisions that have to be made on Federal, EU or UN level. On the Federal level the Greens had only governed as a junior partner in 1998-2005 with measly 6,7%, then 8,7%. So far the strongest influence they had was in pushing Merkel somewhat to the left on social issues by virtue of her pulling their teeth before elections. In the EU the Green European Free Alliance has currently 9,5% of seats. Sorry, but I don't see any Green domination anywhere.
  7. What do you even want to say? There have been no Green majority top level governments anywhere so far and when they were a junior partner, they proved to be severely watered down versions. And the "science" has come up with quite a lot of solutions, but keeps getting dismissed with cost concerns.
  8. Mmh... I'm not much for horror games, but looking through my library... huh... I heard Layers of Fear is good? Even if it's mostly just jump scares. Never played it though, I just got it when they gave it away for free. My pile of shame also contains the FEAR series, Alien Isolation and two Amnesia titles. Also, since I am currently back in the Higurashi fever, I cannot help but mention that the first Higurashi VN is still available for free on Steam or GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/higurashi_when_they_cry_hou_ch1_onikakushi https://store.steampowered.com/app/310360/Higurashi_When_They_Cry_Hou__Ch1_Onikakushi/ It's not necessarily a game and I'm not sure whether it qualifies as "scary as shit". It's more of a "What the fuck is going on?" mindscrew thriller where the unreliable narration challenges you to find out the truth while your main POV characters devolve into madness. Also it's Anime style, which may be not everybody's cup of tea. Here a neat AMV of what awaits you, using the Anime adaptation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaEe6eY798c It is a really clever story and has terrific characters.
  9. How exactly is that punishing you? Is my astonishment at my dwindling population a result of it? Because otherwise the only major punishment I see is that conquering backwater countries tanks your literacy and therefore cripples your research, which I find really annoying. This is my third game of Victoria, I kinda know what techs I should pursue. XD It's just that after USA and Japan it's the first time I play a European country. And that I still suck at pop management. But thanks anyway. Tell that Russia, France and Britain. They are in a three-way war right now while I'm just chilling in the middle. Well, 'chilling' with a 50% revolution probability about to blow up in my face as people don't give a fuck about the unions I granted them.
  10. Okay, yesterday evening I got back into Victoria 2. This time starting indeed as Prussia. I'm now at 1847 and the game so far had been absolutely insane with so much happening, though I'm still thinking I'm really bad at it and winging it essentially. My first goal was to form the North German Federation. For that I obviously needed all provinces of the North German culture group in my sphere of influence. Among those was Holstein which was owned by Denmark, so I had a free casus belli on them and attacked (ironically at the same time as Austria which had the same idea, but I was obviously faster). I also claimed Greenland and Iceland just for the heck of it, but then realized that I completely forgot to have them free their satellite Schleswig and was shitting bricks that I screwed myself over am unable to sphere them until the truce expired. While mulling over that I thought I should go ahead preparing a later colonial Empire and sent an expedition to claim two provinces of Sokoto in the heart of Africa. My reasoning for that adventure was that I had still so much infamy to spare that I just couldn't restrain myself. That... will turn out to be dumb later though. Also my sphere battle with Austria and Britain went nowhere. Once Sokoto was conquered I turned my attention back to Europe. Saxonia was still in Austria's sphere and they refused to give it up. Parallel to that I read that it is possible to later form Greater Germany if Austria is sphered and Hungary exists. For that you obviously need to put Austria down a peg or four. Which is why I grabbed my free "Assert Dominance" Casus Belli to take over Austria's sphere of influence and added the wargoal of freeing Hungary for good measure. The resulting clash between German states was very bitter, but in the end I managed to encircle the two Austrian main armies and then proceed to carpet siege their territory until they gave up. And, even though I am not quite sure how it worked as I think I didn't have Schleswig in my sphere, the moment the war ended I was able to form the North German Federation. Awesome! I pulled my armies back and assessed the situation. Things... weren't really all that good. Why is it Japan in my last playthrough had much more population and more money than I knew what to do with? As North German Federation I am lacking all of that. I don't have enough soldiers to replenish the troops I lost against Austria, my provinces with the highest population are at 600 Million and they keep emigrating off to god knows where, my capitalists don't have any money to build railroads and factories and I myself have to keep raising taxes to keep up with my expenses (as Japan I was able to have the lowest possible taxes despite my bureaucracy sucking). With that taking on France for Elsass-Lothringen to form Germany disappeared into the distance. Even more when Bavaria somehow became a Great Power and cunningly used my truce with Württemberg and Baden to rip both of them out of my sphere. With that I have lost control over all countries I need to form Germany. To ease my frustration I sent another expedition to create a colony, this time in Yemen. Which was a mistake as soon after I declared war, the Netherlands attacked my ally Belgium. If I hadn't declared Yemen a protectorate, I would have had enough infamy to spare to just nab a bit of the Dutch East Indies to establish myself directly in Asia. After all, all end games I have witnessed so far had a scramble for China. Instead I allowed the Dutch a White Peace after whacking their armies out of Belgium. Well... that's where I am right now. Focusing right now on increasing my number of soldiers, increasing my literacy and also increasing my amount of factory workers, while trying to push for technologies that increase my population growth. I also allowed unions to make my population more appreciative of social reforms because health care would be neat to skyrocket my population. Unfortunately right now my liberal militancy goes through the roof as I am getting event after event increasing their support. I guess it's a scripted event to create the 1848 revolution, which makes sense, but it's still annoying as I don't want to loose interventionist economy or god forbid become a democracy. All those pre-election events are a hassle.
  11. I heard this as well. I think to remember to have heard a scientist say that if you built a floating city on Venus, you could technically even go outside just wearing an oxygen mask.
  12. This article might be interesting about that: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/nasa-climate-modeling-suggests-venus-may-have-been-habitable Though I must admit I think there is a bit of circular reasoning there. He says Venus was protected by a freakishly thick shield of clouds was generated by the heat accumulated during the insane 117 days long day, but at the other hand says that it would make the surface cooler than Earth's, so I would logically assume that the cloud shield would dissipate then. The only reasonable assumption would be that there would be a constant and rather drastic up and down in temperatures with massive rainfalls and intense heatwaves taking turns. I'm pretty sure that would make it very difficult for higher life forms to develop, but might pose an answer for the question how some microscopic life forms got swept up in the atmosphere and stayed there if there had been strong atmospheric 'tides' during its most lush era. It's weird, really. Here I thought we would find life first on the poles of Mars or the oceans of Europa and Ganymede, the burning hellscape of Venus comes a bit out of the left field. I just read the paper and it admits that there might be some odd chemical reactions still possible they simply didn't think of due to our lack of knowledge about the vapors in Venus' atmosphere or its volcanic activity (they even say that phosphine gas has been observed to be naturally created in gas giants). So maybe it will turn out to be a fluke, but it's still interesting. They suggest a probe to take atmospheric samples to clear things up and such a fly-bye sounds to me like a fairly simple mission (as opposed to, say, drilling through kilometers of glacier...). We'll see I guess. XD
  13. Have I mentioned before that I think if Darth Vader drove Formula 1, his car would certainly look exactly like Hamilton's?
  14. And my Japan playthrough is done. It's 1936. And the last years of the game had been a weird trip. Before my last attempt to nab some Chinese provinces my allies seem to have taken a liking of dragging me into weird wars at the other end of the world. First Portugal attacked Vietnam and with that triggered a US-intervention as well as dragging me and France into it. And while that was still being fought Egypt got attacked by the Kingdom of Sicily. So I sunk the Vietnamese fleet and some hastily assembled American ships in Indonesia, dropped an army off at Vietnam and hurried to the Mediterranean where Sicily awaited with an impressive amount of wooden ships that managed to hold my fleet at bay through sheer numbers, at least until my reinforcements came through the Suez channel. In the end the US never bothered to commit much more than a few ships to defend Vietnam and ultimately threw them under the bus by agreeing to the Portuguese demands. And Sicily peaced out as well after I beat their fleet and took Crete, which for some reason belonged to them rather than the Ottomans or communist Greece. With that done, I was free to turn my attention back to China and declared war again. This time it was... not really all that impressive, I must admit. The war started, China immediately swarmed my enclave, my forces from Manchuria/Korea rushed to their aid... and things got messy. My enclave apparently was too big and when Chinese doomstacks attacked me on several parts at once and threatened to overrun me, I decided to give up on trying to form a coherent frontline and drew all my not yet engaged forces together to at least be able to win some of these battles, even if that meant allowing Chinese forces to lay siege on my provinces. After that it went surprisingly smoothly thanks to how recklessly fast I pushed from the north and thanks to the Chinese resistance having being more spread out. In fact I really took a liking to these encirclement maneuvers, now that he I had so ridiculously plenty armies to do this with and at some point managed three encirclements at once. After China folded, I sat back and thought where to go next. My infamy was at the limit and I didn't feel confident enough to take on the whole world, so doing anything reckless was out of the question. But I was still only fourth in the world ranking and that angered me. Which is why I did the most historical thing and attacked Russia to get my last core they occupied. That once again was a very short and vicious war in which I abused encirclement, luring their main army of 400k onto Kamchatka and then closing the door essentially. They folded before the battle was over. I guess I'm now ready for Hearts of Iron, huh? The last few years then were spent trying to drive my scores higher by building ships, forts, researching prestige technologies and pushing my industrialization forwards in a desperate attempt to at least catch France in the world ranking. With annoyance I received the message in 1933 that my people finally developed tanks. Bravo. As if I could use them at this point... ... until I suddenly did as just before the end of the game I all of a sudden got a "Place in the Sun" casus belli against the Ottoman Empire, allowing me to invade the middle east. Funnily enough France, smelling blood, immediately joined the war on my side. But the game ended before anything became of it. This is the state of the world at the end: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200913/c8eb72mj.bmp (note that the Netherlands have the same color as Japan, making figuring out the territorial ownership in Indonesia a mess) Here's the world ranking at the end (sorry, I forgot to switch the game to English this time): https://s12.directupload.net/images/200913/9icg69wu.bmp I indeed narrowly managed to catch France and become third! But I am absolutely flabbergasted at that Industry rating of the USA. It just... skyrocketed at the end there... And Britain is still utterly invincible. So... With that done, my initial thought had been to try again as Prussia and this time to succeed in industrializing early. But eh... I guess I don't have all that much time on my hands now...
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