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  1. Let's not jump the gun here. I haven't seen anyone here framing the Hamas as the good guys by any stretch of imagination. Pointing out that Israel's current current leadership has a history of pouring gasoline onto the embers of conflict isn't excusing terrorism. It's just acknowledging that it isn't helpful to act like a hostile occupant arbitrarily kicking civilians off their property in order to colonize it. Shit like this makes the terrorists look like they've got a point when they promise that this injustice will stop if Israel (and the jews...) disappear. It's the reason why such sayings as the one you quoted keep getting traction. And similarly as you are frustrated by people like in the post above mine questioning your stance on Nethanyahu whenever you haven't actively distanced yourself from his policies in a post, it is helpful if you don't turn around and accuse people of downplaying the ideology of the Hamas when they haven't actively distanced themselves from them in their posts criticizing Israel's policies. @ everyone: Antisemitism and antisemitism justifying itself by pointing at Israel is bad. The existence of Israel is non-negotiable. Terrorism is just as obviously bad. Yet similarly policies that disenfranchise people, further fuel the conflict and carry us farther away from solutions are also bad and should be stopped. I think that's the bare minimum of a consent we all here can agree on, can we? I'm writing that so that we can stop tip-toeing each other and warily suspect each other of opinions that nobody has.
  2. Well, first of all: Get off Twitter! What were you expecting? It's fucking Twitter for crying out loud! Of course people won't be having a differentiated discussion there. That seems to nail it down exactly. What with the 300th failure to form a government in Israel, the postponement of Palestinian elections and Arabic states starting to normalize relations to Israel because they think Iran is the bigger issue at hand, it seems not very surprising that the Hamas is using this time for such a murderous cynical publicity stunt and how eager Nethanyahu is to respond with nothing but further escalation to posture as a strongman who goes eye for an eye. We... truly live in the dumbest timeline... It should be clear that for peace the Hamas need to loose their support, but I dare to say that Nethanyahu has done a terrific job keeping them relevant among the Palestinian civilians. And I pray that the Israeli electorate will wake up and vote the hardliners out somewhere down the line. Despite all the bluster right now, generally Israel is in a position of power and its neighbors have never been less inclined to attack it. If there was political will to get back to the table, things could rapidly look more hopeful. In any case: Stay safe!
  3. Well, TOS and TNG also had a fairly consistent staff of background characters (even though the Enterprise D's crew was, like, 7 times larger than Voyager's). Remember Lieutenant Kyle? I really just never understood Voyager's obsession with killing mauve shirts off in really dumb situations. Like... what's the point? It felt outright spiteful in the last season.
  4. To be fair, the Hirogen were spread out all over the place up to the northern edge of the Beta Quadrant and were able to spread the technology Voyager gave them using a huge ancient communication array. So that made sense, even though there is absolutely no excuse for the later Kazon episodes. And aside the memes, I never felt particularly concerned about shuttles and torpedoes (it's actually the fault of the show to mention it as a concern in the first episode). Voyager has industrial replicators aboard, of course they can easily print themselves new Shuttles, torpedoes and other spare parts for Voyager as long as they've got the resources. In fact, that should have been their main concern, tracking down nebulae and asteroids or trading for the elements they needed and while some episodes mentioned it, it wasn't treated as dire as it could have been for the sake of drama. In fact, Voyager being a long-range exploration vessel in the first place, it may have been far too well specialized for the premise of the show...
  5. Okay, it seems I've made my mind up about what I'm going to do in my X4 playthrough_ - Step 1: Continuing to explore the galaxy with my Elite and discover all factions' home sectors - Step 2: While I'm doing that, buy mining ships and traders at every wharf to keep increasing my passive income - Step 3: Start to scan stations and unlock blueprints so that I can fool around with my own stations. - Step 4: Do the Hub plot - Step 5: Wipe out the Argon Federation. I remember what these designated good guys did to the Torus Aeternal. Fuck them! So far I did two missions for the Paranids that brought me to a neutral standing with them. I used that to buy a mining ship at their home sector before continuing my journey. I found a pirate sector with an orbital accelerator that launched me into a an asteroid field (and a couple of asteroids...), but that odd side adventure luckily also ended up with me finding an abandoned Argon Courier drifting in the middle of nowhere. A small transport, neat! I went back and bought two crewmen for my Elite and went back, sending one to board and claim the Courier. Not quite sure what to do with it outside of equipping it as a trader, but it's a little small for that to be effective. I then went onwards and discovered some Teladi sectors, but not their homeworld as of yet.
  6. That would be funny, and kinda what I was joking about with the scene from Ciconia I referenced. ... but I want to insist that I'm not pursuing anyone... I mentioned on the last page that she made it clear that she isn't interested in relationships, so I'm at most trying to get a friend to get out more.
  7. Absolutely not. They are clearly banking on what makes The Mandalorian popular: Western atmosphere, the heroes going from place to place doing jobs (with Mando's bounty hunting having long turned into mercenary work in his show), a kid character that needs protection, Clone Wars cameos... I'm curious to see whether they succeed in making the lawless fringes of the Empire different enough to the lawless fringes of the New Republic to justify this show's existence. But then again, I never cared much about this show at all after their rather boring Clone Wars introduction.
  8. What? After such an... uh... offensive first date I wouldn't have expected that. Ugh... So... recounting of my city tour. It was a nice change of pace I guess? We lingered at the first park for about two hours, which wasn't exactly my intention, but is a really gorgeous place. And I have never seen it as bustling as I did today with music and dance and children playing everywhere. I suppose the great weather after weeks of craziness and Corona is driving people out there. I suppose we talked quite a bit, but I still got the impression that I was dominating it a bit too much. I should emphasize once again that it wasn't a date by any stretch of imagination. In fact she even pointed out that she's confused someone who checked 'relationship' in the 'seeks' tab doesn't seem really interested in anything other than friendship. Before I was to explain my reasoning she clarified that she herself has never been interested in a relationship and just wanted to get to know someone to make experiences with in the town. Truth be told this was exactly the impression that I had from the very beginning, so I'm absolutely fine with that. And once again, I initially wanted to write into my profile that getting to know new interesting people is enough of a win in my book, so... Anyway, as a bit of a bad omen a bird pooped onto her head just as we left to continue the tour, so we doubled back to clean her up and spent another half an hour at an even nicer spot we found there. The rest of the tour went without any further attacks, but she did get tired out very fast, so we called it a day. Just now she asked me whether we should meet again next week. I... well, would like to, but I'll be quite busy so I couldn't promise anything. Anyway, now I'm back at home... actually myself quite tired and my legs are aching. XD
  9. After the shitshow of Valencia it seems Formula E had to step the game up yesterday and delivered a rare treat of a Monaco race with constant fights for the front:
  10. I must sound like a broken record, but my go-to reference is always the Mexican Superman in Gods and Monsters here. Him being Mexican wasn't at all the center of his movie, it was about someone murdering scientists using robots mimicking the powers of his world's Justice League to pin their crimes on them. But it was still abundantly clear in every single scene that Hernan is not Clark and never was. He was written as significantly more cynical and unscrupulous, not to mention constantly questioning his purpose and the one of his heroics. All because his different backstory mattered. I would hope for a black Superman to be handled the same. I'd say making Superman black solely as a cynical marketing scheme and not do anything with it would be the height of laziness. I would very much prefer someone to do something creative with that premise rather than check stale old Superman tropes. But then again, it's Hollywood, I utterly doubt that there is any kernel of creativity to find there.
  11. You know, I keep seeing criticism like this and every time I wonder how poor is enough to be allowed to say that we have to change our lifestyle to some degree. I myself am privileged. I may have never owned a car and flew in a plane only twice in my entire life, but I was never really poor and was able to pursue a Master's degree in part thanks to the money my father was making. I could easily do a trip somewhere now with the money I've been saving up for a home of my own, in fact I have occasionally been regretful that I didn't see much of the world. That makes me part of the 'educated elite' I guess that is decried as the core Green voter. And indeed I share the opinion that flying is far too cheap right now and in order to adjust it to its immense environmental impact we should make it as costly as it was in the 70s, turning it into a special event instead of a casual annual entitlement. Meanwhile I am also saying we should massively expand the rail network and make it an attractive and cheap alternative. Am I allowed to say that? Am I myself too privileged to have these positions? Similarly am I not allowed to ask for the end of combustion engines? Am I not allowed to say that we should improve the comfort and availability of public transport both in urban as well as in rural areas in a multipronged approach that makes use of different engine types for different utilities? And I didn't interact with the example of your professor because like others have posted, it is ludicrous to condemn everyone identifying as left, socially or economically (which are two different branches of policy, but 'the right' doesn't seem to care, it's all scary and all the same) for the acts of some zealous armchair trolls. Not to mention that I also disagree with the idea of stating arbitrary caps on gender-stereotyped professional interests as that doesn't help anyone. I rate the societal impact on that extremely high since everyone gets their images of certain professions from somewhere, be it family, media and certain role models. And that societal impact is highly malleable.
  12. At the time where today's meeting would have been it suddenly was sunshine with a bright blue sky. I was thinking "Are you kidding me?" at least until 40 minutes later where the sky suddenly turned pitch black and there was a sudden hailstorm with a thunder that briefly knocked my internet out. Now that's more like it! We'll see, we'll see. Like I said before, I'm content to be the tour guide and I've got the impression that if she were interested in anything else, she'd be more proactive to get to know stuff about me. While the stuff she's telling me has turned fairly private surprisingly quickly, that makes me more of a vent for her worries than anything else.
  13. Continued my X4: Foundations run. Damn, there is so much to do in that game and it's only very recently that I found out I accidentally avoided the main quest by skipping parts of the tutorial. After some trading I had earned enough money to buy a mining ship and set it to automine in Argon Prime. I then put my Mercury to autotrading (its poor captain needs to earn her wage after all!) and set out with my Elite into Paranid territory in order to raise my reputation from hostile to neutral so that I can trade with them as well. Unfortunately so far with very little success. I destroyed some Khaak and Xenon, but apparently too far off from their stations and ships to get any kind of acknowledgement for that. I even took part in a rather large-scale battle against the Xenon, but the Paranid forces were so massive that I never managed to get the kill as the Xenon were dying far too fast. At least I managed to grab a ton of wreckage and made quite a neat profit from that. Together with my trader and my miner I already bounced back to a million credits. The only mission offered to me was by the Antigone Republic who apparently has a station in Paranid territory. They sent me into the neighboring Xenon sector to search for two lockboxes. Took me quite a while to find them because after looking it up I found out I have used the long range scanners wrong. I thought you just had to go into scan mode and fly around, but apparently you have to press 'r' to shoot some kind of sensor ping that marks objects on your map. While at it I also found a lone "Data Vault" satellite that I had to explore in my space suit, triggering switches that open doors to more switches, goodies and apparently... animated encyclopedia entries? Okay... that seems a rather unexpected sort of collectible for an X game. Also one of those lockboxes had 16 locks was constantly rotating and only allowed one miss, exploding on the second one. That was a bitch to open for an old savescummer like me...
  14. Ah, harping against the ominous "they". And then with the good old myth that left-leaning activists with a college degree don't care about fair wages, human working hours and education, simply because they... are... educated? I suppose it is a nice argument to use if you want to construct some kind of class warfare to keep uneducated people voting against their own interests by telling them again and again and again that those who want to improve things are scary and can't understand them, so you'll have to push for those parties that don't have any goals except remaining in power. You know, the ones who established the exploitative working conditions, left all public institutions chronically underfunded and keep making headlines with their corrupt connections to big corporations. I shouldn't be surprised. It is an election year and I have seen conservative sorts of people come out in droves screeching about how the Greens want to destroy our economy and flood the country with immigrants, now that they are a serious contender for governing. These kind of arguments bank on the fact that barely anyone reads party programs, so instead of actual policy we have to talk about ideological boogeymen and what we think someone stands for.
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