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  1. Typical me yesterday. *arrives early from school at 1.30 pm* Me: "Great, so I just correct and grade these 4 papers and then do some workout for a change" *takes 10 hours to correct 2 of these papers* Me: "Well... fuck, now I've got to sleep." *rinse and repeat the next day*
  2. *grabs popcorn as someone is screeching about restrooms in the distance*
  3. Yes. It's just at a mission efficiency of around... 12%?
  4. Don't worry too much, since it's nothing you have any influence on anyway. Just keep in mind that the most severe damage is caused by the ventilation and since you got no severe symptoms, you should be fine. Just focus on getting well soon! Meanwhile typical Covid news on my end: We opened schools two weeks ago despite infection numbers still notably above the peak level of the first wave. I just got a mail saying that my school is closed next week again because of a Covid outbreak. Go figure.
  5. I mean, you saw that I did both at the same time. In the last days I hadn't time to play any videogames either. Only about 20 minutes yesterday shortly before midnight to try out the fall-back line suggestion.
  6. My main problem is mostly lack of organization. Case in point, since Wednesday I haven't managed to move at all again. All because I have to spend every day the whole day at the computer to get my work done, there is simply no time where I could work out, so when I surprisingly have some kind of opening, I'm going to have to use it. And of course I once again woke up with intense neck pain...
  7. Thanks! This indeed worked... ... though maybe a bit too well. I pulled my units behind the Amazonas, giving Columbia the land in between and then... they really just stand there, not daring to go for any push despite having a 8:1 numerical advantage. It's downright silly. Also, just as I expected, my planes are useless. I had all my fighters in the air and yet within seconds my infrastructure was bombed from 7 to 0. Fuck...
  8. I was under the impression that would only fire my attack order. How can I know which order it is they would do?
  9. Okay, I have obviously no clue whatsoever how to use a fallback line. I declared war on Columbia. Columbia immediately attacked and I was loosing the battle on every single front line, just as expected. Beforehand I drew a fallback-line, so I... think I ordered them to go back to it? But it turned out I think that was only a move order. So they bunched up all in one place while the Columbians freely advanced everywhere else, which dissolved the fallback-line. I then frantically ordered ordered my army to "defend province". Which... was somehow understood as walking to the south-east edge of the amazonas territory, as far away from the enemy as possible, and... sit there. And then when the Columbians continued their advance, my army... attacked with one division at a time, watching them get massacred one by one. Okay, the hell?!?
  10. The game has an option to toggle historical AI. From some timelapses I saw on Youtube it seems that the historical mode does a pretty decent job. I'm actually also playing historical and so far nothing too insane happened. Even Franco snapped back after his situation looked grim at first. The only oddities are some odd delays, which I probably only notice because I very recently did a lesson on WW2 which made me quite conscious of things like the USSR taking its sweet time taking the baltic states or the UK bumbling around in Africa, utterly failing to contain Italy, while at the same time Germany attacked the USSR quite early and yet barely made it past the Curzon line. Interestingly, from what I gathered during my research there are some eccentricities hard-coded into the game in case you go off-the-rails. I was interested to see what happens if you turn Germany democratic and apparently the game then makes France fascist or communist just to rail-road you into some kind of conflict.
  11. I have lots of fighters and CAS. My two airbases next to the front line had a composition of 130 CAS and 70 fighters each. Armored units I'm absolutely lacking unfortunately. I haven't managed to build a tank division yet, I only have some cavalry and motorized infantry. Yes, my infrastructure sucked massively. The Amazonas territory was just at 2 infrastructure. I now went to a massive improvement campaign there. But I'm still annoyed how far the air base there is away from countries like Columbia, rendering my air superiority essentially worthless. I tried another go this morning. Paraguay still joined the Comintern, this time I refused to join the Axis. Paraguay folded very fast, allowing me to then also attack Bolivia, which then also joined the Comintern. The USSR declared for on me, but so far I haven't seen them. I guess they are busy fighting the Germans. Unfortunately Peru then joined the axis and also attacked Bolivia, taking two provinces in the process. I got myself talked into signing a non-aggression pact with Peru, thinking it might be neat to keep them around as an ally once I'm in a war with the USA and join the axis. Unfortunately I'm a bit stumped about what I should do next. Technically the next target I'm justifying a wargoal for is Columbia, but the border area is extremely short on their end, while I on my side have to deal with the giant ass amazonas area. My air base and radar tower are so far away they are essentially useless and my troops are facing a 10 unit stack on the Columbian side. Technically the best way to take them on may be a naval invasion, but I have neither the transport ships, nor a coast on the west side of the continent. So I'm wondering whether to abort justifying my wargoal and take other countries first. Argentina looks juicy thanks to its steel production. On the other hand I'm wondering whether I should declare a war and play defensively, hoping they break their teeth on my lines entrenched behind rivers while my main army deals with other countries. But that's very risky given how bad I am at combat yet and how numerically inferior my secondary army is.
  12. Ah, fuck. I already messed up my Hearts of Iron playthrough. I was annoyed that justifying a war goal took me 400 days for every tiny country, so when Paraguay joined the Comintern and the Axis offered me to join them in turn, I said 'whatever' and did it... Yeah, so, bad idea. after finishing Paraguay I ended up wasting all my time failing to conquer take the three European colonies in the north for whatever reason. I had an overwhelming numerical advantage, but of course took a ridiculous amount of attrition and no matter what I did, I couldn't take them in their entrenched position. I guess I will try again tomorrow not joining the axis for as long as the Allies have better things to do...
  13. Well, my exercise boiled down to... playing Hearts of Iron IV at the slowest game speed and while keeping an eye on the game doing as many push-up as I can (which couldn't be more than a dozen), then as many sit-ups as I can, then as many dumb-bell lifts as I can since till then my arms have recovered, then sit-ups again, then back to push-ups and rinse and repeat. I managed to repeat that for three times in a row until I got a pain in my right arm that refused to go away.
  14. Yeah, no. Ain't gonna be happening.^^ Me picking up my "training regiment" was actually in response to last weekend where I had some rather extreme physical reactions to my stress and lack of mobility. I spent two days with constant head and back aches, dizziness and shivering fits. So I really need to get going with... well, any kind of training. But at least good to know that I'm not the only one plagued by that.
  15. Can I vent a little? Is this weird that I'm looking at my relationships with one of my classes with a mix of "would be nice to have them in person again to have a shot at engaging them better" and "but would it be? Those who do work now at least do something instead of nothing". I have this one class that I had taken over very late in the last semester. Their previous teacher due to Covid fears only taught them once every two weeks, if she wasn't called in sick anyway. So when I replaced her, the class after a month only had a single history lesson and I was forced to start from scratch. The atmosphere was always... weird. The loudest troublemakers made it clear that I'm just the "asshole who is taking away their free slot that day" and that they had no interest whatsoever to engage with my lessons. The following weeks were a grueling affair where lesson after lesson was an abysmal failure because the students were always doing a ruckus and barely engaging with my lessons. The additional problem is that, as harsh as it sounds, I'm pretty sure the majority of the class is barely literate. I already had classes which had language troubles, but not to the degree that 100% of the class can't write anything down to save their lives, even those select few who are relatively eloquent verbally. I cut down tasks to filling out gap texts and half filled out tables, which is the most that I was able to expect for them to accomplish. But whenever I asked them to make notes, not even sentences, just notes, they just stared at the blank page and do nothing. I was trying some lessons focused around describing pictures or summarizing texts with pre-made sentence snippets, but even those lessons failed spectacularly both due to their aggressive disinterest and their inability to have any connection whatsoever with words. Forming arguments to express opinions, the point of my usual lessons, became a distant dream. That it's that bad feels extremely obvious now that they are forced to turn in their notes digitally. Because they are barely decipherable. Last week they just had to summarize an already extremely simplified explanation text which boiled down to just recounting a number of events that happened and why they happened. Just an introduction I wanted to use as a groundwork to go explore the event afterwards. But nobody managed to accomplish even that. By those students who attempted it, I was asked what basic words like "outline" and "compromise" means. We are talking of 16 years olds here. I guess the point of this rant is to express a certain amount of helplessness, but also ask what the hell the go-to solution for this is. I could just give up trying to teach history and solely focus on training the German language, but then again the class is absurdly unmotivated as it is and the majority only half-assedly engages with my lessons, if at all. I was trying to 'get them' with virtual field trips where they should explore historical sights through 360° picture galleries or comparing historical maps with the present day, but the response to those lessons was in the low single digits and even those felt extremely out of their depth, not really sure what to look for. Now imagine me attempting to hook them for something that is supposed to train their language skills, something I'm only vaguely trained in. I had two courses about how to ease the language demands in your lessons for students who have language trouble, but never to the degree that I felt able to do it with all of my lessons without an unreasonable amount of effort.
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