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  1. I feel like that needs some emphasize in that sentence there because I find it bizarre how you tried to phrase it in a way that makes it sound like killing people you are ideologically opposed to is such minor offense nowadays that we shouldn't be outraged about it. Also so many people are upset about this outcome specifically because they did go through your hypothetical version in their heads and came to the conclusion that a BLM protestor shooting someone would have either gotten lynched then and there or faced all the manslaughter charges imaginable.
  2. I guess it does. But my only playthrough so far had been with Brandenburg and the beginning there seems to involve a major "Do this one thing or you are fucked" situation according to the wiki. Something that I learned the hard way and therefore had to deal with wasting away a rather long stretch at the beginning where I couldn't expand without getting crushed by everyone in the neighborhood. So... well, exactly what you describe with starting in some kind of situation. I guess Crusader Kings is similar, but I tend to start as a tiny count and marry my way upwards, so I do spend the beginning of every game in a "cosy" (or helpless) situation where I inevitably have time to adjust to my options due to how limited they are anyway. But Stellaris has that 4X progression that I find a lot more comfortable there than in any other turn-based 4X game. Exploring the stars à la Star Trek, slowly get adjusted to the resources available in your neighborhood, realizing that your Federation-building xenophiles are surrounded by xenophobic theocracies and then preparing for the inevitable extermination wars to ensue... Ah yes, writing I have as a hobby as well... unfortunately my job also sucks up all my creativity, which is awesome in itself, but makes you too drained to write as well. So I can absolutely understand that.
  3. Mmh, compared with EUIV or Victoria II I found both Stellaris and Crusader Kings a whole lot more accessible. I guess the trick is to not treat them as Grand Strategy games where you have to min-max your way to total domination, but more as a role-playing game where you are free to play around in a sandbox. And yes, I also have a job that doesn't really allow for much gaming time...
  4. Yes. Yesterday they said he's 27 km/h faster than Norris when he overtook him with DRS. But he also casually overtook Ocon, Vettel and Ricciardo while they were all in a DRS train behind Gasly. Add to that that everyone is struggling to overtake because of dirty air drastically slowing the car down when you are behind someone and Hamilton has still such an insane advantage to brute force a pass it's not even funny anymore.
  5. I'm not denying that Hamilton is a great driver, but all the skill in the world can't make your car 30 km/h faster on straights than every other car on the track. And it's the straights where he made almost all of his passes. I also highly doubt that Bottas has the exact same car. Due to Verstappen's streak they seem to have made some rather massive upgrades. Granted, Bottas also had significantly better pace, but it's just logical that their title guy will get priority treatment.
  6. ... fuck you are right. XD But damn, I don't care what everyone else says, I found Spore fun, if shallow. Also I was mostly thinking now of a strategy game about cultural, social and technological traits that can be researched to shape your people according to your situation. So yes, more like Humankind, just with more natural steps. Does anyone know that Stargate episode where Sheppard and McKay think they play a videogame in which they play two cultures that they were evolving with technologies and (nonsensically personal) decrees until it turns out it was a social experiment of the ancients and these people exist for real? That's kind of what I imagine:
  7. Might. I'm very skeptical when I see that you can decide to turn your Egyptians into Romans into Vikings into Australians for the sake of grabbing era specific bonuses. I feel like what I really want is to completely shed that idea to be a historical country and instead just graft different traits together to make something truly unique that may mirror some real life entities or might be something completely alien. Basically the trait system of Stellaris in an even more fluid form.
  8. ... can I just admit that I always found the idea of Civ games a lot more engaging than the games themselves? I really would love to simulate some culture from pre-historic times to the modern times and see how different conditions cause my people to evolve differently and develop a culture appropriate to its surroundings. Instead it feels more like an immortal god emperor playing a board game, especially with V and VI. I had a couple attempts dicking around with IV, had maybe three full playthroughs with V and exactly one playthrough with VI. Every time I start out motivated to see this evolution, but somehow end up bored and disappointed.
  9. Sigh... I HATE Skaven. Why does it always have to be Skaven I'm fighting? Every single fucking time... I just managed to beat Tretch down to his last city, Hag Hall. Somehow he got FIVE full stacks with only Ratling Guns, Warpfire Throwers and Stormvermin that pretend to be as tough as Dwarfs skulking around. He counter attacked me after one of my armies took the Venom Glades, wiping it out. Somehow despite the battle being as close as it can possibly get with both armies at the end just throwing sticks and stones at each other, Tretch only lost one unit and instantly replenished the rest the next turn. When I counter-attacked the counter attack with my other two armies I managed to lightning strike two of his stacks, but then got ambush-attacked the next turn by three more stacks. That's when I quit and wonder whether to go back to my savefile before the first battle at Venom Glades and try to see whether I can turn that one around.
  10. Has anyone else seen that they reuploaded the Star Wars The Old Republic cinematic trailers again in higher resolution for the 10 year anniversary? You can think about the game what you want (I myself am especially irritated about how dirty they did Revan), but they always had the most amazing trailers.
  11. Mercedes' footage of Verstappen tampering with Hamilton's car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk-g6ax-ByI
  12. Absolutely, but at the same time looking like kindergarten kids while have incidences of above 1100 in some regions because of vaccination rates below 70% and people forget to get the booster shots.
  13. Well, and we are only marginally better off, but on top of that have no functioning government. Söder accuses Scholz of not doing enough as the next chancellor while Scholz fires back that he is not yet chancellor and it's the CDU/CSU's job to do something (even though the SPD is still coalition partner), meanwhile Merkel carefully asks the presidents of the federal states to come together... maybe next week. It's ship without captain.
  14. Mmh, sorry if it looked like I'm being condescending, it's just that I'm trying to make a bit of fun about how empty these profiles are/trying to cope with how deep the rift is between me and what other people seem to regard as attractive/necessary to attract. Just like with women making fun of all the fish pics. It's just frustrating that I made sure to completely fill out my profile and put a lot of thoughts into giving a thorough look into who I am, what my interests are and what I imagine a relationship with me to be like (the evil overlord roleplaying I walked back on after a week)... and all I see is people having two pictures and one prompt filled out with the ever same sentence I have seen 500 times already. I'm starting to think that the algorithm doesn't even need to actively hide me to explain the utter silence I am experiencing since I signed up there, but that the site simply empty outside of a couple instagram attention-seekers I couldn't be more incompatible with.
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