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  1. Yep. I have heard that this is a really good one, but I must admit I am too focused on figuring out what you can currently do with the Federation and the Galactic Community that I didn't like to commit to this insanity.
  2. I should note that in my Colonies of Kobol game the game for some reason felt it necessary to have me trigger the Shroud event. I was so focused on other things that I noped the fuck out of that black hole system right away.
  3. Benioff and Weiss. When they jumped the shark.
  4. Toth


    So the Anime season ended, especially with three surprise episodes for Psycho Pass season 3, titled "First Inspector". Since I watched three shows, I better summarize my thoughts on these... Fate Grand Order: Babylonia - Oh dear. I must admit, yes, I stuck with it till the very end. And... I must also admit that in hindsight it actually wasn't too bad. I thought the weird crotch and underboob shots decreased in number and jarringness towards the end and while I must admit that spaced out during many scenes in which Ishtar and Ereshkigal got needlessly degraded (has this rotten franchise some kind of vendetta against Rin?), it was fine for what it was. And what it was is a mindless adventure story with a faceless milktoast protagonist that everybody loves for some inexplicable reason, as well as one massive 'Draco in leather pants' moment for Gilgamesh being a good guy here. Though the absolutely horrific PS2 graphics CGI monster at the end was ludicrous. Where did all the gacha money go all of a sudden? Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record - Oh dear. I feel like the developers were really talented, but crippled themselves by adhering to the game too much. They were trying to shake things up, but they abandoned the visual cues from Madoka Magica of the early episodes quite soon and many of their changes were just to streamline stuff and they snapped back on track to a word-by-word adaptation soon enough. Heck, they even dropped their own character Kuroe entirely after the first episode. It feels like there must have been a lot of executive meddling behind the scenes with some people thinking like me that Magia Record as a story can't stand on its own and needs improvement, while others wanted to play safe and stick to the source material. In the end it feels like a giant waste of an opportunity. It is far too rushed in execution and picks up and abandons so many ideas that it is outright confusing for new viewers while those who played the game will often end up moaning about the weird decisions on the cutting board that sometimes undercut the characterization that the story in other points heavily relies upon. The last episode is an interesting case study for that. They change quite a lot of things at the very last moment making it look like the second season will differ wildly from the game, but even those changes could possibly be resolved just as quickly with game scenes. At the same time they wasted a stupenduous amount of time on a fight scene for Mami that looked both extremely cheap (you can't attempt to copy Rebellion with a TV budget obviously) and had me wonder at several points how the fuck they survived this. They should have ended the fight at the halfway point when Sayaka had her big moment. Psycho Pass 3 - Oh... that was unexpected! No really. The second season was a horrenduous filler with a despicable main character, a villain that felt like a knockoff of the villain of the first season, an idiot plot that could have been resolved in episode 3 since they already got the fucking perp and let him go without any investigation whatsoever despite all the evidence against him and the absolutely mindboggling body count that felt very jarring in contrast to the first season's very deliberate use of violence (and also I thought that the CC levels went to lethal height way too fast just to make this carnage happen). The movie was really amazing and thematically on-point, even if the English was comically bad. So imagine how I went into season 3 with very low expectations... ... and I must say as a final verdict that these writers have some fucking balls! In this day and age where the stories of moving pictures are decided upon by comittee, where everyone is only concerned with maximizing profit by betting on 'safe' choices like well-known names, downtrodden tropes and whatever is currently popular, it takes some fucking balls to sideline well-loved protagonists of old, build up your own new cast, build a story entirely around them and have them affect the setting's history and future in a very meaningful way while the old cast members get only glorified cameos. Akane and Kogame only got two 30 second scenes with eacher! I counted! And damn, they pulled it off! I loved almost every bit of it. The last three episodes now were a tightly packed action sequence in which the police station got under siege. Once again every characters gets moments to shine (including our beloved desk rats like Shion, though I must admit her 'modded' pill bot gave me some rather jarring Matrix 3 flashbacks), the fight choreographies were not quite as inspired as before, but still pretty good and the ending made me feel all kinds of emotions. And mostly positive ones! Which I must admit is pretty strange. It feels like Psycho Pass is heading towards its final resolution with broad steps, especially with its positioning of Akane now...
  5. Toth

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    So I'm back from my shopping trip. Yes, my mother has been yelling at me the entire time while I was changing my clothes to go outside, yes she attempted to show me the cold shoulder upon my return and yes, I then got reprimanded for failing to get soap and sanitizer (as if that's possible to be found anywhere at this point). But enough about my home situation, going out after 11 days of staying at home is already a strange experience. For a Friday noon the streets were surprisingly full, mostly of old people, which... I really don't get at all. It immediately made me feel foolish for thinking that everyone is inside waiting this thing out like me. I decided halfway through that I should head for the biggest supermarket in town to make a shot at getting everything in one go. In fact I got enough milk for the next month, kitchen rolls were back again, canned food was still there (though I didn't go for it this time), there was still a surprising amount of cheap pasta, just the expensive one was gone. Meat and cheese was still abundant. I got a lot of bread, but whole-grain ready-to-bake bread was gone. Toilet paper and paper tissues were still gone. Flour and bread baking mixture as well. And my biggest surprise: Cookies and crisps were entirely gone. All of it. I wonder whether this is for the much-told-about Corona parties or whether the people suffering from cabin fever have switched to sustaining from junk food. Good thing for me they haven't noticed the discount on frozen pizza yet. However inside the supermarket itself the epidemic has been real again. There were lots of safety features for the staff like plexiglas screens and mandatory distance at the deposit counter, as well as hired staff that was paying attention that people don't stay too closely together at the check-out. Amusingly they have marked a safety distance around the fresh meat aisle and shout down everyone who accidentally steps inside, I can't imagine they have been selling anything there this week. Unfortunately between the shelves the people are stuck as closely together as always. Even moreso, I assume, given that I can't imagine it ever being that full on a Friday noon.
  6. Toth

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    You see, that is my plan. But I fully expect to be reprimanded if I 'forget' to get anything she needs after she refuses to make a shopping list. And it is tough going out spontaneously when there is a person around constantly screeching that you are dooming you two to certain death if you go out. Is anyone really surprised that I have grown up to become a person who needs several hours writing an E-Mail because I am damn near constantly worrying about how to phrase everything?
  7. Toth

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Day 12 of the lockdown. Have I mentioned that my mother is a person solely driven by fear and has been for the last 8 years? It should come to nobody's surprise that she at some point stopped ignoring me and pretended her pointless anger at me never happened because she remembered she still needed someone to rant to. Things therefore have been quite normal for the last few days and I successfully managed to finish almost all my work. Yesterday I then intended to spend the whole day finishing correcting my last exams to get this off the table, but the desk was blocked by my mother going utterly Corona crazy and I was unable to do anything at all. The reason is that our supplies of fresh food are running out since we weren't outside since Monday last week and she is affected by watching Corona-related talkshows all day every day since then. She is now too scared to go out and when I offer to do the groceries as usual she snaps at me for being an idiot since I am apparently even more at risk in her mind and she forbids me to go out. Instead she spent the whole day, the whole day, trying to figure out how to order food at the supermarket online (despite their stock looking miserable and expensive and the delivery dates being booked out for the next three months), but cowering in fear at every step ("Why do they want my telephone number? There is something fishy about this! Have I been hacked?"). In the end she didn't order anything, but today demanded that I sign up for it and order something instead after we had just another argument about me going out to buy shit.
  8. Toth

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    I completely forgot to mention that my new frontier space for some reason includes an archaeological site. How is that even possible? I don't have Ancient Relics DLC! I'm still curious what to get out of it... My excavating crew is haunted by constant nightmares. Sounds promising! And then there is one funny side event that threw me a bit out of the loop: I did mention in one of my last posts that I created the Nivlac, an intelligent mushroom life form that keeps breeding like tribbles. They have a sizeable population in colonial worldss, but since they can basically survive everywhere, they have started migrating to my Federation partners. And one of them suddenly had an uprising, creating two small Nivlac empires that are now hanging around. How the hell did that happen? I must say that Stellaris is as crazy as ever. XD
  9. I actually just watched the "fleet" scenes because I wanted to see a 'modern' Starfleet vessel in action and oh my god, it looked so bad I can't even fathom what they were thinking. So lazy that they just copypasted the same crappy design for both fleets hundreds of times in perfect unison. So artificial, so superficial and somehow it was exactly how Redletter Media joked about them having twenty bazillion ships on screen for the sheer heck of having big impressive numbers. This whole show is just one big fucking joke, isn't it?
  10. Toth

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Me too. That's normal I guess. I am thinking about making a designated forge world to mass produce it. In the policies tab you can decide whether you want to exchange trade value for power, consumer goods or unity. Admittedly, my empire is so small that right now it doesn't make that much of an impact, but it is nice to have the option. However it does come with the downside of spawning pirates if you spread your starbases out too much or don't want to invest in a single corvette patrolling the area.
  11. Toth

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    To be fair, I feel like Paradox drastically reworking games like Stellaris and Imperator: Rome is a bit different than stuff like nerfing the shit out of online games. At least we are getting new stuff and while the jarring new pop system put me off at first as well, I managed to settle in with no problems. The new system actually feels more like you are actually managing a planet's population and space and not just a bunch of dudes in Sid Meyer's Colonization, while at the same time increasing strategies in how to micromanage jobs and housing. Take for example Caprica right now. The planet now has 60 pops after I had an event chain adding sentient mushroom people added to my population causing quite an uproar. I had to make more city districts to get enough living space for all of them while at the same time ran out of room to build new buildings, meaning I have now 3 unemployed pops. In the old system the planet would have only been full and that's it. There is still a lot of potential in Stellaris though. I like the trade route and piracy system and the galactic market is a neat way to exchange resources that have hit your storage capacities against metals (of which I am chronically short of). But the lack of inter-empire trade routes is annoying and takes away from trade treaties and piracy in that the former only gives you a flat bonus on economic might and the latter is solely an internal issue, not an external as you would logically expect.
  12. Toth

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Yesterday I was playing both Project Cars and Stellaris. I can't drive more than one event in a row in Project Cars because I'm playing with my keyboard only, so I'm still stuck in Superkart. My last race was the Sonoma track in the US and I am very ambivalent towards it. It is crazy and fun, but also veeery difficult. There are two sections that feel like straights with very slight curvature where the helping arrows keep telling me to go full throttle, but the massive elevation changes would launch my kart into the air and into the sand if I heed their advice. But if I brake the AI karts who don't seem to have that issue just barrel into me, launching me into the sand anyway. Therefore I just go off the throttle and let centrifugal force carry me through these sections while praying to not spin out of control. It was exhilarating. And caused me to play this race about four times... Oh, and after that I got an invitation to the 24 hours of Le Mans. I immediately felt like if I did that, I could chop my hand off afterwards. On the other hand I take back my initial complaints about having to race against a BAC Mono in an Audi. For another Track Day challenge I was put into a Mono and they drive like shit. The accelation is really disappointing after the superkart and it is really annoying to fly out of curves where the superkart was able to punch through at full speed. Makes me think that in the next tiers I will definitely aiming for Formula 1 because that seems to be the most fun category. In Stellaris things were quite fun. I have been watching my Federation and the Space UN grow and prosper while I myself snuck to the west where a large patch of undiscovered space was to be found. A new untamed frontier, if you want to call it that. And I aggressively pushed for expansion (fittingly finishing my expansion focus tree) while keeping the raving xenophobes to the north more or less contained. I feel like the local warmongers have become extremely intimidated, there were only two very minor wars at the other side of the galaxy so far while I am quite casually consolidating my power (and start to get some traction when it comes to diplomatic weight). Unfortunately I am now "bordering" to two Fallen Empires. With "bordering" I mean I am justifiably scared of settling near them. One is xenophobic isolationists, the other one a church militant. If one of them awakens, I am pretty much screwed...
  13. Ah fuck, the official Star Trek channel now uploaded an interview with John de Lancie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU4zka4YFe4 I fear nothing is sacred anymore...
  14. Toth

    The world after the pandemic

    A scaling back of globalization I doubt very much. Maybe some shortening of supply chains for essential goods, but other than that I'm expecting everything to get back to normal.