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  1. Somehow felt a bit creative recently. Made my xth try to build something in Cities: Skylines and since my biggest hurdle so far had always been realizing there is some game mechanic I hadn't factored into my construction and then rather abandoning my safe instead of the hassle of fixing it, I just started a fresh game with unlimited money where this wouldn't have as devastating consequences in a game where I'm barely scrounging enough pennies together for a new firehouse. This is the result by now: https://s20.directupload.net/images/210802/7d57vcoz.jpg https://s20.directupload.net/images/210802/e8smdme6.jpg I'm fairly proud of my city being virtually one big circle, even though the entry roundabout got extremely clogged up down the line because of my big north-eastern industrial area. I'm trying to spread out more with tiny pockets of industry hidden in bigger pockets of commercial areas, but it's tricky as I start to run out of space. Probably also the reason why my commercial districts have a habit of randomly shutting down due to not having enough products on the shelves. Probably have to build a shipping harbor at one point to fix that. Still proud that the city makes 50.000$ per week in peak times, so even without the money cheat I wouldn't be in much trouble in this one. And then I have also come back to Fallout 4 for a bit. Now reached Vault 88, the one that you can build for yourself, basically encompassing every megalomaniac idea that the regular settlements can't deliver because of their shitty space restrictions. Here I went apeshit trying to make central Atrium tower containing the cafeteria at the bottom and the Overseer's office, Security Chief's office and doctor's office above, surounded by a three stories tall living complex. I got the common room done and the living spaces on the ground level when I ran out of steel and grumblingly admitted I'm too stingy to go sink my 80.000 caps into steel shipments. So I guess I'm back to murderhoboring the wasteland while my five vault dwellers enjoy their half done vault with no lights, no ceiling and two of the walls missing: https://s20.directupload.net/images/210802/d67bsgyw.jpg https://s20.directupload.net/images/210802/vbc8rujq.jpg https://s20.directupload.net/images/210802/qhhai8e7.jpg
  2. What is happening? What should have been good is mediocre and what should have been mediocre is suddenly actually great? Now a couple of weeks ago the second season of the Higurashi sequel, now dubbed Higurashi Sotsu, started. Individual scenes are well crafted and there are a lot of interesting visual callbacks to the original Higurashi in there. Unfortunately that's all there is to it. There are some stunning leaps of logic in there and it is all so stunningly predictable, depicting the most lazy way the 'mysteries' presented in Gou happened. I suppose the idea is indeed that they think it clever that it's the original arcs, just that the most obvious solution is this time correct, but for this kind of non-twist the show has far too many episodes. It drags on and on detailing stuff that has been already blatantly clear since about 20 episodes ago and it's so goddamn boring. Please go back to the meat of the story with the whole post-Matsuriyabashi looper-thunderdome. Then the second season of the Madoka Magica spin-off Magia Record started yesterday. I went in with all my hazy memories of being disappointed in the first season not being daring enough to actually change the meat of the rather thin Mobile Game it is made from. And then comes in this episode that works basically on the premise of how Madoka and Homura not being present during the arc where they had been originally introduced has massive consequences on the dynamics of the cast as they end up having to speed-run through the core revelations of the setting and work out their issues in time to go rescue Mami in Kamihama. This is all Anime original stuff and it was fantastic. Especially as a Sayaka fan, her journey through all kinds of emotions during this episode was a massive treat and made me somewhat teary eyed. My girl is so strong here! XD Hot damn. Am I being more hopeful? Fuck, I think the first episode of the first season was also rather good. No.... please don't give me hope only to then be mediocre again, please... But until then, I can encourage every Madoka Magica fan to watch at least this episode, because it's absolutely worth it: https://imgur.com/a/JO4xXsv
  3. Edit: Ah, forgot I shouldn't vent here, sorry.
  4. Okay, sorry. I was probably a bit too cheeky with that comparison in my first post. I guess I was a bit salty after watching the cheers of the crowd and Hamilton congratulating himself.
  5. I mean, I'm with Werthead on this one. He certainly wasn't trying to intentionally cause a collision, but he was still trying to run off Verstappen from the racing line to aggressively force the overtake. Why else wouldn't he go for the apex? It's just that, well, apparently you shouldn't play chicken with Verstappen.
  6. That's clearly not how the stewards saw it and not how I saw it either. Verstappen didn't defend, yes, he left 1,5 cars room for Hamilton to turn into. Hamilton then instead of taking the apex drove straight on to drive Verstappen out of the track exactly the same way as he later in the race did with Leclerc. Only difference is that Leclerc knew what happened to Verstappen and backed out while Verstappen stayed on the racing line daring Hamilton to pull away. Hamilton didn't back out of anything, which is exactly what caused the collision. And having watched the scene a couple of times right now, let me just add thing: What a disgusting crowd there is cheering when Verstappen got brought to hospital. Fucktards everywhere.
  7. Tch, someone took a hint from the Schumacher playbook of crashing out the only one who is dangerous to his title. Only that it cost Schumacher the championship while ludicrously lucky Hamilton gets away with it.
  8. Okay, that was surprisingly entertaining. If only for watching Alonso desperately swerving around keeping the entire damn field behind him.
  9. I think Kimi tried to attack Russell and had to back off, but it's hard to see with the clips I've got. Vettel also said that Räikkönnen must simply have just not noticed him coming up alongside him from the right and that's it.
  10. I have been peeking at a thread in another forum where they discuss Valhalla and aside being stupendously huge I have read that they somehow broke the stealth system. In that the guards are either ludicrously blind or impossibly alert and once you are detected the entire camp homes in on you with no chance to avoid a full-on fight like in Odyssey and Origins (and those already dumbed down the stealth considerably). This all makes sneaking around very random and not feasible to be counted on. I suppose it makes sense that you are playing just some viking warrior allied to the assassins, not even a proper assassin, so that could be used as an explanation why your character doesn't even bother and actually prefers to charge in through the front door, though it's still vexing that it's a mechanical problem caused by broken AI scripts. Another common complaint is that the sailing is boring because your ship works literally just like a ship-shaped horse and unlike Odyssey there isn't any real ship combat to be had. I just think that needs to be kept in mind for whether you think it's worth it.
  11. Mmh, I see the point. I may have gotten around a little strongly, but what would not messaging her have accomplished? I needed to try something to see whether she's already written me off and I guess I ultimately got my answer. I don't think she would have miraculously remembered that I still exist three months later. And I was under the impression that you've got to keep up the momentum to stay in contact with people. Because frankly, that's a thing I seem to have never been able to do correctly. I never succeed in staying in contact with people in real life, they always fizzle away the moment I'm not in the exact same room as them, they never reply to messages and ultimately just disappear because I'm clearly not worth having around. It is super frustrating and I admit I can get a bit tense whenever it looks like it happens again. I mean, I don't blame her, I'm obviously the one who just isn't interesting enough to catch anyone's attention. But I can't help but beat myself up over it. And no, like I said this time I will definitely not come back. There is no point for me trying these apps, they are only further harming my self-image, obviously. I had three conversations in five months after all.
  12. Well, I can't pin-point it too exactly now since the thread is obviously gone and I've erased my account on top of that. It was a more or less fluid back and forth though with rather elaborate messages, so when she stopped replying it was with my questions still standing unanswered there. The thing is where I'm at fault is that she did say that she got some personal troubles she didn't want to explain further and I said she can take her time, but after the first week of no reply I got concerned and asked how she's doing, causing her to snap that I wanted to give her time, so why am I pushing her. She then a day she later wrote something along these lines: "Here I reply to your previous message so that it doesn't drag out further: Yes. Yes. Okay. I see. Okay." I then tried to make the most of these reactions I was given and expanded upon my previous message while turning a single question back to her. After 10 days of no reply I rephrased the question in case it was too open for a short answer, hoping that at least that would get a response. Then four days later was yesterday, where I said I hope I'm not getting across as pushy, but am worried whether she still has interest in continuing this and hope that she can at least say that she's still there. Then a couple hours later her account got deleted. So it were three messages without response within 14 days... In any case, while it's obviously bad to end on a downer, I say that's it for my attempt at this dating nonsense. It all comes back to my previous assessment that these dating sites are geared towards people who don't need them. It is a simple truth that I have absolutely no chance whatsoever against the competition on these sites and the algorithm is merciless. I suppose I just go straight to my previous state of trying to accept that romance is only something other people and fiction do.
  13. Grmpf... wrote vet girl another message earlier asking whether she's still interested in keeping in touch. She then deleted her account. Well, I guess it gives me the opportunity to delete mine as well, but it would have been nice to at least get any kind of response before that...
  14. 12 days now since I last heard from vet girl. And three days since I followed up with a second message to see whether she's still alive. To be honest, if I wasn't waiting for a life sign I would have deleted my Bumble account quite a while ago during my latest realization that I'm definitely not a dude who should even attempt this dating nonsense because of his incompatibility with people. The almighty algorithm at least seems to have already put me into the "Absolutely hopeless" category, otherwise I can't explain how with in my opinion significantly better photos I don't even get a single immediately expiring like. Nothing. As if I'm invisible.
  15. So since Thursday it's summer break here. The thought of spending five weeks locked inside at home with my mother fills me with dread. In fact, I... I am seriously at an absolute low point. I have so many little things I would love to do, but can't muster any motivation. I'm constantly exhausted, my body is aching and each time she waltzes into my room I'm getting stress convulsions again. It's also not helped that she keeps berating me for not thinking of doing stuff she expects me to do and mocking me for not doing my own stuff either. I just feel so extremely hopeless. I'm 28 for fuck's sake and I can't get my life forward in any way. Why do I even bother with anything? I can't change anything anyway, I have no control over anything and am just wasting my time away until death arrives.
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