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  1. Okay, War Thunder seems to be a mess to play on weekends. And I'm not only meaning the air battles anymore. After delving into guides, focusing on mastering my keyboard flight after changing the key selection and practicing spiral climbs in the practice mode I have managed to upgrade myself from abysmal to mediocre in these messy battles where everyone is at least lvl 30 up to lvl 100 and I'm the only lvl 8 peasant creeping around. So that's air. Ground battles however... Creeping around in my low tier was actually fun so far, but I'm afraid I had grown to appreciate foolhardy bots keeping the battle fluid. I now had a series of matches... where every single player was a Sturmgesch├╝tz and every single player was just sitting in some corner camping. Totally static games that were frustrating to play because you were shot to bits from 5 different directions the second you dared to look over a ridge. Also quite problematic for the reason of me only having Panzer IVs now... tanks that are very fragile and best at medium distance fights, so I'm entirely screwed in such long distance tennis matches against heavily armored foes that knock me out with one glancing hit. Also there were quite a number of maps unknown to me. Maps with a whole lot of uneven ground that demand you to climb. And the Panzer IV is awful at that, with me taking ages for minor obstacles and leaving me exposed. Of course I also ended up cursing everything to hell and back when those campers keep knocking out my crew and now destroying the barrel of my gun with every glancing hit. So business as usual on that front. The most frustrating part however was one tropical battle where I was defending my position against three advancing players and would have managed, if not for the pounding of one of them with his AA-gun that immediately destroyed my barrel, my tracks and knocking out my crew in one fell swoop.
  2. Thanks... that... actually explains a lot of what I'm witnessing. Though I must admit, while the low tier battles are fun, it gets frustrating really quick. Admittedly, I know it's pretty strange to complain about the game when you start loosing, but today I played a bit more (stupid me, I know), and... I don't know, maybe playing on a weekend isn't good for your mental health. At first I played around in the ground battles a bit in order to unlock the Panzer IV which I have heard is pretty good. Interestingly, things went way better than before. Sure, my crew still gets knocked out whenever I hit a pebble on the road, but I did manage to drive more tactical and score some hits. Quite some hits, actually. In my last battle I singlehandedly took the only victory point on a hill with two bridges being the only entryways and held it for the rest of the game, avoiding an enemy attempt to outflank me as well as two artillery strikes. I ended up with 17 kills and no death with just my trusty Pz.Kpfw.35(t). Bloody hells, my previous record was 12 in the air battles... Then I tried some flying, again with the Japanese because I really want to unlock the Zero. Unfortunately... things went more than a bit downhill. Despite 1,3 still being my highest battleranking, the matchmaking truly hated every team I was part of. 5 times in a row I faced teams where half the players were lvl. 100 and utterly hammered my side in an absolutely ridiculous bloodbath. With no one on my side scoring any kills, and my puny one or two kills were Kamikaze attacks. I have seen my side defeated plenty of times before, but at least those times I still felt like I am actually good at the game (which I'm decidedly not, of course). Because I still somehow managed to rack up 11 or 12 kills against overwhelming odds, often being the only one fighting back. But this time. It's more than a little bit frustrating when 5 games in a row always end with you spawning alone, the entire air around you is red and you immediately get mobbed up by six enemy planes. I guess I was too long on the winning sides before... I then carefully went into an air battle with my Messerschmitts... and basically the same thing happened there as well. Had to compete against BR 3.7 planes that just utterly thrashed me and made me ragequit because all I had left was my He51... I guess it makes sense not to use your best fighters as soon as you unlock them, but instead wait until you unlocked a wider array on the same BR. Edit: Just looked it up, the guy who sniped my E-3 right after the spawn was in a Thunderbolt. The wiki says it is the worst possible opponent I could face. -.- Interestingly there was another guy in a F-1 Messerschmitt in ludicrous height above my teams spawn point who destroyed my other two Messerschmitts whenever I even attempted to climb a bit.
  3. Don't waste your time. When I said I have no time this weekend, I meant that seriously. Edit: Though maybe you could enlighten me just how exactly the battle ranking system works. I noticed that with my Messerschmitt, which is Tier 2, I automatically get dropped into Tier 2 battles, not Tier 1 anymore. So I assumed the tooltip saying that Tier 1 battles are made up of people going in with planes of a battle ranking from 1,0-2,1 is outdated. Because I have no plane that exceeds a battle ranking of 1,7 whatsoever. I'm still a bit surprised that I hadn't noticed the difference to Tier 1 battles at all... But then I played one game with Japan in a Tier 1 battle with the three starter biplanes... and noticed that the leading fighter rushing towards my team's base was a Messerschmitt with some designation I couldn't recognize. How exactly was that possible if the worst Messerschmitt is Tier 2? I am confused... just how exactly get players their games assigned? Not that it helped him much. Must have been quite embarrassing to get shot down by what amounts to an origami bird with guns.
  4. Damn it, I shouldn't have done this. Whelp, I guess that's what you get for watching funny Youtube sketches throughout your holidays. I somehow ended up with a craving for WW2 air battles and ended up installing War Thunder. ... and... damn it... it is strangely addictive. But I don't have time for this anymore! Such a mean game, constantly dangling a new shiny thing to unlock in front of your eyes. Fine, I suck badly at the motor boat and the tank battles grow fairly frustrating (especially when the starter tanks blow up if anyone just sneezes... except the T-26 that somehow is quite the little murder machine). But the air battles... It's interesting that all planes keep being useful, even the starter biplanes that can win all turn battles against monoplanes in exchange for a pitiful attack power. When I unlocked my first monoplane, the He 112, I sucked badly at it because the biplanes made me too comfortable to turn battles, so when I tried that... well, actually other players mostly kamikaze'd me for some reason. So I kept using the biplanes and took a vile pride in shooting down Spitfires with it, always aiming for the toughest foes to take them out of the battle asap. Though soon enough I learned how to use the He 112 properly and racked up quite some killstreaks with it... one match ended with me shooting down three planes while having half of my left wing blown off, which was rather awesome. Just as fun like the one time when flak took out the engine of my biplane and I somehow managed to land it behind enemy lines (even though it wasted far more time than just getting shot down and respawn). And then I unlocked the first Messerschmitt. I expected it to fly as cumbersome as the He 112. I expected it to only work in strafing runs and abandon prolonged dogfights immediately. Damn it, was I wrong. And I expected it to lack firepower because it has the same little guns as the biplanes. But damn... when I first entered the fray, immediately started to blast my way through two similar monoplanes and then danced through the air and outmaneuvered a biplane in a turn fight, I felt a really impressive rush there. And that's just the very basic Bf109 B-1. I don't want to think about how great the later versions are... I have to uninstall it right away or I'll waste my weekend...
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    Hey, in Fate/Zero's defense, it does devote nearly the entirety of its feature-length prologue to dry info dumping despite the fact that the premise of "Modern mages summon spirits of dead heroes to fight for a wish-granting grail" really isn't all that difficult to explain. XD So actually, no Google sweep necessary, in my opinion.
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    Well, I had made my review just a couple of pages before: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/143882-anime/&page=5&tab=comments#comment-8175141 Yes, it's a faithful adaptation and does a pretty good job, but like all the others it can't stand on its own. It forces you to at least watch UBW because it skips all scenes the two have in common. And while Sakura and Ilya get some kind of closure, Saber gets brutally shoved aside and Rin acts utterly OOC in later chapters just to keep cheap drama in limbo. I also was a bit iffed how the movie keeping Rin out of focus for as long as humanly possible severely damaged the punch of her figuring out Sakura's fate. But yeah, it's my usual gripe that Rin is so deeply connected to all the events of this Grail War and has such a huge potential for character growth that it's a damn shame she is not the main character. Limiting the POV to Shirou is just so... awfully dumb... The first movie was good, no question there. But the trilogy as a whole can't possibly cover all of Fate/Zero's storylines by being a faithful adaptation.
  7. Toth


    Yes. Fate/zero is a prequel to the main series, Fate/Stay Night (which in itself is divided into three 'routes', Fate, UBW and Heaven's Feel, all of which focus on different characters because the Visual Novel source started out as porn... yes, really, but at least they got rid of the sex scenes as they realized it had potential to be a mainstream Anime...). And Fate/Zero is the superior one. But opinions are a bit divided about whether Fate/Zero spoils Stay Night or whether Stay Night spoils Fate/Zero. As it happens, Zero sets up storylines none of the Stay Night routes is able to conclude on their own, which makes Stay Night very frustrating to watch after Fate/Zero. The difference in quality of writing is extremely jarring as well (though even I have to admit that the first season of UBW is actually pretty fine, if a bit underwhelming, the second season however is a flaming trainwreck because the director apparently had no more guidance in regards to why people hated the Fate Anime and opted for a word-by-word adaptation with a new epilogue that made everything even worse). My own opinion is that they could have salvaged the story simply by merging the routes and making a story that gives a conclusion to all the stories, not just the ones the moronic protagonist gets in bed with. From all this I take the conclusion that your time certainly is better spent elsewhere. Even though, yes, Fate/Zero is really, really good on its own... it really just gets dragged down by the fact that it is a prequel that sets up a sequel that simply doesn't exist.
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    Funnily enough: No! Not at all! Fate/Zero is a prequel written by Gen Urobuchi (the author of Madoka Magica). It is pretty much the only story that actually makes the most out of the premise.
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    *high five*
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    Oh my god, this horribly overrated mess that is the Fate franchise just keeps throwing out more spin-off Anime. Fate/Apocrypha was already so ridiculously average that it felt like a total waste of time that I didn't bother with Fate/Extra anymore. So now we get another Fate/Grand Order Anime portraying the Babylon arc? Well, it is comparably fine alongside the Camelot arc, but it is also the one where it was most apparent just how horribly stereotypical the writing is in regards to its characters (males=badasses, women=fanservice). Yes, it is great to see a Gilgamesh who is actually seriously trying to save the world and cares about his subjects and some of its twists are pretty dark, but that's it. Otherwise it's a really old-fashioned adventure story... one that I see a few troubles with in terms of how they could possibly animate all the battle scenes. Duels are always a thing in Anime, but not large-scale warfare with whole armies, because they are a pain to animate. Anyway, that's not the one I want to talk about. Yesterday released the first episode of "The El-Melloi II Case Files", a... mystery spin-off around Fate/Zero character Waver Velvet set at "Evil Hogwarts", the Clocktower University for Sorcery in London. Of course the camera keeps lingering on the Palace of Westminster during establishing shots for some reason, despite the university being set underground beneath the British Museum. I'm not exactly sure whether they think their viewers so dumb that they have to remind them in every scene that it takes place in London or whether the writers themselves are so dumb that they think the House of Parliament is the British Museum... In any case, my following review of the prologue episode. Since I can't help myself, there will be heavy spoilers for Fate/Zero, so be warned. Also cat-lovers shouldn't click...
  11. Okay... I guess I did something I will deeply regret. In anticipation of the inevitable New Years event and the hope of a return of Iskandar, I reinstalled Fate/Grand Order and proceeded to slowly crawl myself through the Babylon chapter. That takes place in Uruk, because the developers suck at history. Or are they? I guess that's the frustrating part about this game. The current story consists of copious amounts of info dumping about both actual mythology and made-up one. Of course only when male characters are talking. Because female characters are just a bundle of Anime stereotypes, only there for fanservice and/or wacky 'humor'. Of course you can't bring that up to other players, they will shout you down about how 'deep' the story is... or that it's just tits and dragons you have to shut up either way. Of course, even if Iskandar shows up, m chances at actually getting him are basically nil. This gacha is far, far, far more unforgivable than Magia Record's. I recently sat back and counted. Both games claim that you have a 1% chance to get a 5-star character with each roll. I played Magia Record now for nearly 11 months and got 26 of these characters. Before that I played Fate/Grand Order for 15 months and got... three... I didn't pay a penny for both games, mind you. I guess I came back to it because Magia Record didn't frustrate me enough...
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    Dreams Redux...Redux?

    I guess I shouldn't have watched the trailer for "Us". Two nights in a row I woke up from an... oddly cinematic 'nightmare'. I'm using the quotation marks because it didn't really scare me, I was thinking more in the vein of "Hey, this would make a decent horror movie" while I watched events unfold. Unfortunately I had forgotten the second one shortly afterwards, but I managed to recall the first one. So basically I was having some kind of ridiculous field trip with a class (no students I actually have, thankfully). Using a ferry to drive down a giant river or some other body of water. Of course the ferry breaks down in the middle of nowhere because of course it does. We barely managed to get to a small island and explore it while waiting for the repairs to get finished. Apparently there is some kind of ruined old school building on there, but everything is overgrown by the forest. Creepy like hell even at daylight. Of course we find clues like newspaper articles that prove that the closing of the facility came suddenly after a series of lethal accidents. Of course we have to spend the night at the island because of course we do, with some students even going as far as going camping in the facility (because of course they do) with me tagging along to keep watch. But strange things keep happening, with some students behaving very odd, telling nonsensical warnings, while others start to wander around as if sleepwalking, while others however notify me that they were seeing things in the woods. The sleepwalking students start to show more and more self-destructive behaviors, even going as far as trying to kill themselves, until one of them actually succeeds amidst the increasingly frantic atmosphere. As it turns out, a group of three creepy girls dressed in rags and with messy long black hair covering their faces (blatantly ripping off The Ring there) still lives in the woods, apparently students left behind from the ruined school, and they prey on my students in this night with their psychic powers. For some insane reason we organize a search party to comb the whole island, find them and try to reason with them before they kill any more. Still at night of course, because we are that stupid. In a pitch black annex we manage to corner one of them, but she jumps us hissing and biting and that was the point where I went "Nope, I'm waking up now." Bloody hells, what is my subconsciousness trying to tell me with this nonsense?
  13. You know that you yourself make it sound like it's worth nothing at all? XD Have you ever played the Dawn of War series yourself? Because I had played both previous installments... and both played extremely different, with the only link being the cover and moral system that they share with the Company of Heroes series. The first game was very close to the tabletop game, with big infantry-heavy armies and tanks duking it out, but everything having a comparably large scale, which the addons added upon by introducing risk-style planet-maps where you have to capture provinces in order to unlock bonus stuff. DoWII in comparison had a focus on small squads with heavy role-playing aspects. In the campaign you don't even get to have any tanks, but instead you could collect a plethora of equipment for your squads alongside a very motivating level-system for further optimization in accordance to your strategies. It made you however feel utterly invincible when your tiny company at the end of the game is able to single-handedly mow down an entire Tyranid hive and save your subsector. It made the Space Marines feel extremely powerful, like they are supposed to be in the lore. Thing is, normally I'm not so keen on trusting the mob mentality when a game is as universally loathed as DoWIII, but it actually feels too much like C&C4. They have thrown away everything that made the previous two games good and replaced it with something... that... really doesn't seem to be all that thought out. Innovation is well and good, but this is just soulless. I repeat, it doesn't have a cover system, I don't know whether it has a morale system (I was never pinned down as of yet) and only the resources feel like in the first game. It's a severely watered-down version of the first one, really... Also I should note that the dialogue is horrendous. The voice acting too, but that's nothing new for the series. At least DoWI was entertainingly bad. DoWIII is just boring and bland. Especially the Orks... are... speaking in complete and fairly eloquent sentences, using stupidly complicated words that no Ork would ever use. It's little stuff like that that annoys you every time you try to shut your head down and try to enjoy whatever spectacle there is.
  14. Okay, so... today I played the first three missions of Dawn of War III and as expected, I can't make heads or tails out of this... thing. The story is bland and idiotic, though it's also not helping that despite all three main characters having appeared in previous games, there is no sense of history at all here. DoWII at least constantly referenced DoWI and retconned its main characters back into it as minor grunts who happened to fight there. That gave it a surprising amount of depth despite the predecessors being so shallow on the story front. Here it's just... another mission for Gabe, Macha and Gorgutz. Or something. Admittedly, the 3D-stillshots look suitably epic and are in my opinion better than this weird puppet theatre in the vein of "If the Emperor had a Text-to-Spech device" that is all the craze right now. If only it would make me care for the characters... Also the game-play... fast-paced mass battles like in DoWI, but with the units having the odd tendency to cluster together in a way that makes micro-managing them absolutely painful. Enemies die so fast that you barely get to throw a grenate (especially since it's far too fiddly to switch to the right squad). Own units also die horribly fast and since you can only replenish your numbers by marching back to you base, stand absurdly close to the barracks and hammer the replenish button like a maniac, you end up just letting them die more often than not. The infantry handling really takes the worst of the previous two games and combines it into something utterly atrocious. No awesome cover system (which was the defining feature of both games) and no role-playing aspects. Also the graphics suck. Heck, it didn't look nearly as bad in screenshots, but in the flow of the game it really kills all of the entire atmosphere. You can't zoom far enough in to look at the troops, the textures are so comically stylized that it looks like they have no details at all anyway, and the bright unit highlighting truly makes it look more like League of Legends than anything else. Nothing about it feels like 40k. Heck, I remember that as a kid I often let the AI play against the AI to sit back and watch the carnage ensue. That's how pretty DoWII looked like. But this? Totally bland and now my eyes actually hurt like hell. The resource system is the only thing that actually feels okay. It is nice that you can upgrade flags even without placing a listening post on them. But the skirmish battle I did was still hopelessly confusing. I made a Space Marine vs. Space Marine match, painting my own as Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons against the Space Wolves. The only amusing moment was when I attacked the enemy base and called in another Devastor squad with a Lascannon via Drop Pod (which are actually a really useful addition here) and the jerkass Space Furries immediately smashed their own Drop Pod on top of mine even before mine was opening, squishing the Marines inside. Freaking Space Corgies... I don't even know whether I want to finish the game. It feels more like a chore.
  15. So, I hope I haven't overstepped some boundaries by opening a new Video Games thread. Especially since I can't really come up with witty titles. In any case... Just a couple of hours ago I... I finished DoWII Chaos Rising. And... seriously? That's all there is to it?!? 12 freaking missions and the credits run? This barely qualifies as a game! I guess they wanted to drag out a couple of minutes by giving you that Great Unclean One as final boss that is incredibly frustrating to kill. Much more than Kyras in Retribution ever was, given how I was supposed to run back and forth between him and the nearest drop pod because his waves of minions were forcing my shooty team into close combat situations. I'm also slightly irritated that I didn't manage to get the canon ending. My traitor was Martellus because Avitus got purified by a secondary objective on the last mission before the game said "Screw you, I can't make any of your characters a traitor!". Bloody hell. I was then so irritated that I removed his cursed armor and went for the full purity ending instead of the canon neutral ending. But having seen that one on Youtube now... I can't say I like it very much. If the Force Commander wouldn't be an empty sheet of nothing, if there is any hint that he would give in to chaos corruption, then I would understand this ending. But with things being like they are, he is the valiant hero who single-handedly slowed the advance of a Tyranid splinter fleet down to a crawl and here he and Thaddeus are sent to their certain deaths for what seems like minor idiocies. On the plus side, however, is that with all the politicking around the Chief Librarian and the First Company, Chaos Rising seems to be the first game where the Blood Ravens' odd chapter structure gets (somewhat) highlighted. It's heavily implied since the first game that they are secretly loyalist Thousand Sons, so it strikes me as strange that they always used to be as generic as they come instead of embracing their Primarch's so well fleshed out eccentrics. But here, especially when confronted with the relics on the space hulk, their gene-seed that makes them obsessed with obtaining knowledge shines through for once, especially with Librarian Jonas being finally in the team. Or maybe it's just Diomedes' constant harping about their "Knowledge is Power" creed... Well... now I'm downloading DoWIII... even though I might regret that one. If anything, at least they seemingly retconned Jonas' death in Retribution away, which was an extremely frustrating waste of such an interesting character. I'm glad about that at least. Despite Terminator backflips or whatever. Meanwhile in Magia Record: One of the amusing oddities about Japanese gacha-RPGs is how the developers will inadvertently throw numerous versions of the same character at you for the sake of making more money. Therefore I can now field an army of Madokas: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/magiarecord-en/images/5/5b/Screenshot_20181225-175434.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20181225170031 Bwahaha! If Rebellion Homura ever shows up as a boss fight, I will field this exact team just to smack some sense into her! XD