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  1. Ugh! There is a lot of this on the forum today. I'm just going to copy and paste a response I just gave on another thread. GRRM is not responsible for d&d's incompetence. They are professional writers, making a shit load of money. If they can receive an Emmy for their writing - all be it completely undeserved - then they should be held responsible for the pathetic drivel that they have put out the past couple of seasons. I have seen several members of this forum, just in the span of the last day, come up with far more intelligent and plausible scenarios to make d&d's shit story work better than they have.
  2. Thank you @sweetsunray --- I have to say, I personally find it unfathomable that this episode received any ten votes at all, but I can't say that I'm surprised. To each their own I suppose. Now let me make it clear, I am not criticizing anyone who gave this episode a good rating. Obviously, everyone has their own method of scoring, and we are all entitled to our opinion, as well as one's enjoyment of a television program being quite subjective. However, I must say, if you gave this episode a passing grade, and are one of those who have accused others of being trolls in the past, then you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror; YOU my friend, are the troll!
  3. Well, I don't even know what to say. At this point, criticizing this show is like a grown man beating up a new born baby. I will not be voting this week, as the lowest possible vote is a one, and there is no way in Seven hells that I am going to up-vote this pathetic episode to a one. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to post the poll results, as I am curious to see how many of the people who are constantly calling others that give the show a low score trolls, gave this episode a ten.
  4. Darkstream

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Well, I'd be the wrong person to ask that question, as I'm not one to watch much television, and haven't seen many of the programs that would be comparable to GoT. The only reason I started watching this show was because of my passion for the source material, and the excitement and curiosity of seeing one of my favorite stories of all time being adapted to a visual medium. Contrary to what I expected, the show runners did an excellent job in the first couple of seasons, and I considered GoT to be substantially better than any other shows on television. Were there issues with the show, and decisions they made that I didn't like? Sure, but they were understandable considering the medium, and not nearly as prevalent as they are now. So, if I were to use any show in comparison when rating the episodes from this season, it would be to that of Got in the first few seasons. While my ratings for the first 20-30 episodes would have varied from probably 6-9, and possibly one or two 10s, using that as a standard, I cannot justify giving any episodes from the past three seasons a rating any higher than a 1-2, with maybe the odd 3 in there. See, and that is what I was like during the first three seasons. I couldn't wait for Sunday night, and was filled with excitement and anticipation, even though I already knew what was going to happen. Now, I don't know what is going to happen, but lack the desire and motivation to sit down for a full hour to watch the show. So, for me, using that as a measuring stick, I cannot justify giving this show a passing grade.
  5. Darkstream

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    I cry at the end of every episode... Tears shed for what could have been.
  6. Darkstream

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you there. Sure, the show is successful, but that is not indicative of good story telling. Do you honestly think the show would be as popular as it is if they had a substantial smaller budget to work with? Would as many people tune in if there were no CGI dragons or battle scenes? If they didn't have amazingly elaborate sets, and beautiful locals to film their story at? A large majority of viewers tune in for the spectacle that is GoT, not because of the quality story. Would you say that movies like the Transformers are telling a good story, or programs like Jersey shore and the Kardashiawhatevers? All very popular and successful programs.
  7. Darkstream

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Wow, atrociously corny and contrived writing. I would say that this show has officially jumped the shark, however that moment has long since passed. With this episode, d&d have officially jumped the Megalodon. As with many past episodes, I feel like this deserves a negative rating, however, having absolutely no expectations of seeing a quality program coming in, and feeling generous: +1 for the CGI; essentially a point for the budget, nothing to do with the show runners. +1 for Davos' retort to Tyrion when coming ashore KL. Tyrion: "Last time I was here I killed my father." Davos: "Last time I was here, you killed my son with wildfire." First time I was genuinely amused by a line in GoT in a long time. Gotta love that Davos. 2/10 ...and I'm shocked with myself that I rated it this high.
  8. Ah well, you can't blame a guy for having a dream of spring...Can ya? Of course I'm being somewhat ingenuous; That's just my ever optimistic nature shining through. I do feel however, that there is a strong possibility that GRRM may have made some progress on certain sections of aDoS. Perhaps working on some povs for a Dream - that he has less trouble writing, or just enjoys writing more - while taking a break from some that may have been causing him to stumble a bit in WoW. *fingers crossed*
  9. Well, the thread that I was writing this response for - in opposition to all of the negativity - was locked as I was typing. Sooo, I figured this would be as good as any place to post this. My confession: I believe, if not wholeheartedly, then with hopeful optimism that... WoW is complete, and aDoS is near completion. I'm just waiting for the anoncement that the latter will be released within a year of the former. And, before the completion of the abomination. Yes, I am a sweet summer child, however that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I constantly hear: "why is it taking so long?", as well as other such questions. I prefer to ask the more pertinent question: How is it that GRRM has managed to write five amazingly brilliant, multi layered, and unbelievably intricate books - that have managed to transcend the genre and encaptured such a loyal, passionate and ever stretching fan base - in only the short time that he has? Take all the time you need GRRM; I'm absolutely positive the wait will be worth it.
  10. If you haven't seen it already, you might find this interesting.
  11. Alright, alright. I'm sorry. No need to get defensive. Honestly, my comment was meant to be a dig at the Kardashians, not you.
  12. Well, I would argue that conquerering and/or ruling over two continents is substantially more accomplished than...Uh, whatever it is that the Kardashians have done. ETA: Not to mention taming dragons, quite the impressive feat in of itself.
  13. Heh heh! Well thanks for momentarily dipping me back in the water for a breath of oxygen. However, I fear that Frances Bean Corbray is just going to let me dangle here until my scales dry out, and my gills start to bleed. I kid of course. I realize that you are not bound by my schedule.
  14. Touche'. I guess it's just the impression that I got from reading the books, mostly Old Nan's tales I suppose. I don't suppose you have a plausible scenario in mind where in it doesn't...Or are you just having fun letting me dangle on the line?
  15. Alright, I'll bite. Why is it that you would like to see the whole of humanity wiped off of the face of Planetos?