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  1. thehandwipes

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    Harrenhall is as rich in mysteries as Winterfell is. Given Qyburn's Frankenstein hobbies, Roose Bolton enthusiasm for the latest health crazes, and the history of Harrenhall, I'd say it was a how-to written by Danelle Lothston about being a creepy pseudo vampire. If the book ends up being important, we'll probably hear of it from Qyburn when the Harrenhall story comes back around. But its worth considering that the book is less important than what Arya learned about Roose. He'll burn a book when he's done with it. He holds no loyalty, he disposes of things that are no longer valuable it him.
  2. Yup. I also think one of the big endpiece battles will take place at the Twins with Jon leading the armies of the dead against a small force of whoever is left in the South. Sansa and the Knights of Vale will be the strongest contingent. As far as I know I'm the only person ever to suggest this (probably cause I'm dead wrong).
  3. thehandwipes

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I loved Genetics of Dragons and War and Minds of Wolves and Robins. Also, a lot of Alliances of Iron and the one about the Faceless Men. His videos benefited greatly from reading GRRM's other works and help from Cantuse (hope he's doing well) at wordpress. Them he doubled down on his Dornish nonsense. I don't have a firm opinion on magic vs science. GRRM may simply be using his background in sci-fi to add some rules to his fantasy, or it may be a sci-fi story between the lines in a subtle way we can argue about for decades after the series ends. But I doubt it will end with a big ray gun battle in KL. As far as Dany is concerned, there is something wrong with her backstory. We just don't have enough info to determine what it is without speculation. The Blackfyre theory is interesting, it just depends on how it works its way into the narrative if its true.
  4. You're not talking about Theon, are you?!? Sounds like you're talking bad about Theon! Don't you talk bad about my boy Theon!!!
  5. thehandwipes

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Yeah, all we can really say for certain is that they are aware of it and are keeping it alive. So it doesn't seem to be a dropped plotline. They must have something planned. Something awful, no doubt, but something.
  6. thehandwipes

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Wow, that was rough. I think what it shows is that they are basically aware of what the dynamic between them ought to be and are trying to get them there despite the fact that they've written themselves into such a god awful mess. Maybe sometime after the King's Landing Barb-B-Crew Jaime will do a character 180 towards his book character.
  7. Yeah, and the Greystarks once existed as well. And they have marriage ties to a great many houses in the North. But still, no second, third, fourth cousins named Stark have popped up? Not that it matters. Absolutely no doubt in my mind the Night's King, and that dude with the pointy head in the show, was a Stark. I don't think that he's some Big Bad out beyond the Wall that we haven't seen yet, if he's still around he might be Coldhands but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Anyway, there's so much to suggest that the history of Westeros is false that it simply must play a role in the narrative. Also, history as BS is one of my favorite sub-themes from Gore Vidal's Creation and Burr and I'm really looking forward to GRRM's take on it.
  8. Yeah it screwy since the Starks have ruled the North for thousands of years. Stark cousins should be as plentiful as Lannister cousins. I've heard theories like, they send the boys to the Wall, but it doesn't really explain why they don't have even one second or third cousin popping up in the story. I think the answer is that there simply isn't a place for them in the narrative. That having been said, I do think the Others, many if not all, are Starks.
  9. Lena and Nicolaj said it was consentual but it didn't look that way to me. I don't actually think the show can tell us anything about what will really happen. If D&D want all their characters to sacrifice themselves in the most badass way possible with no thought to their characters, they'll make it happen, as un-creatively as possibly. In Norse mythology the god Hodr, tricked by Loki, accidentally kills Baldr (which is actually the exact same name as Walder) with an arrow tipped with mistletoe. Hodr is the god of winter, of the cold and the dark. Baldr is the god of awesomeness, everyone loves this guy, he's the best. Maybe they were trying to show this and failed, but I think in the books Bran (Hodr) will hurt Waldur (Baldr) by mistake by Bloodraven's (Loki) doing. That's my take on it.
  10. Uh, not to ruin anybody's Happy, but have we ever, in book or show, seen any indication that Hodor is capable of great bravery. We've seen him panic in thunder, freeze in terror while under attack from wights, and have to be calmed down at the sight of roots cause they look like snakes. Awesomeness may come natural to Hodor but I've seen nothing that even vaguely resembles courage. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen an actor on the show say something entirely counterintuitive regarding their character. Is it not far more likely that Hodor was helplessly pinned against that door by Bran. That he died struggling like Thistle to regain control of his body while terrifying, terrifying wights peeled the skin from his flesh and the flesh from his bones and his only two friends in the world fled to safety, without him. Just kidding, the show doesn't mean anything.
  11. I just assume the "laughing emoticon" could be applied to all my posts, I am effortlessly hilarious. I read through the couple pages of the sister thread and I loved seeing all the references to the wind and the mists in connection to BR, especially when you consider the mists connection to otherworldliness in Norse mythology and mythological monsters ability to control winds and mists in common European folklore. I've been very reluctant to accept Theon going back to the Iron Islands despite some of the strong foreshadowing because his story seems so tied to Bran and Winterfell that going back to the Islands seems anti-climactic. But I've started to accept it. With two lo ng-ass books left I imagine Theon will have time enough to satisfy his Winterfell story and go to the Iron Islands. I love your post about Bran/Athena. Its incredible the way GRRM manages to draw inspiration from so many disperse sources and meld them into a coherent narrative.
  12. seasons 7 and 8. Its going to start looking like Rome, season 2; but with really bad writing.
  13. She knows more about Norse mythology than I ever will, that's for sure. One of the reasons I've been staying away from the book forum is that some of the stuff on there is so insightful that it must be true, and thus a spoiler. Most of the book forum is crackpottery nonsense but I was hoping to stay away from some of the really good stuff till after TWOW came out.
  14. No, I don't have a blog. My major contributions to ASOIAF fandom involve bitching about D&D after work.
  15. There's a Heresy Thread and no one told me!!! Jeez, I have some exploring to do.