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  1. Per primogeniture that doesn't favor either sex, Sansa has the closest proximity to claim in Minisa Whent's line, Catelyn being her oldest child and Sansa being Catelyn's oldest surviving child.
  2. House Whent had its rights to Harrenhal stripped for supporting Robb via House Lannister who in turn gave those rights to Littlefinger. Sansa's mother's mother was Minisa Whent, which (via matrilineage) makes Sansa a rival for LF's seat. Definitely gonna be a lot of Harrenhal in her future.
  3. Given Stannis had no/little coin per Saan, why did Myrish sellswords fight for Stannis in Clash?
  4. @sweetsunray You're very kind and one of the most creative persons I've had the pleasure of meeting here. I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery!
  5. I've noticed this before. Very intriguing, and suspicious!!
  6. "Gold" and "silver" are commonly used, traditionally and in-story, to represent solar and lunar, masculine and feminine respectively. Jaime and Cersei, when thinking of the other, think of each other as "gold like the sun." Bronsterys (I don't know his forum name, otherwise I'd tag him!) recently came out with an essay covering white and black themes: https://redmiceatplay.wordpress.com/2020/04/12/white-and-black-the-archetypal-duel/ Archmaester Aemma (whose essays are also on that page) wrote an essay (or a few?) regarding red, green, and blue colors, but I'm not sure she's published it; I can't seem to find it on there.
  7. House Seaworth gained "choice lands" in Cape Wrath at a time when another house lost theirs there: House Connington. Davos was given old Connington land, and his family is likely in the thick of Aegon's invasion.
  8. I disagree. "Ice and Fire" and Crab King and Old Man of the river two opposing binaries that must work together to create harmony. (Deliberate word play on the author's party, "peace" and "complementary notes" both means harmony.)
  9. Looked Trident up on Etymonline, and the etymology adds up: trident (n.) "three-pointed spear," mid-15c., from Latin noun use of adjective tridentem (nominative tridens) "three-pronged, three-toothed," from tri- "three" (see tri-) + dens "tooth" (from PIE root *dent- "tooth").
  10. *nods* I'd say Mystery Knight, The Sons of the Dragon, and Fire and Blood (as well as others I might be missing?), which all have been published after ADwD, have kept GRRM quite busy as well. In addition to having taken more of GRRM's time, they've potentially affected certain plots, subplots, and/or histories pertaining to the current series, which would affect the writing process.
  11. Bumping, to confirm that Saan extracts no payments from other ships.
  12. I realize I've been assuming something that might not be true. Are the ships Goodheart and Elephant Salladhor Saan's ships? https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Elephant_(ship) https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Goodheart
  13. I don't recall there being any Valemen military ships in Blackwater Bay, or anywhere else for that matter.
  14. "How is it you come by a Pentoshi ship?" asked Davos. "Have you gone pirate again, my lord?" He set his empty cup aside. "Vile calumny. Who has suffered more from pirates than Salladhor Saan? I ask only what is due me. Much gold is owed, oh yes, but I am not without reason, so in place of coin I have taken a handsome parchment, very crisp. It bears the name and seal of Lord Alester Florent, the Hand of the King. I am made Lord of Blackwater Bay, and no vessel may be crossing my lordly waters without my lordly leave, no. And when these outlaws are trying to steal past me in the night to avoid my lawful duties and customs, why, they are no better than smugglers, so I am well within my rights to seize them." Any evidence that Salladhor Saan (or anyone else) is extracting fees or taxes from ships entering or exiting Blackwater Bay? If I remember correctly, this never comes up again. (Hint: I think Saan was bribed by Illyrio.)
  15. Essentially, Aegon ordered that the fact (fact, as Rhaenyra was named the heir of a legitimate monarch and sat on the throne) be concealed in histories and discussions henceforth. Rhaenyra truly had been queen at one point.
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