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  1. House Seaworth gained "choice lands" in Cape Wrath at a time when another house lost theirs there: House Connington. Davos was given old Connington land, and his family is likely in the thick of Aegon's invasion.
  2. I disagree. "Ice and Fire" and Crab King and Old Man of the river two opposing binaries that must work together to create harmony. (Deliberate word play on the author's party, "peace" and "complementary notes" both means harmony.)
  3. Looked Trident up on Etymonline, and the etymology adds up: trident (n.) "three-pointed spear," mid-15c., from Latin noun use of adjective tridentem (nominative tridens) "three-pronged, three-toothed," from tri- "three" (see tri-) + dens "tooth" (from PIE root *dent- "tooth").
  4. *nods* I'd say Mystery Knight, The Sons of the Dragon, and Fire and Blood (as well as others I might be missing?), which all have been published after ADwD, have kept GRRM quite busy as well. In addition to having taken more of GRRM's time, they've potentially affected certain plots, subplots, and/or histories pertaining to the current series, which would affect the writing process.
  5. Bumping, to confirm that Saan extracts no payments from other ships.
  6. I realize I've been assuming something that might not be true. Are the ships Goodheart and Elephant Salladhor Saan's ships? https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Elephant_(ship) https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Goodheart
  7. I don't recall there being any Valemen military ships in Blackwater Bay, or anywhere else for that matter.
  8. "How is it you come by a Pentoshi ship?" asked Davos. "Have you gone pirate again, my lord?" He set his empty cup aside. "Vile calumny. Who has suffered more from pirates than Salladhor Saan? I ask only what is due me. Much gold is owed, oh yes, but I am not without reason, so in place of coin I have taken a handsome parchment, very crisp. It bears the name and seal of Lord Alester Florent, the Hand of the King. I am made Lord of Blackwater Bay, and no vessel may be crossing my lordly waters without my lordly leave, no. And when these outlaws are trying to steal past me in the night to avoid my lawful duties and customs, why, they are no better than smugglers, so I am well within my rights to seize them." Any evidence that Salladhor Saan (or anyone else) is extracting fees or taxes from ships entering or exiting Blackwater Bay? If I remember correctly, this never comes up again. (Hint: I think Saan was bribed by Illyrio.)
  9. Essentially, Aegon ordered that the fact (fact, as Rhaenyra was named the heir of a legitimate monarch and sat on the throne) be concealed in histories and discussions henceforth. Rhaenyra truly had been queen at one point.
  10. @Rhaenys_Targaryen On the wiki page for the Westerosi monarchs, there's a list of all monarchs at the end of the page. Do you know why Rhaenyra isn't listed as one of the monarchs? (Kudos to Clint of The Learned Hand Podcast for bringing this to my attention.)
  11. Brienne has similar call backs and parallels to the D&E stories that tie her to Dunk. I'm personally for the interpretation that Young Griff is Rhaegar's son, and his similar parallels to Egg (like Brienne) is something I see as evidence of that. The wide-brimmed hat itself is one call back. Compare this ADwD scene, Young Griff jumping from atop the Shy Maid when he sees Duck... "Duck!" came a shout. "Haldon!" Tyrion craned his head to one side, and saw a boy standing on the roof of a low wooden building, waving a wide-brimmed straw hat. He was a lithe and well-made youth, with a lanky build and a shock of dark blue hair. The dwarf put his age at fifteen, sixteen, or near enough to make no matter. With this The Sworn Sword scene, Egg jumping from atop a rock when he sees Dunk... A crooked path led from the foot of the hill up to the tower, so narrow it could only be ridden single file. Dunk led the way on the ascent, with Bennis just behind. He could see Egg above them, standing on a jut of rock in his floppy straw hat. They reined up in front of the little daub-and-wattle stable that nestled at the tower's foot, half hidden under a misshapen heap of purple moss. The old man's gray gelding was in one of the stalls, next to Maester. Egg and Sam Stoops had gotten the wine inside, it seemed. Hens were wandering the yard. Egg trotted over. "Did you find what happened to the stream?" Also compare this ADwD scene, which describes Young Griff's eyes... Like his sire, Young Griff had blue eyes, but where the father's eyes were pale, the son's were dark. By lamplight they turned black, and in the light of dusk they seemed purple. His eyelashes were as long as any woman's. With this The Sworn Sword scene, which describes Egg's eyes. This second scene offers another subtle parallel, the reference to poleboats and Rhoynar Orphans (ie callback to the Shy Maid and Yandry and Ysilla)... A look was all the answer that he got. Egg had big eyes, and somehow his shaven head made them look even larger. In the dimness of the lamplit cellar they looked black, but in better light their true color could be seen: deep and dark and purple. Valyrian eyes, thought Dunk. In Westeros, few but the blood of the dragon had eyes that color, or hair that shone like beaten gold and strands of silver woven all together. When they'd been poling down the Greenblood, the orphan girls had made a game of rubbing Egg's shaven head for luck. It made the boy blush redder than a pomegranate. "Girls are so stupid ," he would say.
  12. From ACoK Tyrion I (Chapter 3) "Aerys Targaryen's last Hand was killed during the Sack of King's Landing, though I doubt he'd had time to settle into the Tower. He was only Hand for a fortnight. The one before him was burned to death. And before them came two others who died landless and penniless in exile, and counted themselves lucky. I believe my lord father was the last Hand to depart King's Landing with his name, properties, and parts all intact." Catelyn also meets Red Ronnet Connington I'm Catelyn II. The seeds for JonCon seem to be there, if his personage wasn't to the fore yet.
  13. And, that being said, I'm sure Cersei will prefer to put her own daughter on the throne. With Aegon warring in the Stormlands, he could make a potentially good marriage/ally for Aegon, but will he and JonCon make such a move?
  14. The succession issue is NOT as clear cut as it seems. The Seven prefer strict male-preference primogeniture, and this culture has influenced the Seven Kingdoms significantly. (Alys Karstark makes a point of this difference in Dance; in the North, laws support a niece before an uncle.) With the Seven such a strong force at the moment, especially in King's Landing, I doubt Myrcella could claim the throne without significant difficulties. Next in line after Tommen? Fervently religious Lancel. What better king for the High Sparrow?
  15. Littlefinger is foster the son of House Grafton, Gyles one of Sweetrobin's "squires." Whatever happens in Winds, btw, Grafton will be loyal to Sweetrobin (or rather Littlefinger) since his son is now essentially a hostage.
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