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  1. The laughable thing is, the entire tour was planned by Buckingham Palace(Queen and Charles) , where Cambridges will visit, when the your will happen etc, who among the press will be with them, but the moment Cambridges started their tour they cancelled the first stop, and used their PR agents to attack William for visiting "colonies" - he replied back at the end of the tour by saying "I will always support republic moments in Belize/Jamaica/Bahamas if that's what citizens want" - so everything is a mess, I may have to read about some fictional kingdoms that are less messy
  2. They went to Belize, Jamaica, and Bahamas... The entire tour Palace PR painted them as racist colonialists... Queen isn't at Buckingham yes, she is at Windsor, she won't attend Easter Sunday, Charles and Camilla isn't confirmed iirc but William and Catherine will be at the church
  3. Daella Targaryen's Arryn husband, Betha Blackwood, Jena Dondarrion, Aelinor Penrose, Alys Arryn, Dyanna Dayne, Orys Baratheon, Selyse Florent
  4. I am a royal watcher (well only when it comes to Cambridges) and spent nine days in extreme stress when they had a Jubilee tour, still didn't recover from the side effects
  5. What an interesting topic (yes I missed much and more due to stressful royal tour) - but I feel lost and there are now multiple unrelated thoughts in my brain, first I always thought First King of First Men was Garth the Green and God on Earth, so maybe his curse is related to fertility, which would explain why Corpse Queen would sacrifice children if she carried his curse. Then I remembered Catelyn Stark, a Stark by marriage, a literal Corpse Queen as Robb could always declare her the ruler of Winterfell in his letter, slain by Freys named after a fertility god...
  6. I don't attempt to place Jon Snow's birthday to a fixed date, I think we should have a solid date for Daenerys' birthday then we can say Jon was born 9 months earlier. And although Fisherman's Daughter story is a thought provoking one, it is still told by a Faceless Man so I have doubts about it.
  7. I don't think Lyanna was Knight of the Laughing Tree but Rhaegar may think so
  8. It could be an assumption, which wouldn't be surprising for me.
  9. Merry Christmas to you all, wants to share her highness' performance at Westminster Abbey
  10. Hellebore as winter rose makes sense yeah, about Melisandre, I think she is Maegi the Frog
  11. Well she obviously knew whereabouts of Tormund better than the rangers, and I think eye color change is due to her being a Sansa figure at the moment, that's why she is with a direwolf too, but I don't want her as a love interest for Jon, I love Val too much to accept it.
  12. Val could be a stand-in for other characters, when her hair was silver Val could be Daenerys, Jon is not interested at her at the time and when Val says air taste sweet he disagree, then we have Val with dark honey hair and blue eyes, and a direwolf, which could make Val a stand in for Sansa and then Jon says it had been a long time he seen something lovely, I wouldn't want to get into shipper territory at all but an idea of Jon with Sansa isn't bad for me at all, certainly better than Jon and Daenerys fiasco.
  13. That makes Leyton and Mad Maid more important then, what made them lock themselves in there?
  14. Brilliant question, wasn't Jenny married to a Targaryen heir that lost his throne due to their marriage? Plus its always possible for GoHH/Jenny to know about Targaryens prophetic past so they could use it to manipulate the family.
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