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  1. @LynnS why do you think the latest season is seen as boring? 90s were a scandalous era for the BRF yet the viewers seem to think the episodes are dull.
  2. Any monarchist/or royal watcher here that watched the Crown season 5? I am reading comments and reactions to the new season, personally it is boring since Diana entered the picture, but now I wonder how people would react to characters if they were fictional and not real people?
  3. @LynnS thank you for the podcast suggestion I may check them out as I read through ACOK
  4. It could be a Star Sapphire, it would tie Aemond to Symeon Star Eyes - I wrote about Gemstone Empire of Dawn before and identified God On Earth as Sapphire Emperor as well, so Aemond's death at God's Eye is interesting
  5. @LynnS that scene was terrible, I can't believe Mushroom's account is taken as truth just because its showing Greens in a bad light, I don't like the obvious bias against one side I am continue the rereading and this time something interesting from Tyrion I - Jaime and Tyrion discuss Bran's situation after his fall, Jaime says he would mercy kill his son in such a situation because Bran will be more than a crippled boy but rather a grotesque being. Tyrion replies that he wants Bran to wake up because he is interested in what he will reveal. When Jaime questions Tyrion about his loyalties, Tyrion is said to look at him "like a wolf" - the translation I own has phrase at least - and says why you know how much I love our family etc. I never connected Bran being a grotesque being and Tyrion's wolfish stare before, is it a hint about who Bran will skinchange in the future?
  6. That would be the translation I have made me think of Greenseers I guess, but a priestess/Woods witch makes sense as well.
  7. Unfortunately no, they claim Harry's wife is Rhaenyra - sigh I think GRRM cares about his fantasy world having some reality, he made sure his dragons only had two legs and mot four legs so there could be some things that prevent dragons to fly due to their massive size. I am having a rereading and I don't know if I ever realised Will&Gared mentions "dead" Wilding group they saw had a Greenseer among them
  8. I am seeing anti-monarchists claim The Princess of Wales (Catherine) is like Alicent, and while I love my girl, this take feels uninspiring for some reason. BTW HotD making I was thinking about Reach myths about Garth and his children, I wonder if Tarly twins were really his sons, or was that myth just another version of Garth the Green and Grey King, since they shared a woman, did they have rivalry over her?
  9. Tbh I would prefer Young Griff to be son of Rhaegar and Elia, and Jon to be son of Ned and Ashara as well but I am just brainstorming at the moment due to lack of new book. @LynnS yes, we are told Ashara's child was a stillborn by Barristan Selmy, appearently a court rumor?, and he thinks the child could look like Daenerys. Though her child could always end up being a boy who lived, Jon or Young Griff - or even Allyria. I know Barristan thinks the child would look like Daenerys due to eye color but, is there a hint to him thinking she could also have light hair color when Ashara had dark hair? - OT : I don't watch the show about DotD but come across posts about them, one about Visetys 1 being obsessed with having a son for prophecy and sacrifing Aemma about it, it reminded me Rhaegar with Elia/Lyanna but especially Elia who was told she would not survive another birth. What if she was in a safe place, a House with Red Door when she was pregnant and died giving birth to her third child Daenerys?
  10. I don't know how relevant parentage discussion is right now, but I have a question, since Young Griff has parallels to Egg - both fathers died in rebellion, introduced wearing straw hats, hedge knight companion named Dunk/Duck - what if another parallel they have is their parentage? Egg was son of Maekar and Dyanna Dayne, what if Young Griff is son of Rhaegar and Ashara?
  11. Might be a weird thought but can we have a "history is written by victors" situation at our hands when it comes to House Stark? When you look at Aegon I and how different realms reacted to his conquest, you have the Reach, the Stormlands and the Riverlands losing their ruling houses and getting replaced by those who either supported Aegon or were willing to support him, then you have Lann the Clever's house using their wit to remain alive, while Hightower depended on their religious status, and Dorne fought against the dragons even when the odds weren't on their side. Then you have the Starks, two brothers or half brothers Brandon and Torrhen, one is willing to fight against the enemy and has the means to do it (weirwood arrows) and the other kneels to the enemy, and lost his kingship - or did we have a King Brandon who was deposed by another Stark who knelt to be a Lord? (I might be 100% wrong but hey I missed heresy threads)
  12. The laughable thing is, the entire tour was planned by Buckingham Palace(Queen and Charles) , where Cambridges will visit, when the your will happen etc, who among the press will be with them, but the moment Cambridges started their tour they cancelled the first stop, and used their PR agents to attack William for visiting "colonies" - he replied back at the end of the tour by saying "I will always support republic moments in Belize/Jamaica/Bahamas if that's what citizens want" - so everything is a mess, I may have to read about some fictional kingdoms that are less messy
  13. They went to Belize, Jamaica, and Bahamas... The entire tour Palace PR painted them as racist colonialists... Queen isn't at Buckingham yes, she is at Windsor, she won't attend Easter Sunday, Charles and Camilla isn't confirmed iirc but William and Catherine will be at the church
  14. Daella Targaryen's Arryn husband, Betha Blackwood, Jena Dondarrion, Aelinor Penrose, Alys Arryn, Dyanna Dayne, Orys Baratheon, Selyse Florent
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