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  1. Eltharion21

    Was Gregor Guilty?

    Gods either don't exist or don't care , they might be as well more akin to Cosmic Horrors in this story. Tywin is definitively guilty of brutal violation and murder of Elia and her children, he has pattern of sexual torture of those who slight him (his fathers mistress, Tysha) and committing genocide on Houses (Reynes, Casterlys) and has knowingly chosen his tools (Gregor, Amory) for doing the deed, but even more damning, they prospered in his service after the murders.
  2. Probably just get hold of them and later they would either be neutralized ( castration, marriage of female member to one of Roberts children, taking the black) or have accident during their imprisonment if political situation demands it. Like many cases in change of dynasties. What would Stannis do, it is hard question, certainly he wouldn't allow brutality as Tywin with his goons, but seeing he already chosen the side of his brother he would ultimately follow his decision. If he is inspired by characters such as Tiberius Caesar or Richard III, than that also doesn't go in his favor since many members of their family were supposedly killed on orders as a threat for the succession and stability. Eddard on the other hand might have been tempted to let them go, with seeing the corpses of children placed beneath the Iron Throne.
  3. Eltharion21

    Why did Rhaenyra have the 3 strong kids?

    Since she had all three children with one man (Harwin) most likely it is possible they had amiable relationship, it may started as out of spite toward Ser Cole, but developed into something more and Laenor, Corlys, Rhaenys or Viserys I not raising an issue regarding her child's appearance but accepting them, additionally emboldened her. She certainly it is possible she was very spoiled child, with many fighting for her favor, her uncle seducing her with gifts, all realm bowing and worshiping her and moniker "The Realm's delight" which might had given her lack of scruples to do it in the first place.
  4. Eltharion21

    The Injustice in ASOIAF

    I disagree here, he had done plenty of crimes. He only seems upstanding when compared to some of his allies or family, and he lost trial by combat unlike first time. Only consequence of justice for him is clean death.
  5. Eltharion21

    Best Targaryen Kings

    Aegon I is very underrated in this thread, and Viserys I overrated.
  6. If Orwyle was dissenter and said same things as Beesbury during the Small council after Viserys's death. By his own testimony he wouldn't be killed but placed in Black Cells along with Beesbury, where he would remain until threat of revealing crowning of Aegon to Rhaenyra would remain. That obviously didn't happen. Then he would either be converted ( if they had any use for him, since he wasn't a noble)or remain imprisoned since many other lords were imprisoned and given another chance to bend the knee. Beesbury was sent (or killed) supposedly only after he got up , decided to leave the council and notify the Black side about their plan. For which to have any chance of working needed time to solidify. Since Orwyle was also sent in negotiations to represent Green council to Rhaenyra , we can be sure they were rather confident who he supported. Most logical explanation is that he was holding a reconciliatory position at best , while Beesbury was hard line Rhaenyra loyalist, and any qualms he had weren't strongly given. Murder of Beesbury by Ser Cole makes that theory more inconsistent with how his actions were presented during the Dance , with following chain of command above all and loyally serving the Greens. I dislike theories of people linking him with Littlegfinger he didn't attempt power grab, placing his own men like Tywin or Baelish in positions of power or grooming Haelena or taking any of their children as wards. Otto Hightower ordering Beesburys brutal death is also inconsistent with the way he dealt with issues.
  7. I agree that it isn't explicit but implies that Clubfoot suggested just that. He said heir "never lived to sit the throne", not other reasons for it (abdication, naming other heir, Great Council). Report of that council meeting, came from Orwlye through Munkun, he paints parts of small council at least as suggesting a murder of a king who people had arrested him rallied around. If he is the same source for supposed things said at same council: Aegon II saying : Or Tyland Lannister: Than those claims seem more damning, since they are regicide ( as considered by conquering Black Alliance( Cregan and Riverlads) against supposed murder of Beesbury. Which makes it even more implausible he should lie about one council meeting but tell truth about other. Most plausible is that he just embellished his role or given himself depiction as voice of reason or peace.
  8. I agree , that is why I doubt he lied about how Beesbury ended. He couldn't stop it if he wanted to, but also shows that small council of Aegon II planned to get rid of Aegon the Younger in time, which is much more damning.
  9. Eustace was in Red Keep but wasn't in small council so he got information from either remote sources or simple gossip. I doubt at the beginning people knew what was happening, and only after Beesbury died in Black cells , Greens might have even tried to cover it up as he was respected lord and even though they didn't murder him directly they contributed to his demise by locking him up so he wouldn't talk. Whole concept of killing Beesbury with throat slit is opposite of doing it secretly, there should be lot of blood to clean, body to carry, and it doesn't seem like how Otto Hightower run things, Tyland Lannister seems like a man on who that would have opposing effect, Ironrod was on board and just to intimidate Larys and Orwyle is far fetched. Also Lucerys didn't die yet so Greens didn't fully expect for bloodshed to escalate, there were negotiations and Otto and Alicent both showed distaste for how Aemond killed Lucerys. Whole story started with Kingmaker and mention of throat slit, but when we look at details it becomes more and more dubious. Orwyle was arrested when Cregan did imprison also : Larys Strong the Clubfoot, Seasnake, Ser Perkin the Flea, and Septon Eustace, along with half a hundred others, both highborn and low. He started working on his confessions during the time Cregan was in charge. He got sentenced since he given poison true. On execution block he asked to take the black, but later escaped from going North. He was found in brothels working as a healer and janitor, when he tried to learn some young girls how to read. Tyland Lannister knowing him, made sure he didn't get executed and gave him comfortable chambers on pretense that King's justice wasn't still named where he continued his confessions, where he wrote for two years. He worked tirelessly and saved many during the Winter Fever. Until that idiot Unwin Peake executed him. Orwyle is also main source for intrigues in " Short, Sad Reign of Aegon II" where he implicates Aegon II, Alicent and Larys Strong in their conspiracy to get rid of Lord Corlys in time and even Aegon the Younger, why should he paint them in bad light then but not during that small council:
  10. Eltharion21

    Skinchanging into a baby?

    Idk why by title reminded me of Office :
  11. They could have easily killed him before he started to talk or engage in battle at their whim as they were in superior position, they also came from their position and met him below ridge. It was a parley regardless of intent. Generally black side didn't take hostages at all until Corlys took over their leadership, they were intent mostly on murder, which increases possibility that Helaena was also killed. Cole was king's hand and member of a small council, but yes son of a steward, if he was son of a great lord he might had been captured as Jaime was. Orwyle is only one present on the meeting of the three sources. Mushroom was way in Dragonstone and defenestration would be antithesis of keeping things silent. Orwyle claims that he "spoke out for Rhaenyra" which might be to become spared by Black regime. He might be saying truth about one thing and lie about other, but can he be blamed if Beesbury got murdered by Cole if they don't blame Alicent, Tyland or Larys Strong. He doesn't claim he personally asked for Beesbury to be sent to black cells , but that he was saying what Beesbury did and "showing himself in a favorable light and absolve himself of any blame for what was to follow" points that he embellished latter.
  12. Eltharion21

    Can the Iron Bank be with financial problems?

    Would it be wise to support Daenerys if that leads to reinstating of dragon riding dynasty? Her dragons will outlive her and they could spawn more, and their next owner/rider might have different opinion of political matters. I am not sure that Braavos has it in best interest. Braavos is also polytheistic city state honoring all of the gods, possibly for reasons of easier trade which might be hampered if they support continent wide religious movement, which is often quite intolerant to other religions.
  13. Eltharion21

    Can the Iron Bank be with financial problems?

    Who do they need to support to abolish slavery?
  14. Eltharion21

    How did you pick your screen name?

    Interesting thread, choosing one's name is concept that was kinda esoteric to me with "Nomen est omen" latin saying and even Planescapes: "Power in Names". My has two layers: First is depiction of Stannis with Flaming Sword and Crown of Iron in black, mocking his Tv biased representation and some of his detractors: Name of Eltharion is originating from Tolkien, but mine is from Warhammer Fantasy short story - The Blade Reforged ( About Elven lord fighting Witch King and after being tortured and blinded (kinda like Maedhros), and sent as an example, preparing to take vengeance against his immortal foe) That quote oddly resonated with me, making him my favorite character in setting and I feel it also ties with quote Martin often mentioned:
  15. Eltharion21

    How did you pick your screen name?

    Games Workshop it is kinda like Wizards of the Coast, company focusing on miniatures and tabletop games, but with extensive following novels of varied quality. They were known for taking inspiration of their character from Arthurian Legend, but also Herbert, Tolkien, Michael Moorcock .