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  1. Looking at their history: they were founded by escaped slaves from Valyrian Freehold, Faceless men who are part of their culture were created in torments of Valyrian volcanic slave mines, very city was hiding for centuries until they had some power to defy remaining dragonlords. Their rising power - naval supremacy and trade would be threatened by rise of aerial power of dragons, which looking at the Fire & Blood are long lived creatures- for around three hundred years or more. Who is to guarantee that Daenerys's heir or people who claim dragons would remain true to her policy of anti-slavery? If Braavos was to prevent rise of new Valyria- which is anathema to their society - time to strike is now while dragons aren't fully grown.
  2. Nah Braavos would never support Daenerys, because of dragons, their long life span and possibility of rebuilt Valyrian empire. Despite they might sympathize with Daenerys anti slavery attitude.
  3. If it is publicly released, which it was it, than it falls under scrutiny of the ruling power in Westeros at the time - Targaryen dynasty - which was ever sensitive about bad image - examples of censure by Baelor the Blessed, Aerion Brightflame,Bloodraven, Aerys the Mad King. Saying all Maesters are part of a hive mind is like saying all the doctors are part of same conspiracy, it couldn't be true as they have varied loyalties, ideas and goals and the more people are involved more the chance it would be found out.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me that Leyton Hightower name would be in similar vein of Hodor as he is : "late on high tower".
  5. There are some parallels not the least breaking his betrothal vows. My opinion is that Prince of Dragonstone when his monarch is incapacitated holds power to match "King of the North" or more. Funny thing Richard Madden who played Robb Stark is playing Ikaris in Marvel Eternals - inspired by mythological Icarus, and Jacaerys death is quite similar to that with flying too close to danger. Jace has sent Joffrey and Rhaena also.
  6. Robb Stark was fifteen during the War of the Five Kings in 298 , he is considered a King despite his young age. On his wiki it for Jacearys says : Born In 114 AC[1] Died In 130 AC[N 1] While for Robb Stark it is : Born In 283 AC[8], at Riverrun Died In 299 AC (aged 16)[8] I'm average at maths, but pretty sure detracting those numbers gives 16 in both cases.
  7. Wasn't that decision brought by her son Jacaerys and Corlys Velaryon as Rhenyra herself was incapacitated being distraught due to death of her son. Jacaerys is basically a grown man - being 16 and he chose himself to go in battle- he and his milk-brother Daeron the Daring both have some elements of Robb Stark character.
  8. Character from F&B during the Dance of Dragons - Mysaria is also called Misery and the White Worm - who has Valyrian appearance, comes from Lys where daughter of Targaryen King left and became a prostitute. In The Lair of the White Worm: "Sir Nathaniel Van Helsing-type character believes the Worm is descended from dragons, who traded their physical power for cunning. " Firewyrms, worms with human faces, snakes with hands that appear in Asoiaf might be related and devolved form of dragons, or their ancestors - that were upgraded using Valyrian blood magic. Martin starts "House of the Worm" with: Decay= White Worm and all those that connect with it.
  9. Fan forums have ruined me, every time I see that title , I think of many unfortunate ships in the fandom.
  10. Actually death of Ser Criston Cole is quite exquisite - Ser Pate of Longleaf says : Yet in real world histories there are epic songs that describe quite similar deaths of a renowned warrior. Like song "The Death of Father Milo Jovovich" ( not Mila Jovovich) written later about death of Montenegrin priest and warlord who fought against the Ottoman Empire in 1877. You have argument between warrior and his lord, him going alone and calling his enemies commanders to a duel, being killed in ambush with ranged weaponry, his head being cut off and mounted on a pike, even there is a raven gloating over severed head - eerily similar to Ser Cole's death. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/smrt-popa-mila-jovovića-смрт-попа-мила-јововића-death-father-milo-jov.html#footnote1_n3ww041
  11. You are saying that. I am saying that Hightower if we include The Faith and Maesters has more influence over majority of Westeros than most of those houses - but especially Arryns - who hold supremacy in other areas like sheep "husbandry" We see Roland Arryn being impressed by the wonders of the west - including Hightower to begin building the Eyrie:
  12. If it is Ty Tennant and he is 19 years old, than they wouldn't cast older Aegon - as he was 24 when he died.
  13. Ser Otto Hightower was raised by magnanimity of kings? More likely his own skill as an administrator. Hightowers have much more influential legacy, than many petty kings of Westeros- how many of there were anyway? Storm King, King of the Iron Islands, Griffon King, Gardner King, King of the Rock, King of the Rivers and Hill, King of Winter, King of the Arbor, King of the High Tower, Darklyn King, Vulture King, Barrow King, King of the Vale and Mountain, Red King, Marsh King, King of the Trident , King of the Fingers, Bronze King, King of Stone and Sky, King of the Torrentine, High King of Dorne, King of the Brimstone, King of Three Sisters, Hooded King... Hell even Ser Utherr Sheet might have some king's blood. Well Alicent did show quite able to birth Targaryen looking children at least - who were dragonriders- if Vhagar, Dreamfire, Sunfyre and Tessarion consider them worthy, I see not how plump spider could object.
  14. That says guy who takes profile picture of a pedo Daemon who promoted buying the maidenhood of girls from poor families - and getting them in prostitution, or the one who ordered murder of his brother's grandson - just a child in front of his siblings and mother - just to send a message. I daresay not the marks of a very good judge of character. Rhaenyra was always a tyrant - she wanted to "question sharply" - aka torture Aemond when he was only 10 years old and just lost his eye by one of her sons. She ordered Ser Vaemond Velaryon who rightfully claimed her children were bastards to be beheaded by her husband and his body fed to her lazy dragon Syrax. That all happened before even one of her children died - and she had chance to stop the war three times - with Orwyle's peace offering, when Alicent offered her Great Council and when Corlys offered her to send pardons to all - she might had built upon either or those and negotiated but she chose to be stubborn and vengeful. Aegon II story reminds much more of Theon Greyjoy ( both being lecherous and unable through their injuries to continue, despicable in ruling decisions - Theon executing people in Winterfell/Aegon ordering some of the executions, they both have pivotal moment - when they are being offered to accept the Black from Seasnake or Maester Luwin during siege - which both refuse). His family tragedy and deaths are actually more compelling downfall, with his horrible injuries, drinking and milk of poppy addiction - and overcoming it to get his vengeance over his half-sister.
  15. The written material begs to differ: Always it mattered, as the song goes "Everything counts in large amounts". Population, resources, control over masses through religion, monopoly over education, communication and health - are all present in Reach, and especially in alliance with House Hightower- as somebody said to Daenerys: "Man wants to be the king o' rabbits, he best wear a pair o' floppy ears." - that is what Aegon I had done when he accepted existing institutions in Westeros and built upon them. Viserys also did got cut on the throne when he ordered Velaryons who protested about Rhaenyra murdering Ser Vaemond and bastards taking their inheritance to get their tongues cut. He almost died then and was afraid to sit the Throne until his death - which implies unfitness to rule. What to do when King is unfit to rule? Moreover all the lords in Westeros gathered and voted (no small feat) 20:1 in favor of Viserys, son of Baelon against Laenor through Rhaenys, daughter of Aemon- which would be great basis for stabile succession for some generations to come.
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