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  1. That's projection Kimdissi - where person who sees himself as manipulator sees them where there aren't. Ser Cole isn't a player of the Game but a piece with mind of his own, and if anything he seems loyal to the Greens after split with Rhaenyra happens, unlike self-serving Littlefinger whose reflection might be more in Larys Strong, his undoing was ultimately division with Aemond and being left without dragon support on retreat. His shining moment during the Dance was taking the reigns after the Black initial victories, blood & cheese and many houses rallying for them - swaying the war in favor of Greens temporarily. He should be credited at least for taking Crownland houses, devising the Rook's Rest Trap. He should have few fight scenes besides tourney - Duskendale or vanguard skirmish before taking Harrenhal, and training Aemond One Eye - their relationship has so much potential, especially reason for their separation in Riverlands.
  2. She likely misheard "The Prince that was pomaced" as in Gregor Clegane crushing his head.
  3. Doubt it is about Aegon, more like Daemon or Laenor, as story should start rather early. Aegon's debauchery never was considered as a reason against his rule unlike for Rhaenyra-
  4. Title song better top "Wiener, Wiener"!
  5. Maybe this link works it is just painted miniature from Dark Sword Miniatures painted by artist with instructions by George R.R. Martin in sort of icy scheme that in my opinion relates to "corpse queen" description. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/melisandre-priestess-of-rhllor/
  6. We can't be sure as legend's usually become distorted in time . I personally feel Stannis storyline could be closest analogy of that legend- though not exact translation with all good and bad things he does. Could it be it's actions cause the beginning of the Long Night- sword glowing like sunset seems to ominously predict it. Nightfort as his seat - check. Sacrificing people - check, could Mance/Tormund and Jon Snow or Northmen join in assault on Nightfort to release prisoners set to be sacrificed? Taking an Other for his Queen - Melisandre and George himself instructing the painter:
  7. Ha, you are hardly person to judge who is scum Kimdissi. Especially since you are being fan of her on this since before the story was published, just searching term "Rhaenyra" you spring up like mushroom after rain, even in 2010. And Rhaenyra certainly was cruel, cruel as or more than her brother Aegon II - known as Maegor with teats, "question him sharply" was her catchphrase. Both sides in Civil war had their vile acts and it is impossible to make compelling story with depicting either side as purely good or bad. Least of all using unconfirmed and conflicting quasi historical sources that have their own agenda when they write about historical events. To be honest I much prefer Silmarillion to GRRMarillion (Fire & Blood) for sole reason that I consider it braver to present events as they happened and not leave room for readers to choose what really happened.
  8. Yep it is a chokepoint, extremely difficult to take from the south, yet Victarion attacked from the West using ships. Maybe the place, like Bloody Gate is meant to refer historical chokepoints as was Thermopylae, which Persians won with heavy losses only when they used path through mountains to flank the defenders. Robb Stark also had a plan of retaking the place:
  9. I agree she was likely very intelligent and probably charismatic, though Helen of Troy or statues of Aphrodite and other deities beg to differ as a definition of beauty against representations of Cleopatra on coins or busts that are used to make her face known to her subjects.
  10. Was Cleopatra really beautiful or stories about her are constructions of Roman historians ? https://www.historyextra.com/period/ancient-egypt/the-face-of-cleopatra-was-she-really-so-beautiful/ https://i2.wp.com/moco-choco.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cleopatra-digital-reconstruction-21.jpg?resize=700%2C672&ssl=1
  11. Nothing subtle about this: Also children aged twelve aren't teens ( 13- 19) .
  12. I like dragons , they are magnificent creatures that deserve to exist and be free, Targaryens not so much - men aren't meant to wield such power. There is wonderful animated movie - "The Flight of Dragons" that I watched as a kid that deals with discord between world of fading magic and logic.
  13. We have enough information from Fire and Blood to make probable assumptions the truth about parentage of Rhaenyra's first three children. We see that strapping and lusty epithet are used in describing Jacaerys and Lucerys: Interestingly bias present in various sources of the Dance transcribes itself even to Wiki of Ice and Fire , through it's editors: Incorrect as she might have worn ceremonial armor as she acted as a figurehead and only landed after other Dragonriders secured the city, and Eustace mentions that event repeated itself, there would also be witnesses present to repute his claim if false. Which isn't proof as if Arryn genes showed in Rhaenyra's children by "Laenor" they would show later in the line of Aegon III or Viserys II - but we have no mention of strapping, brown eyed, brown haired, pug nosed, lusty and Strong children in Targaryen line.
  14. Why she would make babies with Harwin without any sort of emotional connection , just to do her marital duty - when she could had picked any person of Valyrian origin after seeing the look of first child and hearing the spiteful remarks, which later turned to life threatening issues? Harwin became her sworn shield in 113-114AC, having three children in 114 AC, 115 AC and 117 AC staying with her until he was sent by Viserys to Harenhall to stop the rumors of bastardry and died in fire of 120 AC - that is quite a record for just " a sperm donor".
  15. Nah it has to feel like porn written by "Lord Varys", at least Mushroom has some credence - actually being there. We already have allegations or evidence of Rhaenyra being with Daemon, Cole, Harwin, Laenor, Quarl - do we need to add Laena - why? To fit people's threesome fanfiction of dubious quality with Daemon - like some artists produce: https://www.deviantart.com/chillyravenart/art/Daemon-x-Laena-x-Rhaenyra-858290077 https://naomimakesart.tumblr.com/post/625004137803857920/for-the-love-of-the-queen-daemon-and-laena I'd rather have nuanced characters with complex motivations and not caricatures, Martin represents good and bad sides in Asoiaf , why can't we have same quality in F&B.
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