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  1. Oh it's just the actor coupled with the general writing of s4. Like aceluby and everyone said.
  2. So I've been binge watching this show for the first time and so I'm avoiding the rest of this thread. I wanted to finish season 5 before making a post here but I'm on 4x03 and I'm so mad about the way they killed Beocca. Besides the abrupt way it happened, almost like an afterthought or an attempt at shock factor (he didn't want to come but then he did and then he died all in a very short space), why leave the death for the first 5 minutes of episode 3 (and before the opening credits even!) instead of including it at the end of episode 2..... it completely killed the moment and felt like a joke, like they didn't even care. In fact the way they've been ending each episode is so bad. Ending it in the middle of a scene and starting the next episode as a straight continuation, like we've just been on a commercial break, just comes across as sloppy and nonsensical. Anyway I'm only on 4x03 and this season is already bad.... Since I'm writing this post I might as well share some of my thoughts about the show so far: The absurdly fast pace of this show is at times fine but also detrimental when it comes to character development; The non-aging of the characters is....weird....but I can disregard it as a creative choice. Seasons 1 and 2 were much better than 3 and (so far) 4. The first half of season 3 was very good I thought, but the second half wasn't as good (besides the scenes between Uthred and Brida in episode 6 and between Uthred and Alfred in episode 9). Season 4 is suffering I think of the repetitiveness of the storylines and the fact that the new characters are almost the same as the previous ones who've died. And they're not as interesting.
  3. I pronounce Brynden as bry-den. Like the first part rhyming with 'dry'. Now I'm questioning it bryn-den makes sense because of the 'n' after the 'y'.
  4. I always have to age up the characters mentally when I read because otherwise it's either super unrealistic or even weird and disgusting (like you guys have mentioned with Dany for example). I think 18 should have been the age of adulthood instead of 16. But I'd have Robb and Jon start the books with 17 at least. Same with Dany. Then Sansa with 14 or 15, Arya with 12, Bran with 10 and Rickon with 6.
  5. In my view, once your books reach this level of popularity and acclaim (including being favorably compared to LOTR, being considered a staple of the genre, with millions and millions of copies sold), there will always be people curious to read it, even if there's no ending (which, if it remains that way, will always be part of its "legend"). I agree with you on the show and its ending, though. As a personal aside, I would have still read this series even if I knew it was going to remain unfinished. By this point it really doesn't bother me, maybe because I watched the show (which, despite not being a big fan of, I'm not particularly disappointed with).
  6. I lean towards Jaime but I often think about this, especially in light of what's in the spoiler box. In any case, I think the valonqar has to be someone narratively connected to Cersei so I like the ideia of Arya too.
  7. I think there will always be people reading these books in the future, given their popularity. I don't think the series being unifinished would change that, except that it wouldn't be seen as something like LOTR. I also think people will keep watching the show as the years go by. Of course, its popularity will never reach the heights it had once but there will always be somebody curious enough to watch a once very popular TV show. I guess the same goes for the books.
  8. Yes. I think it's a self-fulfilling thing too. If a show is simple then the viewers aren't going to bother getting too invested. But if a show has some nuance and complexity then I believe the viewers would make more of an effort. But as we know those showrunners clearly thought viewers were stupid and that was that.
  9. I don't know if I should have posted this in the Literature thread but. Can someone who read the books spoil something for me, I'm so curious:
  10. I'm a relatively new user but I used to read the forums in around 2013/2014. I remember Apple Martini and tze (?). It seems they aren't around anymore.
  11. I don't think the entire House will be wiped out but they will always be known for what they did. I think they will be pariahs to everyone in Westeros from now on and they'll probably lose the Twins. The North (and this includes the Riverlands as part of the kingdom) will never forget the Red Wedding and I think it's one of the reasons why they will continue to proclaim independence from the South.
  12. But there aren't any more Targaryens in this scenario. The Baratheons ? I agree with your second sentence. I think - regardless of motive - that Bran will be chosen that way.
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