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  1. That Littlefinger is behind everything that happens not only in Westeros but now also apparently in Essos.
  2. My question is, if you don't believe it's a mystery, and you don't subscribe to any theory regarding Jon's parentage (I presume), why.......be here in this thread? After all this is a thread specifically made to discuss RLJ. Quoting people's posts just to say they're wrong because *you* specifically don't like theories on this subject - when you don't have anything to add to RLJ because you *don't* subscribe to it - then why do it? Let people theorize about RLJ in a thread specifically made for it.
  3. RLJ predates the show by many many years. It's not so much built on it, as reinforced by it. But we'll agree to disagree on this. About your last paragraph, sure it's a theory, but then if you don't consider it a mystery then there's nothing here to debate, in your understanding, is that correct? I just think you're mostly concerned about exact words, either from George himself or the books, and like I said that's fine. But others disagree and that's also fine.
  4. I'm definitely in the camp that thinks the show has more elements from the books than it's assumed. Denying that assumption is normal, but thinking otherwise is equally normal. Tha fact is, the show gave us more material to think about, and a lot of theories and discussions - even in the General forum here - are now based on what happened on screen. Yes, we all hated the show, it was terrible, but I think some things came definitely from George, and we need to accept that (hold the door, anyone?). Whether they will still happen on the books is another question, but at some point, for example, King Bran was an actual thing in George's mind. Imo the show, while being what it was, was still something George was involved in, and I think there are some good things to be taken from it.
  5. Do you have a quote about this?
  6. Sure he's never said who she is publicly (why would he just say it) but the showrunners knew. Since they said they got it right, and George says they got it right, and we all know what transpired in the show, it's a logical inference. It seems clear to me. But I see you disagree, that's fine.
  7. So do you think George is lying? Why would he lie to the people adapting his work, fellow creators/colleagues, and then to the readers?
  8. Nvm. I should read posts more thoroughly; it's been answered.
  9. Sorry to butt in, and having not read all the posts, but it seems to me whether Rhaegar married Lyanna, which he could have - what's stopping him?-, does not necessarily translate to Jon being the legitimate heir. That will depend on how people see that marriage, and the circunstances that could affect their opinion. I believe in RLJ and I'm okay with a Rhaegar and Lyanna marriage, but I think some are working backwards from the assumption that the RLJ revelation will necessarily lead to Jon automatically becoming a recognized heir or even king. Not necessarily. We don't know where the information will be coming from, in what circunstances, or how it will impact Jon, his decisions, and other characters'. I mean, at the end of the day, Jon could discover his parentage, go fight in the war, and die, without it ever leading to any ''the rightful king returns'' scenario. That said, even if polygamy is considered unpopular and sinful I think that people - the kingmakers and so forth - could still consider R+L's marriage a legitimate marriage. Especially if the powers that be at that time is Dany and she will have a strong reason to want Jon to be a legitimate Targaryen - or even legally recognize his parents marriage? But I sincerely think the polygamy just over-complicates things. He could just be a bastard, and then legitimized (or not). Just my two cents. Oh btw I have a little question (that I'm sure has been debated before in this gigantic thread): won't the RLJ revelation need some kind of proof? Imagine someone says ''I was there, I saw Lyanna giving birth to Jon and Rhaegar was his father'', which yes ok, but why would people just believe this person, even if they know they were there? After all, Stannis could say Cersei's kids were her brother's but without proof, he wasn't in a strong position...(and in that case I guess there was physical proof but only Ned discovered that through the book; still some still don't believe it.....until things go wrong for the Lannisters). Now this has gotten me thinking that it's possible no one, or only a few, will believe in RLJ....interesting parallel there with Young Griff. Maybe these revelations and secrets won't matter as much as we're thinking, or in the scenarios we're devising. (Sorry for the essay)
  10. I disagree with your first theory but I agree that the Sailor's Wife lover was Gerion.
  11. My question is about the map of the Wall and Beyond the Wall included in ADWD. Did that map already exist from the beginning - that is, was it made when AGOT was published - or was it only made for ADWD? Did GRRM have a good ideia of that area and its shape from the beginning? I presume so, since the published maps must be based on maps he made for himself, but also how much input does the illustrator have? Do they create maps based on the authors' but insert their own personal ideias?
  12. When you put it like this, things really come into perspective.... :/
  13. Bran and Jaime Dany and Jon Jon and Bloodraven (or Benjen or Coldhands) Arya and Gendry again Starks' reunion, be it in pairs or all together. Particularly Jon/Bran, Arya/Sansa, and Jon/Arya.
  14. For me it's a mix of numbers 2 and 3. I think the Others will be dealt with, however that may happen, but winter won't end then, so the characters will be 'dreaming' of the next coming of spring. Personally I'd like the last chapter to be a Bran pov, taking place in the future, or encompassing several years.
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