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  1. Like others have said, many places in real life are named in that "obvious" fashion. I don't think it's lazy at all.
  2. Does Bran know that Robb and Catelyn died at the Twins?
  3. I had heard about the books before the show. I remember seeing them in the bookstore I used to buy my books in at the mall when i was a teen - maybe around 2008. I remember picking up AGOT and reading the back synopsis and flipping through it. I have no ideia how, because the synopsis doesn't really say it, but the only two things I knew about the books were: 1) dragons return and so does magic, and 2) it was 'rated r' lol. And that didn't appeal to me. Or rather, it did, but they weren't the kind of books I used to read back then. Anyway, I discovered they made an adaptation when the first season aired but I didn't watch it then. I decided to give the books a try, so I read them consecutively, starting in January 2012. Then I watched the first season and the following seasons live until season 5. I also remember lurking around here back in 2013 or so. The user I remember the most was Apple Martini. Idk why I remember them specifically but yeah. And tze (?), as well.
  4. I have to say that Sweden's approach to the pandemic doesn't seem that effective when compared to a country like Portugal, where I live. We both have a population of 10M, but Sweden has 4x the number of deaths. According to this site Portugal has 69663 cases and 1925 deaths. Sweden has 89436 cases and 5870 deaths. It's true though, that maybe the virus has already circulated throughout more areas of Sweden than in Portugal and that autumn and winter are still to come (not to mention the reopening of schools and universities). We'll see. Overall I think Portugal has done a reasonable job handling this pandemic; unfortunately the situation in care homes for the elderly was disastrous. About 40% of deaths come from people from these care homes, most over the age of 80. We've also discovered that some homes weren't as clean and caring as they should have been and some of them weren't licensed to be open. I think this could definitely makes us think about how our society, not just in Portugal, treats the elderly. In fact, this pandemic has really shown how there's a lot of failings and flaws in our societies; I doubt, however, that things are going to change and be improved, unfortunately. As for the near future I think this comes down to people's responsibility in wearing masks and doing everything we can to minimize the effects of the virus. Also, I just want to say that the situation in Spain, especially in Madrid, is pretty dire and I don't know how things spinned out of control again.
  5. This is more of a thought but when prince Oberyn comes to King's Landing his entourage includes various members of several different Dornish houses. Why bring such a ''star-studded'' entourage? After all he was just coming to take his brother's place in the small council...or were they coming to attend Joffrey's wedding too?
  6. Catelyn and Theon Catelyn's chapters are so consistently well written that they appear effortless. A great insight on a character that would probably be simplified or ignored in other fantasy works. Theon's chapters..... just an amazing journey. I can't wait for the rest of it because imo it's still not over.
  7. The She-Wolves of Winterfell for sure. A story during Maekar's reign, maybe including Bloodraven as well. Edit: I forgot but yes! a story featuring Betha. A story similar to The Sworn Sword, about the smallfolk and their lives.
  8. Yeah. After he passes away, and despite his own feelings on the matter, anything can happen. I'd be surprised if some sort of continuation or a book about the planned ending isn't released one day, even if it takes decades from now.
  9. My question is, if you don't believe it's a mystery, and you don't subscribe to any theory regarding Jon's parentage (I presume), why.......be here in this thread? After all this is a thread specifically made to discuss RLJ. Quoting people's posts just to say they're wrong because *you* specifically don't like theories on this subject - when you don't have anything to add to RLJ because you *don't* subscribe to it - then why do it? Let people theorize about RLJ in a thread specifically made for it.
  10. RLJ predates the show by many many years. It's not so much built on it, as reinforced by it. But we'll agree to disagree on this. About your last paragraph, sure it's a theory, but then if you don't consider it a mystery then there's nothing here to debate, in your understanding, is that correct? I just think you're mostly concerned about exact words, either from George himself or the books, and like I said that's fine. But others disagree and that's also fine.
  11. I'm definitely in the camp that thinks the show has more elements from the books than it's assumed. Denying that assumption is normal, but thinking otherwise is equally normal. Tha fact is, the show gave us more material to think about, and a lot of theories and discussions - even in the General forum here - are now based on what happened on screen. Yes, we all hated the show, it was terrible, but I think some things came definitely from George, and we need to accept that (hold the door, anyone?). Whether they will still happen on the books is another question, but at some point, for example, King Bran was an actual thing in George's mind. Imo the show, while being what it was, was still something George was involved in, and I think there are some good things to be taken from it.
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