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  1. I'm 4 episodes into season 2 and I'm loving it. I really like the concepts and themes they're working with so even when the execution falters I still enjoy it. Episode 1 of this season was a bad omen because it felt like a parody version of the show but ever since episode 2 it's just gotten better. All the new actors are excellent and the scale feels larger. They definitely had a bigger budget this time. @Ran Hober Mallow is the Han Solo-type character you mentioned, right? I see it He was even on a planet called Korell !!
  2. So I finished season 1 and I absolutely loved it. I think this show appeals to what I like. The Emperors's storyline is without a doubt the best thing about the show, though, even acting-wise. If it was only about that, maybe with Seldon's machinations against the Empire as a parallel plot, it'd be even better. Because the other 2 storylines weren't very well balanced, and the one with Salvor and the Anacreons felt over-extended. I didn't think this show was confusing at all. I'm confused about people's confusion. Of course, if you look deeper you'll probably find inconsistencies especially with regards to Seldon's incredibly accurate predictions, but whatever. I don't nitpick to that extent especially when it's often something that comes with the territory in this kind of stories. I'm glad I didn't read anything about this show before or during it because I got to watch it with no expectations and that may have helped. I read the pages on this thread relating to season 1 and the overall negative opinions on the show kinda surprised me but I'm glad I hadn't read them before finishing the season. I haven't read the books either so I don't have that attachment to compare this to. Looking forward to watching season 2 which I believe ended recently? Also one final word about the actors who played Demerzel (intriguing character to say the least), Halima and the 19 year old Brother Dawn (who perfectly captured Lee Pace's whole energy). They were excellent. I was sad to see Halima go. Brother Dawn I think I will see again.
  3. Oh wow, then the show really came up with something great regarding the genetic dynasty imo. Yes, I'm still midway through the 1st season. That's funny about Han Solo
  4. I started watching this show this week. I'm 4 episodes in. I really like it so far! I haven't read the books nor did I have any knowledge of their plot or characters whatsoever and I'm not having any problems following or understanding the story. I read the first page of comments and I was surprised to find out people thought the first 2 episodes were slow paced. I thought they were incredibly rushed and crammed with way too much! Episode 3 slowed down the pace and I appreciated that. It was much better that way. I was also surprised to discover that the 3 Emperors scheme is not in the books (though the Emperor is still cloned, right?). I find it a brilliant concept and this whole genetic dynasty thing is fascinating and definitely a very interesting concept for a writer to play with. Concepts such as cloning and sentient droids (Demerzel) have a lot of room for thematic analysis and being connected to other concepts such as ruling, power and ancestry just makes it that more interesting to me. I'm really enjoying the mysterious storyline on Terminus as well. I love Salvor and I don't mind that she's "special". I can't say it's a Mary Sue situation when I'm only 4 episodes in and have no resolution or full context but regardless it doesn't bother me at all. I know, because I accidentally spoiled myself, that she's connected to Gaal and I'm looking forward to the development of that. I also came here to ask the book readers if the show - which is clearly not a 1-1 adaptation - is somewhat faithful in lifting elements from the books. I ask this because I find there's some similarities with Star Wars and since the books predate that movie/universe then either SW was inspired by it or this show came up with those elements while inspired by SW. Either way, it's fun. Now I'll be very carefully exiting this thread
  5. I liked the new episode but the same things I mentioned on my previous post still stand. In this episode it was very apparent to me how a lot of scenes on this show are just People Standing in Front of Generic CGI Sci-fi Setting and saying their lines in an unexciting way. As people have said, though, at least we're finally going somewhere with Baylan and Shin (who is a character I find intriguing, surprisingly). Lars Mikkelsen was excellent as Thrawn - I think this shows how strong acting can make other things (like make up or costuming) become less important (though I thought he looked fine). The actor playing Ezra was also perfectly fine and they did seem to have recycled the Sand People and the Jawas for the new planet, didn't they? I love the Nightsisters but I fear they're just here as plot devices and set dressing. We'll see.
  6. I watched Ahsoka up to the latest episode and I think it's getting better episode by episode. I absolutely hated the fact that this started with yet another secret map quest - that was not a good sign. However, I thought episodes 4 and 5 were definitely highlights. Episode 5 really brought it home for me because it covered multiple angles and, while the writing feels non-committal and surface-level, I feel like there's the core of a better story and show underneath all that. It's like you can almost see the better show this could have been but it's somewhat always out of reach. Teen Ahsoka was simply awesome, too. The actress did a very good job! I also dig the melancholy vibe of the last two episodes. I think it fits the character of Ahsoka very well and her past and sadness and all her issues and demons. I just wish all of this was more clear and fit better together? (Possibly with some thematic connection to Baylan's jadedness and fall, as well). I just feel like this show needs more of everything: more conversations, more excitement, more characters and plot lines. Like others have said, it feels kinda empty and the editing seems to be doing the heavy lifting in terms of filling in the runtime (I don't think episode 3 was even 30 minutes long and like, why bother, then?). The acting doesn't help; while I personally think Dawson is pretty good - or good enough - as Ahsoka, once again the direction and/or the writing holds her back. The same for the other actors. I'd expect to have a better understanding of Morgan, Baylan and Shin by now, too. Again, this show makes me ponder why they waste so much time on certain things that just aren't helping the story and characters. Makes me feel like this might have been originally a 2 and a half hour movie extended to a mini-series like Kenobi.
  7. I really enjoyed S1 of SNW, like all the episodes, but I didn't particularly like both episodes of the new season. The first one completely lost me with that slo-mo super-strength scene in the Klingon ship. Also, both the writing and the actors felt off and the plot was forced. The second episode was better compared to it (shout out to Yetide Badaki's guest role, she was great) but I wasn't a fan of this Ellyrian subplot and how it was handled.
  8. Burn Gorman is so good! I finished S1 and I thought it was a pretty good finale. The last scene at Abe's House was brilliant. I think my least favourite part of the season was the Robert Rogers subplot, but otherwise it was good. Definitely looking forward to S2.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I didn't think the show was slow per se but that it didn't have enough plot to fill 10 episodes so some subplots in some episodes seemed to me more like filler than establishing material. I think they did a great job at juggling the separate threads and woving them together. With regards to the characters, I'd like to see more of Major Hewlett. I'll definitely continue watching.
  10. Ooh, I've been watching this show for the first time, only one episode left of S1. Can I ask if the show improves in the next seasons? I enjoy it so far but it seems like 10 episodes a season was a bit much as some plot threads feel like filler or too extended. But maybe that's just an issue with this first season. I do like how the multiple threads come together, although I feel like, while he's a great actor, Jamie Bell's character is not a particular stand out compared to others.
  11. I feel that this is exactly what I was trying to say with my original post.
  12. You know, the more I think about the movie the more I like it lol
  13. Saw it yesterday in 3d. It was fine. The technology is impressive, it's like a seamless blend of animation and real life in a way I really haven't seen before (though i think that video games also do something like this - with motion capture - but I don't play). It's really interesting but at the end of the day not particularly, or uniquely, spectacular for me. I mean, it doesn't beat the great visuals you can also get in other movies and often in real locations. It's just different. But to me the thing is, tech like this probably "deserved" a better story than this movie. The story is so generic and uninspired that it brings the whole thing down. It doesn't help that the story seems to be secondary to the visuals, like they would do away with it if they could (imo that's why Avatar (2009) didn't have the staying power that they probably thought it would have). It's way too much style over substance. However, I actually felt like the characters here were a standout. I loved the kids and the Sea People. Maybe it's the good acting or maybe it's the fact that we've seen this story before so these characters are like archetypes that we're already predisposed to root for. Either way, they were the highlight for me. I loved the middle sequence where they got to develop these characters (and the world) quite well imo. Unfortunately, the third act was sort of a disappointment. It was way too long and dragged out. But I'd watch the sequels.
  14. Well put. I think TFA, despite being a rehash, was fine for general audiences - including myself. I wasn't as big of a fan back then and I felt the movie succeeded at capturing SW magic. But in retrospect, it's as you say. And btw, I/we were saying the directors were "lazy" as a shorthand because that's how the complete trilogy comes across. Nothing on a personal basis. I've enjoyed their other works, even. Edit: and I'm sorry for bringing this up again. Idt I had ever discussed the ST here and I was just responding to the last few pages after reading the whole thread (and the previous one).
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