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  1. Lady Anna

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I honestly can see number 4 happening in the books but with somebody else as king or queen at the end instead of Tyrion. So if that happens on the show I would actually be pleased. Out of those 4 options that's the one that seems more likely and fitting (I would let Tyrion remain Hand). In my opinion there is no way number 2 will happen in the books (the first part, not so much Tyrion dying) and I doubt they'll put it in the show; it's just not the right ending for this show/series. I also don't see number 3 - Dany being queen - happening, and thee Night King winning seems unlikely, although being the one ending not affected by the books, who knows what D&D will pull.
  2. Lady Anna

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    The story in Essos.
  3. Lady Anna

    Bran's next chapter

    I agree. Bran's next chapters will be very interesting. I find it surprising that some don't quite care about skinchanging or green dreams but I absolutely love that aspect of the series, and Bran too. But the chapter I'm anticipating the most is definitely Melisandre's,.
  4. Lady Anna

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    "I will tell you," said Davos, "if you will tell me who betrayed me." It could only have been Salladhor Saan, and yet even now he prayed it was not so. The red woman laughed. "No one betrayed you, onion knight. I saw your purpose in my flames." - Davos III, ASOS "If the wildling had meant her harm, she would have seen it in her flames. Danger to her own person was the first thing she had learned to see, back when she was still half a child, a slave girl bound for life to the great red temple. It was still the first thing she looked for whenever she gazed into a fire." - Melisandre, ADWD
  5. Lady Anna

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    "Was Tywin Lannister a villain?" Yes.
  6. Lady Anna

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    Tbh I'm torn on this subject because part of me believes Aegon is who he says he is (it makes sense narratively and symbolically); however another part of me believes he's a Blackfyre, MOSTLY cause I've read the novellas so I have that info in mind (but that's the thing, this is not information contained in the main series; also - if we hadn't read them, would you believe he or Illyrio or Varys are Blackfyres or would you just believe they're con artists?). But I have some questions, if I may: if he's a Blackfyre what would that entail exactly? What would that /change/? Only his supposed birthright I guess but why is a conflict with Dany inevitable? Or it isn't? Sorry if you've already talked about this, but I don't follow these discussions.
  7. Lady Anna

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

  8. Lady Anna

    Dark Sister

    Yeah, and will it even appear? I'm not so certain...... this is one of my pet peeves about some of the discussion on the series: namely when it comes to the Blackfyres but *ahem* (that said, I do love Targaryen history). Moving on. Just to generate more discussion, do you guys think that there's some kind of pattern as to why the sword was owned by Visenya, Aemon, Daemon, and Bloodraven, and why it was those people who had it? And do you think that, IF the sword appears by name or is recognized as Dark Sister, that that can give some clue to who will wield it next?
  9. Lady Anna

    Dark Sister

    Yep, I genuinely think it would be way more interesting if he was the real deal, but what do I know
  10. I read your thread that you linked to and it's very interesting! I think it fits and it would be an unexpected ending for a lot of fans, and refreshing. I don't know why but we're always (at least I am) sort of convinced that the climax of the series will take place in the North, at the Wall, that we end up blind to other possiblities.
  11. I know the plan was never writing 9 volumes. But structurally why spend 3 books of a 6 book series on a single conflict (generally speaking) when you still have two other arcs to write about, both of which are much larger in significance to the bigger story? I mean of course he knew he was never gonna write 9 books but then why still include Aegon when that storyline is going to be, it seems, heavily condensed and streamlined for the plot's sake? I'm just wondering aloud here. I guess he just had to include Aegon and the second Dance but how can it not look lopsided when the second ''Dance'' is just going to take like 500 pages (or whatever) , as well as the war with the Others, while the Lannisters vs Stark arc took almost 3000. And like you said, what about the multiple arcs currently in place? ASOS only resolved a few things, and that was pretty much the last time some arcs were closed. I think the problems started much sooner than Feast tbh Idk...I believe it's possible to write it all in 2 more books, but it's just not going to be concise or perfectly lined up....kinda like the show (which btw, if i may add, i'm sort of glad it may get to have the last laugh after all lol).
  12. Yeah, following the logic of the first 3 books being the first act of the story this should be a 9-volume series. That's why I don't agree with some saying Aegon came out of nowhere because his story would have been book 2 of the trilogy; however, that should mean his story should fill 3 books, just like the Lannister vs Stark conflict (originally book 1). But that's clearly not happening. So the pacing and structure of this series is way off. And there's only 2 more books remaining so he's attempting to include both the 2nd Dance and the war with the others in just two volumes. Why?
  13. Lady Anna

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    Yeah, I don't get people saying it's not easily detected in the first book when we just need to add up Lyanna and Rhaegar's relationship - whatever it may have been - with Jon's status as a bastard of mysterious maternity. I genuinely believe a first-time reader would pick up on it, especially one who's read a few books before or one who's seen, like, movies.
  14. Lady Anna

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    How would he inherit Winterfell if he was a bastard in all these scenarios?
  15. Lady Anna

    What ASOIAF theory blew your mind?

    Not sure if this counts as a theory but: when I first discovered that Mirri Maz Duur's words to Dany about Khal Drogo never returning figuratively happened in truth at the end of Dance.