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  1. Lady Anna

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    Yeah, I don't get people saying it's not easily detected in the first book when we just need to add up Lyanna and Rhaegar's relationship - whatever it may have been - with Jon's status as a bastard of mysterious maternity. I genuinely believe a first-time reader would pick up on it, especially one who's read a few books before or one who's seen, like, movies.
  2. Lady Anna

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    How would he inherit Winterfell if he was a bastard in all these scenarios?
  3. Lady Anna

    What ASOIAF theory blew your mind?

    Not sure if this counts as a theory but: when I first discovered that Mirri Maz Duur's words to Dany about Khal Drogo never returning figuratively happened in truth at the end of Dance.
  4. This is pretty much me right now too.
  5. Lady Anna

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Can someone help me with something? I'm looking for a blog post that I think someone from here linked me to before, that had like a timeline of things leading up to dance, such as ''jan 2010 grrm said this'' and so forth, and what we know about winds so far. I have no ideia what it was called but it was pretty thorough. edit: Nevermind, I found it
  6. Lady Anna

    Did the BWB doubt Joffery's legitimacy prior to LSH?

    Don't they mean King Robert's men? And then they see what the war has come to and just decide to be protectors of the people.
  7. Lady Anna

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    I love it too. I'm not sure I could say it's the best one but I love it because I feel the characters and plots are at that exact point in the story where things got more compelling, in my perspective (the same for Feast). And so pretty much every characters' chapters are more interesting to read just for that, and the sense of mystery and unpredictability post-Storm. Jon's chapters in particular are one of my favourites in the entire series and I'm not against the worldbuilding and cast expansion. I also read the books consecutively so I didn't have to wait for Dance.
  8. Lady Anna

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    I agree with you both. Most definitely a red herring.
  9. Lady Anna

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Where is Tysha? Alive maybe. 2. Who is Mystery Knight of Harrenhall (Laughing tree)? Lyanna. 4. Who is Jon's mother? Lyanna. 5. Real identity of Aegon VI? I'd love for him to be real - or rather, us never knowing either way -, but if not then he's a Blackfyre. 8. Who is Coldhands? Benjen. 10. Who is Azor Ahai? Jon Snow.
  10. I don't think Aegon and company suddenly showing up was an ass pull. The hints and foreshadowing are all there. I think it just seems that way due to to the way Feast and Dance were written and the fact that there are (allegedly) 2 books remaining in what should probably have been a 9-volume book series. I mean, if there are 3 acts to this series - Stark-Lannister war; Targaryen conflict; and the Others - then it makes sense that he showed up post-Storm of Swords (also the Others relative absence and mystery until act 3). However I'm not sure Martin paced this story right because if there are 2 books left then the last 2 acts will seem rushed compared to the 1st. And the geographical divide between Feast and Dance also doesn't help with that impression. Aegon technically should have showed up perhaps in Feast if the characters hadn't been separated and his arc would have concluded 2 whole books later.
  11. Lady Anna

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Thanks. I was somehow under the impression that he had told them the ending as it stood when the show was made, with the purpose of the tv show - and only the tv show - finishing the series in case something happened to him or something. But I just find it hard to believe that the show is completely different than the books; maybe from the books we'll have, but not from the books as they were planned before the show. I hate the fact Martin, after 20 years of writing this, still doesn't know how it ends and doesn't seem to care. I'd like to believe he once had a very good ideia of the plot and it was just post-Dance that he decided to go some other way. But this could all be worthless at the end, since I agree that it's very unlikely we'll see the last book. And to be /very/ honest, a part of me really loves the fact the show will have the last laugh, so to speak.
  12. Lady Anna

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Sorry to butt in but didn't he literally tell them how the series ends? True, he probably didn't know it would come to be spoilers for book-readers but that's how it is. They're probably the only 2 people who know almost as much as Martin regarding the major plot points of the series. And tbh I think your average reader could pick up the hints of Jon's parentage halfway through the first book, I don't understand this over-estimation of a such a clear fantasy trope.
  13. He is capable of it, but doing it just to be different than the show? I don't know. I think that would imply sacrificing some of what he's already written, and it isn't the show's fault they're on their final season already. But anyway I'm still on the fence about whether the next books will be published - by Martin at least - but I honestly don't care if they aren't either. I agree with you that the show's ending will probably be the only definite one. I mean there's not only the strong likelihood of we never having the next books, but also that their ending will be just as a mess as the show's, so. And I don't know whether to tip my hat to, or feel sorry for, book stans who refuse to know anything about the show for fear of spoilers. That's some commitment right there. Very naive one but nonetheless....
  14. I absolutely agree. How can people think the general ending of the show will be different from the one in the books is beyond me. Unless they think Martin would rewrite it and change it from the ending he had during Season 1, but frankly that sounds like a terrible ideia (yet it might be true with the time he's taking to write winds lol)