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  1. I was going to mention this too. I honestly don't get that "who is Sauron" mystery from the show itself. Halbrand is mysterious, yes, but why should that mean he's Sauron? If I wasn't online, I wouldn't even be thinking about this mystery. Until... episode 6. Only here did I get a sense of it. But at this point I don't know if it's because I was already predisposed to make that connection from what I've read online. (Probably should mention I'm not a book reader; maybe that's the difference)
  2. Right and he himself became Lord of Harrenhal. In that sense, I can see why he killed Harwin too. But otoh, and since the episode revolved around the children's parentage, it seems weird that Larys, who's on Alicent's side so far, would have killed Harwin who could confess to being the father of Rhaenyra's children. In any case I don't think this will be relevant again on the show.
  3. Liked the episode mostly for the kids fight and the dagger scene. Emma D'arcy is the best actor on the show to me now. They're doing an amazing job and I far prefer their version to Milly's (nothing against the actresses but I MUCH prefer their older versions than the younger). I don't know if it's just me but Rhaenyra comes across as sensible, astute and self-aware. I think this episode shows that she is preparing herself for what's coming: her marriage to Daemon (uniting both claims) and her words about fire being their family's bane and prison really shows a sort of resigned determination to what will happen when her father dies (war). Like "if we must then let's do it", the only way out is through. Alicent's reaction after the blinding, and cutting her with the dagger, must have been a sign. My only complaint is that the Leanor thing doesn't make much sense and I'm afraid that they're making the Blacks seem more "good" then the Greens, especially Daemon. Sometimes he's a bastard and evil as is true to the book (grooming niece, not caring about his daughter, laughing at the funeral, etc.) but they didn't choose to make him the person behind Harwin's and Laenor's deaths (I didn't comment on the thread for episode 6 but why did they have Larys commiting kinslaying and getting rid of living evidence that Rhaenyra's children are bastards? Unless it was meant as a false flag operation but no one seems to question what happened. Any info from the book?). Not that I wanted Laenor to die, but it seems off. And will they tell the truth to Rhaenys and Corlys? Edit: On the other hand, having Daemon and Rhaenyra just straight up plotting and murdering Laenor would feel too bloodthirsty and a bit of a 180 all of a sudden, especially for Rhaenyra. I do not think she would agree to something like that. Daemon alone yes, but with Rhaenyra's knowledge, no. I absolutely LOVE Alicent, she's a super interesting, fascinating character, and I find the characterization of her children really good too. This episode was, however, terribly lit. It was so bad and that has a negative effect on the costumes and sets.
  4. I'm up to episode 4 and I'm enjoying this show. The visuals, costumes, music are all superb and they help this world stand out as something alive and rich. I really cannot compliment the costumes and set design enough. I have not read any of the books. I've only watched the LOTR movie trilogy which I love very much. I think they've definitely captured the feel of Middle-Earth at a time, I gather, when things weren't as dark as we see in LOTR because Sauron hasn't returned to power yet. The Dwarves are excellent. I love them and Elrond is also a standout. I feel like all the actors are doing a good job but the actor who plays Adar really commanded the screen in his only scene in episode 4. The actresses that play Nori and Poppy are also doing a really great job imo. Sometimes it's not easy being the young comic relief but they really pull it off. If I have any complaints, it's definitely about the writing. I can't speak of it as an adaptation, but regardless of that, some scenes are a bit "convenient" and the dialogue stilted, but it's nothing that you wouldn't find in other shows. Definitely nothing that seems worse than the average. All in all, I'm really liking the show.
  5. I finished watching this entire show and I agree with everything people said here. Season 1 was by far the best and it had my favourite episodes. Michael Dorman was my favourite actor on this show and it was unfortunate that his character died. I really love Margo and Danielle and if I end up watching S4 it will be for them. Joel Kinnaman to me is a VERY uneven actor (his performance in s2 was so, so bad) and Ed still being the main character, doing everything, is so ridiculous. S3 had some really terrible writing. Wasted cast.
  6. Agreed, he's killing it. He's just magnetic on screen and adding more depth to the book version of the character imo. Speaking of, I like how they're characterizing the Greens. I disagree that they're whitewashing Alicent, I think they're just expanding and improving her character so she's not just The Evil Stepmother, you know? Anyway I've only read the book once so I'm coming to this show only remembering the bigger moments and I'm enjoying it so far. It has definitely exceeded my expectations, that's for sure.
  7. I liked it, to me all 3 episodes have been good. I thought the scenes during the hunt were excellent. Paddy Considine is a great, great actor. I loved the Rhaenyra and Daemon parallels and while the battle was "unrealistic" I thought it was well executed, especially it being wordless. I was excited to finally meet some of the supporting characters like the Lannister twins and Laenor. I really appreciate the fact that the dragons are all different too.
  8. 6-6.5. An average, good episode of tv. I'm a bit stunned about how some thought the episode was slow or boring, I thought it flew by very quickly.
  9. I liked it. The bridge scene was a highlight. I think all the actors are doing a great job but Mysaria's characterization remains a disappointment. Definitely feels like a letdown (the accent did not bother me, it's really only the way they decided to write the character). But still, this is only episode 2 and I keep that in mind. I'm loving the depth into Alicent's character, this was a smart choice. We all know that most book fans favor the Blacks, not just because of Rhaenyra but also because of her supporters, so if they can make the Greens stand out and put them on a similar level, I think, from the audience perspective, the Dance will be really exciting and divisive and will create some interesting convos. For example, I'm really curious as to how they will portray Aegon and his siblings. The way the book is written clearly demonstrates a biased, or a "he said-she said" perspective from the maesters, and if the show was adapted like that, it would limit the show's potential; and it has a lot of potential in my opinion, they can create a really great 3-dimensional, open to interpretation, story here. Hoping I'm explaining myself well here. I don't mind at all the lack of humour. This story is an all-around tragedy and I think so far they've nailed the tone of it (even if we're only in the prologue of things). I agree with others have said: the biggest problem this show has, is that it comes after GOT and will be compared to it all the time. Can't wait for the older actors and the new characters and for the conflict to kick in!
  10. I really liked it! I think the sets, costumes and higher budget immediately stand out and I thought all the actors were great especially the young actress playing Rhaenyra. She was fantastic! Matt Smith has also won me over. Rhaenys and Corlys are instant faves, I love the Velaryons. The music was also great and I agree that it this feels more fantasy than GOT and closer to the atmosphere/tone of the books. Things I didn't like was some of the editing (with the gory scenes it feels like they wanted to show it and hide it at the same time) and Mysaria's introduction via sex scene felt a bit like disservice to such a character. In regards to Viserys' revelation, that felt more like a nod to the books rather than GOT. It felt like a hint/spoiler for the next ASOIAF books.
  11. Oh I see. And agreed, I think people are right to question it.
  12. After reading the whole thread, one thing I'm a bit iffy on is that quote shared by @The Bard of Banefort in regards to sexual assault on the show. Maybe it was taken out of context but it seems a bit weird considering the rightful backlash GOT had because of that type of scenes.
  13. I understand. Personally I've basically forgotten GOT and while I was skeptical about this prequel at first, I'm pleasantly surprised by what I've seen so far. I really have no high expectations so I'll wait to see how it is.
  14. I'm really excited for this show! I love everything I've seen so far, I think the costumes and sets are pretty good (loved that giant statues room) and the actors seem well-cast. I'm particularly excited to see Rhaenyra, the Velaryons and Aemond. I'm a bit taken aback by the negativity towards this show when it looks good and we haven't even seen it. And personally I don't particularly care if they change some things from the book especially when it could be an improvement. It's a TV adaptation and I think sometimes book-fans get a bit too carried away with trying to compare a show to its source material, namely about things that cannot be replicated on screen or about superfluous information.
  15. I also don't get show-Arya's popularity.
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