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  1. For various values of famous (or infamous): Nate, @Mr. X and I gave Ron Donachie (Ser Rodrik on the show) a spicy drink at the Chicago WorldCon that made his face go numb. The next WorldCon, Rory McCann (The Hound on the show) walked up to us and said "YOU!!!!! Ron Donachie warned me about you people!"
  2. Heh. Didn't ban, just added a warning point.
  3. What's amazing to me: I see almost everyone in this thread on the regular elsewhere on social media, and yet it still feels different and special to talk shite with you all here.
  4. I am still the most violent of shrimp.
  5. A couple of things. 1) please do not use "transgendered" or "cisgendered". The correct terms are "transgender" and "cisgender" because these are things that people are, not things that happened to them. 2) I've never seen the term "non-cisgender" used by people in the community, although I suppose it's not the worst thing. I'd avoid it, though, and say "transgender or non-binary individuals." Also note that "nb" as shorthand for "non-binary" should be avoided, because that term is already in use in the Black community to mean "non-Black." 3) "person assigned X at birth" is generally considered acceptable. 4) I'd steer clear of using someone's anatomy as a descriptor. It's really invasive and is nobody's business. I need to run to a meeting but I will try to come up with an alternative for you. Thank you for asking these questions! I really appreciate that you're trying to get things correct and want to be inclusive in your language.
  6. Please report back! I love winter ducks. I am betting you have some Hooded Mergansers, Buffleheads, maybe some Gadwall and Wood Duck?
  7. Thank you for the advice!! This is super-helpful and was where I was thinking of going with mine. I like the focus on results -- that's something I've noticed has been missing on the resumes that have come across my desk in the last year or so, even for higher-level positions.
  8. If I run across any myself, I'll drop a link here too.
  9. Thank you! and yeah, looking for format ideas beyond the traditional single-column reverse-chronology approach.
  10. Do you have any contact with your boss's boss?
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