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  1. Unfortunately, that kind of experience is not rare for queer people pretty much everywhere. The Deep South does not have the market cornered on bigotry.
  2. I've tried Grape Nuts ice cream and it's OK. I would rather have frozen pudding, if I had the choice between those two flavors.
  3. I really love unusual regional flavors of ice cream. In New England, you can get a flavor called "Indian Pudding" that involves molasses and cornmeal, or frozen pudding, which is a kind of fancypants rum raisin but with many rum-soaked fruits. In Philly, you can get teaberry ice cream and it's great. I've never had Blue Moon ice cream (only found in Michigan and environs), but it's described as "the taste of the milk after you finished your bowl of Fruity Pebbles."
  4. Mr. X and I used to make our own ice cream. We made a Strega ice cream once -- that was some wild shit.
  5. @kairparavel this is an excellent question with a number of answers. Partly it depends on your building's heating system -- forced-air systems are much drier than old-school radiators, for example. And then it depends on the layout of your place. Because you have an open-plan set-up, you'll need to make sure that the humidifier is up to the job. In the past, I had some enormous brick shithouse ultrasonic humidifer and it was amazing. I kept using it right up until the point I couldn't get filters (I had stockpiled them, too) and that fucker lasted me more than a decade. So this year I had to research and re-invest. As an experiment, I got the highest-rated one on Wirecutter. (FWIW, it shows up as "best" on multiple lists.) But one single evaporative unit is not enough for our space + forced-air heat on very cold days. Like, right now it's totally able to maintain 40 percent humidity. (my humidity gauge currently reads 42 percent humidity.) A few days ago, the temperature dropped and our heating kicked in, and the ambient humidity dropped to like 22 percent. It sucked. I woke up screaming for a stillsuit and starting looking for wormsign. So I bought the highest-rated ultrasonic recommended by Wirecutter and I'll be using that one too. I'll let you know how it goes. It arrived today. In general, evaporative is easier to care for than ultrasonic -- but I think I might need an ultrasonic one because I'm a goddamned hothouse flower.
  6. "Stinkwasser" is a universal, gender-neutral, highly descriptive term. I'm just saying...
  7. My routine has changed slightly -- because I'm not out in the sun as much (lol the outside world what is that) and because my skin gets really dry and flaky during late fall thru winter, I'm incorporating a weekly treatment with fruit acid to keep the flakes at bay, plus switching from my gel-based moisturizer to a cream. In fact, it's the Glossier cream that @Isis recommended. Oh yeah, and for winter I use an argan oil scalp treatment like once every couple of weeks. But the most important tool I have to combat awful dry winter skin is the humidifier. Maintaining decent humidity in my house has done more to alleviate my winter dry skin than anything. Highly recommended.
  8. I would hold off on the Vitamin A until the end, because you've just peeled the ever-loving hell out of your face, and Vitamin A also promotes peeling.
  9. @lady narcissa the non-dairy frozen dessert landscape has vastly improved over the days when the only thing you could get was Rice Dream. I've tried a whole bunch of different vegan ice creams (the ones from dedicated ice cream shops tend to be better than those you buy in the grocery store) and those made from coconut or oat milk are generally pretty good. I mean, then there's also the sorbets/sorbetto. As for my favorites -- hard to say definitively. I really like the Van Leeuwen Honeycomb. And I'm really wanting to try this new delivery-only company started by a friend of a friend: Baraat Ice Cream. The flavors sound incredibly intense in exactly the way I like. https://www.instagram.com/baraaticecream/
  10. And how is everyone doing with the turning of the seasons? Any changes to the skincare regimen?
  11. this thread makes me hate straight people. I mean, more than usual.
  12. that's such a Huge Mood: the people that knew you From Before.
  13. I'm so sorry that someone broke your trust like that and that you now have to deal with it. It's total bullshit. I know this is advice column woo, but could you write him an email saying that you're OK and that you're coming to terms with being outed without your consent?
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