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  1. [mod] The existence of trans people is not up for debate. We exist, we're amazing, and the haters can die mad about it. More to the point, this board will not be host to transphobic nonsense. We've deleted a number of posts on the topic. Please do not bring it up again. Thank you. [/mod]
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. But yeah I wish there was a third Test. Have to say: the birding during that series was a bit shit. Nothing but House Crows all the way down.
  3. Interesting. I jumped into that overall series with the Greenwing & Dart sequence, the first book of which is like book 6 in the overall series. I actually enjoy the books but I decided to pace them all out.
  4. I love everything about this except the fact that Bumble and Holding have retired.
  5. YES. I have been watching this Test for exactly five minutes and we already have live footage of Sri Lankan birds. Am now officially a strong supporter of Sri Lankan cricket. Also, thanks @A wilding and @Hereward for the possible ID. The camera didn't really show the tail well. Will look through some photos of both species to see if either match what I saw. ETA: After looking at reference, I think it was a Common Buzzard. Thank you for the ID help!
  6. that was an interesting series. I'm legitimately surprised that NZ couldn't manifest a win or draw out of any of the Tests, especially given some of the run totals they managed to create. But now I'm stoked for the Test series in Sri Lanka because of the HIGH QUALITY BIRDS Actually, that reminds me -- @Hereward during the Leeds Test the camera showed an all-brown raptor flying over the grounds. No other really good distinguishing marks, except that the underwings looked like they had lighter/white patches at the "wrist" area on each wing (base of the primary feathers, basically). Any idea what bird that might be?
  7. Oh yeah. Those last few pages really dig deep.
  8. Oh damn I haven't read that series in years. Time for a re-read, Croaker.
  9. I just tore through these books (Goblin Emperor, etc etc) and when I explained to Mr. X that I was "reading a cozy mystery series about crime-solving gay depressive magical elf priest who can talk to the dead," Mr. X remarked that he could not imagine a book more up my alley. (I submit that this series needs, like, a trans goblin who performs autopsies to be absolutely my jam, but I'm not complaining. Also for Ulis' sake somebody buy Celehar a non-threadbare coat.) I agree that the first Celehar book is stronger than the second narratively, but I do like some of the themes that the second one digs into (grief, power, loss of faith, etc.)
  10. The jacket description of this book felt unbearably twee -- like the first Becky Chambers book, but somehow even more twee and shittier -- so I'm curious if the actual book stays away from the preciousness?
  11. Something like 112 runs in 9 overs. Incredible. I remember looking up and England needed 200+, then they needed 150, then 86, then 35. Now they need 27 runs. (And as I was typing this, Bairstowe goes out)
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