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  1. Did anyone else imagine Horn Hill a lot smaller? That looked like a huge castle. Also it looked like a library or a museum. Loved Randyll. Great casting there.The dinner scene was good, but I think they've overdone it a little with the cheerful happy mother and sister. They seemed just a little too sweet to that complete stranger in rags. Heartsbane looked cool, but I wonder why Sam would take it. No good can come of this. I get it, he's getting braver. But he's still smarter than that. Really looking forward to Jaime/Blackfish confrontation. I loved that in the books. I'm not sure how well it can be done on TV though, since there's a lot in Jaime's inner thoughts. Also Jaime on the show is someone else entirely
  2. I can confirm that by personal experience. You don't feel them biting at all. Well, at least that's true, if they bite on your ankles, legs or torso. Can't speak for other, more sensitive areas :uhoh:
  3. One thing i read in the twop-board: Are they implying, that Tyrion decides to use the "services" of the woman he finds with Pycelle, when he puts the second coin on the table? I didn't think so, but apparently one might get the idea....
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