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  1. I was mildly pleased at the first Brighton goal, surprised by the second. But getting another brace in 90 seconds is next level. No matter how good De Gea plays, he's only one person. Somebody ought to tell the defense to show up. And I was typing that, Brighton had another run on goal deflected at the last moment. ETA: always love a mardy Ronaldo
  2. allow me to retort: free abortions for anyone who wants one.
  3. oh wow, that was stressful even reading about it, @Isis My skin would freak TF out. So I think I may have finally found a replacement for my previous daily SPF -- Biossance zinc sheer suncreen. It's still missing a bit of the mattefying quality of my last one but the texture otherwise is pretty good and it blends easily. Also been using Deciem's Sensitive Fix -- a serum that's supposed to help with redness and sensitivity (thanks, retinol). It's been about a month and I'm pretty sure my face is less red than it used to be, so that's good. Finally -- decided to get a tinted moisturizer to try to even out my skin tone, since right now it's a bit of a mess. Eventually settled on Colourpop because I didn't want to spend $30 or more on something that I'd hate (also difficult to find them without SPF). Seems good so far. My business mullet is growing out into something closer that I had envisioned when I asked for this haircut, so thank god for that. It's still a ridiculous haircut, but I'm enjoying it.
  4. congratulations on the lifers!!! We have a species in that genus in North America -- the Black-necked Stilt and they are so much fun! Glossy Ibis -- long-faced swamp chickens -- are also a quality bird
  5. cheers. I'll close this one then
  6. good idea. hopefully they'll stay out of the relegation zone, because it's incredibly difficult to get non-EPL matches in the States without a lot of effort. well, it helps that footy (the whole sport, not just individual clubs) is something I watch for fun, rather than for any of the reasons why people end up with an intense emotional investment in a singular club's fortunes.
  7. Wanted to check -- is there a reason why this thread shouldn't be merged with the existing Better Call Saul thread (e.g. this is a spoilers thread or non-spoilers thread)?
  8. Some people hunt glory: I crave chaos. That's why I've been a Spurs, West Ham, and Newcastle fan for almost 20 years.
  9. profoundly enjoyable ending to the Newcastle match. excellent assist from the Leicester defender, too.
  10. I support your captaincy! but I must request that you bring more birdlife to the cricket pitch. The last few Tests I've watched have been full of ducks but woefully devoid of actual BIRDS.
  11. Not surprising that Root resigned, but damn England does not have many good options going forward.
  12. hahaha close -- with enough product I could definitely create something approaching that look, but I'm lazy so instead I look like the 3rd-string catcher for a mid-80s Kansas City Royals farm team. It is, undeniably, a business mullet.
  13. I got the ugliest haircut the other day and I have nobody to blame but myself because I asked for this hideous thing. Going to invest in some hot-pink hammer pants and white high-tops because the only way out of this is through.
  14. thanks for the confirmation on that one -- I was thinking spiro was going to be my next step. If everything stabilizes, I might stick with Differin, just because one more doctor/prescription to manage is not something I'm keen to take on. But it's definitely on my radar. [insert obligatory rant about how it's relatively easy for cis women to get spiro for acne, but doctors make it difficult as hell for trans women to get the same goddamned drug for reasons.]
  15. Been fighting an epic battle with hormonal acne lately. I switched to Differin back in December and it seems to be helping. I'm not loving the skin sensitivity or the fact that my face has become redder, but I suppose those are acceptable payoffs. Now looking for a good skin tint without SPF (I've found two acceptable daily-use sunscreens to replace the Shiseido, although neither are particularly great at shine control).
  16. oh wow! Congratulations on taking that step. I hope that your family will be supportive of who you are Also want to acknowledge that coming out can be really stressful or scary (or it can be totally mundane -- it's a totally individual thing), and I want to acknowledge all of the feelings you've been going through during the process.
  17. I wasn't able to watch any of the last ENG-WI Test -- what the hell happened? Was the pitch that bad? The batters just woeful?
  18. Congratulations on the lifer! I love me a Worm-eaten Warbler (I also love giving birds dumb nicknames).
  19. ah damn. was definitely pleased to check in today and see two WI batsmen get centuries.
  20. checked in on the ENG-WI Test yesterday afternoon to see that England were at 507/9d and Windies at the crease. I expected England to do well but not 500 runs in an innings well.
  21. It's not over but still ugly crying for this win https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/03/11/tx-transgender-aclu-hearing/
  22. Thank you @Ran for the info, as aggrieved as I am to hear it. @timmett My knitting is as terrible now as it was when I chaperoned you two young lovebirds all those years ago, but your eloquence is as delightful now as it was then, possible more so. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, but I am deeply grateful that you had as many years as you did together. Sending you an ocean of love.
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