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  1. @Caligula_K3 -- Karaddin posted a recap earlier in this thread. It's under a spoiler tag, but let me see if I can find the posts. Here's where that conversation starts -- because I realized that I had probably missed or forgotten a bunch of stuff. Anyhoo, the next few posts, especially by Karaddin, can get you up to speed on what happened in the prior two books (esp HtN) to prep you for what's going on. I will say that Nona the Ninth is much more straight-forward, narratively. Very little of the (spoilers for Harrow the Ninth):
  2. Current reads: One Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny -- Annual re-read. Each chapter of the book takes place on a single day in the month of October, so you could feasibly just read each chapter on its appropriate day in the run up to Halloween. (early chapters are pretty short but they grow more substantial as the month/book goes on.) The Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin -- Engaging urban fantasy set in contemporary London. In terms of tone/approach, this is much more Neil Gaiman than, say, Ilona Andrews. Genesis of Misery by Neon Yang -- Have only made it through one chapter thus far (got distracted by the above two books) but I'll pick this back up soon. Necromantic Sword Lesbians in Space vol III by Tasmyn Muir -- Loved it. Despite a ton of flashback interludes, this narrative is a lot more linear than vol II. Current thread on the book uses spoiler tags and @karaddin helpfully posted some "the story up through vol II" recaps for those who need a refresher.
  3. Necromancing this thread because skin care is an ongoing endeavor! So I learned something over the last six or so months: My skin has changed so much that mineral-based sunscreens are now too drying for me to use. I've tried 15 or 20 of them at this point and none of them are suitable for long-term use. So I went back to the drawing board and have now landed on using a moisturizer with chemical sunscreens and I found one that works with whatever the hell is going on with my skin these days and LOL it's not even that expensive: La Roche Posay Tolerain 30SPF. My skin is stupid as hell.
  4. It really is. I kind of want to adopt a dog now just so I can name it that. Or adopt a really grumbly cat.
  5. @karaddin I'll dig up the quote, just a sec. Also thank you for the run-down on the necros and their cavs. All of that makes sense. One thing about why Augustine hates Cristabel: And regarding Ulysses:
  6. Spoilers for AIM/the Angel through the end of the book and also for Nona
  7. For real tho. That would have been the most perfect ending. I hadn't been watching the game until the final AZ drive in regulation, but I just learned that Arizona had ZERO points at the half (LV had 20), which makes that ending just even that more pleasing.
  8. that was a fucking WILD end to regulation for LV-AZ Indeed! Last season I totally fucked up and forgot the draft day, so I ended up with actual contenders to start out, and it was a WHOLE THING for me to drop the players (if I dumped them all at once, it would have destabilized the whole league by rewarding just the folks with desk jobs who could snap 'em all up -- and about half of people in my league work outside doing fieldwork). So this year I set an alarm and made sure I was around to draft the best scrubs. I'm well on the way this week to having my kicker be my highest-scoring player.
  9. Usually it's pretty clear even in the first weeks who is going to be my best options at QB for my maximally shitty fantasy team, but this year my cup overfloweth. Absolute buffoons calling plays that turn even decent QBs into candidates for drafting. Just wow. (FWIW, I have hung my fortunes on Geno Smith for the time being. I have high hopes that he'll net a negative score at some point before Seattle is forced to turn to that playmaking powerhouse Drew Lock.)
  10. I started in on Nona the Ninth, but I feel like I need a post where we summarize everything we know so far before going in. Because having to dig through this thread during my re-read is going to frustrate me to no end. What we know so far (spoilers only up to the end of Harrow the Ninth):
  11. Guessing that spending two days on the lash have done nothing for their match fitness.
  12. Seattle over Atlanta. Edited to say that I'm glad I have the cricket to watch this morning. Otherwise I'd be stuck with the Bundesliga and nobody deserves that.
  13. I really need to revisit this series. I've read two of the three books but somehow just didn't feel compelled to push through to the third. but I feel like maybe this fall is my time, if only to find out about Clef's backstory.
  14. hahahahaha @Mr. X and I were just talking about this and he said "Bairstow doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would pick a fight with a swan." And then he and I both said simultaneously "David Warner on the other hand..."
  15. Sounds like maybe he tried to fight with a swan on the fairway. that's always a losing battle.
  16. Aaaaaand I've already finished the first Wyndham-Banerjee book and started on the second. Enjoying the hell out of the first one -- thank you again for the rec @Hereward!
  17. I picked up the first book based on this rec and while I haven't finished it yet, I've been enjoying the heck out of the novel thus far. If this book can even moderately stick the landing, I think I'm going to enjoy this whole series. Thank you for the rec @Hereward! Oh yes -- I mentioned this in the What Are You Reading thread, but the book fits thematically here too. Will just copy/paste: I also recently finished The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (in the United States she got an extra 0.5 deaths due to similarities with another title) by Stuart Turton. I went in completely uninformed, aside knowing that it was a murder mystery with a spec fic twist, and I'm glad that I did it that way. Anyway, in the spirit of that last sentence, I won't get into any detailed descriptions, but I will say that I enjoyed the journey -- the writing and characters are very engaging (even when they're awful human beings) and the book's ending works well enough if you don't interrogate it too much.
  18. Having an absolute GAS watching this Minor League Cricket final between international cricket powerhouses Atlanta and Seattle. It is giving me such intense early-MLS vibes and I love that there's someone just casually winging free hats into the small crowd that has gathered around the pitch for the match.
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