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  1. It's not easy to keep track of all those Darry lords during the Dance. The Red Kraken himself led the attack that captured Kayce. Faircastle fell, and with it Fair Isle and all its wealth. Lord Dalton claimed four of Lord Farman's daughters as salt wives and gave the fifth—"the homely one"—to his brother Veron. (World of Ice and Fire) With the Red Kraken’s longships still menacing their coasts, the Lannisters were more concerned with defending Kayce and retaking Fair Isle than with renewing the struggle for the Iron Throne. (Fire & Blood) Lady Johanna at last donned a man’s mail to lead the men of Lannisport and Casterly Rock against the foe. The songs tell of how she slew a dozen ironmen beneath the walls of Kayce, but those may be safely put aside as the work of drunken singers (Johanna carried a banner into battle, not a sword). Her courage did help inspire her westermen, however, for the raiders were soon routed and Kayce was saved. (Fire & Blood) There seems to be some discrepancy. Sure. Don't (almost) sleep and write.
  2. Not sure about that one. All we know is that Derrick died at some point between Addam's flight to the riverlands and the Bloody Mess (a most fitting name for the Darry trees in the books). Since he is not mentioned to have died at Tumbleton, I would not state it as fact (Elmo Tully dies without fighting, too). Was Kayce actually captured by the Ironborn? F&B makes it appear as Johanna Lannister saved the city.
  3. That seems likely, yes. At some points between 136 and 257 AC the Grand Maesters have to die like flies to make all of them fit in. Not sure if that already happens during the reign of Aegon III though.
  4. Sure, but the average for the known ones is 11 years (10 with Gerardys). Now Pycelle is a clear exception and might distort the picture, the amount of average time for the Grand Maesters between 136 and 257 AC is significantly shorter though.
  5. Could be an explanation, although a rather unsatisfying one. Even GRRM should realise that six years out of 26 is not really a "good part". Another interesting thing is the number of Grand Maesters who served between 136 and 257 AC. In total there have been more than 40, but between 5 and 136 AC and from 257 AC onwards there were only 16 (17 counting Gerardys), which leaves around 25 for 120 years. That means any of them served less than five years on average.
  6. F&B states Munkun served for "a good part" of Aegon's reign, so he might have been dismissed at some point, but I don't think it was shortly after the end of the regnency
  7. Asked for the birth order of Rickon Stark's daughters Serena and Sansa (the Worldbook Stark family tree says Serena was the older one), Elio revealed in the Discord chat: The order in the trees was not necessarily designed to represent birth order, for reasons of space and compactness. GRRM presented Sansa as the elder and Serena as the younger when he provided us the details.
  8. Yes, that's what I meant. I don't think he was old at that point, so depending how the enmity between him and Aegon turns out, he might have been killed. Of course this is all speculation.
  9. What I find interesting is that the MUSH says that Torrhen died in 139 AC while sleeping. Now the MUSH is not canon, but it is usually not that far off when it comes to canon characters. So combined with the mention that Aegon turned an ally into an enemy, Thorren's death could make for an interesting story.
  10. I guess you mean A Feast for Crows. Most of the events may just not be important enough for a maester to mention them.
  11. It's Fire and Blood. There isn't much, but the chapter about Aegon's Conquest says: At the town of Stoney Sept, both his queens joined him with their dragons—Rhaenys from Storm's End, and Visenya from Crackclaw Point, where she had accepted many fervent pledges of fealty from the local lords.
  12. Didn't he say the show couldn't do the twist because one character involved has already died there? Wouldn't make much sense for any parentage theory then.
  13. I am not really happy with the article on Lord Staunton. There are four dates (48, 50, 54, 59 AC), and while it would be kind of overloaded, in theory at any of these points there could have been a different Lord Staunton. We see this with the Lord Darklyn at the end of Maegor's reign, who suddenly disappears within three years without further mention. The only reason we know he died is because he is described as father of Jonquil Darke and at another point the Lord of Duskendale is her brother. Any proposals how to handle that? Call out to @Thomaerys Velaryon who created the article.
  14. Just rewrite it. I have to admit I am not a fan of these 'He must have been born after Aegon's Conquest and seems to have died at the start of the main series' calculations, but I guess it does no damage either.
  15. I think this has come up before and no one could point to a source for it.
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