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  1. I guess GRRM's notation of ages can be a bit confusing. Marq's brother must have been at least 40 at the time of his death, but there are several possibilities why he didn't have a son to succeed him. Maybe he or his wife was barren, maybe they had children who died, maybe they even had a daughter who was married to another lord and thus it was decided to give Faircastle to Marq.
  2. If I remember correctly, Marq was but 46 when he died, thus born in 4 AC.
  3. This came uo before and was kind of settled here. When Chelsted was burned, Darry was back again from rallying Connington's men, Rossart was only made hand after the Trident, and at that point there were no other Kingsguard in the city.
  4. While I would prefer a chancellor Baebock a hundred times over a chancellor Laschet, in my opinion she has to take a lot of that blame on her self and her team. Of course the media went over the top with their reporting, but that's what they always do and always have done. There has never been a campaign only focused on topics, it's always about the candidates themselves, as well. I do not really like that, but that's how it is, and as a would be-chancellor she had to know that. Late declarations of sublimentary income (even if it only was a Christmas bonus from her own party), imprecise details in her CV, publishing a book (written for the sole purpose to flank the campaign) which contains unmarked quotes... That looks pretty amateurish and is just too much. When she was nominated by her party, the CDU was struggling a lot and Laschet looked weak and inadequate then (and the media played a part in that, too). I'm not sure that would have changed if the Greens' campaign hadn't been so bad after that. As I said before, she wanted to run, so she has to make sure stuff like this does not happen. That does not change the fact that BILD, Welt and all the other right wing media are a shame for honest journalism, though. Maybe I sound a bit too harsh, but for a short amount of time I saw the chance that the next chancellor wouldn't come from the CDU, and I'm actually disappointed that the chance has gone.
  5. The CDU party establishment is eager to draw red lines when it comes to working with the AFD, that's right(!), there are people in the party who would like to see some kind of cooperation though. At least as long as the CDU would be harshly punished in the western federal states for openly flirting with the AfD, they won't leave their course. What I meant is that the CDU could favour a coalation with FDP and SPD more than one with the Greens. Not because they want to isolate the Greens, but because the SPD party establishment seems to like coalations with the CDU a lot (three of the last four terms were governed by that coalation) and the FDP is a natural partner for the CDU anyway.
  6. Doesn't matter anymore, the Green's campaign has been a disaster, so Laschet is going to be the next chancellor for sure. He might even form a coalition with FDP and SPD, leaving the Greens in the opposition again.
  7. That's a very tricky question, because there are different generation concepts with different periods. I would take a look at the Targaryen family. 14 generations between 29 BC and 280 AC means an average of 22 years (which is interestesting because I would have assumed the length of a generation in a noble house was between 20 and 25). So if '50 generation' does not refer to the number of lords, the Griffin Throne has been in possession of the Conningtons for around 1100 years.
  8. I guess some of the Dothraki material is the one that made into the app.
  9. The page of Viserys II Targaryen states: Viserys was wed at age twelve to the family's eldest daughter, Larra, in 134 AC, despite her being seven years his senior. Same with the page of Larra Rogare: At the age of nineteen, Larra married the twelve-year-old Prince Viserys Targaryen in 134 AC, while Viserys was a hostage to House Rogare. This is based on a statement from the Worldbook: The wife of King Viserys II Targaryen, who gave birth to both King Aegon IV (the Unworthy) and Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, was the Lady Larra Rogare of Lys. She was a great beauty of Valyrian descent, and seven years the prince's elder when she wed him at nine-and-ten. I guess most of the Regency material of the Worldbook is based on the chapters in F&B. But there it reads: Bambarro Bazanne died in the Disputed Lands in 132 AC [...]. Upon his death, it was discovered that he had been enormously in debt, whereupon his cred- itors seized his manse. His wife and children were sold into slavery, and his furnishings, clothing, books, and other valuables, including the captive princeling, passed into the hands of another nobleman, Lysandro Rogare. [...] Viserys Targaryen was so striking that it is said Lysandro Rogare contemplated putting him to work as a courtesan ... until the boy identified himself. Once he knew he had a prince in hand, the magister quickly revised his plans. Instead of selling the prince’s favors, he married him to his youngest daughter, the Lady Larra Rogare [...]. So while no specific date is given, this could indicate the wedding took place in 133 or even 132 AC. Not sure if this is a case for the errata page, but I would propose to remove the date and ages for the wedding in the wiki articles.
  10. I think it is actually implied. Every time Maegor wanted to deal with members of his court, he sent his Kingsguards. And at least in the case of the Harroways it seems they participated in the killing. In the eyes of Jaehaerys all of them would have been guilty for accepting Maegor as their king and serving him. There was nothing they could have done to prevent punishment.
  11. Possible. In the end we don't know that the throne is as old as the house, though. Just as '50 generation' could be a figurative way to say 'we have been here for a very long time'. But assuming fifty was an accurate number, I think 30 years per generation is too much.
  12. The term 'generation' seems to be used rather broadly. Yandel speaks about five generations from 184 to 260 AC (including five kings) and four more generations that had to deal with the Blackfyres after the First Rebellion. So 50 generations could easily refer to the number of lords (including three brothers in a row for example).
  13. I think it's quite clear Jaehaerys just wanted to get rid of Maegor's Kingsguards and used any pretext he could get. In the end all of the Kingsguard knights would have been guilty of this or that (as it is when you have to obey a bad king). Maegor did so many terrible things and his most trusted bodyguards must have been part of that.
  14. Alright, seems to be a case for the errata page then.
  15. @Ranivaka The maps Michael Gellatly drew for the Worldbook contain some inaccuracies compared to the maps from Lands of Ice and Fire. Do you know which source(s) Gellatly used for his work? I'm asking because I just noticed Lands places Godsgrace west of the junction of Vaith and Scourge, but the Worldbook places it northeast - just as the map in AFFC does.
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