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  1. The Turkish wiki seems to be gone, the Italian one just changed the domain. Don't know about the other ones.
  2. Well, in my opinion we already see that good marketing isn't enough when your performance is as bad as the FDP's. I'm sure they'll lose a lot of votes in 2025. And then again will regain a lot of votes in 2029. It's an eternal cycle. But I guess they won't drop out of parliament within the next elections, because the younger voters are more vulnerable to their marketing.
  3. That might work when your last government participation was 8 years ago and half of your voters do not even know what a Rösler, a Westerwelle or a Brüderle is, but I'm not sure it works when you are part of the government.
  4. Isn't it always the same with them? They tell people they are the ones who understand how economy and freedom work, people vote for them, they participate in government, they perform badly, they get punished harshly at the next election, they go into opposition or even don't make it into the parliament. And four or five years later they tell people they are the ones who understand how economy and freedom work, people vote for them, ...
  5. @The hairy bear Regarding this edit: Where does the second SSM say that Jaehaerys II was old when he died? It says he died young.
  6. Some minor point, but I don't think we know the order of Floris and Ellyn's birth.
  7. In my book it's young Edric Dayne. Not sure I'm going to buy the book, but I'm looking forward to see the art for sure.
  8. I guess because they aren't feudal societies. At least we know the Valyrian families didn't have any heraldic banners and there aren't any mentioned for other places in Essos, as well.
  9. As I said before, I don't know why it would be necessary to create a page for any of those characters from the GoT lineage prop, but if people want it, so it be. But I would like to ask to get the house categories cleaned of them. For example, the House Royce category is barely helpful when it's flooded with characters even the series wouldn't consider canon.
  10. The wiki mentions the conspiracy during the Lysene Spring on several occasions, but I would like to get some opinions on the actual period of the Lysene Spring. The Worldbook says: In the end, it was Larra Rogare and her wealthy, ambitious family who helped break the power of the regents and, almost certainly, that of Lord Peake. It was an inadvertent role they played, however, caught up as they were in the Lysene Spring. This was a time when the Rogare Bank waxed greater than the Iron Bank, and so fell prey to the plots to control the king; they were blamed for many more acts than they were actually guilty of. Lord Rowan, then the Hand and one of the last regents, was accused of being complicit in their crimes and was tortured for information. Ser Marston Waters, now somehow Hand of the King in his place (Munkun, the only regent at this time besides Rowan, is reticent to discuss this in the True Telling), dispatched men to seize Lady Larra after having arrested her brothers. But the king and his brother refused to give her up, and were besieged in Maegor’s Holdfast by Waters and his supporters for eighteen days. The conspiracy eventually unraveled as Ser Marston—perhaps recalling his duty—attempted to fulfill his king’s command to arrest those who had falsely implicated the Rogares and Lord Rowan. Waters himself was killed by his own sworn brother, Ser Mervyn Flowers, when he attempted to arrest him. This seems to imply the conspiracy took place during the Lysene Spring, but I'm hesitant to use this as confirmation since we know this paragraph is just a heavily compressed version of the F&B chapter. So I would rather look to Gyldayn's words: Even less loved than Larra of Lys were the three brothers who had come with her to King’s Landing. Moredo commanded his sister’s guards, whilst Lotho set about establishing a branch of the Rogare Bank atop Visenya’s Hill. Roggerio, the youngest, opened an opulent Lysene pillow house called the Mermaid beside the River Gate, [...] In Lys, ancient houses fell and many a highborn magister was cast down and ruined, whilst others rose up to seize the reins of power. Chief amongst these was Lysandro Rogare and his brother Drazenko, architect of the Dornish alliance. Drazenko’s ties to Sunspear and Lysandro’s to the Iron Throne made the Rogares the princes of Lys in all but name. By the end of 134 AC, some feared they might soon rule Westeros as well. [...] Munkun refers to this period as the Rogare Ascendency, but that term was only ever used at Oldtown, amongst the maesters and archmaesters of the Citadel. The people who lived through it called it the Lysene Spring…for spring was indeed a part of it. Early in 135 AC, the Conclave sent forth its white ravens from Oldtown to herald the end of one of the longest and cruelest winters that the Seven Kingdoms had ever known. The Rogare Ascendency started in 134 AC, and I guess the Lysene Spring is meant to refer to the same events, although it hadn't been spring when it began. While the term may be a bit imprecise, I think we can deduce the Lysene Spring began late in 134 AC. But when did it end? The last mention of it is this one: Even as the fighting in the Vale of Arryn continued, the promise of the Lysene Spring suffered another grievous blow hundreds of leagues to the south, with the near-simultaneous demise of Lysandro the Magnificent in Lys and his brother Drazenko in Sunspear. Since the decline of the Rogares started immediately thereafter, does this mean the death of Lysandro and Drazenko marked the end of the Rogare Ascendency (and if so, does it also mark the end of the Lysene Spring)? Maybe one could argue the actual downfall was some time later when the Rogare Bank went bankrupt. But even then the conspiracy didn't really take place during the Lysene Spring, but after it.
  11. Great that we could clarify that one. I still have a question regarding the pallets. Since the gaps between the pallets themselves are different from the gaps between the pallets and the edge of the shield, I think it would be called Drillingspfahl in German (something like 'triplet pallet'). So could the arms of House Bridge also be blazoned as 'pallets' only, although there are these different gaps?
  12. The page for house House Bridges was created in November 2010. At this point the Citadel listed the arms with three pallets. It still said so in November 2019, but it has been changed in the meantime. I guess there was a reason why you've changed it at some point, maybe you noticed it was outdated or something.
  13. I'm a bit confused on the arms of House Bridges. The Citadel says "A black stone bridge with three arches upon a golden chief above bendy blue and white" and depicts it like this. So how did this end up as "a black stone bridge with three arches upon a golden chief above three blue pallets on white", as the wiki claims?
  14. The Citadel says Robb Stark's personal arms show a grey direwolf's head on white and depict it like this, while the wiki has this version. Which one would be more likely according to the blazoning? @Abjiklam
  15. I thought he left to meet with his father who came down from Winterfell.
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