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  1. The Wondering Wolf

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    The Worldbook states about Thaddeus Rowan: But according to FaB, he was relieved of his office in 135 AC.
  2. The Wondering Wolf

    Who might George be talking about here?

    The German statement is not as ambiguous as you thought. 'Sie' can be the personal pronoun for the third person singular female (she) or the third person plural for all sexes (they). (It can also mean 'them', but that is clearly not the case here.) In this case it is pretty clear that the word refers to the word 'Figur', which is singular and gramatically female, so you have to use the female form of the pronoun. GRRM was talking about one character, but it is impossible to tell if that character is male or female. The English translation of the statement has some flaws.
  3. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The wiki page of Aenys I Targaryen states that according to the app, the marriage of him and Alyssa Velaryon was a political match. But the app does not seem to make such claim.
  4. The Wondering Wolf

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    That is not what the text says though. When Cregan deals with the traitors, it reads: When Gyldayn writes about the Kingsguard present at Aegon's death, he uses past perfect. When he writes about the absent Kingsguard he uses simple past, so gramatically at the time of Cregan's judgement three Kingsguard were not in King's Landing. That is not just bad writing, it is clearly wrong.
  5. The Wondering Wolf

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    I thought about that guy as well and think it is not unlikely he was a Kingsguard (though I had the very same quote about Aegon's III first Kingsguard on my mind and came to the same conclusion, it does not say that all the other spots were empty. On the other hand it should have been mentioned if there had been another Green Kingsguard who had even been tasked with an important job by his former king). But even if Julian Wormwood was the third Kingsguard out of town, he would not have been there two days after Aegon's II death since the guys Aegon sent to Essos only came back later.
  6. The Wondering Wolf

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    The point is, he would not have been in the city when Aegon died, would have been there two days later when the riverlords appeared and would have gone again when Cregan arrived. That does not make much sense to me.
  7. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Gyldayn writes: Since history does not seem to remember Gyles Belgrave as traitor and he is not called Greycloak in the text, I would not merge the articles.
  8. The Wondering Wolf

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    It is stated about Cregan Stark's trials: So four Kingsguard in the city, three elsewhere (Marston Waters in Essos, Willis Fell in Storm's End, no idea about the third one). But when the riverlords entered King's Landing two days after Aegon's death, they were welcomed by Not sure where the fifth Kingsguard suddenly would have come from (and where he would have gone before Cregan's arrival), so one of the quotes seems to be wrong. Either there were five Kingsguard present at the time of Aegon's death (and four Kingsguard sent to the Wall) or there were just three Kingsguard with Belgrave when the riverlords entered King's Landing.
  9. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Since the Shetts of Gull Tower are vassals to House Royce, I guess they are just the knightly branch. Would be weird for the Gulltown Shetts to have the Royces as their liege lords.
  10. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Something about categorization: Many Archmaesters and Grand Maesters are categorized both under Maesters and Archmaester or Grand Maesters, although any Archmaester and Grand Maester is a Maester by default. Usually a page is not supposed to be categorized in a category and a subcategory at the same time, because the pages in the subcategory belong to the category automatically. So I would propose to remove the Maester category in these cases.
  11. The Wondering Wolf

    An entire royal line wiped out in one battle?

    Some years prior to the Conquest the King of the Reach, Garse VII, was slain in battle. I guess it is reasonable to assume that he was not the only Gardener who died that day (a king is usually well protected, if he dies, the people around him use to die as well), so that could be one of the reasons why there were not that many male Gardeners of the main branch at the time of the Conquest.
  12. The Wondering Wolf

    Frey branch

    Raymun Fossoway did not create a second branch in 209 AC, he just chose a personal sigil which would later become the coat of arms of the second branch. We still do not know how exactly the New Barrel Fossoways were established. The two branches of the Vances go back at least to the days of the Teague dynasty in the riverlands, so around 700 years ago.
  13. The Wondering Wolf

    Redwyne vassals

    TWOW spoiler
  14. The Wondering Wolf

    Kingswood Brotherhood - Houses

    I do not think that all members were nobles. Fletcher Dick was from a village near Stonehelm and Ulmer does not seem to have a second name as well. Oswyn could have been from House Trant though.
  15. The Wondering Wolf

    A Search For Long Tom

    And we would have no idea about the relation of Tom and Lord Costayne as well. I do not say you are wrong, but in my opinion the Costaynes fighting for Daemon does not mean Tom could not have been a kingsguard of Daeron. I would expect a lot of the kingsguards mentioned by Jaime to appear in more recent times, so Aegon V or Maekar I seem to be the kings in question for many of them.