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  1. I guess Rhaenyra got pregnant after Laenor's death and before the marriage with Daemon. Assuming Aegon III was born on December 24, he would have been conceived around March 24. So Laenor's death could have occured in February or even March, too.
  2. There is no reason at all why Aegon would have wanted Viserys to father children on Daenaera. Viserys had children on his own who could have continued the line (as they actually did in the end). Aegon was delighted by Daenaera's look and they had their first child when she was 16, so she probably got pregnant at the age of 15. But maybe Viserys II was gay? He was on that ship, as well, and did not remarry after Larra died. On a more serious note, there are no hard hints for Aegon being gay. He was distant to almost everyone and the ones he warmed up to were two boys (a brother and a companion) and two girls he was supposed to marry.
  3. He has been a pain in the ass for some time now. At some point it does not matter anymore what he actually meant. Either he is racist or he does not understand how the internet works, but refuses to learn it. You can not work with a politician like that both ways.
  4. Since Sahra Wagenknecht's book about (young) people not taking up the class struggle anymore came up in the thread, I'm going to throw in a few provoking words, as well. These people try do something on very urgent issues, they try do treat others respectfully, they try to do something good. Now that doesn't mean everything they do is the right thing to do, they make mistakes, are partly inexperienced and also sometimes inconsistant. Because that's how humans (and especially young humans) are in real life. So it would need someone to point out their blind spots and provide ideas how to solve them. That could be the job of a social democratic party that understands that you have to combine climate justice and social justice (in Germany that would be a party formed out of the left-wing Social Democrats, the left-wing Greens and the social democratic parts of the Left party). Still clinging to the concept of communism is just nonsense, it never worked (I know it was just bad luck anytime someone tried...) and it won't work in the foreseeable future, especially not in a country that still remembers the humans who got shot by a regime that called itself socialist. What it doesn't need is a scornful book by a dogmatic left politician who felt triggered by Stalin called out on his crimes on humanity and who isn't able to avoid getting herself used by the right-wing for their fight against left liberals everytime she opens her mouth.
  5. Edric himself tells Arya he is twelve, so I think it's pretty clear how old he is.
  6. Hochsauerlandkreis is a district the CDU always wins, so he will make it for sure. He then can have a talk with Maaßen about the imminent threat of left-wing terrorism. If they try hard, they may even manage to count all deaths caused by left terrorism since the reunification. On a more serious note, in my opinion Germany actually needs a strong conservative party that can give a home to all voters who need some more decades to understand that allowing same sex marriages won't make your children gay and a foreign look doesn't mean you're not German (not saying most conservatives are like that). I am afraid that a weakened CDU gets erratic and looses controll of the party members in the east who would like to form a coalition with the AfD. If this happens, the CDU will implode, and I won't imagine where this would lead.
  7. Not sure what the hell Laschet is doing at the moment, but it seems he loves North Rhine-Westphalia so much that he doesn't want to move to Berlin. I still don't think the Greens will win, but they actually might have a chance if Laschet continues to make advances to the right wing of his party and Söder continues to attack Laschet. Getting Merz on board may frighten off anyone who is more progressive than a Roman snail.
  8. If you have just been elected as chairman of the last big party, you have to run for chancellor as well. It wouldn't have been sustainable for the CDU to compromise their second party leader in a row. At least that's how the party establishment views the matter. The base is usually less focused on power politics and more focused on who and what makes them feel happy.
  9. There is an AFFC Brienne chapter which was edited by GRRM later and features a Red Wedding survivor who tells that Bolton's men guarded the camp. In the end it's not necessary every soldier knows what's gonna happen, just tell the officers and the soldiers will do what they are told when the moment comes.
  10. A few weeks ago the federal elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate took place and both Kretschmann (Greens) and Dreyer (SPD) were confirmed as Prime Ministers. Although Kretschmann could have formed a coalition with SPD and Liberals, he chose to continue working together with the CDU. Not sure how to feel about that. When asked why politics in Baden-Würtemberg were not more focused on climate protection, the Greens always pointed out that the CDU would prevent that. On the other hand the CDU performed so poorly and wanted to stay in government so badly that they may be easier to be managed than the Liberals who came off rather well. And in case of a Greens/SPD/Liberals coalition CDU and AfD would have been the opposition, which would have meant criticism only from the right wing. I am not unhappy with the results of the AfD, though. In both BW and RP they lost a lot of votes (this also goes for the less important local elections in Hesse).
  11. Maekar was between 55 and 59, Egg 59. But in the end both of them did not die from natural causes, so not sure you can deduce anything from that.
  12. At least there is a good chance that Baela was already dead at that point. Otherwise Elaena could not have hoped to marry Alyn.
  13. When Elissa Farman hired people for her voyage in Oldtown, it says that she succeeded in finding a crew because she had gold at the vaults of the Iron Bank. So she must have had some proof about that.
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