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  1. The Wondering Wolf

    Let's talk about some of the awful art on the wiki

    I guess in the end it is a matter of taste. Some like it, some do not. I do not. Not sure if this image is meant to show Cleos.
  2. The Wondering Wolf

    New Sigils

    I once raised this issue, as well. I think we need some consistent agenda the coat of arms on the wiki. There are a lot of cases where the weapons on the house page look different from the ones on character pages. I guess user @Abjiklam put a lot of work into the design of the svg weapons, but in my opinion he followed real life heraldry too much when he used depictions from actual weapons, although GRRM created his own rules. The Citadel presents a lot of weapons which are approved by GRRM, and I think we should follow those ones more accurately. So if these svg weapons have some advantage (I seem to remember something about the images being displayed in a better way), I think the weapons should be revised a bit to adjust them.
  3. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Alright, I'm ok with that. I considered something like this, as well, but since there is no confirmation, I would remove that specific part from Falena's page.
  4. The Wondering Wolf


    In my opinion Unsieg and Staublin are the worst. It is like translating Blumentopferde to Flowerstohorses. I do not see any consistant strategy. Reyne becomes Regn, but Dayne becomes Dayn instead of Tagn (which would not really make it better anyway). Winterfell is not translated at all (so it sounds like a fur animals get in winter), neither is Stark (so they had to go with Kraft for Strong). Edmure keeps his mute e, Trystan does not. Mace is changed to Maes, but Mance to Manke and rhymes with Tanke. All in all the German translation is not that bad, but they messed up the names.
  5. The Wondering Wolf


    Joffrey to Gottfrid. Which is totally inconsistent since they kept Joffrey for Joffrey Baratheon. And many given names are translated (some times you can not really call it translation). Unwin to Unsieg, Eustace to Konstans, Edwell to Edgut, Osgood to Osgut and so on.
  6. The Wondering Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Various things: This is the calculation for Aethan Velaryon. The first sentence seems to be based on: [Alyssa] had taken them from Dragonstone within hours of her husband’s funeral, crossing to her lord father’s castle on nearby Driftmark. Some pages later it reads: A visit from the Dowager Queen and Vhagar had persuaded her to leave her sanctuary on Driftmark and return to court, where Alyssa and her brothers and cousins of House Velaryon did homage to Maegor as the true king. There is no mention of Aethan, so I was wondering if that means Aethan had died in the meantime. Or if "her lord father's castle" could even be some loose wording and Aethan was already dead back then. From the entry of Falena Stokeworth. I think it is nowhere mentioned that Falena was that girl, there even seems to be a discrepancy regarding her age by one year since she was ten years older than Aegon IV who was born in 135 AC, but according to F&B Stokeworth's daughter was born in 124 AC (six years old in 130 AC, not eight as the wiki states). So this could mean that Falena was not said Stokeworth lady. The family tree for the Corbrays during the Dance states that Quenton was the son of Leowyn (which is not stated by the text). When I changed the template, @Thomaerys Velaryon changed it back and wrote on my talk site, I answered here. My main point is: Even if we decide to depict Quenton as Leowyn's son, we have to think about the source, because it is not stated anywhere in the text.
  7. The Wondering Wolf

    Why did Aegon IV Targaryen have so many girlfriends?

    He actually was attractive up to some point during his reign. Besides he was clever and manipulative and the most powerful man in the realm.
  8. The Wondering Wolf

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    OP is absolutely right. Catelyn should have married Orys Baratheon and Ned Rhaenys Targaryen.
  9. The Wondering Wolf

    Small Questions v. 10106

    He doesn't.
  10. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    Blackwoods. And I agree with the last sentence. The Blackwoods are mentioned to follow the Old Gods several times, the same would be the case if that was true for the Royces as well.
  11. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    Oh, I meant the Starks. Maybe the wording was not clear enough.
  12. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    The Starks have a septon and we know the reason for that. But in opposite to the Royces the Starks are mentioned to follow the Old Gods and they are not knights. Same goes for the Blackwoods. So could the Royces follow the Old Gods? Sure. Is there any reason to believe that they do? Not really.
  13. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    Maybe we can not rule it out, but it sounds like the Blackwoods are the most important OG house in the south. Since the Royces seem to be the second Vale house, it would have made sense to mention them. In the end all we have is a house that is proud of its First Men inheritage. But it is never mentioned to follow the Old Gods, it has a septon and its members are knights.
  14. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    I think this sentence from F&B makes it pretty clear: And there were still certain houses that had never accepted the Seven, no more than the northmen had, the Blackwoods in the riverlands chief amongst them, and mayhaps as many as a dozen more. If the Royces still followed the Old Gods, they would have been mentioned here.
  15. The Wondering Wolf

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

    They have a septon and are knights, pretty sure they follow the Seven.