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  1. Sure, but I think if CDU/CSU think they need a candidate with a more conservative profile than Laschet (whatever that may mean), it will be rather Söder than Merz. Merz lost any important election within the last 20 years, he ran for leadership of his party for two times within two years and lost both times. Laschet could make the different wings of his party support him, Merz would have to fight against the more liberal and progressive ones in his party right from the beginning. He may be the favourite of the CDU base (especially in Eastern Germany), but he is not really favoured by the establishment and the political centre of the country. I guess it will be Söder. He will get around 32% and form a coalition with the Greens (around 19%). SPD a bit weaker than the Greens, AfD around 11%, the so called Liberals around 6% and the Left Party around 8%. Numbers might change a bit if Laschet runs instead, but not that much in my opinion. And in the end we will get the worst from both the CDU/CSU and the Greens. I am not really optimistic about the whole year (there are at least five federal elections, as well), but I would love to be proven wrong.
  2. Sure. As you know, I am a huge fan of the whole project and totally understand the approach to do as many calculations as possible, but when the latest possibility of birth is later than the earliest possibility of death, it is more confusing than helpful in my opinion.
  3. These calculations are always kind of ridiculous when basic rules meet common sense and the former wins. ^^ I am not a supporter of these 'born after the Conquest and died before AGOT' calculations, but if you stick to the rules, there is not much scope for interpretation. Menopause could be a thing here, though.
  4. In my opinion the boxes are supposed to give a quick overview about data regarding a certain character. One could always add more stuff, but at some point it gets too convoluted. So giving possibilities for a character's age at the time of death is a bit over the top to me. In the end people can also do the calculation if they are interested in it.
  5. I am not Ran, but anything coming from GRRM that is not in the books is semi-canon, and I do not remember a description of the Dayne sigil star.
  6. I would like that. I am not so sure about that. Garmund married Rhaena and Jon was hand to Aegon IV. Monterys is the only Velaryon we know about, but that does not necessarily mean there are no others. There could be brothers, uncles and cousins on Driftmark or with Stannis.
  7. @The Dragon Demands I think there were two kinds of claims. The ones that were put forward by the claimant himself and the ones that were considered by the council, although the person in question did not press it. The six lesser claims we know about were put forward by the claimants themselves, which makes sense, because otherwise they would not have been considered at all. So I assume the council only considered claims without claimant when there was a good reason to do so. Otherwise there would have been way more than fourteen claims to be discussed. Vaegon was considered because he was the king's only living son, Rhaenys because she was the eldest grandchild and only child of the former heir, Laena because she was the eldest great-grandchild of the king and eldest grandchild of the former heir. It makes sense to discuss these claims even when the persons themselves do not compete. It makes no sense to consider Daemon, Aemma or Rhaenyra. There is nothing in favour of them. I give you that Saera's claim might have been considered, though. She would have been the king's only living child, not bound by any vows and they had to deal with her claim anyway because they had to consider her sons. I am not sure though, since it might have been an affront to consider her in front of the king who was in denial of her. So I believe at least two (and most likely three) of the missing claims were about nobodies who just wanted to get their five minutes of fame. The man at arms, the hedge knight and even the descendant of Gaemon the Glorious tell you what it needed to get considered. I would not be surprised if there had been a kitchen maid who thought she had a claim because she once served the king his favourite dish. Rhaella's name should have been mentioned, if she or her claim had played a role.
  8. The theory page states: This broadly leaves two possibilities: either there were three minor claimants that Martin never developed, or other living Targaryens were considered as "claims", even if they didn't wish to press their claims. There were, in fact, exactly three other living characters at this point of known Targaryen descent: Then it lists Daemon, Saera and Rhaella. Since Rhaella is not known to be alive at that point, the wording should be changed. And actually there was another Targaryen: Even if one discounts Aemma Arryn, Rhaenyra had already been born. In my opinion it makes no sense at all her claim was considered, but same goes for Daemon's. So either both should be mentioned or none of them.
  9. Same here, Great Council of 101 should be the title of the page.
  10. At least I do not expect Lord Peake to suddenly renounce his fealty to the Iron Throne and declare himself undependant. I guess he tried to recover some of the lands and power they had lost in the years before and was about to stir up trouble, when Maekar decided to deal with them for good. Maybe Maekar demanded terms that made Lord Peake feel it would not matter anymore if he surrendered peacefully or fought to the end.
  11. Sure (although I do not think it is necessary to make a page for a short battle that is covered by one sentence in the books, others might agree with you, though). Since I am no native speaker, I do not feel confident enough to do major edits on the wiki, so I usually just point out errors or uncertainties in this thread.
  12. As long as we don't know if Kayce has actually been captured, I wouldn't make a page for it.
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