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  1. As Howland is one of the two who "lived to ride away", he definitely knows what happened. Doesn't change the fact that Ned thinks the others died, though.
  2. The lines The hairy bear cited don't come from the dream, but are Ned's thoughts when he speaks with Alyn about Jory's death.
  3. I'll leave it up to you how to handle it, I would just like to remind you that ignoring objections because you consider something likely is not in the spirit of a wiki community. I gave you some reasons which I consider weighty enough to make the case ambiguous and not as clear as you present it. But in the end it's not important enough for me to have lengthy discussions about Byron's potential daughter, so do as you like.
  4. Just what it said before your last change.
  5. I don't agree with the latest change you made to the note. There's a chance that the squire couldn't get home immediately after the incident, so he wrote to his daughter and also told her about the recent events. In my opinion it's more likely he went back to Stonehelm to tell Lord Swann what happened (if the squire had written to Byron's relatives, one could expect that Lord Swann would have been the recipient instead of a daughter, anyway) and maybe he ended up in Borros's host. There can also be several reasons why the squire was already elder. I don't say it must have been the squire's daughter, but preferring one option over the other isn't the right choice for the wiki when it's ambiguous like that.
  6. @direpupy Ser Byron's squire saw his master die, and wrote his daughter of the manner of it. I'm no native speaker, but it seems to me said daughter was the squire's one and not Byron's. Or at least it's ambiguous.
  7. When there can be three Grand Maesters within two years, I'm sure there can be five High Septons within twelve years.
  8. @Ran Can you tell what Stanton Piper holds in his right hand?
  9. Well, he wasn't born in 9 AC, but BC. Being 53 years in 43 AC, he would have been in his early thirties at the point of his election (assuming he was chosen around 21 or 22 AC).
  10. This point has came up before, but I guess at least some of them would have been rather old when they were elected. And looking at the list of popes, there were six popes between 523 and 537, so it's even a thing in real world. It would also help to explain why the Most Devout chose a guy in his early thierties: they finally wanted a High Septon who wouldn't die two or three years later.
  11. Right now there are two pages for the High Septons during the reign of Aegon I and during the reigns of Aenys and Maegor. In my opinion, these are the same character. The first one is known to be the uncle of Ceryse Hightower, the second one is said to be "kin by marriage to the Hightowers" (Worldbook, Oldtown section). Now it's not impossible that these are two characters and both of them are related to the Hightowers, it's not very likely, though. But even if you consider them to be different characters, there should be a note stating the possibility they aren't.
  12. Jon is not only listed as brother-in-law to Mace in the AGOT appendix, but also among the bannermen, so he's more than some random knight for sure. I would say it's pretty safe he's the head of the house. While Owen Fossoway was Lord of Cider Hall, we can't even be sure they are still a lordly house. The app states they are just knights. So it seems something happened to them, which might be related to Steffon and Derrick Fossoway.
  13. I seem to remember discussing this topic some years ago, and someone pointed out that they considered the appendix of AGOT, which includes Jon as one of the Tyrell bannermen, a big hint that he is the head. Same with Tanton because of the ASOS appendix. But no actual confirmation indeed. Not sure about the twin part, but siblings would make sense for sure.
  14. @Ran We had similiar discussions before, but it seems the Force is strong with the ones who love creating articles, so I guess we need another clarification. There are pages for characters now that aren't canon, coming from rewritten chapters. In my opinion it would suffice to redirect these characters' names to 'Behind the scenes' sections on pages they are the most related to (Maenar Blackfyre to Maelys, Corzo zo Merreq to Band of Nine, and so on). Given GRRM's way of writing, the number of pages for such characters would only grow in time.
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