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  1. The Wondering Wolf

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

  2. Yeah, sure. I just stated what GRRM was actually referring to. What your imagination makes out of that, is entirely up to you.
  3. The Wondering Wolf

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Dorian was lord by the time of the Andal's arrival in the Reach. At that point the Gardener kings were Garth IX, Merle I and Gwayne V. Later there was a Garth X whose daughter was married to Manderly, and it was even later that the Manderlys were driven from the Reach by the order of Perceon III. So probably no.
  4. GRRM was referring to the fact that in one book Renly had a different eye colour than in another one. He never stated that he would have like to give a character another eye colour for story reasons.
  5. The Wondering Wolf

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    I am not sure what your point is.
  6. The Wondering Wolf

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    I can not believe you are justifying the murder (I say murder because these people get killed without trial) of thousands (among them addicts) by order of a president. Fighting something wrong by using wrong methods always creates a backlash.
  7. I think it is the only way to make sense of Ossifer's six feet cock (six feet under). And then there is this quote by Cersei when she speaks with Jaime about the possibility that Margaery could get pregnant. Jaime says Tommen is too young and Cersei replies: "And Ossifer Plumm was much too dead, but that did not stop him fathering a child, did it?"
  8. Ossifer died during the wedding night. So no matter what Viserys looked like, he seems to have been born a significant amount of time later than nine months after the wedding. So people were able to figure out that Elaena did not get pregnant in said night. If they were just not sure if she was impregnated in her wedding night or the night after, the saying of Ossifer's long cock would not make too much sense.
  9. The Wondering Wolf


    In my opinion it is rather clear. Alyssa started to act as regent, Rogar was named hand, and from that point on half a year later they wed. But if you want it stated more expressly, I guess you will have to wait for the book.
  10. The Wondering Wolf


    His mother Alyssa would act as his regent during the remaining years of the king's minority, whilst Lord Robar Baratheon was named Protector of the Realm and Hand of the King. (Half a year later, the two of them would wed.)
  11. The Wondering Wolf


    I remember the Worldbook was a bit ambiguous about it, but I think Sons of the Dragon was rather clear that the wedding took place half a year after Jaehaerys's coronation.
  12. The Wondering Wolf


    No, the Black Brides take place in 47 AC during the reign of Maegor. I think one can assume that one of them is Alyssa Velaryon and another one might be Rhaena Targaryen.
  13. The Wondering Wolf

    Why we Dance to Rhaenyra and Daemon Stark (revised)

    You argued for the battle involving Jaehaerys beyond the Wall and were proven wrong, you argued for Bael living during the reign of Jaehaerys and were proven wrong, and now you argue for Daemon being the child of Gael without a single hard clue. And it will be the same. Not because I am so clever but because you are going against established facts. You are free to do so, but this might be the reason for your rather low hit rate. And at least in my opinion it is not rude to point that out.
  14. The Wondering Wolf

    Why we Dance to Rhaenyra and Daemon Stark (revised)

    It died when Ran randomly stated that Bael was a pre-Targaryen thing.
  15. The Wondering Wolf

    Why we Dance to Rhaenyra and Daemon Stark (revised)

    If we put aside the singer scenario, there is nothing left to assume Gael was pregnant at all.