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  1. I think the infobox should give you a quick overview of a character like titles, nicknames, allegiance and dates of birth and death. It's not the place to list people who lived at the time as the character.
  2. And templates at the bottom of the page wouldn't do that?
  3. Not sure this is true. There are always rich people who would host exiles just in case they can make use of them one day.
  4. Black Velaryons don't match with what we know of Velaryons either, but the series is free to do as it likes. I don't think the Velaryon's were mentioned in GoT at all, and even the lore videos do not mention any Velaryons (besides Corlys, Laena, Laenor and Rhaenyra's sons) or their special relationship with the Targaryens. And since the violett eyes have already been taken away from the Valyrian look, I don't think there are any strong hints about the typical Valyrian book look in the series.
  5. Come on, that's not how it works. You have to include at least one baby swap, one fake death and one Citadel conspiracy!
  6. Sending Maegor to the Free Cities to prevent him from being used by Eggs enemies would be a rather weird move. That's a place you can barely controll, so you have almost no controll over Maegor at all, but your enemies can still approach him. Either kill him or keep him close, giving him to the Faith would be another option. I think it's very interesting that both Jon and Egg get Aemon's advise to overcome their softness and both have to deal with little children shortly after coming into power.
  7. In my opinion predecessors/successors and lovers should be removed. It makes the box unnecessarily convoluted.
  8. Merz and Röttgen (and maybe even Günther) have the same issue Scholz had before Laschet and Baerbock decided that looking competent is overrated: they are well liked by people who usually wouldn't vote for their party though. But in opposite to Merz and just like Scholz Röttgen and Günther lean to the political centre, the place where elections still are decided. So with Röttgen or Günther people would have an alternative to vote for when they are tired of Scholz (whenever this day will come). But most of the people in the centre wouldn't vote for Merz. So chosing him now might keep the CDU in the opposition for years. Anyone in the CDU who thinks leaning to the right is the way, hasn't paid attention.
  9. I guess the only way to reconcile these statements is to assume that the negotiation of the betrothal and the announcement were two different things. I'm not sure it makes sense to announce a betrothal something like four years later, though. Unless there were political reasons to wait till a moment when the wedding could take place shortly after.
  10. Sounds like a reasonable guideline to me.
  11. Thanks. I don't think Mysaria needs another page, though. There is a huge and very active wiki for the TV series and the prequel(s) that can cover all of this kind of stuff. I get that it makes sense to include a few show related pages for seasons, episodes and important show only characters, but things like creating a page for every single Umber from this lineage book (who are not even supposed to be show canon, because they just invented random names and didn't expect anyone to zoom in the frames) is actually beyond me.
  12. Can we please remove the image of Sonoya Mizuno from the Mysaria page? The actress doesn't look like the character from the book at all, so this image (especially placed prominently like that) is rather misleading.
  13. I don't think we have ever got information on the way Rhaenyra addressed the looks of her sons - or if she did speak about that, at all. The Arryn descent is something brought up by the fandom, not in world.
  14. I think there are two actors for Laenor, Theo Nate and John Macmillan.
  15. You could be right about that. But since they've already casted Beesbury, I'm not sure they will kill two guys in the same manner. And replacing Darklyn's role with Westerling would make sense to me. I think you can see these Velaryon dreadlocks there.
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