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  1. That's true. And I guess it's not the only case where small details are added. @Ran can you tell us about the canonity of the book? Is it the same as the Worldbook?
  2. Sure, but that's not what the calculation says. All we know about her is that she lived in the second century after the Conquest. She can't have been born after 167 AC, but she could have been born as early as 100 AC. And she can't have died before 140 AC, but she could have lived until 220 AC or an even later point. So of course her date of birth defines the date of her death. If she had been born in 120 AC, she could have died in 140 AC. If she had been born in 160 AC, she would have died around 180 AC as the earliest option.
  3. While you stumbled upon one of the most useless wiki calculations, it's not wrong, though. All we can say is that she must have been born by 167 AC (I assume she was born in the early 130ies, but based on the calculation guidelines there is no way to prove it) and died after 140 AC (maybe she has lived up to the events of the She-Wolves)
  4. Well, I don't have access to these, so just TRP and F&B. If the unpublished earlier drafts mentioned that Munkun also covered incidents from earlier points, this would certainly explain where you got the idea from.
  5. I guess this works, I was just surprised this wasn't in the source material and assumed you might have got confused on the various sources.
  6. I got a bit confused, is Jaehaera or Jaehaerys the older twin? Do we know at all?
  7. Something I have been wondering about before: The Worldbook says: It was only a few moons later that Daemon was exiled. As for the reason? Our sources differ greatly. Some, such as Runciter and Munkun, suggest that King Viserys and King Daemon quarreled (for brotherly love rarely stands in the way of disagreements), and that is why Daemon left. But F&B doesn't mention Munkun in this case, and I think this makes more sense. Munkun isn't mentioned when Gyldayn discusses his sources for the reign of Viserys, and Munkun seems to write about the Dance and the aftermath, basing his account on Orwyle who came to court only in 127 AC. So in my opinion it's just not likely Munkun has anything to say about this incident.
  8. The GoT wiki claims his name is Willem Blackwood, but I have no idea where this comes from.
  9. @Ran Since you mentioned Johanna Swann: She seems to have been still a courtesan in 131 AC, so do you think her rule took place at a point after 136 AC (and thus could come up in F&B 2)?
  10. The deaths didn't occur during the tourney itself but during the trial of seven, which is a completely different thing. In the tourney Aerion killed his opponent's horse and was disqualified. And when one of the participants lost his helmet, his opponent didn't aim for his head.
  11. The average per generation is around 22.5 for the Targaryens and Starks. Theo was "young" in 10 AC, so maybe 18 years old. Let's say Bertrand was born around 14 AC, Martyn around 37 AC, Martyn's son around 60 AC, Martyn's grandson around 82 AC, the great-grandson around 105 AC and Lyonel around 128 AC. So Matthos could have been Martyn's son or grandson. Maybe Lyonel's father was born a bit earlier, so he would be the one courting Rhaenyra.
  12. You said Daemon claimed Caraxes in 105 AC. I always had the impression this happened earlier, so why do you think it was that late?
  13. Yes. And what we also see in the Hedge Knight is that there are consequences for the one who didn't follow the rules. Even when he is a Targaryen prince. I wouldn't complain about some accident, but what they did pretty much goes against the basic idea of tourneys.
  14. Incredibly stupid. Accidents can happen all the time, but that was absolutely insane. There's a code for knights and you usually face consequences when you kill random opponents in a tourney. Good old HBO, action first, logic second.
  15. Weren't you considering to do videos where you discuss how you learned about certain aspects and just speak about them without actually reviewing episodes?
  16. Sure, but as I said, there are a lot of mistakes you notice at first glance. I would like GRRM to take a more active part in the illustrating process. I don't expect him to sit next to the artist and point out that Tyland's nose is too big or whatever, but pointing out major mistakes when the illustrations are done would be great.
  17. I'm sure this is just a mistake on the artist's side. It's not the only time that the illustrations don't match the book descriptions. Viserys still has all his fingers, the riders of Vhagar and Arrax have the wrong hair colour, Thaddeus Rowan is described as bald but has hair, and so on.
  18. It makes total sense that Rhaegar was influenced by prophecies, just as other Targaryens like Aerys I were. I wouldn't even mind a prophecy that influenced Aegon to conquer Westeros. Looking at the text, I just don't see the explicit connection to the Others so far. Sure, but it's up to GRRM to present this knowledge to his readers (at least if he does not want this revelation to come out of nowhere). So if the Targaryen kings know about this huge threat from the north, have them show up there from time to time and care about the Wall (if Aegon had thought he could deal with it on his own, he wouldn't have needed to conquer Westeros in the first place), not ignore this part of Westeros for most of the time. GRRM didn't confirm it, he just brought it up. But if he stated this was the case, then I would have to accept it, without further hints in future books it would be cheap writing in my opinion, though.
  19. GRRM spoke about the idea before F&B was released, but I don't see a single convincing hint in the books. Even if the knowledge had been lost during the Dance, we would only know about one king visiting the Wall, and that's not even the Conqueror. All of them knew and no-one cared doesn't sound like a good story in my opinion. GRRM can always work in hints in future books, but so far I don't see it.
  20. GRRM didn't really write the Worldbook, he gave Elio and Linda access to material he wrote so they could put it together. In this regard TRP and TPARQ are original texts, and Elio and Linda used them to write the Worldbook. There is only one section in the Worldbook (the one about House Baratheon) where Laenor is styled prince. Since the book is based on GRRM's original texts and notes (where Laenor isn't styled prince - prince consort is clearly not the same as prince), the Baratheon section contains an error. The correction of that error is not a retcon.
  21. According to Elio, this one wasn't a retcon either on GRRM's side, they just got confused when they tried to trim down the material.
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