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  1. I think there is no disagreement then. Maybe you can remove the section and change the date of birth options on Arthur's page, too.
  2. I would see it differently, though. Schröder came into office after 16 years of CDU chancellorship, people had high hopes and he almost got beaten by one of the most confused politicians in recent German history (and a member of the CSU besides) after only four years. He was an excellent campaigner and the most embarassing chancellor at the same time. His attitude was disdainful to the weak ones and his agenda tore the SPD apart. He did not even finish his second term. I also think that it was rather close when he ran against Merkel in 2005 is due to Merkel not being as confident and statesmanlike as she is today. I seem to remember it also was the last time Merkel went with rather polarizing stances which she usually avoided to do after that. So while some (even in the SPD) wish back the Schröder times, in my opinion Schröder is one of the reasons the party has been struggling since 16 years. I think it's pretty difficult to promote a left agenda at federal level. The business lobby is quite strong and fights anything that would distribute wealth and incomes more equally. And while many people in general seem to approve the things the SPD put forward during the previous governments, they take it for granted and base their election vote on different topics. I think the CDU wouldn't still get the support they get if the SPD had not been coalition partner for most of the Merkel years. Usually the SPD did the work and the CDU got the votes. If the Left party wants to become more successful, they need to get rid of these communist flirtings and their weird takes on some autocratic regimes in particular and foreign policies in general first. I think finding new ways to improve the life of the 'common people' is the job of left parties in the twenty-first century. And both the SPD and the Left party haven't really gone into this so far.
  3. If you only have an earliest option for one event (Connington coming to KL), you can't deduce the latest option of another event that happened earlier (Rhaegar meeting Arthur). So I don't think the 268 date is helpful for anything.
  4. Not implying you are one of them, but I never get when people criticise the Greens or the SPD for the Schröder years and then vote for FDP or CDU. Or vote for CDU and complain that the SPD is not social democratic enough. And there must be a few of them. While the points you make are not wrong (although I would argue a bit with the neo-liberal lable - except you are communist, but then almost everyone is neo-liberal to you), 16 years later I would have been willing to give them another chance. Both the Greens and the SPD want to put an end to Hartz IV after all. On the one hand I totally see why the SPD gets so much dislike. On the other hand I think things would even be worse if they were not part of the government. And I am afraid we will learn that soon enough.
  5. As far as I can see, actually nothing really happened. But in the end it doesn't matter what actually happened, all that matters is that this is the second time Baerbock saw the need to apologise for something she did. People did not trust her that much from the beginning, and now it gets even worse. She wanted to run for chancellor, so in my opinion it's up to her and her team to make sure there is nothing that can be used against her - before she decides to run. An inexperienced candidate like this combined with the Greens' habit to drop statements which support their lable of the 'Verbots-Partei' is going to break their neck - as it did many times before. Which is quite sad in my opinion.
  6. A bit off topic, but I have always been surprised that there is not a single historical Florent mentioned by name in the books (not counting Aladore and Jon who are only mentioned in the Hedge Knight comic adaptation). I think that's unique among the more prominently featuring Reach houses.
  7. Too bad that even in 2021 the Greens still don't know how publicity works. I would have considered to vote for them if they had had the chance to beat the CDU, but that's it, Laschet is gonna make it now.
  8. The Arthur Dayne calculation does not add up right now: Arthur is known to be Rhaegar Targaryen's "oldest friend".{{Ref|ASOS|8}} As Rhaegar met Jon Connington when he came to King's Landing to serve as a squire alongside him,{{Ref|ASWD|22}} Rhaegar must have met Arthur before that. Jon was born no earlier than 260 AC ''(see [[Years after Aegon's Conquest/Calculations Ages (Continued)#Jon Connington|Jon Connington]])'', so this would place the year he came to King's Landing as 268 AC at the earliest. Thus, Arthur would have met Rhaegar no later than 267 AC. As Arthur was ''at least'' sixteen years old when he joined the Kingsguard, he had to be ''at least'' sixteen years old in 267 AC, though possibly older. This means that Arthur Dayne was born in 251 AC at the latest. This does not make any sense. Connington came to KL in or after 268, so the later he came, the more the latest point Rhaegar meets Dayne gets moved in that direction, as well. If Connington had arrived in 275, the latest option of Dayne's first meeting with Rhaegar would be 274 (or even in early 275). Why would Dayne have to be a Kingsguard when he meets Rhaegar for the first time? They actually could have met at the age of six when both of them served at court or something like this. In my opinion the whole section should be removed.
  9. Since the Canon guide says "Please note the "verified" qualifier -- origin with Martin must be an established fact, not simply assumed" and we can't be sure that the information in the Campaign Guide is from GRRM, I would propose to remove the book from the semi-canon section.
  10. Semi-canon means it is a source that can be traced back to GRRM himself, but the information has not appeared in the books so far, so it could still be changed. Now Elio indicated the Campaign Guide makes up a lot of stuff on its own and thus is not semi-canon.
  11. I once made a list of things based on the Campaign Guide. It seems to me the book is mostly as canon as the TV series, which is none, so I guess most of these parts should be removed or backed up by canon sources.
  12. The wiki also states that based on the semi-canon Campaign Guide Robin is the Lord of Flint's Finger, but I seem to remember you said that the book isn't really semi-canon, so do you think that part should be removed?
  13. @Ran The Citadel page of the Flints of Flint's Finger mentions Robin, indicating he is a member of the house, although the appendix says he is the son of Lady Lyessa Flint of Widow's Watch. The wiki uses this source to make Robin a Flint of Flint's Finger, but I am not sure that this is right.
  14. I am not sure this is true. While the Peakes are the ones we know about, I expect other houses to have lost lands and gold, too. The Worldbook states: In the aftermath, King Daeron showed a sternness that few expected. Many lords and knights who had supported the Black Dragon had lands and seats and privileges stripped from them and were forced to give over hostages. We actually don't really know about many houses that fully supported the Blackfyres, but we know the Osgreys and the Three Sisters had to pay for their treason.
  15. Hobbling is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read about. But Dust of Dreams is so full with all kinds of violence that I think Erikson went too far with his 'You need to see what humans are capable of doing to each other' attitude. No I don't have to, I read this for entertainment. If I want to read about stuff like this, I look for some reports on the Holocaust or some genocide. Doesn't mean there must be no violence in these books, but in my opinion the style changed at some point. There were really cruel parts in the Chain of Dogs as well, but it was more balanced (and sometimes less is more, Duiker's rather distant view on the things had a huge impact on me), now it's way too much.
  16. Since there were (and still are) huge intervals between the releases of the German editions, I had to reread the books almost every time another one was published, because I had always forgotten too much. Thus I read Gardens of the Moon like five times, and I still like it, as I like all of the earlier books a lot. At some point the story (maybe around the 4th or 5th book) became a bit repetitive to me, but I continued (and there were still a lot of great parts), but right now the only reason why I will wait for the release of the last book is that I have invested so much time now that I want to know how it ends. The level of brutality in general and the violence towards women (and to a lesser degree also men) piss me off more and more, and while there are still humorous elements, I skip entire conversations between Malazan sodiers because they have been talking the same shit for four damn books and I don't care about it anymore. It feels I have already read any interior monologue at least two times somewhere else. So right know I am under the impression the series is too long by at least two books, but maybe I am going to change my opinion after reading the end. Sorry for highjacking the thread, just saw the title and since I finished Dust of Dreams a week ago, I felt triggered.
  17. I still don't think people will search for these articles, they will get there only by links on other pages, and I can think of no title which would change that. So short and clear is a good approach, thus I second these proposals. You can still use Gyldayn's wording for the intro.
  18. I propose "civil war and struggle for power in the Iron Islands of 133-134 AC on the mysterious death of Dalton Greyjoy and the terrible crisis that came after". Maybe it is even possible to move all the content into the title, so people don't have to read the actual page anymore. On a more serious note, no-one is going to search for a page like this, you just follow the link on other pages to get there, so the title doesn't really matter as long as the intro explains everything.
  19. Since it's a Lannister tree, it should focus on the Lannisters. You can also create a Westerling tree including Roland, Johanna and her children with Jason. I guess Harrold was an uncle of Roland, but in the end it's not clear at all, so I would not add him.
  20. Just read about it and I think it's nonsense. If he had needed it so badly, he could have gone to the restroom. Doing it in front of both the people in the arena and the cameras does not make any sense to me, and I'm sure someone of his delegation would have stepped in.
  21. I guess Rhaenyra got pregnant after Laenor's death and before the marriage with Daemon. Assuming Aegon III was born on December 24, he would have been conceived around March 24. So Laenor's death could have occured in February or even March, too.
  22. There is no reason at all why Aegon would have wanted Viserys to father children on Daenaera. Viserys had children on his own who could have continued the line (as they actually did in the end). Aegon was delighted by Daenaera's look and they had their first child when she was 16, so she probably got pregnant at the age of 15. But maybe Viserys II was gay? He was on that ship, as well, and did not remarry after Larra died. On a more serious note, there are no hard hints for Aegon being gay. He was distant to almost everyone and the ones he warmed up to were two boys (a brother and a companion) and two girls he was supposed to marry.
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