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  1. Stannis's parleys with Renly and Courtnay Penrose are fun to read. The insults fly thick and fast. You can really tell they don't like each other.
  2. Brienne and Jaime are alive in the full sense of the word. I see no reason to believe otherwise. Not to mention they are too important to die off-page in any event.
  3. Quentyn Martell and the dragons are dead. Tysha I doubt we'll hear from again. The other characters are still alive, at least for now.
  4. Tyrek was Robert's squire, which means he could have knowledge about plots by, for, or against Robert. He could have been, or been asked to be, involved in Cersei's plans for Robert's death. Lots of possibilities to know too much, even if most of it is moot by now. Of course,, he could have simply tired of life in KL and decided to use the chaos of the riot to disappear. As a Lannister, he probably would have had access to money to live off of while he reinvented himself. He could also be a prisoner, probably of either Varys or Littlefinger, although I don't know to what end. His whereabouts are a true mystery, which is why I listed him. And the slave kids came from, what, thin air? They sure as hell didn't come from Meereen, which Dany's forces had no access to. Also, we have no Meereenese saying "what the hell are you talking about", That they made no such complaint is a clear indication that they did it themselves.
  5. @John Suburbs @FictionIsntReal I've long since lost track of the specifics of the debate, but would like to make some comments. So, Joffrey beats Sansa because she says stuff he doesn't like, belittling him, etc.? In other words, he is quick to nager for no good reason, resulting in impulsive acts of violence and cruelty. Sounds like a real winner; someone Olenna would love her granddaughter to marry - not to mention running a country. LOL. And the Tyrells have no assurance that he won't acts in a similar fashion to Margaery if he has reason to be displease with her. Say, if she fials to produce an heir (a real possibility) or disagrees with his public acts of cruelty, or something like that. And Loras is not someone I would necessarily trust to actg rationally under such circumstances. Of course the Tyrells know about Joffrey's behavior. His public actions can be discovered, and are pretty bad by themselves. But most of Sansa's mistreatment was in private, so they likely don't have trustworthy sources on that, thus their questioning of Sansa. And her reaction to merely being asked should tell them everything they need to know. By the way, if they find out that the stories are nonsense, and Joffrey is OK, all they need to do about the poison is ... nothing. My impression of the was that it acts by essentially causing something like an allergic reaction, resulting in anyphalactic shock, similar to being stung by a swarm of wasps or the like. In which dissolving it makes sense. In any event, it is a fictitious poison with fictitious effects. Dissolving in wine is the only method given for administering it. If Tyrion were the target, something I cannot see the reason for, then Sansa won't be going anywhere. She is sitting right next to him, so all eyes will be on her as well. Unobtrusively leaving won't be possible. Plus, Sansa being Sansa, will probably be tryiing to help her husband who is distress. I don't know whether or not Margaery is a virgin, but even if she is not, I doubt she has much experience. She certainly isn't going to get much fro Renly. An experienced and skilled seductress she is not. The hairnet wads delivered shortly after Littlefinger's visit to Highgarden. It is quite obvious that he is planning for somebody to die, or there is no point to going to the trouble and expense of making it. And I in no way buy the suggestion that it is a "victim to be named later." That is plain stupid. The Tyrells plans to take Sansa to Highgarden are a threat to Littlefinger's own plans for her. She isn't going to go with Dontos if she can go to Highgarden, so LF has to spike their plans by revealing them. I suspect that the marriage to Tyrion was an unpleasant surprise. it is also the cause of his attempt to frame Tyrion for the murder. He needs Tyrion dead at that point. Not before, though. He suggested Tyrion for the job of Master of Coin, suggesting that he isn't worried about what he might find. I don't think the Tyrells intended Tyrion, or anyone else, to take the blame. They were intending to blame the pidgeon pie, i.e., it was natural or an accident. Sansa carrying in the murder weapon is a way to avoid being betrayed. The Strang;ler is the only evidence of their plans, so having it for a little time as possible is necessary. If Sansa is arrested, all she can say is Dontos gave her the hairnet, and he would likely be dead or disappeared by the time anyone looked for him. Even if she is asked about who touched it, Olenna has a reasonable excuse, that she was adjusting it. Olenna is the sort of person you do not arrest without really good evidence or as part of an existing purge, neither of which is the case. Sansa's disguise and alias is entirely Littlefinger's creation. Any problems can be laid to him. I doubt her claiming to be 14 is an issue. If it is, that is Littlefinger's fault, and he could get into great trouble if he is discovered harboring her, at least for now. I suspect Myranda Royce knows who Sansa really is. Others may suspect. The Starks appear to be generally popular there, so that will help in that regard. That's all for now. I probably missed a few things.
  6. Alliser - Alive on a ranging. May or may not survive. Not hiding at Castle Black. Benjen - Alive. Probably in the Far North. Daario - Don't know, don't care. Syrio - Dead. What reason is there to believe otherwise? Prince Aegon - Dead. Pisswater Prince story is too convenient and has too many holes. Add: Tyrek Lannister - Alive. Hiding or maybe just chilling in Braavos. Nervous about knowing too much.
  7. Brienne is widely believed to be a descendant of Dunk. In Feast she mentions seeing a shield that apparently matches Dunk's. Her size is another good indication. I'm not aware of any others. Megorova's suggestions above appear highly unlikely.
  8. Probably not very many. Those methods are good for short-term control, but create clients, not allies. Many are supporting him only because they see it in their short term interests to do so, or feel forced. Should a viable alternative come along - say, Sansa in alliance with Yohn Royce - they are liable to drop him like a bad habit as soon as they think they can get away with it. Hopefully off a cliff, He has control for now - but it is soft - and it's not the kind of support that will have his back, more like stab him in it.
  9. Podrick??? You cannot be serious! For one thing, he is minor nobility, barely above a landed knight, if that. As Corbon pointed out, that is a serious insult to the North. For another, he is only 12 years old - and an underdeveloped 12 at that (Brienne thinks he looks to be 10), which would make consummation an issue. Podrick is clearly loyal to Tyrion. But we have no indication that he is loyal to House Lannister in general, much less Tywin or even the Westlands. And if he were to, say, decamp to Riverrun with Sansa in tow (or vice versa), there would be little Tywin could do about it. Podrick would be more likely to become Sansa's puppet than anything else, assuming the marriage wasn't undone due to non-consummation (any such claim would likely be accepted due to the parties age, absent something like a pregnancy). If Tyrion and Lancel aren't options, Tywin would likely delve into the Lannister family tree. It is certainly large enough. I'm quite sure he could find somebody to take on the job of marrying Sansa, Daven and Lucien being the most obvious candidates, if only because they are actually listed in the Appendix.
  10. Arya and Tommen. She could marry a king and rule his castle, and have sons who are knights, princes, lords, and perhaps even a high septon. And Tommen is a really nice kid. Tommen gets a queen who is comfortable being anywhere with anyone, is really good a finding stuff out, and has some interesting contacts. Jeyne Poole and Podrick Payne. He would treat her like fine porcelain (very gently), and she can teach him a few things and get him out of his shell. And then he can help raise Ramsay's son .
  11. 1. He doesn't want to get on Tywin's bad side. At least, any more than he already is. 2. It has certain material benefits. Better quarters, more servants, and the like. 3. There is no real compelling reason not to. It's not as if he has marriage prospects lined up around the block or anything. 4. Sansa is getting married to someone Tywin can control. He has to get her off the marriage market to avoid her being used as marriage bait, or allowing someone else to claim Winterfell through her.
  12. Pretty sure the Hand of the King, one Ned Stark, would have said something. Probably along the lines of: "you are in open rebellion. Release them immediately, or I will squash you like a fucking bug." At least Tywin's actions with Clegane had plausible deniability. If he did this, he might as well have Clegane fly crimson and gold banners with a lion on them.
  13. She has a tail because she has no choice in the matter. She is a 15-year-old girl who is a guest of the Whents. If they want her to have an escort, and I suspect they would, if only to keep troublemakers away and her out of mischief, she isn't in a position to really object. I have not suggested that anyone dies. Any guards are not going to be able to deal with the Crown Prince, and will stand down. Lyanna will go with Rhaegar, who will be recognized by anyone in the group, thanks to the tournament. It is possible that the kidnapping was staged. At this point, only those with Lyanna would know. The circle of knowledge would extend to the Whents, Starks, Robert, and a few others. I doubt it was intended to get widely known. He's the Crown Prince. He'll think of something, especially if it isn't too widely known. Good marriages for everyone, including Lyanna, places at Court, promises of silence, that sort of thing. I expect the two families could work something out in the end. Or at least he thinks so. I'm not a fan of the elopement theory,, and prophecy is the only thing that makes any sense. But we have been no reason in the text to doubt that Rhaegar did in fact take off with Lyanna. How he did it, and why they went off together is in doubt, and may not be satisfactorily resolved. That Rhaegar was involved is not doubted in world, Nobody other than Rhaegar and his companions has been mentioned at all in connection with Lyanna, so I'm quite sure he was involved.
  14. You seem to be under the impression that Lyanna was by herself when taken. This is doubtful A girl of her age and status is unlikely to be able to go gallivanting around the countryside unaccompanied. She can probably wander around Harrenhal and the village outside the walls, if there is one. But I think she is going to need somebody with her otherwise. Brandon was on his way to his wedding when he was notified of the kidnapping. It stands to reason that Lyanna may have been as well. In which case, there would be multiple witnesses, most of whom would recognize Rhaegar from the tournament. My guess is that Rhaegar was heavily influenced by prophecy, and felt that he needed Lyanna to fulfill it (probably the Prince that was promised). In that event, he probably didn't care about being recognized, and might have expected to somehow make it up to the Starks later. Unfortunately, if that is the case, Aerys's action put paid to that idea. Given Ned's sanguine attitude to the whole affair, plus his comments to Arya about Lyanna's wolf blood, I am guessing that she was not an entirely unwilling participant. I doubt she had any idea of the consequences that would result, or was made aware of subsequent events in any case. Even if she was, I doubt she was in a position to do anything about it.
  15. I seriously doubt Shadrick is Varys's agent. He seems more of a freelance hoping to pick up a reward for Sansa or her whereabouts that has been offered by Varys, probably on Cersei's behalf. At that time, Varys was still working for Cersei. I don't think Varys has any real interest in Sansa for himself or for Aegon. Unless she brings an army or political support with her, she isn't much use to him. And right now, she can't. In any event, I doubt she would be interested. Becoming queen consort to a guy she has never met and knows nothing about, back in Kings Landing, and likely surrounded by more enemies than she can keep track of sounds distinctly unappealing. My guess is Shadrick is in the Vale for one of two reasons. He may have figured out Sansa is there, and hopes to profit from that knowledge. Or he may have simply heard that Littlefinger was looking for knights, and needed to make some cash. In that event, he is merely a red herring. In any event, I do not believe he is working for Varys.
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