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  1. I doubt that Jeyne will be in the neighborhood of LSH by herself in any event. The Riverlands isn't really a likely destination for her. Right now, Jeyne is headed to the Wall, and most likely on to Braavos. I doubt the Riverlands is on her itinerary. If she does end up there, it will likely be in the company of someone else, most likely either Sansa or Arya, who can explain the situation and likely protect her from retaliation.
  2. If Robb's Will has any effect on the plot, it will likely be that part that disinherits Sansa,, which I believe was part of the reason for writing it in the first place. Jon will do as he sees fit without reference to the Will. If he feels that defending the North requires him to take up the mantle of King in the North he will do so. The Will might be useful for support, but I suspect that the situation would be sufficiently dire that they would get behind him in any event. No way will the Will induce him to take the mantle by itself. Sansa's disinheritance would definitely make it more difficult to take Winterfell. It would mean that she would have to use political persuasion (which she is currently learning under Littlefinger's tutelage) and convince the Northerners that she is not being used as a Lannister puppet, or anyone else's for that matter. She will probably be able to do it if she feels the need, but will certainly not be able to simply lay claim to Winterfell based on her birth.
  3. Yep, we definitely disagree on a lot. They've had her for a year, and have done practically nothing. I don't know how much she will learn, but I doubt that any really good secrets will be taught her. And there isn't sufficient time left in the story for her to become a decently trained assassin. If they had started soon after her arrival, maybe. But not now. She wasn't a natural born killer. They had to pressure her to get her to even kill the insurance guy. And she still has something of a moral compass. I don't see her killing someone she doesn't regard as either a threat or a wrongdoer. She is also learning how to report and prioritize information, which is not assassin stuff. And Raff is likely to put her on thin ice. They will know he is on her list and that it was personal. It could also cause trouble for those the FM care about. You have got to be kidding me! No way are they going to send a barely trained 12/13 year-old to kill someone like Daenerys - much less her dragons. Especially one that they have reason to believe will be unwilling to kill someone she doesn't regard as either a threat or a wrongdoer. And if they don't know that - they either aren't paying attention or will figure it out soon. She needed to leave, and he was in the way. I have minimal sympathy for him. I have also seen speculation that Roose knew who "Nan" really was, or had a strong suspicion. Given his conversations with Theon about how highborns and peasants talk, he likely knew she was highborn, so figuring she was Arya wouldn't be too much of a stretch. And if he did know, he would have used her for his own purposes. By that time, he had already decided to betray Robb. Duskendale had already been ordered, something he knew Robb would object to and he would have to hide. Arya distrusted Roose, and with good reason. By the way, Jeyne was already married by this point. We know that because Elmar mentions the dissolution of his betrothal earlier in the chapter. I do believe that Jaqen is at the Citadel searching for information - most likely about dragons. I don't know if it is specifically to kill them, or just to find out more about them so as to make a more informed decision about Daenerys and her dragons.
  4. We agree on this much, at least, that her story is hard to figure out. I don't believe that she will ever become an assassin, or even that the FM (or George) are intent on her becoming one. If so, they are taking their sweet time about it. She knows no more about killing people now than when she arrived in Braavos. She knows a little about poisons, but mostly what they do, not how to administer them. She could probably figure out whether someone is a poison victim, but I don't think she could make them one. What training she has gotten is more the sort of thing I would expect for an undercover spy or detective, not an assassin. I think they intend either for her to be an agent/helper for them in Westeros, or possibly some sort of investigator. They have to do their due diligence on their contracts, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have a sideline in gathering information. If that is the case, her first assignment could be to join Daenerys and find out what she is up to. Braavos likely knows less about her than they would like, and with her dragons and her interest in destroying slavery, they would likely be interesting in finding out as much as they can about her. But that is only if they decide to send her on a mission. She could return to Westeros. She has friends and contacts there,, not to mention a big huge wolf pack. The wolf pack, in particular, could be useful in fighting the Others, and I'm sure George can find other ways for her to be useful. As to her killings, I have already said that I am troubled by her actions in Braavos, especially Dareon. I give her a pass on acts in Westeros, as I consider them all to be killings of necessity. Even the guard at Harrenhal. His death was necessary for her escape. And considsering subsequent events there, it is just as well she did escape.
  5. A standing army to do what? They have no neighbors to worry about, except maybe by sea. The only thing it would be useful for would be internal security, and there doesn't seem to be much need for that. And standing armies are very expensive to maintain. So they're probably like pre-1940 America. Minimal army and big navy. for the same reason - no land threats.
  6. Perwyn and Olyvar Frey - not at the Red Wedding for a reason Brynden Tully Samwell Tarly Loras Tyrell Brienne of Tarth Asha Greyjoy - peacenik of the Greyjoys Jorah Mormont
  7. I seriously doubt that the mutiny is being directed from Eastwatch. I have a very hard time believing that GRRM is going to assign such a substantial role to a non-entity like Glendon Hewett. I'm pretty familiar with minor characters, and I had to look him up - twice; once to find out who was in charge at Estwatch, and then to find out who Hewett. If he was that important, he would have gotten some buildup in ADWD. GRRM is pretty good about that sort of thing. I also have trouble believing that the mutiny is being directed at a distance. I'm willing to believe that the Others are in the vicinity. I just don't think they will be accomplishing anything real soon. The Wall's magic is pretty powerful stuff, and I don't think Jon's death is near sufficient to seriously compromise it. By the way, the lichyard is on the south side of the Wall, so is protected by its magic. Wights can be transported across the Wall, but can't get across on their own power, so far as I know. I have lots of problems with this theory (for example, who is this Queen you mention?). But the biggest is this: given the POV structure, how is any of this going to be revealed? I don't think all will be revealed to Bran, and I can't see how anyone else would find out any of this. And if it isn't in the text, or readily inferred from it, then it never happened.
  8. Going to CB at all is dangerous. Once they arrive, it will be apparent who they are. And that's assuming any Bolton agents keeping an eye on CB don't get to them first. Plus, they have no reason to think that Jon is going to be LC - ever. The men Jon was going to send obviously aren't going. But the men from Eastwatch and the ships commandeered there are going. Skagos isn't that far from Hardhome, and the timing is about right for it. They aren't going to walk to the Far North. They have a ship. There may be ice, but I doubt it covers everything. And they may not have a choice, if the Others block the route to the south. If anything like that happens, Jon may well take charge, will or no will. However, while I expect the Others to attack sooner rather than later, I don't expect it imminently. And I don't think the mutineers were ready. They seemed caught flat-footed by Jon's announcement of going to Winterfell. I think the Will is more likely to have an effect on Sansa, or anyone behind her, being able to take Winterfell. I expect that if Jon feels the need to become King in the North, he'll get support regardless, because the situation will be really dire. And I don't think the Will by itself will induce him to take the job.
  9. Bran and company avoiding CB is perfectly reasonable, even from the Liddle's point of view. They have no idea who is in charge there or what kind of welcome they will receive. Jon didn't become LC, or even a serious candidate, until long after Bran went through the Black Gate. Bran also mentions that people in the mountains have seen them traveling through, so it's likely that others besides the Liddle they met know they are there; they are a very distinctive party. I have doubts that Rickon will be south of the Wall any time soon. My guess is that Davos, and possibly Rickon, end up at Hardhome and are our eyes on that debacle. I think they next head north to the Land of Always Winter. No way is this a simple out and back. Not in this series. I'm not sure how Robb's Will will play out. Telling Jon about it is one thing. Getting him to take up the post of King in the North is something else entirely, assuming he is in physical condition to do so. And I suspect that Jeyne will continue on to Braavos with the banker and Massey, and Alysanne may be dragged along as chaperone. I expect that they will realize, or believe, that CB isn't safe for her. I don't think she will meet Jon; he will either be unconscious or (temporarily) dead.
  10. Which is why I don't want her making decisions on who should live and who should die. She's not sufficiently mature to know what the hell she is doing.
  11. I'm not aware of anyone who has suggested that Arya shouldn't kill people who are a threat to her or others. However, none of the people she killed in Braavos fit that bill. One was ordered, the other two were pure revenge. There is a big difference in the mental development of an 11 year-old compared with someone who is 16 or a full-grown adult like Jon, Robb, and Ned. Young children are going to be much more affected by that sort of thing. Which is the source of my concern about her. Fortunately, she hasn't done anything unforgivable yet, and I doubt she will. But I still worry.
  12. When Brienne arrived at the Crossroads Inn, he was working in the blacksmiths' shop there. And Beric appeared willing to knight practically anybody, whether they could use a sword or not. Stannis, Tobho Mott, and Varys have no idea where he is, and aren't likely to. Brienne suspects, but no proof. No idea about Thoros, but I doubt he actually knows anything; may suspect, though. Arya suspects nothing. She has no idea why the gold cloaks were after him, and made no real connection at t he peach.
  13. Ilyn Payne is the executioner. He had just heard Ned Stark confess publicly to treason. And then the King ordered him to execute him. What the hell is he supposed to do? His job is to execute people who have committed capital crimes, and he'd just heard a confession to one. Meryn Trant was sent to take a close family member of an accused traitor into custody. Even as a Stark fan, I am forced to admit he is within his right to do so, and to use force if necessary. And it turned out to be necessary. Yes, Trant is a spineless toad, but that doesn't make him a criminal. By the way, "obeying orders" is a perfectly valid offense. The reason it didn't work at Nuremberg is because the orders were clearly illegal, and the recipients were in a position to not obey them. In neither of these cases is the order they are given obviously illegal or, I think, illegal at all. Dunsen is on the list because he took Gendry's helmet. While he may not be a nice guy, having been in Gregor's unit, that is not why he is on the list. Of course we haven't seen him since ACOK, and probably won't anytime soon. If I had to guess who she might run into, it would be Ilyn. He is the least guilty, and is in the Riverlands, a likely landing spot for Arya. Also, he has gotten recent character buildup.
  14. You do realize that there is a difference between watching someone getting killed and doing it yourself? The total number of people Bran has killed (or had killed) is precisely ZERO. This is a reason I'm not too worried about her. She has a Stark/Tully upbringing that gave her a moral compass that is still there if a bit weaker and unsteady than I would like. However, for example, some of the people on her so-called "kill list" (more of a prayer list, actually) don't belong there or are questionable, so I have concerns about her decision-making in this area. It's not the random innocents I'm worried about. It's the guys who have done stuff that she doesn't like, but that don't necessarily merit death. And, given her ease with killing, that is a concern. It's not her past I'm worried about; it's her future. I'm worried that as the ease with which she kills increases, the guilt level of her targets could decrease. And I'm afraid that her decision-making capabilities at her age aren't going to be capable of that kind of differentiation. I also don't think associating with the Faceless Men is helping at this point. So, to make clear, I think Arya is a basically decent person with some serious flaws, mainly her increasing willingness to commit, however justified she (and we) may regard them, at least for now. I don't think she will go over the edge, so to say, but will get uncomfortably close. By the way, my problems are with her age, not her sex,, and I'm not too interested in what adults might be doing, because she is not an adult, and does not think like one. another thing that I would like to point out is that I have no problem with any of her actions in Westeros, that I can recall. It's the stuff in Braavos that concerns me.
  15. Arya is a child, and killing people is not going to be good for a child. And any killing by Ned was done in a legal and accepted setting. And no, I don't think it's common in Westeros, either. The only character I can think of that has killed at around that age is Sandor Clegane, and he is hardly an endorsement. And when Arya asked Edric Dayne if he had ever killed anyone, he seemed quite shocked at the idea. And he had been in battle!
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