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  1. Robb - Wylla Manderly. She is slightly younger and the grand-daughter of his most powerful vassal. Sansa - Joffrey. In theory, a great match. Other possibilities are Renly and Willas Tyrell, but both are too old. Loras is a possibility, but is a younger son. Quentyn or Trystane Martell are also possibilities, as is Robert Arryn. (She has more patience than Arya) Arya - Foster with Jon Arryn with hopes of marrying Robert. Arya would veto the marriage though, so maybe Trystane as a backup. Or if Sansa/Joffrey doesn't work, Tommen. I think the girls are going South. Bran - Lyanna Mormont is an appealing choice if he isn't KG, Rickon - way too young. Jon - Hard to say. If not NW, maybe a high-level bastard such as Joy Hill. Or a surplus daughter of a Northern house.
  2. Nevets

    Mapping ASOIF characters by D&D alignment

    Ned and Brienne are Lawful Good; Jon is more Neutral Good (breaks too many rules) Tyrion is Lawful Neutral trending toward Neutral Good; Bronn is Neutral; and Varys is too much of a mystery to even judge. Gregor and Ramsay are definitely Chaotic Evil; Joffrrey is closer to Neutral Evil. Others: Arya - Chaotic Good sliding toward chaotic neutral. Sansa - Lawful Good Tywin - Lawful Evil Stannis - Lawful Neutral Cersei - Neutral Evil Daenerys - Chaotic Good (I think) Sandor - Chaotic Neutral (beginning)/ Chaotic Good (now) Theon and Jaime - no idea whatsoever
  3. Nevets

    Will Brienne give Oathkeeper back to jaime

    I think that as long as there are Starks that need defending, she will hang on to Oathkeeper. Given their respective current skill levels, she can make far better use of it than Jaime can. When (if) things settle down and the Starks are reasonably safe, she may give it to them as an heirloom.
  4. The Crown of Westeros is perfectly capable of paying back the loans; it merely chooses not to do so at this point in time. Cersei wants to use the money for other things. The IB's first reaction was to try to exert pressure on her through other borrowers. The IB has ways to get its money back. The most obvious is to support a challenger who will pay them back. Thus the visit to Stannis. Another means would be to take over some means of revenue generation, such as a customs house or mint. This was something the British used to do with recalcitrant creditors in the 1800s. Concession to extract resources are another possibility. Trust me, the IB will find a way to get paid, if only because whoever eventually takes charge is likely to need funds, and the only way he is going to get t hem is if he makes some arrangement to apy the current debts.
  5. Nevets

    Did Old Gared Know About the Black Gate?

    I seem to recall that people, especially lone individuals, can sneak past the Shadow Tower on the Bridge of Skulls. I always figured that that was how Gared got across. Draw a line between where Gared likely was to Winterfell, and it goes right through, or even west of, the Shadow Tower. In other words, it is the most direct route to Winterfell. I got the distinct impression that the existence of the Black Gate has bee long forgotten. While the rangers patrol the top of the Wall and along its base, I don't think anybody has entered the Nightfort itself since around the time it was closed. Long before any of the current Watchmen was born.
  6. Nevets

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Arya - rebellious Varys - mysterious Meera - protector Jojen - seer Bran - crippled Catelyn - emotional Jon - heroic Wylla Manderly - fierce Jeyne Poole - victim Walder Frey - duplicitous Ramsay - monstrous Roose - sly Theon - screwed-up Robb - screwed (in oh so many ways) Quentyn - pointless
  7. Nevets

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Arya - traumatized Sansa - ladylike Cersei - narcissistic Tywin - Macchiavellian Podrick- persistent Baelish - manipulative Ned - honorable Stannis - hard Renly - shiny Robert - feckless
  8. Nevets

    An evil girl's dark heart

    You are treating Arya as if she is a sensible, clear-thinking, well-balanced adult. She is none of those things. She is an insecure, traumatized child desperate for someplace to belong. Any analysis of her characters and actions that doesn't take this into account is going to be seriously flawed. That doesn't mean I am not seriously troubled by some of her actions; I am. Her willingness to kill people that aren't a threat to her is worrisome, and I think that, at this point, the FM are a very bad influence on her. But I have faith that George won't let her fall off the edge, so to say. Although she is creeping closer and closer to it.
  9. Nevets

    An evil girl's dark heart

    I think pleasing the FM, or at least staying on their good side, is at the forefront of her mind at that time. Although she does have enough of a conscience that she doesn't want to kill someone she believes to be an innocent, so she uses the FM's statements about him to rationalize her acts. It is useful to remember that she is only 11 years old, which likely makes her comparatively easy to manipulate in this fashion. Certainly easier than an adult would be. The choices she was given were ones that clearly did not appeal to her. I wouldn't be surprised if the FM knew that they wouldn't; giving her options without really giving her options. I'll bet if they had offered her passage to Eastwatch or even White Harbour, she would have jumped at it. Harrenhal and the journey there destroyed her. For most of that time, she was helpless and afraid for probably the first time in her life. She felt like a mouse, and is absolutely determined to never feel that way again and to never be at the mercy of others. I think she feels that learning to kill will accomplish her goal of feeling safe and not helpless. I have long believed that their intention is for her to become an agent for them in Westeros, providing them with intel, shelter, and whatever other assistance might be required. Her training certainly seems to be aimed in this direction ( investigation and undercover work) than assassinations. As a scion of a Great House, she would be in an excellent position to do so. I think they will find an excuse to push her out, but the price for doing so without adverse consequence will be to help them at need. IN other words, she is more valuable to them as "Arya Stark of Winterfell"than as "no one".
  10. Nevets

    An evil girl's dark heart

    To be honest, we have little to no information on how the FM determines the proper sacrifice. It is quite possible that, in specific cases, they could set the sacrifice artificially high (or low) in order to discourage (encourage, in some cases) its acceptance. We simply don't know. What is crystal clear, as that, at the level of those carrying them out, questions are strongly discouraged, and they are not to judge the target's morality or anything else about them. This is likely to prove problematic for Arya going forward. Assuming that she gets that far, which I have my doubtson.
  11. Nevets

    An evil girl's dark heart

    She would make lousy assassin on command. and if the FM haven't figured it out, they will. She still has a conscience, and a moral compass, however skewed. She is quite unlikely to kill anyone she believes to be innocent of wrongdoing. And she has retained way too much of her personality.. As I've pointed out above, I don't think they are training her to be an assassin in any event. her training is more the sortof thing you would give an investigator or undercover operative, not an assassin. Admittedly, there is some overlap, but she hasn't learned anything about actually killing people, except some theoretical info on poisons. Btu nothing on how to actually administer them, or weapons training, or anything else that could actually help her kill people. Note to @Varysblackfyre321; her list is getting awfully short. The only characters on it that I can see her going after are Ilyn Payne (who has gotten some recent buildup), who doesn't really belong, and Queen Cersei, who has enough enemies already. If I had to make a guess, I would say Payne,, who will see her coming and beat the crap out of her.
  12. There are two big clues as to the identity of the Mystery Knight. The first is that the knight challenges the three knights of the squires that attacked Howland Reed. The knight then told the knights to properly train their squires. Thsiclearly indicates familiarity with the incident, suggesting one of the Starks or Reed. The second clue is that the knight had mismatched bits of armor. This would suggest that the knight couldn't even borrow some. Even Benjen or Howland could probably find something to borrow if they had to, but nobody's going to loan armor to a girl. solution: It's Lyanna, which Rhaegar found out and gave her the rose. (Once you figure out the connection between the three squires, its' pretty easy)
  13. I suspect that Ashara Dayne was heavily involved in the events leading to the Tower of Joy. She could therefore be a useful source of information on Rhaegar, Lyanna, Ned and what the hell happened at the ToJ. And let's face it, the circumstances surrounding her death practically scream "faked death". I do have my doubts about Aegon, and have a nasty suspicion that we may never find out for certain who he really is.
  14. Nevets

    Sansa really is Alayne

    I've seen no reason to think that Sansa's bond with Lady was worse than any of her siblings' at that point in time. There hadn't been enough time to develop a really strong bond before Lady's death. I expect that, had Lady survived, they would have had a solid bond, like the others. the likelihood that she isn't Ned's daughter is somewhere between zero and a negative number. None whatever. And I see Littlefinger's interest in her as her being his lover and eventually his wife. He certainly considers her as his protege.
  15. Nevets

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Most of this simply indicates that they are friendly and that Jaqen is able to exert some influence over them. Given the amount of time they have spent together, and the fact that Jaqen is clearly more intelligent and sophisticated, this is hardly surprising. Jaqen was probably able to talk them into Lorch's unit, which could heighten their respect for him. Given the FM's dislike for collateral damage and killing those not prayed for, I don't think they would even remotely tolerate Saltpans. It's one of those situations where there is significant possible gain and minimal downside. If she does reunite with family, then the coin will likely never get used and nobody will ever be aware of its existence, or significance. If things go badly, and she has no other options, then she will be grateful to the Hob&W for any help they give her. And, as a scion of a Great House, she would be a potentially useful agent for them in Westeros, able to provide intel, shelter, and other assistance if needed. It seems clear to me that her training seems aimed in this direction, focusing on intelligence gathering and undercover work, and not actually killing people. As for the ship, the captain appeared surprised to see her, and not at all happy about it, either. In fact he seemed quite frightened. I think the FM have enough influence in Braavos that nobody is going to deny help to someone with the coin, especially something as simple as passage to Braavos. And if it's close to major ports,, then there is every likelihood that Arya could wind up at one of them, right? That ship appears to trade in the area. Brienne saw it in Maidenpool some weeks (months?) later after her detour through Crackclaw Point. Not sure what you are talking about here. As of the end of ADWD, she had killed two people in Braavos, and one of those was on orders. The other was Dareon, who is essentially a nobody. And for that, the temple blinded her. Yes, it was training, but it was also punishment and a test. It was all three rolled into one.