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  1. You have forgotten something. Meereen is not that important. It was a training ground for Daenerys to get some experience with actually running something. Now, she is off to gather up the Dothraki, and it's left to Tyrion to sort things out. That shouldn't take 10 chapters, and what there is Tyrion can tell. By the way, Barristan has no character arc to speak of. He is purely support. We also don't need 9 chapters for Arianne either. And whether you like it or not, Sansa, Arya, and Bran are main characters and will need chapter counts that reflect that. They are in coming-of-age stories and aren't leaving the story anytime soon.
  2. I pretty much agree with Sansa, Davos, Sam, and Jon. You are the only other poster that sees Davos at Hardhome. I think Arya meets Jeyne but not by chance. She hears someone with her name is in town and goes to find out who and why. I agree she leaves the FM, probably with a promise to help if asked, and goes to the Riverlands, with Jeyne, who is pregnant, in tow. Not sure about LSH. I think Jaime dies in the Riverlands, possibly trying to rescue the Frey prisoners. The only reason I don't think he is already dead is because his body hasn't appeared yet. I think Bran does leave the cave but that Meera is the one who finds something that causes their departure. It may be via the underground river. Stannis wins Winterfell using the Karstarks. Beyond that, I don't know. I think that, in the latter part of the book, there will be a big powwow at Winterfell to decide how to deal with the Others, who invade sooner rather than later. The Starks and everyone else important in the North will be there. Unsure about Dany, Tyrion, and a host of others. Some, like the ironborn and Dornish, I don't really care about. Overall, good job. It mostly tracks my own assessments and it's all stuff I can see happening, even if I disagree
  3. If that's the worst you can say about the Starks (except Arya who you mischaracterized), then compared to the Lannisters, Targaryens, and Baratheons they're practically saints.
  4. As far as Ned is concerned, the Targaryens were deposed and are rightful rulers of nothing and Jon has no claim to anything. And no way is he going to risk civil war or Jon's life by even suggesting it. Jon chose the Nights Watch on his own. Ned was surprised but went along. The NW means nobody else can make a claim on Jon's behalf. I have no problem with Ned's actions.
  5. I think he is referring to William Dustin. Don't ask, you don't want to know. Calling it ridiculous and absurd gives it way too much credit.
  6. Ned seems to have had a good relationship with the Daynes. I expect they would be happy to treat Jon as a son of a great lord, which he would be in that instance. He's ashamed of his relationship with Wylla yet insists on having a living, breathing reminder around him every day? And one that upsets his wife to boot. Hmmm.
  7. Nobody has said anything yet. And that would be a concern wherever he lived. Wylla may be at Starfall, but Edric has been with Beric for several years. The person that told him was Allyria Dayne, Beric's betrothed. It's likely they met on a visit sometime. And for Edric to ask Wylla about it would be highly intrusive, especially since he has no reason to ask in the first place. If Ned shamed his wife by bringing Jon home, then why did he do so in the first place? There is no obstacle to leaving him with Wylla if she is the mother but he obviously can't leave him with Lyanna and likely promised to raise Jon himself.
  8. Ned will lie to anybody and everybody if he sees an absolute pressing need to. In any case, the quote is ambiguous. It's unclear if he is merely confirming what was said in the past, or is actually saying she is the mother. And neither Edric Dayne nor the person who told him has any real knowledge. If Wylla is Jon's mother, Ned has no reason not to say so, and good reasons to do so. It eliminates the suspicion that Lyanna is the mother, which is guess able because of the timing and undisclosed parentage. And the normal procedure would be to leave him with his mother, and acknowledge the child. 1. Of course you do, especially if it is feasible to claim fatherhood yourself. Given Jon's looks that is feasible. 2. Who knows? Some Dornish servants, the Daynes, and the men with him, of whom only Howland Reed survived. The Daynes and the Dornish have reason to keep quiet, given their antipathy towards Robert. Anyway, security is an issue wherever he is.
  9. I think she is supposed to have died at about age 5 or thereabouts and been replaced. At least, I think that's the idea. Which brings about its own questions, like why nobody noticed her death in the first place. Caretaker as in the late William Dustin? Whose post-TOJ survival is entirely unsupported. And born earlier? She's already very young in appearance as it is. I seriously doubt she is any older than her stated age. Nor do we have any reason to believe Illyrio got involved more than a couple of years ago.
  10. I will have to admit that The Foresaken is not one of the preview chapters I am familiar with, nor really wish to be (it appears pretty unpleasant). If he is a very weak greenseer, then as I pointed out his visions are probably not easily interpreted in any event. At least not if Jojen is any indication. Jojen was presented as being a pretty capable greenseer, if I recall correctly, and he had trouble interpreting his visions.
  11. 2015??! That's an awfully long time ago. While I was on the forum back then, I doubt that thread would have piqued my interest, or that I would remember that far back if it did. But whatever; I've still got doubts about the whole idea anyway.
  12. You would have to take that up with the original poster. I certainly don't think he is a main character. I mentioned him as purely support and coverage By the way, while he became a POV only at the end of ADWD, he has been in the story from the early part of AGOT (he was introduced in Sansa's first chapter).
  13. I'm not aware of any such suggestions about Euron, and I'm a pretty regular visitor. And if his visions are anything like Jojen's, "easily see" isn't the phrase I would use. In any event, this theory makes an awful lot of assumptions.
  14. It's one thing to support a family member you are already stuck with and societally obligated to support. It is quite another to accept a stranger foisted upon you for no immediately useful purpose. Plus, he was planning to marry Daenerys himself when she got old enough. It was only when Drogo came along, with his purported army, that Viserys changed his mind on that. Sort of. Plus, I don't know where they would get a changeling from. I am firmly of the belief that Jon is the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar. Even if Daenerys was their child (a twin, for example), I can't imagine Ned going along with sending her to Viserys. The most likely landing spots if she was Lyanna's would be Greywater Watch and Starfall, and I can't imagine them doing it either, especially since she would likely be safe in either location. Trying to suggest other parents is a stretch, to put it mildly. It's already a stretch, as it is.
  15. Given that Alys was 6. Robb couldn't have been more than 8. Way too young for a betrothal, especially for the heir to a great house. I think Ned and Catelyn were going to take their time on that in any case. Check out all the options. Though, given Ned's surprise at Robert's offer of a betrothal of Jorffrey to Sansa at 11, I'm not sure they were thinking much. As for fosterage, I think GRRM has admitted that that was something of an oversight on his part, since Winterfell would logically have been a popular site for fosterage. Part of it was not thinking about it, and part was a desire to keep the Stark kids somewhat isolated for their future story. As for the Hornwoods their lands abut the Manderlys' and the Boltons', and are close to Winterfell. Sound like a desirable location. The Boltons were certainly willing to risk war, or at least serious fighting, to get hold of them.
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