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  1. Any involvement by Sansa in poisoning, or otherwise harming Robert, is not deliberate, or even with her knowledge. Nor do I think she will purposely do anything to harm him in the future. Deliberately harming others isn't something she does, although I think she could if she felt it absolutely necessary (e.g., Littlefinger himself). I do think it is possible that Littlefinger is deliberately poisoning Robert to keep him weak, although Robert's death at this point would be very inconvenient for Littlefinger, as his authority over the Vale springs from his guardianship of Robert.
  2. Nevets

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I too am skeptical that he is actually dead, although I think he will be out of commission for a while; long enough for things to move on without him. For example I expect (f)Arya to come and go without meeting him, and I expect he will have some work to do putting the NW back together again (if it can be). By the way, I am also skeptical of the notion that his (temporary) death would release him from the NW. While other characters might make that case, I don't see Jon being willing to wiggle out of a sacred oath through such a technicality. If he does leave the NW, it will be because he feels that he can carry out its mission through other means (such as becoming King of the North)
  3. Nevets

    If the Starks did the RW to the Freys?

    The Starks would need a complete personality transplant to even consider it. That is why it was so successful in the first place. It never even occurred to the Starks that anybody would do such a thing. As for one done in revenge, as a Stark fan I would be quite disappointed. If it was wrong when the Freys did it, and it was, it is still wrong if Stoneheart & co. do it.
  4. The decision to split AFFC was made well before 2005, about 2 years or so, I believe, so Meera wasn't going to appear in it in any event, given that she was well to the North, and AFFC is in the South. And AFFC was an instant best-seller, and the show was developed sometime afterwards, and was broadcast before the publication of ADWD. Soo Martin was sufficiently well-established he could do whatever he pleased by that point. No need to change anything. Also, mom dying and her child being hidden to keep him safe from the parents' enemies is a plot so commonplace it is practically cliché, especially in fantasy circles. Adding a twin is a logical extension, and one that nobody would think is plagiarism. Plus there is nothing to connect the two. And the Meereenese Knot is adequately explained as being the difficulties of coinciding events in Meereen, and finding POVs to cover them. Nothing more.
  5. The plot of a mother dying in childbirth and her children being separated for their own safety due to their parentage is, I think, sufficiently generic that no-one would accuse Martin (or anybody else) of plagiarizing Star Wars. And if Jon does have a twin, which I seriously doubt, both Daenerys and (f)Aegon are far more likely candidates.
  6. Just to add to the inconsistencies, why would Howland Reed pass her off as his trueborn (and firstborn) child if she isn't even related to him at all? Not to mention that she was the heir until Jojen was born, and would still be heir if she had only sisters. I would expect Lady Reed's reaction to be even worse than Catelyn's was to Jon. Any trueborn girls she has would be displaced.
  7. Nevets

    POV Character Predictions for TWoW

    I think Jaime might help the BwB rescue the Frey prisoners. After that, I can see him trying to work a deal with the BwB to end the fighting and bring peace to the Riverlands. Knowing Martin, it will fail spectacularly. I also think we are overdue for a major, unexpected death, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jaime bites it relatively soon. Unless he is the valonqar (I don't think he is), there isn't really anything he has to do, unlike most of the other characters,who are clearly in the middle of something, or are expected to die soon.
  8. Nevets

    Why hasn't there been a new Maestor at Castle black yet?

    Nobody takes the NW seriouisly anymore, and that includes the Citadel, so requesting maesters is likely going to be unproductive. Plus it is unlikely that there would be any maesters willing to go there in the first place. Jon seemed to have the right idea with Sam. Send someone who is already a NW brother to become a maester. Why that wasn't done earlier is a good question. I'm sure that there were possible candidates.
  9. He didn't give Stannis advice about using the mountain clans against Roose. He suggested Stannis use them to attack the Ironborn at Deepwood Motte, which he did. Stannis moved against Roose only after Roose occupied Winterfell. In fact, Jon counseled Stannis against attacking the Dreadfort, Roose's seat. If you're going to open threads, at least get your basic facts straight. Given the necessities of dealing with Stannis, Jon is staying as neutral as he can under the circumstances.
  10. Nevets

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    1. Yes. Any action taken against slavery I will support. 2. Yes or Riverlands and no for Braavos. The ones in Riverlands were a threat to her, the ones in Braavos weren't. 3. No such thing. Sansa is trying to help Robert Arryn. In fact, I think that Sansa and LF are working at cross-purposes with Robert, and that will cause trouble in the future. 4. No. His father was an idiot, and the plan was doomed to failure. 5. Yes. Stannis reasonably considers himself the rightful king, so I think he is justified in trying. 6. No. Renly is too much of a lightweight and has no legitimate claim to the throne. 7. Yes. I think Jon has done a solid job as LC. 8. No. I don't know what they are planning, but since I don't like or trust either of them, I probably won't like it. 9. No. I consider tywin one of the main villains of the story, but he was the only thing holding Westeros together. 10. No. Violates every sacred principle there is, and is going to cause lots of problems in the future.
  11. Nevets

    POV Character Predictions for TWoW

    Jon Snow - Not actually dead, but comatose. Leads fight against Others after sorting out the NW. Arya Stark - Washes out with Faceless Men. Returns to Westeros. Reunites with Nymeria. Sansa Stark - Makes lots of friends in Vale. Takes Littlefinger out of the game. Goes North to help fight Others. Bran Stark - Learns stuff about the past and present. Leaves via underground river after deciding (discovering that Bloodraven can't be trusted. Tyrion Lannister - Sorts out Meereen. Returns to Westeros. Cersei Lannsiter - Wins her trial and continues her misrule of Westeros. Jaime Lannister - No idea. Daenerys Targaryen - Gets Dothraki on her side. Heads to Westeros to become its rightful queen. She hopes. Theon Greyjoy - Dies at the hands of Stannis. Davos Seaworth - Picks up Rickon. Ends up at Hardhome, and is forced to go north from there. Doesn't get south of the wall before the end of WOW. Samwell Tarly - Finds out useful facts at Citadel. Is our POV for Euron's assault on Oldtown. Helps defend Oldtown. Brienne of Tarth - Joins up with one of the Stark girls and helps keep her alive. The rest are there mostly as observors, so I don't really know or care what happens.
  12. I think Septa Mordane was regarded as sufficient. Actually, as far as I know, Joffrey and Myrcella are the only children to have a sworn shield. I certainly don't recall anyone else having one. And it's not as if there is any likelihood of danger. When Ned did perceive the possibility of danger, he arranged for their return to Winterfell. Unfortunately, events moved faster than he had anticipated.
  13. Brienne hasn't exactly been contactable Between being with Catelyn, escorting Jaime, and looking for Sansa, she would be pretty hard to contact. I doubt Selwyn even knows where his daughter is right now. One thing I find surprising is how many posters seem to think she is an old maid with no hope of marriage. She isn't even 20 yet. There is still plenty of time. It's not like Edmure Tully or Willas Tyrell, who are heirs and unmarried in their 30s, which is REALLY odd.
  14. Nevets

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    From Jon's point of view, Slynt is someone who will continue to be mutinous and undermine his authority, and quite possibly for no other reason than it's Jon authority. Given that Jon believes at this point that he is in a battle for the existence of Westeros (against the Others), Slynt is a threat that can not be tolerated. Whether that is an accurate assessment or not, that is how Jon sees it. And seen that way, execution is the only response. Whether it was smart or not - I don't know. He certainly wouldn't be the first character to misread a situation and make a bad decision. In fact, I think every major character has done so, although I think Jon is better than most. And to my (ex-military) mind, executing Slynt was a perfectly reasonable option, given the circumstances. I don't have a huge problem with it.