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  1. We have gone from the unlikely to the utterly ridiculous. That Howland is the KotLT is unlikely, in my estimation, but not entirely unreasonable. That Bran is actively involved is ridiculous and without foundation. Bran is an incredibly powerful greenseer; that I'm prepared to believe. He can see what is happening and has happened, especially if there is a camera (i.e., a wierwood) nearby. But I don't believe that he is a time-travelling warg, or whatever else is being suggested. I think Jojen is surprised that Bran hasn't heard it because it is a story about Lyanna, and an important one at that, that gives insight to her character, and helps explain how she came to the attention of Rhaegar. I got the distinct impression from the story that the armor she was wearing was essentially cast-off stuff, hence the term "odds and ends". Howland can borrow something if he needs to, but nobody is going to give Lyanna any help because she is a girl, as well as being underage, hence she has to go scrounging. That is also why she has to appear as a mystery knight. Nobody is going to let her on the field otherwise. I firmly believe that R+L=J. I think that the reason Ned doesn't name Ashara is because he can't. She would be the perfect one to name, as she is already connected to him, and is no longer around for her reputation to be sullied. It could even be presented as a romance interrupted by war. The problem is that, according to Barristan, she was apparently pregnant and had a stillborn child. I suspect she would have been pregnant during the time period during which Jon was conceived, which eliminates her from being his mother. if that is the case, it could be easily discovered, hence raising questions that Ned would have great difficulty answering.
  2. I have difficulty believing that skinchanging, glamour, or other magical actions were utilized by the KotLT. The Stark children's abilities appear to have been given or activated by the arrival of the wolf pus. There is no indication of Starks having it before. Certainly Ned didn't have such abilities, and Sansa's have been retarded by the loss of her wolf. Lyanna has been described by those who knew her as a very accomplished rider, in terms that approach awe at her ability. I have no reason to doubt that she could defeat three knights who may have gotten lucky in their opponents. Given that she is using cast-off armor, she may have expected otherwise, although I doubt anyone would have helped a girl get armor in any event. @LynnS, while you may not like the connection to Rhaegar and the RLJ theory, I think there is such a connection. Rhaegar appears to have become interested in Lyanna at that point,, and I can't think of any other reason for him to have named her Queen of Love and Beauty. It certainly wasn't political, as it caused a huge, predictable scandal. Whether his subsequent actions involved romance I have no idea and probably never will.
  3. I certainly don't. It smacks of deus ex machina, and I don't think GRRM plays that game. Characters do things for their own reasons with their own abilities, for the most part. They may be guided to a certain place magically, but I think GRRM prefers characters being the masters of their own destiny. Of course, Howland may have gotten an answer to his prayers along the lines of "Lyanna is going to kick their asses. Watch, smile, and admire."
  4. Maester Aemon and Archmaester Marwyn. The meeting of those two minds would have been awesome. Which is probably why it never happened. Arya and Lyanna. Arya has been compared to Lyanna so much, it would have been interesting if they were able to interact. I like the idea of Tyrion and Arya. I can imagine those two getting along. They are also two people who take others as they come. Arya wouldn't be bothered that Tyrion is a dwarf, and Tyrion wouldn't mind that Arya is a murderer (he would probably find it quite fascinating). As to Sansa, I think you have it backwards. Sansa is like Ned - focused on honor and obeying rules, while Arya is like Catelyn - more pragmatic and willing to go way outside the rules.
  5. We don't know why Howland told his children the story of the mystery knight (assuming it was him). It could be to explain his deep respect for the Starks. Lyanna exacted vengeance on his behalf at risk to herself - both of ridicule and injury. I doubt he would be upset about a girl fighting; he has obviously taught his daughter to be an effective protector. And I think he realizes he would likely made an idiot of himself. He can obviously ride, but I doubt he has any real skill at it. The descriptions of Lyanna make clear that she was an extremely accomplished rider, not just for a girl, but overall. I remember Jaime saying something to the effect that jousting was about 90 % riding ability. She probably felt that she had a good chance of winning, and if she lost, her armor was essentially worthless, so no loss there. If it was Howland, I would have expected him to take the Starks up on their offer of equipment. Jousting with borrowed armor would be difficult. Jousting with bits and pieces? I fail to see the point. On the other hand, nobody is going to loan Lyanna anything. I think the greathelm may be the same one used in the tournament, in which case Meera is probably carrying it in order to return it to the Starks. I can't think of any other reason she would have it. They inhibit vision and movement, both of which Meera depends on. I have no particular problem with Howland Reed being the mystery knight. I just don't think the available evidence points in that direction. It points in the direction of Lyanna, and the greathelm doesn't really change that. As a clue, it is ambiguous, and while it helps Howland's case, Lyanna's is still better.
  6. Greathelms are not primarily used for jousting. That is the frog-mouthed helm, described as evolving from the greathelm, which was widely used by knights in the early middle ages. It is quite possible that the greathelm carried by Meera is the one used by the KotLT. That doesn't help, though. Lyanna could have given it to Howland, possibly to hide it (though I think the shield was the only identifiable item), or Howland could have taken it after she discarded it. Given its condition, I doubt it originally came from the Starks' supply. I've no idea why Meera would be carrying it, as it is not particularly useful on foot. Most clues, such as the apparent skill of the rider and Rhaegar's interest in Lyanna, point to her being the KotLT and not Howland. At this point, I see no reason to think Bran is affecting the past. It is perfectly reasonable for her to be there. She is engaged to marry a southerner, and it makes sense that she might stay behind to get some southern experience and get some rough edges smoothed out. Given her brother's upcoming marriage at Riverrun ,she limits her travel. Going to RR, she would likely have a small escort of guards (3-5 maybe), and companions and baggage handlers, any of whom could report what happened.
  7. Daenerys has never met Marwyn. Why would listen to him if he tries to cold-call her out of thin air? At least she already knew who Quaithe was. If she recognizes Marwyn's name, it would be because he trained Mirri Maz Door, hardly an asset. If he wants to be listened to, he is going to have to be there. Also, he will give better advice if he is present to see how Daenerys acts, reacts, responds, etc. to events. Your suggestion also depends on the glass candles being reliable, accurate, and easy to use, and that they do what you want, when you want. I doubt that is the case. Magic in Westeros doesn't work that way. It is mysterious, poorly understood, and not particularly reliable, and GRRM likes it that way. He doesn't want to make it easy to do stuff by magic. Marwyn's traveling to Daenerys because dealing with her long-distance just isn't going to work.
  8. Not sure what you are looking for, but here are some possibilities. Edric Dayne and Podrick Payne - both squires following knights that aren't quite real. Beric is (sort of) dead, and Brienne is female. I think of them as the "-ayne boys", and have been known to ship both of them with Arya. I suspect, however, that the similarity in their names is coincidental, as they are related to already established characters The two Jeynes - Jeyne Poole and Jeyne Westerling. Both are young girls who are closely connected to the Starks and married quite young. They are also both in a position to make trouble for their (and the Starks') enemies. The Manderlys. They all have names beginning with Wy-. Wyman has some depth, but the rest are pretty undeveloped, though I have future hopes for Wylla (the Stark fan with the green hair).
  9. She's definitely not a Lannister now. The only thing Lannister about her is her marriage to Tyrion, which she didn't want, in part because he is a Lannister. She is thinking and acting more Stark-ish by the chapter. Not to mention all the Stark and Northern imagery in her story. Actually, I expect that to create more of a divide than a bond, but I expect them to come together in the end.
  10. 1. Braavos uses gold and silver as their currency, just like everyone else. The only iron coin we have seen is the one Arya has, and that definitely isn't money. More like a Faceless Man token. 2. While Littlefinger may wish for Stannis to be gone, he has done nothing to bring it about. The only thing he has done is provide (f)Arya to the Lannisters,, and that plot was in motion well before Stannis set foot in the North. In any even, Stannis is the Iron Bank's Plan B. Their plan A is for the Crown to pay their own debt, hence the pressure being placed on the Kings Landing business community, in the hopes that they can put pressure on the Crown. Nestoris's trip to Stannis may be pressure as well. He isn't keeping it a secret, and I expect word has gotten to KL by now. Swyft's trip to Braavos indicates that that something seems to have worked. 3. While Littlefinger may have embezzled some amount of money, I suspect that most of the losses are due to Robert's extravagance. In any event, I doubt that Littlefinger could embezzle enough to bring down the Iron Bank. The Iron Bank gives every indication of being a very well capitalized and well run institution. And I suspect that, given its importance to Braavos, the Sealord would backstop it or arrange for financing in case of trouble like a pre-planned run. I expect the Iron bank to be the last one standing. If it goes under, it will be after (and maybe because) everyone else already has. In any event, Braavos and Pentos are a sideshow to the main event, which is Westeros, so I'm not sure how important the Iron Bank will be in the end. Also, Littlefinger himself isn't actually a main character, but more a foil and antagonist for others, such as Ned, Tyrion, and Sansa, as well as an all-around troublemaker. He certainly isn't the Big Bad of the series, responsible for everything bad that has or will happen.
  11. I stand willing and able to step into the breach to defend any Stark I feel is being unfairly maligned. Sansa has probably changed more than just about any other character. She is way more observant, no longer takes things at face value, and any dreaminess has been thoroughly beaten out of her - literally and figuratively - by Joffrey and Cersei. Her good nature and sense of decency, fortunately, were not. And she's good at figuring stuff out when she puts her mind to it. She just didn't bother in the beginning. I do agree that Nymeria is Arya's to command. And I put the blame for Lady's death where it belongs - on Joffrey, Cersei, and Robert.
  12. While I can see Nymeria helping Sansa in great need, sort of like Summer with Jon, I don't see it getting any deeper than that. Lady's loss has affected Sansa's skinchanging abilities, though. I have a suspicion that she will skinchange a bird, probably a small hawk, at some time in the near future. She has plenty of bird connections. Sansa's as much a Stark as the others. She isn't going to join LF, at least not permanently, nor is she going to die. She's here to stay. On Team Stark. And she is a lot stronger and wiser than she used to be, so she'll actually be useful.
  13. It's hard to remember that far back (I read AGOT in 1998), but I think Ned got me in and Arya kept me there. Her chapters were the ones I looked forward to the most in the subsequent books.
  14. To be fair, there is plenty of season 5 that is recognizable from the books: Arya in Braavos, Ramsay marrying a Stark, Brienne's search, Jon and Stannis and the wildlings at the Wall, Cersei vs. Margaery. The problem isn't that they didn't adapt the books, it's that they made far too many changes, and those changes almost always made things worse, not better. I gave up at the halfway point simply because I couldn't understand why the characters were doing what they were doing. It made no sense.
  15. 1. The traveler that the wildlings that Jon was with ran into near Queenscross. Jon was ordered to kill him, but, obviously, didn't want to. He was saved by the fortuitous arrival of Summer. The traveler, however, wasn't so lucky. 2. The man Bran and his companions met on their way to the Wall. He left them with food and information. We know his House (Liddell) but not his name. 3. The miller's boys that Theon killed and made to look like Bran and Rickon. Their mother, who Theon also killed, is nameless too. 4. The miller's wife that Roose Bolton raped, resulting in Ramsay. Hmm, it looks like miller's wives have it rough in Westeros. 5. The insurance broker killed by Arya on FM orders in Braavos. As to the captain's daughter, I doubt we will hear from her again. She seems intended to show Theon's attitude toward women (sex objects). He's a "fuck and forget" kind of guy. Kara, miller's wife, captain's daughter, and his only thought about Meera was to wonder whether she was still maiden. Even if the captain's daughter is pregnant, the child would be illegitimate, unacknowledged, with unprovable parentage. I don't see that one going anywhere.
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