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  1. Arya - Righteous and impulsive with anger management issues. Tends to lash out. Way too willing to kill. Jon - Poor communication. Doesn't listen and is high-handed. Sansa - Naive, snobbish, and too biddable. May be too nice for her own good. Ned - Overly rigid sense of honor. Too little flexibility and pragmatism. Brienne and Sam - Lack self-confidence. Sam's lack effectively paralyzes him. Sandor Clegane - Rough, gruff, mean, and nasty. Couldn't be nice to save his life. Prone to violence.
  2. Jon will be leading the fight against the Others, once they show up and become a threat. Before that, I expect he will be preparing as best as possible. I try not to get too specific In my predictions, since for most characters, there are many directions their stories can go.
  3. The North - Jon is not dead, but will be out of commission for a while. HIs supporters will take over after the attempted mutiny. Stannis will win Winterfell with a false flag operation with the Karstark troops. The Boltons aren't aware that they have been discovered. Davos will be our eyes at Hardhome, and the will head north to the Land of Always Winter. He and Rickon will not get south of the Wall before the end of TWOW. The Others will attack by the middle of TWOW. Sansa - Sansa will learn political influence and manipulation at the feet of Littlefinger. She will not marry Harry the Heir. Eventually, she will realize, probably with help, what Littlefinger has done, is doing, and is planning, and will take him down. No way does he try to rape her. He wants her as his willing and enthusiastic partner in al things, political and romantic. Arya - Arya will be on thin ice with the FM, especially after the events of the preview chapter. I think she will leave, probably with a promise to help them at some time in the future. She will meet Jeyne Poole, probably at the banker's house. She will realize it as a "now or never" mement as regards her identity, and will resume her life as Arya Stark, and return to Westeros, with Jeyne in tow. She will reunite with Nymeria. The wolfpack will be important in the fight against the Others. Jaime - Jaime will help the BwB free the prisoners taken by the Freys in the Red Wedding. I think he will die at this point or soon after. He won't make it out of the Riverlands. We are overdue for a surprise death, and I think this will be it. Bran - Bran will leave the cave at some point, possibly via the underground river. After that, I don't know. Daenerys - Daenerys will gather the Dothraki to her cause, return to Meereen to pick up her dragons, and head west across the Dothrraki Sea. She will arrive at the Narrow Sea by the end of TWOW. Tyrion - Tyrion will sort things out in Meereen (or not). In any event, he will head West by sea, and meet up with Daenerys somewhere in the Free Cities (probably Pentos). No real idea on everyone else. ADOS I do not even want to try speculating on. Way too many moving parts.
  4. Except for those, like the Starks, who had honor. Those either died a richly deserved death or saw the error of their ways and turned evil.
  5. Brienne is the least of the problems with the 5 year gap. She can simply give up, go home, and then resume the search later with nothing lost. It's stories like Stannis, the Boltons, and Kings Landing that are the problem. No way are those standing still for 5 years, or anywhere close to it.
  6. You do realize that people can willingly have sex even if they aren't married, even in Westeros, right? Though I have to admit that Sansa is hardly a likely candidate for that kind of thing, which is why I didn't suggest a partner. Likely there will be plenty of time for one to show up, though. Or she could marry, either because she doesn't take my suggestion or it doesn't work. Though even if she does, I still don't think it will be Harry the Heir.
  7. I meant simultaneously, though uncoordinated. Possibly even consecutive chapters. Though I assume you were joking. I think Sansa will be quite content to remain married to Tyrion, at least for now. It gives her a blocking mechanism against being dangled as marriage bait.
  8. I started re-reading Dance and felt the same way. Far too much extraneous material. While I think 1/3 is a bit much, he could get rid of about 15% or so and it would improve things a lot. Plus, that's 10 extra chapters. And he's going to need them in Winds. 82 or so chapters is doable, if a bit thin. 73 chapters (the number in DWD) is flat-out unworkable. Which is probably what is taking so long; he can't bear to jettison anything. He needs an editor that will stand up to him. GRRM's garden needs weeding and pruning. Trust me, it will look a lot better after that is done.
  9. I don't think it is legitimacy that is important here. Arya is the Boltons' hostage. That is more of a factor for the Northern Lords than any fig leaf of legitimacy. They cannot defy the Boltons as long as they fear harm coming to Arya. Obviously any knowledge that she is fake would mean that their hand is no longer stayed. Similarly, her escape also eliminates any threat to her, which is why Ramsay is so desperate to get her back. The Northerners are likely to unload on him with Arya out of the picture. Obviously, the strong possibility of a slow and painful death is what kept Theon from talking. I expect Ramsay would have held back on a quick death to enjoy their pain.
  10. A few more additions: Sansa will skinchange 'a little bird' - most likely a hawk. Arya will receive training with a courtesan. She will learn to look and act as a Lady, and exert influence as one. Having sex is not on the curriculum - she will do that on her own. Tyrek Lannister is alive and free. The next person on her list that Arya runs into will be Ilyn Payne. Her attack will fail miserably and cause her to question her quest for vengeance. Jaime will help the BwB rescue the Frey prisoners taken during the Red Wedding. He may or may not survive, but in any event doesn't have long to live. In addition to Arya, Sansa and Brienne will also lose their virginity. They will all do so at the same time. Elder Brother and Septa Lemore are historical figures believed dead. Not sure who though. Sansa will not marry Harrold Hardyng.
  11. Arya will not become an assassin; the Faceless Men have no intention of making her one. Arya will meet Jeyne Poole in Braavos and will return to Westeros with Jeyne in tow. Jeyne Poole is pregnant with Ramsay's son. Arya will lose her virginity in the next book, but not to Gendry. My suspects are Edric Dayne or Podrick Payne. Jaime will die in the first third of Winds. The prologue of Winds will feature the arrival of Jeyne Westerling and Edmure at Casterly Rock. Jon is not dead,, but he is comatose. Davos will be our eyes on Hardhome, and then end up in the Land of Always Winter. Neither he nor Rickon will make it south of the Wall in Winds. Benjen Stark and Ashara Dayne are both alive. Jon Snow will have an affair with Meera Reed
  12. They have a lot of POVs but not many chapters. They have 23 chapters total. Except Ned, who is in only one book, the Starks each have more, or close to it. Theon is the only Greyjoy that is a major character. The rest are there mainly for coverage. So don't worry, they aren't as important as you think.
  13. He has also said Tyrion is something of a villain. He has said no such thing about any of the Starks, not even Arya, who is the most likely to go bad. But I think he'll pull her back before the brink.
  14. I certainly agree that the riot itself was not planned. But someone could anticipate the likelihood of trouble and make plans on that basis, either to capture, or to flee or arrange flight, which is my guess. If there is trouble, great. If not, try again some other time. Obviously, there was trouble. Tyrek's gotten too much mention to simply disappear or die insignificantly.
  15. Sorry, but no. Way too convoluted, even by LF's standards, and depends on events that occurred long afterwards. Sansa's likely fate,, had the Hound not intervened, was gang rape and/or murder. This is definitely not in LF's interest. He doesn't want her harmed or dead. At the time of the riot, Lancel was Cersei's boy toy, and I saw no disinterest in Casterly Rock. Also, Kevan and Tyrion were alive and free, and so was Willem. Tyrek was way down the list and likely to stay there. Tyrek was Robert's squire, alongside Lancel, so he may have information about him or Cersei. That could have resulted in him either deciding to flee on his own initiative, with or without help, or being put on ice by someone, most likely Varys. I do think he is most likely alive, and I will be keeping an eye out for someone matching his description, possibly in an Arya, Brienne, or Arianne chapter (none of them has met him).
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