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  1. What is Melisandre going to say to Jon when he shows up? And why does the letter demand Stannis's family and the others as hostages. That sounds superfluous and possibly counter-productive (Jon might make them leave). And why is the letter in a flowery style reminiscent of Ramsay? The previous letter was an ordinary statement of events. Also, if she has received a letter from Stannis about Arya, why not show it to Jon. He would probably want to stay so as to arrange for Arya's future care and housing.
  2. Melisandre wants - indeed, needs - Jon to trust her. Sending this letter, and then telling him it is a fake, is not the way to do that. Better to simply tell him that he is going to get himself killed if he goes to Hardhome. Presumably, that is what she would tell him once he shows up to tell her about the letter. No need to go through all the rigamarole of a fake letter, with the attendant risk of a loss of trust. Just go to him at tell him.
  3. The Stark children are in transition and training. They will be back in a big way. Bet on it. Jon, despite being stabbed, isn't leaving the story either. Cersei is still a major player, and Jaime probably is as well. Stannis, despite being in the frozen North, isn't likely to give up either. As Tywin said "This is Stannis we're talking about. He will fight to the bitter end, and then some." And that isn't even counting Daenerys, who is likely to make her move (finally) in the next book. The core characters are all still around, and still in position to play a prominent role going forward.
  4. She's 9 years old, scared, helpless, and alone, and thinking of her immediate needs. Plus she doesn't entirely trust Jaqen.
  5. Nevets

    The Hooded Man is Torren Liddle.

    If I had to make a guess, I would say it is either nobody in particular, or is Hal Mollis or one the men with him, who were last seen escorting Ned's bones. Given the lack of a POV inside Winterfell, we may never find out. I'm not entirely convinced it is going to really matter in the end.
  6. Nevets

    Why did the project fail?

    Actually, they made other changes in season 2 that should have raised red flags, but didn't. The worst was Talisa, Robb marrying a foreign (anachronistic) nurse never made a bit of sense. It made him a self-centered asshole screwing over the Freys for his own happiness, instead of an inexperienced kid trying to do the right thing by someone he had dishonored. I've gotten the impression that the showrunners really like the Lannisters and really don't like the Starks. So they whitewashed the Lannisters and made the Starks bad, or stupid, or both. Which then causes problems later because GRRM's ending isn't likely to reflect that. Another problem is that the later seasons became more and more about spectacle and badassery and less about coherent storytelling.
  7. Nevets

    The Hooded Man is Torren Liddle.

    And Bran's response would be, "We have our own plans, but thanks anyway." They would need to take Bran's party by force, and keep them prisoner, and I don't they think they would be willing to do that. Plus, the Boltons might find out, and then there is real trouble. There is no reason for introductions. Bran & Co are clearly traveling incognito, and I doubt that the Liddle wants to cause trouble. The clans are clearly plugged in, so awareness of current events is hardly surprising. And for what it's worth, I do not think that the Hooded Man is any kind of Liddle, or even a clansman.
  8. Nevets

    GRRM vs #metoo

    With respect to the question of underage marriages, I can think of only three marriages of\\where the bride was under 15; Daenerys, Sansa, and Jeyne Poole. And in all three cases, political considerations necessitated, at least from the arrangers' perspective, an immediate marriage, despite, not because of, the bride's age. And at least in the case of Daenerys and Sansa, it is clear that, even in-world, they are regarded as being awfully young for marriage. So I think that using these as examples of what is considered normal and acceptable in Westeros is probably inaccurate. These appear to have been exceptions, and ones in which eyebrows were raised. By the way, I am not counting Tommen's marriage because nobody believed it was going to be consummated in any event, nor Tyrion and Tysha, as that was done of their own volition and unsanctioned in any event. It would appear that normal age for first intercourse was at least 16, from what I can tell, with occasional exceptions.
  9. Nevets

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    I gave up around the middle of season 5. While I started having problems around Season 2 (I hated Talisa and had looked forward to seeing Arya deal with all the violence and horror of Harrenhal), it was still a solid show through Season 4. But with S5 I could not figure out why the characters were doing what they were doing. Why exactly, was Sansa marrying Ramsay? It wasn't in the interests of anybody at all. And it kept getting worse, until I finally said "I'm done". And from the synopses I've read, I'm glad I did.
  10. I'm confused. Why is Llittlefinger writing it and how is he getting the required information? Neither the telegraph or the radio has been invented yet. Plus, Littlefinger has shown no interest in the Nights Watch, and has no reason to do so. In fact, absent Sansa he has no reason to care about the North at all., and even with her, it's only a surface concern.
  11. Stannis is a proud, arrogant, moralistic prig with a rigid and harsh sense of justice. None of which suggests that he would even consider a convoluted plan to fool Jon into breaking his vows. It's incredibly risky, as well, and we know that he doesn't do that. "Not bold like his brother was" is a common refrain. While Stannis is a player, he wins through meticulous preparation and planning and the application of overwhelming force. The fact that he is a rigid moralist also helps, as it means he can be trusted to what he believes to be right, for good and ill. The most duplicitous act we have seen him do is the Mance/Rattleshirt switch, and the proposed plan with Jon is way beyond that. Also, I am of the firm belief that Mance was Melisandre's idea, which Stannis was persuaded to sign off on. I don't see him coning up with it himself, or approving it without being talked into it. As for Jon himself, he was essentially an unimportant Nights watch member when Stannis was trying to convince him to join his cause. That is the case no more. He is now the commander, and quite useful to Stannis in that capacity. And the Northerners might not appreciate Jon abandoning his post as LC to join Stannis. Previously, he could claim to be acting in a principled fashion as a counterweight to a politicized Nights Watch under an incompetent LC (Slynt), probably) That won't work now. Proudwing is Jon himself. Stannis is better off leaving Jon where he is. He doesn't really need anybody to watch over Winterfell for him. As long as it doesn't fall back into Lannister hands,, I don't think he really cares what happens up North in the long-term. It is a means to an end (the Iron Throne) And practically any Northerner not in bolton's camp can be trusted to keep the North out of Camp Lannister.
  12. Nevets

    Why would Kevin care about Daenerys?

    The news Kevan is hearing is several months old. Quite a bit can happen in that amount of time. Kevan has no real idea of Daenerys's plans, but has good reason to assume that her ultimate goal is Westeros. And by the time he hears that she has left Meereen, she will probably just about be on Westeros's doorstep. The time to start planning is now, so that when they hear something definitive, they are more or less prepared.
  13. Nevets

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    Roose and Tywin were never together, at least not at Harrenhal. Jaqen gave Arya the coin and left immediately after Roose's takeover of Harrenhal. At that time, Robb's marriage hadn't yet occurred, and I don't think news of Winterfell had arrived either (Arya doesn't hear about it until well after). Whatever anti-Robb plans there were were likely in their infancy, if they existed at all. So reuniting with her family and/or becoming a Lannister prisoner were the most likely outcomes. Neither of which gets her to Braavos.
  14. Nevets

    Should GRRM have cut the Qaarth story in ACOK?

    The desert and Qarth are where Daenerys first cuts her teeth as a leader. It is necessary experience before she goes for the big time in Slavers Bay. Without Qarth and the desert, I doubt she would have had the experience and confidence to try and take Astapor and Meereen.
  15. Nevets

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    It is useful to remember that Syrio and Jaqen are not important characters in their own right. They are important to the story because of the impact their actions and words have on the main characters, primarily Arya in this case. I see no more useful role for Syrio in this aspect, so am inclined that he is dead. As for Jaqen, his actions at the Citadel are likely to affect Sam in particular. If, as I suspect, he is searching for dragonlore, it might also have an effect on Daenerys. While Arya is currently with the FM, I think that Jaqen's role in that story has already been played. Although I would not be entirely surprised if he made a re-appearance in her story.