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  1. While AGOT may be a bit too trim and lean, the last two have the opposite problem. They've got too much fat and they feel like a lumbering whale with their slow pace, AFFC in particular. AFFC at times felt like he was adding stuff to make it long enough. And it's still the shortest book in the series; slightly shorter than AGOT, which had 50% more chapters. They also felt repetitive, with the same things happening over and over. If I see Tyrion ask "Where do whores go?" one more time, I swear I'm going to punch him through the book. And when Arianne was imprisoned, I felt as trapped as she by its repetitiveness. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. That sort of thing was rampant in the last two books. ASOS is probably the best in this respect. Reasonably fast pace, with room to breathe.
  2. No book has chapters that short. The first one's chapters averaged 9 pages, with the shortest at 5-6 pages. And they are getting longer. ADWD has few if any below 10 pages; the average is 13. (word count per page is similar). I have to disagree on the main outcomes. I think Shireen gets burned (practically a given, actually) and Rickon has no claim. Plus they would need a regency, and with all the chaos going on, nobody is going to want that. I see no reason for Dany to go to Asshai. It's the wrong direction, and I don't see what's necessary about it. Not sure about the deaths. I doubt Sam and Tyrion die, and Aegon and Stannis won't die until confronted by Daenerys, as per her vision. I agree on Jaime, but I'm probably about the only one.
  3. I think Ramsay wrote the Pink Letter. Stannis and Mance don't make sense, and Ramsay has ample motive for the demands he makes. Of course he wants FArya back. She's his hostage against the Northerners. Without her safety to worry about, there's nothing stopping them from tearing him into itsy bitsy pieces. Her absence probably isn't known yet, but it will be, and he needs her back. If Jon says she's fake, Ramsay can accuse him of lying. The letter establishes Jon as Ramsay's enemy, giving him motive. And while they would be happy to use anything Jon might say against the Boltons, the Northerners would probably assume he was lying simply to protect his sister from Ramsay. I doubt Ramsay is too worried about what Jon might say, but the letter would suggest that keeping quiet would be best. I think Ramsay has all the info he needs, especially if he has beaten Stannis (or thinks he has). That would give him prisoners from Stannis's camp, who would know Arya is on her way to the Wall, with a headstart, and Stannis's interest in Val and the baby. The people he demands would be valuable prisoners for the Crown, and if not delivered (and I doubt he thinks they will be), it gives him an excuse to attack the Watch. He needs an excuse because the Boltons can't hold the North if they attack the Watch unprovoked.
  4. Fortunately, there aren't many POVs whose chapters I like but dislike the character. Jaime is the closest. Ranked mainly on entertainment value. 1. Eddard 2. Arya 3. Tyrion 4. Sansa 5. Jaime 6. Jon 7. Brienne 8. Catelyn 9. Bran 10. Davos 11. Samwell 12. Asha 13. Cersei 14. Theon 15. Daenerys 16. Barristan 17. Melisandre 18. Arianne 19. Jon Connington 20. Quentyn 21. Areo Hotah 22. Arys Oakheart 23. Aeron Greyjoy 24. Victarion
  5. You seem to be massively overestimating the amount of material needed to cover any particular story. For example, for The two queens, you have 23 chapters. Looking at the bullet points and how much material would be needed to cover them, 12 would do it quite easily. For The South and road to kings Landing, you have 56 (!!!). It can be done in around 15, 20 at most. Suggested chapter counts: Two queens: 12 (originally 23) Vale: 7 (7) South and road to KL: 20 (56) The North: 12 (26) The Second Sack: 11 (28) Braavos: 5 (5) Meereen: 13 (30) Beyond the Wall: 12 (20) Stoneheart: 9 (18) Daenerys: 11 (17) Total: 112 (230) If anything, I tried to overestimate the number required. Still on the high side, but doable in two volumes, which I am beginning to suspect may be the case.
  6. Actually, for the time being Daenerys has plot armor that is well-nigh impenetrable. Until she arrives in Westeros and starts affecting events there, she isn't going anywhere. Otherwise, what's the point of her story? The same thing is true with the Stark kids. Until they finish their training and actually use it to some effect, they are safe. They may suffer, but they won't die. Not yet, at least.
  7. You seem to wildly overestimate how many chapters are needed for a particular story or character. The most chapters any character has had in one book is 15; Eddard in the first book, and Tyrion in the second. And they were the most important characters in those books. I doubt anyone in TWOW will get more than 10, especially if it is one volume. If two volumes, someone might get 12 or so. The fact is, you can adequately cover most of your scenarios with half the number of chapters listed. Still probably too many, but at least not utterly ridiculous. At this point you've got more than the first three books combined, or the equivalent of three ADWDs. That's not going to work.
  8. "The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself" - George R.R. Martin, quoting American author William Faulkner. It's about the characters; their strengths, flaws, desires, fears, and how these affect their actions - and those of others. Also, Martin isn't in the habit of killing off major characters without a compelling reason, like creating a void or vacuum, or otherwise affecting many characters' actions. And he's not going to kill a POV to simply hand off the story to someone new. Now to my critique. Vale: No mention of Sansa. She's the reason we're in the Vale. Any story is about her. If Harry dies, it will be because it has a direct affect on her story. Also, Littlefinger has been set up as her antagonist. His death or downfall will be her doing. Sansa is a main character; the others there are support. Kings Landing: Tyrell army is going nowhere until Margaery is secure, especially if there are serious tensions. Lannister army doesn't really exist. Jaime left with under 1000, and left most of that at Riverrun or with Prester. Oldtown: Euron has no reason to be interested in Highgarden. Kings Landing or Daenerys, yes. Highgarden, no. Squids do badly on land. I think he remembers that much. Martin sent Sam to Oldtown because he needed him there. He also built up his story. He isn't dying soon, and certainly for no useful story purpose. I like Sarella, but she isn't and won't be a main character. Arya: She isn't staying in Braavos. She and the FM are poorly suited for each other. In any event, there isn't enough for her to do there. A return to Westeros is most likely, but as a main character, it's a safe bet that Martin will give her something to do wherever she goes. Riverlands: Jaime is not going to participate in a massacre, especially of Lannisters. He's too much a Lannister for that. RW2 may well occur, but it will be without Jaime. Second sack: Oh, dear. Where are these armies coming from? Thin air. Except for the Tyrells and Tarly, everyone has mostly been demobilized. Dorne I don't think ever mobilized in the first place. I see little likelihood of this. Also, Aegon is a lie Dany will slay. He needs to be around long enough for that. North: The Northerners don't have much of an army, and are unlikely to head south. I expect the Others to keep most of them at home. I doubt Stannis has the supplies or physical strength to march south. By the way, Jon may or may not stay a POV, but he will remain a major force. Essos: Tyrion isn't dying soon. George spent the last half of his ADWD arc setting up the next leg of his story. Penny, Jorah, slavery, etc. I don't like it myself, but it is what it is. And Dany is going the wrong direction. If she's not headed for Westeros by the end of the book, then what is the point of her story? That's all I can think of for now. If you focus on the characters, especially the main ones, and what their goals are, it helps. And killing off main characters for no compelling storytelling purpose isn't Martin's style either.
  9. As mentioned above, not much to choose from. Many are subordinate or potentially romantic, but here goes nothing. Jon and Sam. My top candidate. These guys genuinely like each other, and they are rough equals most of the story. Sam and Aemon. Jaime and Brienne. Davos and Stannis. Sansa and Jeyne Poole. Arya and Gendry. Brienne and Podrick. Bran and Meera Reed. Tyrion and Bronn. Jaime and Ilyn Payne. Daenerys and Missandei. Eddard and Robert (historical). George has a tendency to keep his main characters isolated, so there isn't much to choose from. Possibilities going forward include Sam and Alleras the Sphinx aka Sarella Sand, and Sansa and Myranda Royce.
  10. I think the OP is unfamiliar with how much can fit into a chapter. Most of the predictions could probably fit into about half the number listed. Stark kids are on the low side though. I don't think she likes them much. And, unfortunately, the chapter counts aren't the only bonkers thing. Many of the predictions seem highly unlikely, to say the least. I don't mind out of the box predictions; I go there myself sometimes. But some of the predictions don't even recognize there is a box. They're completely antithetical to the story itself.
  11. Things I firmly believe about the next book. (As in, I would happily take an even money bet on them). Jon is not dead, only badly injured and comatose for a while. Davos and Rickon will not make it south of the Wall prior to Davos's last chapter. Maybe not even then. Bran will leave the cave. Sansa will bring about Littlefinger's downfall. Brienne survives Stoneheart. Jaime dies during the book. Cersei and Margaery both win their trials. Arya leaves the FM and returns to Westeros. Daenerys makes it at least to the eastern shore of the Narrow Sea. Daenerys, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, and Bran are all alive at the end of TWOW.
  12. The Wall: Jon survives his injuries, but is comatose for a while. There is fighting, but Jon's loyalists carry the day, with help from wildlings and Queen's men. The Others attack, but do not immediately breach the Wall. Far North: Davos picks up Rickon in Skagos, but eventually ends up at Hardhome. Things go badly, and he winds up going North. Benjen reappears, having something to do with the Others (spying or negotiating). Rickon is still north of the Wall at the end of TWOW. Bran gets training in the cave, but ultimately he (or Meera) discovers disturbing things about his hosts, and he decides to flee via the underground river, which empties near the Shadow Tower. He makes his way toward Winterfell. The North: Stannis wins the Battle of Winterfell with help from the turncloak Karstarks. Roose dies, Ramsay flees to the Dreadfort, and holes up there. The Others break through, but progress is slow. Sansa shows up to help the Northerners, and Arya eventually arrives with the wolfpack. Eventually, a big meeting is held at Winterfell to organize the resistance to the Others. Riverlands: Jaime is taken to Stoneheart. Convinces her to let him arrange the release of the Frey prisoners. The release is successful, but the Freys realize they have been tricked, and Jaime is killed in the subsequent fight. Fighting resumes between Lannister troops and Brotherhood. Brienne remains, and meets up with Arya, who has arrived from Braavos. They broker a truce. Arya: She continues training but is on thin ice with the FM. Jeyne Poole's arrival causes her to resume her identity as Arya Stark and head to Riverlands, where she hopes to meet up with Gendry and the rest of the Brotherhood, as well as her wolf. After arranging for an end to fighting in the Riverlands, they head North to help in the fight against the Others. That's all for now. If half of this actually happens, I will be shocked. ETA: I dealt with the Vale and Kings Landing in an earlier post. Meereen and Oldtown I'm not sure of.
  13. He said no new viewpoint characters. To me, that means no new POVs, existing characters or not. He has 20 already, so there isn't much room for more. You are already up to 208 chapters. That's more than ASOS, AFFC, and ADWD combined. We're not getting TWOW in 3 volumes. Even if two volumes, which GRRM wants to avoid, I doubt it would be much over 100. 120 would be the outer maximum, but I have a hard time seeing even that.
  14. I'm having a hard time buying into this "luring" or pushing idea. It seems to go against two major traits of GRRM's storytelling. The first is that magic is poorly understood and often unreliable. The second is that characters are responsible for what happens to themselves. They can be influenced, but they still know what is going on. The magicians we have seen generally rely on instinct and don't usually fully understand the results or how they got them. We have seen this with Melisandre for example. Even accurate foretellers like Maggy the frog and the Ghost of High Heart give pronouncements that are cryptic, to say the least. So I have a hard time believing in the ability to push people to do stuff and have it turn out right all the time. Characters are responsible for their own actions. Jaime and Cersei wanted sex, so they went to a remote tower. Bran was bored so he felt like climbing it. They met and bad things happened. To believe in luring you need to know that Bran will be spotted, and pushed, and survive the fall. None is certain, or necessarily even likely. Same with the catspaw. Whoever sent him did it on his own. The dagger was probably chosen because it was the least conspicuous in Robert's collection. The collection is the easiest place to find a weapon that won't be immediately missed. And Bowen Marsh had plenty of reasons to do what he did. I disagree with his solution, but Jon's relationship with Stannis and the influx of wildlings were legitimate concerns. It was Marsh's character traits that caused him to attack Jon, though. I am perfectly happy with the idea that Bloodraven is sending visions and messages. We've seen evidence of that with Bran and Jojen. But I'm unwilling to go further.
  15. GRRM has said there will be no new POVs. While he might add one for coverage (like Barristan in ADWD), it won't be Nym or Tyene; certainly not 15 chapters worth. Cersei will win her trial, but I doubt she becomes regent. Margaery will win as well. They can't afford to anger a powerful family like the Tyrells, especially since they have no case. As long as Jaime is missing, the Lannister army isn't returning. Anyway, it's down to a few hundred men or so. The Vale is Sansa's playground. It's where she will learn political persuasion and start to become a player. Littlefinger is being set up as her antagonist; someone she has to figure out and deal with. Her dealing with him will be her coming out party, so to say. If he dies in TWOW it will be late in the book and the result of Sansa's actions. Not sure what happens with Aegon. He will probably have more of an effect in KL than the Vale.
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