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  1. I agree, any more "undeads" and I would stop reading lol Not that George would care if it is what he wants to do but c'mon! Now, two things stick in my head re the SH, Jaime/Brie cliffhanger; one is the sword and the other the normal oath of fealty that Brienne sworne to Cat, which of course goes both ways. The paragraph I refer to is the one when Cat promises not to ask of Brienne "anything that would bring her dishonour." Clearly, lying and tricking a friend onto his death qualifies as this... A lot of emphasis was put onto that oath and I certainly expect it will be part of some main plot at some point... For Sadrith I got a lot of ideas but a bit long to spill them out right now. Just thinking he does truly work for Varys but as an informer and he is not there to kidnap Sansa for gold but for now to gather info but more on that later.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised lol I think Arianne will get her claws onto Aegon first but I reckon the Tyrells will try that at the very least. lol someone once said about her "wife to 3 kings and mother to none" could get to even 4! I have to say, I like Marg, she is shrewed but then circumstances always beat her, a bit like with Tyrion I guess and I would like her to do well. I trust her better than I do Arianne to be honest but, taking into account that I think Aegon will have an outstanding victory and the ovation that goes with it I think he will be short-lived, at least politically. Marg should be married to someone she can brainstorm with as a high lady but no queen. She likes the limelight but I think ruling from behind would be better for her lol
  3. I agree and can't remember in which context I said that but hey take me not sporty at all but if fueled enough with anger.... okay not good enough for someone good with weapons, but hey we get Tyrion freaking out and doing stuff... I agree with Sansa's arc and I also agree with the majority that alone or with others she will take down LF and not necessarily with poison say...but that is another thing all together Actually, I am going to back off from my apology or whatever, not in a bad way I hope. I think someone super enraged is capable of a hell of a lot! Size and weight can be crucial provided your opponent isn't mad with anger. There is something very psychological about a fight "for life as opposed to a fight to win or for theft, say" If you want someone that bad, yes physical advantage is an advantage for sure but rage is the killer.
  4. Intrigued by your name.  The Imp is actually my favourite character lo, not saying is yours.  I seem to be in tune with some of your comments too. lol


  5. I am inclined to think, although I don't think she will be alone; not alone in the plotting and not alone in the execution, that she will do it like her father would had done. She has no experience with swords, but yet again, how much skill is required to chop someone's neck off.? I think she will quote "thy who pass the sentence must yield the sword" or whatever the exact phrase was, hence shocking us all since she is supposed to the the one destined for embroidery (nothing wrong with embroidery lol)
  6. Hi, on way to shop now but love your posts and the way you deal with hard core??? well... whatever they are!  Have battled some of them myself lol but more later ;)

  7. I do appreciate people's frustrations re teleportation or whatever; still I would hate it way more if the series couldn't reach its plot conclusion or dragged on like 20 series of episodes for it to be all logical and say Jaime or whoever being accompanied by servants and bannermen etc stopping at taverns when it is raining and so on... I guess the smart thing would be to show the pass of the time in another way, so that the viewers could see that time had passed but honestly, how would you guys really do it without the "teleport" and still stick to a lot of unfinished plots that need dealing with???
  8. The show is definitely planting a lot of seeds towards Jon & Dany, including Davos' comment to Jon. As for a political marriage on the advice of, most likely Tyrion..., could see this happening. The last scene between Daario and Dany and then Tyrion and Dany totally hints in that direction. Tyrion definitely wanted her to be available to marry someone who could further their allegiances in Westeros and she did as she was told to be honest lol Now there appears to be chemistry between Jon and Dany. There is no much time left in the show for pairings but some will have to happen... The fact that there is some mistrust and tension between them is in fact the usual way romantic stories go, not always (not needed for Sam and Gilly for instance but for these two yes), so my bet is on them hooking up and likely marrying. Now happy ever after is an entirely different thing... I think one of them or both will die before it is all done and dusted but of course it will serve some "save humanity" purpose along the way. Now, when I saw Tyrion masterminding this last season I though "how about yourself mate?" You are already married to a powerful northern Lady.. In the show they were getting on okay until the Red Wedding happened, yet the show ignored this marriage and made her available to marry Ramsay. I know this pairing is rather unpopular but politically (and they are both politically minded, could make sense). Her current book suitors, well Harry Hardying is not in the show, Sweet Robyn almost forgotten about this season... One popular pairing is Sansa/Sandor but in the show although there were moments between them, I think she had more scenes with Tyrion to be honest and I think she is now too eager to have a go at playing the game and Sandor is not interested in that at all. Some see her more as an Elizabeth I type, could be and yes it is possible to play the game without a powerful husband but still, we shall see if something comes out of this potential plot or not. Thing with marriages and what not is that we now have 6 episodes in total left and anything they do re pairings will feel rushed. I was hoping form Jaime/Brienne for instance but when is this going to happen, although heavily hinted at, since they are keeping Cersei alive for as long as they possibly can??? Gendry is to re-appear though so maybe Arya and him are still in the cards... I could see Jon and/or Dany legitimising him and this could make another important political marriage for the reconstruction period after the WWs have been defeated... Sandor clearly has an important part to play in the whole story or else he wouldn't have been brought back but it totally escapes me what this may be...
  9. that scene broke my heart but in a way confirmed what I thought, that she loved him crippled or not... and yes he is something else but to dismiss love from your family and the woman who wishes to be with you, you fool!!! she knows you are a cripple and is happy with it you idiot!!! I know you have a Destiny lol but Meera took you to that destiny...
  10. lol and the actor is great but if we thought Joff and Ramsay were cartoon characters this one takes the biscuit! in the books at least! The gift got to be the horn lol!
  11. that is the scene that nearly got me to tears lol Sandor is good overall, as much as anyone can be in GOTs lol but hell, it was badly done (on his part) and it was painful to see... for me..
  12. lol, should have done, I wonder if the gift is that "horn"... that could actually tally with some of the spoilers that were around.... (not especifically but I could see this panning out)...
  13. I have only watched the episode once so far but I think they both had good points to be honest, and yes, definitely LF "profits" from any tension between them ... The only time I have had the time to watch so far was in London in a night club with Kristian lol (Hodor) and it was awesome! despite a few technical problems with the sound lol
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