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  1. I agree, any more "undeads" and I would stop reading lol Not that George would care if it is what he wants to do but c'mon! Now, two things stick in my head re the SH, Jaime/Brie cliffhanger; one is the sword and the other the normal oath of fealty that Brienne sworne to Cat, which of course goes both ways. The paragraph I refer to is the one when Cat promises not to ask of Brienne "anything that would bring her dishonour." Clearly, lying and tricking a friend onto his death qualifies as this... A lot of emphasis was put onto that oath and I certainly expect it will be part of some main plot at some point... For Sadrith I got a lot of ideas but a bit long to spill them out right now. Just thinking he does truly work for Varys but as an informer and he is not there to kidnap Sansa for gold but for now to gather info but more on that later.
  2. I am going for "all of the above" here. All that have been mentioned in this thread at least, they all have either real depth or a role to play and they feel real. There have been POVs later in the series I have, personal opinion though, enjoyed way less than the likes of LF, Varys, Stannis, Osha, Ygritte, Gilly, Brienne, Cersei, Meera (lol those are all brilliant in their own ways). I may add Dontos of the top of my head.
  3. I like Jon and I don't have an issue with his chapters but I do fear he may warg for the entirety of the next book, and warging, although I understand the necessity of the concept being ascertained bores me to death and above!!! All the descriptions as several of them as wolves lol...kind of skip them!
  4. How about to Dany and the man who Darys rescued for whatever his schemes????
  5. I agree with you in most part, but I don't see Sansa in books or show as someone without ambition. Now, to me that is not a criticism but a compliment lol I would not care much for a sort of Mother Theresa, or good Sansa. I agree that she has a solid moral compass but, to me, a Sansa without political ambition would kind of defeat the point! Hence my fav pairing for her is with an equivalent politician lol
  6. If both LF and Sansa are smart; which I believe they are, they will do nothing for now re the north; let Bolton and Stannis forces counter each other out! Now as for Sansa partaking in Robert Aryn's murder, yes, she could suspect the plot if she "wanted too" (but dark as she may be or ambitious that is too much for her! Hell, she has nannied the guy at infinitum, for gain mayhaps but still...) I guess but my bet is that she saves his life and it will down on her that marrying Harry means Robert's death. Still, if Harry gets "wings" she gets time (which is what I think is like to happen). Besides, she knows where the food is and Tyrion was her husband and commanded the wildlings of the area lol I expect foul play from Sansa against her enemies but not the Vale at large; she has the ammunition!!! I think she will save Robin and gain his gratitute via tribes etc... I think the Mad Mouse works for Varys but not as simply as it appears. I think Varys wants Sansa/Ty to hold some power and I think he is pretending (even to Kevan to support Aegon) but I think it is just as likely that he truly supports Danny...
  7. I wouldn't be surprised lol I think Arianne will get her claws onto Aegon first but I reckon the Tyrells will try that at the very least. lol someone once said about her "wife to 3 kings and mother to none" could get to even 4! I have to say, I like Marg, she is shrewed but then circumstances always beat her, a bit like with Tyrion I guess and I would like her to do well. I trust her better than I do Arianne to be honest but, taking into account that I think Aegon will have an outstanding victory and the ovation that goes with it I think he will be short-lived, at least politically. Marg should be married to someone she can brainstorm with as a high lady but no queen. She likes the limelight but I think ruling from behind would be better for her lol
  8. I agree and can't remember in which context I said that but hey take me not sporty at all but if fueled enough with anger.... okay not good enough for someone good with weapons, but hey we get Tyrion freaking out and doing stuff... I agree with Sansa's arc and I also agree with the majority that alone or with others she will take down LF and not necessarily with poison say...but that is another thing all together Actually, I am going to back off from my apology or whatever, not in a bad way I hope. I think someone super enraged is capable of a hell of a lot! Size and weight can be crucial provided your opponent isn't mad with anger. There is something very psychological about a fight "for life as opposed to a fight to win or for theft, say" If you want someone that bad, yes physical advantage is an advantage for sure but rage is the killer.
  9. I agree here, he may try to kiss her again or something but he won't go that far as to try to rape her. He wants her to become Lady of the Vale first and then he will get rid of whoever is in the way and try to sell her the idea to marry him but I think this is just his plan but much and more will happen in the meantime and will not get the opportunity to try to marry her at all. I think the fact that he caused, and not that indirectly the War of the 5 Kings will become known before that.
  10. I don't think obtaining an annulment should be too much of a problem, especially if the High Sparrow is no longer in charge at the time this is requested (and I can't see him lasting long to be honest). Either party can request it, so even Sansa herself would suffice provided she can prove it was not consummated. However, I cannot see Tyrion objecting to it either. Okay, he may feel rejected yet again but I don't believe he ever wanted her locked in a marriage to him against her wishes now that Tywin is out of the picture. I personally think that it will be her who will delay this as, in many ways, this is her insurance policy. I agree, without an annulment even if married as "Alayne," this could cause problems for her. Yes, she could claimed she was made to marry in a sept where she could claim to follow the old gods. Still, Tyrion followed the Seven as did Catelyn and at best this would be an inter-faith marriage. I am not even sure what would happen if they had married under R'hollor or something, that neither of them followed. Anyway, non consummation is enough if requested by either party (don't have the quote but I believe George said as much). Still, I keep coming back to this point. If she marries either Robin or Harry, or one first then the other, they get the chop. Sure if he marries Harry, Robin has to go so unless she is prepared to sacrifice him, LF has to at least be completely neutralised first. I think her feelings re Harry appeared confused on purpose. Even though she finds him physically attractive her first thoughts are of mistrust, even before he is rude to her, although she had really hoped that he would like her "at least a bit." I think this is because she can't really afford to disappoint LF and that she is flirting because she has too and also possibly out of pride, as it can be very satisfying specially as a teen to turn someone over to you after they acted so rudely, plus I think she is enjoying testing her seduction skills. Still I don't think she wants to see him dead for all his arrogance and I don't doubt she realises that once she is Lady of the Vale and has a child to secure the succession, LF would get rid of the husband and try to marry her himself. I keep thinking that George is keeping her thoughts contradictory so that he doesn't spoil the plot too much. Still, if LF is to be believed, and we know that he can adapt tactics very quickly, he wants her to "come clean" on her wedding. This involves the Lannister rule being very weak or having ended. He needs time, hence a betrothal but no imminent plans for the wedding. Of course, all fits perfectly if Harry gets wings, i.e. 3 years for either Tyrion to die, for an annulment or whatever. Given that the HS appears rather "contraire" if I were LF I would rather wait for a more amenable High Secton, although, this being said, HS is not above bribery when it suits him (like he wiped off the Crown's debt to the Faith for the right to be armed...). Still, if Tyrion were to die in these 3 years period it would make matters a lot easier for LF. I really, really think that Harry is not going to die immediately and that he will get wings. Now, from a narrative point of view this leaves Sansa with little to do for the next book and this brings me to the point that she will be instrumental in ensuring that the food is used when needed. Also, yes she is honing her courtier skills but still she has to do something significant in Winds or she will just turn boring to read. She definitely wants the North, either for herself or her siblings if she discovers they are alive. The smart thing is to let the Boltons and Stannis cancel each other out, whether she will realise this and be happy to wait or whether she will be unable to make a move due to LF hard to say. Still, she may spend a good part of the book figuring out who could be her potential allies upon her identity revelation and who backs LF and who doesn't (a process that has already started if you think about her trying to figure out Lynn Corbray). I wagger one of the issues that got George stuck in this book are the timelines. Some pair her with Harry (but Tyrion is in the way and Tommen in the IT), some with Robin (who would just die shortly after if this were to happen), some with Aegon (but I am almost certain that Arianne will get there before anyone else), many fans with Sandor (whose fate is still unknown but everything points out to him being in Quiet Island). Again, not impossible that he could show up at the tourney or something in some shape or manner, still cannot happen yet (if at all). A much less popular theory is that she will end up with Tyrion anyway, still nope yet at least, they are worlds apart and on their own personal journeys. So it would appear that romance is not really on the cards for Sansa in Winds, unless a secret one with Petyr himself but I would give that like a 1% chance, so whatever her role in the Vale's plot and beyond I personally think it is some kind of preparation for what will come in ADOS.
  11. Exactly, although there is no way to categorically say that we are right... Still, Varys is a mystery in many ways and his true intentions are yet unknown. My wagger is that he is playing Illyrio, or having a plan B in any event and that that is why he said to dying Kevan that he was all out for Aegon... his birds would report to Illyrio as well.. Okay, topic for another thread though.
  12. Intrigued by your name.  The Imp is actually my favourite character lo, not saying is yours.  I seem to be in tune with some of your comments too. lol


  13. Okay, this plot is one of the most complex, as stated above, due to how many variables there are in place. Now, my two cents, although I am sure I have said a lot of the stuff in other threads. Shadrich is not going to kidnap Sansa because that is not what he is there to do. I believe, though, that he told the truth (but with a twist) re working for Varys. I believe he does work for Varys. Now, I hope not to get too out of topic here but Varys seems very pro Aegon... I personally think he is playing Illyrio and truly backing Dany (after all she has the dragons), or keeping him as a potential in case she agrees to marry him. She has the strength, not him, and likely he hasn't the legitimacy either. (I totally back that he is Illyrio's kid. As Tyrion pointed out why so much gold and effort to sit a total blank canvas, potentially wild card in the IT - as far as Illyrio is concerned). Anyhow, Varys went to great pains to "head-hunt" Tyrion for a job. He contributed to him being convicted, helped him escape... Varys doesn't just follow Jaime's wishes... put into his head that his life could be worthwhile if he served Dany, then put him in the path of Aegon/FAegon. Why? I think to show him a measure of the young "too perfect" prince and to use Tyrion as a "product tester." Now, things have likely gone a bit out of Varys' hands where Tyrion is concerned because of his many troubles and tribulations in ADWD, still, Tyrion is about to join and help Barristan and Co. Barry could refuse him but hey,he handed them the Second Sons and they need all the help they can get. Sorry I know it seems like this should be in a different tread altogether but it all links nicely. Now, what if the Mad Mouse is just there as as a source of intel and a vehicle of communication, potentially between a Sansa that will grow more and more worried as his cousin's medications become more obviously dodgy, who may reach out to Tyrion. The moment Tyrion joins Dany, with or without Dany in sight, it is only a matter of time before the world knows. I know Tyrion has every reason to want Robin dead but I think this is something he once thought but has long been forgotten, and hey, this is all speculation in my part and this is getting too big lol so will expand on that at some point but here is too off topic. The Sansa chapters are very ambiguous as to her wishes, on purpose "me thinks." One moment she is happy to go with Baileys etc, the next she is not, then she thinks fondly of the little dwarf, the next she is seducing Harry... My bet is that all her thoughts are true but the human mind is complex and one come have conflicting thoughts (and this is very convenient for George). Also, we know for a fact that she witnessed Dontos' death. Surely, even if he sold her for coin she did not like that. She got the revelation from LF as to Joffrey's murder and the fact that he "framed her!" and Tyrion (he mentioned the hairnet) She appeared sad that Tyrion would be executed most likely. She never said how she felt about being framed herself (which to me is the most interesting part - the lack of mention). Of course there is nothing she can do if she wants to stay alive and safe. So, she plays retarded maiden to LF. Yet, with the Lysa's death questioning by the Lords of the Vale, her point of view makes it clear that she lies because she is thinking of her own survival. Now, Robin. He has said to her he suspects Harry wants him dead. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to gather that if she marries Harry, Robin dies. If she marries Robin, he dies too. Maybe LF hopes Harry would do this. I doubt Harry would though, ambitious as he appears there are fine lines between "wanting" and "doing." Whereas I understand her reluctance to marry, being married to Tyrion is the excuse though but not much use since her identity is theoretically not know, it could also esteem from the fact that whoever she marries gets the chop, unless it is LF or there is some divine intervention. She knows LF has poisoned before, or conspired to do so and she saw Dontos die. She knows this man is dangerous. Part of her likes him (outwardly) because he could grant her every wish (just not the lives of Robin or Harry or the food for their vassals). Now, she knows where the food is!!! This could be tinfoil, as all the rest, lol, but it seems a bit too coincidental that the tribes of the Vale will likely starve in winter (them, and the peasants that could join them in a revolt... maybe not likely but hey, when there is no food, what is there to lose?), that her husband promised them the Vale in book 1 and that she is unlikely to enjoy seeing people starve so that LF can get yet more money. Sandrich could be just a means to communication (method unknown... raven I guess...) For Tyrion to believe this, maybe they need to produce either a line (like in the show with Ty to Jon) or a piece of fabric of a gown maybe he gave her or something of that ilk. Granted, Tyrion and Sansa interaction is something I love so I could be way off.... here and just making it fit my own fanfic mind but I don't think all of this is wrong.... Some of it, sure, else I am telepathic lol! In any event, hoarding food in winter will inevitably end in a revolt from the poor. When you are certainly going to die, nothing stops you. Whilst the Eyrie may be un-impregnable, I don't think the Gates of the Moon are, for peasants in large numbers possibly with the clans on toe! And when Dany lands in Westeros, they will need food for sure!!! In any event, that is for later in Winds. The tourney: I think Harry gets his wings and ends up commander of them. Hence 3 years of no marriage, but marriage promise (if he accepts, which I suspect he will) for LF to figure out if this is the best course of action or not. Now, if Aegon is known as a potential winner for IT before the tournament (we have released chapters but not their timelines) LF certainly would bide for time, as would Tyrion if he has any sense re various matters. Sansa cannot easily be placed in WF just yet. The Boltons have to go. Let Stannis do the job...Not impossible that LF, family from Braavos (but mayhaps far-fetched) convinced the IB to back him. So Boltons gone, Stannis, a crackpot from the south who allows his priestess to burn people... the northerners will rebel sooner or later. Time for Sansa! (but not before Stannis' death). I can see it all contracting (as it must do if we are to be done in two books). So basically, what I see: Harry gets his wings - great honour but cannot be married for 3 years - betrothed to Sansa and much and more can happen in 3 years lol News of Aegon reach the Vale - Vale neutral on LF's effort for as long as they can, or until there is gain for him. Okay, could put Sansa forward for Aegon's wife. Aegon wanted Danny, and she has dragons. Now, Arienne is much more of a seductress than Sansa and she is heading his way right now. My vote is he marries Arienne. Plus Sansa comes from the Usurper's blood line in Ned... Sadrich feeds Varys, who puppeteers Tyrion to a point, intel very likely with "Lady Alayne's" consent. Now, my true, true tinfoil one on this (laugh if you must). Myranda Royce could have married Harry if she had the dowry. What is Sansa, secretly provided that for them? in exchange for help, like allowing Targs or even Tyrion into the castle (possible in "ADOS"*) Will see go North? Oh, yes, but I feel they are "all" going North and they will all hole up at WF, because okay too long a topic and again too unrelated, but I do believe WF has "diplomatic immunity with the Others" (Brandon the Builder etc, etc... long story...). Will she kidnap or go to KL? Even if she were to marry Aegon, say, sounds short lived and pointless from a narrative point of view. My view is no, or no yet. Yes, LF will see his downfall (death or not not sure how I would do it myself). I would take more sadistic pleasure from stripping him from power and leaving him alive to "feel it." However, like Tyrion he is likely to escape lol. My fav would be that Ty and Sansa take him down together since hell he really was hell bent on having him killed... Doubt it will happen and the timeline is wrong unless LF is alive at the end of Winds, which could happen... Anyhow, I have had fun just brainstorming here
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