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  1. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    lol thank you but Bran and Arya are major characters as major goes lol I called them "side kicks" not minor. To me Aegon and his side-kicks are minor characters...
  2. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Oh, in my humble prediction he si guaranteed to survive (Sam) and be the top doctor in the reconstruction! $100 on that seriously!
  3. Morgana Lannister

    Crownlands Makes No Sense

    If he was really smart, or Jon Con was instead of concentrating on his own seat, they may have tried. However Highgarden, Randall Tarly's lands etc are too close to the Crown politically even now and possibly too well protected. Aegon is a wild card and, as such, his almost sole advantage is surprise. Okay, I am no military tactian at all (I would be the worse for the job ever! lol) but there is no guarantee, depending on popular response from Lords and Commoners alike what he will do next, so he may do that yet, but doing it as his "inaugural move" would have probably ended in disaster for him, even before he had began and rally any allies in Westeros. I know that Highgarden is not that well guarded right now etc but still... He cannot even prove his legitimacy... (if it exists at all). He has to act with stealth not go for main castles or lands and test the waters. I reckon he will succeed, for a time, because the plot commands it but he has himself no political experience and Jon Connington seems very stuck in his past and his love of Rhaegar to think very clearly. I reckon they will win due to support caused by Cersei's inability to keep her own Crown. Okay, he has the Golden Company who are very strong Blackfyre supporters and who possibly know more about Aegon than he knows himself lol but he is not match for Dany, if he does not win her favour. I think Tyrion tried to test Aegon but also hoped for this move (although he was himself surprised). I also think Varys is secretly supporting Dany not Aegon, unless plan B worked and Aegon and Dany married (which seems rather unlikely to me). Plotwise I think George is using him to pave the way for Dany. Aegon will benefit from the discontent of mainly commoners but also some Lords. He seems to be more plot device than character or he will have some memorable traits a la Jon, Sam even, Bronn even, needless to say Tyrion... he is just a blank page with a little bit of a tendency for tantrums and the book saying he has been trained to be a perfect prince but no deeds to prove that statement as yet, at all! He is a wild card but a very bland one IMHO. His mentor is running out of time (life-span while) and I am sure convinced he is Rhaegar's issue. What is Jon Con going to do (and that would be hilarious) if he learnt that he (Jon Connington) was in fact conned and that Jon Snow is the real deal??? I don't think he will live long enough to find out and, I hope not, for his sake lol (Jon Connington's). I may have read too much into this but I feel he was in love with Rhaegar and not just as a friend (although likely unilaterally) and he is projecting on "his son," but unless they find a miraculous cure he is running out of time, which may make him make real big mistakes... and yeah Aegon appears entitled and bossy but he will take his advice, lol he even took Tyrion's (who he didn't trust or certainly not fully) although Tyrion did make sense at the time lol Going back to the main topic, I think engaging the Golden Company on a more obviouos, publisized and front attack against, say, Highgarden or Hornhill would have been suicidal on Aegon's part, especially without decent intelligence with (wherever way Varys may bear) there is no indication Aegon and Co have (that level of intelligence re possible local support). Had Aegon had a realistic possibility there yes, he could cut off the food supply from Cersei and the capital for sure. Now gaining the lands is the issue "me thinks."
  4. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Yes, this thread is old indeed and I started reading it from the beginning and commenting as I went along (although it is totally likely that I commented more at the time and I have forgotten) lol. It was never meant as an attack in favour of the adaptation against you or in fact anyone's opinion at this stage. Yes, I agree and you make good points and yes the resurrection theme is a big one in the books for sure. I guess I just have issues relating to characters that haven't been very exposed, for I cannot like them or dislike them without more exposure (a failure on my part I am sure). Now, with the resurrections I am very interested to see what happens in the books because although all appear inadvisable some more so than others. There is a difference between Beric, say and Sir Gregor and I would like to see how that theme goes, even ColdHands they are all a little different and have been resurrected by different powers... very curious there. As for who I would allocate the screen time mainly, well you have my answer, mainly (unless they are adding something pretty huge) to the ones who have been there from the onset or since shortly afterwards (regardless of my like or dislike for them). To me there is a difference between a "side-kick" and a "minor character" or even an underexposed character with some plot potential (Aegon, say). Sam and Bronn are side-kicks for instant and they are necessary. Okay, a bit hypocritical of me here because I enjoy Tormund for instance, wouldn't have minded Val or Genna or Myranda Royce and this is purely based on personal rapport with the characters, but Quentin and his mates for instance were terribly boring to me and they would have taken yet more screen time that I want for the likes of yes, the main six or probably 10 or 12. I don't mind a large cast but I prefer them hugely memorable. I mean the Karkstarks etc I enjoyed, people like Lord Manderly too fat to sit a horse etc. Lady Stoneheart is memorable for sure, so I am probably contradicting myself and should have been included. I guess for me is too painful to see Cat like that... But at the end of the day, the show couldn't include everything and if I had been in charge, for good or not, I would have concentrated on main characters (unless some new comers were really needed for some twist) and the most memorable ones but this is me derailing this thread a bit (unintentionally). My apologies for ranting about huge cast with some characters I find totally not-memorable.
  5. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Have to disagree completely, but that is just my personal preference. I loved the books and show until they got in my opinion "convoluted" especially the later books with characters whose tropes we already had and were more charming and charismatic. Say Quentin, just like Tyrion and Sam, represent a son who had father who is disappointed abouot them... I can see his struggle but frankly we already have Tyrion and Sam for that, even Jon (in a different way). He may be necessary to make Dorne ditch Danny but as a character for me the character was flatter than a pancake lol Not to mention that he had to come with mates to create the scenes (and in my opinion his mates weren't that memorable either). I am not a particularly low IQ type lol but I became a little saturated (although I keep re-reading and all and can't wait for the next book) with the amount of characters and sub-plots that just came out of nowhere where my investment as a reader was on the main ones. Don't get me wrong, hypocritical that I am, I enjoyed some minor newcomers, like that Septa on the boat that flirted with Tyrion and Myranda Royce or even Genna Lannister but hey, that's because I can relate to them and that is just fluke lol (the fact I relate to some) but to be honest, although I love the books to death the amount of sub-plots introduced late in the story (FAegon anyone) and even much more minor with a very low chance of making a huge impact upon the ending did turn me off a bit... Yes, the plot gets richer but at times almost hard to follow. Again, each to their own with their preferences that thsi super population of characters that may move the plot alone a bit but not much, I find a bit overwhealming. Now someone like Euron is different in that, although introduced late, it is clear he is going to play some big part. Yes, a description of the people who serve him is necessary, or the family he betrays... but Victarion??? say, not sure. Sure he will play a roll because he will cross Tyrion's path for one, not just his brother's but again another one I could do without frankly (Victarion) but then again a lot of this could be dictated just by the type of protagonist/villains and otherwise I like and not... In answer to the post I quoted, I dislike most of the secondary plots but not all but I find it extremelly hard to get invested in new characters or old ones (like Rickon) we know virtually nothing about... Aegon is a typical example for me... meaw!!! to me he is neither good, or bad or evil or in-between or nothing at all... I can only put my heart into characters that are fleshed out, sorry...
  6. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I have to agree that she has to have a purpose in the books. However, the purpose could simply be showing the human soul at the point of absolute or near despair. For me, okay, we have seen two favourites of many readers/watchers (Arya and Tyrion) descend very many steps, but never going as far as being undead and stuck on vengeance. Whilst both Arya and Tyrion rant and in the former case (even pray in a fashion) for vengance even beyond what I think they truly intend or are capable of doing (not totally unjustified - the thirst for revenge- in either case) LSH goes a notch further. She has lost her humanity, or almost... for she still cares for her children but her decisions aren't rational (unlike Tyrion's and Arya's) who still have self-preservation to consider and some kind of moral compass (damaged as it may be in both cases) Stoneheart is dead, she has nothing to lose and she is giving it all to revenge and she is likely to be deposed by her own evenutally (my bet on Arya). She has lost her ability to feel compassion or empathy. Arya may rant about her list and kill people, Tyrion may say outloud that he wants to rape and kill his sister (which he won't do or even means to do, but needs to say so to get it out of his system) but they are kind to others even in their own depth of despair, even in their darkest moments... (Arya couldn't get herself to kill Sandor -although that can't be read the opposite way too - but she hasn't fully lost her ability for empathy and compassion - Tyrion knew if he left Jorah there in the books in the slave market he would be dead within days. He did not particularly like the guy but still used his cunning to save him. Yes, he is harsh with Penny at times but othertimes so soft that it would be better for her sake to have some sort of reality check brought up to her - like the fact that they were meant to be eaten by lions). Stoneheart has not got that but she is dead. Catelyn did have that, certainly in the show when she talks to Talisha about Jon. She was mean to him but a jealous, insecure stepmother is not someone totally lacking empathy. I think George wanted to show us a progression. lol he got his two favourites (Tyrion and Arya) from being quite lovable to being rather ... well... debatable morally... but that wasn't enough to show the whole extend to what a soul could descend to. I reckon that is why he created her and was annoyed she didn't make it to the show. The thing is that that complexity works better in a book than with actors. It's extremely hard to portray that extreme nothingness, coldness, just revenge nothing more... (LF for instance has a background that can make him playable, not sure about the UnMountain though) but I guess the Un-Gregor is truly playing a robot. Stoneheart is not a robot at all though. She gives commands rather than obey them... and she is followed not for what she has become but for whom she was daughter and wife of and because of the unjustice that took her and her family. Still her leadership skills appear diabolically devoid of rationality, just a huge passion and I would not be surprised in the books if Thoros or someone put an end to her leadership. Ultimately I think it is also a way for George to say "don't mess with the dead, let them rest." Of course we don't know what he is going to do with Jon in the books but, I am sure, just like in the show, he is coming back but likely not so damaged... So overally, I think she was cut off because she is too much of a story line for a story that has to be simplified for the show, because she will ultimately be killed for good. She will impact on other characters, sure. My bet on Arya killing her mercifully and her changing path and stopping worshipping revenge... mayhaps... Still she is not going to make it till the end in the books (SH) and she was too complex to deal with. Besides, they have other undeads they can bring the message "don't bring them back" home with...
  7. I don't think he will actually despite my theory that him and Sansa together could be super powerful politically but whether one loves him or loathes him he is a second in command type, albeit a very powerful one if he puts his mind to it. In fact I even doubt there will be an Iron Throne as we know it. I can imagine some kingdoms at least going independent and the whole system modernised but not to ridiculous levels that would make the story jump from Middle Ages and Ancient Civilisations to modern democracy (that in my opinion woud be terrible writing too). I am going to go for something akin to Magna Carta with some tweaks... What I expect him and most of the high up survivors doing is rebuilding physically and politically a slightly different world and I think a lot of Team Living right now would be good for this, Tyrion especially. He is a very learned man, as is Sam (two characters I am putting my money on their survival), Davos would be great for the rebuilding era as well and hell, he has enough chances to die and didn't... so would Sansa and Arya too, Brienne... Brienne could create a precedent where women may enter armies and well what is essentially a police force or even bodyguarding. I certainly expect very heavy losses amongst main and not so many but well loved characters but relatively radical progress in political terms, especially concerning bastards and vows of celibacy in Orders etc. The loses amongst rich and poor will have to be huge and they will need babies, as many as possible lol so my vote goes for maesters, monarch's guard etc all being allowed to marry and procreate... Of course this is just my vision and nothing more.
  8. Totally with you here
  9. lol I would love all that but yeah, don't want a Disney ending
  10. It does not meant they will not get it; heroism/love respectively but probably in an unlikely way, hence I back the Tyrion/Sansa theory but lol it is known that I ship them a lot of book readers get annoyed with me for that and I have read the books several times but hey, each to their own re shipping! The one happy end couple I would put a million pound bet on is Sam/Gilly though and both surviving. Not sure if it will happen in the show or not but in the books I think we will get a Jaime/Brienne but that one will be very sweet and sour for sure, I think...
  11. Okay, I haven't read the whole thread yet and I am tired and ready for bed but for me it would be something on the notes of, okay Team Living (and I like its current members incidentally and their "unlikely bedfellows" coalition) defeats evil Night King, we don't get to find much more about him, his well... undead people... and motivations and the heroes suffer the typical extreme loses but win because they are the goodies. To me that would be awfully disappointing since so much mystique has been built aroung the Others and we know still little about them. The huge built up, in books and show, with warging, Children of the Forest etc has to pay off somehow. I have to admit I love the concept of warging (very in tune with Native American Lore etc) but hate reading about it, but yeah, for the purpose of this thread we had whole prologues with Varymir or whatever he was called (hate reading the warging for I find it super tedious) but surely this is a built up to something. As for book readers that think that the books will end up dramatically differently and look down on the show, I's say, yes the books would add complexity and some minor or middle of the road characters may not have the same Fate in both media, but the end has been said time and time again it will be pretty close. Now if HBO decided to do a good -v- evil battle to simplify matters re Night King etc, yes they could do it and the ending could be roughly the same in terms of facts (i.e. who is alive and who isn't) but to me that simplification would take too much from the main theme. Now, I do expect something pretty huge in terms of Night King revelation, although I think the show has already pointed there... Okay, this is just my personal opinion and you are welcome to separate this comment from the rest of my post but, for me personally (books or show) anything less than a pact or mutual disarmament (say dragons go, we go to sleep or die for good) would be unsatisfactory and my prediction is that we are going to see something extremely painful but on those lines... Now, where I touch on what I call "middle of the road characters" i.e not the famous 6 or whatever, take Jaime, say. He could die heroically in the show in a totally different way than in the books... but still die heroically, say (his path seems to be going that way) or Mel, she could redeem herself in the books but no much time in the show for that unless a very brief scene...but Arya, Tyrion, Jon etc will end similarly in books and show. They are too central for D&D to deviate and unlike us they know the ending of the books! I really, really hope they do not mess too much in the show with the Night King. I think, but personal theory (be aware) is that he is the King of Winter, not disimilar to the Celtic tradition and the religion Mel serves perhaps equates (with added quirks) to the Summer Court. Thing is they cannot live without each other... What we don't know is what started the inbalance in favour of winter in ASOIAF in present times... and without knowing that it is hard to especulate or even try to guess what started the imbalance (we had the comet, dragons, etc but what really set that off?) My money is that started in Winterfell somehow but not sure how or whether or not it was accidental... and that points at Bran and his meddling in timelines... but I am likely to be way off...
  12. Morgana Lannister

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Thank you!!! Of course ship and let ship lol. I still hold a little candle for Ty/Sansa but hey, much and more would have to happen in the next two books for my prediction (wishful thinking) to be right or wrong, but I always treasure appreciative comments; whether you agree or not. Although this forum is awesome, oftentimes I do get a lot of sarcasm from detractors. You gave me praise instead, wow! I do too to detractors albeit seldom to "superior" or "sarcastic" ones. At the end of the day it is a lot of fun to speculate, and we are all here eager to get more books, some of us even more show lol but you have shown me great respect which is what I try to show others too, in agreement or even more so, in disagreement
  13. Morgana Lannister

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    in my humble opinion all she does is "lumps" them with species extinct or border line extinct.
  14. Morgana Lannister

    "The Others Take You"

    Wow, my dear, your attention to detail is awesome! Okay, granted, I am not great with detail, especially warging chapters. Ironically, although I love the theme of the ultimate war with the less human elements, chapters like that prologue, on a first read, I tend to find dull and I want to know more about the main characters. But how wrong could I be!!! lol That is a huge catch and it seems to support my "semi-cooked" theory that they loose at least a big part of their humanity and memories as they "assimilate." Still, we can only speculate, as George is keeping us in the dark on purpose for now lol. I guess Thistle is going through a transformation not alike, say, a human becoming a vampire or something in literature. So I guess she will have to adapt a bit but I am still thinking that Other's eyes (those blue eyes) sense things we do not, or else why the emphasis! I have to say you are making me think about stuff that hadn't crossed my mind until now, even after several re-reads lol and for that I am grateful lol Martin seems to take from very many sources and do his own thing lol, hence he is so great IMHO. Now, not following why you mention the need for a female antagonist, other than Afrrodita is a female goddess. Also you mean antagonist to the Others, to humanity or to fire??? In any event, if I had to put 10 dollars on it I would go for Quaithe as female antagonist. Not sure exactly what she is antagonist to but if I saw her in real life I would run a mile from her for sure. I don't think she is a deity but my bet is on immortal. I think Mel is just like her maid or something... Now, when talking about mythology and stuff happening in ASOIAF we have to consider Euron too. I think he will succeed at making himself some sort of deity. It won't pan out for him in the end, I don't think, but he will certainly give our main characters "something to fight" "me thinks"...
  15. Morgana Lannister

    "The Others Take You"

    No disrespect at all and I am well aware of the four elements, which I believe they go back to Ancient Greece, but could you kindly expand on this re this topic because I am hugely intriged and I would like to know more lol