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  1. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Agreed that the prologue I was referring to gave more than just warging after death
  2. Morgana Lannister

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I agree, any more "undeads" and I would stop reading lol Not that George would care if it is what he wants to do but c'mon! Now, two things stick in my head re the SH, Jaime/Brie cliffhanger; one is the sword and the other the normal oath of fealty that Brienne sworne to Cat, which of course goes both ways. The paragraph I refer to is the one when Cat promises not to ask of Brienne "anything that would bring her dishonour." Clearly, lying and tricking a friend onto his death qualifies as this... A lot of emphasis was put onto that oath and I certainly expect it will be part of some main plot at some point... For Sadrith I got a lot of ideas but a bit long to spill them out right now. Just thinking he does truly work for Varys but as an informer and he is not there to kidnap Sansa for gold but for now to gather info but more on that later.
  3. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    also a strong possibility but there has been so much build up with characters like Varymir, say (whose prologue only read hoping for clues on living as warg beyond dead; found the character and descriptions tedious to the point of skippable -if there such a word lol) that I reckon either way we will get some warging beyond what we have yet seen with him and Ghost. Praying it won't last half a book as POV or something lol. I like the concept of warging but reading it I don't find easy. I can take the scents humans cannot so easily perceive, the hunger for food, the sense of freedom but a page is about my level lol but just my opinion/preference.
  4. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Yes, but those are characters whose arcs continue after death in a different way, my problem with this for Jon in a clear cut way is that I think we have had enough undeads as it is but could be wrong...
  5. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I agree, but from a narrative point of view, characters die when their arcs are over and I doubt very much Jon's is. In fact I think his death frees his from his vows, now that he knows about the Others, wildlings, etc to bring him full blown into a leadership role.
  6. Morgana Lannister

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    If we transport ourselves to their world it would not be average for people to think like Tyrion did, in fact. We tend to accept what is legal and acceptable in our societies and I grant is hard to transport ourselves to the very harsh world of ASOIAF but we would have been brought up to believe those things normal and not an aberration. I could probably go as far as saying 90% of their society or more, both males and females, would have considered their bedding normal. Now, love marriages amongst the nobility, now frown upon, to them I guess it would have been the opposite with probably more than 90% of the population, noble or peasant, rather scandalised...
  7. Morgana Lannister

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    I'm with you and well it is understandable that after learning that Tysha may have loved him, and the guilt re what his father did to them both (but much worse for her) he wants to find her!!! In ADOS he is clearly having a nervous break down, but Tysha won't be his final destination. Either she is dead, or won't forgive it, or even if she does, they will be mentally leagues apart... Tysha has now become a concept not a person for him IMHO. Tyrion cannot not move on to be some sort of hero in the later part of the story until he gets functional, which involves ditching the Tysha obsession. Sansa, after training with LF, and especially if they both team up to bring LF down (my prediction). Both have enough reasons lol could bond. I can see two ambitious but overall okay people discussing matters of state ove some Arbor gold. Both Ty and Sansa are refined people. Once she opens up to him, even as a friend, and conversation can flow. Now, she fancied Loras who is very refined, too much perhaps, and Sandor who is not and him well he drinks with sellswords and he is not as snob about it but I think, long term, they need something past heirs and sex and duty and he keeps dronning on about conversation. I think they would be great. She may even surprising him as the better plotter. Now, an afterthought but very small in comparisson to what I have said above. I have has re-read ASOS and before Tywin summons him he sees he is likely to rain and he thinks about fetching her in the godswood before she gets soak. Tiny detail but no need for him to do that or he could have asked one of her maids... He did care at some level and hell, he does go to hell and back to try to make her feel better (but she has understandibly very strong barriers) which he respects... I do wonder though, feel free to comment guys. Had it not been for Dontos's promise to take her home, would she had been more ameniable to making the most of what her husband was giving her in terms of friendship? She "knew/hope" she did not have to be with Tyrion long. Had she thought otherwise, would she have chosen, after a while, what comfort he could provide? Maybe something for a new topic lol
  8. Morgana Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    My main issue with him, and some many other characters, but that is probably just me, is that I cannot feel anything for him good or bad or medium. I don't want him to win, or to lose, or care if he lives or dies. He is a blank canvas to me when it comes to me (the reader) connecting with the character. I can accept him in a very omminiscent narrator capacity but, since I have not been shown his human traits (warts and all), his lusts, his vulnerabilities, his ambitions, his insecurites... I feel absolutely zero for this character. He may serve as narrator though. I admit it is a flaw of mine that I do feel the need to "connect" with characters and there are a few robots in sci-fi I feel much more stongly about than this guy... Not saying George hasn't a purpose for him, all I am saying is that "to me" in the meantime the guy may as well be a piece of plastic...
  9. Morgana Lannister

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    I am going for "all of the above" here. All that have been mentioned in this thread at least, they all have either real depth or a role to play and they feel real. There have been POVs later in the series I have, personal opinion though, enjoyed way less than the likes of LF, Varys, Stannis, Osha, Ygritte, Gilly, Brienne, Cersei, Meera (lol those are all brilliant in their own ways). I may add Dontos of the top of my head.
  10. Morgana Lannister

    Cleganebowl question

    Well, I am one of the ones that wants to see the Clegagne bowl, however, looking at the books and the whole story... poor Sandor suffered the most horrific injuries by his brother and their father did nothing... Very much like what Tywin did with his children. I guess if someone had burnt Tyrion he wouldn't had complained too much either. Slightly out of topic but I find bad parenting (as in attrocious) a fascinating theme in this series. Still looking at what we got, not saying that there are attenuating circumstances, but several times it is mentioned that Gregor suffered from impossible headaches (not sure at what medical condition we are looking at here or what George is hinting at, but he is hinting at something). If the whole idea is that Sandor has calmed down maybe he sees that his brother had, I don't know getting creative here ( a brain tumour or some condition such) and furthermore than he is now an undead and walk away, or finish him for good. Hard to say which one but this story needs a resolution! whether is forgiveness or mercy... (in the Arya way)
  11. Morgana Lannister

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    Yes, there is all that valuable hostage or not. If his own concern was the "valuable hostage" as long as she was in one piece, and far more chance with him than others since he is a member of the royal family who often shows Joff up. I think he does care for her in an initial sort of level which is not the same as caring for a dear family member or whatever. Furthermore, I think, once she is out of KL she cares for him too, at least at that "initial" level. Not necessarily saying this will end in romance (doubted with this series) but it will be a friendship overall at the very least...
  12. Morgana Lannister

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

  13. Morgana Lannister

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I like Jon and I don't have an issue with his chapters but I do fear he may warg for the entirety of the next book, and warging, although I understand the necessity of the concept being ascertained bores me to death and above!!! All the descriptions as several of them as wolves lol...kind of skip them!
  14. Morgana Lannister

    Aegon TWOW

    I like your analysis actually. However, although I also think he is fake (but neither himself or JC know it) I don't think that matters ultimately that much for "power resides where people believe it resides..." but if George was going to go for an untested player, we had Robb (who did well in many ways but made huge mistakes too and was more developed than this one. Not saying that young players will not get a chance. Hell Dany was very young and has made mistakes but yes I think everything points to him being a plot device to give more major characters "something to fight." He will have a role though, I think, apart from getting the IT for a bit, he may force some major characters into a line of action, say, that the plot wouldn't allow otherwise (without his input) or something of that ilk, just as a poster above mentioned Oberyn re Tryion... I totally agree that in the Targaryen plot Varys and Illyrio both are antagonists but I am convinced that Varys is playing Illyrio for his ego and ultimately his money and support but that they both back different "dragons." But as I am always fond of saying... we shall see... Now the posts on possible military strategy are great. I just don't feel I know enough about that sort of thing to make meaningful comments lol sorry.
  15. It points that way... but in terms of narrative, why would the readers care about Hoster Tully and some wench??? There appears to be no plot purpose other than to show to Cat the noble men can go with other women, which she knows... (she believes Jon is Ned's. say). To me the level of guilt points to Lysa and her pregnancy by Petyr...