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  1. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Agreed that the prologue I was referring to gave more than just warging after death
  2. Morgana Lannister

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I agree, any more "undeads" and I would stop reading lol Not that George would care if it is what he wants to do but c'mon! Now, two things stick in my head re the SH, Jaime/Brie cliffhanger; one is the sword and the other the normal oath of fealty that Brienne sworne to Cat, which of course goes both ways. The paragraph I refer to is the one when Cat promises not to ask of Brienne "anything that would bring her dishonour." Clearly, lying and tricking a friend onto his death qualifies as this... A lot of emphasis was put onto that oath and I certainly expect it will be part of some main plot at some point... For Sadrith I got a lot of ideas but a bit long to spill them out right now. Just thinking he does truly work for Varys but as an informer and he is not there to kidnap Sansa for gold but for now to gather info but more on that later.
  3. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    also a strong possibility but there has been so much build up with characters like Varymir, say (whose prologue only read hoping for clues on living as warg beyond dead; found the character and descriptions tedious to the point of skippable -if there such a word lol) that I reckon either way we will get some warging beyond what we have yet seen with him and Ghost. Praying it won't last half a book as POV or something lol. I like the concept of warging but reading it I don't find easy. I can take the scents humans cannot so easily perceive, the hunger for food, the sense of freedom but a page is about my level lol but just my opinion/preference.
  4. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Yes, but those are characters whose arcs continue after death in a different way, my problem with this for Jon in a clear cut way is that I think we have had enough undeads as it is but could be wrong...
  5. Morgana Lannister

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I agree, but from a narrative point of view, characters die when their arcs are over and I doubt very much Jon's is. In fact I think his death frees his from his vows, now that he knows about the Others, wildlings, etc to bring him full blown into a leadership role.
  6. Morgana Lannister

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    If we transport ourselves to their world it would not be average for people to think like Tyrion did, in fact. We tend to accept what is legal and acceptable in our societies and I grant is hard to transport ourselves to the very harsh world of ASOIAF but we would have been brought up to believe those things normal and not an aberration. I could probably go as far as saying 90% of their society or more, both males and females, would have considered their bedding normal. Now, love marriages amongst the nobility, now frown upon, to them I guess it would have been the opposite with probably more than 90% of the population, noble or peasant, rather scandalised...
  7. Morgana Lannister

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    I'm with you and well it is understandable that after learning that Tysha may have loved him, and the guilt re what his father did to them both (but much worse for her) he wants to find her!!! In ADOS he is clearly having a nervous break down, but Tysha won't be his final destination. Either she is dead, or won't forgive it, or even if she does, they will be mentally leagues apart... Tysha has now become a concept not a person for him IMHO. Tyrion cannot not move on to be some sort of hero in the later part of the story until he gets functional, which involves ditching the Tysha obsession. Sansa, after training with LF, and especially if they both team up to bring LF down (my prediction). Both have enough reasons lol could bond. I can see two ambitious but overall okay people discussing matters of state ove some Arbor gold. Both Ty and Sansa are refined people. Once she opens up to him, even as a friend, and conversation can flow. Now, she fancied Loras who is very refined, too much perhaps, and Sandor who is not and him well he drinks with sellswords and he is not as snob about it but I think, long term, they need something past heirs and sex and duty and he keeps dronning on about conversation. I think they would be great. She may even surprising him as the better plotter. Now, an afterthought but very small in comparisson to what I have said above. I have has re-read ASOS and before Tywin summons him he sees he is likely to rain and he thinks about fetching her in the godswood before she gets soak. Tiny detail but no need for him to do that or he could have asked one of her maids... He did care at some level and hell, he does go to hell and back to try to make her feel better (but she has understandibly very strong barriers) which he respects... I do wonder though, feel free to comment guys. Had it not been for Dontos's promise to take her home, would she had been more ameniable to making the most of what her husband was giving her in terms of friendship? She "knew/hope" she did not have to be with Tyrion long. Had she thought otherwise, would she have chosen, after a while, what comfort he could provide? Maybe something for a new topic lol
  8. Morgana Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    My main issue with him, and some many other characters, but that is probably just me, is that I cannot feel anything for him good or bad or medium. I don't want him to win, or to lose, or care if he lives or dies. He is a blank canvas to me when it comes to me (the reader) connecting with the character. I can accept him in a very omminiscent narrator capacity but, since I have not been shown his human traits (warts and all), his lusts, his vulnerabilities, his ambitions, his insecurites... I feel absolutely zero for this character. He may serve as narrator though. I admit it is a flaw of mine that I do feel the need to "connect" with characters and there are a few robots in sci-fi I feel much more stongly about than this guy... Not saying George hasn't a purpose for him, all I am saying is that "to me" in the meantime the guy may as well be a piece of plastic...
  9. Not sure if I am basing my agreement here on rationality or instinct but that is my gut feeling too. I think when he decided against the gap, he felt compelled to fill in the blanks and with an imagination like his the thing just got more and more complex and populated! lol Just something that has jumped at my mind; some of our characters are still stuck on a part of a multi-arch (Tyrion, Arya...) or in training (Arya, Sansa). We know there will be a pay off but since these processes are by their own nature slow, I take that George did not push himself at the end of ADWD to hurry those processes, which means time in the books. Fair enough a lot of the stuff could be immediately "wrappable" but not a lot. Stannis could die, say, since it appear he is not the prince who was promised... for argument sake! lol, now the Faegon issue needs a resolution. That cannot be built to be abandoned... In fact not that much can be wrapped up right away, Rickon and Manderley and Skagos mayhaps... I did mention Tyrion and Arya. I believe they have a 3 way arch unlike most of the others. They started off sympathetic with quarks, both highlighy charistmatic, love them or loath them or chose which one lol. They descended, mainly due to circumstances, into much darker places, in different ways. I believe he is suffering from a nervous breakdown and her, not sure, but possibly PTSD for both lol. Now, betting on this 1000 gold dragons, they are both coming up!!! Something will eventually propell them back up. They will carry the huge psychological scars of their respective pains and actions but up they are coming up and they will find a just quest that would keep them going (The Others maybe???) But that takes time... Although, IMHO TWOW should suffice to put them both at groung level. Cersei etc, Margaery, the Sparrows, wrappable in TWOW, I think. Possibly even Stoneheart. Now, Sansa. It would make little sense sending her to the Vale under LF if not to train her, which is clear anyway is doing. But that is not a 6 month job. Hence, although a lot more unconvincing, it would have worked with the 5 year gap, if us readers were prepared to believed that she had gotten shrewed... Same with Tyrion and Arya, after 5 years of derrange drunkeness / training as an assassin, here they come, all fresh from the shower lol! So yes, this 5 year lack of gap made George dwell on their myseries etc and where they were and more new characters to assist them. Now, in fairness, Arya's time with the FM didn' come with a huge boring cast. Yet, I found most of her chacters hard to read in that period. For all its mysteries I found the House of B&W mainly boring to read. Could just be me though.... So, what do you guys think has to happen to progress this plot??? Over the War of the 5 kings, kings kept dropping like flies, i.e. wrapping, condensing. Sorry, Stannis's fans but since he is unlikely to win this, let's get rid (lol, only talking for the sake of wrapping up this mamoth). Theon is possibly likely to serve some purpose but I'd say Bolton and his bastard have made their mark and can possibly go too. Mance would depend on what the Others are really about and what he may, even subconsciouly know... Mereen- for the love of God, enough of that!!! Dany with khalasar or not back there and onto Westeros! That war is unwinable long-term and it stalls the plot to the point that if she doesn't get a move on, we will die of old age (readers) hearing her petitioners. She has made her mark, she has shown slaves ambition and means, cannot win them all and to supervise it, it means her life there, never moving far away. Cersei - dead by the end of the book, me thinks but if she loses maybe house arrest at Casterly if she wins she has no power unless she sides up with Euron, which could be interesting. She could live till TWOW... Jaime and Brienne - romance and honour but not till ADOS but for now they have to wrap up Lady Stoneheart Arya - give the elbow to the faceless and get herself back to Westeros Tyrion - sober up, spit up some vile for good and become a player again (in a different team) and recover your old sense of humour. Jon - warg, warg, warg (hate warging chapters though) and lead! Sansa - you are almost there. Her chapters, including the ones is ASOS are "confusing." One minute she says how kind LF is to her, the next, or the previous one reflects how horrified she is at his actions lol George is playing us with this character. Now, of course we still got unresolved stuff like Margaery and the Tyrells in general, Myrcella, Tommen... The prophecy seems straight forward here with Cersei's children and Margaery is not so vital that she couldn't die. Also apart from the NK, children of the forest etc info which I cannot wait for, I guess explanations must be given about Quaith, Mel's powers etc but I would have thought it would fit fine to reveal that in the last book.
  10. Wow, I love your take on this!!! In fact, I have to agree with every point you make. I guess I got a little caught up, in what you also mention, than when a point of view character appears to be mainly a support character, we readers have less inclination to root for or against them or feel anything much, but yeah, spot on in my opinion!
  11. Morgana Lannister

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    I am going for "all of the above" here. All that have been mentioned in this thread at least, they all have either real depth or a role to play and they feel real. There have been POVs later in the series I have, personal opinion though, enjoyed way less than the likes of LF, Varys, Stannis, Osha, Ygritte, Gilly, Brienne, Cersei, Meera (lol those are all brilliant in their own ways). I may add Dontos of the top of my head.
  12. Well, on having another re-read of the series, to me the issue starts after ASOS becuase from then on instead of wrapping things up, everything expands and expands some more, especially in ADWD. This being said I have little issue with new POV characters that are sufficiently known to the reader (like the ones you quote: Cersei, Sam, Brienne), we know their circumstances and frames of mind, so I don't see that as and issue. Furthermore I take that some new plots like maybe say Aegon or FAegon and Euron may matter sufficiently when all is said and done for them to be included and yes, they both need support characters so okay, the Jon Con team, especially since Tyrion is POV and he had to be with someone since his escape...) And yet what we get is more and more and moree Iron Borns,! The inclusion of some but sweet and short could have been okay but , unless he has something of real impact in mind for Victarion, why give him so much page space when a lot of us wanted to see more of the ones we are familiar with like Jon, Arya, Tyrion... I would certainly not have made him a point of view. Also Victarion and Aeron horrible experiences with Euron may have been mentioned or insinuated, say in Asha's POV, but no we don't just get one of them as point of view but the two!!! This seems to be rather unbalanced considering that say, the Lannisters, who were there from the beginning and a huge family in terms of the plot get 3 POV in total and Cersei rather later on in the series. They have, let me count: 5! Riverrun for instance only has Cat... So are we to expect the Ironborns to be so needed (full family necessary as POV)??? Okay the Starks, counting Jon have 6 but they almost start as narrators in the first book and central family in a narrative way, and some are missed as POV like Robb. So why this overcrowding of Ironborn POVs??? Now, we get to Dorne, lol! People complain about the way it was dealt with in the show but hey, at least we only have familiar characters there! In the books I just can't keep tracks! Unless some revelation proves me wrong, I cannot fathom what the whole point of Quentin was. Yes, poor little son who was underappreciated by daddy and wanted to prove himself. Tyrion and are Samwell, even Theon to an extent, are much more charismatic and memorable guys who fulfil that role, why the need to create a very "unmemorable version?" Some characters (most of the main ones plus say LF or Varys may be despised by readers or even loved or loathed depending on who you ask lol - Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Stannis??? because they tick a fibre one way or the other). It could be just me but I doubt I am alone here; being frank, how many shaded a tear after Quentin's death? how many truly were intent on seeing him succeed in his quest? who couldn't wait for him to get his comeuppance (for something or other) and prayed for him to die???? I may be wrong here but if I am kind of right this means, the readership hasn't connected with this character. He is neither hero nor villain or anything in between worth of our attention (IMO). What's more, he advances the plot practically not at all (barring some huge revelation yet to come). We all knew stealing dragons wasn't easy! Even if his entire role is to set Dorne against Dany, why him; okay they could not have gone there hoping for a bride but some other reason surely can be figured out, why not Arianne or one of the Sand Snakes? Now Arianne and the Sand Snakes, I keep faith that they are going to play some role involving Myrcella, so they are probably "justified" lol so I would give that sub-plot the benefit of the doubt in terms of possible future relevance. Same, I think, goes for some sub-plots in the North around Winterfell, Manderley/Rickon etc and those should be "wrappable." In fact I think most of it seems "wrappable" without having to spend tons of pages on, trouble is I think he got attached to subplots that came to his head (easy enough thing to do) and now the plot is bigger... Just my two cents.
  13. To me the problem is that he is still trying but giving way, way too much page time to characters that he is not developing very deeply or characters that are just not appealing, but speaking for myself, such as Quentyn, Victarion etc. I reiterate that if he wanted to pull out of it, trying to create characters with stories that he had already done (say Quentyn as the not so favourite son) we have Sam for that, Tyrion even... and with zero charisma, to me proves he is trying to do something but mayhaps repeating himself. It would be much easier to wrap it up and end up on top with characters like Sam and Tyrion without the need for boring Quentyn, Victarion and what not...
  14. Although, I appreciate this is just a matter of opinion, and we are all entitled to those lol I find it a very harsh statment that doesn't seem to be backed up by anything tangible and is potentially defamatory. If what you say was his intention "me thinks" he would have wrapped up the plots concerning the main characters we all love or love to hate in his first 3 books cash in the money and retire from writing or something. He has done the opposite! In my humble opinion, he has gotten himself in more and more knots out of expanding and expanding and expanding some more (which is in fact my criticism) and I feel that he simply finds it hard to cut out, or leave for another story characters who weren't essential and distract from the mainline.
  15. Morgana Lannister

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Totally with you here; the complexity is mind blowing and he is my fav too. He won't stay like that in the books much longer but to make it realistic, I guess George had no choice but make him a huge mess for a long time, given the circumstances.